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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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all dressed up and nowhere to go. the nephew couldn't resist dive bombing as she walked down the aisle. everybody says they've all figured it out. everyone was okay. >> thank you for joining us. >> the real story starts now. >> hey, it's voting day again today. primaries and caucuses underway now. hi everyone, i'm gretchen carlson, this is the real story. all primaries with hawaii holding a caucus today. let's take a quick look at the campaign trail. g.o.p. delegate leader donald trump in florida today. ted cruz in north carolina. john kasich battling for blue coll collar voters in michigan. trace in l.a. breaking down some maps for us thankfully.
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first let's go to casey at a polling station in jackson, mississippi. >> reporter: hey, good to see you. donald trump and hillary clinton expected to do well tonight. both enduring double digit leads in all polls here in mississippi. there's a great amount of campaigning happening. marco rubio, hillary clinton and bernie sanders have not made stops here. yesterday donald trump told them if he's elected the next president of the next president of the united states he'll pay down the country -- >> i may have to do some stuff to which the conservatives will say he's not a true conservative.
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remember, jeb. donald trump is not a conservative. call me whatever you want. i'm conservative on trade, the military, with our vets. our vets are going to be taken care of. i'm conservative with education. [ applause ] i'm a real conservative. >> mississippi's republican governor bill bryant backing the senator. all though he was feeling a little bit under the weather, cruz holding an event yesterday in florence, mississippi at a seafood restaurant where he told the voters he'll protect their gun rights, eliminate the health care act. there are 40 g.o.p. delegates that will be awarded here tonight and 41 democratic delegates up for grabs. >> casey, thanks much. it's all about the number of delegates, right.
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both republicans and democrats have to reach their respective magic numbers before they can clinch the nomination. while donald trump has picked up the most wins, can he or any of his rivals get the majority of the 1287 they need? trace gal ger, i hope you did spectacular in math because that's your assignment today. >> i'm going to break it down for you, grepen. frrd, all our numbers taken from the g.o.p. website. here's where we stand now. donald trump has 384 delegates. that is 42 first of what's been awarded so far. to get to that magic number of 1237, trump needs to win 54% of remaining delegates. ted cruz currently has 300 delegates or 33%. to win he needs 60% of the remaining delegates along the way. marco rubio has taken 17% and he needs to win a whopping 69% of
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what's left. john kasich has just 4% and would need to go 77% of the delegates for the rest of the way. if cruz, rubio and kasich combined can grab that same number, 853, they would prevent donald trump from winning the nomination out right. as for today, we have four states and 150 delegates up for grabs. it is critical but not enough to make or break any of the candidates. if you look ahead to next week where the winner take all states of ohio and florida, they could be huge game changers. remember, it's mathematically impossible or possible for rubio and kasich to reach 1237 delegates but they have to win their home states. right now polls show john kasich running five points behind trump
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in ohio. that's within the margin of error but marco rubio is well behind trump in florida. if trump wins ohio and florida he becomes nearly impossible to beat. if he wins one of those two states he becomes difficult to beat. if he loses both ohio and florida he would not likely get the 1237 delegates needed and then you're looking at the contested convention. >> thanks much. easy to understand. this is marco rubio's camp slamming ted cruz over dirty campaign tricks. this all stems over a report claiming rubio's advisers suggest he drops out of the race before the florida primary next week. that's an allegation they denied on cnn yesterday. >> the report was utter and nonsense. she did not contact the campaign prior o coming on the show last hour and reporting that. it's 100% dis -- they didn't
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even check with the campaign. >> wolf, i have a lot of respect for you. i'm going to ask you to stop reading that sort of fiction on air. it's not true at all. if jamie checked with the campaign and had good sources she would known that was not true. cnn should stop reporting it. >> shortly after that, cruz's team sent out this e-mail to voters in hawaii. remember, they're voting today with the subject line wasted vote and outlining why voting for marco rubio would be a mistake. rubio's team calling the move disgusting. what is the real story in your mind? we're getting word from the cruz camp saying that the e-mail that went to hawaii supporters, republicans said it was not sanctioned by the campaign and they admit volunteers sent that
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out but it wasn't from them. your response. >> this is what we've seen from the ted cruz campaign over and over again. ask ben carson. at the iowa caucuses ted cruz's campaign sends around e-mails of another false report from cnn saying ben carson was dropping out of the race. i think it did real damage to ben carson and a dirty trick. they called it again. >> do you believe that was sanctioned by the cruz campaign? >> i have no doubt ted cruz's ask y supporters sent out e-mails. there's a pattern and culture within the campaign where the truth just doesn't matter. remember, he's already had to fire one communications director because he was spreading miss information about marco rubio questioning the christian faith. it is deeply disturbing
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behavior. we've seen it time and again from the ted cruz campaign. let's have a debate about the ideas that these candidates have. let's have a debate about the future of the country. >> you're still standing by the fact that report on cnn not true. no advisers in the rubio campaign including yourself have suggested to him he should bow out before his home state of florida next week. >> it's categorically false. cnn did not check with the campaign before they went to air with the report. they didn't even check with us. they made it up and went on air and reported us.
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>> we reported yesterday on the show, it came out while we were on air that the poll showed your candidate had gotten a bit of a jump in the overall vote. he got up to 30%. donald trump was at 38. look at your screen now. this is early voters. it's very interesting. marco rubio winning this battle 48% to donald trump's 23%. then when you look at that tie e who have not voted yet, it goes back up to favor trump. what do you make of it? >> what i make of it is there's only one person in florida that can beat trump. as your previous segment said beating donald trump in florida is key to stopping him from the republican nomination. if you want to stop donald trump mathematically, the only way to do it is go vote today and vote for marco rubio for president. if we win florida, we will stop donald trump from becoming the
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republican nominee. >> alex conant. politics are never dull. today's an example of that. breaking moments on live t., a reporter and his cameraman jumping out of the way to safety. vice president joe biden sends off to the middle east now to well, should we call it mending some fences. it's what he said about the republican presidential campaign that's really making headlines. that's next.
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welcome back to the real story. check out this live shot. san francisco reporter takes a frightening turn. watch this. wow. that is ktvu alex savage reporting live. the car crashes and cramerigoes towards him and his photographer. the reporter crediting his photographer for yelling get ou. thankfully, the car went to his left side. no one was injured. vice president joe biden ai arriving in israel. earlier, he was in did you buy offering his views on the republican presidential campaign as well. >> i don't think you'll find anyone to challenge what i'm about to say. >> if ronald reagan were alive today he could no more get the
11:15 am
nomination republican party than i could get the nomination. i'm not joking. what you see is this movement to the extreme republican party. >> here is the founder of the democratic network and larry o'conner hosting morning on the mall. he's editor at large for independent journal. it's great to see you back. let me start with you. i find it fascinating joe biden was only talking about the extremes on the republican side of things this time around when you and bernie sanders who some would say being a socialist is quiet extreme on the left. >> i do think that the point biden was making and there was a little bit more after than what we just saw that.
11:16 am
he was closely identified as a child of reagan. the second thing is the republican party has moved from where reagan was most particularly on immigration. we can go on. it's a different republican party than in the 1980s certainly. >> larry, i heard you. >> for give me if i go off a bit. he's standing in an absolute monarchy making those comments. he said no one will disagree with me. number two, i'm sorry simon. democrats now decades later who loathed ronald reagan called him the extreme. you're never allowed to turn around and say he was so optimistic. no. you know why he won 49 out of 50
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states, because he was a strong conservative. i want to play this game they're playing. look at john f kennedy and what he stood for. he stood for lower taxes and he embraced israel. he couldn't run in today's democratic race. >> now, joe biden is over there. netanyahu said no go to a meeting at the white house. would you meet with them for that matter and isn't there kind of a clean up mission on biden? >> i don't know that our government has to few it that way. i think it's important that joe biden is there. hopefully, we can patch things up and it's not really, what's important is not about the personal squabble going on between barack obama and netanyahu. what's important is our two governments and countries continue a dialogue through a challenging time and i applaud the vice president.
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>> you're avoiding the real issue which is -- >> this isn't a good thing. by the way, i wanted to say on a positive note the good news is sense the democrats do embrace cramerica nooifing behavior, i think richard nixon could run into today's democratic party. >> i'm glad you got to shot in. it wouldn't be a segment with you. >> by the way, i think he had more energy today. look at that. look at that. >> we're not into low energy commentator on fox.
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>> we will ask former white house press secretary about that and here's what marco rubio has to say. >> very different election here. this is going to take a long time. >> that's the question i was telling you about. dancing with the stars announcing our own to be on next season. who would you like to see? i think larry just nominated himself. simon might vote for larry if it's about dancing. tweet me use the hashta hashtag #therealstory. who do you want to see dancing? ♪ let's dance ♪ to the songs playing on the radio ♪ . staying in rhythm...
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ted cruz calling out the possibility of a last ditch effort. cruz warning it will lead to an outright revolt. >> i don't believe we're going to have a brokered convention. i will say this to those in washington who invision a deadlock of delegates and suddenly some outside candidate dropping in on a parachute to save the washington establishment, that's a pipe drain. it's never going to happen. >> here now to comment former white house press secretary under george w. bush. cruz calls it a manifest revolt. is he right or wrong? >> he's right if it happened on a second or third ballot.
11:24 am
it is with 50% of the vote and the ballot to get them. you can't bring in an outsider on the first couple. if there's mayhem and deadlock, it can't happen. everything now the guess work and you have to let it play out. >> some people say you would light a match with trump supporters there. it would be like gasoline on the floor and would go up in flames if they tried to take it away. the whole idea people like cruz and trump is because they're the outsider campaign. >> it's called getting majority it will test trump and cruz and their coalition abilities. can they broaden from their 30-40% moralities and get a majority? if they can't then naturally, people are going to say is there something new to bring in. it's going to be a mess and
11:25 am
bloody. it results in somebody convincing people to give them 50%. >> i want to get rubio in here as well. here's what rubio thinks. >> think about it this way. if anyone else other than donald trump was a front runner, every candidate in this race would have a tremendous amount of pressure to drop out. what we hear from people all over the country is please don't let donald trump approximate your nominee. he's going to divide the republican party and redefine it in a negative way. >> he's right for some who don't like donald trump. on the other hand, donald trump supporter are going to say how dare you bring anybody else is. that's why the problem is these guys are getting 30-40% of the vote. they're not breaking 50 pe% in state. until that happens, you're going to have a divided mess.
11:26 am
there's also a wall street editorial today saying the same thing. i mean, aren't the people speaking this time around. the people are saying so far they want to rules to be in place. you can't just change them when they're tuesday when florida and ohio vote. can anybody put together the 50% coalition. right now, that anybody looks like it's trump more than anybody else. if he can't do it, you have a floor flight. >> right. as we said earlier, if he wins
11:27 am
ohio and florida it's done. the race is going to be decided in an open convention if he loses. >> as the power comes down and tells the delegates who to hope for, that will not happen. they have to convince people. >> the state of michigan with 59 delegates up for grabs. remember, it's proportional too. ted cruz's alleged dirty tricks in hawaii. we'll have a cruz supporter to respond to those accusations. be right back. we have over 15,000 activities
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11:32 am
hi, jeff. >> polling place that was suppose to be one of the businessiest in grand rapids, that's what the city clerk told us. you see behind me not a whole lot of activity. that seems to be the trend here. a big turnout was set to help donald trump and bernie sanders. antidote lly that turnout is not there and maybe that makes an opening for people like kasich from ohio. we talked to he and other voters on their way out this morning. >> i like trump has divided this country more than obama has. i feel he'll do that more if he becomes the nominee and president. >> why bernie? >> i like he's not bought out by wall street which is why ihim o. if i were to choose a second candidate it would been kasich on the republican side. >> i don't think it's a lost cause. i'll probably support hillary if
11:33 am
she's the democratic candidate. right now, i feel we need to push for bernie. >> i talked to some voters, d democratic voters who said i'm okay with bernie or hillary but i hate trump so much i'm taking a republican ballot and voting for kasich. in the past, that has helped donald trump. maybe this time it could hurt him. gretchen. >> very interesting. it's hard to keep these states straight because some you can't switch sides and all that. >> hillary clinton after last night's town hall as folks to that state goes to the polls. now she's looking ahead to the next big date on the primary calender and that's when ohio votes. ed henry live for us in cleveland. my old stomping grounds. hillary clinton on fox news for the first time in two years. brett didn't waste time prepping
11:34 am
her heart on the e-mail controversy, right. >> that's right. she's got tough questions. hadn't been on fox for a long time. she knew she was going to be pressed on the e-mail con t controversy. michigan she's had a big lead. mismi mississippi a big edge. we seen her clean up in the south. expect her to do that again tonight. last night brett pressed her on the e-mail issue. watch. >> no, you can't. here's what happens. the state department has a process for determining what is or isn't classified. if they determine it is, they mark it as classified. >> now, clinton's critics pushing back today saying the intelligence community, not the state department makes that decision. brett was pressing her on the idea she had not told the truth last month when she insisted there was no classified information on the server. this is something that could be a big issue in the general
11:35 am
election on the question of being honest and trustworthy. remember, yesterday we talked about the possibility if clinton runs away with the nomination in the next few weeks, could she put bernie sanders on the ticket? here's what he said. >> my goal is to win this election. >> would you be interested in being her vice president? >> would she be interested in being my vice president? we'll talk about it. >> he said we'll talk about that. obviously, if she wants to be the v.p. meanwhile, clinton in the fox news town hall said she spoke in mississippi today and is not going to get ahead of herself. >> okay. ed, thank you. marco rubio slamming ted cruz over dirty campaign tricks. rubio camp denied it. shortly afterwards, cruz sent out this e-mail to voters in hawaii with the subject line
11:36 am
wasted vote referencing the report saying advisers told rubio to drop out and their vote would be wasted. a former attorney general and ted cruz supporter here to respond to this again. it looks like these were supporters of cruz in hawaii. they said they did not technically do this. remember what happened in hawaii and your guy had to call up ben carson and apologize. is the same thing going to have to happen here? >> no, this is not a campaign under taking and the reality of the race is right now if donald trump reaches a majority of delegates in cleveland it's going to be because marco rubio didn't have the good sense to get out earlier. the one person putting trump over the top right now is marco rubio. now, you're going to see a little bit of that play out in michigan tonight where kasich will get some of what in other
11:37 am
parts of the country was rubio vote. as a general matter, 101, ted cruz beats donald trump more reliablely than any other candidate in part because he competes with donald for the anti establishment vote. nobody else does that. >> i think you're leaving out part of the equation. if kasich wins ohio and rubio wins florida, both of those events keep donald trump from reaching the delegates he needs. i'm not quiet sure rubio dropping out would be the only answer. bosd a both are in the 300 votes range. each need votes to be the
11:38 am
nominee. those are still available. the way momentum carries ballots and delegates is very important going forward. all the states after march 15th are not winner take all. many of them are proportional. >> they start winner take all. that's why march 15th is so important. let's listen to marco rubio. >> here in florida if you vote for john kasich or ted cruz, you are voting for donald trump. i'm the only one that can beat him in florida and the only one who can stop him here. >> he doesn't sound like he's dropping out any time soon. i want to do a retrospect tif with you. let's look at ohio. in 2012 look how close it was. mitt romney 39%. rick sanatorium 37.1%. lagging behind was gingrich.
11:39 am
why would anyone drop out? >> that's true. the final outcome is never really known. as they say in football that's why we play to game, right. however, we are seeing trends. look at saturday. if you take marco rubio out, ted cruz runs the table on saturday. if you take kasi cesareakasich doesn't work in reverse. >> why are no senators lining up behind your guy? he's a senator. >> yesterday there was a review and now we have a word, here's some things they said. all senators have their own style and ways of doing things. ted cruz has been a disrupter. when shelby, the senator from alabama was zd his thoughts, he said i'm going to lunch right
11:40 am
now. why is nobody endorsing ted cruz? >> because he is a disrupter. i think people outside the beltway want a disrupter. that's part of the explanation for why only cruz and trump compete for the anti establishment votes. trump is talking that way and ted has a track record performing against the special interest. look at iowa. nonetheless, that's the way of doing business in washington and if you want to disrupt washington take it from the experts. vote for ted cruz. >> all right. we'll leave it there. thank you. potential twister all caught on tape. you can't turn it away. look. . >> can we call somebody?
11:41 am
the apparent tornado hitting the community. i hope i'm saying that right. i use to work there and covered so many tornados. i never came across it. it happened this morning. it destroyed six homes. two people suffered nonlife threatening injuries. she claims she never sent or received any classified e-mails during the time at her state department. we've heard that. was hillary clinton being entirely honest? a fair and balanced debate next. plus do you watch house of cards on netflix? don't worry. i'm not going to spoil anything today. but you may see a familiar face. this little guy is about to make his first deposit.
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the question ahead of tonight's republican primary results, has donald trump reached his peak? i know we've all heard it before. after ted cruz's strong showings, analyst say we could find out tonight if it's a fluke or whether ted cruz is forreal. and there's a new poll out suggesting donald trump's ride could be coming to an end. really? top of the hour shepard smith reporting. see you in 15 minutes. >> back to the real story now. hillary clinton facing tough questions about her e-mail scandal. judge didn't seem to be too satisfied with her answers. >> she signed an oath her first day in office saying i know
11:46 am
what's secret whether it's marked stret or not and also recognize the failure to recognize that could be criminal in nature. this is a rare federal crime where the government doesn't have to prove intent. you committed the crime by gross negligence. >> cohost of the five and on line editor for the washington times and fox news contributor. how do you see it? did she do well in the way she answered brett's questions? >> no, i don't think it was complete. if you're asking from her perspective, i think she managed to how do you say if fencing. >> ward off. >> ward off the question. judge says i have a question which she gets to determine and she considers it classifiied or not. having signed that document you just heard from the judge might change that. she thought this could be classified and was negligent in
11:47 am
pursuing that responsibility and has a problem. in terms of what brett asked her, he asked her and pressed her and he can't answer the question for her. >> it was interesting because she sort of brushed off the fact two of her closest aids are under investigation. she called it something else. brian who has been granted immunity holds the whole thing open. >> she keeps saying this is just a security review. she's not a target. the fbi doesn't investigate the objec objects. they investigate people. what we now know is at least 104 documents she originated meaning she wrote in e-mail form and sent across that unsecure server, those are the ones in question. they are classified. the investigation as i understand it is looking less at documents she receives through the server and the ones she originated. all of the e-mails we've been talking about are of those she
11:48 am
turned over to the state department. the fbi has been in the process and maybe they're finished recovering the ones she deleted. those are the most problematic ones she deleted. >> it was so important she appeared on fox news and took the questions. i think that's so important for people to understand. fox does a good job holding these candidates accounted. house of cards. here it is. >> the first lady travelled to texas after some sort of a major argument with her husband. her president claimed she went to dallas to lay ground work for the texas primary. there's no evidence of campaign events or fundraisers since she arrived there three days ago. her being there for the primary could be a smoke screen. >> the timing could not be worse. don't forget, the new hampshire
11:49 am
primary is tomorrow. whatever momentum the president had coming out of iowa is like air going out of a popped balloon. >> i know i'm thrilled to be a part of this and i know you guys are as well. >> thrilled for a lifetime. been a huge fan of the show. this is the greatest. we should thank you because the invitation came to you and you're a part of that. >> i was just saying in the commercial break you're such a natural actor. >> oh, yeah. sorry. my phone blowing up over the weekend with people saying hey. again, thank you because you knew the casting director. i would think they would take cnn or some other. >> they took fox. they did. thank, guys. >> gretchen, thank you. time now for my take. it was fun to visit the world of dramat dramatic tv and have the real story take part in the house of
11:50 am
cards. we used our real state and the moderator was me, the real gretchen. who we were talking about was fictional. it's still interesting timing, right. the story line is in our real life election cycle more than any recall seems sometimes too bizarre to be true as well. most people thought hillary clinton would be the automatic democratic nominee and said bernie who? and most pooh pooh'd donald trump as a serious candidate. just like the story lines grabbing tons of viewers, so, too, has the 2016 presidential race. the only difference is if you binge watched all the "house of cards" episodes, you know how the season turns out. but the real political battle, for that the suspense continues. now a horrific story to tell you about. what kind of monster would lure this -old boy into a dark
11:51 am
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11:54 am
. welcome back to the real story. murder charges in the execution style of a 9-year-old little boy, tyshawn lee. he was lured into an alley and fatally shot in the head. police believe it was gang related retaliation against his father. outside of police headquarters today, matt? >> the interim chief of police and the state attorney saying they have never seen a case as disturbing as this. this innocent 9-year-old boy was lured into an alley way last november. police believe he was the one to pay the price for the unprecedented gang violence in
11:55 am
his chicago neighborhood. 22-year-old dwight, police say lured him into the alley way and shot him execution style. it was gang retaliation against the boy's father. we've learned the killer was also surveilling the entire family including the grandmother and could have killed her. the mother also had plans to return to that play ground to kill even more kids, but police were already there. now initially, speaking to the gang violence in chicago, the own boy's father did not cooperate with police. a gang code of silence. however, he was arrested and in chal. and they said doty bragged about killing the boy and wrote about writing a rap song about the murder. >> as you know, i have been a prosecutor in chicago for nearly 30 years and i have tried hundreds of cases involving senseless gang violence and gang-related homicides on the streets of chicago that involved
11:56 am
unspeakable acts of rage and violence. but i must tell you today, i don't think i've ever been more disgusted and appalled. >> doty has been charged with the murder of another woman and they say there is at least one suspect at large. >> a horrible story. thank you. and we'll be right back. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. that 3w4r5 i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
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24 hours. zero heartburn.
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. fox's geraldo rivera has a new gig, or should i say jig? they will be cha-cha'ing and salsaing to the winner's circle. lots of people are saying i should be on the show. have you seen my moves? someone says get peyton manning manning on there now that he's retire from the nfl? and someone wants to see justice
12:00 pm
ruth bader ginsburg on the show. really? someone said mike tyson should be on. he would be light on his feet, right? and deborah says my husband since i have tried and failed to teach him ballroom dancing. competing for the white house. today trump is looking to show support and supporters that he can keep winning. after setbacks in a couple recently. of course his rubble rivals are trying to end the trump trend. today, the marco rubio and john kasich campaigns are each getting help from the former candidate, mitt romney, to take down teen trump. plus, why rubio's team is accusing of another dirty trick. also, even if trump clinching the nominations, republicans can rewrite


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