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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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walked through people allowed him to express it as they expressed theirs. >> stay with us, jeff. we have got more. this is chicago. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. donald trump canceling a rally in chicago because of growing anti-trump protests outside the trump campaign. meeting with law enforcement deciding to cancel the event because of security concerns. now, after the event was cancelled, protesters have got inside the event began to clash with donald trump's supporters. and outside those protesters erupted into cheers when they learned that it had been cancelled. right now the crowds inside are thinning out but back outside the protests appear to be growing. jeff flock is outside with the protesters. our john roberts is inside the arena. we go live first to jeff. jeff, people protests, is there any"l trouble?
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>> certainly no trouble. i asked a few people what made you come out here tonight? >> i'm a big supporter of change and i think donald trump can provide that. >> you are a trump supporter? >> yeah. i guess so. >> anybody harassed you in the crowd here tonight? >> this crowd has been very peaceful. to that, i say, you know, god bless, you know. it's great to see that people are able to like voice their opinions in a peaceful manner. >> i appreciate that as i said, greta, that's been the case here tonight people coming out and making their viewpoint known. people on the other side of the issue as well. what brought you here tonight? >> democracy brought me here tonight. i'm thrilled to be part of this. >> well, there you go. no matter what your opinion is, people are here and expressing it. which i think is a wonderful thing. i wish it was afor÷ little warmer? >> listening to you, it sounds like a bernie sanders
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protest and rally outside and not so much anti-trump except for the one woman, of course. tell me about these bernie sanders supporters. >> this is a university campus after all. carrying a bernie sign. certainly a lot of young people here. but, it's not just -- it's not just a young people's crowd. i talked to one woman who is a republican who said she was supporting john kasich. ome felt she need to dov= out here tonight and say as a republican i don't want donald trump as our nominee and i feel like we need to speak out against it. so, as i said. diverse crowd. >> how did the word get out? was it organized? >> yeah. my daughter earlier in week, she is a college student she said i see online here on facebook that people are saying that they out to get tickets to the donald trump rally. and not show up. the initial plan was to have people get those tickets and
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then have him come for the rally and not have a very big crowd. that kind of morphed into protesters trying to get on the inside and we talked earlier to get, you know, protesters have been ejected from trump rallies. if you get enough protesters on the inside it makes hard to auto genetic a large crowd. apparently that's what happened tonight and that's what caused the rally organizers to say, you ?8uju what? mae we ought to just cut and head back to carp. >> we will get to bill o'reilly in a minute but trump event. rally in chicago has been cancelled because of protesters outside and the donald trump campaign has issued a statement saying this: mr. trump just arrived in chicago and after meeting with law enforcement has determined that for the safety of all the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena, tonight's rally will be postponed to another day. jeff flock of fox business
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network is outside. jeff, is the crowd thinning out now. >> it's curious to me that it's not. i would have thought that after, you know, this is now, i think it's about a good 20 minutes or so away that we got thepsií news that the rally had been$! cancelled that it was a celebration. instead of dispersing after that these folks have continued to chant some. you hear chanting this is what democracy feels like. cancellation of the rally affirms what they were trying to accomplish. i don't know if stopping speech is necessarily the best thing in the world. as i said, the university administration was pretty allowing the rally to go forward and this is what
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happened. [chanting bernie] >> young nature of some folks in the crowd. >> what are they yelling? [chanting] >> no trump, no kkk. >> i'm sorry, i may have lost you. >> all right. jeff, stay with us outside. we will go back inside the arena where just a short time ago when the cancellation was announced. fights broke out inside the arena between protesters and trump supporters. you are looking at the video from the fights that6gdid break out after that announcement. joins us now on the phone. john? >> hey, greta, good evening to you. down in front of the stage where donald trump was supposed ton speaking. decided for safety reasons that it was better if he did not take the stage tonight. i mentioned to you earlier. i think it bears repeating that i flew up with him on his plane from st. louis
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this afternoon. he was telling me was looking forward to chicago because we have got many, many people in the donald trump parlance that are going to be at this rally. he expected that there were going to be about 30,000 people trying to get in. that he also heard that it was going to be rough. he travels with a contingent of secret service on his plane and, perhaps, they had some intel from here on the ground or maybe he heard from his ad advance people that there were so many people who were in the crowd here in the arena and outside and a number of protesters as well because even though they may not beyç waving their signs around they are pretty easy to identify because of the fact that they do come in with a sort of anti-trump attitude they probably had idea mass protests on the floor. peabody opera house was interrupted for 10, almost 15 minutes by a fairly large
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group of protesters who refused to leave linked arm and were making it very, very difficult for the police to get them out. i actually was talking to a person who was with the trump campaign who actually drove us to the airport who was involved and try tried to break up that crowd and)#3 got whacked pretty hard on the back of the head. potentially dangerous situation there and a very volatile situation here on the floor of this peaceful. thankfully one that ended relatively peacefully. maybe a couple of punches thrown, greta, that you saw from our full camera as it swept the room. now the arena floor and the arena itself virtually empty. the police have cleared this place out well. the only one that may go out from here jeff flock was saying folks could be celebrating on behalf of the participants on both sides of the fence here. as they have disperse back into the streets of chicago.
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>> john, i don't suppose any of the protesters have said anything to the fact that the irony many of the old protest is to protest something like war here they are exercising first amendment right to protest using free speech to shut down free speech. >> that appears to be the case. what's really interesting about that, too, greta. the fact that at his rally at st. louis he has mentioned this before, donald trump talks about that time in seattle last a black lives black lives matte. would nod let him speech and sanders walked away. trump suggesting that's kind of the sad commentary on what's going on in this world. this is what he says at his rallies. now it appears that his not by the threat of protest by the potential for violence here. so, interesting to see that
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just a few hours ago he was talking about this very thing and here it comes to pass in the city of chicago,í greta. >> john, if you will stay with us. i'm going to go back to our panel betsy woodruff and john. betsy to you, is this a victory for the protesters? and now whatappens at the next venue? is this a signal to the next venue where donald trump goes. scosmly shut down this one. are we going to see these, do you think, at the next rally in ohio? >> without a doubt this is a victory for the protesters. in there they were chanting we stopped trump. that's was one of the things they said. they see this as a very big win. there is no downside for the protesters in this case. particularly because there wasn't an unusually violent altercation. we saw a few punches thrown but as they reported that wasn't going on throughout. largely a nonviolent protest and they stopped trump. without a doubt, i think we can expect more protests like this. this is what it is going to look like if he is the republican nominee. this is the normal. >> is this going to inspire his supporters. he has very passionate
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spurters as well. they will watch this tonight and they will see that their candidate was shut down from speakingacsg his supporters are going to want to go out and protect the candidate. >> total disgrace to the principles of the first amendment to try to shut down somebody else's free speech which some of these have been celebrating. not all like that. donald trump supporter in the midst of that huge crowd pretty good thing for democracy. obviously incidents where punches were thrown and whoever started it. >> that was inside. few protesters look like, a few anti-truu supporters went up there and caused problems. >> and they deserve complete condemnation. what we don't know who is who started it. up until now there was no evidence that the protesters had started violence a few incidents at earlier rallies. they had not started it we don't know exactly. i can't tell. >> inside is different than
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outside. inside this is venue the campaign has paid for. if they are in there to cause trouble, i guess they went in there to disrupt it. they want to do disrupt his free speech inside. >> exactly, i think that conservatives need to remember when they were the protesters in the tea party movement and they did not try to shut down democrats' speech. they listened. they protested but they were not violent. theres were were a few instances and hated when they were smeared violent bigots. >> as betsy, i also noted i'm probably the only anchor defended thejb protesters. my life as a lawyer. the first amendment is wonderful. we can do these things in this country. peaceful is the big -- that's the line of demarcation. >> certainly and the right to tell somebody to shut up. first amendment right. the right to say trump shouldn't be saying these things. we don't think trump should
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>> you can make that case. what i find about watching this, too. is up until now we haven't really seen mass level organized opposition to trump. we have seen a lot of opposition. page in the national review magazine. on conservative websites and twitter hash tags. people on the ground in very large numbers. saying here's our game plan. this is what the game plan looks like. it's going to stay this way. >> let's go back to jeff flock on the ground outside of our fox business network. jeff, what's going on? >> this continues. as i said, nobody is -- too many people, in fact, you can hear, we stopped trump is what the chant is right at the moment. i would point out though that this is a town, you know, you talk about what will the impact of this be going down the road, this is a unique town in some ways.
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[chanting we stopped trump] >> town for donald trump anyway. and this that it has been home to a lot of protests over the course of the last several months. >> we have a primary obviously coming up here in a week or so. >> the states attorney who failed for months to indict thedfcñ officer involved is up for re-election. we are at a fever pitch here in illinois, i think it's fair to say. so i don't know if this necessarily transfers to other venues. but clearly you can see what has happened tonight. well, maybe you shouldn't look at those signs, not nice language. >> jeff, we are looking at aerials. seemç$ uz be disturbance awful lot of police. for those of us watching, where is this in chicago? is this on a campus at the university of chicago,
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illinois or is this off campus? >> this is on the campus. but, important to know that the university of illinois chicago is a very urban campus. walk this way with me. maybe you can see. this is what they call the uic peaceful. this is the sports arena. where this is taking place. the near west side of chicago. kale it the sears tower. i forget what they call it now. at any rate, the willis fox all star. thank you. we are right on the edge of downtown('q)e. again, a very urban area. it's not your typical ohio state campus or something out in the middle -- in the middle of nowhere. the city, i think, is quite friendly to these sorts of protests but i have got to tell you, having covered the protest here in chicago on black friday, where they shut michigan avenue down, that was also a very diverse crowd. i mean, some of the protests we have seen here have been
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largely minority this crowd, as well as the crowd on black friday was black, white, young, old, a very diverse crowd. that's what we are seeing here as well. which i think makes it all the more interesting. >> i'm reading my emails too as i'm talking to you, i'm multitasking, one viewer named irene wrote me, when i'm watching concerning trump's rally is unbelievable. i'm not a trump supporter but i cannot believe it was.u cancelled. we all have rights to gather. the protesters have won. i'm very concerned about this country. so you can see, jeff, that there is a -- i imagine a very diverse reaction tonight to what we are seeing. you. >> you are absolutely right. the idea of the viewer. the allow speech is what makes this country great. why these folks are certainly free to come out in this country to make
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their voice known, you know, as the administration of this university said, the remedy to speech you don't like is have had plenty of it here. of course, it was the campaign's decision to cancel this rally perhaps they felt it was not safe environment. there have been scatted disturbances which we have been here observing a large swath of this and we have not seen any violence or intimidation. the people who want to do go inside the rally got inside the rally. and, you know, what can i tell you? >> we have a new camera shot thatvw you can't see, jeff. we are looking at police officers and they look to be doing some aggressive crowd control. hard to tell what. tough job for police officers. one person breaking bad is a problem for this whole crowd. tough job for police officers tonight. i tip my hat to the chicago
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police. this one is not going to be easy. do you see any trouble at all where you are? people just assembling? >> no. in fact, let's walk. can we walk a bit? you talk about the police officers. this is their line here and i don't see anything here. but the area where rally goers would be exiting is around this way a bit. i'm trying to get over there now. i do not see -- no, i don't see any disturbance on this side. but this, bret, is an entire city block this peaceful. let's keep walking, dutch, if we can. so it's possible that something is going on that would are not seeing here. we are seeing at least two sides of this venue. and at this point i don't see any trouble. >> we havent camera. we have a different camera that -- another one of our cameras set up and it looks like there is a little trouble here. >> yeah. yeah. let me look here. >> there is trouble.
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>> we're going to try to get over there.e# in case anyone is just tuning in and wonders what is going on. this is outside -- this is chicago. university of illois at chicago campus. donald trump was scheduled to have a big rally with 10,000 people inside. protesters outside. and now the rally has been cancelled by the trump campaign. and we are seeing the police doing -- having a hard time seemingly so with crowd control.dñ this is the first big trouble we have seen on this. that is one protester being taken away from our position here, greta, as you see. nothingy- major.
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jeff, i don't know if you are where we are looking with our camera. it does look bad it looks volatile. this goes does not look good. i wouldn't want to be in the middle of this crowd. there is pushing and shoving. police are there trying to maintain order. people are yelling. it is -- the camera shot i'm looking at doesn't look -- you know, does n look like just one protester being taken away. >> we couldn't get in. it was apparently cancelled. we would love to get in to see donald trump. you could see there is a lively debate going on right here. i would have loved to:k be inside to actually see a rally. >> you say you couldn't get in. why were you being blocked by protesters? >> no. apparently it was cancelled. donald trump cancelled it. we probably would have been blocked by protesters anyway. but, you never know protesters, very tolerant people these liberals.
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>> gotcha. two people having a discussion over here as well, greta. this is democracy in action. >> democracy in action. that's true. peaceful protest. but when we start getting into arrests, it's a little different situation. >> see what you are seeing on other camera. >> i have another email that's interesting. here's what -- this is just random viewers writing: it says trump rally has a lot to do with the fact that this is chicago. a bunch of these kids have a bunch of emotions built up and not that much has to do with trump, in my opinion. it goes through poverty, the gangs, and all the trouble in iowa. another viewer thought on this. >> i think that's -- that also is a -- they are on to something there. as i said as we pointed out the la quan mcdonald
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situation in this town has really brought this to a fevered pitch. we are on a bit of hair trigger here. there have been a lot of protests over the course of town. and this didn't help it here tonight. police have been doing a great job in terms of keeping it quiet. and wenv continue to navigate around this arena. i'm not seeing. let's go up around the >> you should see these emails. some people thinking it's the republican party behind the protests. i mean, people are very confused about what they are seeing there. >> you know like anything, greta, things are not as simple as we like to make them be. you know, as i said, this is a diverse crowd. you know, it's been brought together here tonight. you know, as i said, the there were republicans in this crowd. this defies easy explanation as i think it's true to say.
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i have got now the cars, the people, take a look at this, dutch. this was -- trump campaign stuff being sold here tonight. these are the cars on their way out of this facility. this is the parking facility and people making their way out of it now that the event has been cancelled. and we have got -- you have a big backup of folks here as well. this fellow here shutting down his merchandise table. >> does it appear that the crowd is thinning? i have asked you that before a few minutes ago. i'm wondering now are people going home or is this crowd staying. >> why were just showing you rally goers that will would be trump folks who are exiting. the folks came here to protest, however, i think
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it's fair to say are not exiting, at least they haven't. and i'm going to go back around. >> this is the expressway right here which is where this arena was located. you asked where it was in terms of downtown chicago. dutch, you see, that's downtown chicago right there. we are right on the edge of it. and we have got more, actually. >> what are they chanting? [chanting. [[inaudible] >> i'm not hearing that chant. >> whose street? >> our street. >> be advised once again over the air [inaudible]hs >> stay with us. i'm going to go to the panel here. john reading emails. people saying watch these protests in chicago reminds
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me of vietnam demonstrations. people with no jobs. college students who can't wipe their own noses. totally democratic town. crooked from the get-go. trump is saying what the majority of people want to hear. goes on and on. everyone has an opinion on this one. >> we have to remember that these aggressive protests have predated donald trump. reaction to ferguson, missouri. i think this could be a continuation of that. i mean, you have obviously got a lot of aggressive rhetoric coming from donald trump condoning some of the people saying it was okay to fight back even though there protesters had actually engaged in violence in the first place. there is plenty of blame to go around here. >> i don't even know what to make of this, betsy. >> i think it's important to bear in mind just the enormous trust episode between the chicago police department and the protesters we see tonight. chicago police department has a very checkered history, unfortunately the death of la quan mcdonald loomed large teenager shot 16 times. also news broke the guardian broke the story that the
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chicago police department runs a quote unquote black site detention facility where detainees have been beaten in the head by police officers. there is a lot that the chicago police department has drawn criticism for and, i mean some of the tension we are seeing here is probably directed at police even potentially in some cases in ways it might not be directed at trump supporters. >> the thing though that strikes me is that many times protests are protesting economic conditions, war, or some other activity. this is protesting speech. this protesting donald trump. whether you agree with donald trump or not, he has rented the venue. he has invited people to come in. people have come in. you have some disrupters inside. outside you have got people protesting who just don't want him to speak. they are exercising their first amendment right to shut down his first amendment right. it's enormously complicated because there is so many factors. but, you know, i guess -- let me go to john roberts. john roberts, you have just made your way outside. >> yeah. hey, good evening to you,
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greta. ulis cease martin is a trump supporter. he is here at the rally that didn't happen. ulis cease what did you think of the fact that protesters made enough noise and created enough disturbance that they had to cancel this event? >> definitely disappointing. you know, we all havegb our differences, you know. i have actually traditionally been democratic. i voted for barack four years ago. and born and raised here in the city. went to grammar school, high school and college here in the city. i'm actually disappointed because it's gotten violent and gotten nasty. and, you know, if you are against that, you definitely shouldn't be for that. and i have heard a lot of slurs. people definitely don't accept trump here. i understand that we are a democratic city. a lot of democrats here. not that they have done anything city. democrats traditionally here six decades and we have done an awesome job with the city.we
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urine upside down. one of the reasons i made the shift from democrat to republican is because of donald trump. it's not because i traditionally agreed with republican ideology but i have great admiration. i have read donald's books. i'm a small business owner and i am thoroughly equipsed that if this man is given the opportunity, to load our country that he will do it because out of all -- and this is a reality. this isn't s. not an opinion. out of all the candidates that there both democratic and republican, nobody has the type of financial track record and the type of successful track record that donald trump has. >> how long have you been waiting to see him? >> oh, i have been here for about two and a half hours. you mean during the whole thing? months. i missed an opportunity to go out to michigan and to ohio, but, you know, i have been here a few hours. and it's okay. i understand. i understand what's going on.
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i had a sergeant and lieutenant explain to me it's a logistic mess. the guy couldn't make it here. >> it was difficult. i know we came up with him from st. louis to try to get here and it was very difficult. the polarizing nature of the trump candidacy, does it surprise you particularly in a place like downtown chicago that protesters would come out and try to stop him from speaking? >> it doesn't surprise me. but i am a little.u overwhelmed and shocked that i guess apparently it's effective. succeeded in not having a republican -- a competent republican candidate come here and express himself and have the supporters, you know, cheer for the guy. >> there is the issue here of people's right of free speech stopping someone else's right of free speech. do you agree or disagree with it?
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>> i disagree with that. because, if you want to be free speech, then you can't shut down another person's opportunity to explain or express themselves no matter what their ideology is. no matter what the political stanceñ)?ak is. so, no. i definitely disagree that if you are pro-speech, then, hey, man, even if you are not republican, you have got to let people express themselves. >> ulysses thank you so much. a group of people aligned% behind you have exact opposite opinion than you do. >> it's okay. >> it's a free country. people have a right of free speech. small crowd gathering around us here. can you see trump supporters obviously were disappointed. many of them waited weeks, if not months to see him today. but like happened to bernie sanders in seattle back in august where blarts shut down event. sometimes when you are on
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university campus find a lot of people at opposing views to yours and something like that is bound to happen. greta? >> john roberts, just a motto people who are watching is that we know that we're6 trying to get donald trump to call in now but he is going to be calling in to sean hannity during the 10:00 hour at these events unfold. i don't know what's going to be going on the next two hours. but trump will be calling in. and we hope he calls in now to us to give us his view. john, does -- i keep going back to the same question because this is sort of how i measure this. the crowd thinning or not? >> oh, no, the crowd is has definitely thinned. let's take a walk down the block here chris cameraman extraordinaire. police presence. they had the street closed off here for donald trump to come in. secret service was going to bring him in. there is a mounted unit down at the end of the street and people for the most part seem to have dispersed. go ahead, greta. >> on the other side of the screen though i have another shot in the area and the
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crowd is not thinning there. that's what is so curious. we have different camera shots. the other camera shots they are not thinning. >> that's what i'm walking towards. this is the side street. i'm at the cornerzn now of harrison street. right in front of the peaceful. and where they are not dispersing, it would seem, greta, is in front of the mounted unit here. there is a mounted unit on the street right in front of us here, behind these officers. and there is a group behind them but they do seem to be moving away although further down the street we see some more signs. >> john, i have to interrupt you. john, one of our camera shots shows the police. they have got someone down. they have their billie clubs out it looks like they are making an arrest. i don't know how far that is from where you are. other camera shot does she the police with someone down. it appears that he is being handcuffed. i assume he will be taken into custody. i don't know what provoked that but, you can see that the police officers are using their clubs to hold
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people off. >> we're just moving in that direction here, greta, come down the street. this is the area where the people have not dispersed. >> john, let me interrupt you. -- i have got donald trump what's going on. chicago about two hours ago. and we had 25,000 people that tried to come in. and supporters. all supporters: at the same time protests. and when i met with the various law enforcement agencies, greta, i decided that it was looking -- i don't want to see people get hurt. and i don't want to see people get hurt or worse. and i decided very strongly to makeia decision not to do it. and to postpone the rally: rally, tremendous rally with tremendous people and but i just don't want to see people get hurt. any people on either side. you know, we have such a divided country now.
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it's been so divided under this president. and i have been saying it for a long time. i have been witnesses it in so many different forms. it's just something that has to be straightened out. you know, you look at as an example african-american youth.5>94 59% unemployment rate. there is a lot of anger. a lot of an are on the other side. big anger on the other side because we're losing our jobs and losing our manufacturing and losing so much. and there is tremendous anger out there on both sides. >> donald, how do you put -- how do you calm these people at this point? you know, how do you say that the country is divided? i will give you that how do you unite it? these people, a lot of them whjju inside, a lot. but a lot showed up outside. obviously not wanting to you speak. >> well, we had a lot of people inside, thatowñ true. and i hated to say don't do it but i don't want to see any of the people hurt. either inside or outside.
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and law enforcement said, you know, they just don't have enough men to cover. you had 25,000 people tried to come. in fact, we were able to get in touch with thousands of people so they didn't come so we had, i don't know, like 10,000 people. we were able to ward off so they didn't come by saying, you know, we'rezy not just going to hold the rally today. we're going to postpone it. which i think turned out to be good. and i think it was a very good thing that we're able to do. i think what we did was intelligent after seeing it. i'm watching your show now. after seeing what's on the show. i just think it was a very good decision. i do not want to see people hurt. there. >> there is an 80-year-old woman that we interviewed that jeff flock, a fox business network interviewed in the last hour who said that she came out to protest because she said that you use hate speech. what do you say to that woman? >> well, i don't use hate speech. i don't use hate speech. we have a country and the country has to be, i'm just watching your show right now with that car. that's pretty serious stuff.
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with the car and the people standing in front of the car. there is tremendous, there is tremendous division in our country. i have seen it i have been watching it i'm witness to it. and something has to be done. when you look at the unemployment, among certain groups of people. it's incredible. >> do you play a role in that division or not? >> i don't think so. i represent a large group of people that haveíqaáqpá anger. and they are not angry people. but they have anger at the stupidity of what's happening in our country. our jobs are being taken out of our country and being given to china and mexico and every other country probably there is. i mean, our businesses are being taken away from us. our businesses are being moved out of the country. look at ford. they are building their biggest plant in mexico. look at, you know, they are not building did2c here. they are building it in mexico. what good does that do for us? and then they sell cars. they don't pay tax. they don't do anything. they sell cars across the border.
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week. 1400 jobs. they are moving to mexico. you look at pfizer. pfizer is moving to ireland. we're losing all our businesses because we have incompetent leaders. and it means jobs and people, you know, people in 12 years haven't had a pay increase. middle income people. the workers, the real workers, the backbone of the country in 12 years they haven't had a pay increase. >> crazies and then you wonder why are they angry? there is a lot of anger, but i think we did the right thing because if we would have had the rally, i think it would have been something that would have within not a good situation. >> whe you use tough language, when people break up your events, and like, you know, punch in the nose or get that person out of here, are you sort of giving ammunition to protesters who say that you're the bully? >> well, i don't think so. because, frankly, you know, we haven't really had a problem. we had a little bit today.
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>> it was annoying, it was probably seven or eight of them where they stood up and pretty much individual fashion and started, you know, disrupting a little bit. and the police did a great job. that was in st. louis. but, here, this was crazy. when we looked, would we had thousands and thousands of people pouring in as supporters and we had far smaller amounts but still a few thousand people outside as protesters. and, you know, you can't even -- think of it, you are not even allowed in a peaceful rally you can't even have a peaceful rally today in a major city in the united states, which is a terrible thing. but you know, chicago is the home to some pretty rough rallies if you look at the convention many years ago, the democrat convention many years ago, that was a pretty bad thing. a lot of people hurt. a lot of people killed. i didn't want to see anything like that happen. >> well, you know, donald, it hasn't --dl as we are sort of struggling to figure out what's going on there and to think about it. i mean, this is not a
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demonstration against war or economic conditions. this is a protest as i understand it against your free speech. they are using free speech. they have a right to peaceful protest to try to shut you down from your free speech. >> no. i think this is a demonstration against economic conditions on both sides. i think on one side they can't get jobs at all. you have 59% unemployment with the african-american youth. and on the other side they haven't been given a pay increase in 12 years because our businesses are leaving our country. so this is very economic. this has a lot to do with jobs. it has a lot to do with incompetent running of a country. a lot of this is the fact that they just -- i mean, you look at middle income people, the workers, the become bone of our nation, they haven't had a pay increase in 12 years. they are very angry people, greta. i will tell you they are not angry by nature but they are very angry people. and see, on the other side6 to a large extent, you have
5:39 pm
african-american youth has a 9% unemployment rate. >> so, what happened -- >> -- so i think it's very economic. >> i don't think there is any perfect answer on how to handle this tonight. there is no perfect answer. on the one hand, canceling the rally eliminate the risk of more trouble. on the other hand, it's also+"t) shut down your rally that if they follow you to the next city they might get that done which then stifles your voice. so, i mean, i'm not sure. >> see, they haven't shut down the rally at all because it's on television now, greta. and we are getting far more people watching it now than we would have if we had been in the arena. people are seeing that we are being stistled, that free speech is being stifled. actually, they haven't shut down the rally. a big point has been made. we will see what happens, but people should be able to rally in chicago. i mean, we are talking about chicago. they should be able to rally in chicago. but i don't think anything has been shut down. first of all, it's been
5:40 pm
postponed and we'll do it again. but, we had 25,000 people. so we had 25,000 people coming. some would have to be outside. and we were able to get many of those people not to show up based on the fact that we saw early on that there could be conflict. and if there is conflict we don't want to see people hurt. >> do you get scared at all, donald, when you watch this stuff, worried about for yourself? >> no, i don't get scared. i really don't get scared. i see it. it's part of life. it's happened. i have seen it over the years many times. it's tough stuff but it could have been a lot tougher if we decide to do go through. i think we made a very wise decision. it's all calmed down now they say. and i think we made a very wise decision to say that, you know, we are not going to do it tonight. we will do it another time. we have had very successful rallies, greta. i have had 35, 40,000 people at rallies and we have never had a problem. this is the first time we have really had a problem. >> if you are elected
5:41 pm
president, how do you convince those people that are outside tonight that you are their president? >> well, we have to get them jobs. back. you look at what's going on with the economy. the economy is horrible. everyone -- everybody knows it 5% unemployment is a number that probably doesn't exist. probably 25%, maybe more than that give up a job and give up looking for a job they consider you statistically unemployed. consider you employed. it's a mix-up like you have never seen before. that is a statistic that was meant for politicians to look good. and it bears no relationship to the real life or to the facts. i mean, we have a tremendous unemployment rate. and nobody understands that but when you look at a thing like this. you understand the economics of the country. people living in our country have not been good. again, middle income people haven't had a raise in 12 years effectively. and that's pretty sad.
5:42 pm
>> if it's jobs and=o the economy it looks like the people outside are blaming you because they are protesting you. >> well, people protesting me. they also have many more people saluting me. >> no, i know that. i'm talking about -- >> -- don't forget, greta, we turned away 25,000 supporters and those people are on our side. so, now a lot of them have left or are leaving and, which would be a good thing, frankly, because i don't want to see conflict. there is, you know, potential for conflict. had i done it, i think we have been given a lot of praise for having done what we did. had i done it, which would have been in a way easier, but i think you would have had a lot of problems tonight if i did. >> if we manage to get through the night with very few arrests. no violence, no one hurt, you know, we can -- there is something to be said about the first amendment. >> and then you will say, yeah, then you will say i did a good job. but the first amendment is affected because, you are not allow to do have free
5:43 pm
speech in a major city in the united states. that's not very good. >> i was going to say that first amendment on the outlines of the arena. but there is no -- there is no first amendment inside the arena because you got shut down. >> yeah. that's right. so, it's a little bit unfair to the people. you know, when you are turning away 25,000 people. that's pretty bad. i mean, you know, pretty sad situation. 25,000 great people coming to see a rally, enthusiastic about it and you are turning them away. that's pretty sad. how are you going to do in illinois on tuesday? >> i think we are going to do well i don't know what effect this has. people say a positive in terms of votes. i don't like it one way or the other. people don't like to see what's happening. this is what is going on in our country, greta. we have a very divided nation. we have a tremendously divided nation. and i have been saying it for a long time. i have been saying it for years. our nation is totally divided. in many ways it's divided.
5:44 pm
and, one of the ways it's divided is white, black. we have so many different sets of divisions and hopefully we will be able to i'm a unifier. president obama has not been a unifier. he has been a divider. i'm a unifier. i will bring people together. we have to start by getting them jobs. we can't lose our jobs, greta, to every nation in the world. and we have kids that can't get a job and they have no >> is there any other way to help be a unifier than jobs? is there more to this? >> yeah, there will be. outreach programs and everything else. still, jobs is always going to be number one. getting people jobs will always be the best and the longest lasting way some people have written in the show and say they are critical of the conditions in chicago.
5:45 pm
conducive to this unrest in chicago gang violence and other things. there is a real general unhappiness in chicago. then i have people who write in and say that you are the divider. >> well,uk&ook, you know, you should be able to have a rally. the rallies are very important. we should be able to have a rally in a major city in this country without having to -- without having to have such a big deal. i think this is -- in a way it's important. it shows what's going on in the united states. it shows a problem we have in the united states. we will have to overcome it and we will overcome it. it all starts. it's an economic problem. it all starts. people want to be able to get increases. they want to be able to work. they want to be able to have good jobs and at least they want to be able to have a job. we don't have that in this country. >> the people -- the protesters outside, they didn't say they want jobs in their chants they say stop trump. >> look, they are a much
5:46 pm
smaller number than just 25,000 people. but everybody has an opinion. i mean, they feel that way. you win an election a 5 to 45 and they consider it a landslide. you know, they certainly my supporters have their opinion, too. you see how strong they are. >> what did the police say to you when you arrived? what did they anticipate? >> we have a massive amount of supporters going into the arena at the same time we have a lot of protesters, a couple thousand protesters. and i just didn't -- i told them i said i don't want to see them clash because if they clash a lot of bad things are going to happen, greta. >> you know what? the crowd are still there, donald. it's not thinning. i thought they were. we see pictures where they are shoving and pushing. it stillu( looks pretty heated. >> i'm looking at your pictures, greta. you have been playing the same pictures for the last
5:47 pm
half hour, you know, it is actually getting thinner. you are playing pictures with the punching in the last half hour. i have seen it 10 times now watching your show. thank you, greta. i appreciate it. >> you know what, donald, i have seen this one before, too. i have got to tell you. you are right on this picture. i have seen this video. >> they keep showing the same punches. i have seen now the one about 10 times already. so you understand. i don't blame you for doing that but you understand. >> this may come as a big surprise to you. but i'm looking at this live as you are. as it's happening. this is breaking news. >> it's very much thinning out. i think we made a really good decision. our first amendment rights had been violated. we should be able to speak and it should be freedom of speech. we shouldn't be stopped. most importantly for tonight, it looks like it's breaking up very nicely and i think the police have done a good job. and everybody has done a good job. >> do you think you will get more votes after tonight or less after tonight in illinois? >> everybody tells me i get
5:48 pm
more votes. we made a wise decision. and everybody tells me i get more votes. i don't know. i didn't do it for votes. did i it because i didn't want to see people hurt. >> as you look at this, any regrets on running as you look at all this chaos? >> no. we're going to make america great again, greta. that's what it's all about. that's the theme. and that's what i'm going to do. that's very important. we will make america great again. >> well, donald, i'm probablya the only anchor as i have said before that's ever actually represented people in court on the first amendment. i really like the first amendment. as long as there is no violence. >> right. that's what we we we have potential for violence. i think we have stopped it i think it's been quald and i think we have made a very good decision tonight in terms of safety of people. so thank you very much, greta. >> thank you, donald. >> thank you very much. bye. >> and, of course, you did listen to just donald trump and we have still got some
5:49 pm
video. this is not looped. it's hard to make out exactly what's going onsj/ñ there. obviously the police have their hands full. good news is betsy as far as we can see a couple of arrests. this has not been as catastrophic as, you know, we always have the risk. >> certainly, without a doubt. i think trump was correct. sort of giving that analysis of what happened. i thought the comments he made talking to you were really interesting. it's a very marked change in tone from the way he5g has often talked about protesters. >> that may be the two donalds. we talked about earlier how people, you know, when you sit down and talk one on one sometimes you get a very different person. >> but he bears responsibility for both donald's. he said the right thing that he didn't want to encourage i have lens tonight. but obviously we saw from the debate last night all those clips of him saying those guys if they are punched, like to get after him. things like that. >> that is still not a reason to provoke protests. >> certainly not. we don't know who threw the
5:50 pm
first punches down there. we know he claims to be a unifier. that's not been the case in a number of instances with the david duke and kkk comments not wanting to co condemn those immediately on that one show. so he inspires passion. ted cruz is a million times more conservative than donald trump and you don't see this kind of passion. so there's something going on here that's not about policy. this is not how we're supposed to pick a president. >> beth? >> i think it's fascinating when you talk to much about jobs and economics. if anything, that's an issue that is -- that is the undercurrent of everything talked about this entire election. you look at bernie supporters and -- >> so you agree with trump? >> it's correct to say when people are not sure they're going to have a job, when they're frustrated about their wages, when they see ram pant inequality, it's correct to say that that fuels these tensions. that's why there's so many people protesting.
5:51 pm
>> it's never usually just one thing. it's always a bunch of things. it's the location. it's how the community has been reacting before. it's even weather. like i know when i was in college, people protested when there was rain and snow. but a lot of unhappiness, this race has generated so much passion. you look at the bernie supporters. a long of strong passion with them. there's an awful lot going on with this election. >> and so many emotions. i can't imagine a way that people could be more emotionally involved in what's going on here, that people could be more mobilized, paying more close attention. which i think maybe is a good thing. >> if i can be the cheering person, good for the first amendment on these people, having the right to protest. john roberts is out there. john, what are you seeing?
5:52 pm
>> reporter: hey, good evening, greta. welcome back. we are still out here on the streets where donald trump is correct, most of the protesters have disbursed. there is a small group in front of this parking garage. the reason why they're staying here and yelling at the cars as they go by is because the bulk of the people in this parking garage are people going to the trump event. we keep hearing chants of "we won, we won" ringing out through the night here. these protesters, many of them students here at the university of illinois and chicago. and many of them bernie sanders supporters, wanted to express their displeasure with donald trump's candidacy. so they created an environment where the police and the trump campaign had no alternative but to shut it down. that said, with the exception that you've seen that punch that was thrown, greta, there has been zero violence here tonight, just a boisterous and enthusiastic and very passionate crowd of people expressing their political views tonight.
5:53 pm
and, again, we bring this back to the echo of what happened in seattle, back in august, when marisa johnson and a friend of hers stepped up to the microphone when bernie sanders was about to take it and wouldn't let him speak and essentially shut down his rally. they were the only two people doing it. it was before a very progressive crowd. they were trying to tell the crowd that progressive policies were not providing solutions for them. but two people shut down that rally. this rally, it took hundreds of people to shut it down. and now as the police are letting these cars out of the parking garage, i would expect, greta, once they get these cars out, they're probably going to try to move this crowd out and send it back to wherever they might spend a typical friday night in chicago.
5:54 pm
>> john, the irony of the progressive politics wanting to shut down free speech. i keep going back to that, these people have an absolute right to prest outside. but what they are trying to do with their so-called progressive policies is to shut down someone well. >> reporter: yes, that's the clash of the first amendment meeting the first amendment. who can yell louder, who can create a more dangerous situation, because that's really what the police were worried about. they were worried about this becoming a dangerous situation. i refer back to what happened at a donald trump event in st. louis, it was at an opera house, about 25 or 30 protesters were causing quite a disturbance. they linked arms and refused to leave and it shut down the rally for about 15 minutes. perhaps the protesters here saw that, felt emboldened, and thought we're going to shut it down all together.
5:55 pm
but it wasn't just the threat of protests that closed down this rally. there's a trump supporter holding a trump sign out of the moon roof of the car, getting jeered by the protesters. again, it wasn't just the threat of protests that shut this down tonight, it was the threat of violence, not only inside the arena but outside in the streets because there were thousands of people who were waiting to get in, and hundreds, if not about 1,000 protesters who were out on the streets, each side taunting the other. >> it's realistic to think there could be greater trouble. when you get that many people with that much passion yelling "stop trump" or whatever they're yelling. john, do you have any idea -- i mean, when you talk to people, mostly bernie sanders supporters, half bernie sanders supporters? a quarter bernie sanders supporters? who are the people around you
5:56 pm
that you've spoken to? >> reporter: i haven't done a head count, but a lot of these people are bernie sanders supporters. they align very well and appreciate his socialist policies. a lot of them are black lives matter protesters, as well. just below me earlier, there were a couple of black lives protesters who were engaging with a couple of trump supporters. they were having a spirited discussion, but ultimately it was a respectful discussion. one side was voicing its opinion, the other side voicing their opinion. they were not going to see eye to eye tonight. but they were not going to come to blows either. so in some way it was an interesting exercise of free speech and democracy that they could at a heightened level of conversation express their views and go await agreeing to disagree. but the crowd very, very noisy. you have trump supporters in the cars. you have trurp mp opposers behi
5:57 pm
the line of police and police horses. so it is a quite dynamic scene unfolding on the streets of chicago. i would guess, greta, we're probably in the final throes of this expression of political views, if you will. because as soon as this parking garage empties out, the protesters will have no one yet to yell at, so they'll probably go home, as well. >> i repeat my headline, the first amendment is alive and well outside with people being able to peacefully protest. the first amendment free speech inside for donald trump not so alive and well since he obviously for security reasons decided not to go on. so that is rather disheartening. but it is the clash of the two -- >> reporter: let's also remember, greta, what happened here in chicago back in 1968, with the democratic convention and the violence that erupted there and the protests, as well and the tear gassing and the
5:58 pm
police horses. and there were fears that that was going to happen in 1996 when the democratic convention came back to chicago for the first time, a lot of preparations were made to handle any protests that might erupt. i was here for that. and thankfully there were protests that were small and for the most part peaceful and we didn't see a repeat of 1968. but chicago has a long and spirited history of opposing views in politics, if you will. but you're right, the fact that the protesters did shut down donald trump's right to free speech, perhaps a little frustrating for the trump supporters and for donald trump and for those who believe that he should have an opportunity to spoke. but the other side chanting "we won, we won" they accomplished what they set out to do here in chicago. greta? >> in case anyone is just tuning in, this has been ongoing in chicago at the university of illinois, chicago campus. according to most reports, we
5:59 pm
haven't taken a poll of everybody, but a lot of them are senator bernie sanders' supportersers, and they have exercised their first amendment right to protest, and there have been it looks like no violence, a couple arrests, not a lot. donald trump, his free speech was certainly squashed in the sense that he made a decision for the purpose of security not to hold his events. so he did not get to speak. so we have a clash of the two amendments. but that is chicago. it looks like the crowds are thinning out. let's hope there won't be anymore trouble at all. that's "on the record's" live coverage of these protests. i'm greta van susteren. and now megyn kelly takes over. she'll pick up the news coverage. right after that, a live edition with sean hannity. sean will be here to continue the coverage, as well. i understand that donald trump will be calling in, back at
6:00 pm
10:00 eastern with sean. we'll see what happens during that hour. hopefully everything will have calmed down. this is chicago s. we'll have live coverage. stay right here on the fox news channel and we'll bring you all the latest. good night from washington. breaking tonight. you are looking live at the streets of chicago, where earlier tonight, violent protests broke out before a rally for presidential candidate donald trump at the university of illinois at chicago. the scene inside the event was described as chaotic. and as the a.p. reported, it seems for the first time the number of protesters equaled that of trump supporters. that reality forcing mr. trump and his team to cancel the event just moments before it was set to begin out of an abundance of caution. we are live on the streets of chicago, for complete fox coverage for you tonight. joining us first with more, jeff flock who