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tv   Watters World  FOX News  December 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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news post-debate analysis. that's at aven11:00 p.m. easter right here, hosted by shannon bream. that's how fox reports this saturday, december 19th. "watters' world" starts right now. i want to wish you all a very merry christmas. you're in "watters' world" now, and i'm jesse watwatters. donald trump still attacking the system, creating controversy, and leading the polls. >> i'm calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. we have to establish borders, and we have to build a wall. we have to build a wall. we have to. and we will. >> when you get these terrorists, you have to take out
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their families. they care about their lives. don't kid yourself. >> there's a movement going on. it's not like, let's go and have a good time. somebody said, oh, trump's a great entertainer. that's a lot of [ bleep ]. >> rush limbaugh described trump's appeal this way. >> donald trump was the first to tap into viscerally what americans are feeling and living. he started with the border, the southern border, and worked his way to refugees and the economy. and any number of things that are making this country weak, and said it's got to stop. >> after tuesday night's debate, big controversy erupted. does trump really mean what he says? o'reilly and krauthammer got into it. >> he's going to say whatever he thinks is going to put him over the top to win. but he's running as a rogue candidate. he's getting people whipped up so that they will like him because their emotion and his
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emotion coincide. >> when someone says things you admit he doesn't mean, whether he's doing it entirely for effect that one ought to go back and say that's just politics. it is politics, that's true, and it's done to some extent by other politicians, but i think it ought to be called for what it is, demagoguery. and unless you're going to stand behind what you saw and say i mean it, it's rather surprising you would think it's perfectly okay. >> i don't say it's perfectly okay. i say it's a brilliant strategy. i say that there's some worthiness to exposing a corrupt system. >> but when discussing how politicians use the power of emotion, mainstream media icon ted koppel took things a step further and compared donald trump to a murderous dictator. >> he and mussolini have this sort of arrogant approach in which they say very little in terms of substance, but the manner in which they say it gets the crowds excited.
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>> what did barack obama say when he was running for president? did he run on substance? no. he ran on two words. hope and change. and did president obama campaign in a way that got crowds emotional and excited? of course he did. he promised them the world. listen. >> this was the moment when the rise of the ocean began to flow and our planets began to heal. this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last best hope on earth. >> we all remember how the mainstream media reacted to barack obama firing up crowds with lofty goals and slogans. >> the feeling most people get when they speak barack obama speak, i thought this thrill going up my leg. i don't have that too often. >> trump fires up voters. he's mussolini, but when obama does it, he's a messiah? joining me now this week to
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discuss is co-host of outnumbers, andrea tantaros, political strategist, jessica carlisle, cohost of the fox business network's after the bell, melissa francis, and radio talk show host and democratic strategist richard fowler. so andrea, trump seems to be very good at stirring the pot, but if he is elected, do you think he'll be able to serve the meal? >> i do. i think he will. not all of the things he's talking about, but i think that krauthammer, who i love and respect, he's wrong on this. and bill's half right. i say that because trump is saying things for effect, based on emotion. reagan had this thing, motivate by reason, persuade through emotion. trump gets that, but i actually think he believes a lot of what he says. >> i do, too. >> i think that's why it's resonating. it is authentic and that's why he's connecting. the best clip you played was koppel lecturing about arrogance.
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the media lecturing about arrogance? they braised barack obama who was among the most arrogant, very thin on the details. they didn't criticize him, and look how that turned out. >> richard, i remember when barack obama was running for president in 2008. he said he was going to rid the world of nuclear weapons. do you see any similarities there between trump and president obama with these lofty goals? >> it's laughable to compare the president of the united states to donald j. trump. what the president was talking about was connected to real positives you could do. we could rid the world of nuclear weapons. >> really? >> you want to disarm -- >> i'm saying we could. >> that would be insane. >> yeah, but that's not unconstitutional. getting rid of all muslims is uniquely unconstitutional. these are things you can't do at all. >> he didn't say he wanted to get rid of them. he said he wanted a temporary ban, just like jimmy carter did. let me ask you this.
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he brings up a good point about what is possible. now, donald trump has kind of raised the bar for what is possible. you know, we didn't discuss getting a secure border before donald trump came in. we didn't discuss, you know, visa vetting before donald trump made hay of this. this guy is really setting a new tone, wouldn't you say that's his goal? >> absolutely. i would say it's not possible to get rid of all the world's nuclear weapons. i don't know what you would do with the material. it's literally not possible. i don't understand why we would say what president obama said is possible and what trump said isn't. what i think is interesting about donald trump is much like jesse watters. when you listen to him, you're like, whoa, he went a step too far. then you listen in the privacy of your own home and you're like, wait a second, there's something there. when he talks about we have to put a pause on letting people, i would say from muslim countries come into this country on a visa until we figure out what's going
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on in the system, this was at the time when we figured out the person from san bernardino came here on a marriage visa. he seemed downright prussian. our visa system is in disarray. the fact that you miss that that's logical taps into -- >> we're banning imgranmigrants- >> that's not what he said. he clearly said we will ban all muslims entering the country. meaning if you're a u.s. citizen outside of the -- >> he absolutely did not say that. you're intentionally misunderstanding what he said. he did not say that. >> if i'm an american and i choose to marry a muslim, they won't be allowed in the country, which is unconstitutional. >> you see what's happening back and forth? donald trump is posing a solution to a problem that people are scared about, especially in the wake of san bernardino. you guys on the left and others are saying no, we can't, which
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is the opposite of president obama, the yes, we can, message. donald trump is saying this is a problem, and that's why it's resonating. you can call him names all you want, but you see for the first time in presidential history a news cycle follow a candidate. i have never seen it before. >> like little kids in a candy shop because his message is positive. >> donald trump is the most negative candidate. >> president obama has created a nuclear arms race in the middle east. he's done the exact opposite of what he said he would do. >> you guys say you want to start a conversation. i think donald trump has officially started a conversation. >> i'm happy to have it. >> later, bill o'reilly steps into my world. will he ever be the same? and "watters' world" goes undercover on the war on women. but up next, we ask people in the street what they know about isis. the answers are scary. >> do you think isis is islamic? >> i don't think there's a
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trust in the government to protect america from terrorism is at an all time low according to gal lp. more than 67% of americans believe that a terrorist attack is likely to occur in the united states over the next few weeks. this fear isn't just because of san bernardino. the deadliest terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. the gruesome attack in paris, or the beheadings of americans overseas. americans are fearful because the democratic party's plan to defeat terrorists are jobs, solar panels, and love. listen to this. >> we cannot kill our way out of this war. we need in the longer term, medium and longer term, to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs. >> i will be joining president
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hollande and world leaders in paris for the global climate conference. what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be. >> we have to do everything we can to weed out hate and plant understanding and more love and kindness. >> fight terrorists with love and kindness. former navy s.e.a.l. and co-author of extreme ownership, leif babin joins our panel now. it seems like the democratic party's plan is just to be nicer to terrorists. we don't bomb them too much, don't call them names, empty gitmo, cozy up to iran. what do you think we should be doing? >> it's clearly not working. a complete disaster. the reality is the thing is we can't kill our way to victory. you know, is what's being said. we're not going to achieve victory what doing some killing. we have to lay down some bad guys by the tens of thousands.
5:14 pm
remove the ridiculous restrictions the president has placed on the troops. we have hard working service men and women in theater doing all they can to do a lot to isis, but they're restricted in what this can do. they're limited on extended ground operations and air strikes, so we have to lift that. allow them to do their jobs and win. >> the rules of engagement are way too strict and they have lawyers picking targets. now, richard, kill terrorism with love and kindness. can you defend that? >> well, i think you're talking about hillary clinton's comments, particularly. she gave a speech where she talked about beyond doing that, we have to work with silicon valley to get rid of the dark web and the ideal of allowing folks to self-radicalize? >> why are we working with facebook right now? >> because of silicon valley, not because of washington. >> isn't obama best friends with silicon valley?
5:15 pm
>> wait a minute, they have an issue with internet privacy and protection of identity. that's why they won't work with us. and carly fiorina said this as well. we have to work with silicon valley to find ways on conversations on how to get to the individuals and stop themra have a ground war in syria that does not stop people from radicalizing here in america. we have to do both. conversation with silicon valley doesn't seem like an aggressive strategy. >> let's have another summit. let's summon all the terrorists to ballroom d. we'll give them jobs and hug them on the battlefield and give them some windmills. listen, they could be -- this doj could use the full force of the law. there's already a law on the books to go after these companies. really, legitimately, and threaten them and say if you harbor terrorists on your network, and there is supreme court precedence for this. if you harbor terrorists and allow them to communicate, we
5:16 pm
will bring the full force of the united states government down on you, and this government, the first tech president, has chosen not to do that. loretta lynch should take to the podium and instead of saying we're going to prosecute people who invoke islamophobia. they said say, zuckerberg and others, we're going to come after you with the law if you allow this to happen. they're not doing that. >> you heard what we know about isis. let's hear what regular new yorkers know about the terror group. roll the tape. >> what do you think about isis? >> i feel that we shouldn't really be worrying about our safety. >> do you remember 9/11? >> i do. >> touche. >> i know it's a big problem. >> you're neutral about isis? way to take a stand. >> i have no strong feelings one way or the other. >> you know where isis is? >> al qaeda. >> is al qaeda a country? >> i -- >> do you think isis is islamic?
5:17 pm
>> i don't think there's like a religion behind it. i think it's just a group of people. >> they could be anything. they could be radical christians. they could be radical judaism. >> if isis is radical christians, why is isis beheading christians? do you think isis is presbyterian? >> does anybody have a dictionary? >> what does isis stand for? >> it stands for iraq something -- >> do you think we should kill isis before they kill us? >> i think that that's just the wrong thing to do. >> leif, you were out there protecting their rights to be totally oblivious. how would you react, real quick? >> that's crazy. those people are going to get their heads cut off if isis has their way. the only way to live in safety and security is to put bullets in the heads of isis fighters. we need to do that in large numbers. we need to make it happen.
5:18 pm
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illegal immigration continues to divide and threaten americans. senators cruz and rubio got into it during this week's republican presidential debate. >> there was a battle over amnesty, and some chose, like senator rubio, to stand with barack obama. if i'm elected president, we will secure the border. we will triple the border patrol. we will build a wall that works, and i'll get donald trump to pay
5:22 pm
for it. >> as far as ted's record, i'm always puzzled by his attack on this issue. you support legalizing people in this country illegally. >> despite their different approaches to illegal immigration, they both want the country's borders secures and security defended, but do the democrats? melissa and jessica are back along with michelle fields. jessica, do you let strangers into your house at night? >> we have gone over this before, yes, but only syrian refugees. >> why should america let strangers into our country? >> they shouldn't. illegal immigration is down in this country. we have million less immigrants than we did. 18,000 border patrol agents. we're pumping billions of dollars into securing the border. what? >> why are americans being killed in sanctuary cities by illegal aliens who have crossed back and forth? >> it's a terrible thing, it does happen, but the argument that the border is the least
5:23 pm
secure it's ever been and thousands of people streaming across every day is just not true. >> do the democrats have a plan to secure the boarder? >> not at all. they don't care about securer the border. they care about the sanctuary cities, giving money to it. we saw on the omnibus bill, they're going to give more money to sanctuary cities. we need to go after the refugee program. we need to make it more strict, and to secure our borders. we're at war right now with islamic extremism. >> i'm not hearing anything but we're going to wall in the nation. >> we need more border patrol. >> let me be in the middle. from an economic perspective, this makes sense. the idea of having more labor and consumers sounds great. the problem is that we don't have an effective system to vet people, and we saw that with what happened in san bernardino. i don't think people are saying we don't want anyone to come into this country ever again, because ovlg, we all came here
5:24 pm
from somewhere else, unless you're native american. the problem is we don't have confidence in our government to have a real system where we can keep people out like the people in san bernardino who came here with a mission to kill and did. that rightly terrifies people. >> jessica, if these were illegal immigrants coming across voting republican, democrats would be the first ones out there building the walls. >> illegals can't vote. the right puts it out there all the time, they can't vote. >> that's what they want to do. speaking of differences between republicans and democrats, we went downtown to see if the average person could even tell us the difference between a republican and a democrat. we got some interesting answers. >> what do you think the difference is between republicans and democrats? >> yeah, i'm lost on that one. >> um -- >> i think the republicans
5:25 pm
really work hard for their money. >> republicans are more political. and democratics are more focused on economics. >> democratics? >> yeah. >> i think the democrats have the people's interest at heart. >> why is obamacare, amnesty, and the iranian deal so unpopular? do you vote? >> no. >> probably a good thing. >> do you think democrats have been good for the country? >> yeah. >> in what ways have democrats helped the country? >> hmm. >> can you name one thing? >> one thing? hmm. off the top. >> take your time. >> i don't know. that's sad. >> maybe you should switch parties. >> republican, huh? >> yeah. >> i do like donald trump. >> you guys both have the blond hair. >> yeah. >> that's about the only thing you have in common. >> about it. >> are you a republican or democrat? >> republican. >> i didn't see that coming. >> i hate republicans? >> i do, too.
5:26 pm
they're so greedy. >> they need to be regulated. >> do you think we should put some republicans in congress in gitmo for a little bit? >> yeah, they should see how it feels. >> obama should tear up the constitution and run for a third term. >> bloomberg did it. >> a dangerous decision. >> do you watch "watters' world"? >> i have. >> what is your favorite part? >> the break-out scene. >> with kevin costner? >> yeah. >> coming up, "watters' world" investigates the war on women. and bill orilea makes a sha shocking confession to me. >> directly ahead, i go one-on-one with a chicago gang member who sums up life on the street in chicago. >> did you ever have to pull the trigger? >> i mean -- it's hard to believe you can book over
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11,000 local activities right from our app. it's even harder to believe it took you this long to come here. expedia. technology that connects you to the people and places that matter. live from america's news headquarters, good evening. president obama is now officially on vacation. the president and the first lady arriving early this morning
5:30 pm
onboard air force one. president obama and his family will be vacationing there for the next two weeks. the president spent his first afternoon golfing. >> on his way to hawaii, the president did stop in california to meet with family members of the victims of the san bernardino terrorist shooting. they shared stories with the president and also told him of the grief and anguish they have endured. the last public services for three of the victims were held today. >> the u.s. and iraq are investigating an apparent u.s. air strike that killed ten iraqi soldiers. it hit the city of fallujah which is under isis control. ash carter says the incident seems to be a, quote, mistake that involves both sides. now back to "watters' world." for all your headlines, logon to welcome back. despite the first black
5:31 pm
president, racerential relatio america are as bad as they have been in two decades. this according to a new poll. the black lives matter movement not helping with its calls for dead cops. baltimore fearful of more riots following the mistrial in the first freddie gray homicide case. and chaos continues in the murder capital of chicago. after the death of laquan mcdonald, a black teen shot by cops 16 times. protesters have called for rahm emanuel's resignation, when the democratic mayor was caught hiding video of the shooting from the public during an election year. recently, i sat down with a chicago gang member from the traveling vice lords and heard his take on street violence. >> how old are you? >> 25. >> born in chicago? >> yeah. >> when did you get involved with gang life? >> probably at like 14, 13. >> what kind of stuff are you guys doing at first? >> we started off just, you
5:32 pm
know, like selling drugs. sometimes it got violent. sometimes it was just a show. >> what kind of drugs were you selling? >> cocaine. marijuana. >> good money? >> yeah. >> did you carry any protection? >> i mean, not all the time, but when needed. >> what kind of gun did you carry? >> whatever -- whatever they sell me i could get to because i didn't have a gun lyleance. i had to buy whatever was on hand. >> how much does a gun cost on the street? >> $100, $75, if it was used to do something like murder somebody, they want to get rid of it, they bring it to our neighborhood. >> when you're carrying on and stuff like that, did you ever have to pull the trigger? >> i mean, certain situations, you just gotta -- you gotta do what you gotta do. >> you almost got shot before? >> in the back of my head. >> you know who shot you? >> police officer. i was fleeing away from him with
5:33 pm
a weapon. >> did you fire at him? >> no. i was trying to get away from him. i went to jail. >> how long did you go to jail for? >> five -- well, four years and nine months. >> how did that change you? >> make me stronger, physically, mentally, like gave me -- anytime you put somebody that can think somewhere where they can think, they should be better. >> how did you change when you got out of prison? >> after you have kids and go through so much like almost dying and seeing the people around you die, you start to learn that life ain't always jokes and parties. >> you have kids? >> i got one. a son.old? >> five. >> and you're 25? what do you tell him when he walks around? give him good advice? >> try not to have him around nothing i grew up around. >> did you ever think about leaving the gang or not? >> it's not the same as it was then. like, i'm not -- most of my friends are dead or they're in jail. >> how do you make money now? do you have a job?
5:34 pm
>> basically do the same thing. just smart at it. >> any advice for people younger than you? >> i mean, school. school is like the key to everything for me. because i realize if i would have made the right decision at that time, i could have been everything i wanted to be at this time. >> welcome back. andrea, richarder, and melissa. what's your initial reaction listening to that, especially the part at the end? >> chilling. chilling to watch a video like that, and it also speaks to the fact that we could do more and invest in inner cities across the country and rural parts of the country and making sure we give all americans the opportunity to achieve the american dream. >> you think spending is the key to solving situations like this? sounded like there were other issues like education and family structure. >> right, well, you have to invest in public education, number one, and number two, build the family, but part of building the family is making sure mom and dad are working and have opportunity for jobs.
5:35 pm
>> he was a high school dropout and dad was never in the picture. i want to bring it to chicago because this is where this was based. rahm emanuel under fire. it looks like there's a corruption situation at play. why hasn't president obama gone to chicago, his hometown? why hasn't he said anything? he's been quiet about the corruption and the police shooting and, you know, everything that's happened. why do you think he's not there? >> gee, i wonder. it's one, whenever we look at these situations, i hope we look at them as individual situations because you watch the videos and see bad actors in all of them, but they're on different sides. in this case, it really looked like the police acted inappropriately to say the least. certainly, that's what's going on in the city. to not see the president come out and speak for a black man who was gunned down, you really start to wonder, what is going on here? then you sort of back your way through the politics and know exactly what's going on. on the video, you talk about he
5:36 pm
wished at 25 he would go back and make a decision that was only five or ten years in his past? how do you get that message across? it's not about spending on education. it's about getting through their heads when they're having fun on the street and convincing them it's a bad decision. it has to come from home. >> the alternative to the street is making sure they have highly qualified teachers, schools with heat. chicago has really big problems in their public education. >> a lot of the heat at schools -- >> they don't have textbooks. >> andrea, what do you think is happening in chicago? >> i think melissa is right. there's issues on both sides, no question. i think each case is individual, but it's not a funding issue. these cities have plenty of money. they don't spend it properly, and frankly, under democratic leadership, they wasted it. the cities are war zones. they're ungovernable, like baltimore and chicago. it's very, very sad. the saddest thing is it appears when the president doesn't say things or doesn't weigh in, and
5:37 pm
he could, because he is somebody who went to college, who is a good father, who is dedicated to his family. that's a powerful message, when the epicenter and genesis of these problems is the moral decay and breakdown of the family, and not just in black families but in white families across america, too. this is a huge cultural problem. it affects the black community more, but it makes me sad because i look and say it seems like black matters only matter not in democratic cities. >> everyone thank you very much. up next, the no spin zone versus "watters' world." >> are you worried my show might eclipse your show in the ratings? >> yes, i'm very worried about it. ng back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help
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5:41 pm you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel welcome back. now that i have my own show, i figured i needed some advice from a tv legend. unfortunately, matt lauer would not return my calls. so i asked bill o'reilly instead. >> do you even know what this interview is for? >> it's for your dopey show on the weekend. >> you knew i had a show? >> i knew you had a show. what do you think, i'm walking around like a zombie. >> did you watch my first episode? >> a little bit. i got bored. >> what did you watch instead? >> i saw a little bit of it, but i was busy. if you need me for ratings, i'll be there. >> are you worried my show might eclipse your show in the ratings? >> i'm very worried about that. >> if you were in my shoes and i
5:42 pm
know it's difficult for you to conceptualize, how to create a hit show, what are the ingredients? >> you have to be honest and aware of what the audience is expecting. you don't have to pander, but you can't be doing stories about bach andbeethoven. you have to know why they're tuning in and craft these shows so it entertained and informs. >> you have been watching me. as you know, i need a lot of help, personally as a host. where do you see room for improvement in my presentation? >> everywhere. >> can you be more specific? >> no. >> everywhere? >> yeah, you're a disaster. >> a disaster. >> you are. first of all, you try too hard. >> i do? >> but that's endearing to some elderly people. >> you? >> like me. all right. okay. and you basically have to let the audience experience what you're doing rather than too
5:43 pm
much. >> too much. >> there are times when you have to be assertive, like me. you have to be like barney frank. you have to go after them. there are other times when you let it unfold and kind of sit back and watch it. so there's no one way. but i have to say, you're pretty good for your age. you're only 17. >> thank you. >> you know, you're on the dick clark track. same hair and things like that. you could be doing bandstand. >> speaking of 17, the first time i was ever on camera, you sent me out and i came back, and you said, watters, decent job, but your voice is too high pitched for television. >> because you were talking like a girl. >> you said, i didn't have that problem, but you need a speech coach. >> did you get one? >> no. >> that's why -- you speak fine. people don't want phonies. you have to basically understand who the audience is, tell the material to the audience in a way that's not too aggressive, but not too passive either. you gotta do it for a while, and
5:44 pm
then you'll fall in. this is harder than it looks. >> okay. >> most people think they can sit here and do an hour show. >> yeah. >> they can't. >> how do you prepare? how do you get yourself emotionally charged up? >> i don't. >> for a big mano a mano clash. >> that doesn't occur to me. what i do is my homework. i know what i'm going to ask, what i'm going to accomplish in the short period of time i'm interviewing the person. i don't think about how i'm going to present it. look, you know me. i'm the same off the air as on the air. >> unfortunately, you are. >> that's the key. >> be authentic. >> be authentic. there's no difference. >> the factor, huge success, and the books which are doing moderately well. and you also go out with miller, which i am jealous of. i have not been included. what motivates you in the morning to put up with guys like me? >> i try to work hard because that's the way i was raised. so i work hard. i like what i do, most days.
5:45 pm
all right. and we try to be creative, which is why we allowed you to do "watters' world." it's creative, it's different. right? >> yes. >> people need a little break after the pinhead politicians and the war on terror. they need a little levity. i decided, who is the most foolish person i know? watters. put him out with other foolish people. start up a jar, and there's "watters' world." >> in all seriousness, this is a window into reality. >> it worked. >> what have you seen from "watters' world"? what have you learned from watching the world out there? >> let's give rob monaco some credit. he's the producer. a good combo. you get the material, you bring it back. you guys edit it into an entertaining three-minute spot, and you got a hit. >> thank you to rob. >> yeah. >> you have now graduated to the lightning round. i'm going to name anige and you say one word, your assessment, and try to clean up the profanity. >> vladimir putin.
5:46 pm
>> pinhead. >> pinhead. new york city mayor bill de blasio. >> unqualified. >> justin bieber. >> hmm, immature. >> hillary clinton. >> driven. >> beyonce. >> hmm. >> careful. >> beyonce. misguided. >> okay. donald trump. >> confident. >> to say the least. jon stewart. >> brilliant. >> oh, that was nice. >> a brilliant guy. he is. he's misguided but he's brilliant. >> okay, president obama. >> sincere but in the wrong way. >> kim kardashian. >> shoes. that's all i know.
5:47 pm
i don't know anything else about the woman. >> last one. jesse watters. >> pinhead. no, no, no, no. you know i was going to say that. >> that was a bad idea. all right, bill. >> congrats on the new show. i think it will be a hit. but as i said, it's not as easy as it looks. you have to be aware of the audience. that's the key. you're doing a show for them, not you. >> okay. thank you, and just remember, i'm watters, and this is my world right here. >> all right. get him out of here. >> after that interview, bill's next book will be called killing watters. >> also, because i'm such a good sport, i'll be reading mean tweets about myself. you'll definitely want to stick around for that. up next, "watters' world" undercover look at the war on women in the workplace. >> i'm advertising all over the place. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america.
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talk to your doctor or pharmacist. about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. we've been hearing for a while now, there's a war on women, particularly in the workplace. of course, we want to protect the women because it's the right thing to do. to our friends, sports radio talk show host ava fewer rah begged watters world to send her under cover into ft. lauderdale so she could investigate what the war on women really looks like. >> i just moved to the area and i'm like, i need a job. >> a friend of mine, they out here. give me your phone, i give to him. they run this company. >> they do everything? that's perfect.
5:52 pm
i do everything. >> you're almost too beautiful to work in an office. >> i think you would be good at sales, too. >> i can sell, too. i need a leg up. i'm willing to burn the midnight oil. >> just call me. >> i've been in advertising for the last 30 years. >> i'm advertising all over the place. i'm a good worker. >> you're very sexy. >> what do you do? >> anything. >> we're a real estate company -- >> can you just get me in to see him? >> guy. >> i can climb the corporate ladder all day long. >> let me give you a call this afternoon. >> name it. i can do it. >> a lot of guys that manage, if you knock on the door, use your personality. >> i don't know anything about finance other than i did watch "the wolf of wall street" like 20 times. >> one of my friends is a
5:53 pm
manager. i've heard he's a little crazy. i'm sure he'd love you. >> i'm a very eager learner. >> we actually do a lot of marketing events, and you would be in the tech industry -- >> i know nothing about that. i have a very charming personality. >> give me your number. >> ava joins us onset along with jessica and michelle. looks like you got a few job offers out there. >> i did. >> what did you learn from that? >> it was a very interesting little segment. first of all, i got a lot of bad looks because i think everybody thought i was an undercover cop soliciting. three hours later, i would have been arrested. it was broad daylight. you can't eradicate sexism in the workplace. i was able to get interviews based on how i was dressed. at the same time i got a lot of negative works from other women in the area walking around as well. >> maybe the women are fighting
5:54 pm
the war on women. looks like the guys have no problem. jessica, what do you think about that? i think we really proved there that the war on women is not what it's all cracked up to be? >> i don't think so. she was still going to earn 78 cents on the man's dollar. bureau of labor looked at 600 professions, all but seven had discrepancies. >> it's a fake statistic democrats always use. >> from my big book of fake stats. >> democrats carry that all around. the war on women -- democrats are the ones waging the war. they are the ones implementing policies that keep women dependent on government rather than helping them rise above. >> paid maternity leave is keeping you dependent. raising the minimum wage? >> i think we're getting away from the point here.
5:55 pm
i think the real point was that ava used her appealing personality to have a successful launch into the business world. there's nothing wrong with that, is there? >> no. we have to juggle motherhood. we already have to climb the corporate ladder. if you can get a leg up and use your looks to your advantage, why not. >> i use my looks to my advantage all the time. what's wrong with that? >> she's an an no, ma'am me. she's so beautiful. >> i think all women are beautiful, especially on the inside. i've been compared to donald trump twice this hour. ladies, thank you. up next, i read mean tweets about "watters world." favorite part of the show. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together.
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
say about the first "watters world" show. some comments were great. others, not so much. j. bone 62 tweeted sometimes your pants are too high. you should have a party in your shoes and have invited your pants down. you're still my boy. i think they fit a little better now. nascargal18 tweeted, i think you look like ross from "friends." >> oh, my gosh, you do. >> dead ringer. all right. my favorite from godsdont exist, if jesse watters if tucker and grand field had a baby. wow i actually think i look like that guy. all right. that is it for us tonight. be sure to follow me on twitter
6:00 pm
and instagram and facebook and tell me what you think. thanks for watching. remember, i'm watters, and this is my world right here. right now on "justice" -- >> we will crush their would-be caliphate and counter radical jihadism. >> she failed as secretary of state, now hillary clinton says she's the one to keep us safe from isis? talk about delusional, talk about outrageous? i'm talking about it all in tonight's opening statement. plus, it's christmas week. christians being persecuted at an unbelievable rate in the middle east. i'll expose some shocking numbers and talk to an expert about how to stop it. and then which presidential candidate is going to keep you safest from terror? >> as a young person -- >> no, as an


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