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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 16, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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night as republican front runner donald trump will be our guest tomorrow night. thanks for being with us, see you back here tomorrow night. as syrian refugees. good night see you from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> they could kill us but we can't kill them. that's what you are saying. >> he said you can kill us but we can't kill you? i mean, that's nonsensical. >> once again donald trump dominating politics in america after last night's debate. mr. trump will be here. >>n/u legalizing people who are in this country illegally. >> i have never legalization and i do not intend to support legalization. >> rubio goes after cruz and visa versa. did anyone win that? we will tell you. also ahead, ted koppel on whether he thinks the u.s.a. is in big trouble and miller on who can get us out of that trouble. >> it seems like madness but
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people are mad. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watch us tonight. can anyone say america that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. first a brief recap of last night's debate. trump dominated the conversation after the debated because of his testy exchanges with jeb bush. those who like trump going in still like him. those whoáñ find him lacking still find him lacking. jeb bush was more feisty than usual but with nine folks on the stage his time was limited and he will most likely not see too much benefit. ben carson did not score many points and his dissent in the polls will likely continue. the cruz rubio back and forth interesting. both men articulate. cruz more conservative.
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rubio bigger threat to hillary clinton should he get the nomination. fight on terrorism should help in new hampshire where is he making his stand. carly fiorina, rand paul and john kasich were fine but none of themdw did enough to move their poll numbers in my opinion. after a the debate charles krauthammer and i had our own back and forth over trump. charles believes the man is unqualified to be president and says some of trump's statements are, quote, nonsensical. i see things a bit differently. donald trump understands the anger sweeping america today. it and is tapping into that anger. he is not really concerned that much with policy right now. he is running on emotion. his campaign strategy has been brilliant. but if you take what he says literally, he can be a frightening guy. i see many of his statements as over-the-toptñu rhetoric designed to get him votes, not necessarily in stone policy pronouncements. that's my job as analyst to alert you as to what i believe is going on. ther'g that strikes
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majority of the population at largeu2 as outrage just apeel to the the more conservative hard right if you like the phrase base that is heavily influences the outcome of primary caucuses. so, i would prefer to see these as fact particular call moves, but they can be very dangerous. what he said about muslims and let's don't delve into his motives. but the effect of that is a great advantage for isis. >> now, for the record, i don't think anything trump or any other politician says helps or hurts isis. what could hurt is alienating muslim nations who might help the u.s.a. defeat these savages and i told that to mr. trump last week on thisbroadcast. finally talking points does does endorse candidates. does not root, does not promote. i am a registered
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independent who watches all powerful people and holds them to account. trump has brought politics center stage in the u.s.a. by shear force of personality. and that is a good thing. whether or not he would be a good president is quite something else. and that is for you to decide. and that is the memo. now for the top story tonight. i spoke with donald trump earlier today when he held a rally in mesa, arizona. >> so last night i want you to think back to when bush was calling you chaotic said he was a loser and you were trouncing him in the polls. do you feel bad when you are doing that. >> look, he is doing very badly. he has got a very, very low number. i don't even know if he can continue forward. he spent something like $50 million. i have spent nothing. even behind me i have 15,000 people that showed up on a very short notice. i mean, there is something
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going on. but bush is a -- you know, look, he is a person who has not been able to carry it forward. people, if he has a rally you have, what, 20 people show up for his rallies so it's not working. >> more than that. >> i don't blame him. bill, i don't blame him. he has got to do something because obviously if he has got 2 in the poll or 3 in the poll he has got to be doing something so i don't really blame him. >> do you feel badly when you are saying, look, you are a loser, you are going down the stage and you probably be off the stage next time? people want to know how you feel when you say stuff like that. i don't like doing it i don't like saying bad things about jeb bush, i feel a little bit sorry for him to be honest with you. i don't like saying bad things about him. but you have to understand he struck@ first. it was all stage stuff. some guy wrote it for him and he came out and right from day one. right from minute one he came out and attacked. >> they all --
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>> -- no, they don't. actually. he was really the only one of any consequence that went after me and a couple little shots. his whole thing was about going after me and they wrote it out just like his pollster said. he repetaed whatever his pollster told him to do and he i thought it was inappropriate. i was surprised they didn't come after you with more of the muslim stuff. >> barely mentioned. it was barely mentioned. >> were you surprised? because if i were debating you, i would have hit you right between the eyes with hey, look, the federal courts have would never allow you to bar muslims you from country coming into this country it's never going to happen so why are you saying it. that's what i would have said. were you surprised that the other didn't come after you on it. >> well, i guess i'm glad i'm not running against you. the federal courts we could do it and probably#6 not. we are not talking about our citizens. we are talking about people from outside. some of whom are not looking at us in a very positive
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manner. and, frankly, i think the federal courts would be open to that i have very great legal scholars telling me that'sz true. nevertheless, bill it's a subject that should be discussed. muslims calling me. friends. i have a lot of friends that are muslims and they are saying really? this is the subject that should be discussed. it's absolutely fine. >> i have said that all along in defense of you that you raise questions and you raise issues we should talk about. however, you know krauthammer, right? you know charles. >> i have no respect for him whatsoever. he is very biased. >> you watched the debate what he is had to say about you. >> in my defense. >> defending your campaign and not your policies. >> he is totally biased. >> policy chops and other
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people feel the say way you don't have the policy chops. >> i think i do. i know just as much about policy as anybody, bill. >>4l5ú3sr'g to you and you are winning. and that's what i told him. i told him that your campaign is brilliant and a the results are right there. but they don't think you have the policy chops. now, are you going to tell me tonight on this program that you don't say stuff just to get to the emotion of the voter? >> right now i don't. i'm doing the right thing. i bring up subjects that are important. i bring up illegal immigration. i got hit so hard with that if i didn't bring it up, you wouldn't be talking about illegal immigration. >> i would. >> you wouldn't be talking about it. >> so you are telling me you don't do this to whip up the base or whip up your crowd? >> i don't.mñ(p&c @&c@ i do what's right. we are going to make america great again. i say what's right and what's on my mind and that's what's happening. that's why i have 42 and
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guys like bush have nothing. >> based on emotion. >> i say what's right. >> when you say you are going to take out. we discussed this last week. you are going to take out the families of the terrorists. now, i didn't take that literally like donald trump is going to get elected and put out hits on women and children. i didn't take it literally but some people did. and you must know that. >> i am looking at families where they know exactly what the husband is going to do. when they want to fly planes into the world trade center, when they want to blow up planes. when they want to blow up all sorts of shopping areas and cause problems, the families know what's going on, bill. believe me the families know what's going on. >> you might arrest them you are not going to assassinate them, are you? >> i don't know what i would do. >> come on. >> they care more about their families. bill, they care more about their families then they care about themselves. something has to bãdone. >> so you are going to as is sin nate them. >> when the wife knows exactly what the husband is
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going to do and the husband goes up and knocks out 200 people with a bomb. >> you arrest her? >> i would do pretty severe stuff as far as i'm concerned. [cheers and applause] >> nuclear triad was, i didn't know. i didn't know what the nuclear triad was. >> i view that as a gotcha question. typical stuff with these people. frankly nuclear. i know a lot about nuclear. and i say. this we need a very strong, smart leader because we have nuclear all over the place and so does our enemy and we have manyv1$m enemies and every week -- you know week by week they are getting closer and closer to getting nuclear capability. we better make sure that stops because once that happens all bets are off, bill. we will have mz" mr. trump talking about his thin skin in just a moment. and later karl rove, ted koppel, dennis miller. right back.
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continuing now with lead story my interview earlier today with donald trump from mesa, arizona. last night, he got a little testy with cnn. >> i think it's very sad that cnn leads jeb bush, governor bush down a road by starting off with virtually all of the questions, mr. trump this -- i think it's very sad. but i thought it was very unfair that virtually the entire early portion of the debate was trump this, trump that. in order to get ratings. >> so, were you mad at them? were you mad at the cnn people when they did that? >> i thought the debate was good. i had a lot of fun doing it i came in number one by almost everybody. even your friend krauthammer who is totally biased but even him i thought he did well. [ laughter ] but i will tell you. this i thought it was really unfair what cnn was doing.
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every question is like well, donald trump said this. how do you respond to him? and if you look at that first debate, this poor lindsey graham he has zero in the polls. zero. if you look at the first debate and every question asked and i thought senator santorum did a really good job and i thought governor huckabee did a really good job that's primarily because they likhose things. good job, the two of them. but it was very unfair, i thought, where so many questions were about donald trump and let's go after now donald trump. i made my feelings known. >> do you think cnn dislikes you, the news organization itself? >> well, honestly get better press from cnn than i do fox, bill. >> that's because we are the toughest network. >> no. i don't know why. i don't know why. >> that's our job is to be tough. >> i think i get covered better. i think i get covered better on cnn than fox.
8:16 pm
>> you want power and it's our job to vet you in the best way we can. you are too thin skinned. >> i don't mind bad things about me if it's true. i can handle that but when people say untrue things, i don't like it. >> you want to be president. tweet about putin. tweet about isis. i think it looks petty. it looks petty. >> i do that, too, bill. >> don't you think it looksoñ petty? >> no. i mean i do that, too. i do a%2uúuu of different things. >> but you know my point. >> hey, look, look. like jeb bush went after me, he is a very low energy person. i said that. this is not what our country needs. i go after him. i didn't start it with jeb bush last night. i didn't start it with him. he comes out of nowhere. >> you don't think you are too thin skinned you might have to overlook some of this stuff if you become president, you know? >> i don't think i'm thin skinned, no. i like to have the truth told about me. if i do something wrong, i know when it's wrong. if somebody goes after
8:17 pm
me,including you, i don't mind it at all. but when i didn't do something wrong and they make it up, they make things up, that i don't like, bill. >> last question, who on the stage last night do you believe is your main competition now? >> well, the new poll just came out "the washington post" and abc and it came out where i'm at 38% and second i think is at 14 or 15, that's cruz. and third is rubio and fourth is, i don't know, it gets very low numbers after that. [ laughter ] but, you know, in one of thebg polls i'm winning -- i'm 41 to 14. i'm winning by 27 points. 2 7 points. do you believe that, folks? [cheers] so, you know, i don't think, i just have to -- i wish we could have the election tomorrow. i wish we didn't have to wait a month. and i'm really happy because we are doing great in iowa. the poll just came out and we are doing great in iowa too, i think, i hope i'm going to win iowa.
8:18 pm
>> are you going to sit there and dodge my question? are you really going to do that? who is your main competition? >> i can't say, you know, i don't think there is a lot -- i like a lot of the people. by the way, i like a lot of the people. >> we are glad you like them and i'm sure they are happy you like them too. >> i don't want to say who it is. if i thought that i really had major competition i wouldn't be telling you about it, bill. i'm not like president obama where evidence tells everybody everything including the enemy and then the enemy knows exactly how to beat us. that's what happens. i'm not going to tell you. >> look, i probably won't talk to you again before christmas. i want you and your family to have a good one, you know. no coal in the stocking this year, donald, come on, now.+% i want you to be nice to everybody. i want you to send jeb bush. >> merry christmas. bill, you hear the expression, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> and happy holidays but merry christmas. we will bring back the words merr bill, thank you. >> thanks for helping us out as always. one footnote the factor welcomes all presidential
8:19 pm
contenders. most of them have appeared and today we invited a few of the republicans on but scheduling prevented them from showing up just so you know. directly ahead karl rover on whether republican establishment understands how angry some g.o.p. voters are with their own party. then, does ted koppel believe america is in big trouble as i do?e if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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in the impact segment tonight, one of the recent donald trump continues to dominate american politics is that many republican voters are angry with their own party and want an outsider to clean things up. president obama's transformation of the country has0x angered the right and they are looking for an avenger, not the standard cutout politician. joining us now from austin, texas, karl rove. i don't see the polls changing much after last neat's debate, mr. rove.
8:23 pm
am i wrong? >> no, i think you are right. i do think this that the impressions that have been formed in these debates and by people's conduct on the campaign will over the next five or six weeks bin to have a cumulative impact on people's perception is of the candidates. we are now getting to the point where at least in iowa and new hampshire people are starting to lock in on their candidates. and last night was the last chance that everybody had to sort of make their final pitch before people sort of tune out for the holidays and talk about this over turkey and football games and holiday parties. and it will start again in january. we have five more of these. we are at4w the halfway point. we have five of these in january, february, and early march. this was their last chance to sort of shake it up a little bit. there is not much change that we are going to see. >> do you think the republican party regulars in washington understand how angry much of the republican party is because of the perception that the g.o.p. did not stand up to president obama and allowed
8:24 pm
him to run roughshod over the country for the past seven years. >> yes. >> do you think priebus, mcconnell, they understand this? >> yeah, look, most of these people you are talking about are elected officials themselves. so they have had to go home like mcconnell and in his case in 2014 he faced a primary challenge, so they get it. but, you put your finger on it. this anger is principally directed at what president o"p country and when what some people are upset about is that they don't understand why having a republican house and a republican senate has not been able to stop the president dead in his tracks. and we operate in a constitutional form of government with an executive and legislative branch and the executive has enormous powers and some of those powers have been greatly abuse boozed by this president in unconstitutional or extra constitutional way. there are limits on how much you can run the white house from either the house or the
8:25 pm
senate. >> results that the g.o.p. does not come out and challenge as much as it should in my opinion. but, be that as it may there is anger and that's what's driving trump's candidacy. the two that are could challenge trump are right now rubio and cruz. the rest of the field is not going to do it into my opinion. the rest of the men okay they went after each other last night. i want you to answer this straight up. who won that mini debate? >> i would say it was close because both of them did particularly well. i give the point to rubio on it particularly on the issue of voting of cruz voting against that the national defense authorization act. i think that was aez pretty,k clear difference. >> know what that is though. they were so heavy in the policy weeds, i could barely follow it. i mean. >> i think if it becomes man
8:26 pm
voting troops time of terror. did you it not once but three times. i you thought cruz's response look i promised people back in texas i wouldn't vote for a bill that let u.s. stains be treated unconstitutionally and rubio's response was strong if you are an american who goes abroad and fights terrorist we are not going to read miranda rights. >> prize fight rubio on immigration. rubio is a moderate on immigration cruz is much tougher. this is a iowa new hampshire vote. >> i think that's right. remember, if%we get a one on one battle here or even these guys end up being the two guys versus trump, rubio can pin cruz because cruz is on record as supporting legalization. and he said he didn't last night. >> cruz denied it. >> well, he you know cruz denied it but i is on the record there is a clip of
8:27 pm
him saying it. it's an official senate hearing. and he can be held to it account for having had those views. if i were cruz. i'm not certain i would go at rubio on that because he has a vulnerability on it it is he a big proponent as i am of increasing h 1 v visas. the record does not square with his record in the senate. >> mr. rove, we appreciate it karl's new book the triumph of william mckinley makes a great christmas gift for anyone interested interested in american history. i learned a lot. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. does dennis miller any politician turn it aroundfm or is it hopeless. does koppel believe america is in a bad place right now or [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks] right on cue. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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and this year, look at whate he put in our driveway. the lexus december to remember sales event is here. lease the 2016 es350 for $349 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month's payment. see your lexus dealer. in campaign 2016 segment tonight it, the third democratic debate scheduled for this coming saturday in manchester, new hampshire. it will be broadcast at 8:00 p.m. on abc. joining us now from vegas, a guy who knows when to hold them. ed henry is covering the clinton campaign for us. do you understand, henry, that nobody cares about this debate? nobody? i don't even think chelsea is going to show up? >> i am going to be on reporting about this. fnc is going to have me on live with bret baier so a lot of people at least watching5, fox saturday night care. your point is valid is that the dnc set it up this way. protect hillary clinton. these debates are buried. the last one on saturday
8:32 pm
night university of iowa playing around the same tithe time that night. people in iowa were not watching the debate. lowest rated debate so far. your point is right. if hillary clinton makes a big mistake. it's the weekend before christmas. people at the mall or at church. >> nobody wants to watch it because she knows she is going to be the nominee. bernie sanders may carry havana. that's all. martin o'malley all he has to it do you know what? i was the mayor of baltimore. sorry, i will see you later. bi. >> bernie sanders doesn't care. 24 hours after the terrorist attack. if you remember cbs news wanted to change the focus from the economy to national security. the country want'ed to know where they stood on national security. camp tried to block that they didn't want what is bernie going to do. luntz our pal. debate last night. there was trump hillary clinton stuff, tell me about that. >> interesting. he had about 229 republican voters. i wanted to make the point
8:33 pm
after your interview with trump there. when jeb bush started attacking donald trump in the debate last night the dials they had whether they liked or hated what was going on, these republican voters, the jeb bush numbers plummeted. his worst probably of the entire debate. once he attacked trump. they were laughing along with trump as he pushed back. and so trump also by the way scored super big off the charts in the luntz focus group when he said i will do everything in my power to beat hillary clinton. it was his almost his biggest line of the night with these 29 republican voters. my point being if hillary clinton thinks in a general election she can say donald trump is not for real i'm going to attack him. it will be different voters. independents and democrats in a general election as well. that might not work. number two, what republican voters in this focus group anyway anyway were saying is they want someone like trump who is tough and can stand up to hillary clinton. that matters to them. >> okay. it's not fair to jeb bush. look, as i said up top, i
8:34 pm
have got no pony in this little race, all right? i'm just here to do an honest appraisal of what happened. jeb bush is a traditional politician who did a good job in florida. he doesn't feel it it all right? he doesn't feel the anger. he doesn't feel the frustration. you know what he does feel? he knows that he understands the issues and that he already performed well.5- and he can't believe he is losing to trump. he cannot believe that 29 people that you you saw think he is a nimrod or whatever. and he can't believe it. >> he attacks hillary clinton and president obama these 29 republican voters started turning the dials up big time for president bush okay. my broader point is yes we should be fair to president bush. his strategy of just saying i'm going to be taking on donald trump it hasn't worked as well donald trump. you got to put yourself in bush's shoes. the only thing he can do.
8:35 pm
and i agree working.w the only thing you can do is appeal to the american people and say, look, this guy doesn't know what he is doing. all right. if you elect him, you are putting the whole country in jeopardy. this is jeb bush, all right. he can't out trump trump when it it comes to hillary clinton. nobody on earth, maybe i could, but nobody else could. >> 2 republican voters are wrong? who knows because you are right it's just a small sample. but once jeb bush started doing what you are saying, i'm not saying you are wrong, you are right. he had to try. >> he had to try. >> once he did his numbers went down to the lowest of the night. >> i would have to interview the 29 to see how much emotion they had invested in donald trump to really know. >> i will tell it you most of the 29 thought that ted cruz and chris christie won the debated several thought trump won. some of them flipped during the debate from trump to cruz. >> you are going to new hampshire on sunday? is that what you are going to do. >> saturday and sunday much the debate is saturday night
8:36 pm
but we will have special coverage on fnc. >> it will be miller time when we come right back. can anyone save the country? the d man is next. 40% of the stn detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town, the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, traveling with miller around the country is a unique experience. that i can tell you, to quote donald trump. i can also tell you that the d man is not happy about the state of the union at all. just today, a judge in baltimore announced a hung jury in the trial of a police officer with the freddie gray thing in the back of the van. again, this is unresolved. miller joins us now from southern california. you are looking a little casual first of all right now. what's going on? >> billy, i got a clothing deal with the house of eddy haskill. this is from our you look beautiful day mrs. cleaver day line. what do you think? >> you are also spiffy. eddy haskill one of the leave characters that nobody under 50 has heard of. we keep it alive. >> beaver is a perennial.
8:41 pm
>> okay. >> leave it to beaver is. all right. the debate last night, did you see any hope for the country in any of those nine people? >> listen, billy, i wouldn't vote for any of them except lindsey -- over hillary, except for lindsey graham who is like, you know, he is like a bare coast charlie crist. i you get the feeling is he the chance. and pataki who i shared an elevator once is he is a creepy, creepy drip. other than that, i would vote for any of those people over hillary to. say that hillary lyings like a rug during a twister a regular rug might get airborne. she is a serial liar better yet she is a breakfast cereal liar. she lies the moment she opens her eyes in the morning. i missed a lot of the debate because i missed the opportunity it be waterboarded instead. when they start pointing out that trump is insane, i
8:42 pm
would remind you sometime in the last night john kerry talking about france said at least there was a rationale for the one before that. >> charlie hebdo. >> rationale. that's crazy, that's insane to me. not trump. that's crazy. >> look, you and i do these shows and we go out and have fun. at the same time, the overarch is the country is in trouble. is there anyone you can see that might be able to turn the thing around in your mind? charliemain. >> go back to politics in the middle east. >> winston churchill. any of these guys would be an improvement over hillary clinton. you know what i have told you on the road. everybody says the country is at the edge of the cliff. i don't. you know it. it went over the cliff two years ago. i'm just lookingk to stay frosty. i think the country is in deep, deep trouble. i don't know if anybody can bring it back.
8:43 pm
>> what is a very miller christmas? i know you have your annual christmas special and i think it's on netflix or something is. what does miller do and the miller clan do on christmas? >> well, billy, it's all interwoven with the great state of california. first, we get a huge, very noisy turkey delivered illegally from you go my god and i try focus on my family.
8:44 pm
the world has gone mad. >> we need to have a rest the next two weeks. everybody should take a deep breath and i agree with dennis miller. christmas to you andóom we -- >> -- will i you see you? >> i hope. so you are coming down thej chimney and i have got the attack dogs waiting for you. >> going down to antarctica, billy, because i'm doing a benefit show for the penguins, ironically a semi formal. i want top see if the ice is as thick as nancy pelosi down there. it will be nice not to hear a leaf blower a couple of days. merry8h christmas bill o'reilly. >> miller and i are looking forward it to a fantastic tour next year called who wants to be president? tickets make great christmas gifts. we will be at the microsoft theater in los angeles on saturday march 12th. fairfax virginia saturday may 7th. mohican0l sun connecticut saturday june 18th. after less than a week all the shows are about 50% sold out. gte the ultimate christmas gift miller and me in the who wants to be president
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show live. bill o' will link you over to the box office. ted koppel on deck. does he believe america is going down hill? and if so, why? koppel moments away.
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
as we reported yesterday, a new wall street journal poll says just 20% of americans believe the country is headed in the right direction. joining us now from washington, journalist, ted koppel, author of "lights out", it is a good book. do you believe the usa is in bad
8:49 pm
trouble right now, and if so, why? >> well first of all, after 30-some-odd years, we can probably go on a first name basis but i don't think the country is in as bad a shape as your country implies. i think we are scaring ourselves to death with this isis threat. isis to the degree that it is a threat at all, is in terms of what it can do with a cyber attack. that goes back to my book. >> sure. >> i don't think we need to worry about invasions of hostile muslims. we can surround this country with a mote and put burning oil in there. that's not going to protect us in this day and age. we live in a different time. >> all right. let me challenge that. number one, i don't think it is just isis. median income is down, i don't know how they will get it up. it is a terrorism.
8:50 pm
it's the economy. their goal is to terrorize the united states. they can do that in a myriad of ways. they don't have to invade us. but they can do attack after attack after attack and psych log psychologically debilitate the country. i think obama is a weak president. i would mobilize nato, which you can do in article 5, as you know, because two countries have been attacked, france and the usa. and you can send a message to the jihadists that you will be crushed and you will be hurt. would i be wrong in doing that? >> no, you wouldn't be wrong. but i think you're missing a pin point. a, i don't agree with the administration, i don't think it has been a good one. however, i think the president is on the right track in not wanting to alienate the entire muslim world. >> why would nato do that? >> hold on just a second, bill. i think in addition to
8:51 pm
mobilizing nato, you have to mobilize the rest of the muslim world. >> absolutely. saudi arabia today announced a coalition against isis. >> that's right. >> if you mobilize nato then have you a power structure in which to protect the refugees and to welcome muslim nations that want to help us. but right now, we've got nothing. and it is going to be a drip, drip, drip until americans riot in the streets. now, this is all -- >> go ahead. >> what we're doing is the same thing we did after 9/11. we turned al qaeda into the biggest -- >> we detroit them. >> -- since mcdonald's -- >> we he can destroyed them. into the hills of pakistan. >> yes. then we made the mistakes of invading iraq. >> that was a mistake. >> what i'm saying to you bill, is i think george w. bush had the right idea when he went after al qaeda with special
8:52 pm
operations, cia and -- >> no problem. >> if he would have pulled out after five or six months, the world would have said way to go george bush. >> i don't have any equal maqua that. but i do disagree about isis. you have likened trump to mussolini. wow. explain that. >> well, he's got a lot more hair. but the fact of the matter is, that he and mussolini have this sort of arrogant approach in which they say very little in terms of substance. but the manner in which they say it get the crowds excited. >> that's all? that's the only comparison you're making? >> well, i could make more comparisons but i don't want it offend your audience any more than i already have. >> you can. i offend people everyday and that's why i'm successful.
8:53 pm
that's why trump is successful. he is weak on poll say but that's he wants to win. that's what he is doing is tapping into the emotion. >> i heard your theory when you were talking it karl rove and i think you're right. his campaign is doing brilliantly but i think at some point or another i think the public has the right to tell us specifically, what are you going to do. just saying i'm the biggest, strongest, best negotiator. if he is, let's see him negotiate with the rest of the muslim world or bring them on top or rather bring them into the fight against isis. that would be a successful use of his negotiating power. >> ted. >> that's why i call you mr. koppel. >> ted. >> tip of the day, what to do when you get a bad gift. thetive, moments away. i have asthma...
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8:57 pm
president but he has successfully spotlighted that our government is out of control. for that, he is a hero. what happens when trump looses to hillary? he goes back tois millions while the gop is destroyed. thought your analysis about trump was spot on. his bomb bat offic style clearly appeals to the anger voters have with. >> mr. o, your post-debate segment with charles krauthammer was the most honest and entertaining i have ever seen. >> bill, you think new york city has bad traffic? try maneuvering through the streets of baghdad in a convoy. you win, bill, you win. but nyc is close. roger, charles city, iowa. i have read "killing reagan"
8:58 pm
twice. the chapter about reagan being shot is extraordinary. this is an outstanding book and anyone who disagrees. bill, just became a fan. >> a big thank you to all of the employees at the orcon industry corporation in new york. they all pool their bonus money. their holiday bonus money, they pooled it to buy a high-tech wheelchair for a severely wounded vet. you guys are patriots and you understand the true meaning of christmas. finally, tonight, the fact of the tip of the day, what to do with ghastly gifts. we all get them for christmas and hanukkah. the tie that glows in the dark. okay, the cookies that make your teeth fall out. the scarf that gives your neck a
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read it for you tomorrow evening. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly and remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. . breaking tonight, protesters are again marching through the streets of baltimore after a mistrial is declared in the trial of the first police officer charged in the freddy gray case. as a racially diverse jury fails to lead to a verdict under a city already on edge. welcome to the kelly file, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. >> a look at baltimore where we are tracking a series of protests that cropped up across the city after ate nounsment about a hung jury. freddy grays family calls for calm. the mayor says they must respect the outcome. and the commissioner tells cops to respect the right to protest. but warn, those who commit