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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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best social media picture of the day. that is our friend carl cameron breaking the rules and a standing on the grass and look who quality him cnn dana bash. she tweeted the pick. fox business channel. don't forget the big debate. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> many killings, murders crimes drugs pouring,rvbç across the border are money going out and the drugs coming in. and a i said we need to build a wall. >> will illegal immigration help or hurt the republicanp" party? right now there is a civil war going on we will define it for you. >> you our sailors are safe. they are being afforded the proper courtesy you would expect. >> well, i don't expect violations of the geengses and good evenings. goodgeneva convention. >> a bunch of losers gone
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loco you bet i do. >> quentin tarantino's movie is a loser. bernie goldberg on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'mpéf< o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. illegal immigration and the republican party. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in the general election of 2016 the democratic candidate will continue president obama's policy of a quasiopen border by embracing sanctuary cities and not cracking down on illegal alien crime. that's what's going to happen. the democrats will try to newest americans and avoid solving illegal immigration problem. so how do republicans counter that? right now there is a deep division within the g.o.p. as you know, donald trump
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has called for building a massive wall on the smq! 9 border as well as suspending the entry of all muslim foreigners into the u.s.a. very controversial. so much so, that other republicans have hammered him. >> we see republicans who are not always being responsible with their words in terms of, you know, extending our tent, making sure that people who abide by our laws and abide by our traditions feel accepted in this country. >> we all know you can't pick them up and ship them across -- back border. it's a silly argument. >> to send this them back 500,000 a month is just not possible. and it's not embracing american values. >> now talking points believes illegal alien argument should be framed in a different way. write not guilty "wall street journal" yesterday william galston said this, quote, mr. trump's hard line on immigration coupled with his resilience atop the polls has begun to redefine american conservatism. there was a time when ronald
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reagan steve forbes and jack kempf could favor a welcoming immigration policy without conservative credentials. that may no longer be possible unquote. now, i disagree. all americans should welcome legal immigrants. folks who obey our laws and go through the proper procedures. everybody should welcome them. the republican candidate must make that clear and then pivot into defining solutions that would stop madness. there should be a wall. because the mexican government simply will not cooperate in stopping the flow of people and drugs into this country. mexico is not our friend when it comes to smuggling. by accepting the chaotic status quo the democratic party hurts all americans. i mean, come on. sanctuary cities? not supporting kate's law? opposing a barrier that would make it hard are for cartels
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to smuggle tons of narcotics? that's crazy stuff. so the republicans should simply tell the voters that laws will be enforced. and protection for american citizens provided. if we don't like the current laws, congress can vote to change them. but enough with the anarchy. what the g.o.p. should not dok1wy however, is personalize the argument. poor people seeking better lives are not villains. there is no place in america for hating. many illegal aliens are just trying to help their families. republicans should reject the personal and demand the ru law because if keep going the way they are going, we may be looking at what's happening in europe. >> violence in germany as debates rage over the ongoing migrant and in europe. >> a group of 150 persons plus acted as a closed group and caused massive damage to
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property. >> it's the scene in eastern germany, city of light tuesday. shop windows smashed cars damaged, garbage set on fire. all after german officials say far right demonstrators went on anti-migrant rampage overnight. the city's leftist district especially hard after a counter demonstration was also held in the city monday night. >> and there are problems in finland, sweden, italy france all over the place. to our credit, americans have not rampaged against illegal aliens. even after kate steinle was gunned down in san francisco by illegal alien felon who defied deportation five tióus americans seeth but did not act out. i will touts the law. that's the way to win. that's the memo. now for the top story.
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reaction. joining us from charleston, south carolina, where the big debate is being held tonight, dana perino. so, on the subject of illegal immigration your former boss, president bush the younger was fairly moderate or liberal? how would you characterize him? >> i actually think that what you just laid out in talking points memo pretty much described george w. bush's policy as i remember it. it was for a stronger border security first and it was for deportation of those who had been here illegal willly. those who wanted to become citizens had to go back to their home countries, get in line, pay a fine and then the good ones could come back which, to me, what you are saying is that the republicans pretty much are all on the same page from a policy perspective.chk a pretty strong stomach for the rhetoric, so i think what you just laid out would be a really smart strategy. >> yeah it would be a smart strategy and that's why i laid it out. >> republicans have a better policy for sure. >> they are not all on the same page to use a cliche because there are the donald trump supporters who want
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the government to round up the illegal aliens and force them out of now, that's not what the moderate republicans like marco rubio and nikki haley the governor of south carolina want. okay? so there is a division. but i might point out that it's impossible to round up all the illegal aliens and force them to go back home. >> right. that point should be center stage. each if you that to happen and support mr. trump in that vision, it can't happen because each person on american soil is entitled to what they call due process. so every single one of the 12 million illegal aliens who are here would have to have a court appointed attorney, would have to have a court date, it's impossible. it can't happen, which i made that clear right up front. but it's still, you know, it's in the emotion. all right. so i'm glad you agree with me. i hope this memo gets into the precincts of both the
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republican and democratic party. because the democrats are really hurting the country on this issue. they really are. and they got to stop, period. now, let's go to the debate tonight. >> okay. >> some people on the bubble, jeb bush, your boss' brother, he has got to do well tonight or no matter how much money he has that's it. >> this is -- it's not just jeb bush but i say john kasich, dr. ben carson also has to do well, governor christie. trump and cruz are going to be sort of the highlight right? trump is going to have to show can he be the frontrunner that he has led his poll numbers to get to this point? can he be that frontrunner and try to consolidate? and my advice to him would be if this should be all about addition, not subtraction. so can he be the front run are? cruz, you know, it's hard to be the one who hab coming up for the next three weeks as the number one guy because then all the attacks will
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focus on him. marco rubio seen as somebody who has got a lot support and someh pretty good ground game but not actually punching through can he he do that tonight? so i think all of them have a lot to prove in the next hour. >> i see trump and cruz going after each other tonight. i see rubio doing what he always does,if& eloquent on foreign policy, making these mini speeches in 30 seconds. christie is doing okay in new hampshire. so, i mean -- >> -- yes, he is. >> that's where he is going to concentrate on and carson says he is going to be, ben carson unchained. we will see and kasich and bush we will see what they do. would it be unfair to ask ted cruz to sing o canada tonight if i were the moderator? >> it might be a little unfair. but entertaining, none the7oc less. >> o canada because maybe they will have dual national anthems. >> in the future. >> being a wise guy. all you cruz supporters out
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there. he can run for president. he is absolutely legal to do it. anybody who says he isn't legal to do it is misleading you. >> that's for sure. >> final question, when you see this stuff as a pro you are a professional. do you whence if these candidates -- if kasich tells you one more time what he did in ohio i'm going to have to watch or whatever last word. >> here's the thing you and i have been covering this for along time. we have been talking about this for the last six months. it's true 40% of people make up their mind in the last three weeks before the vote in iowa. all of them have another chance to make a first impression. nail down the candidacy. there is only seven of them on stage unlike before when they had nine. they have more time for talk. they have more time for follow-up questions and needle each other. >> i hope we is have a lot of needling. i hear rand paul might
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crash. he might drive a motorcycle on to the stage and crash it. >> i will be here and report it from the blue wall. >> all right dana, thank you very much. next on the rundown are americans being mislead by the obama administration about what happened to our sailors in iranian waters? we will have the latest on that. bernie goldberg on a political backlash that's hurting a university and a tv network. we're coming right back. g 72% of women say they often make healthy choices. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ... from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at factor follow up segment tonight, the 10 u.s. sailors taken into custody by iran on tuesday are now in qatar. how could two small u.s. naval vessels go 50 miles off course in iranian waters. so far not much clarity from the military. ash carter said today there was navigational errors. i mean two boats.
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two small boats. navigational errors, 50 miles. just an error. joining us from washington marc from the foundation of defense democracies and christopher harmer. begin with you. do you believe that iran violated the good genks geneva convention in this case? >> yes i do think. terrorist regime invites further aggression by iran. iran has been a state sponsor of terror for 35 years and primary the terror. >> let's put new charge then. why there is a controversy about:( geneva convention, there is no declared war. you are not allow to do show pictures as they did and show a stala %uáz the naval commander saying yeah we made a mistake as the iranians did. you can't do that when war has been declared and there is wiggle room well, it
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isn't war and all of this. i am going to put new charge. i'm going to do the same thing to you. mr. harmer, so you get the call, they got the 10 guys, all right? what the obama administration did was be nice played nice, picked up the phone get them out of there quickly please do that. da'da da'da da. wrong strategy? >> in the short-term you don't ask that iran return our sailors you demand. they don't have the right to retain them. ?íju don't in the face of enemy. that shows weakness. i would say yeah we have accommodated iran for so long. we have accommodated their aggressive behavior and acome dated the state response shoreship of terror that we are now in a position that we don't have as much credibility as we need to face off against the iranians. >> you don't ask you demand. >> one thing secretary kerry did was express gratitude quote unquote. you express outrage that iran is violating the rights
5:17 pm
of your sailors has them on their knees with their hands behind their backs under gunpoint and you make it very clear the united states of america will not accept these brazen provocations. the problem with this administration has now accepted a long list of brazen provocation from the iranians including the firing of ballistic missiles. >> you both know they are holding four americans in their prisons and they don't let them out. if you demand and insult, maybe they hold the 10 sailors. so, you know, the obama administration is going to say, look, of there in 24 hours, the sailors. we got them out of there. if we had insulted the mullahs, maybe we wouldn't have. is there anything, mr. farmer to that rg -- mr. harmer to that? any credibility to that? >> yes, there is some credibility to that. but i don't think you can analyze this problem by start not guilty middle. you have to start at the beginning. what incentivized behavior in the first place. >> i got that 10 guys that we have. and your theory on them, i mean, they can be there forever. you know how they are.
5:18 pm
>> it's better that they remain in prison forever as hostages than the united states apologize to iran. >> interesting. you say? >> well, i say i get them out first and then once they are out then it's time to actually crack the whip. >> like what? >> well, for example let's start imposing serious sanctions on iran. >> reimpose sanctions? then they will tear up the nuke deal? >> we are fully entitled to impose sanctions for ba his sticks missiles, hostage taking. >> you would reimpose sanctions after this incident with the sailors? you would blow the whole nuke thing up, pardon the pun? >> again bill, we have the legal right under this agreement to impose -- >> -- we do, but there is a legal right and there is a practical right. i see what you are saying. i think the obama administration has mishandled iran from the jump. but i'm glad these 10 guys are out thereof in less than 24 hours. if you took a hard line with iran they wouldn't have been. i will giver áu the last word mr. harmer, go.
5:19 pm
>> iran the state sponsor of terror the more weakness we show toward them the more we incentivize that behavior. we will reap what we sow with iran. >> directly ahead, hillary clinton could lose iowa and new hampshire. he had henry covering her campaign will be here. then the fbi looking into that horrendous police shooting in philadelphia where the mayor actually said it had nothing to do with islam. what's the truth? upcoming.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight, while the republican candidates arer itu)jáqp"y to debate in south carolina hillary clinton is watching her poll numbers fall. there is a democratic debate sund nbc. joining us now from hanover new hampshire, he had henry. so, you are like double
5:23 pm
dipping. you are doing sanders and hillary, right? so hillary is in new york resting. and then but berne is running around the granite state, correct? >> that's right. he is getting ready for a look, i have been on the program before and you laughed at me when i said bernie sanders might give her a good race and he is starting to do it. it is starting to pan out. might not be able to go the distance. especially when this go to the south african-american voters are trending much more toward hillary clinton. the key may be momentum. that's very important in politics. right now, here in new hampshire bernie sanders is winning in a whole series of polls.ñ )jz iowa the news today is that it is now a dead heat. there is two points separating them. if bernie sanders can win either or both of iowa or new hampshire, this is a different race. >> i don't know about that you know, you are smart are than i am in these things. the des moines register poll obviously has the shakeup the clinton campaign. she is not a good campaigner. jorge ramos, you are against the wall. all right. goes no, no, i'm not.
5:24 pm
and then he goes well, you said you wanted to build a fence. well, i want a fence, i don't want a wall. that's just suicide. that's just suicide to say stuff like that. because everybody is rolling their eyes. but i don't think bernie sanders has enough juice to win very many votes outside of these two small precincts. i don't. >> here's the other part where they messed up is sending out chelsea clinton for the first time this week. everyone understands why bill clinton is out here. great politician. chelsea clinton hasn't done a lot of this. she has a positive image. they sent her out to be an attack dog and she started slamming bernie sanders right here in new hampshire. >> mild criticism to say the least. come on, hadn'try. >> wants to dismantle medicare. he wants to dismantle obamacare. dismantle medicare that's not an attack he wants to expand. you can say he wants to spend too much on it but he doesn't want to disnagets. >> he wants to dismantle to the fact that it would be bernie care and much more than it is now. i'm fleeing.
5:25 pm
if bernie sanders gets elected president i'm fleeing. i'm going to ireland and they already know it i shouldn't say it publicly because that will get sanders more votes. i'm not paying 90 % of my income to that guy i'm sorry, i'm not doing it. >> when i you flew to new hampshire today to cover senator sanders, i ran into john sununu the form are white house chief of staff you knew him well, former governor of new hampshire. the subtle but the pushing up he is a bush fan if trump were to get the g.o.p. nomination and either a wounded hillary or bernie sanders gets the democratic nomination he is hearing that former new york cityf mayor michael bloomberg has been spending money to run polls to test the waters and that you might see bloomberg jump in and have a three way race with him as the independent candidate. look, you are right that maybe bernie sanders can't go the distance, i think we may be facing a lot more shakeups down the road than we already know about. >> i would like to see a whole bunch of unexpected things happen. i think the democracy needs
5:26 pm
that bloomberg has more money than trump, he can run his own campaign. doesn't need people giving him money. he is a smart guy. he did pretty good job here in new york city. but outside of new york, is not well known. so, i'm notz1z saying that he shouldn't do it, but i wouldn't say michael bloomberg is going to beat trump or hillary clinton head to head. final question. where is hillary clinton? is she taking a nap today or where is she? howshe is not out on the trail? >> she was taping "the tonight show" but she is doing two fundraisers in new york. >> oh, fallon. >> why that's significant. well right. and she raised $112 million last year. >> wow. >> bernie sanders raised $1.4 million in one day this week after the chelsea clinton campaigning. they say it's because it's firing up the sanders' camp. we will see. the broader point is even though clinton -- clinton raised $112 million last year and bernie sanders right now has more tv ad money up in iowa than hillary clinton.
5:27 pm
how is that possible? she has $112 million. >> who is giving bernie money? all the people that like him are broke. they want your money henry. they don't have any money. [ laughter ] >> that's right. you don't have to say anything else. tell bernie i'm disappointed we made him who he is today and he won't come back on the program. that's hollywood stuff. >> i will try to get an interview for you. >> the mayor of philadelphia says islamic terrorism not involved in a police shooting. the feds may see it differently. we will have the latest. bernie goldberg on political backlash against quentin tarantino's movie and the university of missouri. i hope you stay tuned to those reports. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. [woodworker] i live in the fine details. that's why i run on quickbooks. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs.
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and i love helping little ones get off on the right foot. ask your doctor about lyrica. truth serum segment tonight, the truth about the powerball lottery and the real story on islamic terrorism throughout the world. last week a thug in philadelphia said he shot a police officer in the; of islam. the mayor of philadelphia disputed that. i don't know how, but he did. and today the fbi updated its investigation. >> we, at the fbi level through our jointq terrorism task force are investigating that attack as a terrorist attack. so far we see no indication that he was part of an organized cell of any sort, and no indication that there is any follow-on plot connect to do that. any specific or credible threat of violence beyond this connect to do that attack. >> all right, with us now a truth serum correspondent
5:32 pm
shannon bream in washington and eric shawn in new york city. first of all, the philadelphia thing they know now and the fbi never tells you everything they know if this guy on his computer was talking to isis or anything like that. so what the director said, basically, if you read between the lines is, he wasn't. so that he was radicalized himself but he wasn't ordered or direct to do do anything. that's what i took away from that. >> yeah, mayor jim kenny says the real islam has nothing to do with this. >> how would he know? >> he says he is being misrepresented. >> by who. >> by republicans. i played his sound bite yesterday he said his own words didn't have anything to do with islam. >> yep. >> now his own words misrepresented him? >> he is sticking by it. he called this guy a criminal and that the religion has nothing to do with it. >> sean, he may be -- sean, he may be a pinhead. it's possible. keep that in mind. >> the heritage foundation
5:33 pm
came out in 2015, terrorist attacks says? >> 76 plots against us. >> last year alone. >> last year alone majority are islamic and isis inspired. they have all sorts of plots. a guy who allegedly want to do blow up a bomb in the florida keys. you have attacks potentially in kansas, ohio, all across the country it's getting worse. numbers have been increasing. >> did they put a percentage on it on how many terrorist plots were islamic generated jihadists? >> they said 1y isis-inspired. but they haven't,hm done that another group has done a worldwide study.c@ 4(p&c@ >> who is that? >> tel aviv university. guess what they found. 9.99% terrorist attacks are conducted by islamic terrorists. >> all over the world? >> all over the world. last year there were 452 terrorist attacks. 450 conducted by muslim extremists. >> 450 out of 4452 conducted by jihadists the other two were white christian men hiding in idaho. >> one was in turkey and
5:34 pm
another one was acurrently the kurds. >> the kurds did it. >> that's 9 .99%. >> let's go to shannon bream about the powerball lottery. i understand that 1.5 billion is in play and three people have winning tickets; is that correct? >> that is correct. in california, tennessee and florida. and if they thought they were going to be billionaires they have to think again because if you discount it as a lump sum present day value paid out it would be 930 milli you divide it three ways and then there is the issue of taxes. of course that's going to vary state to state normally. but, in this case all three states have either no state income tax or in california they have an exemption for lottery ticket from state income tax. so you only got to settle up with the feds. that'sz nearly 40%. >> i know nothing about this okay. because i don't participate. i just -- i'm so boring. >> you don't need to. >> it's too exciting for me. but anyway, who gets the money from the powerball lottery? do they give out 1.5 billion. who gets the rest of the
5:35 pm
money? >> well, 50% of it goes to the lottery winners. these are five losing tickets. this is what it looks like -- >> -- the other 50% goes where? >> administrative costs. states get a payout if they have winners in their state there are administrative costs. >> do the federal government get any money out of that? >> well, the federal government gets 40% of whatever you win. >> right. they get the taxes of whatever you win. but the actual money that comes in from the people buying lottery tickets doesn't go to any specific like education, something like that? >> it is state by state. >> it's state by state okay. >> yeah. um-huh. >> some states opt out like nevada doesn't allow it, right? >> yeah, there are a few states that don't participate and those states in the border crossings that happen there when people run to the state nearest them when there is a frenzy like this it happens and people buy en masse. i did this for the first time last week i have to tell you people were horrified that i walked in and asked for quick pick tickets. they say that's the worst option that you should have your own lucky numbers. your what about chances are a lot better if you don't
5:36 pm
play the quick pick. >> i don't know what that means and i'm sorry youú@: lost shannon. >> eric shawn thank you very much. >> i lost, too. >> bernie goldberg on political backlash on hollywood director, a major university, and a television network. bernie is next. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems hiv, or other medical conditions. and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your
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thank you for staying with us, bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. get to the purveyor of bernard who joins us from miami. we are talking about backlash tonight. quentin tarantino who said this last october about american police. >> when i see murder, i cannot stand by, and i have to call the murdered the murdered of and the i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> now tarantino's new movie has bombed. so do you see a political component here, bernie? >> not as much you do. i'm sure that there are some people who didn't go to the movie because of the remarks that tarantino made. some. but, there are bigger reasons. one of them is the movie is three hours long. people tend not to go to three-hour long movies.
5:41 pm
and a three hour long movie doesn't get as many movies as a two-hour long movie so it money. far and away, bill, the the biggest single reason this movie isn't doing well is they opened -- this is crazy. they opened the same time that "star wars" opened. a good rule of thumb is don't premier your movie at the same time as a the biggest movie in history okay? >> they had enough publicity generated here that after people saw "star wars" they could come over to see this one. here is why i believe there is a backlash because people who would ordinarily see a movie that is full of language that is big sharp edge that's it's macho above all)i]ñ the tarantino movies are macho. okay. these are the same people that don't like him anymore because of what he said about police. see, he alienated his target audience. >> i see it just the opposite. i think the people who are
5:42 pm
most likely to be tarantino fans are are the ones who are least likely, because these are kids, basically least likely to care what he said about cops. but you may be right. >> i am right. >> listen, you are right. >> no, i'm right. no but you are right on a bigger point you are right on a bigger point. sometimes when liberals open big mouths and utter political statements it hurts them. as have you documented it has hurt stephen colbert. he has made a career out of mocking conservatives and he continues to do it on his late night show and statistically, i mean, this isn't just my opinion 47% of the people who watch identify themselves as democrats, only 17% as republicans. >> that's right. you lose all those people. >> other two shows, on the other two shows it's pretty much almost a 50/50 split. he has brought this on himself. >> let's get to the university of missouri,
5:43 pm
enrollment down 5% or people wanting to be enrolledh@ 5% on the undergrad a whopping 19% on the grad level. and that's where the big bucks are because nutty professors like the woman you are looking at fostered these crazy people. so this is definitely a backlash against university of missouri. >> yeah. this is an easy one. this is an easy one. most of the people attributing to the falling -- the greatest part of the falling off of the enrollments comes from out of state students. i think these students from out-of-state are saying i don't need this racial tension. i don't n a&ñ these black lives matters demonstrations. i have 49 other states. i will pick a school in one of the other 49. i don't need it. i think that's what's happening here. >> it's expensive to go there out of state and that is a moneyq)fry play. they are getting hammered. finally al jazeera and i predicted, of course, the demise as soon as they opened here. just the name al jazeera. come on they are off the
5:44 pm
air. they folded al jazeera america. no surprise. >> none at all. first of all i'm sure it's a great disappointment to the five or six people who watch al jazeera on a regular basis. let me just give my condolences to those people. but, it was doomed to failure from the jump. you are right if they went to a marketing consultant and said give us the worst possible name you can give us for a news&? organization o. how about al jazeera? on top of that. >> rumor that they may reconstitute under the ban everywhere of the isis network but i don't think that's true. but as soon as they went after peyton manning that was the end. they went after peyton manning and saying he might have used performance enhancing. that was it.õiwir"átk have arab sympathies. an executive at the company said you can't use the word terrorist on al jazeera. this is a quote. one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter. they sound just like liberal democrats and there is
5:45 pm
already a liberal democrat cable news organization. how is that working out? >> not well. bernie goldberg, everyone. >> why did it take you so long to answer that question? >> because i was kind of figuring out whether i should or not. i'm not going to cheap shot them. they are better, let's put it that way. they are better than they used to be over there. newt gingrich on deck. he will preview the big republican debate tonight because he was actually in a presidential debate. the speaker moments away. omega-3. your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your
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back of the book segment tonight, let's go to washington for a debate preview with newt gingrich because mr. gingrich, of course, was in the presidential debates. he is the author of a brand new novel called duplicity about terrorism. now, personal question
5:49 pm
upfront. how nervous did you get when you were debating for the presidential nomination? >> never. by that stage you have done so many of them you just relax. you live it out. it would be like how nervous are you getting on the show tonight? >> well, i don't care. but you wanted to actually win. to me, and this is actually true and the audience -- i work very hard on this program and i want to deliver a good program every night. but if tomorrow, you know, they call me and say hey bill, you know, you are an old geezer and you have got to get out of here i would say okay. it's justganother -- it's just another part of life. >> but let me tell you a part of my theory. i think the more relaxed you are the better you come across in a setting on television. >> i agree. >> the real audience is the folks at home. they can sense if you are tense. they can sense if you are sort of rattled. but i think they. >> different personalities. you have the ability to be relaxed. some people don't. some people are jazzed. they get behind up.
5:50 pm
they overrehearse and i will give you an example jeb bush never even though he has jeb bush never looked relaxed. even though he's been in public service so long he never looked relaxed. >> i've known jeb a long time. for some reason he is uncomfortable in the role he finds himself in and that surprises me a lot. >> the other guy who isn't relax said john kasich and i told him, he used to sub for me on the factor and he is unbelievably smart. he did one of the best jobs i've ever seen sitting american governor do in ohio. and that is said without any ideology at all. this man did a spectacular job in ohio. but i keep saying to him, you can't keep doing that all right? you can't just keep going to that well. you've got to expand it. you've got to show people who you are. they don't know who you are. but he keeps going back to ohio.
5:51 pm
>> i think there is something about that. i'm very close to john. he was our chairman who balanced the budget for four years while i was speaker -- >> i think he said that about 85,000 times, though. we know it. >> what we want to know is not your past. that's a check-off, okay? we want to know what you will do in the future and we want you to be big enough to be in the oval office. and john who i like a lot, has not yet quite got in a rhythm that lets people relax and say, yeah i can imagine that. this of course has been one of trump's enormous advantages. he is totally comfortable with who he is. even when he is a buffoon, he is comfortable being a buffoon. >> let me tell you why. the same thing i said at the top of the interview. he doesn't care. he doesn't care what he says. he doesn't care what you don't like it. he doesn't want you to criticize him. that's one of his personality traits. if you do he is coming after you. but does he care if muslim are offended because he doesn't want them to come here? not at all. is he thinking gee, if i say
5:52 pm
this people might get offended? no. he's not. that's what happens when you're a billionaire. you don't care who you offend. and he hit is right at the right time in history when people are looking for someone to blow up the system. so his apathy about what other people think works for him. >> and i would say, his aggressiveness i mean he is a little bit like the grizzly bear in "the revenant," the movie getting so many academy awards no one wants to take him head on because he comes back so aggressively. >> sure. >> i predict, you will see more people take on cruz tonight than take on trump. >> because they don't want trump to tear their throat out like the bear. and by the way, that bear should have been nominated for best supporting actor. i'm really angry. leo is going to win the oscar because the bear jumped him. >> right. >> so if leo wins the bear's got to win. >> bill it's a computerized
5:53 pm
bear. an real bear. >> does that mean the bear can't get his day in the sun? [ laughter ] >> all right, mr. speaker. we always appreciate you coming on. i'm sorry the interview deinvolved. tip of the day. how you can directly help your country. the tip, moments away. i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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5:56 pm
muslims because he wants to win. so it is okay to say everything win? foolish question terry. explaining why mr. trump says what he says doesn't justify it. bother to check out my interviews with the candidate, you'd know that. westchester, pennsylvania. bill i thought your comments about trump on the cbs morning news demonstrated your fail and balanced opinion. thank you, terry. riverton, wiley wyoming. senator mccain is a hypocrite. by voting for the iran nuke deal he is just as baz as president obama. there wasn't a deal. >> had tears of laughter listening to miller and o'reilly discuss the sale of the playboy mansion. did you guys release that? no i had no idea what miller would say.
5:57 pm
bill if i buy the silence of the lambs house can i have you andr for dinner? no i'll ask miller. >> o'reilly how about you and miller coming to fairfax virginia in you can skateboard over there. a bit of hypocrisy in the tip o'reilly. when you were challenged about killing reagan you threw a hissy fit. must be really cold up there in calgary, barry, brain freeze? the tip was stand your ground when challenged. we faced our challenger head on on the factor. result? killing reagan best selling non-fiction adult book in 2015. thank you very much. lou, stockton new york. killing reagan is a work of art. brilliant inside into a patriotic man who changed the country for the better. thank you, lou. christian, aurora ohio. mr. o'reilly i'm 12 years old
5:58 pm
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6:00 pm
i'm bill o'reilly. please rep the spin stops here. we're looking for you. breaking tonight, the story is now changing on the detention of ten american sailors by iran and the making of what some are now describing as a hostage video. welcome to the kelly file everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the disturbing incident is almost certain to come up at tonight's republican presidential debate. many of the candidates have questions the united states response and argue iran has a lot of explaining to do. particularly when it comes to its treatment of our sailors. for his part president obama has yet to even remark on the incident. leaving it up to his pentagon and state department instead. remember it was just over 24 hours ago that iran first publicized images such as our female sailor