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tv   Bob Massi Is the Property Man  FOX News  March 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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the campaign cowboys crunching numbers as they come in. that's it for today. have a great week. and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." smaller. they haven't done a very good job of that just yet. >> see you next weekend. good morning, candidates kicking their campaigns into another gear two days before critical primaries in florida and ohio. hi, i'm maria bartiromo. carv carly fiorina backing ted cruz. we'll tell you how he hopes to gain ground. focus group extraodinaire frank luntz. isis carried out another atrocity. are we any closer to preventing
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another large scale attack? john keane will join me as a we look ahead to sunday morning futures. marco rubio and ted cruz racking up wins this weekend. rubio won the republican presidential caucuses in washington, d.c. earning him ten delegates this weekend. ted cruz winning most delegates in wyoming picking up nine of 12 in the state. take a look at the total delegate count today. trump is in the lead with with 460 delegates. cruz, 370. rubio 163 and kasich 63. with over 350 delegates on the line tuesday, will it be make or break for any of the candidates. joining me is carly fiorina, former hewlett packard ceo and a ted cruz supporter. great to see you, thanks for joining us this morning.
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>> good morning thank you for having me. >> i want to begin on what we're watching live. we're waiting on a rally that donald trump is about to lead, of course, we saw what happened yesterday with the violence and the protesters. fights breaking out. what are you thoughts on what's going on in terms of these protesters getting violent to try their hardest to take trump out. >> theese protesters are an organized force they're there specifically to try and shut down the rallies. and to gain media attention. unfortunately, they are succeeding. look they may not like donald trump or what he has to say. they may not like donald trump supporters, but donald trump has a right to be there. they are really abrogating the rallies supporters first
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amendment rights. >> regardless of what side you're on hearing saying trump supporters should be on notice. what does this mean? >> they are always accusing republicans of being intolerant. it's why people are angry and supporting donald trump. look, i'm no donald trump fan. and i think tone is set at the top of a campaign. i don't like donald trump's tone which is i'm why i'm backing ted cruz. he's the only guy who can beat donald trump. on the other hand, move, planned parenthood, black lives matter these are movements that are not interested in a dialogue, not interested in solving problems. they're interested in shutting people down who they don't agree with. >> we're going to keep monitoring this rally where donald trump is expected to speak at and bring our audience any live developments that happen. let's talk about ted cruz. you're supporting ted cruz. i guess one of the issues around
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ted cruz is he hasn't made friends in the senate. people are worried he's not going to get the full scale support that he needs to beat hillary clinton come november. >> well, first of all, ted cruz is the only guy who can beat donald trump. and the only way to beat donald trump is at the ballot box. all the discussion about a brokered convention is absurd. honestly speaking while they're good men and have ran campaigns, marco rubio needs to step aside. even if john kasich were to win ohio on tuesday he has no path. so people need to rally around ted cruz, the party needs to unify behind ted cruz in order to beat donald trump fair and square. secondly, and you know this, i've challenged the system all my life. and guess what? when you challenge the system, you do more than ruffle feathers, you make enemies. he's made enemies because he challenged the system. the system needs to be challenged. in fact, donald trump and
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hillary clinton are the system. they're two sides of the same coin. neither one will reform the system. they've benefitted from the system. the only guy who loses to hillary clinton right now in the polls is donald trump. ted cruz is beating hillary clinton in the polls. so i think the party needs to unify behind senator cruz now. beat donald trump so we can go on and beat hillary clinton. >> i think you make a lot of good points. you said the idea of a brokered convention is absurd. why? some people who would like to see that happen are saying, donald trump is leading right now, but that's 35% of the country. that means 65% of the country doesn't want him. what's wrong with a brokered convention? >> well, then why don't people get behind ted cruz? by the way, the data you just laid out is absolutely right. 65% to 70% of republicans do not want donald trump. go ahead and get ted cruz so we can beat him. imagine, thing about how high passions are running. people are tired of the
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republican staestablishment telg them what to do. they knew who was going to be first in line and who was next and voters said we're rejecting that. they haven't done enough to solve the problems in our lives. with passions running this high. can you imagine going into a convention and a bunch of people going in the back room and say never mind your votes. we'll tell you who is going to be your nominee. that's not going to work. we have to beat donald trump at the ballot box. the only person who can beat him now is ted cruz. he's a conservative. we know his principles. >> you made a lot of good points about cruz really being able to, you know, push up against the system. and that system was like, hillary clinton et cetera. let me ask you about that. on the one hand you could say ted cruz has principles, sticks to them, that's why maybe he has had conflicts in the senate.
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on the other hand we need a unifier. is he going to be the one to bring both sides together? in other words to get things done you need to be able to compromise. >> well, that is true. but having made a lot of deals in my life, maria, you and i have talked about many of these deals. the only way to make a good deal is to be clear about what your principles are. you can put a lot of things in the middle of the table and find common ground. you have to be clear on your principles. that's why i fear a donald trump. as our nominee and as our president. because i don't know what his principles are. he's apparently a good dealmaker, but it's clear he'll make a deal with anyone. it's interesting because dr. carson said he's two people one in private, one in public. i don't want two people. most important decisions that a president makes are made in private. we better know who we're getting. i think we're going to know who we're getting with ted cruz.
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>> by the way, you know, you talk about going into tuesday which is an important day. you've got the primaries of ohio and florida and north carolina among others kwhich we're lookig ahead to illinois, missouri. what are you expecting out of tuesday? >> i think ted cruz will have a good night. ohio and florida are the wrunz that everyone's paying attention to. but i think honestly what's more important on tuesday is not whether ted cruz has a good night. i suspect he will. i think what's important about ted cruz is what do john kasich and marco rubio do do they decide to become statesman and step aside for the good of the party or do they decide to hang in based upon some dream about a brokered convention. that's what i think the real discussion should be on tuesday night. >> any thoughts about hillary
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clinton at this point? it's extraordinary to watch bernie sanders give her this run for her money in so many parts of the country. >> in a way the democratic establishment has made the same mistakes as the republican establishment. they decided it's hillary clinton's turn. a lot of people in the democratic party are saying we're not sure we like her and not excited about her. we have a 74-year-old avowed socialist who is giving hillary clinton a run for her money. people can get all obsessed about what's going on in the republican party. the republican party has fielded some great candidates and the democrat contest is coming down to hillary clinton who we know has lied about so many things and an avowed socialist, it's amazing. >> good to talk with you as always. thanks so much. >> thank you. we appreciate it very much. carly fiorina joining us this
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morning. one of the biggest prizes on tuesday is florida which could prove to be a pivotal moment for its favorite son. we talk about the stakes ahead for marco rubio with one of his state colleagues and supporters. you can follow us on twitter, stay with us as we look ahead on sunday mort futures. y futures a we look ahead on sound morning futures. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there.
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welcome back. senator marco rubio had a washington, d.c. victory focusing on his home turf in florida. he may have his work cut-out for him. according to a brand-new poll
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he's trailing donald trump by 21 points. rubio is staking big hopes on the sunshine state which could prove tube critical turning point in the race for the gop nomination. >> i'm telling you, florida, we win here, it will send a clear message we're not going to allow the republican party and the conservative movement to be hijacked by people that are neither republican nor conservative. >> and let's talk about it with north carolina senator thom tillis who is a marco rubio supporter ahead of the north carolina primary on tuesday. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. marco rubio had a victory and picked up certainly the most delegates on saturday night. that was a big positive. that going enough to actually move the needle on his chances? >> i think tuesday is a very important race here in north carolina. we have a proportional primary but his focus on florida is critically important and i think that if marco is able to do well in florida and trump is unable to win ohio then it will continue to provide an opportunity for marco to get the
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nomination. >> let's talk about the proportional primary in north carolina. i want to get the florida in a moment. what do you think voters want to see and your constituents in north carolina want to see in their next president? >> well, i think they want to see somebody who has demonstrated an ability to get things done. it's great to talk about the what. everybody knows what we need to do. marco is the only one in the race right now who has a legislative track record that i think is consistent with where we want to take nation. he's done a great job since he's been in the senate. he did a great job in the state legislature as speaker. the more we're able to focus on his ability to get things done, not just talk about what needs done, but getting it done is very important. that's why i liked the debate the other night i thought marco did a good job of getting his message out. >> why do you think he hasn't resonated more so and isn't higher in the leaderboard today >> it's the way this debate has
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played out and mr. trump has set the stage and it was all more entertainment than it was policy focused discussion and dialogue. i think if we have a good showing this week and we continue this trend of having substantive debates, no name calling, no circus acts but real discussion about the issues, that's where marco shines and i think that if we get out out of florida with a good result that we get proportional delegates here in north carolina, i'm working hard for marco in north carolina, encouraging people to vote for him. ohio denies a trump win it's a completely different environment comes wednesday next week. >> let me ask you about what we're seeing this weekend, senator, because of course we had violence break out at a trump rally yesterday and now we're going to show you these live pictures. we're awaiting on this trump rally that will be happening today in about 45 minutes. and we're waiting for donald trump to come out. we understand that there are
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more protesters outside of this event as well. and, you know, the co-chairman of the aclu, colorado springs chapter on the board of the state chapter is tweeting out hate saying this is the final solution if you're voting for trump i'll have to shoot you before election day. basically threatening any supporters of trump. then you got saying any supporters of trump as well as trump should now know you're on notice. what do you make of this? >> i've been the target of these sorts of organized protests literally embedded paid protesters. now i want to back up and say that some of what has led to this in this presidential cycle, with some of the rhetoric of mr. trump so, he owns some responsibility for it. but microsoft of the responsibility rests on these folks who are trying to deny first amendment rights. some people are getting paid, part of a money machine that like made for tv protests. they get covered by the liberal media.
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it's a disgrace they would do this. why don't they go to rallies for sand earns clinton and stand for something versus stand against us and prevent the candidates from actually getting their message out. they are part of the problem. >> look, we're watching this play out in real-time. it is actually quite extraordinary. let me ask you about this push from some people out there who are saying clearly when you look at the math it's donald trump, it's ted cruz. and the rest of the field needs to get out of the way, that means marco rubio, that means john kasich and support one of these guys to narrow the situation and if you really want to take trump down marco rubio needs to support ted cruz. >> well, i mean that's the obvious rhetoric you would play if you wanted to be the winner of the primary. i'm sure marco would like mr. trump and ted cruz to get out and he can go right to the convention. it's the typical tactics no one else can win. i've had it said about me.
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i had it said back in 2014 race when i won the senate. we have a process in place where you have to get 1237 delegates. if you don't get that. we have another process in place in a contested convention. this back room deal rhetoric is just that, it's rhetoric. we go the convention. cast delegates. and then the majority of the convention will choose. if the majority of the voters before the convention can't make up their mind and that's what we're seeing right now. >> has this backlash from the establishment actually helped trump? >> well, i think that donald trump -- one thing i'll give him credit for is engaging people who haven't gotten involved in primaries. i don't know it's so much of a backlash. it's more a reaction to the rhetoric i hope settles down so we can get a substantive discussion. >> senator, thanks so much for joining us. we so appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you and go tar heels. >> senator thom tillis.
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join me tomorrow we'll continue to talk about this gop backlash against donald trump when i speak with house majority leader kevin mccarthy will be my guest tomorrow. we'll talk 2016 and this establishment republican move to stop a trump nomination. that's tomorrow morning on the fox business network kicks off at 6:00 a.m. eastern. check your local listings. up next negative advertising. will it succeed in derailing the runway trump train. fred luntz joins me next on "sunday morning futures." ed lun "sunday morning futures." (avo) my name is pamela and i've been making
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welcome back. republican candidates blitz the sunshine state with ads ahead of the critical winner take all primary on tuesday. it's becoming a mud slinging battle. last week alone p.a.c.s supporting marco rubio spent $2 million on anti-trump ads while donald trump is spending millions on negative advertising against rubio. how will it impact florida voters? fred luntz, good to see you. thanks so much for joining us. you've been doing more focus groups. tell me where you are. give me a status check. >> what i learned there's doubts about all four candidates and intensity for all four candidates. people are responding to the debates. they still are. the ads don't have the same kind of impact. the thing the public is looking for. one, accountability. do you say what you mean and mean what you say. number two, can you deliver results. and number three, are you
12:25 pm
authentic, are you genuine. that's where the ads fail. they come across as faked, manufactured. when you have the real life candidates they are much more impactful than ads. >> let's talk about some ads that are striking that are not working. which one do you want to lead. >> you got one in particular i want to show which is donald trump's language. you and i may find it offense but to get somebody to change their vote from trump to anybody else it doesn't work. >> i went to an ivy league school. i'm very highly educated. i know words. he gets the nomination they are going to sue his [ bleep ] they are ripping the [ bleep ] out of the sea. what the hell are we doing. i have the best words. you can tell them go [ bleep ] themselves. >> okay.
12:26 pm
so i want to ask you -- >> there's a lot there, frank. >> help me what were those words they were bleeping out. >> i don't know if you can spell it. that's a half million dollar fine. my job is done. this is the problem is that they look at him, i don't care what he says. they care his intensity, they care about his passion. a trump voter looks at that -- what the hell. i believe that's a rubio ad or rubio p.a.c. ad and that's the problem they are not using language and messaging that connects to people. strategy should have been trump supporter. if you want to beat donald trump the only way you beat him with a trump supporter to said i still support donald trump but there's another candidate that can do what donald trump wants to get done. that's the strategy.
12:27 pm
>> up until now i feel like people have not been interested in the specifics, they just apartment tough guy out there who will fight for america and make them feel like they got somebody who has their back. >> and the far right, the most conservative are ideological and they are backing ted cruz. by the way what i don't understand ted cruz has a lot of delegates. he's only 100 delegates behind trump. but no one talks about that. the assumption is that trump is so far ahead. donald trump does best amongst independent voters. they are backing him not for where he stands they are backing him for how he stands it. >> i want to talk about the independent voter. mathematically trump can't win the general election because he can't get the hispanic vote. but the other thing he could offset that by bringing in all these independents that were not voting in a republican -- were not voting republican before. >> which scares the hell out of senate republicans. donald trump will bring people to him that are democrats,
12:28 pm
voting for him because he has a blue collar feel to him. but won't vote republican for the senate or house. donald trump could be responsible for losing the senate and the house. people who vote for him will vote against these republican incumbents. this is not checkers. this is not even chess. this is three-dimensional and too many people commentating on this that aren't looking at the actual priorities of the voters themselves. >> going into florida, missouri on tuesday all of these important states, ohio, what are you expectations. >> my expectations rubio always performs 3% or 4% above the polls but it's not enough. i don't think he wins florida. in ohio i think john kasich a late night there. i think it will be even. only way to stop donald trump at this point is to beat him in ohio or florida. ohio is more likely at this point. >> we'll leave it there. >> by the way the chaos has only just begun. >> we're watching it play out. >> even on this show.
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>> as we wait for trump to come out of this rally where we're expecting protesters once again. up next a 3-year-old girl the latest victim of isis and hundreds more injured in chemical attacks in iraq. general jack keane is up next on what this means on the fight against isis. you're watching "sunday morning futures". next on what this means on the fight against isis. you're watching "sunday morning futures". at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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