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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  December 27, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> for 230300. it was really packed. it was fun. our i was there one time and that will be the only time. that will do it for us, see you. >> on buzz beater a war of heads between hillary clinton and donald trump and the media cannot get enough. the focus shifts from hillary clinton's unsubstantiated debate charges over isis to his use of a crude term against hillary clinton and the slam against her bathroom habits. >> where did hillary clinton go? she started the debate without her, phase ii. i know where she went, disgusting, i don't want to talk about it. too is too disgusting. >> donald trump, my goodness, who knows if there is a subtext. do you need a subtext? do you need to know the hidden meaning behind what is already
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againstive? i thought it was a funny comment and i don't think it makes him sexist. >> are the pundits overreacting? and with the latest attack on bill clinton will they focus on his past misconduct? the "washington post" pulls a mean cartoon depicting ted cruz's children as. monkeys. >> i saw what cartoon. not much ticks me off. but making money of my girls... >> should the newspaper apologize? >> plus, "new york times" and other news outlets diving into virtual reality but if the story is only virtually real, is it real journalism? i am howard kurtz and this is "media buzz" right now. >> during a democratic debate last week that hillary clinton came out swinging against donald trump. >> he is becoming isis' best
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recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> but there is no evidence of the video and he pushed back hard and many journalists said hillary clinton was wrong. >> i will demand an apology from hillary clinton the show should apologize. show lies about e-mails, she lies about whitewater, she lies about everything. >> i am -- was flabbergasted to hear that claim and to bring up the thing about recruiting muslims to attack the united states with trump or whatever. >> everyone understands what hillary clinton said might not be true right now at this moment but it is likely to become true. >> but it was wiped out by a media explosion over him use, this expression. >> but she was going to be, favored to win and she got
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schlonged...she lost the. >> he blamed the mainstream media for disporting that. >> donald, i tell you, i gasp when i hear him making the bathroom jokes about secretary hick. >> i think i am presidential and i have done presidential work. >> join to us analyze the strange turn in the campaign coverage is editor at large and fox news contributor, and chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner and joe triple doppler democratic strategist and fox news contributor. how is it in this vital presidential campaign we are talking about terrorism and the economy, that we are consumed by a debate over the meeting of the work that i did not know was a verb. >> i suspected it was a verb but not to be used in that context. look, i don't get consumed by it. i have developed a callousness of that kind of stuff that trump
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does. but because it is ratings driven, fun, easy, does not choir a lot of explanations and the media suffers for it. >> susan blaming the bleed for create that say this is a term that means beaten badly although it does have another meeting and when npr used it on the air there was no outcry. >> it is used alternately, but he does mean it in a different way this time and no one is sure. the fact is, that, donald trump can say about anything. he can say just about anything in the campaign and it is a-okay in the primary season. i question is how much judgment will fall upon him in the general election when he dealing with another group of voters but in the primary son he can get around with it. all the reaction from the hillary clinton? trite it is not the first time he demonstrateed his sexism.
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jennifer, her communications director said the accummulation and degrading language affects all women. if it is not that bad why all this? >> look, this helps the hillary clinton camp. right? to get in a fight with donald trump in a democratic party you have to talk about catnip for the media, it words for her. so this --. all the more we make out of of out of it the better for hillary clinton? >> absolutely. trump offends. the more media is offended, the more the person who is hit is offended bit, the more people out in who are offended at the political process in this country who are for him and they dig in harder and cheer him on. it is like a self reinforcing game between the press, trump and his opponents. and it works. >> i am looking at where this
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goes next and i have heard a couple of pundits say and now donald trump himself talking about bill clinton and trump tweeting for example, that letting her husband how to campaign he is demonstrate add penchant for secondism, so inappropriate, and on "fox & friends" this morning, he talked about the troubles of bill clinton. >> and that is absolutely fair game in the sense that, first of all, hillary clinton has been lately tweeting statement about how victims should, alleged victims of sex crimes should be believed and be given the benefit of the doubt but that creates criticisms for bill clinton who has a lost alleged victims. >> what of the fact that bill clinton is not running for president although obviously he would live in the white house if his wife were elected. >> i don't know that is obvious but i think --. >> you can -- she is running in large part on her legacy of who her husband was talking about what they did, when they were in the white house, bill clinton
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ran the 1992 and to for the price of one, and she would never have been a defender if not the first lady and talks about the obama and clinton record. can you now separate -- she recently said she would not be called hill particular rodman clinton just hillary clinton. >> how is it her fault that her husband messed around, as we know he did repeatedly in the past and while he was in the white house? >> voters will judge her as someone who trillion rated it and someone who may have in some cases defended it and that is her real problem. there is talk and evidence that she end dead him. >> her version is she was deceived. >> you say show tolerated. >> a last things were happening you can only claim ignorance so long that calls into her character and her strength as a heard but the issue of sexism for the media to go after trump
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as sexism is super official. you have to look at him as a c.e.o. and what he has been doing, the "washington post" did a story of him as a c.e.o. and wait until the 7th paragraph in the story before they finally say, many people who work for him said he was ahead of his time in promoting women. that is where you get into the substance of sexism. >> the most fascinating thing of this regardless whether he is fair game or the ability of him is fair game is how trump deflects how he does it. these were tweets. he literally --. >> but there are millions of 238ers so when he tweets it makes news. >> that is the big differences of the cycle. he is actually able to create media firestorm controversy with a simple 140 characters and he doesn't use them all. >> but the obvious point is that all of the presidential candidates are on twitter but most do not use it as a
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provocative tool the way that trump has. >> they treat him...trump benefits or is hurt by, pick your standard, by a standard we do not apply to a lot of other politician whose say ridiculous things. joe biden says insane and ridiculous things and he is the vice president of the united states and when he says something crazy, people, say, that is joe, maybe half an hour story, not a whole day to day. >> you are saying the media, and i know you are not a trump fan, you say the media is too hard on donald trump compared to other politicians. author too eager to play his government he gets to change the subject when he is in trouble to another controversy a.m. thing and everyone gets dresses over their head over the latest crazy things and plays to his advantage. >> all politicians try to change the subject but he better. >> if mrs. mrs. could deliver 11 million viewers when he said something controversy there would be plenty of --.
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>> this whole attack or debate silly as it could be over the yiddish word wipeed out critical coverage of hillary clinton for saying that there were donald trump individual uses used as isis recruitment troll. >> that is not true. >> that is true. he extend on his own story. he could -- she should have stopped at his words are going to be used... >> as a recruiting tool. >> but he takes everyone's gaze off of that and makes it about something else. >> susan next is a situation where she does not backtrack or yes the record. it was like taking a front page from the playbook and the media let her get away with it. all the thursday cycle has changed so much between the last two detectionor losses it is one controversy a week and that is
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all the public can tolerate. that is all they have the attention span for. even if this whole controversy about the yiddish language did not come along we would have been on to another subject, another controversy gists because of the nature. >> on twitter it is a controversy an hour. >> before we end the segment, fox business debate in south carolina january 14. a new criteria you can be in the top six nationally negotiation minimum number, top five in iowa or top five in new hampshire and that could exclude some people and it could only be six or seven, and rand paul said he will not show any undercart debate. if you tell a campaign with three westbounds to go, you destroy the campaign, this is not a job of the media who picks to win, the voters get a chance but the media have to set some criteria. briefly? >> good format. we have people explode out of the undercard and to do that three weeks before the election is wrong on rand paul's part.
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>> should the networks be setting a higher bar? >> i would rather have a criteria like this six or eight months ago where -- only because the national polls are a ridiculous standard to have. at least doing it where measured by where the voters are and where people are meeting the candidates would be better. >> smaller field. more substance. that is what we need with the candidates. less one line zingers more substance about what they do. >> in question it will be a better debate with fewer people and more of a chance of those could be president but there are some languishing at 2 percent or 3 percent or 4 percent of the polls that break out later. >> yes, now a break and you can weigh in on twitter or e-mail us. ahead we will examine the media's mistakes and misjudgments in the presidential campaign.
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>> the pulitzer prize winning cartoonist for the "washington post" said the usual rule is that a politician's children is off limits but decide ted cruz' kids are fair game because they appeared in a tv ad with the family scoring humorous political points by reading from supposed christmas classic. and she showed him as an organ grinder and the daughters as...monkeys. >> i saw that cartoon and not much ticks me off.
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but making fun of my girls, don't mess with my kids, with marco rubio's kids, with hillary clinton's kids, with anyone's kids. leave kids alone. >> and the car dean was taken down in hours and said kids should be off limits, no apology from the paper. >> i also note that president obama when he was running used his two daughters in a christmas ad so it is pretty common. to say since he used his kids in an ad it takes away the rule children are off limits and they can be portrayed as monkeys in an ad does not sit well and it bothers me there was no apology from the washington post/abc news poll although it is a double standard and they overlooked it and does not see it before it went on that is shoddy journalism. >> it is hard to look at everything in advance of the age of digital content but they are seven and five. joe, ted cruz is fundraising off of this in a pitch letter for money and the liberal media are trying to destroy me and the
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family. i don't view it this way but some say he wants it this way, defending and making an issue. >> he is trying to have it both ways. the "washington post" should have apologized. a last politicians have their kids walking with them in the park and talking about what a great family they are and that is good. very few of them use their kids in a parody attack on another candidate but...and to hit me again, do that, i got hit, send me money, which is what he has been doing...since...there is nothing new about that anymore but he is trying to have it budget ways. he is creating an uproar and using that to get more money. >> ted cruz advisor said we are raising money off of this but it does not make up for the damage, he is a dad and feels like his kids were portrayed as animals. it is a wide consensus i it was bad for "washington post". almost everyone agrees on that
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and what enrages people is the double standard. the hue and cry of someone doing this with the obama girls would seem racial would have been overwhelming and do this day if you criticize chelsea chin tock, she is what, 35, on the campaign trail, it would see out of bounds. >> one, making fun of the kids was bad, but portraying them as monkeys and...they should not have done it. >> we have an example which is thanksgiving pardon ceremony last year, congressional aide criticized the girls over the dress and said they should show crass and a huge uproar and she lost her job the quickly it seeps like the media reaction has been muted compared to that. it has. and partly it was the content of the ted cruz ad because it was a parody they were not just saying merry christmas but we are,
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perhaps, reaching a new era where the off limits things are no longer off limits. i have seen a few chelsea cartoons so we are creeping into that new phase. >> so much for standards. >> thank you all for stopping by. >> next, ben carson does interviews about shaking up the campaign and backs off and blames the press. stay tuned. @oyu0x?hy@x@8p
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>> ben carson has charged again and again the media treat him unfairly and that is what he told me when several media outlets raised quotes of his life story. >> are you saying organizations like "politico" and cnn and "wall street journal" deliberately try to to you? >> yes.
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to put it simply. >> why? >> because when you deliberately lie and put that out as a story or you do shabby investigations and you say, we have investigated and we cannot find...i mean, is that an acceptable standard? >> but there week ben carson got into a media mess of his own making. it is no secret he has been sinking in the polls over questions of his foreign policy knowledge. on wednesday morning, he invited "washington post" reporter to his maryland home to say he was unhappy with his campaign staffers some of whom were overpaid. ben carson said and i quote, "i'm looking at every as speaking of the campaign, everything on table every job is on the table, and three would not say if he would keep his campaign manager but changes could come the next day and made similar comments to associated press. the press secretary put out a statement declaring "dr. carson is back in charge," raising the
2:25 pm
questions who was in charge before? armstrong william whose sat odds with the campaign manager told the post to take what he said on the home and on the invitation seriously but after a lost back-and-forth discussions ben carson said high has 100 percent confidence in the campaign team and blamed the "washington post" in an interview with cnn's reporter. >> there must be some concern because you told the "washington post" today that you were shaking up your campaign. >> well, the "washington post" quite frankry had their story already written before they talked to me and they were convinced i was going do fire everyone and we were going to go in a completely different direction and that is absolutely not true. >> it seems what the "washington post" is guilty of is quoting his own words and the story was written in the car by the reporter on the way back to washington not in advance. the press has been unfair to dr. carson but it makes little
2:26 pm
sense to complain when the source of the story is your on the record interview. >> how did the media so badly blow it on the candidacy of donald trump? donald trump? stay tuned.rn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. ♪ (cell phone rings)
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>> this has been the wildest presidential campaign of my professional lifetime and the mainstream media have been impairingly wrong missing the mood of the country, exaggerating the strength of some candidates and misjudging donald trump from the beginning. >> this is donald trump's biggest day and he will be ignored from this time failure. >> what makes donald trump interesting is three is injuring the republican party because he takes in some ways the most interesting field since the republicans first fielded a candidate in 1856 and makes it
2:30 pm
look simply. >> this picture "clown runs for president," and they will be out of business very soon, it is doing no business whatever and they do that for circulation. >> to assess the media performance i sat down with two of my favorite commentators. >> join us and mercedes schlapp united states new columnist and former aide to george w. bush and contributing editor at "the atlantic." looking back at campaign, all of the months which the media dismissed and denied and mocked and minimized truck's candidacy, was this one of the worst media misjudgments? >> absolutely, the media needs to get out of prediction game and for months after months saying this donald trump, for example, he is surgeoning in the summer but that is it, in fall he is going down. >> september 1. >> back in september you would see the stories, "politico" had an article saying he is, the
2:31 pm
surge is ebbing. that is not happening. stick to basic reporting. >> but you like donald trump or don't like donald trump the nothing he was a side show and a clown and the summer entertainment, did it show the media to be out of touch? >> i think the media has definitely underestimated the degree of anger and fear out there in the country and that is what he is channeling and he has done a brilliant job of it so the more crazy he is and the more i think ragous the media is like, this is the moment, this it is, this is it but voters are like, no, bring more. >> why did the media underestimate the degree of anger and anxiety and disgust with the mill establishment? >> a lot of the media does not quite understand the base he is speaking to in terms of their fears and how hard life lab for a lot of the people or the working class demographics that
2:32 pm
know that life is never going to be the same for them and donald trump is speaking to them in a way i am not sure others understand. >> donald trump has changed the model for the media and campaigning in general. a candidate, for example, works through the spokes people with offices where you have to call multi-people times to talk to, maybe, a surrogate. that is not case with donald trump. he picks up the phone, he call as reporter, and he is the one that is able to drive the narrative, drive the conversation and that has been a model that has changed. something that traditional political campaigns need to revisit in their own case. >> what was interesting is his time on reality tv turned him into an judicial candidate. do not hedge your bets, straight shooting and be there as out there as possible make him the perfect candidate. >> i think that ben carson when
2:33 pm
he was hot, most journalist could not quite understand his appeal, either, and it comes back to the disgust with the political establishment in washington, and the disgust with the media establishment and people thing those are kind of the sam thing so interwined that we are just in this bubble and does not understand what a lot of real americans think. >> this will go back to 2010 where it was herman cain, michele bachmann and they are staying where are these personalities rising up, up in the polls in the process at certain times. when mitt romney became the them knee they are like, okay we have an establishment person this is good. >> a sigh of relief. ain case with this narrative of the outsider being so strong, the voters being so angry at the political establishment and so angry at the media, they decide, guess what? we are not going to listen to the mainstream media. we will go with this one guy who
2:34 pm
speaks for us. >> in every campaign, the press underestimates some candidate but it is something deeper and that is why i give a real failing grade. when you hedge from. cog out, whether it was comments about mexican immigrants or muslims whether they should be allowed to travel here, or john mccain, or whatever, megyn kelly, many people in the press would say, there it is, he has gone too far and he goes up in the polls and would would like --. >> what people like about him he is mocking the powerful people that they feel look down on them. or would have rigged the game. he gets to play as they see it, above the game. they love it when three starts going after the rules, and he talks how he has donated all of the money to the people so he knows they are corrupt and people eat this up because they
2:35 pm
feel the game is stacked. all the voters do not want to be told by the media money does its what to think, what to choose, and that is why there is the appeal nor at this point a truck true. >> but the media telling us what to think? i don't think we are telling them what doing. people in the media say i like this person. >> but the majority of the media out there, pundits are the ones that are saying, how can trump not be falling in show this possible? he makes the outrageous statements and it is not reflected. there is part of it, and is an exam of why trump goes after the media types. stephen hayes or charles krauthammer but he goes after them and suddenly the people are like, wait, i don't know if i want to listen to the media pundits. it is a conflict that donald trump is creating. >> constant war. >> looking back at the
2:36 pm
democratic campaign, hillary clinton has has very testy relations with the resolution and it was supposed to be different from 2008 and a lot of it goes back to the e-mail damage dallas so why do so many on the conservative side believe the press is in the thank for her? >> there is the assumption there is a liberal media bias so hillary clinton is a dome so it must be the bias. you are correct, whatever rules are at play, the resolution loves to jump on the clinton, anything they do becomes big news and it is under the radar. her people are honest about not liking the press they will not be a john mccain get on the bus and ride together for thousands of myles. >> there was a heard of two months where video dave no national tv interviews and slow avoided the press. the e-mail scandal was a lost aggressive digging by major news organizations, the clinton
2:37 pm
foundation, too, but then that story started to run out of gas because there were no new rest places and the refrain on the right became, well, we are giving hillary clinton a pass but she is not in a competitive race. >> that is true. the clintons have their own political reality store. >> everyone has a reality store. >> they did have months of coverage on the clinton foundation on the e-mails and benghazi. it is not not as interesting as covering the g.o.p....not a circus...a party. >> horse race. >> there is no horse race. >> they thought with bernie sanders there is what a big excitement, feel the burn, we are there, but hillary clinton has the nomination and it is a done story. >> to what extent are media facts checkers whether the republican or democratic side? increasingly seen as partisan or
2:38 pm
pushing an agenda and what they say doesn't matter? >> all of the media is viewed with suspicion so a lofts suspicion and people can dismiss what they don't like. >> i take the true and false and pants on fire statement, for example, in the case of hillary clinton she got 29 true comments and how many to donald trump of true comments? zero. if they can not find one true comment that donald trump has made, i would call that bias. >> so they are partisan? >> absolutely. you have to balance it out. find the 29 states on each side. >> thanks very much for joining us. >> next on "media buzz" from presidential debate mod prayers to prayers -- moderators to the bill cosby story. cash card from capital one.
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>> time now for our most noteworthy interviews this past year, the first fox news debate was big drawing the largest audience in cable news history and controversial drawing criticism from among others donald trump. >> when you asked jeb bush about those who died in your brother's war or about donald trump and comments about women on twitter
2:43 pm
and their hooks or ben carson about his inexperience, did you worry about blow back? >> no. we anticipated some in the oughtians could -- audience could boo us and that is okay. they can boo us and some are booing us now on twitter but that is part of it. people feel very passionately about their candidates and i understand that. my quaterback is not too feel passionately but to go out and ask probing questions that are hopefully smart and hope the people learn something about this person. in this context, his weak notices. all the question, would anyone rule out a third party bid aimed at donald trump who did not like it saying it was unfair. why was he targeted? >> to be honest it was a question that was around for a couple of weeks, all tack about a possible independent run if he does not get the nod or the
2:44 pm
nomination. frankly, we did not know who would raise their hand or not raise their hand and i thought, i was more prepared to have no one raise their happened and say, mr. trump just to be chaired you have raised the prospect of an independent run, are you saying you are making this pledge? >> the biggest story was the downfall of bill cosby as dozens of women came forward say he drugged and assaulted them seeksually. we sat down with one of them. >> you say that bill cosby drugged and raped you when you were a 17-year-old aspiring actress. what happened when you told people? >> i told my agent and she does nothing about it. no one believed me. at all. in fact, i even went to an attorney and he laughed me out of his office. >> what about the rest of the media, why do you think it took news organizations so long to focus on what you said happened to bill cosby and the other
2:45 pm
women? >> i was silenced, i was threatened into silence and the people i did tell did nothing to help me at all. >> the dean of the washington press corps stepped down after half a tone and i asked him to reflect on rebound and the press. >> many think the broadcast networks are too bias or liberal. do you agree looking back that the media gave president obama an easy ride in 2008 and for much of the presidency? >> i think the whole political world was struck by this fellow who came out of the nor with this very unusual name and when he won out in iowa people sat up and took notice. >> but isn't the job of journalists to be skeptical of a young fhenom? >> a it is, maybe we were not skeptical enough.
2:46 pm
>> and bob woodward could be the most advocate of long formvictive journalism but four decade after watergate is that still what people want? >> you talk aback hillary clinton and you said we are going do find out my newspaper, your network all the news organizations and everyone is going to do a 20,000 word, 30,000 biography of every stage and it struck me as old fashioned because journalists can write this but what drives the news cycle is the quick hit, the tweets or environmental video. >> if you find something that is new and explained who these people are, that will drive the news cycle. people will read it or maybe they won't read all 30,000 words as frequently happens but they will get the essence of it because it will become part of the discussion. >> you covered donald trump, who seems to get a lost attacks from the media but the criticism from the media in many ways makes him
2:47 pm
stronger? >> if i were doing donald trump i would do 50,000 words and do each deal and look at how can he get his money? >> i hope woodward is right about in-depth journalism. stay tuned. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> in the digital download some news organizes try to get on the virtual reality craze made popular by video games. here is something from "new york times" now. business.
2:51 pm
>> >> if you were enhancing reality; that journalism? >> we explore that question with a technical analyst here in washington, dc. >> welcome. >> thank you for having me were we will go into the world of virtual reality. check this out. very impressive. my "new york times" and you can try it. >> i would like to try it. came in my "new york times" a google cardboard hinge and you put your phone in here and you can see stories in virtual reality and "new york times" is among the news organizations that sees this as a form of storytelling. have you excited about this? is this a future avenue for journalism? >> i am excited about virtual reality as a plot form of new technology a great way to immerse your experience in an experience and whether that is games right now is the major one. >> games.
2:52 pm
>> but telling a news story is completely new frontier. it excites me --. >> it seems like a gimmick? >> this does scream gimmick. but "new york times" is trying to show they are aware there is new technology out there, taking advantage of it and they are trying to figure out a new way to exude empathy from the readers and doing that by creating news story in virtual reality...i think it is cool --. >> empathy, i think they are trying to reach those who are 20 who do not like to read newspapers? >> that could be the case but i argue people are not subscribing to the "new york times" that are 20 but it could be a gimmick. it is a cool technology and i wonder and want your opinion, the ethics of creteing a news story and creating a totally immersion experience from
2:53 pm
scratch. >> it did not bother me initially, as everyone uses a 15 to create video at an event and we are trying to explore new technologies but i read a letter to the "new york times" from former managing editor of the "washington post" who said this seems based on the "new york times" description based on tricks and deceptions like photographers and is that like faking a scene? i thought, well...maybe he has a point. >> and he might. what they are doing to create the scenes is often placing a camera in the middle of a low tell with the mirrors and trying to get different angles and an interesting part is how they are go -- what they will use to re-create, a when statement for a police report, what do you use and how do you disclose? is there diswe closure saying this is based on outside witness statements. how do they tell the viewer this may not actually be what really happened. >> right.
2:54 pm
at what point do you move from being be a journalist to spielberg? if you set it up too much the photographer is augmenting his own reality. look, people looking at this know they getting a staged event. >> the cost of produce these is insane, it is tens of thousand us. $50,000 for some of these short clips. that will be cost prohibitive in the beginning so how do you decide which stories to spend $50,000 to bring to an audience be and i don't know that answer. >> how many clicks do you get? >> it is a gimmick for now, we are part of the times and we know the technology is going to be used in the future to report and we take a stab at it. >> you sound ready? >> i don't know how ridiculous i look... >> do it in the privacy of your own home. >> thank you.
2:55 pm
>> we will post the digital downloads on our home page. stay tuned. . still to come, your top tweets today people are coming out to the nation's capital to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement,
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richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me. well forgive and forget... kind of. i don't think so! do you like nuts? >> time for the top tweets on the coverage of truck trillion using the yiddish term and hillary clinton's charge of sexism, it could have been the dominant story of the year, nothing that the medial not overreact to. the media are too soft often donald trump. and another, media are bias to cover what he wants whether than you putting him on against. >> shameful. like the media being fair in covering the lie about a donald trump video they will never be fair to donald trump. president obama has talked to every weird media out health but never with comics and cars getting coffee. >> you have to have something to
2:59 pm
look forward to next. >> what are you looking forward to? >> getting the hell out of this car. >> the president will be in one of the cars with jerry seinfeld and never leave the white house. >> we remember with obama spoke to youtube personality we previously famous for taking a bath in truth loops and make. >> so, i have one wore, your first wife --. >> my first wife? do you know something i don't? >> for the first lady. >> and she just got an interview with hillary clinton and we have the pictures. what can we expect? >> i am excited. i am nervous, but we i can't wait to meet our mention and first... >> no fruit loops but glozell is ready to give hillary clinton a
3:00 pm
warm bath. hope you had a great christmas and enjoy the holiday weekend and check out our facebook page and give always "like," and we are back here, sunday, with the latest buzz. >> i am hear for chris wallace another night of deadly twisters. in the race for the white house, mike huckabee said it is iowa or bust. >> if we don't do well in that state, i don't know how i can translate that into a great surge going forward. mike huckabee on make-or-break in iowa and his republican rivals. >> it is a fox news sunday exclusive. >> holiday travelers ma no longer be opt out of the controversy a.m. body scanners. >> i flew after 9/11 and that was scary but i would say feeling comfortable. >> i don't think this is effective screening procedure for someone determined.