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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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thank you so much for joining us. >> "the real story with gretchen" starts now. the republican candidates gearing up for the final debate tonight before tuesday. a big question right now, can anyone stop the trump train before it's too late in everyone's minds. i'm gretchen carlson. here's "the real story." hillary clinton is making a big push in south carolina ahead of the democratic primary there. that will be on saturday. bernie sanders is campaigning in ohio and illinois. on the republican side, it's pretty quiet with all the candidates gearing up for tonight's debate showdown in houston, texas. chief correspondent carl cameron
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is live with the latest. hi, carl. >> reporter: hi, gretchen. this is a big night for ted cruz. this is his home state. he has an awful lot riding on it. he hasn't won since iowa and donald trump's put up three back to back and there is some new news today, not particularly positive for marco rubio, coming out of florida in the form of a new quinnipiac poll. it shows that in florida, which votes on march 15th as one of the winner take all states, a little bit over 2 1/2 weeks from now, and in florida donald trump has a commanding lead over that state's hometown junior senator, marco rubio. this is a big opportunity for donald trump to take one of the winner take all states and really do damage to marco rubio. it's put a lot of pressure on rubio to fire back, and john kasich, who is very far back in that poll today, at his senior aids have been tweaking rubio
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hard. they've said it's time for other candidates to drop out so he can unite the republican party with a conservative alternative to donald trump. today kasich's aides are saying it's time to get out because he can't win his own state. if he can't win his own state he should get out and let someone with his own experience, a governor and former legislator in congress, he has an opportunity. very tough stuff going on. >> very interesting day. i want to ask you this. what is the latest with this romney/trump feud. what the heck is going on with it? >> mr. trump put out a financial disclosure form to the s.e.c. talking about his overall wealth last year. pretty much from the moment he released that document reporters and his rivals have been asking him to release his back taxes. last year he said he would release them in the next few weeks. it gave the impression that he would lease them. mitt romney, the 2012 nominee, has taken to twitter yesterday and today. he says quoting here from mitt
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romney twitter, methinks the donald doth protest too much. show voters your back taxes, donald trump. what is he hiding? trump has responded today saying, mitt romney, who is one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of republican politics, is now pushing me on tax returns, dope. now trump did add a picture to his online social media messaging that suggest he's at a desk signing a bunch of papers, presumably that's signing his tax returns. he's said they'll be out in a couple few weeks and we've yet to see them. now we're seeing mitt romney putting the heat under donald trump's feet. mitt romney has suggested there could be a couple of people in there that could be a bombshell. one, trump is not as wealthy as he said he is or you two, in romney's predictions, that it's entirely possible that trump has not been doing as much charitable giving as he's
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suggested, particularly to veterans groups. maybe that will somehow be lacking and blow him up in that regard, gretchen. >> very interesting. carl, thank you. for more on this, fox news contributor, bill whitman. tony, nobody cares if donald trump is not as rich as he says that he is, $4 billion, right? i mean, i don't think anybody cares about that. i'm just talking about what we've seen so far in this campaign. will people care if his charitable giving is not as much as he's said or hasn't said? i don't think so. i don't know though. what do you think? >> you're right on this. i think donald trump can't wait to share his tax returns with the american people and i think it's ironic that if this is somehow a coordinated attack from the establishment against donald trump, that they would pick mitt romney of all people to make this. i have tremendous respect for governor romney. i actually disagree with donald trump. i think he was a terrific candidate, unfortunately came up short. but at the same time for a man himself who went through so much struggle in releasing his own tax returns back in 2012, i
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don't know why this is the attack they gave him. >> bernard, mitt romney must know something. he's saying #bombshell and he's saying #whatishehiding. >> mitt romney is the most irrelevant politician. come on, this is a guy who did a terrible job. this is the closest i will ever get to agreeing with anything donald trump has ever or will ever tweet. i think he's pretty accurate by that tweet. i think mitt romney doesn't know a whole lot. was schooled by senator harry reid. for him to be giving establishment advice to donald trump. guess who cares? no one. >> let's move on to this. the leading newspapers are coming out against donald trump. washington post editorial board calling this the moment of truth saying, quote, you must do everything in your power to stop trump and asking, is the republican party truly not going to resist its own debasement? "boston globe" righting,
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massachusetts voters must stop donald trump as well and stating trump's campaign has revived some of the ugliest traditions in american politics. does any of this matter? >> no. thank you to the two most liberal editorial pages in america for caring so much about the future of the american party. look, gretchen, obviously we all know there are movements on the establishment side of the party through super pacs, through others to try to stop donald trump. the national review made that argument to less effect than i think they hoped to. that doesn't necessarily mean that the liberal media is going to have any impact on this. what strikes me as odd is literally according to gallup, barack obama has been the most divisive president in history. they choose to attack donald trump. >> what does bernard think? >> i think republicans across the country should be terrified of a trump nomination. >> why? >> it will almost certainly spell disaster against hillary clinton. >> why? >> because he has run the most -- first of all, his negatives are extroid narl whether i high. the number of people who would -- >> so are hillarys.
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>> look, i have a feeling the people will in no way shape, or form -- >> he was able to make bill clinton shut up right away when he brought up all of that stuff before christmas time. i'm not so sure about that, bernard. i think it would be a very interesting match-up. got to go on to this now because trump winning his first congressional endorsement for the gop nomination. >> you're going to see more members of congress come out of the donald trump closet on this for sure. senator cruz, let's just say he will not have my vote. i have to work with him all the time here in the house and senate, and i don't -- i don't like the way he's portrayed himself in the past. he won't have my support in the future. >> that was pretty much to the point about ted cruz from duncan hunter, tony. he's now endorsing donald trump. >> congressman collins from upstate new york. these are mainstream conservatives. these aren't what can could cko.
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i hear bernard saying what he said about hillary. i would tell her to pay attention to what's happening. to understand donald trump the way you have, i've clearly been critical, but he's tapped into something that crosses party lines, which is why you see such tremendous turnouts, such tremendous interests caused by him. there's a dissatisfaction in washington. >> donald trump has eviscerated candidates that have come after him on his same side. they're basically onto the race now. if you were advising hillary clinton, come on, she would be a little nervous about the kind of stuff he might say. >> i think that we'd also be nervous about the kind of things that he might say. why? he is tapped into the ugliest part of the american psyche. lies, racism. this is the kind of race he's run. they are going to wake up on the 9th after the defeat of republican nominee and say, how did we possibly lose control of our party and the senate -- >> there's so much time left. >> that's what you're going to say, come on. >> we don't know what's going to
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happen with hillary clinton in the whole fbi investigation. bunch of moving pieces. thank you. time now for my take. with the gop, the biggest delegate so far this season, texan ted cruz needs to win it to continue in this race. latest monmouth university poll, the support of 38% likely gop voters there. donald trump second at 33. marco rubio ahead. there's more support than men. 33%. let
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let's. >> it could be seen as an advantage for rubio. they won't be able to be factored in. stay tuned. right now intelligence officials are on capitol hill. they're trying to get a clear understanding. the current threat with the united states and the interest around the world. chief intelligence correspondent kathryn harris live in washington. >> thank you. this morning's global threats hearing was dominated by questions about the dispute between apple and the unlocking of the apple iphone. the fbi director said there's opposition in developing a work around. whether a customer data security. >> it will be apple which has done a pretty darn good job of protecting its code.
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i don't remember any code. they've left that ability loose on the land. i think that's something the judge will have to say. >> they're not budging on this. the safety of the public is important. so is the security of the personal data and that unlocking farook's iphone, apple has until tomorrow to file its response. in the last hour we've been able to learn that both comey and the senior executive from apple will testify before one of the judiciary committees on the hill next week, gretchen. >> what about the allegations that the isis intelligence may have been tampered with? >> reporter: that's right. this was a very serious and credible allegation coming from the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee. personnel, u.s. central command, amid these allegations but intelligence assessments were altered to exaggerate progress
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against the islamic state. during the annual global threats lawmakers were told half of the analysts were responsible for 20 countries with the problems with the integrity and reliability. >> to me it seems like 40% of analysts, that's something that can't be ignored. what we've said, to look at the different views and the 40% to be unusual. >> is this normal? >> i would consider that unusually high. >> we've been reporting on this issue, gretchen, really for the better part of a year, and based on what we know, the analysts there did have pressure from washington to change the way they've counted progress. so, for example, if you had several dozen airstrikes, that was really portrayed in a very
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positive way as opposed to looking at the kind of damage assessments that were found on the ground against isis. so it was kind of a moving of the deck chairs, if you will, to make things look more upbeat as opposed to what the real progress was or was not there. >> it's all interesting. kathryn, thank you. big problems for a nurse who went out on a night on the town, well, then got called in for an emergency surgery. the proof prosecutors say they have that the nurse was drunk in the operating room. plus, john kasich's campaign calling on senator marco rubio to drop out of the race and they point to a new florida poll that i was talking about. they'll ask a senator rubio and governor kasich what they think about that whole thing. supporters, that's who we're going to ask. >> i think the biggest change in this campaign is going to be when the people not named donald trump, the choices begin to narrow and we start to give the republican voters a clearer choice of who they want to get behind. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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one of our top stories. ahead of the primary. a new poll from quinnipiac. ted cruz, third place, 12%. john kasich and ben carson both in single digits. well, now ohio governor john kasich's senior adviser is tweeting this, quote, with the florida implosion, marco rubio needs to withdraw from the race and support john kasich who will win ohio and trounce hillary clinton in november, end quote. let's talk about it with
11:18 am
pennsylvania senator pat toomey, a rubio supporter. well, that certainly came out of nowhere today, senator. >> yeah. how many votes have been counted in florida? look, i think the truth is that the race is increasingly becoming clear as a -- heading towards a two-man race between donald trump and marco rubio. marco has been consistently moving the race in that direction, and when we get there, marco rubio's going to win that race because in a head-to-head match-up with donald trump, marco gets a far larger portion of republican primary voters. >> yeah, but he's not getting it right now, that's the key. he's not getting it right now, and in that florida poll, that's not good news for rubio today, that he's down that much in florida. >> if i got worried about individual polls, i would -- i probably couldn't be in this business. there's all kinds of polling information. i'm not concerned about that. the fact is, we are making progress and moving this to a two-man race and marco rubio
11:19 am
wins a two-man race against donald trump, that's for sure. >> let me give you this little piece of information. i think why the kasich camp is doing that today is because there was another poll that came out in ohio that showed kasich ahead of trump. >> that's -- that's nice. i have no idea what kind of methodology the validity of these polls. i'm not an analyst of these things to be honest with you. >> okay. >> what i know is that marco rubio has come in twice in the last two races say, i think this is increasingly a two-man race. >> what does he need to do tonight, senator? because he has not really attacked donald trump. he did a little bit more yesterday saying, look, you know, you have to know more than a few details about foreign policy and he's saying he knows more than donald trump at least on that issue. what does marco rubio need to do tonight? >> i think marco tonight is going to reinforce the fact that he is by far the most knowledgeable candidate about the risks -- the security risks that this country faces. he has been doing his homework
11:20 am
and working and providing leadership on how we should understand and respond to and succeed in our battle against isis and i think most republican primary voters want a commander in chief who is ready on day one to take on that fight, not somebody who's going to have to do a lot of learning late in the game. so i think marco communicates very, very well what that strategy needs to be, and that's going to be very persuasive to voters. >> senator pat toomey, we'll all be watching tonight to see what happens. let me tell you this nurse enjoying the slots. well, a few drinks of booze as well, but then gets called into emergency surgery. well, apparently that nurse was allegedly drunk. how that emergency appendectomy turned out and what prosecutors are now saying about it. and a new survey says a majority of americans are just now paying attention while driving. what? so that brings us to our question of the day. what is the riskiest thing you have done behind the wheel. tweet me @gretchencarlson
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the greatest library of oscar moments, simply by using your voice. live oscar sunday, february 28th on abc." fox news alert to tell you about. brian sandoval has notified the white house now he does not wish to be considered for the supreme court justice nominee. several reports, as you know, where obama might have been considering the governor. meanwhile, house minority leader nancy pelosi weighing in on that. >> yes, i think it's a good idea for the president to consider a republican or a democrat to the court. >> white house moments ago not confirming whether they were
11:25 am
actually considering sandoval but now he has taken his name out of the running. so a nurse heads to the casino and play a slots and enjoy a few or maybe more than a few drinks. so, what's the problem with that? well, what happens when he answers a sudden call to assist in emergency surgery? trace gallagher live with more on that. h'm. what happened, trace? >> reporter: well, gretchen, the nurse in question is 59-year-old richard pierri who fully admits he was drunk. he was at a casino in the pocono mountains and playing slots drinking four or five beers. he went home to lay down and was called to lay down with an emergency appendectomy. he said he didn't want to call in sick so he drove to the v.a. hospital near wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. there is surveillance video of the nurse stumbling into the parking lot before heading into surgery. he was responsible for getting the patient reading, getting the or ready. improperly log the time of
11:26 am
surgery. one of the other nurses said, hey, rick, are you drunk? they asked if he knew why he was there. he responded i guess it has something to do with me being drunk on call. here's the hospital. >> the hospital said he said he may be charged with dui and public drunkenness. it came a week after the incident and police don't have any proof of his blood alcohol level. convicting him could be a bit of a challenge. for now he's still employed, for now, but has no direct access to any patients.
11:27 am
>> that patient, they might have a civil case. something like that. wow. very interesting story, trace. the lesson is, don't be on call when you're going to the casino. thanks. ohio governor john kasich not backing down justifying staying in the race and his campaign saying marco rubio should be the one to drop out but what will it take for him to possibly come out on top? >> we went to new hampshire and we finished second and then people said he wouldn't perform in south carolina. we were about 1% in the polls and about four or five days we jumped to eight. >> plus, millions picking up the pieces today after powerful and deadly storms leave a path of destruction from the midwest all the way to the east coast. ♪ lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all.
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bottom of the hour. more politics for you now on "the real story." bernie sanders and hillary clinton heading different directions on the campaign trail. clinton keeping her focus on south carolina for saturday's event. sanders spending time in other states. they're also taking different approaches in the battle to put a new justice on the supreme court. chief white house correspondent ed henry, where are you, hemming way, south carolina. >> reporter: hemming way, south carolina, like the author. >> news from hillary clinton breaking from the president. >> reporter: very interesting, brian sandoval, the republican governor of nevada, he has just taken his own name out of consideration even though the
11:32 am
white house was vetting him as a dare the republicans to block him kind of move. if he had been nominated by the president, but moments before sandoval did that hillary clinton was here on the campaign trail and decided to say that she would break with the white house if they moved forward saying that she wants a democrat, a progressive democrat, not a moderate republican on the high court. listen. >> we still need the voting rights act to be enforced because too many people are being deprived of their rights to vote in this country. >> reporter: so the key is that she was speaking to an african-american audience. that vote critical here in south carolina on saturday. and was trying to say, look, if a republican gets on the court, they may take your voting rights away. it's what the liberal website buzz feed is calling a scorch the earth strategy. she is not exciting, enthusing people out here on the trail, she has to say republicans are taking something away from you, gretchen. >> it was very interesting to see her say that.
11:33 am
bernie sanders not even in that state today. what do you think his strategy is to keep clinton from running away with the nomination? >> reporter: he wants to focus on super tuesday. i saw him here in the state yesterday. he insisted he's not writing off south carolina but look at his schedule. he's going to all the super tuesday states instead. and by the way, may have some success there. if you look at these pictures, he was in tulsa, oklahoma, last night, 7,000 people inside, 2500 people outside still trying to get in. here's what he said. >> what we are about is making a political revolution in oklahoma. help us get moving in that direction. when i look out at this crowd i don't think there's any way we're going to lose on tuesday! >> reporter: so the hope in the sanders camp is he can win
11:34 am
somewhere like oklahoma, massachusetts, minnesota, super tuesday next week. if he doesn't, the delegate count will start flipping. >> have fun in hemming way, ed. see you tomorrow. >> reporter: good to see you. donald trump out in front in the republican nomination but some sanl lists say he could, could be hitting the ceiling. he seems to perform worse as the voter turnout increases. take a look at this chart. the purple line represents the number of votes, and you can see it peaks over south carolina. trump's percentage, the blue column, is lower than his percentage in new hampshire and nevada where there weren't nearly as many votes cast. sean boouel is part of he's here to explain. shawn, welcome to "the real story." you're saying, don't panic. why? >> i just happen to think that donald trump has a natural
11:35 am
feeling within the republican party, particularly when you're looking at states that don't have open primaries and when you look at what happened in nevada, he did break through the ceiling that he seems to have of about 35% or so by having a small but very loyal cadre of people and the number of voters in nevada compared to south carolina is so small. it's only about 10% of what the voters were in south carolina so i think that as we start looking at larger states and we start looking at closed primaries, we're going to start seeing donald trump continue to bump into that ceiling and unfortunately rubio and cruz continue to cannibalize one another's votes. >> gop proportional vote share looks like an intertube that we used to swim in a swimming pool. explain this to us. >> well, if you look at what donald trump has accomplished thus far, this graph basically
11:36 am
shows what donald's total vote get in terms of percentages is and it also shows cruz, rubio, kasich, carson and the other category for candidates who have dropped out. so you can see that donald has roughly 33% of the vote thus far. this is not cause for panic in conservative circles because if you just look at what kasich -- pardon me, at what rubio and cruz have, they eclipse the donald total by a significant amount. now you can't make the assumption that if one or the other candidate drops out that 100% of their votes will go to the other. >> right. >> what exit polling data does indicate that upwards of 70% of the voters for either one of the traditional candidates would conceivably go over to the other traditional candidates. so at a 2 to 1 clip you would see the voters going to rubio or cruz, vice versa. >> speaking of rubio, possible states that in your analysis that you think rubio could win
11:37 am
moving forward, georgia, my home state of minnesota. why? >> there's a geographic factor i believe that's going on in this race as well. if you look at the areas where donald trump has done well you'll see that he does well in the northeast and he also does very well in the rough belt. rubio has an opportunity in my estimation to pick up delegates in the georgia primary. right next to his home state of florida and minnesota is an interesting -- your home state, gretchen, of minnesota is interesting because it's a little bit bluer. >> to say the least. >> but it's also a midwestern state. >> yes, it is. but it's also -- i don't think that donald trump is going to relatively large urban areas if you look at exit polling from south carolina, for instance. rubio did very well in urban areas. >> okay. that's all very fascinating. so we will keep those reminders in our head as we move towards super tuesday. shawn, we'll see how accurate
11:38 am
you may have been. thank you. the next major contest of course is, what i just said, super tuesday. already coming up upon us. can you believe it's going to be march 1st already this coming tuesday. 11 states and nearly 600 delegates up for grabs on that day including ted cruz's home state of texas. another five states are on the ballot on the 5th. several more contests are held between but the next major event will be march 15th with five states including ohio and florida home to governor kasich and senator marco rubio respectively. talk about that crazy weather now because it was deadly, unfortunately, the huge storm system battering the east coast. they're working to restore power to thousands in the carolinas and pennsylvania. daylight revealing heavy damage. virginia bearing the brunt of the storm. four people died there. rich edson joins us in waverly, virginia. rich, how is the cleanup going there now? >> reporter: good afternoon,
11:39 am
gretchen. the cleanup has been underway since about 9:00 this morning. this whole area here is the hardest part -- hardest hit part of the waverly, virginia, scene here. you have crews that have been working here since this morning. this in your foreground is what ones was a laundromat here. you have debris crews and other crews trying to restore power here. also, if you head over this way, this one house was part of a trio of homes. the two behind are destroyed. one of those homes the tornado hit with three occupants inside killing all of them including a 2-year-old. so this cleanup continues here, gretchen, and they've got a pretty substantial amount to go. >> i know. it's always so devastating to go and cover those storms, rich, because to see that damage up close and personal like that, it really, really hits you. i'm wondering what the neighbors around there, what are they doing now? what are they saying to try to help? >> reporter: well, many are in disbelief that they're alive.
11:40 am
you have one home where everyone is killed and the next home where everyone is trying to figure out exactly where their belongings are, how they can piece their lives back together. we spoke with one man earlier today who is -- found his car and it was hit by the tornado with him in it. >> i was in the car. only thing i could do is put my head down. you can see me i'm not cut up. i had some glass in my pocket when i was sitting in the car. it could have blinded me. it could have. my god is good. we going to make it. we going to make t. it's going to take time. >> reporter: three people killed here. the fourth victim from the storms yesterday was killed in a county two hours from here. >> that storm was so huge, rich, it came all the way up to connecticut to us, too, sitting without power.
11:41 am
luckily nobody injured there. a lot of people felt that effect. rich, thank you. john kasich calling for marco rubio to, quote, do the right thing now and bow out of the presidential race after disappointing poll results in his home state of florida. but with the ohio governor's own results in the single dij gilts, we'll ask his campaign how he plans to keep moving forward and possibly get the nomination. plus, top republican on capitol hill getting more than he bargained for on a fact-finding mission in africa. that is a full sized elephant coming steaming towards him. who is it? we'll show you next. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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11:45 am
the one who dropped out would be the other one's running mate. so is there any chance the two rivals can bury the hatchett and team up? even if they did, is there really a hope of stopping donald trump? that's coming up on shepherd smith reporting in just 15 minutes. welcome back to "the real story" now. a pack of angry elephants charging after a republican senator. they were just protecting their baby elephants, apparently. flake later tweeting this, these elephants have no respect for a fellow republican. no respect, i tell ya. you would have thought it would have been donkeys charging after him. no, elephants. donald trump is clearly in the driver's seat as the pressure mounts for some candidates to bow out now of the gop race. ohio governor john kasich remains steadfast he is the best option to beat trump. a washington post analysis showing a win by kasich in ohio
11:46 am
could keep trump from getting the delegates needed for the nomination, but many republicans see a hard road ahead for kasich as he struggles to gain ground with the voters. fox's megyn kelly being asked why he's staying in the race. >> when we head north it will be interesting to see who can perform up north. we've spent very little among and lots of people have spent lots of money and we're holding our own. we're on the air in vermont. we're on the air in massachusetts. we are a strong organization in vermont -- i mean in virginia and we're working in states in the south. >> trent duffy is the kasich national communications adviser, former deputy press secretary under george w. bush. it's great to have you on "the real story." a lot of people are wondering how does your guy make his way to the nomination? i know he's hinging on what he just said, the upper northeast states, ohio, michigan, massachusetts. i want to show you, i know
11:47 am
you've seen this, the latest quinnipiac ohio poll, trump's beating him 31% to kasich's 26% in this latest poll. cruz 21, rubio 13, et cetera. right? >> that's essentially tied. that poll is essentially tied with the margin of error. there's one that we pulled up shows us leading trump. the real poll is how john kasich stacks up against hillary rodham clinton in ohio. he has by far and away the farthest margin of error. marco rubio's path has to end. he's down 16 points in his home state of florida. >> what? >> he's not going to be able to close that. >> no, i've been talking about the poll all day. i'm saying what to -- a lot of people think, including myself, i'm a little bewildered that they'd be asking rubio to drop out. he has placed consistently higher than your candidate in the contest, hasn't he? >> but his path to the
11:48 am
nomination is basically over because if you can't win your home state, where does he get his delegates? he can't win ohio. john kasich can win ohio, will do well in michigan and will pick up delegates in places like virginia, tennessee, elsewhere, vermont, massachusetts. he has a path. our strategy has been the same one that we've been on. i think the rubio camp is on their fourth strategy and it's going to implode. it's time for people to realize kasich is the only best chance to stop trump. >> i understand that's your job to put all this out here, i just want to re-point out that trump's ahead of kasich in that poll 31-26. another quinn head-quinnipiac head-to-head match-up he does beat hillary clinton, there was a quote from the washington post. here's what it said in part, that it's not clear whether kasich can beat trump in the buckeye state or if he will be able to stay in the race all the
11:49 am
way until march 15th when ohio voters go to the polls, but if kasich could beat trump in ohio, you subtract 66 delegates from trump's 46 leaving him at 1180 and just short of the nomination. so kasich would then be a derailment to trump? >> yes, absolutely. that's been the path to the nomination and that's the only one left. kasich's the only one left that can beat trump. rubio can't. cruz clearly can't but kasich can. that's why we're satisfied with our strategy. we just had another billionaire join our campaign just before i joined you, gretchen, a man named pll posiner out in california. the smart money is on john kasich because he has the clear path to get to the nomination. the others had strategies that didn't work. now they're looking for someone who can do it. >> polls are polls and those events haven't taken place yet so we don't know for sure if their strategies have taken place yet. >> yes, you did get a lot of
11:50 am
endorsements. the fort worth telegram has introduced marco rubio. that's interesting because that's ted cruz's state. >> dallas morning news endorsed john kasich as did the waco tribune. he has more newspaper endorsements. >> he has. the post office e-mail scans of your mail. but the program isn't going how it's planned. how would you like it if your neighbors could sneak a peek at all of your mail. i'm talking about everything.
11:52 am
11:53 am
did you know for severallese the u.s. postal service has been photographing every single piece of mail inyfukc america? now they're using the photos to
11:54 am
offer an e-mail preview of your snail mail but you may not be the only one getting to look at your mails. what your neighbors could find out about your mail. trace gallagher is back on "the real story" with another great story. what did you find out? >> reporter: remember when your computer would flash saying, you've got mail. that's what the postal service is doing now but with your actual mail. it's called informed delivery. each morning you get an e-mail with pictures or the mail you4ñ can expect to get in your box today. "2ñsu card or envelope but you don't know what is inside. you do know who it's from, and one of producers, unnamed, signed up for the service but he can also see images of everyone's mail in his apartment building, including one person's property assessment so he knows exactly how much that person's apartment is worth. one neighbor got a letter from a parole officer, another from
11:55 am
sing-sing prison with the prisoner are name written on the front. and he can tell what doctors his neighbor goes to and their political affiliation. privacy experts say the risk could go much beyond a nosey neighbor. listen. >> the lines could be huge. when you think about it, if someone used that to attack or rob or to take someone's privacy and information and then use that to be able to purchase things, it's tremendous, and that's why better systems need to be in place. >> reporter: the postal service, which started take pictures of mail in 2013 to help the sorting, says the service is secure and images are destroyed after 30&9 days, saying, quoting here, the postal service adheres to the privacy requirements of the privacy act, established by the federal government. we take the privacy of the mail very seriously. now, right now it's only a pilot program for certain zip codes in northern virginia, new york, and connecticut, and voluntary, so, look, if you don't minddown anywheres checking out your mail could be
11:56 am
just the tibet for your -- the ticket for your neighborhood in -- in connecticut. >> you almost said it. i if you live in an apartment building they're sending you everyone's mail. why do i need to get an e-mail in the morning about my mail that's coming? doesn't the post office have better things to do with our taxpayer dollars? >> reporter: what they're trying to say is if your missing something, expecting something, they'll let you know it's comping that day. >> thank you, trace. where can a nice single socialist find a good date? bernie we're not kidding. one burns on! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! >> supporters of bernie sanders are feeling the bern and the love. a college sophomore set up a free web site for single bernie sanders supporters,s' says started offg9z as a job but took off. >> something ridiculous but after seeing all the pipe sign up on the webs and connecting, it was rewarding.
12:00 pm
we had a million hits in the first couple of hours and then we crash. >> there are 11,000'4éup bernie single members. that's very interesting. now you know where to go if you like bernie and want to hook. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's shep. >> it's noon on the coast, 3:00 p.m. on the east coast, and in most of florida, where a new poll shows donald trump is destroying marco rubio on the senator's home turf. is the senator from florida finished before even the vote? then there's texas senator ted cruz, his numbers look better at home but new wrinkle. one republican[j congressman asking both cruz and rubio to team up on one ticket to take out donald trump. plus, as the republican national committee have a secret plan to get control over trump should he become the nominee? is it really anything that the billionaire can't just buy? also, if you're old enough to vote for president and go to war for the nation, should


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