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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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just watch "on the record" on your dvr. see you tomorrow night right up next very important edition of the o'reilly factor. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. another republican debate coming up in about 60 minutes. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. just so you know the cnn debate will start about 9:00. don't be fooled. it's going to be all that pregame. 9:00 they will tee up. and go to about 11:15 so you can watch the factor from top to bottom and not miss anything. we will be, again, live at 1:00 -- is 1 p.m. with post game analysis. there are five republicans in contention right now, trump, rubio, carson and
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bush. on the national level, the average of all theuh polls breaks down this way in round numbers. trump the standards at -- stands at: so the numbers obviously favor donald trump. but things can change fast. in a stunning new poll out today from the "wall street journal," president obama's approval rating on the job has fallen to 43%. get. this 70% of the american people believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. 70%. talking points predicted this would happen after the san bernadino terrorist attack.
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of the nation is jittery. just today the entire los angeles school system shut down because of a threatening email. it's clear to any sane person no matter what your political:: bent that president obama is not confronting the terrorist threat effectively. add to that a soft economy and crude d.c. culture and you have deep, deep anger in america. we went over that last night the talking points memo from monday is posted on bill o' all of this favors donald trump who is a political outsider, a bomb thrower. and if you go after trump, he is going to come back at you viciously. very few politicians have stomach for that kind of fight. tonight, some of the contend iters you would have to think are going to have to try to marginalize trump. is he simply too far ahead he has to be challenged or his lead will hold. that's the head line, who will take on mr. trump? again we will be back at 11:00 and we will see. that's the memo. joining us from washington
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is charles krauthammer. i want you to pace yourself is. i know you are staying up late. you will be back with you as 11:00. who is likely to challenge trump tonight? >> nobody. i don't think it makes sense if you are in the back of the pack. what you want is to it clear the field so you get a shot at trump later on. it's of no advantage to you to go after trump. even if you succeed he might come down a point or two. but you aren't going to gain personally the other guys willlz gain. >> let me challenge now. >> of the gang up will be on cruz and rubio to clear the way so you get a shot at the big guy. >> see, look, if you take on trump, you being any of the eight contenders and again there are nine people on the stage so it's very hard to look in on anybody. if you take them on and you get on social media, you are all over the place. so even if you don't do well in the debate and get a lot of face time in the debate, if you take trump on that's all it's going to be everywhere. so you do get recognition.
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you get upside by taking him on, am i wrong. >> you are wrong. the only person who has succeeded, there is only instance of being right carly fiorina when she challenged him on that insult and she got a bump out of that name one other person who got a big bump, who got a big success by taking on trump? >> but they haven't done it though. on issues. look, don't you think the muslim comment opensh up some kind of avenue to go after donald trump? >> well, if you are one of the other contenders, and you have seen what happened to trump's numbers after he said that the big monmouth jump where trump goes to 41% happened after the comments on muslims as did the "wall street journal"/"the washington post" poll. and if you look at the polls on that issue the country is against it two to one. the republicans are favor it two to one. that is not a vulnerability if you are addressing a
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republican electorate. >> okay. but if you do it not in a defending the muslim way, i would agree that that's not going to get you anywhere. but if you do it say, listen, we need a commander and chief who is going to defeat isis, not alienate the entire muslim world, and then you go into the fact that you need, as we did here on the talking points memo, you need muslim countries to cooperate with you, jordan, saudi arabia, egypt, on and on to defeat this terrorist threat. if you make this kind of assessment very specifically, that donald trump strategy is not going to defeat isis, again, you will get on social media and people will hear what you have to say. >> i don't txs5z so. look, i made exactly that case in my column last week. and the other attach on the proposal, if you can even call it that, it's more an eruption than a proposal, is that how exactly are you going to be doing this? trump was actually asked how would you enforce this? and the question was so you go to immigration, and the
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guy asks you if you are a muslim and if you say yes, you weren't allowed in. and trump answered that's correct. do you think a terrorist who is about to unleash a wanton attack on innocence and kill them is a guy who like george washington isn't going to tell a lie? it makes no sense at all as an idea. i would like to see one of the other candidates attack, but you we were talking only about what's going to be effective as a matter of campaigning. and i don't think that's going to sway people. >> now, why would you like to see somebody attack? we get a lot of mail that says you are anti-trump. you don't like him personally and all of that why would you want top see somebody attack trump? >> i have never met the man. i have no reason to dislike him personally. >> but he says badz things but so maybe you are harboring a little bit. >> that's fine i can take ito+ as a psychiatrist i understand my own reactions. this has nothing to do with his tweeting. this has everything to do with the ideas that he -- the ideas and the statements
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he has made from the day he announced where he spoke about mexican americans as rapists. >> as one of the best political analysts in the world, surely you know that donald trump is running to win. and is he using emotion, rank emotion to win. to get there that's what he is doing. he started out at 4% in the polls. and he figured out, look, we're living in an angry time. people are really angry. i'm going to at that point into that. i'm going to say stuff that's going to get everybody riled up. the republican base is going to agree with me on immigration, muslims, whatever. i'm not going to spell it out. i'm going to win first and then i will spell it out. >> that is what he is doing. that's why to come back to the question you just asked me. the other people are not going to attack him on the muslim thing precisely because trump has a genius for being able to figure out where his constituency. that's a republican constituency. it's not a national one. but where the g.o.p. electorate is. he did on the muslim thing. he went way, way out there. way beyond what you are
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allowed to sayened a i would say what you should say in public because it's a terrible idea nonetheless he did that and his numbers went up. i'm not going to deny that he is he a genius for getting political support and playing to the emotions of the audience. i don't deny that at all. i just think his ideas are bad ideas and would hurt the country and, as i said to you last night, would consign the republicans to a tremendous defeat in november. >> but that's your opinion that's not a fact. >> unlike you and the pope i'm not infallible. >> thank you, charles. >> it's possible that i got it wrong but it doesn't happen often. >>. no i always tell everybody, look, you are hired to give your opinion, you give it if anybody gets mad at you it's their fault. they it should listen. if they disagree, they disagree. that's the way the world goes. i think somebody is going to launch on trump tonight. you just have the feeling somebodygr will.
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>> we will see. i will back and we will see how we are doing. >> get your cot there and >> i have a hot chocolate right now. >> all right. and i want to remind everybody, if you are looking for a good christmas gift, charles' book things that matter still in the bookstore huge best seller. things on the rundown, can donald trump convince him to vote for him. we will talk with two ladies gutfeld, mcguirk. wow, what a lineup. factor is coming right back. ines the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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and visit to learn how you can get it for free. can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. impact segment tonight, with donald trump leading almost anywhere can he broaden the appeal if he gets the republican nomination enough to defeat hillary clinton. obviously voters would be a factor in the race. joining us from saint peterburg florida jessica
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erhlick and here in the studio andrea tantaros host of outnumbered. if romney had been able to split the women vote, he would have won. >> remember, the president was running that phony war on women and actually you saw suburban women turn out in droves for president obama. college educated is is you suburban women. those are the same women that voted for george w. bush last time. i think bush could get female support. not just the security moms that we saw with bush if terrorism is still number one. i think if these middle class moms and female and blue collar voters could go the way of trump i say that if you look at the way hillary is polling with females now, it's not so great. i know trump's support is hard to read. you talk to a lot of people. telling inappropriate joke, they look around their back and they say i actually like the guy. this is coming from women, too. i will telllk you antic dolingsly, antidotally,
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beyonce voters don't really like hillary clinton. they may go trump. >> she has got the first woman president and all that stuff. >> the younger voters are not digging that though. they are not feeling it. >> he they're not digging it? >> liberal voters, bill and hillary really want to milwaukee you take a shower. she has got some problems. >> the "the washington post" on december 4th said that trump treats his women employees well and that they like him, jessica. so, you know, it's going to be hard to put an anti-women tag on him in business as the post reported. you know, he was not a champion but he was popular among his women employees he is equal opportunity offender as we have seen. one of the hallmarks. he is happi' to offend you on many different levels and he is just as happy to offend men as how they look as they are women.
5:15 pm
women these days are okay with that what's interesting and something you know andrea and i have talked about a lot is that women are really issue voters. it's not just about putting the first womanau in office they are concerned about issues. folks that are safety moms. people concerned with immigration. those are the women he is winning in terms of g.o.p. women. now, is he going to be able to get independent women? >> i mean, unless he comes out and has real issue platforms, he is talking about the economy. he is talking about pocketbook issues, he is talking about social=@n issues, and education. i don't see him winning over as charles said the. >> economic play. 70% of americans, and that includes women, obviously, feel the country is headed in the wrong direction. hillary clinton is not distinct ghished -- distinguished herself as being anything different than president obama.í@ big address today. deal with it with juan williams where she said pretty much nothing about how to defeat isis just like they are bad and she will get them. you know,.
5:16 pm
>> as opposed to trump who is saying we are just going to keep muslims out. who is coming up and giving real details she is one of the few people that has the experience. >> he feels it even with the anti-muslim comments he feels it i would like to see some real good polling on.f this. he has a shot at getting 40% of women. 40% to 60%. that too optimistic. >> no. i do think he has a real shot. if you look historically at the polls you have to scrap them. the trump support phenomenon null. the analyst the got this wrong. they didn't have the imagination to see trump's rise thus far. they are not going to see how this turns out in the end. i think you are on to something. these young women that don't buy what hillary is selling i don't think they will turn out for her and that's a problem. trump has a shot at those women, if he gets to a general, bill. >> it is pretty rough, though. >> he is pretty moderate on women's issues. he is moderate.
5:17 pm
>> has to speak to more about -- >> if he goes after hillary clinton, maybe women are going to go that's too much. there is a lot of that subtext he is a bully. >> that worked in 2000 with rick lazio. >> i you think women want to see someone who is strong, who is educated, who has the ability to get out there. >> then why isn't she polling better? she is not polling well against anybody right now. head-to-head with trump in national polls. >> not by much. >> she is going to cry. she is going to hope trump goes out from the podium insult her so she can cry and be the victim. >> bill clinton may beat him up. that would be interesting. footnote i will be with on outnumbered tomorrow at noon. also good morning america at 7:00 a.m., "fox & friends" 8:00 a.m. then i will collapse, burr i will be fine for the factor
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personal story segment tonight, the republican establishment has no use for donald trump believing he does not work well with others and would be uncontrollable. joining us from washington is a man who makes his living in the establishment precincts of d.c. bret baier. how deep is the dislike of trump? >> i will tell you it's complex. you talk to different leaders in the republican party. they have a complex perception of trump. mainly they are scared of him. they think and see his power within the party. they see his ability to manage the media and fire up
5:22 pm
huge crowds. they believe republican party leaders if he is the nominee at the top of the ticket that there are big losses to come. whether that's right or wrong, that is the perception in the republican leadership that they lose down ballot with trump on top. but there is a mutual respect there. >> who are the republicans that you are referring to? who? >> you know, i'm not going to give you names. >> why? >> well, because, you know, listen, they talk on background about party leadership and leaders up on capitol hill. >> mcconnell, the senate majority leader, speaker of the house, these guys? because they are the power brokers. >> leaders in the party. reince priebus? >> most people publicly don't even talk about trump because it's like harry potter movies you don't want to say the name because you don't want to get attacked. that's why when they talk to you on back ground you have to respect that. >> so you ever pretty
5:23 pm
confident, 100 percent confident that the power brokers in washington who dictate a lot of the republican, i don't know, propaganda, whatever you want to put on it, they don't want any part of trump. >> listen, some of them are so worried about trump that they are giving ted cruz another look as a legitimate nominee. >> nobody likes ted cruz, right? >> understand, in washington, ted cruz was public enemy number one when it came to working with others on capitol hill. now, because of trump, he has become somewhat of a blocker and he has blocked any concerna2@ about cruz. there is concern with cruz in the party but not as much clearly as donald trump. this is from an establishment point of view. whether you look at it as a blocker or a nascar race where cruz is drafting off trump, either way, cruz is making its move now. >> do the poobahs of the
5:24 pm
party,55$ love that poobahs of the party, the grand ole party, the republicans, do he this understand that a lot of republicans despise them, rick? despite me. dethis understand that the folks, particularly virginia conservative folks despise mitch mcconnell, despise boehner. they hate them. >> yeah. >> do they know that. >> i think they know that. they know it increasingly more and more as they look at polls and looks at approval ratings across the country. paul ryan somebody who is a leader of a party who has manage to have had walk, tip toe through the tulips a little bit between the despising and the searing of the new generation of republican party. >> ryan hasn't been there long enough. >> he has been there a long time. speak of the house. look, the anger comes in the sense that republicans and conservatives don't believe that the party was aggressive enough in
5:25 pm
stopping president obama's agenda. would you agree with that? >> of course. definitely. you have got ryan who wasn't in açm position to do that now he was. he ran in a good position vice president with romney. they dislike, i don't think the hard right dislike ryan but they definitely dislike the others. trump knows it. >> so does ted cruz. >> cruz is in a different position though. trump doesn't want their approval there is a world of difference there. >> ted cruz called republican leaders part of the washington cartel. >> but i'm talking about now, now. cruz needs the approval to beat trump. he needs it. >> i'm not sure. i'm not sure about that. i think that ted cruz is going to make a run that is going to attack donald trump in some way.
5:26 pm
i think you are beginning to see his move out from behind drafting that car and moving towards iowa where he is going to tap into evangelical support. from an establishment point of view, listen, they are still hoping against hope that it is rubio which is pretty amazes. rubio won against tea party center charlie crist on capitol hill. most>q people in wawtion says his runs lukes look it's. >> it could be the end of bush tonight if he doesn't make a very good impression. all right bret see you at 11:00 as well. nice enough to help us out. plenty more as the factor most along this evening. will the moderators be a tough tougher this time on the democrats? gutfeld and mcguirk will do what they always do create mayhem. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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factor follow up segment tonight, it is worth repeating especially to juan williams the result of a new "wall street journal" poll. question, do you you generallyfz approver disapprove of the job barack obama is doing in handling foreign policy. approve: 37%. they are all muslims. disapprove 57%. do you feel your country is heading in the right direction? only 20% of americans say yes. 70% say you no. here now to react devout
5:31 pm
barack obama fan juan williams. i told you. you i you told you right on this set. >> so krauthammer said it's you and the pope. you got one right. >> 20%. >> look, these are people who are reacting in the aftermath of paris, san bernadino, they are upset, right? >> yeah. >> they have a right to be. >> okay. and they are reacting to a speech that was an adult speech about rational, logical steps about a sustained long term strategy. >> you are one of the 20% that think the country is on the right. >> i think we are fighting the good fight. >> no,iz no. are you one of the 20% who feel that the united states is on the right track? >> no. it's about different issues. about the middle class. >> is the country on the right track or not? >> for the most part, yeah. i love america. >> you so you are one of 20%. don't you feel lonely you? the people that you are with are like black lives matter. >> really think america is on the right track. >> in the sense that they support barack obama.
5:32 pm
>> my point to you on this and you love to cite that poll for some reason is that since 9/11 and the war, president bush going to war, most americans are r. have said the country is on the wrong track. >> >> oh, yeah. >> not like this. >> you are kidding me. >> biggest repudiation in 19 years i have seen doing this show. >> country son the wrong track. >> yes. >> 20% of americans think he is on the right track. do you ever watch watters world. >> oh, yeah. >> who those are the 20% think the country is on the right track. that's who it is. they have no idea where massachusetts is. oh is, it near california? the right track because they are smoking crack all day. >> look at the at the economy, getting slowly better. wall street has had a great year. >> no, it hasn't. do you have any stocks in wall street has had a terrible year. it's down for the year. down in terms of historic highs. >> it's down for the( years.
5:33 pm
no wonder you think the country is in good shape. you don't know anything. wall street had a terrible year. >> oh, yeah. >> look at the dow. just look at it when it started, and where it is now on december 15th. >> i'm telling you the historic high. you are talking about. >> historic high? >> look, where was it after 2008? where has this come back in the last seven or eight years. >> i'm not getting anywhere. let's roll hillary clinton who ho is running on the obama ticket. >> donald trump's ban to prevent all muslims from entering the united states has rightly sparked outrage across our country and around the world. even some of the other republican candidates are saying he has gone too far. but the truth is, many of those same candidates have also said disgraceful things about muslims and this kind of divisive rhetoric actually plays into the hands of terrorists. >> thatkn was her big foreign
5:34 pm
policy speech. that was it. and i want to tell the audience. i asked my producer, all right, i'm not going to give you his name because you would probably go to his house. find me one specific thing that hillary clinton said she would do to defeat isis. no word. nothing. don't be mean to the muslims. that was a major thing. don't be mean to them. all right? and isis bad. she made that point. isis bad. and i'm going to get them. >> right. i think she tries to distinguish herself from president obama. >> in what way? in what way? >> it's not about containing it's about destroying isis. then she says she is for a no-fly zone. she wants more special ops on the ground, right? she would arm some of the allies which obama is not doing any of. this he is doing it now. is he arming them now. >> certainly not committed to it. >> surely you know the american people feel this is a disaster.
5:35 pm
this isis policy is a disaster. instead of really divorcing herself from that, coming up with another policy, it's obama, you know, well, yeah, and russians aren't going to respect the no-fly zone. you no he that. >> turkey certainly took a shot at them. >> y shoot down russian planes? is that what you want to do. question, bill, here is an policy, don't the others on the other side of the ticket, plucks largely buy into the same policy even though as they are saying oh this is terrible? >> no. trump is going to kill everybody. >> you know that's not real. >> carpet bomb everybody. >> not real. >> the solution to this as you know is getting nato it involved and going in with that coalition confronting them and defeating them. >> you are being too rational. >> krauthammer admitted it at the top. juan williams who is one of
5:36 pm
the 20% who feel the country >> i have got to go. >> all right. >> and when we come right back, bernie goldberg on whether the cnn moderators will treat the republicans the same way they treated the democrats. bernie is next. with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you
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paragraph thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. we are getting ready for the republican debate at the:00. the moderators will be in the spotlight. joining us from miami is bernie goldberg. one of the weaknessessed in the debate cnn was the total lack of foreign policy questions, especially to mrs. clinton who was secretary of state. and now we know that terrorism is the main issue for american voters. do you think the cnn people are going to be tougher on the republicans that be they were on the democrats? >> yeah. absolutely. but to some extent, it's understandable. the last debate on cnn happened before paris and before san bernadino. so it makes a certain amount of sense, bill, that foreclosure policy and a terrorism are bigger issues tonight than they were back then. so that's one explanation
5:41 pm
there is another one which i acknowledge is slight solid more cynical. in the lasteñ segment you said that hillary clinton in her foreign policy speech didn't say what she would do to combat isis. well, interesting, because in the last democratic debate, there was not a single direct question about isis. >> shocking. >> so -- yeah, shocking, right. so the cnn moderators who would certainly salivate more going after republicans than going after+ what do they do? they wind up giving democratic voter what they want, which is more talk about global warming than about terrorism, and the democrats running for president, mrs. clinton especially, they benefit because they don't have to spend a lot of time defending barack obama's foreign policy. >> okay. i think people at this point have to know what happens here. you have three moderators for each debate. that's the way they are doing it these days. i would rather see two than
5:42 pm
one, me, of course. they sit around out at the it vegasfk&s venetian. fox do this and fox business people do. they sit around a big table with all the news executives and they go over what areas they should ask and how they should phrase the questions. who gets what questions so they don't duplicate back and forth. so+aç it was by design not to ask hillary clinton. you raise a good point. cnn is ban dering to what they think the audience wants to hear global warming instead of isis and they have no answer on isis anyway. terrorism is right in the republican wheel house. it's right there. so i expect to see a lot of muslim questions tonight. try to embarrass the republicans into saying some anti-muslim stuff. >> yeah. and to some -- well, the embarrassment part we're against but to some edge tent it makes sense they
5:43 pm
would be asking more questions about that tonight than they did back then. they should have asked foreign policy questions then. you and i have been on the inside of network news for a long time. what you said is absolutely correct about how they do it. but there is one other thing. the way you get your stripes is not by asking a question that elicits that simply elicits information. that's okay but that's not how you get your stripes and your reputation you get it by trying to go after somebody. and in some cases to start a food fight between this candidate and that candidate. >> like cnbc tried to do. but they got hammered trying to do that so transparent, so obvious that cnn lost its reputation doing that. >> right. but i expect we're going to get some questions tonight that says ted cruz says he would carpet bomb isis. what do you think of that?
5:44 pm
to some extent, that's legitimate. but, looking at this from the inside. like i said you and i have been on the inside. you know what we're trying to do. they are trying to pit one person against the other rather than eliciting information. it's quote better television and makes you look tougher. >> i would do it too if there was a legitimate issue like muslims. so i think that you have to íb']í'ing muslims and will that lead to discrimination? >> yeah. that's perfectly legitimate you have to. it's huge. the country is angry at muslims now. generally speaking. it's not fair but it's reality. you have to deal with reality and get everybody on the record about that i don't think there is anything unfair with that but, i do feel that it's easier for cnn to interview or to moderate a republican debate than a democrat debate. it's easier.
5:45 pm
the culture it's because of the one phrase i used a few minutes ago. the mainstream media journalists will always -- i mean, they will run over their grandmother to get a headline. but they will always salivate more when going after?5 a conservative republican than when going after a liberal democrat. that's a rule of thumb. it's not 100 percent correct. but it's pretty close to is 100 percent correct. >> i don't think anybody is going to disagree with that we will bring back bernie at 11:00. he has a big supply of red bull. he will be up, not like krauthammer who is taking a nap right now. we will see you later. a note next we're dennis miller and i will be taking our live tour to it a number of places it will be called who wants to be president? we'll do a lot of that. three big shows already booked los angeles microsoft theater march 12th. fairfax virginia may 7th. mohican sun in connecticut
5:46 pm
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and you can save up to $509. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. back of the book segment tonight, let's get to bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. will you watch this debate and if so why? >> absolutely. i'm going to goldberg'szo place. he has a gentleman could sey. kilmeade is making magical margaritas. you know what the magic is? love. he makes it with love. i'm looking forward to the debate. i'm angry it's about foreign policy and terror. why when you have union sex bathrooms which are a big issue. halloween costumes controversial.
5:50 pm
safe spaces which are necessary for all young people today. we have have lost our priorities. and we are speaking about terror. i mean. >> you will actually watch this debate. >> yes, i will. >> absorb the information. >> i will be watching and tweeting along as well. >> tweeting? >> i want an invite. >> of course. >> you have to wear a speedo. goldberg has them. >> i want to watch the kid's table debate. i'm looking forward to seeing that. >> the kid's table debate? that that already happened. >> damn. >> they should call because it's in vegas. the brat pack debate it's ridiculous. those guys santorum and pataki. ted new jent win naacp image award before these guys ever become president. get them out. >> you don't have to watch it nobody is forcing to you watch it the big deba$ubñ you will watch that. >> i will watch it. it's going to look like so many people it's going to look like a frank luntz focus group. >> 9 people. >> everybody on stage but
5:51 pm
carrot top for god's sake. >> this is true. gutfeld, mcguirk and i were discussing in the break the democrat debate which is saturday. i didn't even knowit. i have to confess. i didn't even know it was on. you didn't know it. and you didn't know it. >> it's actually up against lockup. and i don't know if you watch lockup. i can't because it brings back memories. the thing is you bring up hillary and it's not about beating up each other in the debate. it's about beating hillary. because she cannot be in charge of national security with her email mess. that's like putting anthony weiner in charge of your high school yearbook. it makes no sense at all, bill. no sense. >> the fact of the matter is that it's such, you know, forgone conclusion unless she is indicted as we said and she is the nominee. why would anybody watch it. >> it could be like lockup some time in the future for her. it's good job out of whoever is telecasting it and promoting it. >> abc is going to have it. >> nobody knows about it. >> i'm embarrassed. >> it's transmitted.
5:52 pm
>> book end the show. i asked krauthammer if he thought that people were going to attack trump tonight, the other eight candidates. he said. no do you agree with that mcguirk? >> i think who will go after trump a little bit on foreign policy credentials is governor christie. i think. >> you think christie will? >> because he has some bona fides in that area. he was a u.s. attorney. he might go old ravel cramton. you are going to the moon, isis. and by the way trump should attack cruz on his -- on being being an ed snowden sympathizer. that's where you attack him. not on the maniac part that is a deal breaker in the republican party. the guy -- i mean. >> i don't think he likes snowden, cruz. it was the freedom of speech thing. >> very soft on snowden. >> lastóh word. >> i you agree if you are soft on snowden, you work at a waffle house not the white house. i'm also extremely tired of this whose establishment and who is not establishment. the fact is it's making
5:53 pm
establishment edgy. it's like now khakis are like leather chance. >> karl rove is the new timothy leary. >> or something. all right, boys. we appreciate you coming. in factor tip of the day. new movie that does good things for race relations in america. the tip moments away. [o i never know when i'll need relief.oosenicorette mini.
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5:56 pm
well, i agree, professor, anger is driving the political process right now and that may not be a good thing: and you know i'm a simple man, bob. >>: of course he is, bill. juan is a man of the left. why does that make you angry? you should want to hear the other side. living in echo chamber not good for the intellect.
5:57 pm
here here, greg. zo well, early in our history there were huge divisions, perry as you probably know almost half the columnist sided with england any time since the civil war, maybe. years ago i wrote culture warrior, bob. that was the theme. awful place to be, paul. we shall remember that at christmas time. christmas time. finally tonightp new movie based on the rockie series called "creed." >> your father was special. to tell you the truth, i don't want to be special. only you can know that when
5:58 pm
your time is right. take a beating, take this. get knocked down, get up and see if you have got the right thing. but, you have got to work hard. i swear to god if you are north going to do it, i'm out. >> every punch i have thrown has been on my own. nobody showed me how to do. this i'm ready. >> now, the on screen rapport between stallone and young actor is just gold. how to be honest and treat everyone as a singular person. the smart script advances race reels without preaching. all right. factor tip of the day. you might want to check out "creed." that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o' also, we would like you to spout off about the factor at o'reilly name and town if you wish to opine.
5:59 pm
word of the day do not be a -- or do not bekt teratoid. we have the same power packed lineup krauthammer and goldberg. karl rove will bemq÷ here. he might be here -- no, he is tomorrow. they just told me no, karl rove is not here. williams will be here. so we have really, really good program for you. bret baier will be here. tantaros will be here. they are all tasked with getting the best and worst moments of the debate. it should be very interesting. worth staying up for. the factor live at 11:00. then we will run it down for you about who did what and i will give you, of course, my opinion '. i hate to do that you guys know i don't like to give my opinion. i will be forced to tonight at 1:00. now i have got to go watch this deal. miss megyn has a special: i
6:00 pm
am bill o'reill- please always remember that the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ ♪ is. breaking tonight for the first time since terrorists hit paris and san bernadino, the republicans vying to be the next commander and chief square off in the final g.o.p. debate of 2015. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. in recent weeks terrorism american voters. national security is certain to play a big role at tonight's debate. but tonight's contest also comes at an interesting time in this race as two candidates in particular appear to have taken control at the polls. nationally, donald trump has opened up huge leads. according to the abc news/"the washington post" poll, mr. trump is up 338 to 15 ove