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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 9, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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thanks, everybody. >> thank you, guys. by it's here. finally the first primary of this campaign. you are looking live at a jeb bush event screen right. jeb bush screen left. donald trump looking to pick up his first win. senator bernie sanders make his final push to even up the game with hillary clinton. he, too, is looking for his fir official win. i'm bill hemmer. special primary edition of fox news. here we go.
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look how they feel. martha: the fir vote have been cast today. good morning from new hampshire. i'm. martha: . donald trump may be first in the polls right now but three governors are looking to upset that balance of power. they shall trying to get anybody who might be on the fence. the top three finishers in iowa are making their pitches to voters in the granite state. here is donald trump. >> if you are sick, if you are really like you can't move. you are close to death, your doctor tells you it's not working, i don't give a damn, you have got to get out to vote. >> it's grassroots. bringing out your friends and
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neighbors. have you voted yet in i'll come get you. >> i have differences between them but ultimately i like everybody who is running for president. then you have to look at who has the best chance to win. martha: chris stirewalt is here from saint anselm but first let's go to the snowy quad where rich has been watching what's going on today. reporter: before the church bells and school bells chimed, the candidates are out there. the republican governors were out. kasich, and chris christie, jeb bush. it's been punctuated by that
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debate saturday night where governor chris christie and others went after rubio basically calling him a robot saying he's overrehearsed. at a polling place earlier today rubio says he's still in a solid position. >> it's an incredible experience and an incredible process. we are going to finish strong here and head to south carolina. reporter: donald trump continues to draw criticism. the latest polls have put him still in the lead. martha: on the democratic side they are stepping up their attacks on each other as well. reporter: particularly on a
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favorite subject for democrats, and that's wall street. you have bernie sanders hitting hillary clinton saying she has taken too much money from them, giving speeches, essentially calling that influence buying. the souper pack that's supported her has taken millions of dollars from wall street. clinton says that's not the case. saying there are plenty on wall street that will be running against her. this as news there will be a shakeup as bernie sanders almost tide her in iowa and and those are charges the clinton campaign is denying. bill: william, do they love you? >> i don't know but i love them.
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>> first in the nation primary, together again for the very first time. bill: dig it. don't know if the polls are right or wrong. let's assume they are right. let's assume trump is outside the margin of error and he's a winner. if that's the case then the battle is for second place. this state seems designed for a guy like to john kasich who spent a lot of time here. it seems designed for a guy like jeb bush. >> the bushes in happen * don't have the best relationship and they don't have the feeling about legacy candidates here. kasich, yes. his senior strategist ran a case for john mccain saying i'm not in the best position to win a
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nomination but i'm in the best position to choose you. he talked about, it's not about being a republican, he talked about the need for the parties to come together. however, however, in 17 election cycles, new hampshire has failed only thrice. iowa goats with the heart and picks candidates. but since 1952 they only failed three times to select the eventual nominee. bush has no path so that's his big problem. kasich has a similar problem. he need a huge launch out of new hampshire. rubio though he did not have a great debate, he's well made for a long-term candidate. bill: do you think the debate
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and rubio made an impact? >> we saw the last wmqr poll that came out and it shows rubio is still in second place. bill: 2008, hillary clinton was in new hampshire she was on the verge of losing her second straight to barack obama. she cried on behalf of all the women she said she had been fighting for her whole life. do we know if we have had a moment like that here in new hampshire? >> under normal circumstances i would say a candidate referring to a rival as a crash euphemism -- a crass euphemism for a female body part would be
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a dq thing. but trump supporters like that kind of stuff. he's used profanities in other rallies. the question with trump isn't if that will turn voters off. but the whole question is with trump in the southern part of the state, can he get new voters, penal who are not republicans to show up, register the same day and vote. bill: they can vote republican or democrat. martha: there is a lot more out of new hampshire. donald trump will sit down with us on the set to discuss how things are going. what is his campaign feeling about the question raised by chris stirewalt and others. will he be able to turn that into a win? before he joins us we'll speak
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to senator marco rubio. i caught up with him on the campaign trail in new hampshire. we talked about his strategy and also about the dust-up in the debate saturday night. >> there is a theatrical aspect to this. but for us it's about the future of america. it's explaining to them what we are going to do when we win this election. people are going say what they are going to say, but it won't change what we are doing. martha: there is a lot more and we'll hear more from marco rubio. bill: the polls -- our coverage starts at 6:00 eastern time. we'll have the best coverage for you throughout the day and throughout the night. one final point about this process. iowa is intimate. new hampshire is intimate. once we move to tomorrow and
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blow down to south carolina all that changes and this process -- you take the lid off. then you november toward march and it's a whole different game. in manchester you could not go a block without seeing another event with a candidate trying to make the final closing argument. that's the cool aspect of this nature in new hampshire. it's all over. martha: in the manchester area each candidate was within 20 miles of where we were. so we got a chance to get out there and talk to voters and see what's on their mind and we got a close-up look at how they are feeling. in the meantime donald trump showing a steady lead as we discussed in new hampshire. but it's a tossup for second and third place. several candidates want to be in that group. who needs a strong finish here to do just that? bill: hillary clinton look for
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an upset. bernie sanders support appears to be surging yet again. what can she do to stop that. all that and more as voters hit the polls. our coverage of the new hampshire primary continues. live in saint anselm's college. >> it's still amazing in this state that people still are shopping. you know what i tell them? it's time to make up your mind and buy.
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[jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting! bill: trump may be on top in new hampshire, second place is not so clear if polls are right. governor kasich, the former ohio governor and jeb bush and chris christie bunched up in the pack. how rough guys doing? new hampshire is a grave ward more pollsters. one town, population 9.
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ar the candidate who selves the plurality of the vote tends to be the winner. >> all these polls show a high undecided percentage on the republican side. did donald trump's rally have an impact? did marco rubio's not tremendous debate performance have an impact? martha: we asked the question did what happened with marco rubio matter to you? some said yes but in many cases they said no, that stuff happens when you are under pressure. >> i think people on their way to voting for him. it was a matter of closing the deal. they were headed that way. if you have look at the polls, they have a tracking poll here.
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but it did not -- 2/3 of the poll did not cover the slation two hours so you didn't get the post debate impact. people don't seem to have been moved greatly by what happened, even though it made such big headlines across the country and here where he was called a choker and a robotic machine. bill: general bus -- jeb bush ir john kasich. >> everyone is worried about this lane they are in. but one thing for sure about john kasich. he's got to get a second place finish. he has to have a jump tonight. he doesn't, it's hard to make the case going forward. john kasich stakes his claim in new hampshire. jeb bush can push him back to a second or third tonight.
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bill from he doesn't do well here, he says he's done. >> i think he has more legs. but here is the friel question. do they all finish in this herd? is ted cruz in that, too? if that's the case. it's going to be easier. in presidential politics it's about getting on that donor call. if they are hearded up i think the calls will go better with their donors. if kasich and christie get herded up it won't make much difference. >> for bush, this really is the line. bush struggled to gain traction with those donors. he has not demonstrated any traction among voters. he's bringing his mother here and he says he's got to do well here.
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if you think about chris christie, this is his place. he did not make an appearance in iowa. this is his shot. for john kasich, this is the whole game. for those three candidates. i don't know if it's second place. but i would say it's third place or go home. martha: you have to be able to say to the voters on the donors, i'm in this game. it's going to be tough to convince voters, hawaii, i'm in this. >> a win is a win. but what you have to remember about these states, the candidates can talk about their lane and how many tickets out of new hampshire, but they have to start winning. donald trump looks like he will have a win tonight. the other guys, they make a compelling argument.
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>> i think cruz, if they can beat expectations. bill: these voters here have a lot of options. they like a little bit of this guy and this guy because they haven't seen a field this large. martha: you can't make a mr. potato head candidate. it looks like primary day should look in new hampshire. will the snow affect the turnout? i think it's pretty much done for today. live coverage continues from manchester, new hampshire. >new hampshire..
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martha: the first in the nation primary in new hampshire the present jeks is half a million voters will head to the polls. the snow may trim things a little bit. when we were in iowa the turnout was astronomical. do you expect the same thing here? >> if bill garner says we'll have record turnout, we'll have record turnout. it's an even ganged cycle for the republican party. so many qualified candidates on
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that debate stage. martha: how do you see this playing out. i know you are not supporting any one candidate. who seems to be poking through when you look at the cluster of candidates. >> he governor has a good path here. there is kind of a slow and steady element to what we do in the first of the nation primary. governor kasich kind of mastered that. he had his message from the beginning. he always understood what the end game was. governor christie, too early to count hip out. he's very good in the town hall settings. martha: i think he has he spent so much time here as you well know working hard at connecting with voters. why is it that he hasn't caught on, at least in the polls.
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>> ultimately it's in the hand of the voters. we have such a crowded field. the most diverse, qualified, crowded field we have seen. governor christie we did see him moving up in the polls. governor bush. what a great ground game. senator riebio. what a strong and inspirational message he brings to the table. somebody is going to be a surprise at the end of the day today. martha: you talk to voters and they are still deciding in an anecdotal way. what amazed me is that several people said i'm either going to vote for john kasich or hillary. i think new hampshire voters, we are a diverse group here. what chief fines happen * voters
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is independence. i'm very, very confident we'll choose a nominee who is able to bring our nation together and solve the problems facing america and it will be a much better path than hillary clinton ever could. marthacould.i'm not going try to evaluate everybody one ground game at a time. what's important to to come out of new hampshire saying you made the progress and have done what you needed to do and you are ready to move on to the next phase. what we do in new hampshire it's not about saying new hampshire
6:28 am
is going to choose the next president of the united states. martha: most often they do. >> we love when that happens. but it's about preserving that idea that anybody can run. roll up their sleeves, do the hard work and become president. that's what the first in the nation primary is all about. i think it's important for -- i think it's important coming out of new hampshire to show that you have made progress. that's the most important thing. martha: thank you very much. we'll see. good luck today. bill: the polls are open. candidate are still shaking hand. they are looking for as many last-minute vote as they can grab. so that's senator marco rubio earlier today.
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we got 6 inches of snow. we'll talk about his campaign and debate performance from saturday night. coming up next. >> my pitch to voters down the stretch is i'm as conservative as anyone running, but i can unite the party and grow the conservative movement. and if i'm nominated i will win. . vern from voya? yep, vern from voya. why are you orange? that's a little weird. really? that's the weird part in this scenario? look, orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. save a little here and there, and over time, your money could multiply. see? ah, ok. so, why are you orange? funny. see how voya can help you get organized at
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with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at by voters cast their ballot, we have seen several candidate. this is one location in manchester, new hampshire. we have seen a wave here and a wave there. some folks before work trickling in. you get some more folks after
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work trickling out. new hampshire undoubtedly for republicans and democrats will cast this campaign in a whole new direction. we have some live pictures from bedford, new hampshire. we are expecting senator marco rubio will be coming there any moment. he's hoping for a big surprise. he wants to be the person everybody is talking about. i caught up with hip yesterday when he made a restaurant stop in manchester. we started with the fallout from what happened during the debate saturday night and i asked him about it. the kid are having fun playing with the snow. talk to me about what happened saturday night and how you feel about it now. >> i feel great. i think it's a big media thing. but i got the chance to tell the
6:34 am
american people the truth again and again. obama is trying to change america. obamacare was not an accident, the deal with iran, the unconstitutional executive orders. 8 years ago when barack obama ran for president he said he was going to change america and he's doing that. i know the majority of americans agree with me. punched do you feel you could back at governor christie? >> i never view offed this election as an opportunity to beat up and attack other republicans. if we have policy differences we'll discuss that. christie supports gun control and he donated to planned parenthood but i think voter are already aware of that. i'm not running to beat up on republicans and i'm running to beat hillary clinton. if i run against hillary clinton
6:35 am
i will beat her and she knows that that's why she attacks me. i can unite the party and if i'm nominated i'll win. martha: the democrats think they found your achilles heels, that you are too scripted. what will you do to combat that. it will become an issue at debates. >> for voters at the end of the day i answer questions all day every day. that debate was 2 1/2 hours long. i think i answered 1 date or 20 -- 18 or 20 questions at that debate, some i have never answered before. there is a theatrical aspect to these campaigns. but for us it's got future of america. it's about explaining to people what we are going to do if we
6:36 am
win this election. martha: when you came out of iowa the story was you were the guy with the most momentum. it feels like that dynamic might be changing. what do you think? >> i never said that. it's a competitive race. you have people who's entire campaign is built on one state, new hampshire. they will be competitive. donald trump has led every poll since june or july in new hampshire. we want to do the best we can and get as many delegates as we can and move on to south carolina. we are looking forward to that, too. >> how do you have get back to talking about demonstrating to people that you are much more than what they say you are, which is a 25-second speech. >> this campaign has been a long campaign. there has been appearance we made and interviews. again, people in the media are fix eight.
6:37 am
but voters are what we are interested in. this campaign is designed to impress voters. i feel great about how that's going. we are going to continue talking about serious issues. all the issues we talked about, many of them are at coach our campaign and we look forward to continuing to do this. martha: do you think the candidates on the stage agreed with what you were saying? >> it didn't sounds like they agreed with that. that's unfortunate because that's what this is. it's important to recognize what the president did was dli p -- s deliberate and orchestrated. that's the question at the core of this election. if you've atlantic bernie sanders or hillary clinton they will continue to do what barack obama has don't last 7 years. if that happens our kids are going to inherit a diminished country. that's why this election is so
6:38 am
important and why i'm asking people for their votes. martha: jeb bush and chris christy say you are a great guy but you don't. >> have the experience to be president. >> tough more foreign policy experience than virtually everyone on that stage combined. that's the most important job of a president and i'll keep this country safe from my first day in office. martha: we saw how much they shake hands, go around. they work all of day long trying to get as many people in there as they can. most people aren't built for what it takes to be in this race. an extraordinary amount of work and patriotism because it's a huge commitment. bill: he was taking questions about war and gay marriage. if you want this job,
6:39 am
new hampshire will make you earn it. you have got to be here. nice stuff there. more coming up in a moment. jeb bush looking for a good showing in new hampshire. his mom came out over the weekend, the former first lady. that and much more as our coverage continues all day now in saint anselm's college in new hampshire. do not go anywhere. >> i don't think he's as charismatic as other people, but he's very smart and articulate. he really knows his stuff. he has a difficult time bringing that across.
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a solid finish here could breathe new thriefn his campaign and he knows that. >> i have been written off. i have seen over by th oh birthn about me and i'm still here. >> we can disfence with the notion that this campaign is over and not a competitive race. we feel good. we have the bestground game out of everybody out there. we made 100,000 door knocks. we are running a national campaign unlike john kasich and chris christie who are stuck here in new hampshire. >> we saw him yesterday, the energy is good. you wonder if opt number of wins
6:44 am
in this climate. the vein is anger among the electorate. >> donald trump is not going to do anything about it. he's just mirroring people's anger. jeb bush can fix the problems in washington that will give people the chance to rise you have again. that's what we are seeing, donald is going the wrong direction. bill: general bush said you are not just a loser, you are and whiern and a liar. john mccain is a hero. over and out. >> anybody who makes fun of a p.o.w. and called them a loser is a loser themselves and has deep insecurities they need to deal with. as far as jeb is concerned, he's
6:45 am
the on one standing up to donald trump. marco rubio is in the witness protection program. he was asked if he thinks donald trump is a conservative. he said donald trump makes some good points' and he moved on. donald trump doesn't have the temperament to be president. that's plain as day. anybody who would make fun of the disabled doesn't have the temperament to be president of the united states. bill: there is another story developing and that is bush going against the ohio governor john kasich. kasich react it to last night. >> i'm really disappointed in jeb. he's taken a low road to the highest office in the land. he's been negative all along. but it's okay.
6:46 am arnold schwarzenegger toe the first time i was running for governor, love the beatings. bill: your campaign seeing the possibility if you can take kasich down, you have an' opportunities to slide. and this is where you believe i have a message tailor made to do that. >> i think john kasich's complaints are silly. hillary clinton will tear the bark off our nominee. this ways happens in politics. here is the big difference between john kasich and jeb bush. john kasich is a moderate governor who expanded obamacare more than any republican in the
6:47 am
country and he's against the military. he supported cuts to the military. that won't fly in south carolina. bill: it's a remarkable thing how you see all these candidates bunched up. who knows how it will go tonight. but you could have a candidate at 17, 16, 14. it's possible all this -- all of this in new hampshire may thought decide a whole lot when it comes to a good number of candidate. >> i think that's true. if you look at jeb we are in third place behind trump and cruz. we'll bring in president bush in south carolina where he will be able to make the case. that's a state where jeb because of his policies to support a stronger military. his support for lyndsey graham
6:48 am
and 12 medal of honor recipient. when you look at the field and you want somebody with experience who is ready to be commander-in-chief. that will resonate. the 43rd president, his first stop will be where? 1988 successful. year 2000 not so successful. what happens next? >> we are hoping to take some momentum from here into south carolina, and we'll see you in nevada on super tuesday and florida march 13. martha: donald trump is banging on winning in this state tonight as he attempts to shake off his narrow loss.
6:49 am
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by these are the candidate up and at em until 10:00 a.m. they have had several stops. this is marco rubio hitting a polling station in bedford, new hampshire. it's on the outskirts on the southwestern edge ofhwestern ne. if they can build a final vote, with how close things are and how undecided some people have told us in these late hours they still are. martha: they have had a year of
6:53 am
television ads coming at them from all directions. they have had door knock and robocalls. they let their feelings be known to the election folks in new hampshire. standing by is molly line at a polling place in new hampshire. >> the voting is well under way in the first of the nation primary. we are at st. anthony community center in manchester. the polls opened at 6:00 a.m. this morning. a slightly more democratic ballots have been picked up than republican ballots. but we have seen 572 total ballots cast here as of 9:00 this morning. the things we are watching, wondering how many independents are casting these ballots. wheaton know the number cast per party. we don't know what the independents are doing.
6:54 am
but tonight we'll find out. martha: what are the voters saying out there, molly? >> we had a chance to catch up with those voters and here are their thoughts. >> i have been a supporter of hillary for a long time. she is the most qualified, and she is ready to do the job on day one. >> i voted for chris christie. i think he has the right experience for the country. bring us in the right direction. not like to where we are headed right now. reporter: we had no trouble finding folks from both side of the aisle willing to talk. so wonderful they had a chance to share some of their thoughts with us. the secretary of state bill gardner said he's expecting record turnout. martha?
6:55 am
martha: molly line at the polling place in manchester, new hampshire. once they wash out, they made up their minds. that seems to be the moment when a lot of decisions are made. bill: we have not seen a race like this with so many possibilities. like the coverage goes on and on. the decisions on behalf of these voters, it goes on and on. you can't vote for mr. potato head. you are not taking a hat, and an arm and a leg. by all appearance this has been a difficult decision for all the people in new hampshire. martha: they have had them pretty much begging for their votes. we'll show you one candidate down on one knee saying please if you are making a decision, vote for me. lots to come this morning.
6:56 am
bill: the polls are open. voters casting their ballots. steven hayes is standing by. so, too, is donald trump. we have a brand-new hour jam packed at top of the hour in manchester. >> it's an incredible experience and process and we love being part of it. we are going to finish strong here and head to south carolina.
6:57 am
. . . .
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martha: so republicans are in a race to the punish as voters casting ballots here in new hampshire. the process has begun. several inches of snow out there. roads not too bad this morning on way here. hopefully will not preventing anybody from getting out there and of course candidates making their final pitch. >> this is sort of our final love-fest, all right in tomorrow will be even better one but this is the one. tomorrow you have to get out and you have to vote no matter what.
7:00 am
>> this political campaign isn't just about doing well in an election the for me it deeply, truly is about the direction of america, the way our country is going. >> i want to take a unifying, positive message of economic growth and opportunity to the whole country. >> i hope to be a president that focuses on that as well. because i believe we're on the verge of greatness but we need to fix a few really complex things. i'm tired of politicians push down a group of people to make themselves look better. >> you have to challenge the system. frankly everyone else running is the system. martha: what a race this is already. welcome, everybody, to brand new hour of "america's newsroom." we're glad to have you with us today. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. decision day in new hampshire is finally here after month after month after residents here in the state listening to the pitches of so many for so long you will get a day at the polls.
7:01 am
you will get pundits and predictions all swept aside. this gives way to moment of truth because for the people of new hampshire it is your turn finally to decide. martha: we welcome steve hayes, senior writer for "the weekly standard" and fox news contributor. always good to have you with us this morning. >> good to be here. martha: when nobody really knows what is going to happen. >> that is what so great about this if you're a political junkie this is what you want. you have this cluster of candidates in second place and conceivably the second place candidate come in fifth. the fifth place candidate could come in second. it is this cluster and you have everybody scrambling. i heard you talking earlier about driving down the street and you run from one event into another event. if you're a political junkie this is the best day of the year. martha: talking about second place to fifth place. i don't hear you talking about first place. you think that is pretty much not in question? >> i don't think so. we've been surprised before.
7:02 am
we were surprised last week in iowa. we've been surprised in new hampshire before. not inconceivable somebody could have big day or something happening on the ground where polling isn't picking up. it would be a surprise donald trump didn't win basically he had a double-digit lead stretching back several weeks, months actually. martha: in terms of donald trump, there are those who say he can't get over 25%. he got 24% of the vote in iowa. he is polling as high as 31%. if he comes in with that kind of number, does that blow this into a new realm for him? >> certainly gives him more credibility as he takes the campaign south. he is polling well in some of the southern states. he could then say, you might have thought i wasn't serious candidate, but look at new hampshire. that is a clear number. if he underperforms as he did in iowa, underperforms roughly the same rate, same percentage, a quarter of his self-identified supporters don't turn out to be
7:03 am
donald trump voters and comes in low to mid 20s when he is polling at 30s, do people look at the win and say, well it's a win. for political newcomer, certainly to his credit he has done that well. martha: i'll say. >> it is not a huge win. again we're seeing donald trump is underperforming his polls. think that could sort of put a dent in his candidacy going forward even with a win. martha: these guys all need a strong story coming out of here. here is chris christie who worked very hard in the state to win over the people of new hampshire. here is a light moment. >> i haven't decided yet. >> all right. one of those shoppers. you haven't decided yet. good to go. >> [inaudible] >> yeah. >> i was going to get up and i think i will stay on one knee. martha: he got down on one knee and said, i don't think i can get up. meaning for him in all of this. he is obviously got to do well
7:04 am
here. he invested in tremendous amount of time here. he has done dozens upon dozens of town halls. he is very good in the town halls. he is arguably booed as anybody in the field on either side in those town halls. he connects with voters. he is relatable. people like him even if they disagree with him. he will take a question. go back with voter, disagree with the premise of the question, voter will come out and say i like that good. martha: we like this guy. steve hayes. we'll see you who it goes. bill: thank you, steve. climax for trump rum in his campaign right in the heart of manchester last night. final rally drew thousands to verizon arena. what is driving them? what do they like? what more do they need to hear? are they decided or not? quick sample what we found at that event in manchester. >> honestly he will stick it to the gop establishment which i think has been a long time coming. >> how does that make the country great?
7:05 am
>> how does it make the country great? i think gop party would get back to what it should be small government less intrusive party. bill: what do you want to hear? >> if he is real and sincere. bill: and right now you're not sure. >> i am not sure. i think is all talk. >> i think he just says what is on everybody's mind. for once we need a politician like that other than others that beat around the bush. i'm actually a political science major in college. definitely taking politics classes opened my eyes to a lot. think donald trump is best candidate we have now. bill: you are undecided voter. you came here tonight to hear what from trump? >> i want to hear what he has to say that will make sense in terms of policy views. you hear a lot of rhetoric. i want to hear what substance is behind the policy rhetoric. bill: shortly after that the event got underway they had i want to guess, i want to say 3500 to 4,000 people in attendance.
7:06 am
it was snowy night. some suggested it was blizzard here. felt like it at times. we'll talk to donald trump here in a moment. he will be our guest on "america's newsroom." i thought it very interesting, martha, most of the people from new hampshire. a lot of folks drove in from massachusetts. martha: yep. bill: some were already decided they were going to vote for trump. others were not so sure. they wanted to hear a little more about the economy and what his solid ideas were. very interesting to get this cross mix of people on the final night before the primary. martha: sure was. great to be out there to see that in person. you hear about the rallies and get into the room and feel the energy and it is unmistakable. speaking of donald trump, the republican frontrunner is in the house joining us live next. we will talk to the representatives of marco rubio and john kasich campaigns. we'll talk to them later this hour. bill: will this be a long night for hillary clinton? already denying reports of a campaign shake-up. the democratic race, is it
7:07 am
tightening or not between sanders and clinton? bernie sanders for his matter taking advantage hitting clinton hard over ties to wall street like this from last night. >> my opponent, her super-pac, got $15 million from wall street last quarter. [booing] we get an average of 2per campaign contribution. maybe there is a difference of approach. bill: well, the snow is coming down but only because it is coming off the trees. "america's newsroom," our coverage continues live here in new hampshire from the nation's first primary. here we go. hang on. ♪ be mine...
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>> tomorrow is going to be the beginning. we're going to make america great again. we're make america greater, greater, greater than it has ever been before. martha: that was a very snowy night last night. donald trump was thanking new hampshire voters for most amazing experience of his life, he says, the whole process has been. they ignored a snowstorm and packed an arena in downtown new hampshire. bill and i were there to witness this first-hand. he urged his voters to get out and vote today in strongest terms possible no matter what is going on in their personal life. thank you, mr. trump. it was interesting to see the phenomenon up close last night. when you look at polls,
7:12 am
obviously you're way ahead in new hampshire. i'm curious what your own numbers are telling you right now. you've been lowering expectations a little bit and talking about this? >> i really have no numbers. i want to do well and win even by one vote. i would like to do a little better than that i want to win. it is very important to me. i love new hampshire very well. i've been here many times preall this political stuff. i have many friends in new hampshire. martha: you don't have internal pollsters you don't hire any? >> we do the best we can. new hampshire has a problem people don't even know about. it is called heroin. they have heroin pouring. every time i meet with group of people, i bring it up, we'll seal up the border. we'll build a wall by the way and seal up the border or end that problem or at least in large part we end that problem quickly. martha: i talk to a lot of people about the race in general. many of them say that donald trump can get 25% of the vote. the other 75% of the vote eventually is going to coalesce around one other person and he
7:13 am
will be beaten. >> i disagree with that because you know we have polls, some polls show me at 48%, 44%. with everybody in the race. when somebody leaves i will get some of those votes, whether they're moderate or anything, take it any way you want it but we'll get a lot of the people and in a general election i do everybody else because i think i can win new york, which nobody else can even think b i think we'll win michigan. we'll win place as lot of people aren't going to win. we'll open up a whole new, not just talking about the six states. martha: one of the reasons that is the case because you have very high unfavorables, 59% in the "quinnepiac poll." when we talk to voters many are passionately for you many many places they're passionately against you. what happened in iowa, i'm turning out because i don't want donald trump in iowa. >> you mean in iowa. i got more votes than anybody in the history of the caucus, the republican caucus. i got 46,000 votes. that is more than anybody.
7:14 am
and a lot of votes were taken away with the whole carson thing that was sad thing, it affected me as much as did it ben. it was sad thing. we did very well. i came in second place. i picked up lot of delegates. man in third place is saying he is new hero. i came in second place. what about me? why aren't they saying that about me? maybe i have a different standard. i'm really about new hampshire. i love the people of new hampshire. we have a great bonding. you saw that last night at arena. we had close to 5000 people in blizzard. it was amazing, a great show. martha: sometimes you talk about who you might consider as vice-presidential candidate, i don't know if they consider that a compliment. some are in the race hoping to be the candidate. you are specific. talked about scott brown. >> i never did. martha: talk about kasich. >> i never talk about vice-presidential candidate. martha: maybe him. >> i like scott brown because he endorsed him but he never thought of him in terms of vice president and he endorsed me. i never considered case i can. i like him.
7:15 am
he is pretty nice around doing well. i never talked about him. i don't want to talk about anybody as vice president. i want to win. there are some very good candidates out there for vice president but i never want to get, i never want to get too far advanced. i want to see what happens tonight. martha: people criticize you for not wanting to be specific about things. maybe voters are not supporting you right now love to know who do you talk to for foreign policy advice? what specific people do you talk to? i think you might be able to move outside of the percentage that you already have if you were willing to say, it might give people increased level of confidence if they knew who you were talking to. >> i can do that and release a list two weeks. martha: why don't you release it right here right now. just a couple of names. >> i want to explain something to you. i think i know more about foreign policy than anybody running. i think my ideas are better than anybody that is running. i was one that said we shouldn't go into iraq because you will destablize in the middle east. i'm only one running. there is nobody else.
7:16 am
everybody let's invade iraq. i said all that is going to happen iran will take over iraq which is exactly what is happening. on top of that isis taking up the oil. you have iran, isis, taking over iraq assure as you're sitting there. i was one that said don't do it. i said it loud and you clear in 2003. martha: that is rear view mirror. >> martha, has to do with vision. let me go another one. four years ago i said bomb the oil, bomb the oil, bomb the oil. if they listened to me, you wouldn't have isis because isis became rich because of oil. i'm telling them go into banking channels right now but back circuit the banks, nobody knows banking better than i do, tremendous amounts of money is pouring into isis. they don't do that they're politicians. they don't know what they're doing. i put in osama bin laden before the world trade center came down, osama bin laden, and one of your colleagues said, that is amazing. trump wrote about osama bin laden before he ripped down world trade center. martha: who are you worried
7:17 am
about now? when you look forward what are we going to be saying donald trump knew this now and he was on the record about it? >> i'll tell you who and what i'm worried about now. incompetence in our government. we have incompetently run and we have incompetently run government. i'm not worried about anybody in particular. i'm worried about our own people and our leaders f we put in the wrong leaders, that is what i'm most worried about. we have incompetent people. we have some people running that are terrible. i won't even mention names. we have some people i think are terrible. that is my biggest fear. not the enemy. it is from within. martha: ask you a specific question here because you said we need to do away with isis, right? kayla mueller was a young woman from arizona. she was humanitarian. she was killed. we know she was abused by the leader of isis. this is very personal situation that touch as lot of americans. >> okay. martha: they want to know if you're going to be president, donald trump, what are you going to do to eliminate this group? because they have watched effort
7:18 am
it happened and it hasn't succeeded. >> i am going to knock the hell out of isis. i will hit isis so hard. we're not hitting them hard. we're doing politically correct. they don't want to bomb the oil because they don't want air pollution. they don't want to disturb toot environment. martha: you would immediately start bombing campaign. >> i would have to hit isis so hard. they're chopping off heads. i grew up, reading about medieval times where they chopped off heads. they're chopping off heads of christians in the middle east. i will hit isis so hard and so swiftly. despite i said don't go into iraq, well-documented, reuterss everything else, big stories, i wasn't even a politician why are they even writing about it. but for some reason big stories trump said don't do this you will desablize the middle east. everything i said came true. i know more about foreign policies than the characters that get up and want to start world war iii believe me. martha: anybody you can name who would lead the fight? >> i have many people. i just don't want to talk about them prior to night. i want to do phase one.
7:19 am
martha: give you a chance to do that. >> i understand that i think i have been very specific. >> it would help you with people who are not supporters if they heard some names from you in terms of who you actually listen to and who counsel means something to you. >> i think people have a lot of respect for my foreign policy. you know i have taken stance on russia. you see what putin said about me. not saying that glorious or anything else. he said very nice things. would it be nice if we got along with russia and other countries let them do some of the bombing? i would love the fact i would have russia do a lot of bombing of isis. we have to get rid of isis. isis is sick cancer on the world, not just us but on the world. on migration we can not let people come into this country because we have no idea who they are and could be with isis. walking around with cell phones with isis flag on them there is something going on. martha: eminent domain, tough issue with conservatives. >> very simple for me. i love the issue. you wouldn't have a road, you
7:20 am
wouldn't have a highway, you wouldn't have a bridge, you wouldn't have anything without eminent domain. martha: that is not true. eminent domain laws didn't exist. >> they weren't called, but the government would take for a highway. martha: why is it okay for someone, whether private company like your company or whether it's a public entity to take away somebody's home i don't care how much money you want to give me, this is my home, i'm not leaving? >> if you are going to build a highway, if you're going to build an airport, if you're going to build even a school, different things, government takes property. it is called a taking. now those people get reimburse ad tremendous amount of money. more than its worth. martha: not in all cases. some cases they say -- >> they didn't get what they wanted but get at least fair market value. martha: they fight it. get offer ad lot of money -- >> if i represented them they would get a lot of money. people that go around take property to be condemmed for eminent domain because they make so much money with the government. if you know what you're doing
7:21 am
you get a lot of money. here is the thing you without get anything built. i'm conservative. all conservatives warrant keystone pipeline. you wouldn't have keystone pipeline if it weren't for eminent domain. goes from canada to texas, everything is eminent domain. martha: you can find a way around my house. companies can do that. >> you wouldn't have things even conservatives want. keystone pipeline you have to condemn property called a taking. pay people for it. get a corner after farm. people make a lot of money but keystone pipeline couldn't be built. they have a whole section of keystone pipeline and what eminent domain is. people want keystone pipeline but they want eminent dome main. martha: i could talk do you all day. good luck to you and everybody out there. bill: primary prediction, what are you going to do? >> i hope it is trump. bill: that doesn't sound like prediction. >> doesn't sound like prediction. i don't want to predict. we'll see what happens. bill: thank you very much. quite a battle shaping up between bernie sanders and
7:22 am
hillary clinton. is clinton's team planning a major staff shake-up? that is live here in manchester, we roll on primary day, 2016. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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♪ >> what they said good about him and put it under all these endorsements except they didn't endorse. today they used a veteran's name he endorsed. he didn't endorse. when you're making a revolution you can't be too careful about the facts. you are for me or against me. bill: so that is bill clinton here in new hampshire hitting bernie sanders as that democratic race gets a little nasty under the skin. now there is a report clinton is considering shaking up her staff after new hampshire. kathleen ronan, associated press
7:26 am
reporter live with me here in new hampshire. good to see you. what are you hearing? clinton teams says we were going to do this after south carolina and nevada anyway. perhaps now comes a little sooner. >> we have to remember that new hampshire is a state always been very kind to the clintons. they have done well here. so i think prospect of bernie sanders beating her here is not something they are really looking forward to. so there are certainly rumors they might be looking to do a campaign shake-up a little earlier. clinton herself said that is not true. they're not looking to make any major changes but i think that, depending on the results tonight, there is probably going to be a reassessesment what they need to do going forward. bill: she was asked this specifically. this is how she answered it. watch here. >> somebody showed that to me. i have no idea what they're talking about or who they're talking to. we're going to take stock but it is campaign i've got. i'm very confident in the people that i have. we're moving into a different phase of the campaign. we're moving into more diverse
7:27 am
electorate and different geographic areas. it would be malpractice to say what worked, what can we do better what can we do new and different that we have to pull out. bill: listen, it all makes sense but you wonder what has been beneath the surface. >> you know, coming into new hampshire, if we looked seven or eight months ago there was assumption this was going to be very friendly territory for her. she was going to go well here. her win in new hampshire in 2008, that revived her bid against barack obama. new hampshire has been kind to bill clinton. so i think that, months ago i don't know anyone was really expecting bernie sanders to do as well as he is doing here and in iowa. she is still overwhelming favorite for the nomination but it is not really a great storyline if you're hillary clinton to have him come close to you in iowa, have him potentially have double-digit lead in new hampshire. i think it starts to raise questions about, you know, how long this nomination battle is going to go.
7:28 am
the democrats were not gearing up for this initially and her team is trying to lower expectations about what is going to happen in new hampshire now. they're not out there talking as if they're going to win because the polls are not really bearing it out. bill: very interesting how this race is going. i know you cover politics all over the state. you've been focused a lot on republicans too. quickly, what do you see happening on republican side of the primary? >> i think a lot of candidates, i spent some time with john kasich this morning, he is thinking that he is going to do really well here. he is fired up. he kept it positive past couple days as rivals tried to knock each other out. i think tonight's results are going to really determine who gets to move forward in this contest especially for chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich. they're hanging everything what happens tonight. bill: depending where they finish, a lot of them could have a ticket forward. who is to say they don't? if they're all bunched up there at 8:00 tonight. we shall see.
7:29 am
kathleen, great to have you. >> thank you. bill: from the associated press. thank you. >> thank you. bill: martha what is next? martha: florida senator marco rubio came out of iowa flying high after unexpected third place finish. we'll speak with the rubio campaign coming up next. live pictures of new jersey governor chris christie as he stops by the old campaign headquarters in bedford, new hampshire, we'll talk to people who hope christie has a good night here, coming up. in your mind have you decided who you want to vote for yet? >> i'm leaning in a certain direction. i still have my former boss you don't have to decide until you have to decide. that will not be until i get in the voting booth. there may be a little hesitation until then. martha: wonder what he decided. more from manchester as our coverage from "america's newsroom" rolls on. ♪ the decision to ride on and save money.
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martha: traveling around the state to see where candidates are. here is a live look at the new jersey governor visiting his campaign headquarters in bedford, new hampshire, with his wife and family. he is telling new hampshire voters to send him to south carolina as quote, their guy. i spoke with voters at a christie town hall event yesterday. here is some of that. you're here to see chris christie. is he somebody you're considering if he gets the nomination? >> i would. i'm not sure at this particular point how he's doing but i certainly would. i think, got a feeling that a governor probably as he has been saying more qualified, ready to be president than a senator. >> my memory of him during hurricane sandy kind of demanding help from the government. showed he had some backbone. so i'm really just curious to see what he says here. >> i have seen him once before. wasn't that impressed but here to give him another try. i think he is taking the 9/11 security stuff a little too over the top.
7:34 am
i would like to hear him talk about a little more stuff than that. >> the whole "bridgegate" thing is a little bit distasteful but they all have one of those things behind them. martha: what do you think about the dust-up between chris christie and marco rubio? >> clearly mr. christy had to make up some ground. this is his chance, his state to do that in order to get back in the race. if he doesn't do that he is done. martha: governor christie campaigned heavily in the state. hoping the first-in-the-nation primary launch his campaign into the upper tier. we'll see if that happens tonight. bill: he is certainly stepping up attacks against senator marco rubio. rubio saying he will continue to repeat his criticism of president obama he says it is part of his core message. what about that message? we have the communications director for the rubio team. how are you doing, alex. from des moines to manchester here we go. we were talking during the commercial break, it is different cull thing even for
7:35 am
the campaign to figure out where new hampshire will decide today. other than sheer number of candidates and diversity you see out there, why else or what else are the factors that make it so difficult for people? >> it is crewed field. you have a lot of governors in particular who have gone all-in in new hampshire. you basically have to win tonight or strongly exceed expectations in order for them to continue. candidates like marco rubio who is campaigning in all 50 states. ted cruz coming into the state having won iowa and donald trump led polls months on end. that seems i am moveable. he is all but certain to win tonight. we feel good about our place. we feel we're coming into the primary tonight with some momentum. we've had huge crowds in the last 48 hours, martha traveling with marco yesterday saw huge crowds. fund-raising at marco is through the roof. conservatives, rush limbaugh,
7:36 am
erick erickson rally to his support after pundits were critical of the debate performance. bill: the debate has been a big part of the story here for the past 48 hours and not all flatter and i'm just wondering how you're seeing that right now, whether or not that will be a drag when the results come out? >> obviously some of the d.c. punditry was critical. viewers at home, voters, candidate they saw on saturday night they liked him. one poll since the debate marco went up a little bit since the debate why we've seen so much fund-raising at marco since the debate. they saw rubio answer issue of life. back and forth between martha rad debts on skaggs security. nobody understands national security in 20th century like marco rubio does and he proved it. what it means to be conservative 21st century was roundly applauded on talk radio yesterday. bill: moments stick in people's minds. that is moment earlier in the debate.
7:37 am
why not take it back on governor chris christie? what about what i just said do you disagree with? >> it is what marco believes, right? marco believes -- bill: i get it. he believes it. just look in the require view mirror, why not say governor christie, what do you disagree what i said? >> the campaign is not about chris christie. the campaign is about the two kind of country to have in the 21st century. marco didn't go into the debate to attack other republicans. other candidate were there to attack marco. marco was there to talk about why he is running for president and what country he wants to leave for his children. that is what he will keep doing every day for the rest of the campaign until we win in november. bill: quick, final point here then. in iowa, you had a big story. a lot of people did not see the momentum in the final 48 hours. it is difficult to see that momentum in new hampshire. not to suggest that it's not there but it is hard to find it. >> yeah. bill: when you're dealing with that factor internally as a campaign what do you say to each other? >> we want to finish in the top tier.
7:38 am
we recognize this is long campaign. tomorrow morning we're getting a on a plane with marco to fly to south carolina. a tough campaign and competitive race and then on nevada. it will be a long campaign. we feel good about the our place in the race in new hampshire. this is about accumulating delegates. we have seven delegates in iowa, same as donald trump. ted cruz got one more dell gam we'll hopefully get more delegates tonight it is a long campaign. bill: when you say the top tier, i assume you mean the top three, correct? >> we want to be in the top tier. governors have gone all-in. they have made hundreds of thousands contacts. jeb bush spent $10 million attacking marco rubio in this state alone last couple weeks. chris christie is basically running for governor of new hampshire. he abandoned new jersey and come here. those candidates a lot of pressure on them. we want to finish in the top tier. bill: we shall see, 8:00 eastern time in all likelihood we'll
7:39 am
perhaps make a call or two. alex, good luck. you bet. martha: john kasich is another one who put a lot of his eggs in the new hampshire basket. we'll talk to his campaign next whether that risk is paying off. governor kasich feeling the bern, sort of. watch this. >> i am for bernie being president of ben and jerries's. as a result of that i want them to give us free ice cream. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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♪ >> well there's a lot of talk about a lot of stuff. most of it is inaccurate. don't worry about it. we'll fick it out if we have to do do it with bailing wire and duck tape. we love duct tape in this
7:43 am
campaign. martha: ohio governor john kasich whether he has resources to continue a national campaign. governor kasich spent a lot of time in the granite state holding more than 100 town hall events out there, trying to win over new hampshire huge block of independent voters. i spoke to one woman who was a little bit on the fence yesterday. here she is. who are you supporting at this point? >> actually kasich or hillary, and maybe chris at this. martha: now it is interesting i'm hearing that from a lot of people they have a democrat and republican they like. >> isn't that interesting. martha: what is going into your decision process given that? >> the decision on the republican side is, i cast my little vote there are moderate republicans out there that are not attracted to the super conservatives ones. and on the democratic side i feel that hillary has the best chance of winning of the democrats. martha: interesting, huh? we have the former new hampshire gop chairman and he is a
7:44 am
surrogate for john kasich. good to have you here. welcome to you. >> thank you. martha: you heard the woman. she is just one person obviously, anecdotal evidence but she was torn between hillary and your guy. what does that say to you? >> i presume she is independent voter. huge block of votes here can choose which party to vote for. back in 2000, john mccain carried republican vote by one point. what turned a narrow victory into a route he destroyed george w. bush among independents. martha: you talked to a lot of candidates early on in the process as former gop chairman. what made you go with kasich? why did you feel, i assume part of it you thought he had the best chance to win here. >> that is part of it. that is important for a general election as well because new hampshire is a swing state. i was impressed he has a conservative record of actually getting things done. we have exceptionally good talkers in this race who have very thin records. i appreciate his tone. he has conservative record but moderate inclusive tone. i think that stood out in this primary as well.
7:45 am
martha: do you think we'll see upside surprise for john kasich because it may be do-or-die from him? he almost suggested as much that he needs to do well here. >> he is not only candidate that needs to do well. the pool of votes to come in second is available to him today. the he has distinguished himself last couple weeks by having that positive message. i ran to the polls this morning to vote. i'm a runner. i did it on my way. while on my way one of my neighbors stopped me, shoveling his driveway to chat about the race. he was thinking about rubio until the debate last weekend. now he said he was leaning kasich this morning. >> why do you think kasich has had a hard time getting traction in this race? he had to fight really hard to move his way up in new hampshire? >> he hasn't been a bomb thrower. a lot of attention has gone to bomb-throwers. i was at his 106th town hall in new hampshire. i've seen him at 10 or 12 of them. he is grinding it out with retail campaigning one-on-one. last time voters have two-way
7:46 am
conversation with the person likely to be president. martha: no one brings in numbers donald trump brings in. we saw him last night in new hampshire. what is your thought on the phenomenon of trump in this state? did you ever imagine, if i asked you year-and-a-half ago, donald trump will win in your state, what would you have said? >> certainly no one expected him to have sort of impact he had in the race. also sucking oxygen and attention away in my view more worthy candidates. they're not trying to win new hampshire or defeat donald trump. they're trying to earn the right to defeat donald trump in states after new hampshire. governor kasich is well-positioned to win that battle. martha: what do you think defines kasich in this race? what machs him stand out? what makes voters choose him or christie and rubio? >> positive message, positive tone. that distinguishes himself in this field. he has record of getting things done. senators running in this race have very thin records. they're exceptionally gifted communicators. that is where it might end. there are other good candidates. i decided kasich would be one with proven record of delivering
7:47 am
results. he gets along with people. he works with the other side. not just to have another war in washington of. you have to get things done. if you believe in conservative principles, want something accomplish and and can work with other people and governor kasich can. martha: a lot of discussion tomorrow will be about the ground game. we don't know the answer to at that question today but who is your sense who has the bestame ? >> something unprecedented here, governor kasich's super-pac. i'm not paid by campaign or super-pac, but they have had six offices here. they have been here on the ground since the end of last summer. six months of working. in addition to resources that the direct campaign brings they have this whole other organization out there identifying voters, turning them out, i think that has flown under the radar screen that would be effective weapon for him today. martha: fergus, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. bill: nice to see you. you ran to the polling station. >> i did. slipping and sliding. bill: they are snowing. martha: thanks. bill: jenna lee come up next
7:48 am
"happening now." quick preview. good day to you. >> good day to you as well, bill of the first-in-the-nation primary underway in new hampshire. donald trump who we heard on your show and bernie sanders are the front-runners but we're steadying ourselves for surprises. we'll talk about that. fox team live coverage and analysis the primary. a test for san francisco sanctuary city status. a cruise gone way wrong. north korea prepping escalation in the nuclear showdown. news we'll get to at the top of the hour. bill: jenna, thank you. 12 minutes away there. it's a sprint to the finish in new hampshire. can candidates convince any undecideds in the final hours? our live coverage in new hampshire all day long continues next.
7:49 am
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♪ bill: at midnight last night local time first votes already cast here in new hampshire. doors are open now. doors for many places open at 6:00 a.m. in parts of manchester. voters lined up and ready to go. got to cast the ballot before school or work. state leaders estimating a record turnout of 65%. when you're watching returns later tonight, remember that percentage that we just mentioned. before all of this today though, voters in dixville notch cast their ballots at midnight. that town is first place to declare results during presidential election. kasich beat trump 3-2. bernie sanders beat hillary clinton 4-0. there are 12 voters total in dixville notch. there you have it. martha: 12 of them. bill: see what it portends to the future. tell you what, yesterday, very
7:53 am
interesting, rubio is out and about all day. at a cruz event, a lot of energy and enthusiasm. we'll see. he seems to be a little bit under the radar here in new hampshire. i think you probably agree with that. martha: we talked so much about him in iowa. they have been kind of under the radar here. there is a line of thinking that cruz is tapping into evangelical vote and libertarian vote maybe rand paul left some of that behind to be grabbed up by somebody. i think watching ted cruz is very interesting. he may do better than people think. bill: went to a bernie sanders event yesterday. a little more subdued i think than i expected. a lot of media. well, frankly there is a lot of media everywhere here in manchester. at every event, like 25% reporters and photographers. martha: incredible. bill: this is not the event i was at yesterday. there you see bernie sanders. what else? the trump event last night i think for both of us we were very intrigued to see people who attend what they think, what is on their mind and how all of
7:54 am
this works within this, the trump mania as his supporters like to refer to it as. martha: we drove over there. and the roads were terrible last night on the way out over there. he said that, when he walked in. he said there were probably five accidents on his way to the arena. they had a pretty good turnout considering all of that. there are people there though. we talked to some of them, who were undecided. they were there to hear what he had to say. they were trying to make up their minds. there is a lot of effort going into being at these places especially a day like yesterday. you have to hand it to the new hampshire voters. they take their responsibility very seriously. they were out there talking to people very long yesterday. very impressive. bill: met a family from massachusetts trump event. admitted democrats. what are you doing here? voting for trump? >> no no. we want to see what goes on here.
7:55 am
bill: i met someone with 10 kids. i don't know if you got that event from last night. i thought it was there just to be in person to take it in, so we could relay anecdotally out here. it's a real treasure and honor to see this american process in all its brilliance here with all the white stuff. >> i love the tables and people working at them in all of those gyms across this state. process is still very old-fashioned. we are so high-tech with iphones all over the place. truth of the matter everybody walks into this these places. dixville notch have great-looking frame those ballots, so antique and perfect. we'll see what happens. nobody knows. bill: they tell us on voting day you want to take the poll results and throw them out the window but it is difficult to do when you consider, martha, real clear politics average as of yesterday, three points separate rubio in second place from jeb bush in fifth place. that my friends is a jump ball
7:56 am
in new hampshire today. martha: i will look at exit polls tonight. that will give us leaves to read. we'll take a quick brac and come back. stay with us.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
martha: voting has just begun. there are about 8 hours left before the polls close in new hampshire. you don't turn the channel today. we have great coverage all day long and all night long. bill: i'll be at the thirsty moose during the press time coverage. of course, we'll sends hemmer to the thirsty moose. just sayin'. martha: i'll be doing exit
8:00 am
polls. what people were saying when they walked out can be so telling. we are hoping there will be bits of information for us to lay down. martha: have a great primary day, everybody. we'll see you later. jon: we begin with a fox news alert from the state that holds the first presidential primary. welcome to happening now. i'm jon scott. jenna: the thirsty moose sounds pretty good. we are watching hemmer closely throughout the night. the polls show donald trump and bernie sanders leading their respective voters.


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