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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 17, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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then took care of me. that was my wishes. >> the mother gave birth to a baby girl, all within 30 minutes and of course we wish them all the best. thank you for being part of a busy "the real story." here's shep. >> fighting terrorism in america. president obama meeting with his national security team. >> we are in a new phase of terrorism. including lone actors and small groups of terrorists. like those in san bernardino. >> ahead, the efforts to keep us safe. we're also expecting to soon hear about new charges in the san bernardino terror attacks. investigators just arrested the man accused of buying rifles the killers used, and developing right now. the new plan to cut off cash to the islamic state. united nations security council members meeting now to talk specifics, and to vote on the best options. you'll hear from a former intelligence officer who says the u.n. is wasting its time.
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the news that could help some paralyzed veterans walk again the department of veterans affairs agreeing to cover the cost of robotic legs. let's get to it. breaking now. 3:00 in the east, noon in the west, where the man who bought the rifles in the san bernardino shooters used in their terror attacks has now under arrest. that is what a law enforcement source now confirms to fox news. the suspect's name ex-enrique marquez. he once lived next door to the husband. syed farook. officials said that marquez, the neighbor, just arrested, legally purchased at least two of the rifles several years ago. they have not said how the terrorists got their hands on the guns because there is no record of marquez transferring them. analysts say that will go a long way to determining the charges against marquez, which other be night from lying on an
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application to conspiracy to commit terrorism. we reported officials say marquez and the husband fashion iraq, war long-time friends and had talked about carrying out a different attack in 2012. but they say the two men dropped the plans after investigators arrested some people in an unrelated case. president obama is set to meet tomorrow with families of the victims of the attack, and federal sources now tell fox news officials would like to bring marquez in front of a judge today ahead of the president's visit. but those source says the former neighbor has been giving valuable information to investigators who obviously want to get as much of that information as is possible. it's fox's top story developing now. trace gallagher in the west coast news hub. any idea what this man is telling investigators? >> reporter: we has been talking quite a bit, and in police jargon they want him to sing for as long as possible before he lawyers up and that will be very soon. as we all know he really now is at the center of this investigation. we should also note that sources
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say investigators don't yet know if marquez is giving all this great information, if it's accurate or he is grand-standing. that's why the fbi is scrambling to corroborate his story to see if his narrative is reliable. they want to know if it's true that syed farook talked about other targets. if the rifles marquez purchased were intended to be used in the attack on the regional center because if he knew the rifles could be used for an attack, that would up the penalties marquez now faces. so far, no exact word oregon charges. gun charges will be among them. the feds were plan agnus conference today but for the time being the news conference has been put on hold. >> aside from the charges, what else have we learned about marquez? >> reporter: the history of enrique marquez tends to shade his value but he worked as a security guard at walmart. he did odd jobs at a local bar. he converted to islam several years ago, but his coworkers say
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he also drank alcohol, which is forbidden for muslims. he told his coworkers about the sleeper cells that were ready to carry out attacks, but they never took him seriously, and then two days before his home in riverside was raided by the feds, marquez posted a message on facebook saying, quote, i'm very sorry, guys. it was a pleasure. and then when he did not show up for work his friends thought he was suicidal. tuned out on the day of the shooting he admitted himself to a enemy health facility and was said to be drinking heavily. we learned, by the way, that the killers, syed farook and tashfeen malik, were both buried in a quiet funeral on tuesday. >> thank you. president obama giving a third speech about terrorism after the deadly attack in california. without making any major policy announcements or changes. it happened after he met with top officials at the national counterterrorism center outside washington. >> we cannot give in to fear or
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change how we live our lives. because that's what terrorists want. that's the only leverage they have. >> the president's visit was just the latest in a series of recent events focusing on security. just days after the santorum bernardino attack the president gave a rave oval office address in an attempt to reassure americans they are safe. on monday he visited the pentagon and said he is comfortable the u.s., led coalition will defeat isis. then tomorrow the president is set to meet privately with the familiar lives the victims victf the san bernardino attack. all of this as polls show terrorism the top concern among voters and a majority of americans disapprove of the president's handles of isis. >> reporter: the president taking his preholiday national security tour to this stop today. the counterterrorism center in the virginia suburbs of the nation's capital. there, as in the oval office and at the pentagon, his message was, basically the same.
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his administration is stepping up the fight against isis and terrorism. there is no credible threat to the home lamped but people need to be victim plant over the holidays and his administration is doing everything it can to keep americans safe. >> just as the threat evolves so do we. we're constantly adaptes, constantly improving, upping our game, getting better. >> reporter: but as you mentioned once again, the president announced no new major initiatives in the fight against isis or terrorism, but he did highlight his work' with the republicans in congress to improve visa screening. >> what do we hear from republicans on this? >> reporter: well, they're still not happy with his efforts. many say the president is not doing enough to fight terror. >> this administration has doubled down on its indecisive approach to isil, using limit means and indirect ways to achieve ends on a nonexistent
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timeline. >> reporter: the next stop' in the president's national security tour tomorrow will be in the white house briefing room. the white house just announcing the president will hold a news conference tomorrow before he heads tough hawai'i for his family's holiday vacation. >> peter barnes, thank you. donald trump calling for unity in the republican party, and following that up with some criticism of a fellow candidate. you'll hear what he said. plus, russian president vladimir putin's praise for donald trump. that's coming up from the fox news deck. the best of everything is even better during red lobster's ultimate seafood celebration. with jazzed up new dishes like the decadent grand seafood feast and the ultimate wood-grilled feast why wait to celebrate?
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with humira, control is possible. the president counseling on be not afraid and work only terrorism fixes. chris, a former fbi assistant director, spent two decades with the agency and served in iraq in 2003. also led a team of federal agents working on counterterrorism, terrorism financing and international terrorism investigations. nice to see you. >> hi, shep. >> the u.n. voting how to slow down the money trail you. say that may be helpful, may not. >> well, the money trail is always important. it is terrorist financing is the most -- one of the most important ways to stop terrorism, following the money part. but i'm not sure how effective the u.n. will be. >> the changes that we have made, none recently but the way that we're fighting this terror threat, what's your assessment of hough it is we're going about it? >> well, i think the
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intelligence agency's -- since 9/11 there's been huge changes. they've taken down the wall between law enforcement and intelligence. they've combined the cia and the national counterterrorism center. there's greater entire change -- interchange there better coordination, the patriot act, better tools in place so there's no question we're in a much better place prior to 9/11 and also the terrorists have advanced as well with the use of the internet to recruit, and now we find ourselves in the year 2015 where people don't have to leave our borders to become radicalized and commit terrorist acts in the united states. it's a whole new set of challenges. >> this lone-wolf style, as we used to call it, we start talking about this in literally the weeks after the attacks of 9/11. and so many people like yourself concerned was somebody just going to go out there, somebody we never heard of, shoot it up and we'll all be paralyzed with fear. well, took a long time but we're there. and are we getting any better at
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figuring out what is happening and how to stop it? >> somehow -- have been aware of this lone-wolf 0 threat for wild a while and the small cell threat. hassan, we didn't recognize that as terror crimp -- the administration didn't when it first happened. wasn't until the tsarnaev brothers popped up and the incident in garland texas where we brought it home here in the united states, and now with this dramatic set of events in san bernardino, where it looks like there were more influenced and enabled in terms of their ideology from overseas, but they are -- one was u.s.a. citizen, with a mail order brideoff overseas, and most of the preparation -- all of the preparation as far as we know took place here. a new dynamic in the year 2015. >> the man who bought the guns in this case, mar questions, from the -- marquez, charges are on top of us now but he is
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talking. that is a surprising valuable bit there. you wonder -- what is your sense what they might be able to get out of this guy? >> to put it mildly he is probably not a mensa candidate. but he did do well for himself in terms of cooperating from the very start. and he has made really booming admissions of his own guilt by mentioning that he supplied the weapons to the shooter -- both shooters, with the full knowledge that they were trying to get around the background check. he admitted to the fact they were looking for targets in 2012. he made some pretty significant admissions against himself, and he himself faces some very, very serious charges. but i think the fbi will continue to take his cooping as far as they can take it and the fact he has been charged today tells me they've taken it almost to its outer limit. >> hopefully they've gotten a
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lot of good stuff from him. chris swecker good, so see you, thank you. politics now. presidential politics specifically. a relatively subdued donald trump appeared on jimmy kimmel live last night, i'm told. the g.o.p. front-runner admitted he can be critical at times and called for unity in the republican party. >> i would like to see the republican party come together and i've been a little bit divisive in the sense that i've been hitting people -- >> at bit. >> well, that didn't stop trump from later going after jeb bush, calling him a low-energy person, adding he's probably a nice guy. the russian president vladimir putin put praised the billionaire, calling him an outstanding and talented man. campaign carl cameron in our d.c. newsroom. some softening. >> trump is basically saying after he wins the republican nomination he has to unite the republican party in order to win the white house.
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most of his rivals sea he is too polarizing too win the general election and most polls suggest that better than half the republicans pill pick somebody else or won't vote for him. trump has slam if every candidate, including ted cruz, who he called a built of a maniac, but cruz has been reluctant to attack trump in order to woo his supporters, and cruz is in a heated battle with marco rubio over past votes and amendments, all of which tees intrump to attack them as washington insiders and the bunch of losers he says just talk and talk and get nothing done. >> what about the endorsement of sorts -- i don't know. would you want an endorsement from vlad putin? >> awkward, yes. every presidential candidate has condemned vladimir putin except trump. in fact -- go back to july on this -- a couple weeks after trump announced his candidacy, he went to scottland to one of his golf resources for a big tournament, and said he thought he would get along with r very well with putin.
12:16 pm
that ratessed a ton of eyebrows and yesterday putin made things even more awkward, stopping just short of an endonorsment. -- endorsement. >> translator: a very flamboyant man, very talented. no question. but it is not up to us to decide if he is worthy. it is up to the voter independent the united states. he. he is an absolute leader in the presidential raise. >> absolute leader. that will end up in an attack add on trump. >> thank you. vlad putin. didn't mean it -- vlad-like the original dracula. if we can call kim jong-un lil' kim, can't we pull putin vlad? >> remember the affluenza teen who drove drunk and killed people and he said he was so
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rich and spoiled and didn't know any better. he get ten years probation and coaches say now he will not get off so easy. there he is. the problem its they've got to find him first. it seems the one who is too rich to know better has run off with mommy. he and mommy-missing, missing. vlad will not help him. constipated?
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more than a dozen others hurt. now they released these crime scene pictures and images in our slide show. they are nasty. the pictures from the ntsb. happened in valhalla, new york, in february. investigators say five people who died were passengers in this train. look at this. this is the train tracks in the middle of this thing. you seek the charred seats. again, more track. the debris prom the suv driver. what was once a train car. investigators didn't find any alcohol or drugs in the driver's system. 11 sections of the train pierced the suv, and the train car. this is the engineer's seat. investigationors say the train hit the suv at a grade crossing, and this is what is left of the tire, you seen here, from the suv. the fire was most likely fueled by the suv's gasoline. officials say they'll release their analysis and more on the calls of the crash at another
12:22 pm
time. no signs yet of the texas teenager who killed four people while driving drunk, then avoided prison time because his defense lawyer used the defense that he was too rich to know right from wrong. even gave that a name, affluenza. now there's word he may have skipped the country and authorities say they want him locked up right away. his name is ethan couch. we started reporting on him a couple of years ago, when he got drunk and slammed his pickup into a crowd of people. the judge gave hem ten years probation. no jail time. his lawyers argue the teen's parents spoiled him so much such that his behavior was their fault, not his fault. the defense apparently worked. the teenager did not spend one day behind bars and now a judge in texas says he wants the teenager taken become into custody after couch missed a meeting with his probation officer. his lawyers say the officer had not been able to reach the teen or his mother for days on end.
12:23 pm
at the same time, -- look at this video -- prosecutors say they're investigating this, whether the 18-year-old was one of the people in this video who was playing beer pong. no table dive? you should look it up. one of his buddies is diving into a table. the question is whether the kid was drinking. anyway, a spokesman for the sheriff's office tells the dallas morning news that based on at the family's now and resources it's possible the teen and mommy could be long gone, out of the united states. that's a great example. n't it? the spokesman says the authorities will not go easy on ethan couch this time around when they take him down because, quote, he's going to see what the big boy jail is like, unquote. nicole is with us, a criminal defense attorney and a form prosecutor. lives in texas there was a lot of hemming and howing after they let him out last year to use texas parlance. >> absolutely. there was a lot of frustration over what people perceived to be
12:24 pm
a sentence based on things extraneous to the conduct, but in reality, what we're dealing with is a juvenile court and a juvenile, and the goal of that court is to make sure that we produce a whole person who can go back out into society and be a productive member of our world. >> those who are part of this case seem to be of the belief that mommy took sonny and mommy and sonny ran away. they seem to think maybe heading out of the country -- i'm not sure they know that. the kid ran over four people and killed them already. who is to say mommy is the one in charge here? i don't know that. do you? >> that's a really great question. it's the juvenile court, and for the court to should happen next, they really need to know what happened here. if it's true, that the mother took this child and is preventing him from doing what is required by court, the problem is one of the parents and not the one of the person on probation. if, however, it's the juvenile who is the actual offender making the decisions, then to
12:25 pm
court has a different decision to make. >> of course, the court was clear with this juvy. we'll give you ten years probation and that means if you screw things up over the next ten years, that's it. and now he is not seen his prohibition officer. that's a checkmark. and he and mommy skipped out. that a big checkmark. what happens to him next? >> it's a really bad thing, obviously. anytime somebody disobeys an order of the court. one of the scariest things any probationer can do is not report. it makes the court, who is in charge of you, telling everybody that they're safe, even though you're at large, when you don't show up the judge can't say that anymore, and so if the parents have taken this child where, where he cannot report, the smartest thing they can do it guess the child back to court as fast as possible. the consequences are huge. >> not only have they issued an arrest warrant, interpol has been notified. what does that mean?
12:26 pm
>> this child does not show back up to court he could go to prison, adult prison, once he is brought back and they find he didn't do as he was told by the court, he could go to big-boy jail also the judge mentioned. >> we don't know what inspired them or what was the push for them, but this video, which i wish we could see again, of the friend diving on the beer pong table, i'll admit, that is something to see there, but there he is in the background right there. you see him. it's not like none of us has been involved in a beer pong ought but when you're involve in a beer pong outing and you're injure age, they say you can't drink and can't be around this and you're on video, you're very dumb now. very dumb. >> clearly showing there might be a problem and it's very difficult to tell from a video whether or not what was being consumed was alcohol.
12:27 pm
we can make assumeses. the biggest problem is they have an international watch out for. the with the interpol warrant, and will be dragged back to court involuntarily if he doesn't post himself very soon. >> if they find him. >> if they find him. they will find him with an interpol warrant out for this kid. >> be interesting to hear from mommy here. thank you, nicole. >> sure. thanks good to talk to you. >> the u.s. and russia are working together now, again, the u.s. and russia are working tolding are vlad's russia0. a united nations resolution targeting the islamic state's income. we have a former intelligence officer who says there's no way going after the terrorists wallet will be enough stop them. they can do whatever they want here, says our next guest. this is not going to stop them getting money. it will lead our news at the bottom of the hour, which is coming up.
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fox report now. nor headlines from the fox news deck. two people are dead after a gunman drove down a highway, shooting at other cars from his pickup truck. that's according to a sheriff in, western oklahoma. who was calling this an act of road rage. says the man fired randomly at vehicles while driving through three counties. he eventually surrendered to the cops. the state department now reports the landmark air travel deal with the cuba will more than double the number of flights between the country. that official says the deal reached yesterday allows u.s. airlines to book 30 round-trip flight as day to havana and other cities. police in spain say this 17-year-old person caught on video purposing the prime minister in the face, now faces up to six years in prison. happened yesterday during one of his campaign events. he says he is fine. he tweeted a video of himself running on a treadmill, writing, we continue heading forward.
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the white house says the defense secretary ash carter made the wrong choice when he used his personal e-mail account to carry out official pentagon business. secretary carter says earlier he should have known better. "the new york times" first reported the story yesterday, and the pentagon has confirmed he did it during the first months on the job this year. the defense secretary apparently kept using his personal e-mail months after the news broke, that hillary clinton had done just that while serving as the secretary of state. secretary carter said he did not send out classified info on his personal account. secretary carter is in northern iraq, meeting with kurdish officials in an effort to discuss ways to ramp up the fight against isis. he praised the efforts of the kurdish forces in the north there. >> the kurdish peshmerga have performed very well. they've been what we look for in all of this conflict, which is capable and motivated forces.
12:34 pm
>> defense secretary carter has been touring the middle east this week, urging coalition partners to do more to help take on the terror group. the russian president vlad putin says his country is ready to develop relations with the united states and take on isis together. that's what vlad is saying. his comments came at the end of the year news conference in moscow, must be fascinating. he says he agrees with america's general approach to bring the war in syria to an end add, no matter how strange it seems, vlad also said russia is ready to work with the next united states president, whoever that is. a fox urgent now. the united nations security council just adopted a resolution that is aimed at cutting off funding to the islamic state. a live look at the u.n. now. the measure targeting isis oil smuggling, antiquities sales. under the agreement nations but
12:35 pm
must report specific steps they're taking to stop isis from making money, including stopping oil sales, a big cash cow for the group. david lee miller has the breaking developments. explain what else ills in the resolution. >> reporter: one thing worth noting is that this is highly unusual and unprecedented meeting of the security council. look at a live picture of the council. there you can see chairing it for the first time is the u.s. treasury secretary, jacob lew, because many of the countries are being represented by finance ministers, the think is who knows more about money than people who have expertise in this area. they want to send out a symbolic message as well as having the force behind it to go after the money funding isis. as you mentioned they want to stop the oil and gas sales, specifically going after money used for kidnapping for ransom as well as money that isis is getting from the sale of antiquities. especially significant today,
12:36 pm
this resolution can be backed up by sanctions against countries that violate it, including the possible use of military force. that is highly unlikely, but the bottom line here today, the u.n. wants to send a message to isis this is a resolution that has teeth. the question now, does the u.n. have the resolve to back up this resolution. in the past other resolutions simply did not have the bite. >> you mentioned a couple of ways isis makes money, david lee. can you tick off the list for us? >> reporter: here's the laundry dries. bank looting brought in between $500 million and $1 billion. this is 2014 data. what is important to note this is within-time only, not renewable. oil and good at, $500 million a year. extortion, taxes, as well also the sale of antiquities, bringing in hundreds of millions
12:37 pm
of dollars a year, and then kidnapping for ransom, 20 to as much as $45 million a year, and then there's dove nation -- donations from foreign sources estimated $59 million a year. u.s. officials emphasize that isis has very big operating nut. they have salaries to pay and arms to buy and frustration to pay for. they desperately need access to the international monetary system. if that's cut off, that could be a serious blow. >> david lee miller. let's bring in mike barrett, form easterly strategy director for the white house homeland security council and former defense department intelligence officer. a big blow. your thoughts? >> it's important but as david lee miller said it's also really symbolic. at the end of the day you want to make a statement that we, the world global community, are going to say we don't want to do this and want to have some kind of sanctions and want to stop people from openly moving
12:38 pm
laundered terrorism assets. but the reality ills this isn't going to even touch them. they have an expensive daily operational budget, but the fact it they also have a lot of cash on hand. >> is there a way to get at that? and are we working on it? >> we're working on it but i think people in the intelligence game we call this mirroring. we mirror ourselves on to the enemy youch think if an american's credit cards were cut off, that's the end of the world. we're worried about how to plate a lesser resourced environment. but for a terrorist group, by very nature, they're oregon the move, they are willing to use force to take food they want. they're willing to force people to give them their vehicleses and pay taxes. the entire way they operate does not require they go to the bank and move money around in the official channels. you have to remember that with the drug market out there the human trafficking market out there in the world, there are billions and billions and billions of dollars that move around every day in the black market, and so isis just had to
12:39 pm
turn to that a little bit more. >> the flights that the united states has been doing in the north of syria, had reportedly been very helpful in operations there, antiisis operations. you sent us this bit from stratford that says those have been shut off. >> the russians apparently recently deployed the sa-17, surface to air missile system, which targets aircraft coming across the border there. so it's in sierra, in northern syria, the russians are operating it and they're looking for planes. they say they're after isis, but isis doesn't have planes. who has planes? the u.s. and our allies, including turkey there was famous incident of the turks shooting down a russian plane. i think it's very logical that to read this as stratford does, it's the russians trying to use sa-17, reasonably advanced surface to air system that would target planes the turkish air force uses american-made
12:40 pm
f-16s, not exclusively but they have 2 of them. so that russians using their system at the behest of syria, they may target f-16s which are american made and the reason the u.s. is not flying is they want to avoid any kind of direct standoff with russia over this. >> then the russians got what they wanted and we're not getting what we wanted and yet vlad is participating with us all of a sudden. doesn't sound participatory. >> it's not collaboration. i don't like putin. i i like isis a lot less. so we could coordinate with them and put the pressure on the isis regime but we need to understand that russia there is night, candidating around and have a vested interest in keeping assad and his family or people in power. so, russia is not going to give up on that. it's time we assess the situation. do we really want to kill isis? are paris, after san bernardino,
12:41 pm
after the president visited dod, we're saying a lot of the right thing but when we are going do them? we need to figure out how to have an active coalition that is going to kill the isis folks on the ground. i. >> mike barrett in washington. thank you. >> you, too. >> some call him the most hated man in america. who is that? at the moment he is the drug company ceo who made headlines for hiking the cost of a life-saving drought by just 4,000% overnight there he is in the hoodie. he could find himselfs bind bars for a long, long, long, long, long, time. why is that? we've got news for you. merica to stir up the holidays, before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store, even before they got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through, daniel, vandi, and sarah decided to use their bank americard cash rewards credit card
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can i get my aleve back? for my pain, i want my aleve. check your sunday paper for extra savings on aleve. authorities in israel have reportedly arrested leo decap rio's ex-girlfriend and her mother for tax evasion. that's cording do the french news agency. israel's tax authority accuses the super model of
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underreporting, quote, dozens of millions of heckles of income and lying about where they lived. the shekle is israel's current si. she is also accused of receiving a quarter million dollars in free benefits, including luxly apartments and cars that include range rover and lexus. she was israel's highest paid model in the year 2013. she and her mother reportedly posted bail but had to hand over their passports. a lawyer for the mam said, no one here deceived anyone else. karma may be catching up to the most notorious drug company ceo who the tabloids strained as the most hated man in america. martin shkreli. talks to high school girls. he made headlines for jacking up the price of life-saving drug from $13 a bill to $750 a bill.
12:46 pm
he caught all kind of criticism and then brushed it off publicly and annoyingly. the more than the fbi 'agents arrested him for unreleadded securities fraud charges. they weren't just seeing new video from him last night. we were all seeing it. hours before agents arrested him. what seems to be a special agent calling him at home during a live online chat. look. >> hello. >> hello? >> yes, hello. this us special agent -- >> they know. >> you're hand is on your head also and it's goofier even than you are. he hung up on the special agent and kept on miling. on the wall you see the -- you see the outside day in new york city. it's beautiful. there he is in the hoodie now
12:47 pm
famous online how much see federal agents escorting the 32-year-old executive this morning. a prosecutor says he lied to investigate yo, used assets from one company to pay off investor's a hedge fund and trying to cover up what he did himself known for taking on critics on social media, including hillary clinton, after she called his action indefensible last month. he replied to her on twitter with lol. not lots of love, guessing. and just a day before his arrest, he made some derogatory comment about taylor swift. oops. after he spent $2 million on an album by the would tang clan which he says he doesn't plan to listen to anytime soon. we won't tell you what he said about taylor swift here. but there is going if you're interestedle -- google if you're interested. it's road. deidre is here. this thing in my ear? they just told me he just got out on $5 million bond, so
12:48 pm
there's that. >> there's that. so maybe he is going use the proceeds, somebody actually on twitter suggested, hey, maybe they will accept a woo tang album as bail. but there he was playing chess, strumming the guitar, just kind of going through his online profile, apparently, but anyway, he faces -- he could have faced 20 years. >> what could you get in jail for chatting up high school girls on the internet. died you see that. >> i saw that. >> you can google that, too. >> it's not polite. this is a fact he was running a ponzi scheme with two hedge funds he founded and then also two public biotech or form suit cal companies. but end of the day, not the good year for him but he was the most hated man in america 0, at least one of them. >> he'll hang on to that.
12:49 pm
congress taking action to help the first responders to 9/11. next you hear from the lawmaker who helped make it happen. stay tuned. my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection.
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big victory for first responders who saved lives during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. lawmaker said the year-end spending bill will include a permanent extension of the program that provides healthcare and compensation to police officers, firefighters, other first responders, on the attacks of 9/11. we reported on this white a -- quite a while now. 33,000 people have gotten sick from the poisonous dust. 71 police officers have died of cancer and other illnesseses. more than the 60 two died when the terrorists pro brought down the towers.
12:53 pm
the bill will provide $3.5 billion for the world trade center health program which will permanently fund treatment and screening for all 9/11 first responders. it will also provide more than 4.5 billion decide for the victim compensation fund. i talked with the new york center kirsten jill jillly land who has been tirelyless working on this. >> thank you to you and your network for covering this. it really made a difference, and your viewers have called in and were heard on this issue, and the first responders came to washington, week after week, month after month, and they were heard, and it really made congress finally do the right thing. >> i watched the empty table with jon stewart the other night and it was a tear-producing moment. to think those who had fought so hard and risked their own deaths for all of us on -- all of us
12:54 pm
new yorkers and then have since died with a mostly empty table there it was hard to believe it took all this to get to this point, senator. >> it is crushing. they shouldn't have had to come to washington. but i'm grateful they did because it what their heroism, their courage, their determination to see this through that made the difference. we have first responders walking the halls with oxygen tanks. we had men in wheelchairs. one of those men in particular has been hospitalize who came to the floor every day to be heard. so, it's something that means so much to us because it's about our moral character as a nation, about who we are, and finally congress did the right thing. >> could you help our viewers who really find this a little befuddling, what it is about politics that made it difficult to get to this? >> i can't really tell you, shep. i just know that washington is broken and frankly nothing ever works here unless regular people demand it. and i think the combination of
12:55 pm
first responders walking the halls of congress, your coverage on fox so viewers would call in and tell their congress members, we had 9 cosponsors in the senate by the time the vote happened, and over 250 in the house. so we did the work of getting the broad bipartisan support but i was the fir responders and regular people demanding action. >> an american moment, and proof we take care of our own in this nation. we're all in this together. and it's wonderful to see it happen, and senator gillibrand, thank you for working to hard on this. >> that was taped yesterday. the house and senate are expected to pass the bill tomorrow. the department of veterans affairs will now pay for robotic legs, which could help paralyzed heroes walk yet again. pieonic men and wimp it's called rewalk. the row boot yankee legs use braces equipped with motion
12:56 pm
sensors sensors sensors and motorized joints. it would normally cost $77,000. veterans have been asking the agency to cover that. we're coming back with a nod to this day in hoyt -- in history and how a fight over fruit set off a bloody crisis. the best of everything is even better
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
during red lobster's ultimate seafood celebration. with jazzed up new dishes like the decadent grand seafood feast and the ultimate wood-grilled feast why wait to celebrate? so hurry in, it ends soon. on this day in 2010, a street vendor in tunisia lit himself on fire in protest over fruit, setting in motion the events that led to the civil war in syria. he was angry after police took away his products, claiming he didn't have a license. it inspired demonstrations tunisia and the middle east and became known as the arab spring in syria, protestes against assad gave way to a civil war but the fruit vendor changed the course of the middle east, five years ago today.
1:00 pm
when news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything, and the breaking news is on the dow right now. we're in freefall. down 250. global oil glut fears, dragging everything down. "your world" with cavuto starts now. >> still trying to figure out what is behind a big selloff here. this security concern might be playing a factor. welcome, everybody. we reversed all of yesterday's gains gains and then some, largely on concerns that lower interest rates -- higher interest rates don't help people but this didn't help. heightened security at all the nation's major theme parks, heightened alerts at school systems in and around the houston area, and movie theaters everywhere under heightened alert ahead of the "star wars" premiere tonight. add it up and the one one thing you're