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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 1, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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year. because just like we were doing last year and all the years before, we'll be looking out for you. really. happy new year. a special edition of the o'rilery factor is on tonight. we have an unforgettable show for you tonight. the miller meets gutfield and mcgirk special. what does dennis miller think about the tsa? >> until you fly me privately, the tsa are the biggest geniuses in the culture. >> what are greg gutfeld's thoughts on russian leader puten? >> he's the world's sexiest man. >> what do college graduates know about american history? bernard mcgirk has some thoughts. >> we have the nation of dunces we have the right to be stupid. >> all of that and more in some of the best moments from the boys this year. caution you are about to enter
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the no-spin zone "the factor" begins right now. tonight the special edition of the factor, the miller meets gutfield and mcguirk editioeld2. the best the. >> there was a volvo expedition, this is a self-parking volvo. bang. >> it didn't really work and the two guys who got whack reasonable doubt journalists and i say bernie goldberg might have been hiding in the trunk there. >> well let me say this i think it did have the pedestrian notification, because everybody knows today's journalists are completely pedestrian. so i think it went right for them. and by the way, you know what
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this augers for, robot journalists, because a robot journalist can't be hit by a robot car. this is all crazy. they won't be happy until there are driverless hybrids going around the track at the indianapolis 500. can we stop it right here? if you're one of the first people to trust a driverless car, you are completely nuts. >> can you imagine that? sitting in the back seat and the little machine is running and, i don't think so. i kind of like driving. >> a little robo mother-in-law in the back nagging at you for your driving. >> slow down, you're driving too fast. >> willie nelson getting into the pot business, marketing his own brand of marijuana, called willie's reserve in states where pot is legal. what do you think about willie's reserve? >> willie smokes a lot of dope, doesn't he? he is committed to the dope. you get the feeling if you were
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in molokini and you went scuba diving. willie would put some hash in the air tanks, so he could fill his lungs with ganga. i've got marketing ideas. i got a name for the chain of stores he's eventually going to have. i would call them since it's sort of like starbucks for pot. i would call them starbucked up. and people would go what's with you? and you would go i'm all starbucked up. if he goes in, you order an ounce and you could get a full nelson. half-ounce is a half-nelson. a quarter-ounce is a little willie. the guy is 81 years old. when he gets to heaven it's going to be a little cloudier up there than it is now. >> i was a little surprised. >> i now you're not going to come out with a line of factor weed. but i would encourage you to come out with a line of don't be a pinhead or pothead shirts. >> willie is 81 years old and he's still flying high as they
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say. >> he, i don't know why he needs that tour bus, because he's cruising like like skywalker on his own. >> in the future miller, apparently clap rattic robots, and we're not talking about willie nelson any more. machines are going to be available to put them in your mansion. >> hey hey hey. >> and they can like do stuff for us. are you down with that? >> why you -- yeoww! >> they're going to be just like humans, 92 million of the robots will be out of bork. and when i go out now a days, america is is in such tough shape, half of the people behind counters act like robots. if i couldert squirt some three-on-one and get it together, that would be a nice thing. you've been in staples the office supplies store lately, what are you kidding me?
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it's like a george roemero film with nametags. let the robots start getting high. >> and folks he's only two years old, too. >> willie will have a robotic marketing plan. but. >> be your own hash pipe. >> when you get the robot to come to your house, number one the robot is going to start to whine about stuff. that's going to happen. and number two, the robot is going to start to text other robots. going to be texting all day long and so that's it. >> you can't fire a robot now, a lot of procedures in cali to fire them. >> you're fired! >> you can't say mean things about them any more. indiana is trying to pass a law not to protect them. >> what are you talking about? >> give us your itinerary on your vacation? >> well listen, i started off in
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iceland, my tour guide told me, i was intrigued to find out that 63% of the people in iceland believe in gnomes, i thought that was amazing. when somebody disappears over there, they say he went with a gnome. i went out for a walk to test the theory out, out in the lava fields and i ran across a little gnome and his local name was jassa awe okinaaquas, which i t translates to jesse watters. like burt reynolds in the "cosmo" issue. i said i would like to go live with the gnomes. people are idiots right now and he said you can only come live with the gnomes if you answer me one question. i said go ahead, shoot, i'm open he said why would your country side with iran over israel? i said i can't answer that he said you can't come live with us. that was my story. >> gnomes are a superstition that they live underground in iceland and some of them are good and some of them are not. now from iceland, you go to
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scandinavia. norway and sweden, right? >> a lot of furor in norway. evidently there's a local businessman turned politician called dudenhold trump. he said that the vikings were wusses and it hit the fan. you can't believe it. >> does he have the hair and the -- >> no, he had a little glacier. his name was dunheld dump. >> the vikings are wimps? >> they're wusses. he wouldn't apologize. the people over there are so lovely and nice. and you know how beautiful it is over there. such different rhythms, i could drop off the grid ae here. bam, all of a sudden i got an american guy from chicago who wouldn't shut up for two and a half hours. he was a labor organizer. i told my son, he says my
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nickname for him is almost hemingway because the twist is everybody around him wanted to blow their head off. he wouldn't shut up. >> like going on a date with a chatty kathy doll, wah, wah. >> i remember thinking, man the american thing can beat you down. we're so pleased with everything we say, people over there just zip it for a while. even me you know, i got over there, i shut up for a while. as i watch people, have you done any people watching lately? it is terrifying what's out there right now. everybody is walking around stunned, mouth-breathing, crazy. people they're all individuals, but they're all nuts to me people are like snowflakes in that a wish a lot of them would melt and go away. >> we must say that norway and the fiords and the western part of that state, absolutely beautiful. scandinavia, very mellow people. they can't come out of the house, only in the summer so they're happy to be out.
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it's global warming hasn't hit there. >> those six-month nights. >> whacka whacka. >> a lot of beverages. what is on your wish list this year? >> i asked santa for a big honking forklift. so i can carry around my entire set of your killing series. >> that's just how i imagined it, billy. it's beautiful. what else did i ask for? i'd like two of one mif fellow citizen's front teeth. i would like one of them. since we seem to be in the mood to donate right now. >> i know what kerfuffle it is to say the words merry christmas, i've come up with an alternative solution. when i come up to somebody now and they seem like a stickler for that, i just look at them
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and i say merry jesus christ our lord and savior's birthday. because i don't want to say merry christmas. >> you go for the long version. >> merry jesus christ our lord and savior's birthday. and then they're begging for merry christmas at that point. if you come up to an atheist. all-day is say have an okay next thursday. coming up on this special edition of "the factor" gutfeld and mcguirk have a few things to say about hillary clinton and vladimir putin. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully...
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jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. we begin with president obama comparing the pilgrims to syrian refugees. >> nearly four centuries after the mayflower set sail, the world is still full of pilgrims. men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a safer, better future for themselves and their families.
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what makes america america is that we offer that chance. we turn lady liberty's light to the world. and widen our circle of concern to say that all god's children are worthy of our compassion and care. >> and now gutfeld and mcguirk, it can make you cry, very heart-felt, but totally ignoring the realities of the situation. that people in syria, by and large are good. but there are some bad people and you got to be very careful. >> so he's comparing pilgrims to the syrians. that's an insult from the left. because aren't pilgrims genocidal maniacs that destroyed the indian population? he insulted the syrian refugees, but the point is his logic is flawed. because it's like if you were to buy a product that you found out was contaminated, a small percentage, you would have it recalled. so that's the same thing with the refugee crisis. even if there's a tiny percentage. you have to be careful.
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>> but i have to correct the pilgrims didn't slaughter the indians. >> that's left wing ideology. >> they tried to get bond with them a little because they didn't have any food and the indians did. a smart move. >> they were pioneers and they actually fought the indians. >> sometimes. >> they thought with them for their own safety and they, you know, fought for what they got, they fought. now the syrian refugees are actually, they're fleeing a civil war instead of staying and fighting for their own whatever it is they have. >> kids and women can't do that. i think the president is exploiting our history in a way that's totally out of context. >> turning the war on terror into a war on immigration, which is basically like saying firefighting is an attack on buildings. >> you can make a case very heartfelt case we should take every single suffering child, all right. woman in the world and bring them here. you can make that case.
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>> greg strumabled on to something obama. obama said that pilgrims introduced devastation violence into the lives of indigenous people. >> totally different than the english. >> that's like what happened in paris with the tsarnaev brothers in boston. maybe he stumbled on to something. >> there's a way to do all this without polarizing the whole country of course. washington. >> and on thanksgiving. >> there is a way. >> now lena dunham, you know this? she was in some hbo show, "girls" or something? >> yes, delightful sitcom. >> like "leave it to beaver." >> in the show it would be like in seinfeld if costanza walked around naked all the time. it would be like dude put your clothes on. >> i'm never seen it i'm glad i haven't. but hillary clinton has and she sat down with miss dunnham for an interview.
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go. >> madam secretary,ky not tell you what an honor it is for me and all my readers to speak to you in this way. >> i thought this was an interview with lenny kravitz. >> did you see the episode where his pants split? >> no, i missed that. >> his stuff fell out. >> do you think coy get that on youtube? >> yes. >> i'll look for that. >> then they talked about north korea and macroeconomics. >> imagine if donald trump said he was going to look up miley cyrus' private parts. >> that's not hillary clinton's parts. that's miss dunham's fault. >> she said -- >> she was being facetious. >> lena dunham wrote a book where she admitted sexually abusing her younger sister. so you have one liar interviewing another liar. it would be like donald trump sitting down with josh dug ar -- >> you better answer honestly. you have dolby book.
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lena dunham calls. would you do it? >> i would have to do it. that voice was irresistible. >> i think i got it pretty close, did i not? >> it was like two dueling smoke alarms between them. two -- i think could you get ptsd from this interview, i'm not sure. it was incredible. but she does get a free ride. she does get a free ride from the media. but i think you have to do these interviews, it's a modern era, obama ushered us in. if you want to be correct, you got to do it. >> you got to reach the kids. >> and lenny kravitz, don't touch the kids. >> who is lenny kravitz? >> is he a singer? >> lena bonet's ex-husband? >> who is that? >> the cosby show. >> i know who she is. gutfeld, did you see puten? >> we ran into a bar, it was downtown, a little late. kind of drunk, he was shirtless, dancing right on the bar.
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i woke up later, i have no memory. i have to say that we had a great time. >> you and have a lad. >> we get along great. he's the world's sexiest man. >> and he knows now where all the young pretty russian women went because he's been bouncing around the clubs. they're all in brooklyn. >> there's a big russian ghetto around the coney island area. a lot of russians there. they emigrated obviously. >> a lot of russian strippers, too. >> my wife is russian, we stop it right there. >> we didn't even know you were married since were you hanging around with have a lvlad, we th might be another situation. >> he's a depolice to us, narcissist, a beady-eyed snake, but he had a good week starting with the "60 minutes" interview with charlie rose as a journalist turned into billy bush as opposed to bill o'reilly. >> i cut him some slack, rose, no matter what you say, the guy's going to lie, a.
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and b, he's like a smirky -- little guy. and the only way you could get through to him, gutfeld, would be to throw why did you shoot down the malaysian jet. we know you did it why did you do it? >> when you compare him to obama this is old school versus grad school. basically obama is the washington generals, to putin's harlem globetrotters, no match between the two. >> putin is so ruthless, and strong. he's a strong guy. and our president is a fill os fer. >> he came as the bad-ass going after the bad guys. >> isis will kill anybody that remove assad. if isis is in that category, he'll kill them all. >> said the right thing about keeping assad as opposed to obama whining. >> i think assad should go. i know what he's saying, you take him out, you have nobody to put in. next up, dennis miller spouts off about the japanese
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train master that passed away this year.
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really? buzz, what's up, man? you left some leaves burning out here. yeah. i just-- there was a-- i had-- i just came in just for a second. come on, man. if it's too hot to touch, it's too hot to leave. you could torch the whole neighborhood. that's a good point there, smo...key. 9 out of 10 wildfires are caused by humans. only you can prevent wildfires.
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thanks for staying with us, bill o'reilly in the maritime segment. let's get to the sage of southern california. so miller, you look like a teenager, man, with no facial hair. what happened there?
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>> billy, we got a drought out here and it died off because i wasn't watering it. >> so let's get to the tsa miller and i love those guys. 95% were found not to you know, they did a little sting operation and ran some weapons through. and they didn't get them. and is anybody surprised? >> well you know what happens when they hear that 95% of the tsa' has failed? they jump immediately into action and drum the 5% of the freaks out who are screwing up the career for the rest of them. if you want me to say more than that, you fly privately. you want to put me on the plane with you? i'll do it unless you fly me privately, the tsa are the biggest geniuses in the culture. i defer to the tsa, they're the greatest people whoever lived. the other day i saw a tsa guy that was so bright, he was watching baggage go through the metal detector, he was watching baggage from other airports,
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that's how smart those guys are and the head of the tsa resigned this week, they're going to hand him over and make him the head of homeland security he's done such a good job. i went through the other day, billy, they had carlos the jackal on a slip and slide going right through the line. they had verne troyer, up on the rack. they got their priorities. >> they're still going to take your shampoo away from you, miller. >> geniuses, i don't have to shampoo any more. that's why i shaved, i want to go through the bald line. >> now, did you see "american sniper" miller? >> yeah, yeah, sure i did. >> chris kyle is an american hero. god, may he rest in peace, thank god for men like that. >> i want to get the bad guys, but if i can't see them, i can't shoot 'em. >> my reaction to people like seth rogen and michael moore, i get a little upset about that, i thought the movie was a pretty
2:25 pm
fair deal. i think it showed honor and courage and i don't want it attacked. >> i wouldn't even qualify that it was a pretty fair deal. we have the right to be as big idiots as we want in this country and a lot of people prove it on a weekly basis. the only guy who affords that is a guy like kyle on a roof. in some crap town keeping good people alive and killing bad people. he's heaven-sent, they are heroes for the ages, iconic figures, he leaves such a big wake, do you even hear people -- i'm surprised people like michael moore and seth rogen don't break out into flames and human combust when they talk about a guy like him. he's a different species. >> you no who is really terrible about it. is eastwood, the director and writer, they didn't glorify violence. they showed how much kyle suffered and his wife and
2:26 pm
children suffered from this iraq war. they didn't shy that. this isn't like john wane wayne and the green berets. >> i was annoyed, not just at the dopey actors, but "the new york times" review. >> in the world there are people who take a power drill to a kid. thank god there are people like chris kyle up on a roof who blow the guy with the power drill's head off. and anybody else wants to look for subtext in that or try to figure out the b story? they've got their heads so far up their arse they're going to have to cut in switchback trails to get to it. rest in peace, chris kyle, thank you for affording me the life i have as a free american. >> in japan tam the cat is dead and 3,000 people turned out.
2:27 pm
for tama's funeral. >> what is so damn funny? >> i don't understand it, but there's tama, and tama died and i wanted you to eulogize tama for the american audience. >> this is why the japanese people will eventually rule the world because they'll get on a bullet train and let this thing be the station master and they don't even have any fear about it you're doing 140 miles per hour through a train station. meow. >> allky tell you is the moment they put this cat in his coffin in japan, he went into a pneumatic tube under the sea of japan and into a deli. where he was converted from a hero to hero sandwich. remember, one man's deity is another man's mid-afternoon snack. >> i don't know what to say. >> miller, miller. >> do some cat stuff real quick.
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>> meow. >> the darkest caucasian i've ever seen, john bannerjee. what's going on? >> i'm looking at your tie and seeing him, it's the same color as his face. >> it's january. >>ky tell you what he got for christmas? >> earl scheib, 99.95. >> beautiful car. >> earl scheib. >> it's between burnt orange and number 21, burnt siena. can you tell which one is carrying water for obama. he's the one who wheezes all the time. wake up, boehner. >> do you think it's spray tan or it's a tanning booth? >> i think as just red-faced because he's embarrassed that he's such a hack. and by the way, if snyder is out there watching this, replace the indian logo with boehner's face, you can still call them the redskins, everybody wins.
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>> coming up, more miller, this time he talks about his night out with frank sinatra. >> there's the bar, there's the main room, there's the vip room. the v vip room. the pope room and then the sinatra room. how smart are college kids really. gutfeld and mcguirk.
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i'm ed henry enter washington with your new year's
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day headlines. israeli media reports say the country knows the identity of the man who opened fire at a popular bar in tel aviv killing two people and wounding at least three others, police say there's a massive manhunt for the gunman believed to be an israeli arab. here at home. flooding continues in the midwest. the governor of illinois is ordering national guard soldiers to active duty to help with recovery efforts that have grown more desperate in his state. and days after he was charged with sexual assault for a 2004 allegation. bill cosby tweeted out a brief message quote friends and fans, thank you. an attorney for cosby has said the charge is unjustified and predicted her client will be exonerated. those are your headlines, i'm ed henry in washington, don't miss a live special report 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight here on fox news channel. until then, have a happy new year. welcome back to this special edition of "the factor" miller meets gutfeld and mcguirk. continuing with one of the most
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fascinating stories we've heard in a while. the night dennis miller had dinner with frank sinatra. >> pardon me, but i got to run. ♪ the fact's uncommonly clear ♪ >> all right now. very few people know this, but miller hung out with sinatra. >> i met him once. whenever i see frank, one thing pops in nye head. i can't believe mickey rooney closed ava gardner. ways in las vegas, i was at the mgm and frank was at the desert inn. one of the great chicago comedians opened for frank and said you want to come down and see the show. i said great leave a ticket for me, my wife and my beloved mother who has passed since. i go back my show and go back to the room to gather everybody. my wife is pregnant and she said i feel a little schpilkus, i
2:34 pm
don't know if i can go out. i said why don't i take the nanny. we go down and see the show and afterwards, dreesen says you want to come to dinner with us. it's unfreaking believable. i go to dinner at the itallian restaurant in the desert inn. it's the round gold elevator. the bar, the vip room, the pope room and then way in the corner, the nucleus, the sinatra, there sits the great man across from me. on his right sits barbara sinatra, on his left, his attorney, his attorney's wife and my mom and i'm right across from sinatra. junichiro koizumi, the nanny, and over his shoulder two body guards, i'm getting absolutehood blasted. it's like 20 minutes, i'm throwing brown stuff back just because i thought i'm i meet sinatra with him, i'm getting loaded with him.
2:35 pm
they're really nice to us, i realize they think junichiro koizumi is my wife. half an hour in, she nudges knee under the table. she's got an autograph book with a poodle on it, she's motions towards sinatra. i almost faint. i have do go body language, i have to go oh no, keep it down. but now it's hanging over my head like the autograph book of damocles. i get up at the end of the dinner, we go around to kiss the ring, here's how cool snat raxt my mom lean in and says mr. sinatra when i was a young girl i saw you in pittsburgh in 1952. and snatia looks up and says 1952 stanley theater, i remember that show, you looked good that night. my mom floats away from the table like a ferngully fairy. i said frank what you just did for my mother. he says get out of here. i turn up, junichiro koizumi steps up and she hits him with
2:36 pm
the autograph book. i almost vomit over my shoulder i hear sinatra say -- soy soy? no, it's junichiro koizumi, frank, junichiro koizumi. and sinatra says k-c what? >> and my mom comes out there flying in tandem. i can't get mad at her. let me see it i open it up to the page he signed and he signs it sopo. >> that's my sinatra story. >> dennis miller, everybody. gutfeld and mcguirk on deck, . how dumb are younger americans? 58% think madison's wife was named ashley madison and jefferson's wife was named weezy. >> why is the media torturing tim tebow over his social life? that you can book on our app to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom.
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expedia, technology connecting you to what matters.
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♪music ♪music thank you dear, very much ♪music you're welcome ♪music thank you
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♪you make me feel so young look who's coming... ♪you make me feel so spring has sprung♪ ♪and every time i see your face♪ ♪i'm such a happy individual you're not fooling anybody, you know ♪the moment that you speak ♪i wanna go play... according to a new survey by the american council of trustees and alumni. 383 recent college graduates, the young folks don't really know a lot. only 54% could state how long the terms of senators in congress people are. that would be six for senators,
2:40 pm
two years for congresspeople. 10% believe judge judy is now a member of the supreme court. >> she's not? >> here now noted scholars, bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. where did you go do college, gutfeld? >> i don't remember. it was in the '80s, i think i went to berkeley. >> you went to the university of california at berkeley. >> exactly. >> were you aware after you graduated in the last couple of years, that you were running around after college, did you know anything about public life? >> no. i didn't do, i spent most of my college life drunk. but this is interesting. because the constitution, there's only four to five pages long. >> very few. >> shorter than an applebee's menu. you should be able to read it, although it's on parchment and the words are quite weird. >> but college kids don't. where do you go to college? >> school of hard knocks in the bronx, no went to the college of mount st. vincent.
2:41 pm
i drove to taxi while i went to school. >> you drove a taxi to the school and from? >> a cold one. i didn't have a car. >> so it was you and danny devito were -- >> yes. >> okay. >> when you graduated -- >> and marc anthony. >> of st. vincent and you were a couple of years out, did you know anything? >> i knew this stuff, of course. but still i honestly think these people did surprisingly well. but we already know, it's a nation of dunces, jesse watters, we have the right to be stupid. >> be a moron. >> but i dug deeper, 66% of people thought they correctly answered it was multiple choice that habeas corpus was against unlawful imprisonment. they knew that, right? but president obama, he said that, he called a navy corpsman, a namy corpse man. >> he said there were 58 states at one point. >> that's right.
2:42 pm
>> 57. >> and he's a constitutional scholar. >> over the last 15 months we travelled to every corner of the united states. i've now been in 57 states? i think one less to go. >> so we all agree that the frame of reference of college graduates isn't what it should be. when you get into the real world and you've got to compete and make money and you've got to build a life for yourself, you should lock in. >> i don't think people -- you're drunk all the time. >> remember the constitution was written by evil white men. therefore -- >> slave owners. >> so we should not be reading, i think it should be rewritten by rachel dolezal, in espranto. >> you are discouraging the reading of the constitution and instead go to the movies and see "outta compton." i would like to see miley cyrus make a hip hop version of the constitution. >> 59% mistakenly answered that the father of the constitution was thomas jefferson and 28%
2:43 pm
correctly picked james madison. >> but that's not an easy -- >> 58% thought madison's wife was named ashley madison and jefferson's wife was named weezy. that's pretty bad. >> that gets into popular culture. the story bothered me. i don't know tim tebow. i think i met him once. he seems to be a nice guy, but he's a traditional guy, a religious guy. now the tabloid papers are smearing him because they don't like his dating habits. now it all has to do with a woman named olivia culpo. miss universe 2012. who we've had here on the factor. she herself is very conservative. and is anti-drug, anti-intox can'ts, all of that. roll the tape. >> intoxication is not for you, right? >> intoxication, getting drunk, not for you? >> it's not for me during this job while i'm an international role model especially in this country, there is a drinking age, i need to respect that. especially not only as a citizen
2:44 pm
of this country, but as a role model. >> they said that tebow was going out with her. and they broke up because tebow wouldn't have sex with miss culpow and it turns out that would be totally bogus. >> according to tmz, that was bogus. publications like the "daily news" from printing some nasty snarky garbage. >> like tim tebow still can't find the end zone, his girlfriend breaks it off over lack of sex. >> they think they're really cute over there. >> left wing media bullies is what they are. meanwhile they celebrate the courageous drug-sniffing pervert charlie sheen for coming out with hiv as though that's some big accomplishment. what he's doing is courageous in this day and age. which is -- >> i think tebow's private life should be left alone. even "sports illustrated," "sports illustrated" cheap shots him. >> it's terrible. and it's very, very tough for her, after our ugly break-up and
2:45 pm
now this? >> you and olivia. >> she's doing great though. she's staying at my place until she's strong enough to move on. but i've always been there for olivia. and i just think what's happening to her is an injustice that must stop. can we please show more pictures of her during this disturbing segment? >> when we come back, it will be miller time. putin, grandstanding again this time in the black sea. mill centre is next.
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bill o'reilly in the miller time segment. unbelievable situation, courtesy of california congresswoman barbara lee. she says quote women will disproportionately face harmful impacts from climate change, particularly in poor and developing nations where women regularly assume increased responsibility for growing the family's food and collecting the water and food and other resources, fooden insecure women may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work. transactional sex. unquote. so we're linking global warming to prostitution industry. did you ever think would you see that? >> of course, billy, look what it did to al gore, he turned
2:49 pm
into a prostitute for it some people sell their bodies, some people sell their soul. but i'm telling you that moron is not going to get happy until we have a carbon tax. >> and that is the big, that is the big deal. because the left wants to eliminate fossil fuels and i do, too. but i don't want to ruin the economy and take people's livelihoods away from them in the process. i think we have to develop the alternative fuels and when they're ready replace the fossil fuels. but you're right -- >> wind power is going to work. my car now, i put the cable to the battery and put it on my dog's head and he leans out the window and powers the car. ault alternative fuels are great. at this point we need a big honking dinosaur mausoleum we ought to run a pipe into it and suck it drier than knoll coward's memoirs, these people are nuts with these alternative fuels. they don't work many i'm not
2:50 pm
going to pull in an electric thing and have my car turn into some sort of chaotic scene where it's like franking stein's castle. >> it's alive! >> the other cars, the cars that run on helium and stuff like that. >> ethanol. >> yes, that's what i need. i want to be in the 405 with 1,000 mini hindenbergs in the hydrogen cars. >> oh, the humanity! >> little hamsters running in the engine. i heard a rumor that the bunny ranch in nevada is now just candlelight because of global warming. they're not using any more light bulbs. >> putin, another good friend of yours, i know you correspond, he's running around, having summer in russia is like three days. so he's making the most of it. according to the bbc. roll the tape. >> it's august, and time for another summer stunt by vladimir
2:51 pm
putin. this year russia's action man president took a plunge deep beneath the black sea. officially this ride was to examine an ancient shipwreck. but on the calm up above was russia's prime minister. in crimea, everything is political. >> well at least he had clothes on, miller. >>. ♪ we all live in the putin submarine ♪ >> you know billy in that little outfit he reminds me, the actor who played meryl streep's lus in "out of africa" like he if he was bernie kapel on the love boat. >> this guy is beautiful. he's a real bolshevik artist. i love it when he does these little things. at least he's interesting. i think they were taking a deep
2:52 pm
sea dive on hillary's trustworthy ratings is what i understand. you got to get way, way down there to find out how many people still trust hillary and that was the deep sea dive. but at least like i said, he's interesting, as long as he's killing fellow russians and not me, i'm all for it. >> next up, more gutfeld and mcguirk. this time the boys sound off on black lives matter and the pot boom on college campuses. right back with you.
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
back tonight what the heck just happened. paul among likely voters asks this question. which statement is closest to your own? black lives matter, all lives matter or neither statement reflects your thinking. here now mcguirk and gutfeld what do you think the poll means? >> i guess it's good news, of democratic voters 23% said black lives matter, 67% said all lives matter. the remaining 10% said greg gutfeld matters.
2:55 pm
we've reached the point in life where we have polls about who matters? it's scary that we have to do this. i'm sure they would never do a poll of whose life matters with the unborn. they would never ask that question. >> because reproductive rights crowd doesn't believe that babies are human beings. unless they're i guess born in some cases, don't even believe that. >> but they are useful. >> babies. >> no, they're useful for other living forms. >> yeah. >> and research. >> what do you take out of the poll? >> i'm not surprised by it because i think black folks understand that the police are the last line of defense between anarchy and safety and they're the people who depend on the police the most in these harsh neighborhoods and this black lives matter stuff starts with the hands up don't shoot lie. and what the phrase implies is that cops are bad, because they don't think black lives matter. so i agree with you, i think
2:56 pm
most african-americans are, smart enough i think, to understand that a pressure group like black lives matter just alienates their protection. >> and it's run mostly by and organized and funded by guilty white liberals. >> soros, tacitly supported by leftists like bill de blasio and the marchers last winter were mostly hipsters. >> the radical left that wants to tear down all, they think this is a police state. all right. boring politicians, we have them, right? in the united states? we have boring politicians? >> yes, we do. >> you know why? because they're weak, stupid, disgusting losers. they're fat slobs, how do you compete with somebody who speaks like that? you said it last week, next to a guy like trump -- >> that's why trump has taken off. i don't know if trump understands that. because he bay brings passion
2:57 pm
and he brings authenticity, straight talk. whereas you go to the others, many of them and it's, they're cerebral, like you, gutfeld. it's all up here. nothing in here. >> i have no heart, then it's true. it's all up here for gutfeld. >> boring people are great. boring people make the best brain surgeons, they separate twins. i don't want an -- >> are you talking about carsen? >> yes. >> carson isn't boring. >> soest-spoken, low-key. do you want an exciting, gregarious guy who likes to wage twitter wars against news anchors? or do you want a capable boring guy? i would rather have a capable boring guy. >> what i think is boring and you can comment on this is the talking points, they bring in the talking points, they say the same thing over and over and over again. no matter what you ask them. what kind of shoes are they. you know when i, my state -- >> that drives me nuts. >> george washington wasn't a
2:58 pm
barrel of laughs, abe lincoln wasn't making shadow puppets. >> eight times. >> donald trump is like dating a stripper. you know, it's exciting, but it could be reckless. still exhilarating. >> i got to get out of here before we are closed down by the board of health. the university of michigan, good school did a study that says that pot use in college is now the biggest ever. bigger than woodstock. bigger than the 60s when everybody is going nuts. bigger than -- more use on pot gutfeld and you say? >> i think they were preparing to to smoking cigarettes? am i right? >> no, more use than ever, but more cigarettes, too. >> it's not about an increase in pot, but a decrease in smoking. fewer people are smoking cigarettes, pot is more popular, not just on campus, but here at fox news. i saw gretchen out there toking
2:59 pm
up. it was disgusting, in front of the children. but by the way, also points to one criminalization makes drugs easier by creating efficient delivery systems. easier to gebt them buying cigarettes in a store. >> one in every 17 college students smokes marijuana daily. >> that's sad. >> their parents are paying their tuition. >> you need every edge can you get. it's a jungle out there. gpas are the only way -- >> this is a serious thing. you know what the k-2 is? this is synthetic pot. >> you know what that is? >> that can kill you. that's a rage all over colleges now. so this isn't this isn't the woodstock -- this isn't cheech and chong, it will fry your brain. >> i found these under lou dobbs chair from last night. >> we have lawsuits by gretchen carlson, lou dobbs please direct them individually. i had nothing to do with it. >> all right gentlemen.
3:00 pm
that's it for this special edition of "the factor" we thank you for watching, i'm bill o'reilly, always remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. a grim start to the new year. terror attacks and threats breed fear in a world already on edge this is "special report." >> good evening, i'm ed henry in for brett baier, happy new year from our family to yours. we begin 2016 with a subject very familiar, terror across the globe, attacks or fears of attacks are making headlines. in israel, a gunman opened fire outside a popular bar in tel aviv killing two. in afghanistan, one person was killed when the taliban sent a suicide bomber to target westerners at a popular restaurant. right here at home, federal authorities say the would-be terrorists whola