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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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ruth bader ginsburg on the show. really? someone said mike tyson should be on. he would be light on his feet, right? and deborah says my husband since i have tried and failed to teach him ballroom dancing. competing for the white house. today trump is looking to show support and supporters that he can keep winning. after setbacks in a couple recently. of course his rubble rivals are trying to end the trump trend. today, the marco rubio and john kasich campaigns are each getting help from the former candidate, mitt romney, to take down teen trump. plus, why rubio's team is accusing of another dirty trick. also, even if trump clinching the nominations, republicans can rewrite the rules.
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judge napolitano will explain how that could go down. and for democrats, bernie sanders' big backers. even if it turns out to be a losing battle. the argument? it is not just win or lose. it is how you shape the debate. politics 2016. let's get to it. first, the fox news. could donald trump's teflon be wearing thin? yes, according to a new national poll that voters will put to the test in four states today. this new survey is from abc news and the "washington post" newspaper. it shows donald trump still leading the competition with 34%. well ahead of the closest rival. come over here and look at the numbers. donald trump shot right to the top, as you can see, where he's been ever since. that's the top line, the trump line trumping the rest of them. but notice a dip in reason weeks and it happened right here.
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you can see the closing there. rivals stepped up the attacks and trump has either slimmed or slid tightly. you can see others are on the rise. of course, national polls don't matter much in our state by state system but it's telling on the national mood. surveys show trump leading ahead of the primary in the state of michigan. that's where most delegates are at stake. trump isn't even stumping. in state, instead spending his time in florida ahead of next tuesday's primary. poll show trump leading in the home state of florida. analysts predict the loss would kill the campaign. already, marco rubio is fighting a report from cnn that his own advisers wanted to drop out. >> it is totally false and completely debunked. it is an embarrassing shamal journalism. >> just ridiculous. rubio's campaign is taking it
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further accusing ted cruz of dirty tricks, for spreading the false report in an e-mail in hawaii which holds the republican caucus today. >> ted cruz today has been spreading it around. they're scared that marco rubio will win florida. and it is the same type of nonsense that he did against ben carson when there were false reports that he was dropping out of the race. >> that it's a reference to the iowa caucus us. then they came under a lot of fire for telling voters, don't waste your vote on ben carson. he is dropping out. that was not true. the cruz complain blamed on it cnn but that was not true either. a spokeswoman said they spread the vote to hawaii did not have permission from the campaign. but cruz said he was the only candidate with a chance to stop donald trump. >> our campaign, it has been demonstrated, is the only campaign that has over and over again beaten donald trump. and that can and will beat donald trump.
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we have beaten them now not once, not twice but seven different times. >> meanwhile, the contest in michigan to be a big test for john kasich's trat to win in the midwest. last time he said he had to do really, really well there or roll up the carpets and go back. with trump ahead in the michigan polls, kasich says he won't go anywhere until his home state of ohio votes. march 15. kasich is talking about the possibility of a real floor fight as the nomination of the republican convention. >> if in fact nobody aaccumulates enough delegates, you go to the convention to figure out who would be the best leader of the country. i think it is very exciting. kids will be studying this. they'll be wonder berg the history of conventions. instead of thinking about the kardashians. >> the front-runner is warning against the fight, promising his support letters rebel. today, donald trump is defending himself from a new critic.
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a survivor of the holocaust. that survivor says donald trump reminded him of hit letter when he asked them to raise the right hand and say a loyalty oath. one person said bad things will happen to anybody who breaks the pledge. this morning donald trump told the "today" show host that any comparison to the nazi era is ridiculous. that it never even occurred to him. >> if it is offensive, if there is anything wrong with it, i wouldn't do it. when i say raise your hand, they're screaming to me to do it. we want to do it. we're all having a lot of fun. >> trump said he will look into it but he said it has been amazingly well reefl. >> live in joomter, florida this afternoon. have you ever seen anything like this pledge? since the aforementioned reference? >> the only time we've seen pledges where the candidates are
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actually asking the voters would appear to be donald trump. but candidates. they are asked by the voters to take pledges all the time. pledges to not run as a third party candidate, pledges to fix the economy, to cut taxes and things like that. that's the voters asking the candidates. not the other way around. and mr. trump makes the argument, you can and see this in the audience. the audience loves it but there are those who say it looks like fascism and brainwashing. and ted cruz made the observation that loyalty pledges, in this country, the pledge of allegiance, is to be aligned with either the flag and the nation and more appropriately, both, watch. >> you know what? i raise my hand and i take an oath to you, to the people. that's who is working for you. the idea that a candidate running for office wants the people to pledge loyalty to him
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like subjects to a king. we've had seven years of a president who thinks he's an emperor. >> tough stuff once again. another comparison to barack obama and donald trump. this time ted cruz is who have is on mr. trump's heels. the donald has a serious competitor in ted cruz and the four states today including some very conservative ones are a real battlefield. and there is a possibility trump could win them all. if anybody would beat them, today would be the day that cruz could do it. he needs mississippi or idaho. >> what are you looking for? >> trump if he were to run all four states, that would be a huge accomplishment for him. for ted cruz, the possibility of winning in mississippi, a very red state, is real. idaho suggested that trump is i know w. if he could come close, that would be another split decisions. not unlike what happened saturday. for marco rubio, it is coming in second, really. it would be good to win one.
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he would get another w on the board. for john kasich, maybe hawaii? kasich has really have any kind of a win. he has only a handful of delegates. so really for all the field that is not trump, the idea is to stop him. anywhere, any place, any time. and they're getting increasingly desperate. >> here's one for you. more latino immigrants are trying to become u.s. citizens so they can vote against donald trump. that's according to a report in this morning's new york times newspaper. they found the number applying for citizenship has been increasing every week. in the end could it approach 1 million this year. about 200,000 than the average in previous years. remember, trump compared mexicans. he has promised to build a war along the bored he. even hope the they're signing up to stop him, he has plenty of
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others in his corner. what's the biggest demographics supporting him in. >> it is white people without a college degree. the rust belt should be chock o trump and here's why. a big study by two princeton university professors showed a shocking turn around. half a million folks since 1999 died from suicide, from drug overdoses, cirrhosis of the river. where the recession was ongoing. what's more, this group of people, the white collar, blue collar people, have not been voting at the rates in the past. trump is turning that around. now we're seeing what i would call the despair vote. >> what about in michigan? >> well, let me tell you. that has been a horrible economy. michigan has lost 860,000 jobs. they've only been able to
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replace about half of those. so they are in deficit about 400,000 jobs. that's what my source tells me. i would keep an eye on the following counties where per capita incomes are below 30,000. these are places where people are really struggling. on the upper pennsylvania are working. half are working, half or not. >> let's turn to the associated editor of the "wall street journal" newspaper. >> what are you looking for? i know if donald trump can run the table, michigan, ohio, mississippi, idaho. >> our washington bureau is looking to see whether or not he further consolidates his strengths this is republican electorate. whether the turnout numbers that we've seen continue and it looks like that's happening in michigan. it has been a lot of trnout of
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voters. he has energized the republican base. that's the first thing that we're looking at. the other question is, have we as we underestimated trump and his appeal to the voters, that study by ann case and, the person who won the economic prize last year is really telling. has he energized that base and will he consolidate that power or have we been underestimating the establish. mitt romney's comments, the negative ads against trump. his own behavior in his debate performance this last debate. >> one of the things is the use of his own words against him. there is an ad that he calls disgusting and the rest will it is bullying curse words. he is not happy about it. you wonder if bringing up the
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facts of his past have caused a chink in his armor. >> you remember the whole university debate. his use of the polish immigrant workers to build a facility. these were difficult moments for him. it was really the first time that his republican opponents that attacked him with substantive, negative issues. this ad that you're pointing out. working in evangelical communities. that could be pretty effective. cruz is not that far behind. and watch kasich. in the last few days the polls have shown him rising against trump and trump's support, rising. kasich is coming on. that could be a factor of ohio being close by or people taking a second look at the only governor left in the race. >> after tonight, i just wonder if there is still money for marco rubio. if he has a very bad day in
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these four states, will floridians and his super pac and the rest of them give him the money to make a real denial in florida? >> probably a presumption. the an to that would be no. what does marco rubio do? if he does not perform well in the four primaries today, the one caucus and the three primaries. does he say, i'm going to back up. i can't lose in my home state. this is still a wide open discussion. you're going to have a discussion later on about the convention laws and what happens if they don't win on the first ballot. that in that instance, robb robidas may want to be in the -- the marco rubio may want to be in the mix. two days after the last visit there, we'll go live to charlotte and look how he is
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campaign of carrying out dirty tricks. they said the cruz campaign is trying to undermine rubio by senting an e-mail to caucusgoers in hawaii highlighting that they're telling the senator to get out of the race ahead of the florida primary. people in the rubio campaign fully and strongly deny that report. they say the cruz campaign is trying to scam its way to a win in florida like they say it did in iowa when it lied about the state of ben carson's campaign. confused? >> i will do my best for you. it is quite convoluted. this echos what happened innocent iowa campaign. the cruz campaign coming out immediately and disavowing any knowledge of or involvement of what's happening in hawaii. this came from a group called ted cruz and it
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suggests that marco rubio is seriously considering, according to some advisers, dropping out of the primary process before the florida primary. that happens a week from now so don't waste your vote on marco rubio. vote for ted cruz instead. back to what happened in iowa, back at the beginning when carson was leaving iowa. he was going to florida to get a change of clothes and the ted cruz campaign e-mailed out to its supporters, hey, it looks like ben carson is dropping out. don't waste your vote on ben carson. vote for ted cruz. so tomorrow night, ted cruz respond to this. >> the name of politics is when a campaign is flailing, they attack and they attack other candidates and they attack their integrity. this particular e-mail apparently came from a volunteer in hawaii. not affiliated with the campaign. not working with the campaign. not under authorization for the
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campaign. we have over 200,000 volunteers across the country. i cannot control, nor do i want to control what 200,000 volunteers do. >> the cruz campaign went further to say that it has told this volunteer group to cease and desist sending out any more e-mails about. this clearly they're quite chagrinned about this but it does pay heavily into the narrative that donald trump has been spinning that ted cruz is a dishonest politician. >> ted cruz come in bible high, puts the bible down, they know lies to you. it is unbelievable. i never met -- i thought real estate people are tough and real estate people in manhattan are tough. and in many ways they are tough. they're tougher. but i've never seen lying like goes on in politics. >> there's really bad timing for ted cruz. he is december operately trying to keep marco rubio from a win in florida next week. his slogan is trusted.
12:20 pm
you can separate that into two words, trust ted. >> from the polls though, is ted cruz a player in florida? >> he's not a player in material of a win but here's where he is a player. he is just trying to keep marco rubio from a win. if he can peel off some votes that might have gone to rubio, he denies rubio the big win in florida and then it could be just ted cruz as the last man standing against donald trump should john kasich lose in ohio. >> more coverage of the republicans ahead. we'll also look at the democratic side and why bernie sanders' major supporters are telling him, you keep fighting, bernie. no matter what happens. plus an encouraging new sign for his campaign. this is how banks used to see me.
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continuing coverage in the race for the white house. hillary clinton's campaign is ready to turn its attention to taking on the republicans. allies of the campaign say they will not be able to overtom second clinton's lead. at a rally just yesterday, hillary clinton said that a big win in michigan today could allow her to shift her focus to the general election. >> that's why it is so important for all of you to turn out as many voters as you can tomorrow. because the sooner i could become your nominee, the more i can begin to turn our attention to the republicans. >> some of sanders's biggest donors say keep on fighting any way. no matter how many delegates secretary clinton racks up.
12:25 pm
this comes as the new national poll shows the democrat race actually seems to be tightening. this one from the "wall street journal" and nbc news. a survey that came out yet today. it shows hillary clinton leading hillary clinton by 9 points. it is a significant drop from january when she was up by 25 points. ed henry is in cleveland. it seems like secretary clinton is starting to lay the ground work for getting sanders out of the way. >> yeah. a nudge. not a push. remember, she stopped short there in the clip you played of saying, he should actually suspend his campaign. we've seen republicans say that about marco rubio. in this case, clinton being very careful not to offend sanders or his very passionate supporters. she is going to need them if she does wrap up this nomination. she is already about halfway to the delegates she needs to secure the nomination. i think it was telling that last night when we had the youngest
12:26 pm
question her, 13-year-old samuel, ask whether she is an enemy or ally of sanders, she made it clear they're allies and said this. >> we have differences. and we are passionate about our positions and our differences. and you know, like we saw in the debate last night, he with air those differences about issues. compare that to the republicans. and how -- >> she keeps putting the focus on the republicans for the general election. what that also did you think is suggest that she is being very diplomatic with bernie sanders and not trying to shove him out of the way. if she does get this nomination, she needs him. >> so far, no sign that's senator sanders is going to drop out. right? >> that's right. proportional delegates for democrats. even tonight if she wins michigan and mississippi, sanders will go home with some delegates. he has 4 ninl already. he has the anyone to stick around for a long time. and there is another thing
12:27 pm
floating out there. that clinton did a podcast with a senior strategist for bernie sanders. and threwout the idea maybe if bernie sanders got on a unity ticket with hillary. >> the answer is, bernie sanders. >> i don't know. maybe they're going to put hill on the ticket then. i don't know what that means. >> he would consider >> i'm sure, anyone would. >> seemed to be at least cracking the door open to that possibility. and bernie sanders was asked, would you be willing to be running mate for hillary clinton? and he said i would consider her for my running mate. so it is clear, he has no plans to get out any time soon. >> nothing is telling though. ed henry live. >> this process in which we all engage is a bit cumbersome. sometimes it needs some tweaking. after folks in one state waited hours, the lawmaker say they're considering changing the whole thing. the place is maine.
12:28 pm
and ryan has the details here. some long lines. >> very long lines. this is the scene for both parties. you can see stretching for blocks. thousands deep. in fact for a lot of democrats, officials had them cast payment ballots. so they missed the whole thing. >> what happened? >> long lines. they're crediting the record for voter turnout. a lot of people were saying, it was hard to get near the site. they had on park a couple miles away if they got inside. they reported it was very crowded. in some cases, dangerously crowded. as a result of all this, the state lawmakers on both sides say they'll push to have maine revert back to a primary system. it did it for a couple elections cycles. the most recent was in 2000. supporters say they think they can make it happen. and they're seeing it as a way to reward that record turnout and get more people's voices heard. and not having to wait hours to do so. >> the snow help.
12:29 pm
>> they didn't help very much. >> more on the races ahead. we'll head out to the biggest prize of the night to michigan for a look at what voters to have say. what winning that state would mean to each of the campaign. we approach the bottom of the hour.
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the biggest prize up for grabs is michigan. it is not winner take all. candidates to have get at least 15% of the vote to grab any delegates in michigan at all. that's a really big deal. especially for the ohio governor john kasich. he says he's counting on doing very well up north, as he puts it. to get some momentum ahead of his home state primary next week. live in detroit this afternoon. hello. hello. the secretary of state's office says they are expecting record turnout. they're at the absentee ballot. this particular polling station
12:35 pm
has been a steady stream and a very slow stream. none of the lines we were talking about. despite the fact secretary hillary clinton and bernie sanders have been here very, very recently, spending a lot of time on the ground. we won't have a real idea of how democratic turnout looks until polls close. some closing at 9:00 p.m. then we will know how enthusiastic the democratic party has been across the state and other parts of the state. on the gop side, it is jobs that have dominated the conversation here. donald trump has spent a lot of time trying to reach out to blue collar workers saying his expertise in business will be bringing back the manufacturing jobs on the ground in michigan. that has been such a huge issue in the wolverine state. governor kasich talked about that issue, pushing back against the idea that he needs the votes. not just here but he thinks he can bring some of that momentum with him around the corner. a fascinating things that have been happening in michigan.
12:36 pm
also, the native son mitt romney on robocalls, as well as marco rubio on the ground. it has been interesting to see all of that developing. >> thanks very much. i want to bring in wanda summers now. we were just talking about michigan as she was giving her report. and you're a little surprised by what has happen there. explain it to our viewers. >> it is clearly surprising. this is a state that should be tailor made for bernie sanders if you think about the labor forces there. if you think about the spirit of the state. it looks like he could lose that state for double digits. his team has been working really hard there. i think to clinton's credit. she's made the water crisis in flint and her reaction to the government response. there she's talked about. that you saw how hard she hit him recently over his hits on the auto bailout. if you're a congressional historian, that doesn't work. >> it didn't hold up at all. and yet it worked for her.
12:37 pm
and he didn't hit back. >> ever sense super tuesday, hillary clinton has not been taking a lot of forceful hits. she knows when she wins the nomination, she needs the people be bernie sanders' core to come along with her. this is one of the few hits she punched him on. and despite the shakiness of that, i think the fact it was not so true. >> we're watching the debate i'm sure the other night. when she brought out that line which was new for her, she talked about that matter before. it had never gone quite that far. it seems to almost catch him off guard. >> i don't think they were prepared for that. despite that we're talking in michigan where the auto industry is so huge and has had a mixed bag when it comes to the recovery. he didn't seem prepared for that atck. and in the days since she's made it, i haven't seen the response that looks like could it change the tide for him. >> he is not going to do well in mississippi for some obvious reasons. demographics. especially on the democratic
12:38 pm
side is historically a lot of african-americans come out. he was hoping for mirn. what is his next thing? how does he make his argument after today? >> he will be looking ahead to the big states that vote on march 15 and trying to make his case. after super tuesday with hillary clinton walking with a with seven wins and they said we're going all the way to all 50 states have voted. most people in the country haven't had a chance to make their votes. much later on the calendar, likes the wungs he picks up like kansas where things might look a little bit better for him. it is a really tough argument if bernie sanders has a bad night this evening and on march final. there will be a lot of forces asking him to leave the race so his supporters can rally around the eventual nominee. >> if that stays in, does that help the republicans? >> i think it very well could. the question that i keep asking myself. what do the bernie sanders supporters do snex will they go
12:39 pm
ahead to get along and rally? i was out in the field and spebl a lot of time covering the sanders campaign. they're not satisfied with hillary clinton. i remember talking to one young woman. and she said, i'm excited. i want to be able to vote for the first female president of the united states. i'm excited about that moment. but i want it to be a person whose beliefs i get behind. not just because she happens to be the nominee. so i think the big story moving forward. what role does bernie sanders play in the democratic nominating process if effectively her lead as pledge delegates and super delegates becomes so great that he is unlikely to overtake it? >> on the other side, these questions about whether donald trump has peaked. and really, what the others are wanting to accomplish going forward. do you ever a handle on it? >> i think michigan will be a really big test. for donald trump and for ted cruz. we have the primary in michigan as well as mississippi. i think if ted cruz wins mississippi, he shuts donald trump down. he stops his streak in the deep south. if he is able to even get close
12:40 pm
to donald trump in michigan, i think ted cruz stands a chance to solidify himself as the ant-trump. you mentioned the 15% threshold. there's a chance we could see someone like kasich came and marco rubio. be effectively shut out and not able to pick. any delegates. i think if that happens, we're closer and closer to having a two-man race. >> and we know who that would benefit. not donald trump. >> it's great to talk to you. >> the white house said it was surprise that had the israeli prime minister netanyahu canceled his trip to washington. the israeli officials say the white house should not be shocked by it at all. and they stay prime minister was scheduled to visit d.c. late this week. that the israeli government asked for a meeting with president obama and the white house offered one up for next friday. the u.s. officials say they then learned from media reports that netanyahu isn't coming at all. israeli officials said that's not true. they said the white house was aware of the prime minister and
12:41 pm
is considering not coming to the united states and he did not want to come during an important time in the primary process, which is actually funny. relations between two governments have been pretty tense as the u.s. helped hammer out that dwoo he will the iranians. this comes as vice president biden is right now in israel. the vice president met today with the israeli president shimon perez. he is set to meet with netanyahu. the billions in aid the united states sends to israel, the prime minister is looking forward to the visit. >> a contested convention is one way the party could try to stop donald trump even if he ends up winning the most delegates. what would a contested convention really look like in cleveland? we'll speak with judge napolitano and find out if trump would have any legal options. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief
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the republican party could deny donald trump the nomination. trump is leading ted cruz by just 84. and marco rubio and john kasich, way behind. if trump does go to the convention with the most delegates but loses the nomination, is there a legal recourse for him? judge napolitano is with us. you have to have 1237 delegates, right? to lock it all up. and if you don't -- >> god bless you. >> you a majority but not win it. >> well, if you have a -- if donald trump has a majority of delegates, they will come from states whose laws say they must vote for him on the first ballot. they will be at a private gathering, the republican
12:46 pm
national convention. whose rules say you must vote to the person you're pledged on the first ballot. if they do not do that, there is no legal recourse that he has against them. that means he chose the wrong delegates. or his own people are beginning to desert him for whatever reason. >> after this first ballot, everybody has his share. trump maybe and theoretically has the most but he doesn't have the threshold. then you vote again. >> the second ballot on, delegates are free to vote however they want. arizona law says, for example, you must stay to the person you've pledged the entire convention. there is no way to enforce the law in ohio which is where the convention will take place. the arizona state troopers going to go to cleveland and arrest the delegates because they're changing their minds and their votes? of course not. can trump sue if he doesn't like the outcome? he can sue on two occasion. an objection mistake. like they added up the numbers
12:47 pm
wrong. two plus two equals 22. something as indefensible as that. or if the threats or the carrots or the sticks become bribes. or if the threats involve a violation of law. like harassment or intimidation or even violence. it would take something of that magnitude before the courts would get involved. but if he has enough delegates and some of them change their minds and that doesn't put him over the top, and he loses the first round and then everybody is free to vote the second round, there isn't a court in the land that will interfere with that. >> the rules are the rules. it is a private meeting, as you said. the rules stay, you can't change your, who you're supporting until after the first vote. but what if you change the rules before the first ballot? can they do that? >> yes. that would require a majority vote of all the delegates. meaning trump's people will have to agree with it.
12:48 pm
so some of trump's people would have to agree with it. so he needs to be sure, or all the candidates need to be sure that whoever is chosen as their delegate, whoever has pledged the vote for them, really and truly wants them and doesn't intend to change their minld. >> as the math goes, donald trump can fail to make the threshold of 1237. but the math suggests that there is no way for anybody else to get to 1237. it is either donald trump becomes the nominee prior to the convention, or donald trump doesn't and we figure out who it is. there is not really another way now. >> correct. except if donald trump does not get the nomination on the first round or none of them gets the nomination on the first round. then the floor is open to nominate anybody. a mitt romney could come in and say i'm your savior. if more than 1237 agree with you, then you have it. this is plain old-fashioned american apple pie majority
12:49 pm
rules. the majority of that convention can do anything it wants. >> in the past, conventions have gone on for months. >> yes, they have. not in our era but in the pre cable tv era where people like our folks weren't watching every minute and carl cameron wasn't running all over interviewing everybody on the floor. it probably won't happen this time. i will tell you what also won't happen. a judge deciding the outcome. >> not going to happen. this will be decided by a flr vote. whoever the nominee is. >> okay. at least it won't be a judge. >> this has happened before yes, it has. we've been through florida. >> we'll to go dixie for an update in a moment. there haven't been that many polls. and ted cruz and be trump are battling for the vote. all the states to the right. alabama and just up north,
12:50 pm
tennessee and over to the left. all of those states have gone to one man. one guy. could mississippi buck the trend down south? we'll see. coming up. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time.
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i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges
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12:53 pm
voters are heading to the polls today in mississippi, the second biggest prize of this voting day. donald trump and ted cruz both made stops in the state yesterday outside jackson. trump drew a crowd of thousands in madison, mississippi, while ted cruz spoke to a smaller group at a sea food restaurant in florence. casey seagle is in downtown jackson. how have the turnout there, casey? >> reporter: shepard, we have seen a steady stream of people in and out of the public library here, a polling location.
12:54 pm
one woman said she typically doesn't vote in primaries but it is this wild presidential election cycle that has brought her out. she said she was voting for donald trump. mr. trump, by the way, expected to do quite well here in the magnolia state today. the most recent polling shows him ahead of senator ted cruz by double digits. former secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to sweep mississippi. the latest real clear politics average shows her ahead of senator bernie sanders by some 44 points. >> it's not a matter of who i like because who i like could be republican, could be democrat. who is the most qualified? >> reporter: who do you think is the most qualified? >> we already know who she is. >> reporter: who she is, did you catch that there? so what are the issues? what are people talking about? since we have been on the ground here in jackson, it is all about the two e's, education and the economy. we talked to a lot of folks who say the unemployment rate is
12:55 pm
high here, higher than the national average, and they want a good candidate to get this economic engine running again. and then you talk to parents worried about their children and their future and getting a good education. one reason why one man told us, he said he's not jumping on the trump train. listen. >> i've heard him say he's going to do a lot but i haven't heard him say how he's going to do anything. >> reporter: not a lot of substance? >> no, up in at all. none at all. >> reporter: the republican governor here, phil brian, just endorsed senator ted cruz. something his campaign released yesterday. >> casey, thanks. a look back on this day in history and the birth of one of the most iconic vehicles ever to hit the road. a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit?
12:56 pm
can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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12:58 pm
just a day after peyton manning says he's retiring, the nfl is losing one of the greatest receivers to ever play the game. the detroit lions superstar calvin johnson today announced he's hanging them up for good.
12:59 pm
johnson is 30 years old and plagued by injuries over the past few seasons. he said back in january he was considering retiring but there's no doubt he's been a force during his entire career putting up ridiculous highlight reel catches, seemingly ever week. johnson holds the single record for receiving yards as well as every major lions record for a receiver. on this date in 1950 volkswagon started to make its famous bus. it was the second vehicle from the german carmaker after the beetle. here in the united states it took on the name of the hippie van, especially during the 1960s and 1970s when you could find people camping out in them at concerts and music festivals. the van appeared on album covers like bob dylan and the beach boys. volkswagon produced millions of them for countries before calling it quits two years ago. afteran american icon first rolled off the production line
1:00 pm
66 years ago today. had an orange one and then a cream one. they could barely get up the back hill. those were fun days. cavuto is up next. have a good one. all right, we've got primaries and caucuses up for grabs. and this is like cutting a tension with the knife, the scene right now in grand rapids,rapids, mai, where -- michigan, where they are holding back the substantial crowd. the substantial crowds. oh, dear. i don't know what is going on there, but i'm told it will be crazy later on with all the people lining up to vote. i don't know what is going on here, but we have three states including michigan where it's going nuts!