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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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[cheers and applause] >> that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. he is no longer just a long time friend and neighbor. now he is accused co-conspirator. just a short time ago enrique marquez arrested and charged. enrique marquez accused of buying two of those guns used to slaughter those 14 people. it's so much more sinister, he allegedly helped plot two other terror attacks. adam housley is live in san bernadino. adam? >> yeah, greta about. 25 minutes ago we were told the media, including our producer was led inside a courtroom on a different floor than originally sent to. that's where we are told that the hearing of some sort began. they didn't give us any details because everybody had to turn everything off
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when they went inside. they have not16 yet turned anything on. they are still inside at this hour which is 4:00 local of course 7:00 eastern. you are talking about the 37-page complaint released to us here a short time ago by the department of justice. very interesting as you mention in a lot of ways. first of all, it does provide that marquez spoke to authorities for the last 10 days. we have been saying in the reporting that marquez has been openly talking to authorities without a law enforcement we have been told now in this complaint that for 10 straight days he waived his miranda rights each and every day and spoke to fbi investigators and other federal investigators about all these different things that have been laid out in front of us. one of them having to do with, for example, that in 2001 and 2012 attacks were planned he at the riverside community college where he and farook both went to school. one plan had them setting off bombs inside a -- pipe bomb inside aó' tier i can't. as people ran out they would shoot them. another one had them here on 91 freeway southern california. basically throw pipe bombs under the freeway. stop traffic and shoot
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people from car to car. these were pretty outland dish -- outlandish and scary plans here. what is scary when you read this it looks like for five years these two operated without being caught or noticed by anyone. at least that's according to this 37-page document that we received. also interesting to note in this document part of those interviews is revealed that he also called 911 right after the attacks two weeks ago. he called 911 to tell them that his neighbor, which was syed farook had used rifles that he had purchased for him to carry out the attack and there was a lot of explicatives as part of that 911 call. but basically after the attack we know that someone there at the inland regional center noticed syed farook. marquez called 1 is 1 and turned him in as well because he was upset his guns were used. we talked to investigator for more than two weeks who
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insist there is international connections here. you had the wife tashfeen radicalized before she came here. the fbi has admitted that, who came here with an intent to kill, we're told. who is not mentioned in here very[xd but, yet, this 37-page document kind of points things towards this only being homegrown. there is lot here not answered, greta there is a loft details in here. we are still going through it as you might imagine. as i'm told right now this is still ongoing at 4:03 local time here in riverside, california, which is where the federal court is, about 20 minutes or so away from where the massacre took place, greta. >> adam, thank you. "on the record" ted williams is here and he was a homicide detective. ted, you look at this long complaint, this is just a charging document. just the beginning of this. this is not the indictment. in it not only does he waive his miranda rights and talk to the fbi for about 10 days, he confesses. >> he confesses. greta, griff jenkins and i were in front of this guy's house. this guy and to the neighbors was the all-american boy next door.
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he was the goofy boy. and when we look and read this document, we are looking at the face of evil. in 2007 he became radicalized, came under the influence of farook, went out there and decided that colleges, bomb the highways. they conspired. i got to tell you, he is singing like the rain. but i have got to tell you what is going to happen. a lawyer is going to come into this. the first thing he is going to try to do is file a motion to suppress those 10 days of him providing testimony to the fbi. >> it doesn't matter, ted. it's too late. for him, he has so confessed. he has waived his miranda rights. if the fbi has had 10 days from him. it doesn't matter if now he decides not to talk. he has done that the only consideration is this. does he have any information that could help the fbi and they previously provide thood might suggest a largerbo cell. provide more information about these now who are dead so we can protect ourselves
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or protect the people out there and that's the only thing. but he is finished. he is done. he has confessed. >> he is toast. >> he is toast. the question is whether or not he has information. and he has been doing a lot of talking. the fbi doesn't put everything in this complaint. >> absolutely. and what is going to happen is once he has lawyered up, he is going to -- they are going to try to see if he has that kind of information. does he know about other people who have actually been involved and try to make a deal, hopefully. >> ted, if i were appointed to be his lawyer at this point, one of the things i would do is debrief him had, obviously privately, and find out if he has any information. he needs to sell something now. he is going away for a real long time. if he has some valuable bargaining, this is the time for him to talk. >> this is certainly the time. the conspiracy is there. him had and farook agreed. they would move forward. they bought firearms. >> he says he somethings used my gun in the shooting. that's the starters.
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then he went to the hospital the next day and says i'm involved. >> the only thing that he is going to try to do. he went into insanity ward, so he is going to maybe try to play that down the road. i don't think he is going to work. but i think that's where they are going to be looking. this is the face of evil. >> the problem that he has though, insanity is he is being much too deliberate. >> it won't work. >> that won't work. >> it's scary, greta. we have homegrown terrorists like this in america. >> ted, thank you. and i know you all want the answers on this. i do too. how did tashfeen malik slick the state department and homeland security and get a visa into the united states with all our jihadiist plans? today the house oversight committee grillingg the state committee for not looking at the social media of people coming into the united states. >> the immigration screening process is a critical element in protecting the american people. you have got to lock down that border.
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you have got to get rid of the people who are here committing crimes for goodness sake. they are here illegally committing crime and y'all release them back out in the public. some 60-plus thousand times you did that. these are the criminal element. don't tell me about the nice lady that is trying to help her family. these are people committing crimes get caught, they get convicted. they are in your hands and homeland security says no, go back out into the community. >> what is> well, it's less than -- what's the number? >> >> you have a two inch binders there that has all types of research. have you pictures and bios. you have done research. you knew i was going to ask can this question i assume. >> of the revoked visas, do you give those to the department of homeland security? >> exactly. we revoke the visa and the information is. >> so homeland security, how many revoked visas are still in the united states of america? >> mr. chairman, i don't have that. >> you don't have a clue, do
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you? >> i think we have a very, very strong robust vetting process. >> mr. rodriguez, ms. burrson just said this is evolving threat and they are changing the way they do business. you have changed the way that you have vetted in the last six months? aren't we going to learn something about the fiancee visa process and apply it to the refugee process? are you looking at social media? >> that i have to differ to leon rodriguez. >> she couldn't even tell me if more people come in by land, by sea, or by air. she thinks most people come in to this country by air. and she is in charge of screening. you can see why we are scared to death that this administration, the department of homeland security, the state department is not protecting the american people. >> chairman of the oversight"v committee utah congressman jason chaffetz is here to go "on the record." >> good evening, greta. >> fbi director comey says tashfeen malik didn't use social media. she used private online messages. putting that aside for a second, why aren't they
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looking for social media for those coming into the united states when everyone agrees that isis uses social media for recruiting? >> homeland security is 10 years behind the times it really does scare me. the one thing that you see, no matter what country you go to, and whether it's it the versailles or north africa. you will see mobile phones. social media is the way they communicate. our state department and homeland security, they have a by lotted program. it's a pilot program. we where to turn the corner into 2016 they are not even looking at. this what is their aversion to doing it? if it's privacy it's so absurd. you put things on the internet. you have no reasonable expectation of privacy. you put it out for people it to see. >> a lot of the radicalization is happening online through these public sites. on visa or is a waiver program. it's reasonable that we go ahead and look at what they are doing online. >> why won't they? >> we have absolutely -- the
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hearing went for four and ai9 half hours. >> you don't know? >> we don't know. the democrats were equally as baffled as to why somebody is asking the privilege to come to the united states of america and we don't even do the most basic thing. >> all right. one of the questions you asked, the number of people here in the united states, they have revoked visas. >> yes. >> and you donpvñ know -- nobody knows how many or where they are? >> about 122,000 over the last 10 years or so roughly. 9500 were revoked by the state department because of terrorist ties. >> and where are those 9500? >> i asked them that. i said you can identify them? where are they? >> they haven't a clue, greta. this is where we should be focusing our law enforcement effort. think about it. they have a visa from the state department. the state department says oh we better revoke that because of terrorist ties. but they don't go get them. they don't send out a dragnet and deport these people. 66,000 times we had people that were here illegally. had committed crimes. had been convicted of those crimes. and they just released them.
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they didn't deport them. >> there is one part where i heard the testimony said we have strong robust vetting. >> that is. >> not only -- and i said the state department, a day or two after san bernadino said that the woman who came, one of the killers, the word they used is she had a rigorous screening. turns out she had a phony address. really lying to the american people. >> you knowu what most of this happened is on the telephone. we had last year 51,000 people step foot in the united states, claim asylum, and there are 40 people homeland security. they have 250,000 employees. only 40 of them actually vet. those 50,000 and most of them do continue othe telephone. there is no way. they're not looking at their social media so it's pretty scary. >> there are also an awful lot of good people that come to this country. i want to know from the viewers at home, should it be tougher for people to get into the united states tweet
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#yes or no. what was the most shocking thing today. >> they really don't know. >> do they feel bad about not knowing? do they realize it's not bad they don't know. >> the person who is in charge of policy and screening, when we asked two different people, do you get more people coming in to the united states by air, land, or sea, and they couldn't even answer that question. they have three choices and they couldn't get it right. let alone going and weeding out the terrorists and weeding out th!c bad apples and weeding out the people who have nefarious intent. i seriously and these poor ice officers, right? and the border patrol. they go, they capture them. they maybe committed a crime, a sexual assault. they get them convicted. and then homeland security doesn't deport them. they put them back out into our own communities. i think that's a pretty good indicator that this might be somebody who will step it up and do terrorist type of activities in this country. >> congressman can, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> and the isis capital --
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financing their global terror and just a short time ago the u.n. security council unanimously adopting as are lucien to disrupt that isis cash machine. but will it really work? is is the u.n. serious about drying up isis bank accounts? former united nations ambassador jon bolton goes "on the record." good evening, sir. you laugh, every time i ask you about the u.n. almost. do they have -- does this resolution have any teeth? >> i don't think it changes much of anything no less than authority than the "new york times" this morning describe dollars the described the rests lucien they mentioned today as they mentioned today as repackaging. there is some modest improvements. honestly what this is another statement by the security council about what countries should do to stop financing related isis. there is no enforcement. there is not going to be much follow-up. i don't think it represents any change at all. >> what is the point of any resolution without enforcement? is it just chatter and talk and nice to get together with everybody and see what everybody thinks? >> absolutely. when i was in new york i said is the ambassadors had
4:14 pm
a motto which is we never fail in new york. it doesn't matter what the issue is, you can adopt a resolution or a presidential statement. the problem is solved. because then you goat move on to something else. >> it's absolutely stunning because the fact that isis has so much money, really is a problem. i mean, that's what fuels a lot of this. that provides a lot of -- >> -- in seriousness, the way they raise a lot of that goney wouldn't be touched this resolution in any event. they control territory. they are supervising the economic activity in the territory they are dearriving taxes from that economic act tuft. that's one of the reasons why the president's weak effort to ultimately destroy isis is so problem that the problematic because isis is creating a state that has viability right in front of us. >> you fold that with what chairman chaffetz just told us it's absolutely devastating. donald trump has a friend in russian president vladimir putin. putin offering up high
4:15 pm
praise to the g.o.p. frontrunner, callingt7 him outstanding and talented. he did forget to say he is rich. really rich. but for trump the feeling is mutual. >> i will get along. between that ukraine, all of the other problems, we won't have the kind of problems that our country has right now with russia and many other nations. >> ambassador, what do you think vladimir putin is thinking tonight? what is this w. this exchange? this sort of love fest? >> i think putin likes nothing better than to throw a little glitter in the eyes of american politics. and i think there is just enough malicious humor in the man that he just thought this would be entertaining to see what happened. i think there is actually a serious point here. and that is putin can be dealt with on some of the key issues we have with him if you negotiate from a position of strength. in particular, if putin believes the person sitting across the table from him has the steel in his spine
4:16 pm
to bargain the way a former kbg agent does, what he sees a cream puff. and that's the way he treats -- that's the way they treat secretary of state john kerry. it's like a knife through a cupcake. i think if had you a president with a different kind of policy for america, you would see a different kind of vladimir putin. >> well, i mean, it's so confusing though. he has vladimir putin backing up president assad in syria. we are backing theí rebels. and we say assad has to go. meanwhile both in the u.n. today on the same side of this resolution with isis, strange bed fellows. >> well, i think it reflects that putin has a coherent strategy and we do not. make no mistake about it he is trying to move in a direction where he can shore up the assad regime as he has already tried to do militarily but do it politically and diplomatically as well and to play for the end of the sanctions imposed by the west because of his invasion
4:17 pm
of ukraine. the putin policy is advancing our incoherent policy is just collapsing. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> budding romance between donald trump and vladimir putin. where do the rest of the 2016 candidates? do they want to be pals with putin. also the house of mouse getting more secure. what is disney doing? that's coming up. democratic candidate bernie sanders, he will not like my off-the-record comment tonight. i will take you off the record with bernie sanders straight ahead. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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tonight we are learning more about donald trump and vladimir putin's relationship. calling him outstanding and talented. how would some of the others running for president deal with putin? ♪ >> putin has no respect for our president whatsoever. i would have a great relationship with putin. >> there is a time and a place for talk and there is a time and place for action. i know vladimir putin, he respects strength. now is not the time to talk with him. >> i would talk to vladimir putin a lot. i would say listen, mr. president, there fly zone in syria. you fly in, applies to you. yes, we would shoot down the planes of russian pilots. >> we need to confront russia from a position of strength. but we don't need to confront russia from a point of recklessness that would lead to war. >> frankly, it's time that we punched the russians in the nose. they have gotten away with too much in this world and we need toh stand up against them. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from
4:22 pm
the "washington times" steven dine than and from "u.s. news and world report" david catanese. david, it's like so odd we are back to having vladimir putin of russia. it's almost like the cold war days big enemy. >> who would have ever known that vladimir putin would have issued an endorsement in the republican primary saying trump is the best guy out there. in your sound bites that you have played, you have showed sort of -- republicans are all over the place in how they would deal with putin. i mean fiorina says, you know, i wouldn't even talk to this guy. i mean christie which didn't get as much coverage as we thought said he would shoot down russian planes. that is an aggressive tactic to lay out there but i don't know if it's good÷ for trump that putin is out there saying hey, this is a guy that i would want to deal with. i don't know if that helps. >> i have a theory on why putin does that if you say nice things about trump. he doesn't go after you.
4:23 pm
you like to say something a little bit mean. i'm teasing, steven. >> the other guy praises president of -- be be on on along with fifa president. the breath of response that you saw would help us handle russia and putin really striking. i sort of approach this by, you know, just like george bush came into office saying he wasn't going to be a nation builder and president obama came in talking about who he would negotiate with and who he wouldn't negotiate with. these are are all statements right now. when you get to the white house, i think all of this changes. i don't know that you take any of this to the bank. >> i think it shows positioning. the fact that vladimir putin has taken any time to talk about it. i mean, donald trump is the frontrunner. but it really does add something to his campaign. i mean, this gives him more positioning. no matter what putin says. >> the gravitas effect. >> positioning how though? >> i think it makes him more of a serious candidate.
4:24 pm
>> it elevates him? >> it elevates him. if putin is talking but, putin is not talking about the three of us tonight. he just isn't. >> world leader to world leader essentially. >> it does elevate him. >> but5 you do have serious policy differences, i mean if you look at the front running candidates whereas trump has said hey, i could sit down and talk with putin. rubio has been pretty clear that he believes we shouldn't have any coordination with the russians involving syria. let them bomb, let them go. there are real policy differences especially as what we are talking about how much we should be coordinating against isis, which is the threat i think americans care most about right now. >> i think it's actually good that there is some differences. it's easier to tell who is on first a little bit. it's when they are so close that it's harder. >> yeah. i actually agree with that i think it's healthy for the republican party to have this conversation. shows they have gotten beyond. remember, in 2008, the
4:25 pm
republicans all essentially had to tow the george bush line about how to handle terrorism because he was still in office. now it's the democrats that have to toe the obama line and there is not much difference. there is no debate over there republicans there is a healthy debate. it breaks that calcification that's existed in the g.o.p. >> there may be a debate about it saturday night. abc has the debate in new hampshire. i assume these questions will be asked as well to find out where they stand on this. anyway, thank you both. there is a disturbing report out of the pentagon tonight. it turns out secretary of defense ash carterh and secretary clinton now have something in common. it's not good. that's next. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date.
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i don't know how you do it. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. first secretary hillary clinton and now defense secretary ash carter. secretary carter under fire for using his personal email2 for official pentagon work. i know what you are thinking, how could secretary carter not know? has he been living in a cave? today carter addressing the controversy. >> what i did, that you shouldn't have been doing, until a few months ago, was occasionally use my iphone to send administrative messages, no classified information and backed up as records, but to my immediate staff. and even that i shouldn't have been doing. >> the "on the record" political panel is back from the "washington times" steven dine than and from "u.s. news and world report" david cat ton knees. okay, david, look, i know
4:30 pm
there is no classified and information. but i you think, you know, what was he thinking? i mean, really? is there anyone who doesn't know in government at this point not to doú,8( that? >> you know, it looks like it was out of convenience but it was still stupid and reckless, given what hillary clinton has gone through the lastq year frankly this will raise the issue potentially again for clinton just that it's in the news. debate coming up on saturday is she asked about it again? i don't know the political ramifications for it. but i bet that a lot of members of congress, a lot of cabinet secretary have personal emails. i think it goes on all the time. >> okay. i don't doubt that it does. i don't think he has any political problems. i don't think he has any legal problems. i think he has some dumb problems because, you know, hes that got some tone deaf problems. and even though probably
4:31 pm
other people do it in washington, i mean, you know, i just don't get when this is so he can explosive. >> tonew deaf is right. armed services committee is actually going to look at these emails to make sure that there was in fact no classified information after hillary clinton in the current debate classified information that t. is somebody agood idea that somebody does look at that to make sure it was certain emails. you don't like self-determination? >> he was sending these emails at official accounts. he may have actually met the legal requirements for retention. i give him a pass. there is an issue of convenience here doesn't the government give iphone. isn't agovernment iphone just as convenient as iphone. >> the reason you have these laws is so that you go back
4:32 pm
to the documents for open request. the point is if the emails are being sent to somebody at an official address, they are being stored. >> so you are saying he is lucky where they are going. >> lucky and you also plan better than mrs. clinton who her own aide@cl?÷ used her private server. >> no legal, no political, how about dumb? i'm with dumb. >> i said i think it was stupid. >> he says stupid, he doesn't say dumb. >> i think there is also no consequences for these guys. and i think that's part of the reason they are not as careful. >> do you know what the consequences are? because everybody out there tonight is thinking how could anyoney be so stupid? he is the guy making the decisions over at the pentagon? that's what they are saying, sitting around the bar are having a beer tonight talking about this is -- you know,no one in washington has learned? >> the obama administration even said it violates our policy. they had to say it violates the obama administration policy to send private --
4:33 pm
send these emails from a private account. but what happened? well, you know, it's okay. >> the white house chief of staff even called him on this and said, hey, are you really doing this and then never followed up to say make sure he cut it out. he said he only stopped recently. >> therein lies the luck of fiorina, carson and trump. everyone out there is saying we are sick of this. that's why outsiders, they hear all the government waste and they hear all the stupid ojjtj that go on and they're sitting out there saying anybody but. >> i agree. thank you both. i'm taking the last word. get ready to speed read the news. baltimore officer police officer porter's fate remains unknown. a meeting held today. yesterday the jury deadlocked forcing the judge to declare a mistrial. officer first of six
4:34 pm
the freddie gray. the texas teen given probation for killing four people while driving drunk. the judge gave him probation because supposedly the teen suffers from affluenza. he is too rich. on the run after skipping out from a probation check. probation he has to stay away from alcohol. this video surfaced purported to show a rich teen at a party where beer pong is being played. the video has not yet been verified. authority now think he may have skipped town or left the country with his mother. and disney now adding nor;ñ security increasing security because of the recent mass shooting. banning costumes for adults and stopped selling toy guns. and the force awakens tonight. highly anticipated "star wars" sequel. expected to be the biggest opening in the galaxy.
4:35 pm
star"star wars" the force awakens. shattering ticket sales. disney is stressing there is still seats available new want to see it today. that's tonight's speed read. and president obama talking terror today. but did he say anything new about how to destroy isis in the navy seal who killed bin laden is right here next. plus carly fiorina says she knows how to destroy isis. the presidential candidate standing by to go "on the record" from iowa straight ahead.
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like those in san bernadino.jr because they are smaller, often self-initiating, self-mode investigating, they are harder to detect. >> that was president obama speaking today from the national counter terrorism center. the president trying to reassure the american people about its isis strategy before the president heads off to hawaii with his family for the holidays. did the president effectively reassure the american people. u.s. navy seal who shot and killed usama bin laden rob eneil is here. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. thanks for having me. >> nice to have you here. listening to the president's speech, what did he achieve. >> he didn't achieve much. he came out and wanted to seem as if he was reassuring us. i was talking to of mine on capitol hill. what we agree on he is doubling down on failure. bringing nothing new. what we have been is still going to work and we don't know it's coming, nothing credible is coming so we can't -- i mean, it's not
4:41 pm
that hard to see what's coming. we need to get to a spot where we are identifying the enemy, who it is and getting the right intelligencx$r' the right place. >> so what would you do? you actually have on the ground experience what do you do. >> what i would do one of the keys is human intelligence. you into today have people who are there. i mean there are imams that want to report on radicals in their mosque. there are muslims in their mosques that see radicals and want to report it we need to have people in there that are working with us that want to do this. we don't need to be spying on them. we need to have people with actionable intelligence in these mosques telling us who is radicalized. i'm starting to see a pattern here. it's radical islam. we need to be almost profiling. we needs from the muslims that don't want it to happen. >> at least it seems that he is committed to an attack isis. nobody wants to go over there and fight. that is his strategy and he is sticking with it. >> he is committed to the air because he doesn't want to get what he says bogged down.
4:42 pm
it's either we occupy or do nothing. i don't think that's the case. he is committed to the air but i just think because can maintain that until someone else takes the office. do you know people active duty now. >> i sure do. >> what they saying? >> they are frustrated because the lack of guidance and leadership. they are not sure what their mission is a a lot of them are deploying. i talked to both the fields that i know the special operatives i know and their wives. they are frustrated they are deploying because they don't know what they are doing. go and sit and not be utilized the way they want to be utilized. >> are you hearing anybody saying no, no, rob, this is a good idea? >> as far as air strikes? >> as far as the strategy? >> it's not even so much -- there is no strategy. i mean, we very got pilots over there that are dropping leaflets an hour before they drop bombs. and even though sometimes they don't each drop bombs, one because the rules of engagement are so strict, the pilots don't want to go to jail for collateral damage.
4:43 pm
they can't drop sometimes because of the effect it will have on the.@ environment. when you start bringing in this climate change thick to a war, i mean, our priorities are way out of whack. >> the rules of engagement, when did they change? >> when did they change? they change constantly. the further we are in conflict the more strict when i was fighting in iraq in 2007, our rules of engagement were really not lax but they made us comfortable, a lot of latitude and we never took advantage of them. we didn't murder people. we are very precise. that's the way we are with the good guys. all americans are the good guys. >> what's it like now? >> these pilots are are coming back with most of their pay load because -- there are truck drivers driving oil for isis and they are funding isis. bringing it through turk i can't understand selling it because they can't hit some of the3:"d trucks the majority of the trucks because we can't prove whether or not these guys are isis. they are driving truck force isis. maybe we can drop pamphlets with them are you isis? whoever says yes we can bomb2 them. it's a lack of guidance. >> is thatting in new to the
4:44 pm
obama administration or was the bush administration. >> it started off on september 12th, 2001 they started getting stricter and strikesser with the rules of engagement. will stop you from shooting people can't prove there is not a kid next to them. there shouldn't be collateral damage and isis knows. this they are putting human shields on all their targets. when we strike kill innocent people because isis puts them there. we have to strike at some point. >> rob, great to see you. >> absolutely. great to see you. >> carly fiorina has never held public offers. she says there is something about her past making her uniquely qualified to be president carly fiorina live next. what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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carly fiorina hot off the campaign debate stage and hot on the campaign trail. her strategy to take out isis. >> we need the private sector's help because government is not÷ innovating. technology is running ahead the private sectors*÷ will help, just as i helped after 9/11 they?oáq÷ news be engaged they must be asked. i will ask them. i know them. >> 2016 presidential candidate carly fiorina goes "on the record" from iowa. >> good evening, greta, how are you? >> i'm very well. using the private sector. debates don't give you much time to talk. i want to find out a little more now. who would be the first call to you in the private sector in the technology to help you out? first let's remember since 9/11 technology has moved on at least four generations. the i phone was invented in
4:50 pm
2007. the ipad was invented in 2011. now we have the i watch. we didn't have social media procedures were written and now, of course, social media has moved on several generations. technology is by its nature disruptive and innovative. and bureaucracies are by absolutely terrible at innovation. they are process driven. i would make calls to the headcúy0x of every social media company. i would make calls to the heads of google. >> and tell them what? >> the equipment companies as well. what i would ask them is to help us defeat this enemy. just as an example. weigh now know that the department of homeland security has not been checking social media. are you kidding me? we know where these jihadi websites are. they are all over the world. every parent in america is looking at social media. and by the way, employers look at social media as well
4:51 pm
to vet would-be employees. the government hasn't thought to do that we know where these websites are. there are absolutely ways in both hardware and software to understand who is traveling to these websites. let's use that capability. instead of getting hung up in a bunch of high bound bureaucratic procedures, including the fact that many of these departments ared$h clearly being told oh, don't do that it's not politically correct. you might harm someone's civil liberties. we're at war. we have the tools we need to defeat this enemy and we can do so within our constitution. but arguing about laws thatxc started in 2001 isn't going to help us. >> all right. so, facebook maybe a phone call from you? >> of course. >> all right. so -- all right. now, let me talk to you about some news today on capitol hill. capitol hill voted congress is extending 600 billion in tax breaks for business
4:52 pm
investors, families. you, on the other hand, well while they are fussing with all that you say that you are going to reduce the tax áthree pages that's a stretch from 306 tax breaks. tell me. >> why that÷ has to be done 73,000 pages of complexities is how government abuses its power. none to others. three pages actually levels the playing field. so they it will take less of our money and we won't have to wait forever for them to give it back to us. interestingly, there has been a plan for a three-page tax code sitting around for 20 years. it's just nobody wants to deal with it because you see the politicians are all invested in this incredible complexity as well. how often do we talk about tax reform? we talk about it every election cycle. republican candidates stand up and talk about tax reform. it never gets done. i'm going to ask people to help me get a three page tax code, 20 years old, finally
4:53 pm
passed. and i'm going to it use technology to do it by the way. >> we only have 30 seconds left. what's your message to the republican controlled house and senate tonight after this tax bill passes? >> well, look, we are not governing as conservatives. it's why people are sick of the establishment. it's why people are losing i offer tested conservative leadership. i'm someone who has produced results all my life. and what the american people need now is results from a tested, conservative leader and, oh, by the way, one more thing. i can beat hillary clinton. enjoy iowa. >> thanks, greta. thank you. >> and coming up, did senator bernie sanders just call me out? well, tag, he is it because i'm going to call him out. i'll explain off-the-record next.
4:54 pm
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let's all go off-the-record. this is a special note to senator bernie sanders. it's not true. it might even be a lie. i read in vermont newspaper seven days that your campaign senator is complaining about being ignored by tv newscast. not true. we constantly ask your campaign for an interview and get a giant no. not only do we call you all the time in just the last four months we have made 19 interview requests in writing. okay. i i'm not network but cable. so maybe technically it's not a lie. it does say you think you are ignored by television networks. but, bernie, give it a rest. you can get all the interviews you want. you just don't want some. and that is your business. you don't have to do interviews. but don't pretend you are getting slighted by the national media. you are hiding. p.s., don't you or your fellow give me business unfair because i work at
4:59 pm
fox. your frontrunner opponent secretary clinton she has done many interviews with me. seven when she worked in the obama administration. but i will give you this, she hasn't given me an interview since she became a candidate. but i assume that's her campaign and not her. and one more p.s., bernie, bernie call home. according to that same article in seven days newspaper, it's not just us, even the vermont media is looking for you. and that's my off-the-record extent tonight. and your live twitter voting results on your screen right now should it be tougher for foreigners to get into the 5]w%q states? here are your results. 16% say no. and you know how manyhj said yes this which out. this is the best social media picture of the day that is the sunrising from outerspace nasa astronaut scott kelly tweeting this picture on board the space station. set your dvr to record "on the record" so you never miss the best social media pic of the day. if you can't watch live,
5:00 pm
record it on dvr play it back after you finish watching your other tv programs like is 11:01 each night. go to and go to my facebook page. lots going on after the show. up next the o'reilly factor. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i would like to seat republican party come together and i have been a little bit divisive in the sense that i have been hitting people pretty hard. >> a little bit? >> donald trump has a secret strategy to become president tonight talking points will reveal it. >> if >> is it morally wrong for protesters to demand convictions if when they are not jury members. we are talking about the freddie gray case in baltimore. a special report tonight. >> i'm going to talk to the mayor and try to get to the bottom of this situation. >> we appreciate that. >> it seems like scrooge is occupying city hall. >> alsohe


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