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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 14, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factorãis on. tonight: >> perhaps we can expand the logic of terrorism and talk about white racial terrorism. >> the nation is angry over crazy statements like that one. and that is causing a huge political fallout. will anger elect the next president? >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> hands up,. >> don't shoot. >> one of the biggest falsehoods of the year. the "the washington post" has a list. we will run it down for you tonight. also ahead, watters reporting on the collapse of new york city. [horn blowing] >> let's go, new york. let's go. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪
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hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the age of anger that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the gallup poll says 16% of americans believe terrorism is the most pressing problem facing america today. 13% say dissatisfaction with the government. the economy stands at 9%. you can see that anger and fear are driving american politics. that has led to the rise one donald trump. and to some extent also fuels the candidacy of bernie sanders. on the right, president obama is making many folks furious. they feel he is a weak leader. who has imposed economic hardship on the nation by stifle ling the private marketplace in order to redistrict wealth in the pursuit of social justice. thus, millions of voters simply want to elect someone who will smash mr. obama's domestic policies and
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reimpose america as a strong force in the world. according to all the polls, president obama is perceived to be ineffective in fighting the jihadiists, the more terror attacks there are, the lower the president's poll numbers will go. it is not a stretch to say that barack obama has polarized the u.s.a. as much as richard nixon did. but, it's not all about mr. obama. many on the right believe the republican party is cowardly and also ineffective. they want an%z/ñ aventricle aventricle avenger. >> pc police run by the far left. >> one possible thing expand the logic of terrorism and talk about white racial terrorism. >> um-huh. >> and talk about the way white fear has garnered racial violence historically from anti-immigrant riots to antiblack riots to lynch mobs. >> so forget about muslim extremism, it it is white
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racial terrorism that the far left believes is a threat. again, this kind of insane stuff makes people angry. now, on the other side, the bernie sanders black lives matter crew is furious as well. they believe america is and always has been an oppressive place. far left wants reparations payments and a deacon destruction of the so-called white privilege capital litcsh jik is system tool moderate below up the whole system and impose a strident view of of the world that does not tolerate dissent. numbers on the far left are far left than on the traditional right. but the anger is equal. so, we are living in turbulent times. the u.s.a. is embracing political figures like trump and sanders which just a few years ago would have been unthinkable. and even if those guys do not prevail, america is now a deeply divided and politically unhappy place
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where anything can happen. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction, joining us from washington, laura ingraham and here in new york city juan williams. laura, begin with you. are you angry about the political system? >> i think what's happening, bill, is the establishment is scratching its head like why are people so angry? i can't believe seem so out of control they are angry. i will remind everybody this. our country has gone through tumultuous periods. anger resulted in things getting shaken up and things getting done. that's not unnatural state for people who are living through very chaotic times. and, of course now with the fact that the middle class hasn't gotten a raisec,t5l in about 15 years. the fact that the borders are obviously totally overrun, public schools do not teach the same type of civic pride. love of the founding fathers patriotism. that used to keep the country tighter and closer together. so, anger, yeah, they are angry because they feel like the two main parties,
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establishment parties never want> are you as an american citizen angry about the state of the union? >> i mean, do we -- would we rather want the peaceful comfort and the quietude of the gulag? what does that mean? are you satisfied? >> nol i'm not. obviously i built my program -- >> are you happy with the country. >> i think the country is being run terribly. >> terribly? >> on both sides. >> both parties are having crisis in confidence. >> the republican party has not stood up and said this,>k)j. you know think will tell you what they want but not why. they don't persuade. they alienate and that makes me angry. >> how about this, bill? this is how i'm going to milwaukee your life better. >> that's right. >> you are going to have a
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better opportunity for a better life by doing the five following things. >> walk us through it. are you angry? >> i'm not that angry the way that you are t/;ñ about. i must say i really loved your talking points. because when i'm out and about, what i experience is that americans on both sides are all expressing anger. it's like an echo chamber of race, that's how people say they're politically engaged, they judge the anger. now, on the right. we talked about the terrorism. and the polling, it's 25% of republicans who say terrorism is the number one issue for them right now. only 9% of democrats. and i have got to believe that if you look at the websites. the blogs, the talk shows on the right, all they do is talk about terror, terror, terror, terror. and i think it's scaring. it's fright night out there, bill. >> there is a lot of fear. >> the old saying you can't tell people how to think but you can tell them what to think about and these media are only talk about terrorism. that's the only story in the world. >> that's not all we are talking about. >> don't you understand the fear is justified? do you not understand that?
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>> before it was immigrants that you were fearful of. now it's terrorists and muslims fearful of. >> don't you understand that there is a real danger to this country when iran is that close to getting a nuclear weapon, when this rogue nation is that close with all its terrorist associations when you have a terrorist. do you see the danger. >> i don't see to the level you do. i see lots of people are angry. >> i acknowledge but -- >> -- real danger. here is my point to you. we have gone through the cold war and nobody was like saying let's run and hide. >> this is theoretical, juan. >> how is that theoretical? >> there is a real danger here and there is a real economic deprivation. go ahead, laura. >> bill, there is cultural despair. because when people don't recognize the culture the
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way we speak and engage each other. they don't think that the system that the system works for the can i just finish, juan? people at the top are doing fine. that's great. pew survey revealed last week. the vast middle class feels they can not get ahead. juan, that is not because they are bad people. they are anti-immigrant. they are awful people these are good patriotic americans who see theirsa#ñt'try going down the tubes and they have the right to be angry. >> the the reason that the middle class and the working class cannot get ahead so much constraints put on the free marketplace by the federal government that good jobs are not being created by the private sector flood
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flood the zone with corporate money, bring jobs back from overseas you will see more jobs. i will give juan williams the last word god help me go. >> both sides are angry. this the point you made in the memo. you would be surprised both side think the other guy is winning. laura, you are talking about the traditional america is not the way it used to be. >> i don't care about that. i think the country is going down the tubes. >> recognize the country anymore. there are lot lots of people who think the gosh the republican dominate the senate, the house, the governorship. the conservatives are winning everything. they are changing the country, trump is on top andítç it scares and angers the left. >> everybody is frightened and we will see how that plays out politically. sergeant bowe bergdahl finally facing trial. also a new poll shows ted surging in
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impact segment tonight, bowe bergdahl facing trial. ted cruz passes donald trump in iowa. at least in one poll. according to the des moines register poll, cruz is beating trump 31-21 in the hawkeye state. fox news has cruz 28% trump 26%. all other candidates far behind. joining us from washington, brit hume. seven weeks before the iowa caucus, cruz is obviously doing very well there. is that going to hold, brit? >> well, i think it may prove a little early but i think it's a genuine surge. i think cruz is preble now leading that des moines register poll i think he is probably leading. it's better to surge in iowaen in the last 10 days than it is to surge when there is seven weeks to go cruz is a controversial figure. very smart, very goodl3
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debater. has run a very, very well organized and managed campaign. but there is a reason why he is not liked in washington and the voters of iowa may find out what those reasons are during thest are of the holidays and month of january which might mean he could be overtaken. >> give me a hint on what the reasons are. >> well,. >> -- well, he has been in the total opportunist in the eyes of many in the senate that has led him into some votes that i think will come back to haunt him. he voted against authorizing the nsa to continue the surveillance program that many people wish we now still had. he has voted against certain military spending bills as marco rubio has been criticizing him for. he has taken various different positions on immigration. he says, you know, he is against amnesty but a couple years ago he was promoting an amendment which he argued vigorously would have left in place not the citizenship process. it would have cut that out. but it would have left legalization of those here illegally in place.
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a lot of people don't know that. they may come to find out. >> the reason i think cruz has increased in iowa is that ben carson has decreased. and then it looks like carson support has gone over to cruz. >> yeah. i think that's right. i don't think he has cost donald trump much support. although i think he has cost him some. i think evangelical christians are responding to cruz. that's very important in iowa. as you know, bill. and, you know, whether somebody else can take a run at him with those voters remains to be seen. but that, i think is a big part of what's happened. >> he would must remind rick santorum won last time around. iowa is iowa. we go on to new hampshire. i think trump will win in south carolina where i think trump has got a good shot again. so anybody trying to marginalize donald trump, you know, it's. >> well, bill, remember. this trump has had a about him an or wrath inconvincibility. he has been leading in every poll for the longest time. not leading in a couple.
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he has unbroken record of being the leader. what happens if he loses in the first contest? what does that do to him and his support? >> i don't think mucheñ in iowa. i don't think iowa is of that big of psychological effect on the voters. if he would lose new hampshire then i think that would be something. i don't think iowa is going to hurt him. >> i think you are right. >> go over to bergdahl, it took the army to forever to get this up and running. two charges he ask is going to stand trial for. if convicted of both he could serve life. i don't think that will happen. he might do a little time. but, the important thing is, will this hurt the democratic party that bowe bergdahl will be in the news, in a trial, it was a bad deal that obama traded him for five taliban. is that going to hurt the democrats in the upcoming election? >> well, obviously it depends on what we hear about it to the the extent we do at the court national, which is yet to be held. heck, bill, he could still be acquitted or given a slap
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on the wrist in this case the thing kind of fades. i don't think anybody is ever going to be convinced it was a good deal. these five terrorist leaders for one guy who walked away from his post and if he is convicted of desertion, that group of lulus is not going to look like. >> anybody against him is going to be terrible. that will be covered by the news agencies, at least the ones that are honest. >> at least some of them. >> right. so what i am trying to get at is that president obama already has big trouble in the terrorist precincts. and hillary clinton is pretty much echoing what the president's policy is. then you bring in bowe bergdahl for a dog and pony show for%cukñ months or whatever it is going to be during the campaign, i think it could have an effect. >> well, it could. but, look, people will tie this to president obama whether they will then tie it againkb to hillary clinton after all wasn't the secretary of defense and didn't make the call on the trade. >> i get that. >> but, gill bill, i mean it, may not stick to her is
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the biggest falsehoods of 2015 as uttered by politicians. joining us now from washington glen kessler, fact checker columnist for the "new york post." we begin with this, roll it. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> so why did you pick the chant hands up. >> don't shoot. why did that make the list, mr. kessler? >> well, because it turns out it never happened. >> you know, the justice department had done an extensive investigation. it turns out that early witness accounts turned out to be wrong. this was traced back to one single person who didn't really see it. and, unfortunately, politician have picked it up and went forward with it. even though there was some doubts initially as to whether this actually happened. >> we are talking about ferguson. talking about the case where the officer shot the man who grand jury decided attacked him. and there don't shoot. even though the chant is used today by some radical
8:23 pm
people. second one you2 was president obama speaking to a green bay wisconsin television station about keystone. put it up on the television, please. somehow the disappeared. we don't believe that the president says i'm happy to look at how increase pipeline production for oil. keystone is for9 9 oil to send that down to the gulf bypasses the united states. it's estimated to create 250 jobs. why did you pick that as a falsehood. >> the president said the oil would bypass the united states. actually, the canadian oil was going to go to refineries on the gulf coast. obama's own state department determined at would have been exported stayed here in the united states. one-eighth carrying crude from north dakota and montana. to say it bypassed the united states wasn't true in
8:24 pm
the least. >> the president didn't want the pipeline and we will not going to have it until he gets out of office and then we have it donald trump is the third one. roll the tape. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down. and i watched in jersey city, new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that people was coming down thousands of people were cheering. >> obviously nobody could find the tape of that and that is your basis of putting that up as a falsehood, correct? >> that's right. and, you know, there were5zñ scattered reports of maybe of a handful of people cheering though none of that could be confirmed. no tape that donald trump could have viewed on the television show. >> we challenged him that on the factor as many people know. now, the fourth one is hillary clinton talking about the defense of marriage act when her husband, the president, signed it which meant only aqwn& man and woman are considered
8:25 pm
legally married, roll the tape on defense of marriage, i think what my husband believed and there was certainly evidence to support it, is that there momentum to amend the constitution of the united states of america. and that there had to be some way to stop that. >> what was false about that? >> well, because there was virtually no discussion of a constitutional amendment no public discussion we could find about a constitutional amendment at the time bill clinton signed that law. >> a constitutional amendment to make sure that marriage was only between a man and woman, correct? >> that's right. >> so hillary clinton is basically saying he signed this law because he knew it could be changed down the road. and he didn't want a constitutional amendment but there was no evidence that that was ever in play during president clinton's tenure. >> right. he was simply trying to position himself for the 1996 presidential election
8:26 pm
which clintd doesn't like to mention at the moment. >> he was pandering and that statement is untrue. >> the fifth statement is governor mike huckabee. roll it. >> i find it interesting the left has completely embraced pope's message on climate change. go back and look at the it covers of "time" and "newsweek" from the early 70's. we were told if we didn't do something by 1980 we wouldkñ be popsicles. >> what's false about that? >> he makes it seem like the idea of a global freezing was actually a real theory. it was a minor thing. a few journalists had brought it on the "time" of "newsweek." though if you look on the internet there is a fake cover of "time" that actually suggests it was on the cover of glim maybe the governor got bamboozled by the internet. >> maybe. it was just a minor theory. >> there were no covers of "time" and "newsweek" talking about global cooling in the 1970s. that didn't happen. how many of these are, in your opinion, legitimate mistakes and how many are calculated deceptions?
8:27 pm
>> >> a lot of these are -- i mean, you know, maybe huckabee made a mistake there with the "time" magazine covers he is using that to further his opinion on climate change. most of these are deliberate deceptions, i think. maybe -- but i try not to get into a politician's mind and say it's a lie. they did all end up on my list of the biggest pinocchios of the year. >> mr. kessler thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. quality of life in new york is appalling. jesse watters on the scene. also charles krauthammer on president obama's visit to the pentagon. will he ever get tougher on isis? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. here's to the woman make her feel as beautiful as she truly is. with exquisite gemstones and diamonds by effy, starting at $999.99.
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8:32 pm
ramifications and i think there are also political ramifications and maybe down the road financial ramifications. at this point in time none of them have said they are going to go against state legislature did and what i do as governor in signing the bill. >> okay. but there are no, in the law, and correct me if i am re no, there sanctions that are spelled out that if you do harbor illegal aliens and you don't cooperate with the federal government that you will do x, y, or z will happen to you. so, you know, it's almost wishful thinking they are going to cooperate, is it not. >> what it also does is unleashes the handcuffs on some of our police officers who do want to enforce the law but they have been told by the politicians in those five cities that they cannot further analyze the immigration status of people they may pull over or engage with. and now those police officers are protected by state law from being punished in enforcing their oath of office. every one of us from the president to this governor to every law enforcement officer takes an oath of
8:33 pm
office to obey the laws and constitution of not only north carolina and their towns but of the united states of america. and. >> so did the president of the united states. and he doesn't -- >> -- that's correct. >> enforce the law against sanctuary cities. >> cities in your state in question are ashville, charlotte, chapel hill, durham. most of them are university towns, liberal towns, sympathize with illegal aliens. now, you are the first state to do. this i think others probably will do it as well. some are going to say it governor creditory is doing mccrory is doing it for political reasons. ramp up his base. how do answer it. >> first of all that's not true. we have to have team work in i can't have highway patrol enforcing one law, city police enforcing another law and county police doing another. and the federal government sending us confused signals. if we are going to deal with
8:34 pm
isis and if we're going to deal with terrorism and illegal immigration, we have all got to be working out of the same handbook and at this point in time we are not. >> it's chaotic there is no doubt about it? >> it's pretty chaotic. if that's the case get rid of customs all together. i believe we have got to protect our borders. >> the democratic party would like open borders and i think that's what this is all about. look, they wanted the border security it would be secure. and then the democratic party does not want it. now, finally, you have syrian refugees headed to north carolina you oppose that butçr you can't stop it, correct? >> that's correct. we are not even told by the president. the most misinformation is that the federal government and a homeland security and the president tell each governor when those syrian refugees come to our state. we have no communication whatsoever on when they come, where they go, who they are. and that's what our major objection is our local homeland security people who are the ones that have to respond to any emergency are not in the communication
8:35 pm
loop with the the president of the united states. >> governor christie of new jersey, he said the same thing. all right, governor, we appreciate you speaking with us tonight. when we come right back, krauthammer on president obama. will he get tougher on isis in the face of falling job approval numbers? watters on the collapse of new york city's infrastructure up ahead. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the unresolved problem segment tonight, with the country very upset about islamic terrorism, president obama was forced to leave the white house today to visit the pentagon. >> last month in november, we dropped more bombs oní isil targets than any other month since this campaign started. we're also taking out isil leaders, commanders, and killers, one by one. the point is isil leaders cannot hide and our next message to them is simple, you are next. >> tough talk. joining us now from washington, another tough guy, charles krauthammer. are you cynical about the president going to the pentagon and saying all that? >> i'm never cynical enough on this issue. look, the president was reading that like he was reading the phone book. he compareded compassion that you hear in his voice when he talks about climate change, trayvon martin when he talked about the not
8:40 pm
admitting of syrian refugees. his heart isn't in this. when he was asked about the fiasco with the millions of dollars spent syrian rebels ending up with a total of nine, his defense was, well, you know, i didn't really want to do it in the first place. but i suppose what he was saying is my aides insisted i do it. i did it and it didn't work out. announced the doubling of our troop level in afghanistan and in the same sentence he says we are leaving on a date certain. you know his heart isn't in it. >> i know. >> and to me the problem -- people hear it whenever he says the same way he talked about the war on terror, the war in afghanistan you know he is only doing this grudgingly as a way to apiece public opinion. >> i wonder if nibbies it, if his own supporters buy it the polls show that everybody thinks he is out to lunch on isis. and i don't think anybody is buying it anymore. he doesn't usually go across the river to virginia to the pentagon. it's a 10-minute drive and there he is dog and pony
8:41 pm
show. had to get it on the record. >> let me just add one thing. >> go ahead. >> the fact that he is resorting to all of these numbers. we're doing more here, more there. >> yeah, yeah, right. >> what was he doing for the last 16 months? >> nothing. putting together a coalition of 65 nations that don't do anything, that's what he was doing. monmouth poll comes. in i don't trust the poll very small sample. trump at 41% nationwide. testimony conceivable that trump will run against hillary, is it not? >> absolutely. >> if trump runs against hillary, then politics as we know it is just upside down because every day who knows what's going to be said. remember the africa george foreman was beating on muhammed ali let foreman punch. fourth round he comes back. hillary is not going to reply.
8:42 pm
he is going to scorch earth. it would be entertaining campaign. >> you mean the rumble in the jungle. yes, i remember. >> what did i say? >> you had the right fight. i'm just telling you what muhammed ali. >> rumble in the jungle. >> that's what muhammed ali called it. i'm filling in facts to give you background. this is what i think. yes, it would be interesting if it were completely intrarepublican fight. very large constituency out there and you see it in the#z polls. independents and democrats who would never vote for donald trump. perhaps he will be so persuasive he will swing that if he doesn't, this will be also interesting election day than you would imagine. i think it would make the gold water result ofg look like a republican victory. >> if there is more terrorism, that helps trump in the sense that people get angrier as i said in the talking points memo at thev6 top. more fearful. he plays in to that.
8:43 pm
and hillary clinton really is running as obama lite. if you like president i guess you are going to vote for hillary clinton. if you don't. why would you vote for the woman, there is no deservable difference. >> because you might be one of those inclined not to want to see donald trump with his finger on the nuclear button. i think hillary is intrinsically weak candidate. not trusted by the electorate who could in this year could easily be defeated by a half dozen republicans. i don't think that she can be defeated by donald trump. >> that's because of the coalitioty raid against trump with hispanics and blacks and women and the left in general which tops out at 20%. all of them together would yof come his appeal to white working men and women? >> look, just looking at hispanics, george w. in 2004 got 44% of the vote.
8:44 pm
romney got 27% of of the hurep vote. and it cost him. trump is at about 11 persian of the hispanic vote. if romney had a problem what trump had as a catastrophe. and you don't work your way out of that or talk your way out of that i think that's where the weakness is. he has alienated a lot of groups. i still think he can win the nomination within the g.o.p. but when you go to the wider world and wider constituencies, i don't think that he has a chance of winning. and i also think that there is a chance of a complete collapse on the part of republicans that could jeopardize their hold on the senate and in an extreme case, even perhaps their hold on the house. >> all right. now, i don't know if trump supporters care about that because they are in the mood for an avenger and he certainly is that. that really is the that's
8:45 pm
the wild card whether trump supporters are going to look analytical situation. >> analysis completely devoid from personal emotion. >> now, on that topic i want to show you something, charles. i was out in vegas earlier this month and this bumper sticker is floating around here. i think they have it right as far as where the ticket would be. what sigh you? >> clearly photo shopped. >> no, no. >> it's reversed and upsize down. so i think you ought to confess now before. >> i think you might be carrying -- i think we could carry nevada anyway, that was out there. >> barely. >> in abundance in vegas. all right. watters on deck. nation's largest city, new york on the verge of collapse. watters trying to prevent that moments away.
8:46 pm
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8:49 pm
back of the book segment tonight. "watters world," more than 8 million people live here in new york city, 16 million in the metropolitan area. ever since uber liberal mayor de blasio was elected, things have gone to hell. one demonstration of that is the incredible traffic mess. we sent watters out to take a look. ♪ [ horns honking ] >> ever seen traffic this bad out here if >> yeah, every day it's bad out here. >> what's going on out sneer >> new york. >> whose fault is all this traffic? >> new york.
8:50 pm
>> that's so insane, it kind of makes sense. >> i can pin a lot of stuff on depl de blasio. >> de blasio is make thing like los angeles. >> he's making us worse than los angeles. >> this traffic situation is chaos. who do you blame? >> the christians. it's the tree. it's radio city. >> oh, well, that explains it. >> anything you want to tell the mayor? >> not doing a good job, that's for sure. >> he's not? >> no. >> very good. i'm glad you thought it out. >> got to keep it moving. you can't stay here. let's go. let me help you out a little bit. come on! let's go! [ horns honking ] got to turn it around. don't hit me, bruh. i won't give you a ticket if you give me this box of wine. >> can't do that.
8:51 pm
>> get out of here. you're causing traffic. how bad is the traffic today? >> i love it. it's beautiful. >> how about no? >> this is what happens when you let women drive. [ laughter ] >> that's not good to say. >> got to deal with it, man. >> merry christmas. santa gave you gridlock. traffic is out of control. >> now are you going to mind your own business or must i really give you a piece of my mind? >> what are we going to do, need some help? i'll help you out. it's more in the wrist, you know? this guy can't be here. this guy can't be here. >> how would you like to kiss this? >> write him up. give it to him. there it is. i think that's matt lauer's car. how long have you been in traffic today? >> my lips are sealed.
8:52 pm
>> seems like the only cops de blasio likes are traffic cops. >> what is wrong with you? >> how long have you been in the car snore >> so far about 40 minutes? >> two hours. >> two hours? >> been in the car for two hours now. >> two hours in the city? >> in the city. since 6:30. >> maybe six hours. >> six hours? >> okay, that is messed up. >> you've got to clear the roadways or o'reilly will have to take the subway. >> sucks for him. >> he's a big guy. he can handle it. >> i'm not so sure. >> like your show, bill. from long island, too. [ horn honks ] >> let's go, new york, let's go! >> here's watters. true story, i had to walk from the midtown tunnel from fox the other day. i can do the walk, i'm in shape. but it's about, maybe half a
8:53 pm
mile, because everything was stopped. nothing moved anywhere. >> so when de blasio gets in, he reduces the speed limit to 25 miles per hour, installs 400 speed bumps and makes it easier for the people on the bikes. what happens? more traffic and more tickets. >> here's the key. the cops hate him so much in new york city. they won't enforce any traffic laws, so the intersections are blocked by buses like that, so you can't get across town. the second thing is, people double park all over the place. some cops get them, but there's construction on every single street. >> it's probably the stimulus, remember all those shovel ready jobs? >> you don't do every street. you fix one, then go to the next. this is -- i've been all over the world. this is the worst traffic outside of cairo. cairo, egypt. because they have camels all over the place. but that's true, cairo you can't move. l.a. is not as bad as this.
8:54 pm
this is worse than l.a. watters, there you go. and you guys that don't live in new york city, say a prayer. factor tip of the day. you will not believe the name of one of my distant cousins. i didn't believe it. we'll reveal the mystery, in "the tip" moments away. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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>> no one has belittled australia on this program, don. we know you guys are a loyal and effective ally against evil.
8:58 pm
>> well, i hope you check out the daily no spin news broadcast. lots of inside stuff and the podcast. if you miss the "factor," you can catch it. >> well, there you go, bonnie. have a great one. a belated birthday to a patriot, ed dole, 93 last week. i was interviewed by harvard professor gates, and he told me
8:59 pm
some amazing stuff about my ancestors. but when he told me who one of my distant cousins is, i blinked. i blinked a lot. does the name bill maher mean anything? true. so here's the "factor tip of the day." you can pick your friends, you cannot select your relatives. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news "factor" website, different from billo' name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a blatherskite when writing to "the factor." tomorrow, we'll have predebate, post debate.
9:00 pm
best analysis, no spin, no bs, right here. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. new concerns that the american people are being endangered, thanks to an administration hell bent on not offending anyone. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. we learned the obama administration has been ignoring evidence related to those seeking entry into this country mean to do americans harm out of a desire to be politically correct. as a result, immigrants like the female terrorist in san bernardino have been getting a free pass to the u.s.,