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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 8, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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66 years ago today. had an orange one and then a cream one. they could barely get up the back hill. those were fun days. cavuto is up next. have a good one. all right, we've got primaries and caucuses up for grabs. and this is like cutting a tension with the knife, the scene right now in grand rapids,rapids, mai, where -- michigan, where they are holding back the substantial crowd. the substantial crowds. oh, dear. i don't know what is going on there, but i'm told it will be crazy later on with all the people lining up to vote. i don't know what is going on here, but we have three states including michigan where it's going nuts!
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i guess it is not going nuts, is it? what is going on there in grand rapids, michigan? and one of the things we are watching, keep in mind, this is one of four states voting. michigan, mississippi, idaho later tonight, hawaii. we are told it will be very heavy voting. i can tell from behind you, well, it's getting crazy. >> reporter: there is a reason for this, mr. cavuto. this is a primary, unlike other states, where you have a whole host of candidates for other offices. this is just a presidential primary in michigan. so you come in, you check one box and you go home. there's no line because it's very efficient. and you get, you know, ink on your hands. no, that's afghanistan. but anyway -- >> whoa, whoa, jeff, i'm not buying it, pal. we have had other candidates where you pick a candidate and the line is around the the block. i think you're covering up for michigan. >> reporter: this was supposed
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to be one of the busiest precincts in grand rapids. the city clerk told me personally this was going to be busy. as you can see it is not as busy. it is very consistent turnout, very consistent turnout. it's been a trickle but a consistent trickle. so there you go. >> how many people, be honest with me, how many people have you, jeff block, one of the giants of the journalism industry, a truthful man, seen voting today? >> reporter: a few hundred, probably. >> you have not seen a few hundred. i don't believe you. >> reporter: in this location, i have been here since this morning, i would say a few hundred. jason, back me up on this, i got a producer here, how many? 200 he says. >> they all work with you. they all work with you. >> reporter: i have to vote next week in illinois. >> okay, okay. that is an update. i appreciate it, jeff.
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we did this because it might represent something going on here. of all the primaries and caucuses going into this are saying a huge turnout, right? so what are we to gleam from one of the more important states, michigan, so far? it's had a respectable turnout, but nothing like we have seen in some of these prior states. i do want to take a look at what is going on in jackson, mississippi, where i'm sure we're going to see huge crowds. are they trying to wedge that door open, pam? what's the deal with that? well, any minute now you're going to see hundreds throng that door. all right, so that is the deal here. that's mississippi. there you have 40 delegates at stake. that's the 15% threshold state. we have idaho, don't get me started on idaho. they take this stuff very seriously. you're lucky we don't have live shots avail but if we did, we would see legions of people. and then hawaii, please, hawaii?
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that's idaho right there. hawaii is out in the pacific. and if i know hawaiians, they are already circling and circling and circling. all right. what's the point of mentioning these so-far not off-the-chart crowds? it would represent a distinct change in what we have seen up to now, that is with very heavy voting. there could be a variety of reasons for that, some people vote when they are done for work. that quocould be said for the or primaries and caucuses, so that's a facetious argument. some others are -- what are we looking at here, pam? this is tape. of where, pam? not sure. but i'm telling you, we did have crowds, we did have crowds. i point to that because that could represent something. remember, if you have fewer than expected or not quite the robust
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crowds, could that hurt donald trump or bernie sanders? of course, both candidates are known for their legions of fans of bringing out the vote. if there aren't that many of them, could that be a problem? or could there be dirty tricks at part here? we are hearing particularly from the rubio campaign of accusing of ted cruz of dirty tricks when it comes to hawaii and florida. that's the state that votes next week, a winner-take-all state. but rubio says, quote, senator cruz is up to his dirty tricks again spreading false rumors and lies. we won't allow him to do to marco rubio in florida what he did to ben carson in iowa. end quote. a number of key rubio people are urging the senator to drop out of the race before florida. now, rubio dismissed it, top campaign officials in the rubio camp dismissed it. nevertheless, if the rumor was out there and shared with potential voters, e-mailed out to them, tweeted out to them, it
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might be like an eyelift thing all over again. why would you vote for a guy dropping out? have we been here before? yes, we have. matt, what are you learning from any of this? >> reporter: it is, like you say, like yogi berra said, deja vu over again with an accusation late in the game that the cruz campaign is doing something dirty as a last-minute about somebody dropping out. and the cruz campaign has said that this was a volunteer sending out an e-mail in hawaii, that, you know, they are looking into it to try to figure out who sent it and take action against that volunteer. but it was not sent out by the campaign. >> the difference here might be, in the ben carson case in iowa, we covered that, we got the flash out of the blue that carson was going home and it had the appearance of his quitting the race when, in fact, he later clarified he was just getting clean clothes and rejoined the campaign trail.
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that you could argue, well, if you planted a story like that and said the guy was all but dropping out of the race, that's a little weird. this was based on a cnn report from top, you know, rubio folks that supposedly they have been urging him to drop out. so is it ad sensitive or what? >> reporter: well, the other thing that is a little bit different is in iowa you had people at a caucus site getting ready to cast a vote. in this case, particularly hawaii, which is several hours behind the east coast time, so the rubio campaign is really having a couple hours to shoot this down and to make clear to people in hawaii that i'm still on the ballot, still in this race, still go and vote for me. so they have had some time to push back against the cruz e-mail that was sent out. >> but nothing helps on the campaign trail like boasting an image or reintroducing the image, senator cruz has had a
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tough time getting unstuck from this donald trump accusation that he lies or he twists the truth or he plays dirty. that's always in the eye of the beholder. i know how these things go, but again n this case it's refueling that argument. would it hurt cruz? or would it hurt the very people who they say it's hurting, the rubio voters? >> reporter: it reinforces both images. cruz is having to say, i'm not a liar and marco rubio is having to say, i'm still in this race. i mean, it's not an argument for rubio that rubio wants to be making either. first based off the report last night and then based off of this this morning, it doesn't put either in great position. especially with trump still leading in many of the polls. >> yeah. do you glean anything about the turnout, early as it is, and i give you the kitten wink here, but it was not like it was this past weekend in states like kansas and maine. and now growing concerns that this could be pretty much
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standard procedure in the few states up for grabs. is that a big deal? would that be maybe an early sign of concern for the trump folks or the sanders folks? >> for trump it's a bad sign for him. he's been drawing new people, lots of people, his supporters -- he claimed last night he would take 100% credit for the high turnout records set. if we end up not seeing a high turnout in michigan and mississippi and idaho and hawaii as well, then i think it's a sign for trump that he's not able to sort of continue drawing new people, new crowds. and if this weight shifts, particularly in michigan with the more industrial midwestern state, kind of indicative of ohio coming next week. >> all right, thank you very, very much. matt visor, we told you we would keep you abreast of the crowd certain. again, we are looking at
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jackson, mississippi. it looks like they are propping the door open. you never throw the throngs -- do we have michigan? not yet, but take it from me, hundreds, maybe thousands lining up in just one high school gymnasium to show up and vote. all right, maybe not thousands. okay, maybe not hundreds. maybe not even a dozen. but i'm telling you, let's look later. we came to make the point this could be a real differentiator from everything prior. what happened? we're on it. and on ted cruz picking up a big endorsement, crowds or no, after this. sales event is on.
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well, i do see, i can see some people back there. no, they are the ones counting the votes. okay. well -- we're going to find some proof here, but we have been noticing the turnout so far not off the chart in all of these states. what does that signal? i have no idea. you know, they might also be very efficient. you know, this is jackson, mississippi. still keeping the door ajar because you never know when an army of voters will just swarm in. so bottom line, it's confusing, but at this point it's still way too early to say this is disappointing. and who would know that better certainly than mississippi than the fine governor, bill brian, endorsing senator cruz. governor, maybe you can e lay me of my early concerns that this is not inviting throngs just yet. what are you hearing? >> well, neil, here in mississippi, most people are working. it is a work day.
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we have grown by over 40,000 jobs in the last four years since i've been governor helping create an environment where the private sector can grow the jobs. and that is what ted cruz talks about. >> governor, i have a news update for you, sir. a lot of the tuesday primaries, same deal with the other states, people obviously are working. and they voted more. now, you're right, maybe at the end of the work day they are going to come out, is that what you're betting? >> i think it will pick up. but realistically, neil, we don't see as large a turnout as we have in some other races and some other areas across the country. >> why? >> i think that's attributed to -- mississippi has been struggling with its choice. they are a good people in this race. and some of them may not have been able to make that final decision. yesterday i asked them to vote for senator ted cruz. i explained to them why he's a conservative leader that certainly has job creation at the top of his agenda, national
1:17 pm
security, vote for foreign and domestic. we have had very positive response today. i think the numbers you see that will be turning out afterward will go up, but it will not be a record setting day. >> did you in your comments, governor, tell them that today was the day to actually vote? >> i did remind them that this is election day. i went to vote this morning. if first lady even beat me there. but it does not seem as if you have that passion just yet. hopefully this afternoon after 5:00 we'll get a larger turnout. we have encouraged people, i have been on radio stations and television telling them how important this election is, this primary, but americans need to vote. our fighting men and women have given their very lives for this day. please take an opportunity to exercise your right and go and
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vote. >> i'm noticing, and i kid you and you're a very good sport, governoring, but this is happening in a number of over states. it's slower than thin, do you think it could be a resignation on a lot of the republicans, maybe democrats as well, where the enthusiasm has been a fraction of what it is for republicans. maybe it's decided, maybe donald trump has built a big lead or folks know it's going to be between cruz and trump. or something is changing, what do you think it could be? >> i think there's a couple of dynamics. i think you are right, i think people believe it is narrowing down to a two-man race. i couldn't tell you much about democrats, i've never been in that party. they are in a different planet just now with their primary with a socialist democrat and the the clintons. but i can tell you our party believes that this is coming to an area where there will be two definitive candidates and they can choose from it, perhaps they are waiting to get to that
1:19 pm
point. also, negative campaigning drives down the enthusiasm. i've never been one to be negative or to talk about the other candidate. that's what we're talking about, the good things ted cruz has done. negative campaigning reduces the enthusiasm for people to go out and vote. that's my opinion. >> governor bryant, thank you for taking the time. we'll be watching the crowds. they are going to come when the workday is done. >> oh, yeah. they are rushing here just as soon as they get off work. >> i'm a believer like you. just like you. >> i'm hanging with you, neil. >> thank you, governor. switch to the chaotic scene in detroit, michigan, where democrats and republicans can vote in the same place. i'm sure when i turn around -- okay. it gets better. it does get better, after this.
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all right. we can alert that we have a voter sighting going on in grand rapids, michigan. let's take a look at how it is going in this crazy day. grand rapids, michigan, a polling site there and a voter just showed up. she's not a voter, she's running the precinct. and in the lower right we have jackson, mississippi, here. we are hearing that the turnout is certainly lower than it has been in prior contests. there could be a number of reasons for that, but again, it is a surprise on all accounts because very few anticipated this. i should stress, a lot of the states are open late, michigan until 9:00 p.m. eastern time. mississippi, 8:00 p.m. idaho, 11:00. hawaii, we don't get results out of there until midnight. if i know my friends in hawaii, they are going to storm those
1:24 pm
polls. all right. we've got the idaho republican senator here with us, a big rubio supporter. a little disappointment turnout wise, what is going on, senator? >> all three of the campaigns have robust operations on the ground. last night there was -- my wife usually comes to d.c. with me, she's home this week because she wants to do some things for the campaign. and there were just a flotilla of robo calls happening. >> there were several of those calls. listen to this one by mitt romney. >> hello, this is mitt romney
1:25 pm
calling. i'm calling on behalf of kasich for america. and i'm calling on behalf of marco rubio, for president and am convinced donald trump would lose to hillary clinton. >> senator, do you think if he sounded more enthusiastic you would be looking at bigger crowds? >> well, that's an easy criticism to make as a monday morning quarterback. but look, mitt romney is incredibly popular in idaho. he came and campaigned for me when i was the governor. he came and campaigned for me for this job. he and i are good friends, but that's a good thing for me because he's very popular in idaho. >> what do you make of the dust-up he's had, a lot of people slinging arrows for him. he said he felt morally obligated to do express reservations on donald trump, but it's opening a wedge in the party. what do you think? >> there's already a wedge in the party. but even stating your opinion
1:26 pm
like everyone else, he's very influenti influential. >> do you agree with his opinion? >> in what regard, neil? >> well, that donald trump would be dangerous. >> well, i think that the party aught to move away from donald trump and look at one of the candidates who we have. of course, my guy is marco rubio. i think we can do a lot better than donald trump. look, i have run for public office 34 times, i have never seen anything like this campaign. i mean, this guy has put on the most expensivery ever for the united states and not paid a penny for it. secondly, he's taken bizarre positions. thirdly, the attacks that he does on various groups, this is not my republican party that identify been a member of for half a century. these dust-offs with women and minorities and with different religions and handicapped people, i mean, this is not --
1:27 pm
this is not the republican party. >> do you support him if he ends up being your nominee, sir? >> they ask me all the time and i'm going to give you the same answer. i've voted in every presidential race over the last half century. and i have always voted for the republican candidate and i intend to do so this time. i'm hoping that it's a candidate other than donald trump. >> all right, senator, thank you very, very much. we appreciate it. >> you bet. good to be with you, neil. thank you. >> as a point of compareson, i do want to show you what it was just last week, just a few days ago, the crowds we have been seeing in various states we have seen. i think this is kansas city, do you still have that, pam? all right. let's take a look. that's a crowd, okay? that's the throng. so as we switch around from kansas city, of course, they saw this in maine and colorado. a little bit less for the democrats because the race doesn't have the donald trump or the drama could be in the division of the republican race,
1:28 pm
that's to be expected, but i want you to compare that very quickly to what we're looking at today. detroit. now, we have heard from folks that say people have to work, i understand that and appreciate that. and i'm sure right about 5:00, maybe 6:00 when bret baier is on, man, oh, man, guard the door. in fact, i'm going to talk to bret about just that because he's here, after this. i'm leeza gibbons with some powerful
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lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ you have a big tax increase planned but you also plan to spend some $18 trillion on programs. so how do you prevent a debt crisis? >> okay. number one, of that $18 trillion, much of it is being spend to have the united states drawing the rest of the industrialized world in guaranteeing health care. we talk about public education, i believe that we've got to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. >> it is absolutely imperative that we make college affordable. i have a plan to do that, debt-free tuition, and people have looked at my plans and senator sanders. mine costs about $100 billion a
1:33 pm
year. and that is all paid for. >> i hope that dispels the notion that there's any reason for democrats not to come on fox. bret baier hosted a town hall meeting last night of adults with give and take conversation on same things he talks about with republicans. good to see you, buddy. >> good to see you. >> how was it there? >> it was good. the town hall is a different format. you have a little questioning at the beginning and open it to the crowd. >> who was the the crowd? >> the crowd was great. it was a mix of undecided democrats, independents. michigan today is an open primary so we had people there who were between trump and sanders. >> did they know there was an election today? >> apparently they are not at the polling booths. i don't know what -- >> maybe they voted earlier and we missed it. >> there could be a rush. >> very last-minute rush. >> yes. look, somebody just went by. >> yes, indeed.
1:34 pm
did you get a sense, let's talk hillary clinton, and you talked to her a ways back, that that broke the ice or how would you describe it? >> at the end of the event, both of them said they were pleased, they would like to do more. so i take that as a sign that perhaps it has broken the ice. i think, you know, i asked some tough but fair questions. clearly, there's a lot more -- there are a lot more questions to ask. and there are definitely more avenues to go down with both of these candidates with more time. >> i think that the debate and the tough questions the republicans are been having is to be tough and fair with everybody, that was the bottom line. >> yeah, i think so. thursday did it again, probably, in showing how we and you, too, and maria have been fair for candidates across the board. >> if memory serves me right, hillary clinton was not going to
1:35 pm
be part of this. >> right. >> and then she was. >> right. >> what happened? >> well, i don't know what happened. at some point they changed their mind. and friday after the debate we got the call they were going to reconsider. and then five minutes before my show friday they said, we're in. so we shuffled everything around for two candidates and squeezed it into an hour and it worked. >> what's the difference with a town hall, a forum like this, it is not quite as loud and ruccous, although it could get that way versus when you're in a large debate state and you have thousands behind you. >> first of all, the timing is different. they can take their time with some of these questions and answers. there's not a bell that's a minute out. and i think it is more intimate with the crowd there. obviously, they were asking questions, too. it doesn't lend itself to, you know, the big moment, i think,
1:36 pm
when you're confronting another candidate on the stage and we see those back and forths. but frankly for republicans, i don't know if that's been super beneficial. if you look at the fallout from some of these debates and the back and forth they have had on the stage, largely it doesn't seem to benefit any candidate. >> the narrowing in the polls we have been seeing, donald trump's lead in key states, not as big as the democratic side. a lead for hillary clinton is not as big. what do you make of that? >> well, i think there's always the talk about donald trump ceiling, we continue to wonder where that will be. right now it's 35/36 depending on the poll you look at. the key thing is the math, getting to 1237. and the other three candidates are trying to block him from getting there. >> why would cruz try to beef up a florida presence when he knows in so doing he risks helping
1:37 pm
donald trump in that event? >> i'm guessing that the calculation is you figure out a way to take rubio out so your chances increase. but, at the same time, donald trump gets all of those florida delegates and he's closer to 1237. >> but he must have already concluded this is the route i want to go. >> yes, it's all about the math. if trump wins florida, you can look state by state adding it up to 1237. even if he is just 30 delegates short, it is still heading into the convention without having it sewn up and then you have to do horse trading. >> but the crowds are incredible so far, huh? >> michigan especially. that one precinct. >> you can cut the tension with a knife. >> i don't know, do you trust jeff? >> i don't know. he hired producers to look like voters. >> i have seen that woman before. in fact, she was in mississippi. all right, well, apparently
1:38 pm
there's something happening tonight, right? >> there is. >> and you are doing something to it. >> just record us. >> very good. i know at home -- there we are, two handsome gentlemen, fox business journalists, you don't know what to do. >> set the dvr. >> you could. or if you don't have split-screen technology, there we go. or you can dvr. you're one of the few that have a sense of humor about that. all right. so how do you think it ends up, by the way? is donald trump going to have the 1237, you think? >> i think he might get there. >> you do? >> i do. >> then it is dangerous, right? >> a done deal. once they get to the magic number, it is tough to do anything to take that away. i think there are scenarios that he doesn't get there, but the way it's going he does. >> amazing. all right, bud, thank you very much. have a good one.
1:39 pm
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if we're making improving strides now of dealing with illegals, is that because we are playing fuzzy math? sheriff paul babeu says don't go to areas where we are going to find illegals. i think it is something like that. he is with us right now, sheriff, what is going on? >> this is shocking. i stood with brandon judd and other border patrol leaders here from arizona and texas, the top
1:43 pm
sectors, that are being overrun. hundreds of thousands of illegals are coming in. and we pointed out there is not just a 25% increase in the first four months of this fiscal year, there's 102% increase in unaccompanied juveniles. and 170% year over year increase in family units. and so you don't have to be a border patrol agent to figure out what's happening here. and the president in what is disturbing is that these border patrol agents are not only releasing these illegals out the front door, in many cases they are not giving an nta, which is a notice to appear. which was a joke to begin with because most of them never showed up for their court hearing, but they are not even giving them this paper any further in many instances. >> we should say the u.s. customs of patrol didn't respond to a request of ours for a comment. it didn't respond to it. but you're saying there was a mission not to go to the areas where you would more likely find
1:44 pm
illegals because then it's easy to make it look like we don't have as much of a problem with illegals. now, if that's the case, that's some pretty serious stuff. >> it's disturbing. and here, we have 82,000, 123,000 each year just in this one place in arizona. and brandon judd said this today as well as other border patrol agents. we have seen it here in our country that the leaders of border patrol have their agents in this area, x marks the spot and they have to stay there, and not go into the areas that are known high-traffic areas. >> so why do you think -- besides being able to undercount this, was there concern for the safety of your officers or what? >> when we have to worry about the safety of our officer and relinquish parts of the country where we have signs still in my county written in english saying it's dangerous to travel because
1:45 pm
of cartel members there, that's a problem. and this is what i said today, this is intentional. these are deliberate plans, the finishing touches, if you will, of president barack obama on completely gutting the immigration laws. and this is lawlessness at its best here. >> incredible. sheriff, thank you very much. again, putting out calls to the administration, everyone involved not a lot of returns but we'll keep trying. i want to take you to a higher right now, john kasich is talking to supporters in broad view heights. this is the same day as the michigan primary. this is where he's closing the gap, governor kasich, with donald trump. now, is it enough to seal the deal and maybe set the stage? well, a lot depends on voters. and that depends on voters even showing up. and then right now it could change. look, there's a voter. there's a voter. wait a minute, the little guy is too young to vote. there's more after this.
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all right, don't you worry, the crowds will be there. grand rapids on the left, detroit voting station on the right. we're told that voting has been light up until now. maybe that will change once people get off work. michigan is the big prize, 59 delegates at stake for republicans, 140 for democrats. both democrats and republicans can appear in this polling station, but they don't appear to be anecdotely. brian kelly is here with us, governor, what is going on here? it seems that it's lighter than we have seen in primary caucus states. what is going on?
1:50 pm
>> it's a beautiful day out, neil. when you have 64-degree weather in march in michigan, i mean, people have a lot of things they'll be doing, but the turnout overall for an election this time of the year is going to be above average. so stay tuned. there's a lot of people very, very interested in this race. >> i'm sure you can cut that tension with a knife, sir, i have no doubt. i know you're supporting governor kasich. this is an important state for him narrowing the gap from big double digits to depending on the poll, eight or nine points, what do you think? does he have to win this state? many people say just to stop the trump momentum. and he would have to win his home state of ohio next week. >> well, he has a tremendous amount of momentum all across the state. i've been with him at several locations and statalking to peo
1:51 pm
over the course of the last week. every day he gets stronger and stronger and stronger. i don't know where he'll come out relative to other candidates, but i do know he's going to finish a lot stronger than anybody thought possible, even than just a than anybody thought was possible even a few days ago. and this is a proportional state so i'm confident that he will do well with delegates. >> they'll have the 15-% threshold. you don't get at least 15%. you don't get any delegates. so it is conceivable that your guy does well. he could win the whole enchilada, right? >> that i think that the delegates will be split among at least a few different candidates. but i'm confident that john kasich really does have a lot of momentum. it will send him into ohio, his home state, with a tremendous amount of wind at his back. >> we'll watch very, very closely. we appreciate you taking the time. >> great to be on the show.
1:52 pm
thank you. in the meantime, i think i've seen and heard everything when i chatted with a huge cruz supporter on demand, which if you don't get, you should. targeting donald trump's wife. if donald trump is elected, mrs. trump will be the first first lady that has ever posed nude. the first first lady that is the third wife. and the first foreign born first lady in a century. in contrast, heidi cruz would be our first pro-life first lady. she also -- >> what difference does it make if donald trump has been married before? or what his wife is or was? she is his wife now. >> i think it is critically important. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
1:53 pm
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if donald trump is elected, mrs. trump will be the first first lady that has ever posed nude, the first first lady that is the third wife, and the first foreign born first lady in a century. >> i don't know what your views are on donald trump. but is talking about his wife and whether she is up to the job as a first lady because of whatever she did in the past really germane? i didn't think so. i think that could be a very slippery slope. that's me. i want to get the read from former republican congressman allen west who has not endorsed anyone. i thought that was out of bounds. i understand where she is coming from. she is a big cruz supporter. likes heidi cruz. that's a very, very treacherous path to go down. what say you? >> it's good to be with you. before i came to the studio, i
1:57 pm
watched the most recent isis that video and the beheading of several syrian soldiers. we know that iran has fired off an interballistic missile, china is building islands and placing air fields in surface to air missiles, iran is looking to buy brand new russian t-90 tanks and state-of-the-art fighter craft. russia is poised to go into ukraine and the baltics. we know that we have an anemic gdp growth. i really don't care about the state of apparel or the lack of apparel that donald trump's wife has had in the past. when you look at the fact, we've got 93 to 94 million americans out of the work force, we have some critical issues. i would hope we have critical candidates that would talk about these issues that are serious. >> nevertheless, candidates' spouses are always dragged into things. and we always say, could i see that one as a first lady? could i see that one as first
1:58 pm
lady? as if it matters. they do have powerful roles to play. we're learning that as we've looked back on nancy reagan. is it a bit too much of an obsession thinking, if i get john kennel, i get jackie kennedy? if i get ronald reagan, i get nancy reagan? if i get donald trump, i get melania? >> without a doubt since the kennedy/nixon debate, it has become very image driven. when you look at the sense of elebrity status, it seems that's what some people wish to focus. on it is like worrying about your house when the rest of your neighborhood is on fire and your house will eventually be consumed by that fire. i would hope that we start to get away from this celebrity status. start to get away from the entertainment tonight or the "national enquirer" tabloid campaigning in the united states of america. vladimir putin is not thinking
1:59 pm
about melania trump. neither is ping. >> we know that candidates and their families are fair game but i think this is unfair. period. >> this is definitely in the gutter and not something that should be brought up. it is something that could reflect very negatively against the cruz campaign. you just don't want to have people on television, which some would interpret speaking on behalf of that campaign and that candidate, talking about these things. why are we talking about our economy and our national security and getting americans back to work? >> well put. very, very well put. and again, a reminder. i don't think that any of this stuff is germane to the race at hand. whatever you think of the candidates, i don't think we have to drag the candidates' family into it. i think melania deserves better
2:00 pm
than that and all the candidates' families deserves better than. that having said that, i think this is a huge story here. the huge crowds on this polling day. apparently people were not apprised of the fact this was an election day. a primary day. we told them. maybe they were watching something else? hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it's another big night and the race for the republican nomination on this primary day. voting is underway right now in four states. on the gop side, 150 delgss are up for grabs. 40 in mississippi, 32 in i'd show and 19 in hawaii. the first polls close in just under three hours from now in mississippi. donald trump said he wants to take on ted cruz in a


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