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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 15, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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well, hang in there, los angeles, the investigation is still ongoing. thanks for joining us. >> the real story with gretchen starts now. >> the breaking news coverage on the real story is the nation's second largest school district completely shut down with more than half a million students in l.a. told to stay home over what officials called a credible terrorist threat. welcome to the real story today. so, we're now learning it was a bomb threat. it was sent online apparently if germany. as a result, every single one of the over 900 schools around the l.a. area being searched, but fbi sources telling fox the threat came in yesterday and was determined to not be credible and that schools were closed out of quote out of an abundance of caution. the mayor in new york city said they received the same threat and had dismissed it as a hoax.
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williams is live in l.a. today. what have you learned? >> well, there is a little bit more to the story. the press conference just wrapped up. the superintendent defended his decision based on what he considered a credible threat, saying the risk was too great to be wrong. the threat came in last night, received be aschool board member that originated in frankfurt, germany. the author claimed to be an extremist muslim that teamed up can jihadists to plant a bomb or a backpack in a package. they threatened an assault using rifles and han guns. sources saw the e-mail and deems it not credible. he ignored the advice and closed almost 1,000 schools any way. police are now inspecting each and every one. >> we are taking all sorts of precaution. our plant managers are walking the campus with law enforcement people.
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our plant managers and principals with law enforcement are looking at all of our schools. both small, large schools. >> new york city did receive a similar claim and did not consider it real. police commissioner bill brattan called it a host. the author spelled the word allah with a lower case a. charlie beck depended usd saying it is responsibility for those 700 lives resided with the superintendent and no one else. >> i would say this to people that are critical. it is very easy in hindsight to criticize the decision based on results that the decider could never have known. it is also very easy to criticize the decision when you have no responsibility for the outcome of that decision. >> that considered
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irresponsible, the second guess, but that, he said, is between he and brattan. the take away was made by the superintendent, his assistant and the head of school security. he dismissed the fbi analysis. he said the san bernardino situation did play into his decision making. >> very interesting. thank you. so, there are reports as you heard, that l.a. authorities did not consult the fbi or did so and still decided to shut down the public schools for real talk i'm joined by bob strain, former fbi agent, co-chair of the antiterrorism task force. we have this give and take between the new york police commissioner saying i knew it was a hoax. i probably wouldn't have closed down schools. what they did in l.a. who's right? >> i know that there is a division in new york city police department that really studies this carefully and knows how to go through it and determine right off the bat whether or not
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it's a hoax or real. i spoke with john miller who runs the new york terrorism unit and they received this same thing at 7:00 a.m. this morning. they did an analysis on this and realized that in fact, it was a hoax. so, for nypd at least, going through the police department and the terrorism unit, they decided we're going to leave the schools open and they were going to go ahead and investigate this and see who was responsible for it. >> so, it begs the question, bob, do we have any sort of comingling of information between the two largest cities in the united states of america. if they knew that, do they have any sort of alerts they send out, hey f you receive this kind of an e-mail with a lower case a, it's a hoke. >> well, i think remember, bratton and miller set up the terrorism unit in los angeles. years ago. when they left new york and went out to los angeles. and i'm not sure whether this e-mail ever went to the lapd initially. i think it was made with the police department within the school system within l.a. and it
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takes an expertise to go through these headers and e-mails. technology today, coming from germany, it could be right here from new york city or kansas city. they bounce all over. the encryption they use today, all of this is becoming challenging and wee going to see things like this happen more often. >> that's what people are thinking about in the hours that have passed since the schools were shut down, which is, is this going to become a daily occurrence and should we judge the l.a. school system for doing in in light of the fact that 14 innocent people were killed less than two weeks ago? >> you know what it feels like here in new york when you have something like that happen. that's on the minds of everyone. it's fresh in their minds. they know people. it's close. it's really something that you have to consider. >> what about the fact that terrorists could be doing this to see how we react. >> that's another problem. it's something we look at as well. just to see whether or not we close the schools, how we do our
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searches, how quick we reak. these are all dirnt possibilities, but at the end of the day, i think that nypd with their expertise and look aing at this e-mail have determined this particular e-mail, at least on the surface of the e-mail in and of itself, is not a threat. >> thanks for your expertise. just a few hours ago before tonight's big debate, here's a look at the final lineup. total of ten candidates pull ng enough support in the polls to make it on to the prime time stage in vegas. there they are. well, before that, viewers can watch the remaining candidates during an undercard debate. 6:00 p.m. eastern time. there are the candidates for that lineup. kentucky senator and 2016 republican presidential candidate rand paul made the cut for the prime time event this time and he joins me now live from vegas. senator, great to have you on the real story. would love to get your take on what we saw unfolding in los angeles today and how terrorism is front and center in this minds of presidential candidates and also voters.
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>> i think it's really difficult being the school officials and i wouldn't want to second guess them on making the decision. i think there is a bigger picture item and i think we'll get to it tonight, how do we defend ourselves. we haven't done an adequate job defending our borders. since 9/11, all 19 hijackers came here legally. no one knew it because no one's policing our system. so, i'm a big believer that we have to do a lot more than we're doing. there's some debate over whether or not the woman, who came here on a fiancee visa, whether she was or wasn't interviewed, required or not, we need more skrcrutiny on those who come he. >> so, you're talking about the borders and there's much work apparently to be done there, but you also have not been a proponent of the nsa being able to track meta data and so forth. you have been gins that, so, how do you views play into keeping
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america safe with that part of the equation? >> i don't think we have to give up our security for a false sense of security. we don't have to give up our liberty for a false sense of security. i think we can collect more records from terrorists using the constitution, using warrants, but i don't think we need to collect indes krim nantly without a warrant all the records of all americans. i think we get overwhelmed with data and make less wise decisions and don't delve in as much we could if we were targeting terrorists. >> take a look at this new poll. the number one issue in america, security and terrorism. the top concerns. 58% of republican voters say that's it for them. 26% of democrats. do you expect a lot of questions tonight ond your views on terrorism? >> it should be a robust debate.
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i disagree with hillary clinton and rubio. i don't think toppling kai calf made us more safe. a third of libya now pledges allegiance to isis and i think hillary clinton, marco rubio, jeb bush, those who think regime change is a good idea has made u is lez safe. should we topple assad? i think if we topple assad in syria, we're more likely to allow isis to grow and become more of a threat. i hope we get into that tonight. >> what are you going to do about your poll numbers? i know you're glad to be on the prime time stage and that will be an effort for you to get your views out there, but i'm looking at the progression at the way you've gone since 2014. why has that happened and what do you need to do to increase the numbers? >> the only poll that matters is when people vote. they're still very fluid.
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you've seen ben carson drop 20 points in the last three weeks. people haven't made up their mipds yet. we had a poll in kentucky before the governor's race. everybody said the democrat would win by five, but the republican won by eight. 13 points in the last week, so i think it's a mistake to think polls are science or that they have any accuracy at all. we should judge campaigns op a lot of different items. polling, money raised, organization. we have a great team in iowa. we're going to surprise a lot of people. >> we will look forward to hearing from you tonight. thanks much. donald trump. speaking of the poll t skyrocketing up to the top of a new national poll. so, should he be concerned about his loss of momentum in the first state of iowa? and how will tonight's debate impact the race in iowa and everywhere else? plus, banned from baseball as long as he lives. pete rose, one of the greatest
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welcome back to the real story. two people under arrest under sus pix of helping to provide guns to four people in january as a kosher supermarket in paris. a man and woman arrested today in northern france nearly a year after those attacks on that tore and the charlie hebdo newspaper. the attacks killed a news woman. the paris prosecutors office
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confirming that the suspects are a mercenary and his partner. all right, folk news alert, because we are watching a developing story coming out of las vegas, pete rose taking questions from the media on baseball's decision to uphold his lifetime ban from the game. he is baseball's all time hits leader, but his legacy is tarnished because of betting on games. here he is just a short time ago. >> there was a time in my life when i was out of control gambling. i guess there's probably a will the of people in this town who could be out of control gambling, but i worked hard at it. i got it under wraps, so several, several years and you know, i'm in control of my life right now. >> joining me now to talk about this is jim gray, sports caster, fox news contributor. what did we learn from this and does it change anything about the decision that mlb has made?
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>> not going to change anything. that's been decided. i don't believe it will be adjudicated again. i believe in this instance, rob manford means lifetime ban. what this has been about so far, pete rose's attorney came on and gave a plea about pete rose now being able to be considered for the hall of fame, which is a much different direction than they've gone in fast. he said it's not the hall of character, the sabts, it's about onfield acomp lishmentes, the hall of fame. character doesn't matter. people of bad character are in there and that
11:17 am
i don't believe there are enough votes and surveys that he doesn't have the votes, but he should be considered. >> it is interesting because in light of the last two decades of steroid use, where that affected the way in which a play r hit the ball, there's a different discussion. pete rose by all accounts hit those balls without any help. >> well, but it's the much different discussion. we've had all kinds of eras in the sport of baseball. there were times when
11:18 am
african-americans, the negroes were not permitted to play. then we had the mound and the changing. it was lowered at some point, then higher. then the amphetamine era and steroid era. after the '94 world series was canceled. they wanted the long ball, so, now to say they're not eligible when in fact they turned a blind eye, they didn't get serious about this until congress and everybody dragged it in front of them, bud selig woke up and said we better take this seriously, but the one sign that's in front of every player and pete rose saw this more than anybody, it says no gamblinging by order of the commissioner. every time he went to batting practice, every time he left the clubhouse, it didn't say no domestic violence, it said no gambling. >> great to get your analysis. thank you. imagine, put iting your old
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welcome back. so, a plumber in texas now suing a car dealer for a million bucks after the truck he traded in ended up overseas with isis using it to fire an antiaircraft gun from the truck's bed.
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a p picture of the truck complete with his blumming logo still on it. it went viral last year after it was posted on isis' twitter feed. he said ever since, his phone lines have been jammed with ha rasing calls. auto nation said it thought the logo would have been taken off before the truck was auctioneded off but, that never happened. dr. carson wants congress to issue a former declaration of a war against isis. carson releasing a new plan saying we must destroy their cal fate and prevent terrorists from infiltrating our homeland. a new report says isis in afghanistan is now operation alley emergent. carson in tonight's debate, sliding poll numbers, polls showing him tied for third now with senator marco rubio, both with 12%. joining me now, barery bennett, campaign manager. great to have you back.
11:24 am
what does your candidate need to do tonight to let voters know he understands foreign policy and can be trusted on that issue? >> he's going to do very well tonight. ben is a brain surgeon. i think he can understand foreign policy. >> we know he's really, really smart, but i'm not sure the two of those absolutely correlate with one another. one of the reasons some have said he has fallen down in the polls is because he didn't have a lot of knowledge about foreign policy. how do you respond to that? >> he does now. i spent the last three days with him. he's as good on the issue as anybody else. he'll be fine. >> he puts out this new plan about taking down the cal fate and declaring war on isis. what are some of the central points of the plan? >> well, one is let's get real. they're at war with us. we need to be at war with them. we need to declare war. that makes people like the san bernardino shooters, that's a treason attack. gives us a new set of tools to
11:25 am
go after them. 640,000 kids didn't get to go to school today in l.a. probably weren't too happy about that because we couldn't guarantee their safety because the government lets somebody in the country who wants to harm them. we got to get serious. >> what was it about educating our candidate about foreign policy now, i mean, shouldn't that have been done beforehand? >> yeah. i know, but he's just more comfortable. he absorbs a lot of information very fast, but he's spent a lot of time in the last five or six weeks with folks like henry kissenger and bud mcfarland. he'll do very well tonight. you watch. >> okay, let's take a look at this very important indicate ner "the washington post" abc poll, which candidate is best suited to handle terror and if you can see the graphic that's going to come up here, you can see dr. carson is fourth place at 9%, trump on top at 50%.
11:26 am
it was a case where carson and trump were neck and neck in the national polls and now, your candidate's sliding. not only in the overall poll, but now on the threat of terrorism. what's going to happen? >> that number's going to go back up. the most important in the poll was who's beating hillary clinton? the only person who beats hillary clinton in the general election is ben carson. >> i think marco rubio. >> tied. you're right. >> so, how did you prepare your candidate for tonight? >> you know, we talked, he's met with experts on every possible issue you could come up with. china, north korea. the middle east. isis. isil. you name it. he absorbs information very quickly. doesn't speak like a politician and is never going to, nor does he act like one, but you'll find out tonight, he has a very good grasp of the issues. >> that's one of the things people have liked.
11:27 am
second lashlgest school district in the country shuts down over a bomb threat today less than two weeks after the san bernardino attacks. why the district's former police commissioner says he would not have done that. he would have not shut the schools down and are you a terrorist? that's just one of the questions asked in department of homeland security's screening process for these so-called fiance visas. how it screens people's social media presence. you and i get screened more than that, but homeland security doesn't look at social media. the latest push to change that policy. >> more of an optics issue more than an a national security policy based decision. i think that was a grave mistake that mr. johnson made here and now, we see the result and the consequence of that decision. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy.
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new developments linked to the san bernardino terror attack investigation. there are now growing calls to change the process, to include, social media scrutiny. this after the fiancee visa. catherine harris live from washington today. so, what is the white house saying? >> you're quite right.
11:32 am
a number of lawmakers are talking about legislation that would make it mandatory for immigration agents to review a foreign applicant's social media activity with the white house emphasizing today that the homeland security department has started three pilot programs to incorporate social media reviews in the last year. >> they've acknowledged part of that review is to consider ways to incorporate the use of social media vetting in their screening programs. not sure why any specific legislation would be required. >> tashfeen malik exchanged messages with her future husband even before entering the united states last year. when this photo was taken. at that time, there was a debate raging about whether social media should be routine for viva applicants, but at that time, it was only done when there was negative information about applicant that came up. >> there were reports, also, they didn't want to have any
11:33 am
kind of backlash about public relations campaign that i don't know, would make the u.s. look bad. i don't get it, but any way, would going to facebook have flagged her at all? >> well, a homeland security official said malik used privacy settings to block content as well as fake names online to hide her identity. but all that said, a review might have flagged other issues that gave agents what they call a predicate or more latitude to drill down into her account. here's the chairman of the house homeland security committee. >> what's happened is they've put the privacy of a pakistani national over the security of the american peel. it seems to me they have to come up into the 21st century to gather social media content when someone's apply iing for one of these visas, had they done that, they could have applied for warrants, denied this visa for this black widow that came into the united states and killed over a dozen americans.
11:34 am
>> what homeland security says is that it was not routine or mandatory to do this screening, but they seem very onboard to do this in a significant way though it's hard to know with hindsight whether they might have flagged her, but it's possible they might have seen something that allowed them to really drill down into those accounts to understand why she wanted to come to the united states. >> no doubt. and you also have to wonder how many others have gotten here on those visas without having their social media checked. that's how isis communicates. thanks much. for more on the push to get social media scrutiny as part of the visa scrutiny process, time for real talk with mike lee. republican from utah and member of the senate armed services committee. senator, great to have you on the real story. what is the real story about this? i mean, i find it incredibly difficult to believe that we are not looking at the social media accounts of people coming into these countries, coming into our
11:35 am
country, wanting to live here. that is how isis communicates. >> it's almost inconceivable we wouldn't want to avoil ourselves of this tool. look, any employer these days would look first to social media when they've interviewed someone and they're considering offering someone a job. i do that all the time. we'll look at social media profile. this is one of the ways you can find out more about a person. how they communicate with others, the kind of things they say and think. it can solve a lot of problems. forestall a lot of crisis. and for reasons that astound me, that escape me and 300 million americans completely, this administration isn't doing this when deciding who to let into the united states. >> came as quite a shock when this was revealed. these are the questions asked if
11:36 am
in fact an interview is actually done with those people. do you seek to engage in terrorist activities while in the united states? have you ever? do you intend to provide money support to terrorist groups. ever been a memberover been involved with a par military unit. now, come on, senator, they're going to answer yes to those questions and yet booe, we're not going to look into their social media accounts. this is pc at its best, is it not? >> absolutely. they could have at least bothered to ask some of those in an alternating pattern of yes and no. instead, just a bunch of questions that require no. we need to know more about people coming in and certainly more than the simple set of questions that are easy to evade. >> so, what are you going to do about it? >> i'm calling op the administration to abandon this ridiculous policy is. it's not looking into the social
11:37 am
media profiles of people trying to enter the country. it's not imposed by statute. not a command of the institution, not even a mandate imposed by a federal regulation. just an internal policy and i'm calling on the administration to abandon that and start doing a robust investigation in so far as social media gives a platform for an investigation, we have to pursue it. we're not serious as a country about combatting terrorism. if we're not going to look into social media accounts. that's a simple as you can say it and the secretary of homeland security, jay johnson, 2014, decided not to change that policy for political correctness. and many could argue that's why we had san bernardino. senator, great to have you on the real story. thank you. >> thank you. >> today's threat in l.a. hitting close to home for the people of that nearby town. san bernardino. where those two terrorists unleashed carnage at an office christmas party this month
11:38 am
killing 14 people. jonathan hunt live from california with that part of the story. what else have you learned? >> well, we know from new polling data this week that there are a lot of people in this country very nervous about the prosecutor pecht of terrorism and for very obvious reasons, there are a few regions of the country more nervous than this part of southern california. and the superintendent of the l.a. unified school district admitted today that those nerves, those fears played directly into his decision to shut all l.a. schools. listen here. >> i think it is important that i take the precaution. based on what has happened recently. and what has happened in the past. >> interesting, too, to hear the l.a. police chief today say that while it was the superinten
11:39 am
dent's decision alone to shut the school, he, the police chief, was here to facilitate that and support it. he talked about the e-mail containing language about automatic weapons and explosives and he said he therefore understood why the superintendent made the decision he made. listen again. >> these are tough times. these communities, our communities, southern california, has been through a lot in the recent weeks. should we risk putting our children through the same? >> and as a parent of three children within the l.a. area school system, it is hard to argue with putting their safety first. >> all right, i hear you. thank you. we are now in the middle of some of the businessest mailing days o the season, but some ups drivers are ditching their famous brown trucks for some other vehicles and it caused
11:40 am
panic in some major shipping and shopping hubs. plus, trump makes a huge rise in a new poll, but only 24 hours after an all important iowa poll, had him slipped to second place. so, how will that or won't that factor into the race ahead of the debate tonight? >> if donald trump gets the nomination and runs against hillary clinton, it will be the biggest election of all time in this country and i think that's true. i think that's true. this is claira.
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coming up, we'll hear from a congressman who's read the e-mail to threaten to blow up the schools in los angeles. the city closed the school, but in new york city, school officials are calling it a hoax. according to the congressman who saw it and read it, there's nothing in the message that demonstrates any understanding of islam.
11:44 am
we'll explain live, top of the hour. donald trump making new gain, snapping up 38% of a the vote. ted cruz breaking in with just 15%, but this in contrast to a recent poll which had cruz leading at 31%. simon is the president and founder of the new debok rasy network. mike gallagher, fox news contributor. great to have you together today to analyze this. gallagher, let me start with you. how do we reason these differences in these polls? >> because there's a big difference between polling for a a caucus and polling nationally. i mean, this week, a couple of the national polls subject that trump has a gigantic lead. a caucus is a far different
11:45 am
animal. i mean, first of all, the process for the caucusgoer is a whole different process. it takes a couple of hours. you know, on a snowy night at a gym somewhere in the middle of iowa, so it's a very different animal. frankly, it's good news for cruz to see some gains in this iowa caucus polling, but these are very, very decidedly different kinds of animals and so far, trump is pretty consistent nationally in being light years ahead of his opponents. >> true. it's interesting to look back over the last couple of location cycles in iowa. the winner of the caucus has done nothing nationally. >> right. what's interesting about this election is that it's not a national vote. it's 50 individual states vote and these states have different characteristics. as we get closer to the voting, we'll start to see the states split apart. iowa and new hampshire have very
11:46 am
different results. even this close together. they will be in february, and so, historically, the candidates who are supportive about evangelical voters do very, very well in iowa, less well in new hampshire. you're seeing that play out. >> i want to show you of these other questions. trump trounces everyone else. strongest leader, trump trumps everyone else. 54%. best equipped to handle terrorism. look at this. trump, well, no, this is not about trump. this is in general. it's a big problem, mike, now, they say 19% say yes, huge problem back in november. it was only 4%. do you expect to get a lot of questions for the candidates tonight about this? >> it has to center around, especially after news cycle today about the investigation of the threat in los angeles. but gretchen, there's also the question of polling integrity. there's an emerging theory that a lot of people since trump is
11:47 am
so politically incorrect, are unwilling to say yes to a pollster, but they're planning to pull the lever for him, and i think that theory makes sense. the callers so my radio show, an indication, 41%, that's low. getting callers to talk radio are a barometer. >> simon? >> we'll find out. we know that cruz and trump have the momentum. they have seen, they both have made significant gains in the polling. a lot of the polls we've seen in the last few day, they are sort of now the upper tier of the race with rubio and others trailing behind. there's a very different feel now in the race than there was a few weeks ago. >> but there's a debate tonight and that could change everything. thank you so much. see you soon. >> take care. >> time now for my take. how do americans feel about our government's efforts to keep us safe? some surprising and not so surprising results in a new monmouth university poll.
11:48 am
78% of americans say isis is a major threat to national security and then there's this whopper. two-thirds of the american public feel the u.s. government is not doing enough to defeat the terrorist group here at home, only 32% believe the u.s. government is doing enough to prevent any futurer terrorist attacks on american soil, while 59% say not enough being done. that is more dire than when asked that same question back in january when 44% said the government was doipg enough. more americans believe that radicalized u.s. citizens pose a greater threat than terrorists who infiltrate our borders. but what do we actually think is up for grabs? well, just 26% are in favor of trump's plan to temporarily ban muslims from this country, while 43% support profiling possible terror suspects based on ethnicity or religion. no doubt, all those question, they're going to come up tonight
11:49 am
at the debate, giving one or andidates a chance to gain ground on this ever important issue facing our country. coming up, this is what we have. brand-new report out about isis and afghanistan. what the pentagon is now saying about the terror group's military ablty and is it going to mean a shift in the administration's strategy to degrade and destroy them or contain them? seafood celebration. with jazzed up new dishes like the decadent grand seafood feast and the ultimate wood-grilled feast why wait to celebrate? so hurry in, it ends soon. just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? to stir up the holidays, before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time
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thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back to "the real story." new pentagon report just out says isis is, quote, operationally emergent in afghanistan. the report also finds the performance of afghan security forces uneven and mixed suffering 27% more casualties from january through november than the year before. jennifer griffin live for us
11:53 am
from the pentagon. jennifer, what more can you tell us about this pentagon report? >> reporter: gretchen, the report is required by the defense authorization act. its main headline is that isis is now a factor in afghanistan. "the presence of isil primarily in the eastern province of nangahar remains a concern for the taliban, afghan government and the international community. it has demonstrated it is operationally emergent." the pentagon assessment went on to talk about the reemergence of the taliban, "in the second half of 2015 the overall security situation in afghanistan deteriorated with an increase in effective insurgent attacks. 14 american troops were killed in afghanistan since last december, gretchen. two u.s. air force special operators were killed in august in helmand province and a green beret killed in kabul this summer when the taliban breached a u.s. special forces compound. >> you're talking about these combat forces.
11:54 am
i thought those operations were finished in afghanistan. >> well, they were supposed to be. remember this from last december? >> we've been in continuous war now for almost 13 years. over 13 years. and next week we'll be ending our combat mission in afghanistan. >> the taliban attacked kandahar airfield last week. sources tell me a ranger company, part of the 75th ranger regiment is on the ground helping the afghans kill the taliban in helmand and kandahar. u.s. air force conducted air strikes in afghanistan this year, alone, though combat operations are are supposed to be over. general john campbell sounded the alarm bell about the spread of isis to afghanistan which we called daesh when he testified on the hill in october. >> there are differences throughout the different provinces, upward of 25-plus provinces we've had reports of daesh but the significant
11:55 am
presence is in the east in nangahar. but predominantly in nangahar. >> this is one reason president obama authorized 9,800 u.s. troops to stay in afghanistan through 2016. the president did not take questions when he was at the pentagon yesterday and did not answer when i asked whether it was time to admit that u.s. troops are still fighting in afghanistan. gretchen? >> very interesting. thank you, jennifer. are you dreaming of a white christmas? well, we're going to give you look at where you're most likely to get one. i'll give you a little hint. it ain't going to be in new york. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement?
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then, a brutal act of teterror here at home.. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis.
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jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me? christmas is coming, right?
11:59 am
u.p.s. so everwheoverwhelmed wi deliveries they're renting trucks. it wasn't the case in kentucky where some got suspicious and even called 911. >> we didn't nknow what to thin because little thing going around like terrorists and stuff. >> u.p.s. carefully controls our uniforms. >> u.p.s. stopped using rented trucks there but will continue using them in other parts of the country. if you're really concerned, ask the driver to show you some identification. let's check out what america's clicking on today, what's trending. christmas display in maine shows santa claus urinating on the word, isis. apparently neighbors were concerned by seeing the word isi isis, that the homeowner supports the group but the police determined the owner is not a threat. he's planning to rearrange the lights to make his anti-isis message clearer.
12:00 pm
dreaming of a white christmas? this map from noaa shows upstate, idaho, you'll likely see snow but maybe not this year. stay tuned. thank for being part of "the real story." i'm gretchen. here's shep. was the l.a. threat legit? >> i want every school searched so make sure it is safe. >> was that the right thing to do? this hour, we're digging deeper to find out why the officials in los angeles took this so seriously when officials in new york said essentially we're blowing it off. >> we do believe preliminary investigation that this is, in fact, a hoax. and investigated as such. >> this is, in fact, a hoax. the commissioner of new york says one particular clue was a big giveaway and there were others. so did los angeles overreact this morning? >> it is very easy in


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