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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  December 21, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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see you -- >> next "fox news sunday." >> very well done. all right, guys, 3, 2, 1 -- merry christmas! you did thting up on you
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and thinks he can revise his campaign by attacking you. >> i thought he was weak in the debate. he open badly. he closed badly. he had a couple of soundbites that were given to him by his people, i guess the pollsters. he hit me a couple of times and i hit him back much harder and the ad puts his part in not my part which is dishonest. look, he is a low energy person. he is a weak person. and, honestly, that is not what we need. we need someone that is strong and can get things done. he is weak. can you that have that. >> again and again you say that hillary clinton doesn't have the strength and the stamina to be president. you 69, she is 68. >> i am not talking age. are you suggesting she is frail? >> i am suggesting she does not have the strength or the stamina. >> what does that mean? >> she sees you guys for ten
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minutes, for a little while, and it is all rehearsed and stageed. pick a couple of people out of the audience at 100 percent and they talk to the people for a legal while and she goes away for five or six days and you don't see her. she goes to sleep or something. >> do you suggest she --. >> she not strong enough. not a health issue, not strong enough. we need a president that and go 24 hour as day, seven days a week. hillary clinton goes away three or four or five days and you have a have good day, mr. henry, good man, right, ed henry and he sees her and suddenly, she gone. just goes away. you need someone that can go all the time. our country is in such trouble. we don't have the choice of saying take five days off. >> vladimir putin bear hugged you, practically endorsed you and said you are an outstanding question, unquestionably talented and welcomes your
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recall for tighter and deeper relation with russia. that could praise you are not taking a tough enough approach to russia? >> it could. the smart people would say that is great. what do we need problems for? obama and vladimir putin do not get along. what do we need problems for? it was very nice he said great things and called me brillant, isn't that nice? >> you said it was an honor. >> of course. i am not talking about, i compliment people and maybe sometimes you don't mean it but i think he meant it. i tell you why. what is the purpose? why is he doing it? i do feel that russia, rather than being this group that we don't talk to and we -- i think they can be used for the good. we want to knock out isis. they want to knock out isis as much as us. they are knocking out airplanes that are russian own. >> russia has troops in ukraine. russia is propping up assad. do you want a friendly or adversarial relation? >> first of all, with assad, we
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are fighting assad and we are fighting isis and assad is fighting isis. we don't know what we are doing. we have all the fights going on and don't know what we are doing. we have to get rid of isis, fast and powerfully and get it done. as far as assad you wait. russia is on the side of assad and so is iran and other people. our first, the first thing we have to do is we have to knock the hell out isis. we can worry about assad. he is a bad guy but those we are banging they could be worse. we have seen that before libya and iraq and all the people, getting rid of all of the so-called strongmen and then it is ten times worse. look, if we spent zero dollars in iraq and all of the places over there, we would have been in better shape. right new the middle seat a powder keg. before -- whether you like saddam or not and who likes him?
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he was great at one thing, he killed terrorists. there were no terrorists. they were executed terrorists daily. now it is the heart of terrorism. you want to be a terrorist? you go to iraq. we video really messed up the middle east. big time. by the way, russia and be a positive force and an ally opposed to always fighting with russia. >> let's take bout journalist whose have been attacking you not in the opinion business, about your proposal barring muslims from coming to the united states. tom brokaw, a dangerous proposal that overrides history, the law, and the foundation of america itself. >> do you want me to comment on tom brokaw. i am not a fan. never was. he came to be during the "apprentice," and said thank yous because i had the big show on nbc and it was good for him with the newscast, okay, it helped and the first chance he gets he attacks me, and he said
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thank you so much for doing such a great job because it was so successful. let me tell you, tom brokaw, and the others in all fairness, someone has to bring it up, it is a problem. it is a problem l is something wrong. something is go on. there is a level of hatred whether it is 25 percent group or 7 percent group or 10 percent group, there is a level of hatred we have to figure out what is going on. >> let me read others to give. >> chance to respond to what i have said, the media going clear, campbell brown, cnn anchor tells colleagues, stop for a week and don't say his name and stop promoting hazeful demagoguery. >> campbell brown, for year i-have not heard of her name, and i did not know she was still alive but i guess she is. >> ben smith has buzzfeed and said it is okay to scale donald
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trump mendacious racist because it is not opinion, it is fact. the daily beast editor, people should boycott your business because you are a rain racist ad fashion it. >> everyone knows i am right and i have great friends that are muslims, some of then, some are not so thrilled but at the highest level, they call me and they say, what you did is right. there is a problem. we have to get to the bottom of it. there is a level hatred and viciousness. we have to find out what we going do do it about it. >> you have a pattern you put out something over-the-top and some find it offensive, for example, you north boundly said shut town of muslims coming to the united states and you backtrack and then. >> temporary. i said very temporary. >> and --. >> you had to know when you said that, there would be a media explosion, that you would be
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attacked, the republican party and democrats and many this the media, but, then, that puts you at the center --. >> and many agreed you do not say that. >> republican primary voters agreed. it is roughly half and half. >> whatever, but many agreed. many agreed. >> is it part of your strategy to dominate the campaign coverage by putting some things out there that you know will get the tremendous media reaction and even though a last it is negative? >> i have no strategy the my strategy is honesty. i say it like it is like your old friend howard cosell. the fact is, there is a problem. got to solve the problem. the way we solve the problem is to air the problem the i air the problem. that was done a week and a half ago and i took incoming what you would not believe from everyone. wow, i said, man, three days later, everyone is say, well, you know, he has a point. got to discuss it. all over the world not just
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talking about here but talking about it all over the world and now people are saying, trump's got a good point we have to sit down and discuss it because there are real problems. i am not original talking about in this country but in many other countries. >> you told chris wallace that ted cruz is a bit of a maniac in the senate, not qualified to be president and in the debate you said the temperament is file, i know you like senator ted cruz and you two get along but why did you call him a maniac. >> i like him. he said something about me and i said something. with a little smile. we had a lost fun at the debate. and i got do know him very well the last three days and he is fine. he is a nice guy. the thing about ted cruz he is the one person, and ben carson, also, ben carson, also. but he hit me and i hit him and...he retreated, but, not retreated. he did not retreat. i like him. i really like ted cruz.
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a lot of people don't like alicia ortez. -- don't like ted cruz. a lost things i say are correct but they are controversial because our world is so policemenly correct if you say correct things, suddenly, they think, with a terrible statement, although they are basically statements that are correct. but ted cruz would back me 100 percent virtually every time. you cover it better than anyone. >> after the mainian comment, two votes in radio, rush limbaugh and mark levine criticized you for taking on cruz. >> two great guys. i like those two people. they have been very supportive and it made me think about it because mark and rush have been so nice to me and...i thought about it a little bit. >> said the cnn moderators in the debate were stirring up trouble by asking rivals yet. do you want to respond? you are the frontrunner, by a
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lot, as you would say. of course a lot of the questions will reinvolvement around you. >> i did not think it -- the first debate, a big portion of the show was donald trump said this, donald trump said that, donald trump and i said what is going on and my comment said this is stirring up trouble. and poor jeb get killed in the polls, and he is a very ineffective candidate and they ask a question and donald trump said, the poor guy is standing in and he went, you know, he gave a sound bait. >> he said you cannot insult your way to the presidency and then i killed him. here is the think: they should not have done that to him. it was unfair to him. but they gave him a trump thing and i thought it was unfair to him and to be honest with you, i thought it was inappropriate. >> we will have more of my sit down with donald trump later in the program. when we come back our panel
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weighs in on the interview and later on hillary clinton and bernie sanders and the democratic debate
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>> donald trump is continuing the crusade against the press as you just saw perhaps equal time for media folks. join us is mercedes schlapp political cullant and an official in the bush white house, and polly ball and betsy woodruff. >> what did you think about him push back on tom tom brokaw and campbell brown? thank you is an effective mechanism of saying, you know, on the tom brokaw case, rightfully so, tom brokaw when he did the piece open him,
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regarding the muslims and basically in essence calling trump a racist, trump had to punch back and respond. on campbell brown that was fascinating because he said he didn't know who she was or --. >> or she was still alive. >> she very much alive. >> she is. she left the media because she was raising two kids. again, he fought back hard on both of these cases. it is one of the situations where donald trump wins the debate. betsy? >> what upsets me is how he talked about rush limbaugh and mark levin, the only time he has taken a step back of public criticism account only time he has shown deference to the media figures. >> why is that? i thought he was saying he had nothing to do with it. >> he said those guys made me rething. all the reason why is because he understands what most candidates do not understand that talk radio has displaced a lost
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traditional old media and some conservative internet media as far as the way to get primary voters to like you. they are his bread and butter. if he lose them he is in huge trouble the high has to keep them happy. >> polly why does he keep on bringing up the stamina of hillary clinton? she is pushing back, last night she uses him of -- accused him of blustery. thank you is interesting, similar to the low figure attack on jeb bush so he clearly is preparing to a hypothetical general election situation where that is the main line attack. it is rich come trillion a guy who could not get through a three hour debate without look like he would wilt --. >> he does not say she does enough interviews. >> he is much more accessible than any other candidate. >> in history. >> absolutely commendable for a presidential candidate to expose himself to that many questions from the media, but, to the early point, he has a real
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love-hate relationship where the press for that reason. as campbell brown said, the media is his oxygen. he said outrageous things and he needs us and does not have to air ads because he is on tv all time. at the same time, he is obviously very credit calf the press. it is a third of his hour long speech on the stump bashing the press and often, very, very, very crudely by name. >> but how can we complain when the frontrunner is willing to subject himself day after day to journalist's questions which i have always said the candidates should do. >> the media is his super pac. he -- after the las vegas debate, he was one of few candidates who went back to the spin room and talked to every reporter including a local reporter from las vegas. there is not a bias in that sense. he is willing to go on msnbc, hardball, he -- why? the message is not necessarily
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going to change so that is one of the reasons why he has been so dominant and, again, being able to dictate what those organizations are covering and for him to be effective and at the end, obviously, it helped the poll numbers. >> people who do not lake donald trump will pick up on the super pac comment. >> we will take a break and you can always let us know what you think. we have more of the donald trump interview. stay tuned. first, the cnn moderators trying to gold the -- doad the candidates into
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>> woman and the cnn colleagues tried to get donald trump and the other candidates into slamming each other and drew the wrath of donald trump.
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>> governor bush, you call mr. trump unhinged when he proposed banning not american muslims from the united states. why is that unhinged? >> mr. trump this weekend you said that senator ted cruz is not qualified to be president because he does not have the right temperament and acted like a maniac. >> the last three or four days i have gotten to know him and he has a wonderful temperament. it is very sad that cnn leaves jeb bush, governor bush, down a road by disasterring off virtually all of the questions, mr. trump this, it is very sad. >> there was criticism of the approach of cnn. >> i thought it was perplexing he asked the muslim comment, given that everyone for the entire week was saying that banning muslims is unhinged. it is valid. if you call someone a maniac and
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you turn around and change the way you talk about them, why would you use the dramatically different approach? >> i thought it was a serious debate, entirely foe can youd on terrorists. what is wrong with saying, you said this privately at a fundraiser or publicly and now say it to his face? >> it is fine to let it all come out and see -- i don't think the cnn dedoes it was just infighting between one or another there were a lot of substantive question. the interesting thing was a question to ben carson can raised a lot of eyebrows. >> i thought that was out of bounds. >> on the killing of innocent civilian lines. >> you are okay with killing hundreds of thousands of innocent children. >> thank you is where they missions the mark. >> the sharp exchange that everyone relayed between marco rubio and ted cruz, that was a ready question, trying to contrast their positions on immigration and what happened in 20 then as well as the n.s.a.
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surveillance. >> it was substantive and that is what distinguishes the candidates on the issues which is what the debates are for. there was a little bit of the name-calling and back-and-forth but there was less of that, than there has been at the others. that is why i think there has not been so much criticism of the moderators. when you recall a couple week ago when they were all attacking the moderators, it is deserved. >> that would be a cnbc we debate. now, there is a lost fact checking and some done by fox news about what he meant or what he said that he did not mean in 2013 when he opened an amendment to the compromise immigration bill spearheaded by marco marco rubio when he said he wanted the bill to pass and provide a path to citizen shell to get the illegal iment greats out of the shadows. >> you reached later in
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princeton that if my amendment were adopted this bill would pass but it sound like you wanted the bill to pass. >> of course i wanted the bill to pass. my amendment to pass. what my amendment it taxis citizenship off the table but it does not -- what it doesn't mean that i poored the other aspects of the bill, a terrible bill. >> i want to add that senator mike lee in defense of senator ted cruz say i was with him for three weeks and during the whole process and in no way is he supporting amnesty. this is about chosing words very carefully from legalization to amnesty. it is very important to distinguish that especially in the view of conservatives. >> we cannot know what was in his mine but you can say here is what you said in 2013 and here is what you are saying now. >> there is a reason to choose
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words carefully because you are trying to have it both ways. and crazy crazy has been trying to have it both ways on immigration for years. >> but it is an issue in the campaign and that was an excellent fact check. but there are two that nations for what ted cruz did with the amendment and north looks good for him. there is his explanation now that it was a poison pill, and trying to cityline to people that you introduced something in order to kill it or the other explanation is that he did not noon it and there is a conflict between what he said then and now. >> i hope to have a chance to talk to senator ted cruz about that. looking at day before and after the debate, we learn that donald trump dominated 13,000 mentions and ted cruz plummeted, from 10,000 to under 7,000 mentions. marco rubio had a sizable jump 2,400 to 4,400 and ben carson
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jumped by half dawn to 1000 barely on the radar. >> why donald trump spends so much time denouncing reporters and pundits. by anyway. >> and later, bernie sanders apologized to hillary clinton in the debate but is the press just tuning out that race?
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>> free we dome of speech versus national security was also on the agenda during my sit down with the republican frontrunner at donald trump tower. >> you said you would talk to people like bill gates about closing the internet up. >> not closing the internet. >> your words, closing the internet. >> for isis. take the sections where isis is and knock out the internet. that is fine. >> you say only fool inpeople would raise concerns about freedom of speech.
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>> only stupid people. can you imagine freedom of speech for isis? i'm not talking about closing it up in miami beach. >> how? with technology. these are smart people, the inventors of the internet. we have the inventers of the internet, the smartest people on earth, they invented it and isis uses. internet better than us and recruits your kids, isis is recruiting our children. using the internet. but this is a point i am saying about the intent. i could see there was rustling in the audience. freedom of speech for isis? what i am saying, they are recruiting our children and the children of other countries, to go fight for them. and i am saying, close it up or actually better, infiltrate the isis internet. >> i would love to see terrorists do that but it could
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be complicated. >> i was referring to isis. >> if reaction to amazon founder bezos tweeted he will offer you a one way ticket on a company's rocket. >> i have seen too many of the rockets exploding before they get off the ground but you tack about jeff bezos he bought the "washington post" and he bought it as a thing to buy influence so that he accident have to pay tax at amazon. in my opinion. he has influence. >> privately. >> privately but he uses it. >> it doesn't affect --. of court be he but the it privately so he can influence people not to tax amazon. come on. i thought you were smart. the only reason i say that is because the "washington post" treats meterbly. if i did 12 good things in one day i would have 12 bad stories. it is tell. but the express very dishonest. >> is gone from calling
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journalists scum to sleazebags but you say --. >> that is not strong new. >> would you like to give another adjective? you say that cnn treats you better than fox. in terms of commentators, krauthammer, george will, karl rove --. >> terrible. >> but rich is coming along. today he has a nice article because he is getting it. >> you have hit them back speeches and interviews and on twitter but you would say fox is unfair in the news coverage? >> it doesn't matter. look, when they do a story on me and a guy like krauthammer is up and he is angry, george will is crazeed, and --. >> they do not think you are a real conservative. >> you know what i am? a winner. winning all my life. these gays are not winners. they said i would not run. >> you said you would be a summer fling. >> now not only do i ran, i ran
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well and i ran smart and everyone that has come after me is gone. they are again they have disappeared from theth. i have hat plenty of them, gone or down to zero. jeb bush was supposed to win this thing and he is reduced to rubble. >> you talked about cnn and you said --. >> you are always hitting the media, the --. >> you were external with megyn kelly. i said, is that howie? you were not fair. you were not good. more importantly, about the guys, i am not treated well when they do a story and i get krauthammer commenting or george will or i get steven hayes, this poor guy, they mention trump and it is like he becomes a shaking monster. i never saw anything like it. the level of hate toll road is incredible.
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i am pretty much on their side. >> bill o'reilly said you were being petty and thin skinned going after the journalists and i say you have a right to hit back when criticized but you seem open saysive. my question is, is it because you cannot restrain or it is a strategy because a lot of your supporters despise the bleed? >> neither. when i do something wrong, the bad stories does not bother me. >> said you are controversial. >> i don't like a bad story or a false story or a false critique. when i do something good. they don't give me the credit that i citizen. that is, you enjoy, not only -- i will take some google and do something amazing and they make it negative. they are bias. it would not matter if i were abraham lincoln doing the debate krauthammer will say negative. it would not matter if i was... well jennings bryant
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because they say he was great but unfortunately we don't have any tapes, but it would not matter who i was they have their critique written before the debate takes place. they dishonest. >> because they disagree with you? >> it is good when i fire them. it make me feel good. second all, it takes away credibility. you have to fight for your sell. that is a problem with our country we do not fight for ourselves. we are not respected as a country. if they critique me and i thought they were right, i we not be upset bring it. when you do something great and they try and be little you? you got to fight. >> after the break the panel reacts to donald trump and "new york times" were gauges in self editing, was the paper trying to protect president obama? why has abc given a booster rocket greeting to the new "star
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wars" film? feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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but we will talk about the donald trump interview and the coverage of the race. the first time i heard donald trump say he attacks journalists because we it makes him feel better and it undermines their
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strategy. >> he is the ultimate secure, watching where the pundits are and what they are and are not saying. for donald trump he believes that he has to fate. if it is fighting against the g.o.p. establishment or the media, it works, it is something where the g.o.p. voters have been frustrated and they are saying, you know what, if the media is not supporting my candidate, we are not going to lick him. ahe used the word hatred saying commentators hate him but he drew that line from i'm fighting them and the country need as fighter. >> yes, that is the campaign if a nutshell. people love trump because he fights. he never backs down. he never takes the high road. he is never too good he will get into it with anyone no matter how big or small. look at the people he responds to on twitter but he has a point, the media treat him differently than any other candidate. they would never go after a
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strain stream politician the way they do with trump. he is different than any other candidate so he is treated differently. >> journalists say boycott his business but hue how he pivots to a perceived weakness and he questions whether bezos bought the "washington post" to him amazon. >> people is so many different media options now. you can understand the basic gist of what is go on in the world and not watch the network news and get it from reading twitter. for truck item he can attack them and it does not cut off his ability. >> he can broadcast open twitter. republican primary voters feel the media treats them the same way they see the media treating donald trump and they love it. >> there was an off the record meeting the president had with columnists and it was locationed and what was fascinating, president obama indicated he did
12:45 am
ought see enough cable television to fully appreciate the anxiety after the attacks in paris and san bernardino and the paper the next morning with that paragraph gone and a couple of paragraphs were edited. does this feel like an effort to picket the president? >> especially after you read the piece of the president doing a reality show with bear and talking about climate change. the need was strange and the most interesting part of the story was edited and they said it was because of space reason. my guess is the white house called "new york times" is said take this out. >> >> we don't know that. >> we don't know what happened but "new york times" promise should have explained what happened. it is possible the reporting was inaccurate or the president does not say i am decide emotions based on cable but you add an update or correction or clarification but the fact it was disappeared undermines it. >> they did not say -- they
12:46 am
portrayed ace as routine. >> the headphone was that there was a muted response to the attacks. and obama defends his response to terror attacks. >> as betsy said it is perplexing they have not explained this. the headline or the editing. there needs to be a correction or clarification. that is more true for the ed sitting. headlines changed all time. you can free too much into that. there are space considerations in print. taking out the paragraph, that is perplexing and damming. >> "new york times" was scolded for a story of the san bernardino female terrorist reporting that she posted her views on violent jihad and social media and everyone picked this up and it bam an established fact but they were
12:47 am
private messages not easy to be detected. the editor stayed is a failure of skepticism is every level of the reporting and even the editor said it was a big mistake. next, hillary clinton and bernie sanders and o'malley just debated on abc. are the media just treating that race as the coronation?
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. another saturday >> another saturday night and another democratic debate which the media does not care until bernie sanders fire add top staffer for improperly getting personal data of hillary
12:51 am
clinton. the topic did not last. our does secretary hillary clinton deserve an apology? >> yes i apologize and i hope we can work together on an independent investigation, i apologize to my supporters. >> i very much appreciate that comment, bernie, it is important that we go forward on this. >> the press tweeted this as a digital watergate in the old days you broke into an office and bernie apologized and she said fine, move on. >> barely mentioned. >> because he apologized and shut it down but he suspended two more campaign staffers which has gotten attention, and, really, it is a digital watergate if it happened the way the hillary clinton said it happened. i has gotten the tax but the fact they have the debates on saturday at 8:30 p.m. makes it so it will not get the thank it should. >> last debate was on cbs on saturday night, and this on
12:52 am
scarlet knight and the dnc would prefer this and some thing they are protecting hillary clinton but the net works do slut to go along and maybe they are -- no not think there are much ratings or do not want to put hillary clinton in the spot light. >> chicken and egg. they are getting bad ratings because they are on at times that no one can see them. >> but they lose more if they preempt prime time. >> it is a beforing race. right? you said it. >> it is boring. hillary clinton is the front run are by a mile and a half and there are no great character on the scale of donald trump and the republics are fun. they are exciting. and there are some democrats would worry about that. would think that even if it is the case this is the dnc trying to shelter hillary clinton from attention, they are actually having the opposite affect because the republicans get all the air time, all the attention, and voters are tuning into a
12:53 am
degree not seen in previous presidential campaigns. what you are doing is making hillary clinton disaper and she is pretty good. >> pretty good at disappearing. >> some say a boring race hillary clinton will written win so why cover it, and others say, wait, she has a shot at becoming the next president of the united states and are the media giving her a pass? >> to a certain degree but i have to put the mail on the dnc and the chairwoman who came out this morning and said it is the soviet works push this and i don't know if that is true that that it is the networks. >> how do you think that david muir and martha raddatz did? >> i think martha raddatz was perfect, she did a very strong job asking the tough questions. she was able to bring out open
12:54 am
issue especially of isis and whether they would go in with ground troops so she was very affective. part of it is because she is on the ground a global correspondent, as well. >> exactly, she has the foreign also knowledge to drill down and challenge hillary clinton the. >> i take issue with the idea that the race does not deserve coverage, the reality is bernie sanders has gotten more donation in the year before a presidential election before any other canidate in history and has an excited base, and they click stories about him for reporters to ask bernie sanders supporters or those curious, they do not have a say in what we cover and we ignore that bloc? it is a mistake. all the press tuned off when beers did not make an issue of the e-mails say he is not really running to neck her off. >> we should not ignore it, but when bernie sanders backs off, it doesn't look like he is serious.
12:55 am
>> polly bull, betsy woodruff and mercedes schlapp. stay tuned
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>> an explosion of tweets of my interview with donald trump and here are a couple. the most honest donald trump interview today fair and balanced. but rick, donald trump right, the establishment republican pundits are in full panic. >> the new "star wars" movie a story of great importance, the trailer aired during half time on espn monday night football and mentioned 200 times on espn and at abc7, it is kicking into overdrive. >> we have been counting down with all of the stars in "star wars" and i sat down one of them
12:59 am
face of the dark side. >> and repeat of the war in "star wars" with "the force awakens" has been kept so under wraps that we barely know what the characters look like. >> we are so thrilled to have the original base cowboy here, welcome and good morning harrison ford. >> should the [blank] -- shut the [blank] up. >> sorry. sorry. >> soxing the mystery "star wars" is produced by lucas films three years ago bought by disney which owns abc and espn so the force is with them with abc and the movie is breaking ought box office records. that is it for "media buzz" and i am howard kurtz. we hope you like our facebook page where we post a lot of original content and video
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responding to your questions. we look forward to hearing from you on the media about what you thought of this today. become on sunday as we are each sunday, 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the