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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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wednesday night for "on the record" 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't forget to go to my facebook page and like it. up next, "the o'reilly factor." good night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> is tuesday must win after the loss in iowa? >> there wasn't a loss. >> the national media trying to shape the presidential vote in various ways. tonight a special report how the press is misleading you? you have said that obamacare should be replaced before it's repealed. how and why? >> mary katharine ham part of the debate on abc. we will debrief her tonight about who won and who lost. >> so you are transgender and you are not offended by the martin luther king quotation? >> no. >> also ahead, jesse watters on a group of college students who want to disrespect martin luther king jr. caution.
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you are to b. to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how the american media is covering the presidential race. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. donald trump and bernie sanders actually have a lot in common. they are both running renegade campaigns calling for a complete overhaul of the political establishment yet the two candidates being treated very differently by the press. let's take mr. trump first. i think it's safe to say most of the establishment media despises him mr. trump's' post straight talk, unsettling to many liberal folks. thus, when trump is interviewed. there is usually a question designed to put him on the defensive. is tuesday a must win after
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the loss in iowa. >> there wasn't a loss. i came in second and i only came in second because of the fact that cruz took a lot of votes away from car sthoon should not have been taken away e has apologized but i don't know what comes of that. >> we'll get to the cruz situation in a moment. but you can see defined the iowa vote as a loss for mr. trump. when overall that may not be the case. again the trump insurgency and that's what it is a threat to liberal america and the media doesn't like it very much. on the bernie sanders' front things are friendlier. sanders rarely aa tacked by the press even though some of his proposals are so far out there they would be impossible to achieve. sanders saying things like college students are entitled to free education. well, that's swell, but impossible due to the cost. the back and forth between sanders and hillary clinton does get some coverage but because sanders often gets the upper hand, it's played down. yesterday, sanders was asked
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about the verbal assassin david broke who despite being a smear merchant is very close to hillary clinton. >> let's remember who david broke is he is a political attack dog. and i happen to like hillary clinton. but i am astounded by some of the people that she has hired including david broke. this is the guy that hillary clinton is making the head of her super pac i just don't understand. >> sanders recognizes an excellent point but you will not hear much about that point because the left wing media often covers for secretary clinton. in fact, it was almost stunning that a moderator who works for nbc news actually hugged sanders and clinton after the democratic debate last week. she hugged them. could you imagine if megyn kelly would have hugged the
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candidates? it would have taken two weeks there are so many of them. megyn's question to the republicans were a thousand times tougher than what we saw at the recentms nbc run democratic debate fiewltly we have established beyond any doubt that cnn's reportage of hurt dr. carson in the voting no doubt about it we told you that the cruz campaign took advantage of the cnn misinformation and this may have skewed the results in iowa. the left-wing media didn't come down on cnn. they ripped cruz. does that sound fair to you. both are at fight. all republicans should understand they're not going to get a fair shake in thepl election in 2016. that's true the memo. now for the top story, reaction, joining from us washington, charles krauthammer. once again, doctor, you are in a position to tell the world where i'm going wrong. and you say?
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>> that seems to be becoming my principle occupation however, this week again, this is now two in a row, astonishingly, i think you have actually gotten it right. in fact, i think it's worse than that i will give you one example that i think is really striking that you left out. and it was raised interestingly enough by marco rubio in the debate. this was actually his best moment where he point out how the media when they cross-examine or supposedly cross-examine democrats in the debate, never bring up the issue of their extremism on abortion. they are always asking republicans about the rape and incest exception, which is morally and politically a very difficult one and i thought that the republicans generally speaking handled well. rubio, i thought, he did it well. in showing the respect for both sides. do you ever hear a democrat and they're fundamentalists
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on this being asked about the fact that hillary, for example, essentially supports abortion until the very second the infant is born? which i think is anathema, used to be anathema to some democrats like pat moynahan no longer is the gospel as understood by democrats. but never questioned by the media well, that's a policy thing and i expect those kinds of things. but it's more than -- my point is. this is becoming very clear because there are so many now debates, so much cable news so much internet traffic it used to be that walter cronkite could fake it, you know. only on 22 minutes a night they could mo the things can't do that anymore. the best example is trump. so when tapper says to trump well, you lost. he doesn't put it1u in any perspective. he doesn't say well, you got more votes on the republican
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side in iowa than any other man in history, except for ted cruz. and you are not even a politician. that's pretty extraordinary. he might have come in second. and do you consider that a loss? that would have been a fair question, but, no, it's you lost and this is do or die. you see, that's what i'm talking about. >> well, what if sanders loses tomorrow in new hampshire. do you think it will be inappropriate for anybody to say mr. sanders, you lost. look, that's not -- i think that's an example that is way, i think you are exaggerating infinitely. it's important. it's a logical question to ask a guy who is the frontrunner you lost. what do you say? look, generally speaking you are absolutely right media have been left wing, biased but that's been true since the earth cooled. to say there is a bice in the media by as in the media
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bias is to say that the sunrise in the east. >> if you look at the pioneers of broadcast news, cronkite was a leftist from the jump, brinkley, you know, it's hard to say, frank reynolds, i think he was a conservative. but now there is rooting. what if sanders loses tomorrow. what if hillary upsets him? do you know what's going to happen? a celebration on the part of the left-wing media in this country. they will celebrate that they will be nice to bernie. they will be kind to bernie. but they will be so happy. that's called rooting. yes, they rooted for barack obama, no doubt. and it helped him get be elected but that root something is now engrained. it's like we used to hide it we don't even hide it anymore. >> i don't think they used to hide it. it was extremely obvious with obama. in fact, it was -- there was not even an attempt to hide it. >> no. >> you go back to al gore in 2000, you go back to all of
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these campaigns. remember when al gore was nominated to be the vice president to bill clinton since we are talking about the clintons? i remember to this day the cover in "newsweek" that week. it had clinton and gore on the cover and it said young guns. that was an announcement of an endorsement on the cover of a news magazine. but that's where we were i think the reason that the media and liberals in politics and the obama administration@p are so appear apoplectic about fox is that it came in and it broke up the monopoly. >> absolutely. >> finally, whole history of television it had been dominated by one perspective and one perspective only now you have got an a alternate voice. >> now you know that "newsweek" young guns they would have to register that now. they couldn't put it out there. there would have to be a registry. the second thing is, did you ever in your entire life
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think you would see moderator of a national debate after the debate go up and hug the candidates? did you ever think you would see that? >> well, look, i'm anti-hugging in general. even within families. so, i mean, i'm starting out with a prejudiced position. but, look, it's never been any different, and i do think the amazing thing is that in spite of the fact that the left has controlled what lennon would have called the commanding heights of the culture, the universities, hollywood, the major newspapers, the media on television and radio, despite that there was a run of 30 years where5ñ republicans won five out of six presidential elections, which means that, yes, it gives the democrats, liberals an advantage, nonetheless, this remains a center right country and you can do it and it's harder. but it's like the sunrising
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in the east. you better get used to it if you are a conservative because that's the world you live in. >> all right. you know, i'm with you. i don't think i can start hugging the guests. i just don't think i can do it. >> no. if you did, it would be. >> it would be grim. >> you would shock me personally. >> >> charles krauthammer, everybody. next on the rundown, we will take you to new hampshire where the big vote is just hours away. and later, mary katharine ham, one of the debate moderators on saturday night. she is moonlighting for abc. she will give us some behind the scenes stuff upcoming. you think you're doing all you can for your heart health, ...but 9 out of 10 americans... ...aren't getting enough important omega-3s.
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application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. you ready to fight it? ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size. campaign 2016 segment tonight, just a few hours voters start the primary process in new hampshire at a place called dicksville notch voting begins at midnight there the primary takes on=n major importance
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especially in republican circles where there are viable candidates. joining us from new hampshire jack heath radio talk show host and a columnist boston herald. ms. cohen, what have the most momentum right now. >> donald trump, no doubt about it in most po át is still dominating in double digits. many people i speak to, both in massachusetts and in new hampshire are very excited about a possible donald trump presidency. you know all about these rallies that he has that draws literally up to 20,000 beam. he has become sort of a of a phenomenon in and of himself. he has become the man to watch tomorrow. >> that hasn't abated at all or calmed down at all? do you agree with that, mr. heath? >> i do. i think donald trump has genuine mow men tunnel here. live free or die state. marco rubio had real momentum going into the weekend. i don't think that was fatal moment when chris christie whacked him and surprisingly, bill, john
5:16 pm
kasich and jeb bush. i think they are moving. new hampshire likes to send surprises to the rest of the nation. i would wash out for kasich and bush. >> they spent time and money in that state and it's their last stance. both of them have to do well. even though mr. bush can stay in because he has the money it becomes a war of attrition. ms. cohen, let's assume and i believe this is true as well. but don't take it to the bank because my super bowl prediction was awful and i will deal with that later. i'm copping to it. i think trump is going to win. i don't know if he is going to win by all that much though. i think the second and third contenders are going to take a lot of that. who do you see second and third, ms. cohen? >> well, i think kasich has a real shot at coming in second place and the latest monmouth poll he came in second place. he has done over 100 town halls here. he has definitely had momentum. marco rubio is still doing well although that debate he fumbled the ball. there is no doubt about it in that exchange with chris christie. i think we can see a surge
5:17 pm
with jeb bush. agree with jack because he has climbed nine points in one of the latest monmouth polls as well. >> okay. so, right now, those four names, trump, kasich, bush, and rubio are the ones that you both sees a fighting it out. >> yes. >> are you dismissing all of the others? dr. carson, carlie foreignna, chris criminals city who put in a lot ofwp currency mr. heath, are you dismissing them? >> no. bill, i think there are four first class tickets if you will out of new hampshire. the race will continue. i do agree with you that i think trump will win but more like the 10% range. double digits would be good. but i think below those four, maybe cruz, but keep an eye, believe it or not, on carlie fiorina. she has been on my show in new hampshire a lot. she wasn't in the debate. i think she should have been on that abc debate stage. she is polling ahead of some of these people. she might finish ahead of chris christie. dr. ben carson has dropped way down. i would keep an eye maybe on
5:18 pm
carly fiorina. >> that would be a shocker because she hasn't been visible. you know, new hampshire, adrianna is a very small state. you guys going to go up to dixville notch at midnight up there? cold up there. >> nine voters? >> have to do a show in the morning. >> nine voters there, right? >> something like that. maybe 10 or 12. >> okay. that's the first vote and then it cascades down. >> interesting place. >> i appreciate. >> record turnout bill tomorrow. >> record turnout in the granite state. >> that's what they're predicting. >> that's good for our republic. thank you both. one footnote, i willjt be talking politics on the colbert program tonight. first appearance on that. we will see how it goes. directly ahead, mary katharine ham moderating the debate on saturday night. we will debrief her had. feminist group says almost every advertisement during the super bowl was sexist.
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impact segment tonight. if you watch the republican debate on abc saturday night. you saw miss mary katharine ham. >> mr. trump, you have said you want to repeal obamacare. you have also said, quote: everybody's got to be covered, adding, quote: the government's going to pay for it. are you closer)kdi to bernie sanders' vision for healthcare than hillary clinton. >> i don't think i am. i think i'm closer to common sense. we are going to repeal obamacare. >> joining us from mann chester, new hampshire mary katharine ham and juan williams. first of all trump didn't
5:23 pm
answer your question about that he wasn't that specific about what he was going to do in the healthcare realm. >> that's why i'm asking the question. when it comes to obamacare which is an issue really important to conservatives, you have to rely on the details or get what they are doing. as you pointed out mani' times trump doesn't have consistent ideology. that's something that actually appeals to independents and some of these reagan democrats that he is bringing in. and so i wanted to get him to talk about it again because he says wildly different things. sometimes he says the government's going to pay for it and everybody is going to be covered which sounds a lot like universal healthcare that's government-funded other hand he says free market reform and then he will say i'm going to do price fixing with medicare. and prescription costs. so it's all a little confusing and to get him to talk about it more is the only way it to figure it out. >> did he clear it up for you at all? >> it was not totally clear to me.ééi and then cruz sort of came in with his vision as well. and the two of them have been going back and forth about this. >> now, i want to get to
5:24 pm
juan in a minute. so you were moon lighting on us, mary katharine. [ laughter ] >> you remember that show moon lighting? shepard character. did they call you up and say you are so brilliant on the factor we have to have you? >> who wouldn't say that. >> moderately conservative people like abc. >> they say has been in training in long begins bill o'reilly every week can go up against these guys. >> is that what happened is they saw you here? >> yeah. that's exactly right. >> i'm glad they used you. >> you taught me everything i knew. >> thank you. i have been trying to teach juan but it's a hopeless cause. you can't teach juan. is he unteachable. when mary katharine asked trump, and it's not just trump because a lot of guys you ask, both sides both democrats and republicans don't give you specifics, they give you a speech rehearsed canned stuff. they don't get down to policy. does that bother you, juan or do you say this is what
5:25 pm
they all do. >> no. it bothers me. it bothers me because i think first of all, i think everybody just thinks mary katharine did a great job. she is smart and she deserved the opportunity. i think when they don't answer the questions, people notice, bill. now, you asked mary katharine about trump. but i think the real news out of that debate was rubio doing exactly what you were just talking about. giving canned answers and chris christie, the governor of new jersey hit him hard for being robotic and then the morning papers here in boston described him as choked, rocked, wind up, push play. that can't help. >> a little overdone? i'm not roading for anybody, i want everybody to be clear about that the reaction to rubio. so what? rubio says the same thing over and over again. they all say the same thing over and over again. i mean, come on. >> bill, you and i -- listen, you are talking about teaching mary katharine. one of the things that you have got to understand. if you are going toe to toe with someone in a debate, you cannot be programmed.
5:26 pm
you have got to have some degree of spontaneity. >> i'm just saying trump, bush, how many times did kasich say he cut whatever in ohio? 85,000 times? so i'm. >> in the same answer? the same answer you are going to repeat yourself? i her hear that from you. >> i'm not a politician. look, rubio didn't look good. okay. that's what happens in debates. and i'm not rooting, as they said, for anybody. but it to make that like a big thing that disqualifies the man from running is insane. >> no because you have got so many undecided voters here in new hampshire. >> everybody lost currency. and if he did it's his own fault. he is not disqualified. go ahead, last word, mary katharine. >> no, i didn't say that. >> on one hand politics is about moments. that moment is going to stick with people. to your point, bill, the people of new hampshire have seen him on the trail and the reason we remember this moment because is he is actually is more nimble than that they have seen him on the trail not doing that we will see how it plays.
5:27 pm
you may be right it's a tiny bit overblown. kasich is taking advantage of if out there. >> just remember what we said in the talking points memo. the national media is going to use any excuse to destroyj7 every single one of these republican candidates. when they get the opportunity to get rubio or bush or trump, they are going to take it it all right? there is nobody morrow bottom particular than hillary clinton. okay? >> not attacking clinton? >> nobody. she may be the most brilliant human being on the planet, but it's -- this is a recording. press one if you want it in spanish. >> oh, boy. >> mary katharine ham and juan, everybody. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. super bowl ads know being called sexist. of course they are. by a feminist group. wait until you see this. brit hume on how he sees new hampshire going down tomorrow. i hope you stay tuned to those reports. i have asthma...
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personal story segment tonight. if you bought a tv ad on the super bowl broadcast it cost'i you $5 million for 30 seconds. we don't charge that much on the factor by the way. you can get it much lower. and for that money, you are now being accused of sexism. the feminists proabortion group naral says just about every commercial can takenned antiwoman sentiment. >> and there's your
5:32 pm
beautiful baby. any day now. >> really? you are eating doritos? [ laughter ] >> give me that. [screams] >> now, after that ad, naral tweeted, quote, not buying it that doritos ad using antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses and sexist tropes of dads as clueless and moms as uptight. with us here in new york city anchors on the fox business network. can you believe it? i wanted two ladies on here because i know i'm insensitive. is this sexist? >> everyone knows that. >> sexist? >> you mean they are targeting men during the super bowl? stop it what a crazy notion. >> humanizing fetuses.
5:33 pm
>> did you hear what the doctor said at the beginning any do you now. she is away from giving birth to this child and they are saying it's not human. really? i mean she is seconds away here. they said it humanizes the fetus. >> it is very offensive on that level, of course. is there anything sexist? >> it's not antiwoman. it's anti-fellow. dad is a real sclub he is standing there eegd doritos. mom is lying on a cold hospital dead. shirt suspect and pants are down. come on. >> that's second commercial that's sexist. roll it. >> guy taking my little girl out, huh? >> yep. >> huh. why don't you go ahead and take my new car. >> thanks, pops. >> come on, baby. ♪p9m-zh >> favorite spot, favorite
5:34 pm
girl. >> are you ready ♪ are you ready for this. >> you're messing with the wrong daddy. >> here's a tweet from naral, hey, hyundai, taking awaykd"e1 your daughter's autonomy and stalking her on ax+ ñ date isn't funny, unquote. these people are unsane, are they not? >> they are insane. >> this is a satire, obviously kevin hart. >> great. >> very funny man. i don't understand, do you know any people like the people in naral? do you know any women like that? tell me the truth. >> i do, yes. >> you do. >> i do know them. they do have a sense of humor. i'm not sure who was writing this particular tweet. i thought this commercial was instructional. i have a daughter and two sons. i don't want any of them parking at makeout point. i was marking down what my husband should be doing in the future to make sure none of my children. >> i'm fine with all of it. >> you know people who
5:35 pm
really feel that this is, you know he, crazy stalking, you know, take it seriously? >> i know people that are involved in the pro-choice naral movement. >> you are saying they are not this insane? somebody is. this is going out under the naral banner. here is the third one, go. >> oh. >> this is a disaster. who is the genius who puts a girl in heels on subway great, monroe, eat a snickers. >> why. >> you get cranky when you are hungry. >> snickers, what's up with that commercial? transphobic and implies women okaycn with being objectified as long as they have snacks. [ laughter ] >> i'm not kidding. this is not made up. this is real. all right. it's 30 seconds on it cross dressing has a long history in the theater. you know, you look at
5:36 pm
movies. shakespeare. >> do you have to eat snickers had you are a cross dresser. >> trans phobic is not where i would have gone with this. if it was me in that ad i get very angry. my husband says i'm not allowed to use emails or my phone. i prefer twix. >> i think it's accurate. >> you know what? i don't know where we are anymore in the world. i think aliens have really taken over. invasion of the body snatchers is here and they are tweeting. ladies, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> when we come back, brit hume on the big vote in new hampshire tomorrow. watters trying to figure out why college students are disrespecting martin luther king jr. >> why when we put a caitlin jenner quotation next to the martin luther king quotation. >> caitlin jenner does not represent all gender -- non-gender binary conforming people. >> that was confusing. >> yeah, okay. >> the factor will be back in a moment. m
5:37 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the hume zone segment tonight. let's get right to our pal brit who is in manchester, new hampshire this evening. so i saw you on "special
5:41 pm
report" with our pal bret baier, and everybody is saying yeah, trump. okay. but then 2 and 3, nobody seems to really have a handle on that. do you? i think it's an open question, bill. it's really the only suspense that there seems to be tonight. everybody is fighting to be the alternative to trump. and you got four candidates really, rubio, bush, kasich, and cruz who looked to have a shot at that. and the polling has been within the margin of error kind of all over the place as to how that's going to shake out. it looks -- it does look as if rubio took some damage from what happened to him in the debate at the hands of chris christie. although that seems to not have helped his christie at all. there is talk of maybe bush is coming up. but the polling doesn't show very much. and so nobody knows. that's the suspense. that's the story. >> it's a good play for us tomorrow night on tuesday because nobody knows.
5:42 pm
chris christie, he spent a lot of time in new hampshire. you know, getting a lot of attention from the media why do you think he is not getting more traction? >> well, there are two guys who basically lived here and have built their whole campaign and their whole prospects on new hampshire win. one of them is kasich and the other one as you point out correctly is chris christie. i think it may that be pugnacious manner of his while it has appeal have gone to donald trump. i think that's what has left chris christie unable to get much traction. he certainly has qualifications and experience. is he a very good debater as we saw. i think that piece of the electorate. the angriest piece those people are with trump. some with cruz, perhaps, but mostly with trump. >> now, the bush campaign he has gotten better in the debates. would you agree with that? >> certainly this most recent one. i think it was his best outing so far. >> the last two he has been more composed and got his
5:43 pm
points out in a way that were more understandable. but it's the wrong timeç; history for him had. >> that's been my sense all along, bill. i thought from the beginning when there was all this talk about him being the frontrunner out of the gate that i was skeptical of that because this sense of an angry electorate has been perceptible for some time. i thought he was going to have a hard time getting a hearing because his last name is bush and because he seems to be a figure from the past and it's been a while since he has served. and i don't think he has gotten a hearing. people wanted to turn the page and he was on that page. >> trump ruined it he tried to make him into a wimpy kid, rich kid, and even though trump is rich. he comes across a macho. trump ruined him. not to say that that was right. i'm not saying it was right. i think that really muted the governor's voice. now, on the other side, bernie sanders is the odds on favorite to win. do you see that happening? >> i do.
5:44 pm
nobody seems -- i can't find anybody that thinks that he is not going to win. the question though, of course, is this is the thing. he is facing. he is so far ahead, bill, we had a poll in the last week or so that showed him up 30 percentage points. that is enormous lead. races tighten it end. he was never probably requesting to win by that much. if she is able to hold his lead down in the low teens or single digits which some polls suggest is possible. i guarantee you will hear the come back kid argument made after bill clint made. >> that's when largely rooting for hillary clinton, right? >> i won't deny that has something to do with it make no mistake about it she will have a case to make she came from a long way back to make it respect'able race and so on. it's a reasonable political argument. >> it doesn't hurt to have a media that wants to embrace anything positive toward you. say. this the clintons did not have the same immunity to
5:45 pm
negative coverage that other democrats have enjoyed. but, in this case bernie sanders looks like such a sure general election loser those openly quietly rooting for the democrats would rather see her nominated. >> that's right. that's why the republican establishment doesn't like trump they don't think can beat hillary clinton. >> they don't. >> check back in tomorrow night, watters on deck. disturbing situation university of oregon, some students there disrespecting martin luther king jr. moments away. when you've got a house full of guests on the way and a cold with sinus pressure, you need fast relief. alka-seltzer plus severe sinus congestion and cough liquid gels rush relief
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to your tough symptoms. to put you back in control. [doorbell] woman: coming! alka-seltzer plus sinus. .
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back of the book segment tonight. very strange story out of the university of oregon. some folks there want to remove a plaque from the student union building. it features a quote from dr. martin luther king jr. i have a dream that my four
5:49 pm
little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judgedtheir skin or by t their character. i have a dream. now, that's one of the most famous quotes in american history. some students claim it is not inclusive enough because it doesn't deal with gender. only race. so we sent watters out to eugene, oregon, to confront the madness. ♪ >> reporter: what's the vibe on campus, describe it for me? >> i don't know. i mostly just feeling midterm stress so i can't get a feel or a vibe. >> reporter: i'm stressed out myself, too, i work for bill o'reilly. [ chuckling ] >> reporter: what are you studying here? >> japanese and german. >> reporter: kaboom. this building right here, they're debating whether or not
5:50 pm
to remove a martin luther king quotation from "i have a dream" because it wasn't inclusive enough for gender identity issues. >> i definitely, definitely think gender identity issues are important but i don't think that we need to remove a quote. i think it'd be great to add something. >> add like a, you know, like a very empowering feminist rights quote. >> like, go women, men stink. >> get some backbone. >> taking away from mlk kind of -- there's something wrong with that. >> reporter: can you believe all these white students taking down the martin luther king quote? >> i think it makes the university look some type of -- >> in they take it off the campus, the black community is going to feel disrespected, black history month. >> reporter: do you feel excluded in any way, shape or form here on campus? >> yes. >> reporter: how so? >> i am not white. >> you mean i'm not white? >> there's a time and place for everyone and every community.
5:51 pm
and we need to let the black community have their time and have their thing. >> to remove it would be rude to african-americans. especially since we're still fighting that battle today. ♪ >> reporter: what exactly does gender identity mean? you can choose your own identity? >> in my understanding, yes. my gender is unicorn. >> for a second i think you took on the shape of a unicorn. >> reporter: are you serious? >> yeah. >> reporter: can i self-identify as a dinosaur? >> you're human. you could never be a dinosaur. >> reporter: what if we put a caitlyn jenner cquotation next o the martin luther king one? >> caitlyn jenner does not, represent nongender, binary conforming people. >> reporter: you say you're a trans men. what does that mean? >> transgendered and a boy. >> reporter: you were born a man? >> i was born a baby. >> i'm not a baby, i'm a man.
5:52 pm
>> so if we wanted to add some historical figures. >> you can't say that word, queer, that's offensive. >> i am queer. >> reporter: when i use the word queer people say, okay, i can't say that. >> are you queer? >> do i look queer? >> did i meet you on a summer cruise? >> do i sound straight? that's offensive. ♪ >> reporter: i'm watters. this is my world. >> this is your world. >> reporter: yeah. >> hey, good for you. >> reporter: thank you. >> a friend of miyanmarry -- i' all for it. >> we'll get together, have a few laughs. >> watters, that is the best argument for bernie sanders' free tuition for aeeverybody.
5:53 pm
>> right. >> the ducks. go ducks. you saw last week bernie sanders and now this. >> beautiful campus, but i mean, you mufrt go searching. do you have a big sign, if you're strange, i want to talk to you? >> anybody with crazy looking hair i say you have to come over here. the truth is the quote is going to stay. >> all right. >> the quote stays. >> it's going to stay. >> it's going to stay. >> but -- >> it was just one radical that stirred up trouble. the quote's there. there may be a gender quote next to it. we don't know. >> oh. >> but the quote -- the king stays. >> okay. a gender quote. >> who knows what that is. >> well, let's ask the viewers to provide some then we'll send it over to university of -- all right. watters, as always. factor tip of the day. i got the super bowl wrong. moments away.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
soup and sandwich and somewhere to go, and clean and real and nowhere to be, and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be. "factor" tip of the day, how did i get the super bowl so
5:56 pm
wrong? in a moment. but first, we will have to end our promotion at the end of this week on billo because we're going broke giving you stuff just like bernie. if you buy a copy of "killing reagan "out get a free copy of "newsmakers" free of charge and if you become a billo' premium member of re-up you get any one of my books free plus a free copy of the constitution. it's madness. it ends on friday. now the mail. davis ross, elma, new york. o'reilly, good interview with frump on friday. doesn't seem to understand debt reduction. should be a headline in the race. david, cape hayes, florida. trump was trying to explain that a growing economy and better paying jobs generate more tax revenue so the government can pay down the debt. don't feel bad that you're a simple man. all republicans want to cut corporate and private income taxes, dave. you have to know that. that means less money coming into the feds, at least in the
5:57 pm
short term. you have to know that. also, there's no provision for tax revenue to pay down the debt. no provision at all. the country can't pay its yearly bills now with record tax revenue coming in. this is a mess. and domestic spending cuts will have to take place before any effective debt cutting will happen but the politicians will never tell you that. john wright, yotexas, chris christie is proposing anyone with a income more than $200,000 will be denied social security payments. why didn't you educate the governor by saying social security is not their money? it's far too simplistic, john. if congress passes new laws about social security payments that's it, it really is their money. jina alvarez. bill, that was audacious of crist i christie to propose changing social security. thanks for getting the info to us about what these would-be
5:58 pm
presidents would do. elmer, i am very glad to be able to hear the no spin news every day as a billo' premium member. you are still the history teacher. a lot of stuff i can't say on the factor," i make prediction in new hampshire but i can't do that here because it might skew. gale, texas. bill, just finished your excellent book "killing reagan." i'm ruwondering if you ever met the president. i did not. i covered his second inaugural. extremely cold day. the parade was canceled. paul ruben stein, new york city, you say you apologize when you're wrong, page 114 in "killing reagan" withdrew write rutherford b. hayes was in new york when you know perfectly well he was from ohio. let me get this right, paul, you think i intentionally put in that typo? i did it on purpose? i apologize for the mistake i didn't know about until you pointed it out. rutherford, indeed, was from the buckeye state.
5:59 pm
hong kong, today is the chinese new year, the most celebrated day on our calendar. happy new year to all our chinese viewers. thanks for reminding us. finally tonight, "factor" tip of the day, i predicted the super bowl fallaciously, word of the day. i said the panthers would beat the broncos 24-10. usually i get this game right. not this year. the denver defense overwhelmed carolina as it did in beating new england. so congratulations to the broncos. you guys deserve it. special kudos to peyton manning who goes out on top. and the defensive coordinator phillips, best in the business out there in denver. "factor" tip of the day, hard work pays off, denver broncos proved it. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news "factor" website different from billo' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be fallacious when writing to "the factor."
6:00 pm
now, tomorrow, 8:00, election coverage from new hampshire. 11:00 eastern time, "factor." again, thanks for wautching us tonight. miss megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. new polls just out point to a fierce fight just hours away from the first primary of the 2016 race for the white house. good evening, and welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, live from manchester, new hampshire, it does look like i'm in my living room because we're at the beautiful college. i'm megyn kelly. here's one of the latest polls showing donald trump leading the field by more than 20 points at 34%. senator ted cruz and marco rubio tied for second with 13%. governors john kasich and jeb bush are neck and neck in third with 10%. and then governor chris christie has 5%. you can see the leader board there. the latest from the campaign trail, senator rubio is not backing down from his