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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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rallies?" that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us and hope you have a great night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. [crowd booing] >> the far left stalking donald trump and his supporters trying to provoke violence. helping them out. we will explain it all in the talking points memo. >> you will not call for ratcheting back the rhetoric? you will not call for it? >> i'm just expressing my opinion. >> should mr. trump dial back some of his confrontational verbiage? charles krauthammer on that. >> why do you like bernie? >> is he a great congressman. >> is he a senator. >> hmmm. [crickets chirping] >> watters on whether the folks know anything about what's happening in the political arena. >> if liberals are so creative why can't obama create jobs. >> that may be the best
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question you have asked all day. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. donald trump and violence. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. one of the biggest political stories in years unfolded in=% chicago friday night as hundreds of left wing protesters manage to shut down donald trump's rally at the university of illinois, chicago. but if you were monitoring the national media coverage of the fracas, you did not, did not get the entire story. which is grossly unfair to you and an insult to journalism. here's what really happened. one week ago on monday, march 7th, about 180 university faculty and staff sent a letter to the university chancellor expressing concern about the trump rally from a liberal
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point of view. the same day, the far left website move partially funded by radical george soros posted a petition opposing the trump rally in chicago. all throughout the week, far left people ramped up the campaign to deny donald trump the chicago forum. thus, on friday, it was noo= surprise that disrupted protesters entered the university peaceful -- peaceful pavilion to shut trump down. i ask you who is at fault? who prey voked the incident? the answer is obvious far left agitators who do not believe in freedom of speech and drove a situation that could have become violent. there is no question about it. mr. trump was right to cancel the convenient because people misk might have been hurt. the national media almost immediately spun the story, demonizing donald trump and his supporters, blaming the incident on inflammatory rhetoric and racist thought.
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in the process the press ignored the move-on component. essentially condoning a flat out assault on freedom of speech. now, there is evidence that some trump supporters are angry, undisciplined people. some violent. that's true some supporters of bernie sanders are angry and undisciplined. here is an interesting footnote. the radical group black lives matter actually shut down a sanders rally last august. so, there is a trend. radical leftist believing they can disrupt political events at will. talking points applauds honest dissent. if you don't like donald trump, stand outside his events peacefully. make a little sign. chant whatever you want as long as it's not threatening, opposition to donald trump is not the issue here. true fascism is. we have seen some anti-trump people useúj the fascist salute while taunting trump supporters. but here's a very simple question. shutting down opposing points of view is totalitarian, right?
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so some of the very people accusing trump supporters of being fascist are really practicing that terrible philosophy themselves. or am i wrong? now, for the political implications of the chicago story. basically, trump is taking heat from both sides. >> first of all, the protesters were in the wrong. when you come up and you use violence, you engage in violence, you threaten violence. and when you try to shut down and shout down speech, that's not what the first amendment allows. it is not beneficial when you have a candidate like donald trump who is telling his protesters punch that guy in the face. >> it's clear that donald trump is running a very cynical campaign pittingu groups of americans against one another. he is trafficking in hate and fear. >> so what's the real truth about mr. trump himself? well, he has said some
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provocative things when protesters have interrupted his speeches. that's okay for a businessman to do. but not for a potential president. donald trump must make a transition now from trying to get there to actually being there.k[ v in the beginning of the campaign his flamboyant rhetoric got him attention and support. now he is a very viable presidential contender. thus, his presentation carries much more weight. there is some irony here that the far left protesters in chicago are actually helping trump, rather than hurting him. he, again, dominated the news cycle this weekend and by shutting down his event, his support grew in some places. because the trump haters are so extreme. don't believe(a me? listen to this sound bite from a former ohio state senator. >> mr. trump continues to amp up folks in a way that is unbecoming of this country. but i know that we are quick to point the finger at him, but let us not forget that in the d.n.a. of this country,
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chris is, racism. this country was founded on racism and sexism, point blank. and we need to admit that. >> no, we do not need to admit that pause it is simplistic, insulting and ridiculous. those who support donald trump loathe people like nina turner who you just saw. and the more she and others demonize trump, the stronger his support gets in some precincts. but, again, if you are going to be president, you cannot load up on inflammatory statements and that is being seized upon by mr. trump's republican opponents. >> some of these protesters that you saw in chicago apparently -- obviously were organized, maybe even paid to disrupt an event. i'm not excusing their behavior. this is not just the protesters in chicago. where people are assaulted and beat up. where a guy gets sucker punched by one of the trump supporters.scmj4(p&c@ instead of condemning it trump is silent. >> i don't accept responsibility. i do not condone violence in any shape, and i will tell
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tell i from what i saw the young man stuck his finger up in the air and the other man sort of just had it. but i still -- i don't condone violence. >> now, if donald trump wins ohio tomorrow, he wins the nomination. that's how close is he to running against hillary clinton for the presidency. by winning the republican nod, -- but winning the republican nod, i should say, is far different than winning the general election where mr. trump is going to have to persuade about 65 million americans to vote for him. a significant challenge. it is a forgone conclusion that minority voters in america will be very skeptical about donald trump. he have trouble in states like california, illinois and even here in new york which have a lot of electoral votes. in addition, some republicans who don't like trump will stay home, and the press, as we have seen in the chicago case, will not cover the trump campaign fairly. they will come after him with everything they>] have.
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this election here is unlike any i have ever seen. things could easily get out of control. donald trump is an intelligent man. but he is in unfamiliar waters. he has never been through anything like this before. he would be wise to tone it down a bit. to fully explain his positions to. hire advisors to ho can articulate his vision. and to conduct himself with restraint. mr. trump has to overcome big odds to win the white house. it can be done as mrs. clinton has her own challenges. but a tone adjustment will have to be made. that's the memo. next on the rundown, we will have the inside story of that trump rally friday night from guys who were there. and then charles krauthammer has some thoughts about the has some thoughts about the press, trump, and violence.
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of paragraph in the impact segment tonight, if you missed many coverage of the trump event. two of the reporters on the scene for us jeff flock from the fox business network in youngstown tonight and from florida john roberts. john, first of all, did i make any mistakes in my talking points about the provocations that you saw in chicago? >> in a word, no, bill. you know, move had tried to get a petition signed. they were looking for 70-something thousand signatures to try to shut that rally down. coalition of faculty at the university of illinois and chicago also trying to shut it down. and then there were various groups inside, whether they be student groups or just people who decidedn want to do come to try to either protest or disrupt the rally. so, i think you were 100 percent on in all your points, bill. >> now, when you got inside the pavilion, all right, when you and your crew arrived to cover the event, what did you initially
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what struck you as you walked. >> in it started before that i had flown from missouri to chicago on donald trump's plane. he took one route to do some business and we took another route to go to the event. couple blocks were closed by police. as we ran a couple blocks to getcl inside. lines of people trying to get into the event to try to get into the building and across the street was a large group of protesters. once we got inside there t. was fairly energetic and electric environment as you knew there was a lot of trump supporters there. you also knew there was were a lot of protesters who manage to do get inside. chicago has a long and rich history of political protests and people decided they want to do come and make their voice heard and also try to take away donald trump's freedom of speech rights to hold this rally. >> how did you know that? how did you know the protesters inside trump wasn't on stage. how did you as a reporter know that they were in there to disrupt? maybe they were just in there to listen. >> there were a number of people, bill, who were taken
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out before the announcement was made. and i think that's the reason why donald trump decided not to make it. >> why were they taken out, john? what were they doing that got them ejected? >> pause it was clear, bill that there were some people in there who were there to protest. and they interacted with some trump supporters. trump supporters identified a few people, whether it was what they were wearing in terms of clothing or signs that they might have had with them. they just, you know, there is a little bit of back and forth and the police didn't want it to get out of happened. those people were removed before anything, you know, came to fruition. but i think you can make an argument that,iz)qñ yeah, perhas donald trump decided that there was a potential for violencek there. was there was also a potential, bill, with so many hundreds if not thousands of protesters in that building he wasn't going to be able to get a word in edgewise and probably why they made the decision. >> right. if that was intent to drown him out. when you talk to some these
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people, the protesters, did they openly admit they don't believe in freedom of speech, they just want to shut down trump because they don't like him? >> they didn't admit therapy opposed -- they were opposed to donald trump's freedom of speech. they just didn't like his freedom of speech. one fellow trying to walk around a -- i asked her to please stop obscenities on national television. give me a moment i will talk to you. why do youet want to protest? when i eventually got to her she gave me her name and i said why are you protesting? she said i don't want to say. she couldn't come up with a reason. some of the other people who were there to protest cited jhp &c@ reason why they were there. i thought it was particularly ironic this young woman walking around shouting obscenities, trying to cause some disruption and some distraction yet, would not give me a reason why she was there you would think if she had the conviction to be there she would be able to tell me why. >> give you a reason why she
8:16 pm
is taking the time. let's go to jeff flock in ohio. jeff, when you talk to the trump supporters, the trump people, john handled the protest for us. let's get to the other side. were they egg nilgt any kind of violence were they pushing the protesters arranged or anything like that? did you see that? >> after the event was cancelled, there was a lot of conflict. these people were very upset. they had come a long way. they stood in line for hours. they want to do see donald trump and they felt that these people had kept them from dog that. so there was a lot of back and forth. although i would point out most of this was nonviolent. we are focusing on the pictures that were violent. on the outside, i would also add that there were a lot of protesters in the crowd that -- i talked to republicans, two republican, you know, kind of soccer moms in the crowd who said i'm a staunch republican but i don't like his hate speech. i don't want him representing my party. that's why i'm here. but they were conducting a
8:17 pm
very reasoned protest. they were carrying a sign but they weren't chanting. they weren't trying to cause any trouble. they want to do make their view known. >> but before the announcement of the cancellation, what i'm trying to get at here is my hypothesis is that this was a contrived plan to just shut down trump and his supporters. but the media covered it in a way that said,vç look, trump supporters are thugs, and they are looking for trouble did. you see any of that? >> >> no. i think there were certainly people on the inside that were more agitating. the protest that had been organized was supposed to be a nonviolent protest. they want to do go in there and chant. they want to do disrupt in some fashion. and there was a larger group of them that at any previous protest. i mean, protesters had been ejected from previous rallies. well, this one they will they realized they were never going to be able to eject them all. >> that's because move on
8:18 pm
and some of the other far left websites got involved and they planned it out and they directed people. in that's what happened. and that's what they did. >> only a matter of time before that happened, exactly. they finally estimatenned up and said hey, if it's one we're going to get thrown out. if it's 100 never get all of us out of here. >> gentlemen, thankh-9÷ you. i want to point out i was in los angeles over the weekend and reading the "l.a. times." no mention of move on. no mention of an organized drive to stop donald trump from speaking. none of that it was all trump, trump, trump, trump. his fault. directly ahead, charles krauthammer has some thoughts on the violence surrounding mr. trump. and later watters world.'tqtz aw what issues are in play during the primary season, during the primary season, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips!
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>> what we don't have time for is all that petty, punk ass little thuggery stuff that's been going on with these quote, unquote, protesters who are doing nothing but wasting your time and trying to take away your first amendment rights, your rights to assemble peacefully. and the media, being on the thug side, what the heck are you guys thinking, media? >> sarah palin today addressing the situation and in the personal story segment tonight. let's bring in charles krauthammer from washington who has been listen to our analysis of the trump violence situation. and you say? >> well, it's refreshing to hear sarah palin. it's that kind of reasoned, calm, you know, rhetoric, political rhetoric that we really need in this country and it's so welcomed when we can hear it from her. look, i thought your talking
8:23 pm
points are on point but there are two separate issues here. d@eát is what happened in. chicago. that was the far left using a time-honored tactic that they used in the 30's and the 40's. the fascists and the communists, which is to shut down the opposition and not allow them to speak. that's what they have been doing for 70 years. and they do it here. and it's not new to the presidential campaign. this is what's been going on on campus. as you and others have reported, having nothing to do with the presidency. for months and months, we see that speakers are shut down, people are intimidated. we have the university of missouri journalism professor calling for muscle, to actually physically assault the press. this is old stuff that you8ñ get on the far left and the far right. that's -- and there is no defending it and i don't think that you blame the
8:24 pm
victim in this case, trump and his supporters. >> that's what the media did. >> that's fine. media. >> did you notice that though? because i'm sitting there in l.a. i'm reading the "l.a. times." i'm reading the "new york times,." i'm switching around. all i'm getting is trump is a fascist. trump is a racist. it's all trump's fault. did you see any kind of subtle at this in the reportage? did i miss it. >> unlike you, bill, i watch "the fox report" by john roberts which i thought was sterling. and then i went on with the rest of my life the television. i didn't stay up all night watching all the coverage. i also think the media aren't running for the presidency. donald trump is running for the presidency. and that's the other story. it's totally separate story, unconnected with chicago. but it is a serious and worrying story. this is a presidential candidate whojn addresses a crowd and says of a protester in the old did is we would be carrying him out
8:25 pm
on a stretcher, meaning he would be so thoroughly beaten up he wouldn't be able to walk. this is a guy who says of another protester to a crowd i would like it punch him in the face. this is after a candidate who punched in the face, we have all seen in the video, sucker punch to do a guy not attacking anyone. he was making a rude gesture. that is not allowable. he was escorted away as he should be. but it is not an offense which earns a assault. the guy who hit him is being charged with a physical assault. what did trump say in response? he never condemned him. he did say i don't condone violence in the abstract. but speaking of this man, he said well, he was at the end of his tether and then he said is he obviously a man who loves his country. what is obvious about the love of country of a phi who
8:26 pm
hits a guy in the face and sucker punched and then says on television you have seen it and i have seen it this is the guy who delivered the punch who says the next time we see this guy we may have to kill him. you are the candidate and you don't condemn him. come on, have you letting trump off the hook on this. >> i'm not. i said he has to readjust his rhetoric. >> come on, bill. readjust the rhetoric? what kind of weaselly words are those readjust the rhetoric? >> i'm trying to deal with this in@g fair and balanced way, all right? i think we are going to remove the word weaselly from that. >> it's not enough. the point i'm trying to make. >> and you made it very well -- i'm not going to rebut the point. i'm going to aloom nate the illuminate the point. trump speaks in emotional manner. he doesn't have notes. he is not going in there with a speech and says beat
8:27 pm
up protesters. he speaks like this bang, bang, bang. and he doesn't have a filter. he doesn't sensor himself. he doesn't think sometimes before he speaks. that's what a billionaire businessman has done his whole life. he hasn't made the transition as i>s pointed out. he hasn't understood that his words now carry and can carry threats. he doesn't seem to have gotten that all right? and i hope he does. if he doesn't, is he not going to win the presidency. i said that quite clearly. he has got to moderate. i'm not going to sit here and say that donald trump is responsible for what happened in chicago. >> that's not what i said. >> or responsible for the guy coal cocking the protester. is he not responsible. >> but is he responsible for condemning it. >> yes. and i would have done that. >> and he didn't do that. >> he never admits a mistake. trump very rarely admits a mistake. >> that's no excuse. >> i'm not saying why. i'm just giving you the explanation. it's not an excuse. >> how hard is it to make the transition to be able to
8:28 pm
say when you see that kind of assault i condemn it? and not to say it's obvious that man is a patriot. your point is well taken. trumpwc" in this rhetorical area at all. he does it to jazz up his crowd. he doesn't need to do it anymore. they are already jazzed. and that's what i'm trying to get across. look. you analyze it. i think your analysis was fair. there wasn't anything that you said that wasn't fair tonight. however, it's not a contrived thing on the part they are north going to bernie sanders' rallies trying to shut down bernie. so the larger, more dangerous story is that the doorstep of the far left, which the press ignores entirely. last word. >> bill, the only point i'm making is that there are two stories. one is the aggressive, anti-con constitutional threat on the left which we have seen on campus for a long time.
8:29 pm
and now showing itself in the presidential campaign. it's not new. the other story is a presidential candidate just, you know, he is a whisker away from being the nominee of the republican party who will not condemn what you and i agree obviously has to be condemned. >> all right. very good debate. >> two stories and they are both important stories. >> very good debate, charles. thank you, as always. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. stated if donald trump wins ohio tomorrow he has the republican nominationuh locked. brit hume has some analysis this evening for us. watters world, the political edition. >> i'm going to hold some pictures up, you can tell me what you think of these clowns, okay? >> ted. >> ted bear. >> teddy bear? >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me
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factor follow-up segment tonight, the wowngedded warrior project. the two men running the organization were force to do resign after media reports saying the charity spent too much money on frivolous things. the wounded warrior operation advertises here on fox news and other big time media and in the year 2014 raised a $342 million so. this is no small thing. the charity has now installed new leadership headed by captain anthony on the other hand or ordierno.
8:34 pm
>> you saw the audit. what upset you? >> after the allegations were raised, we obtained advisors to conduct an independent review. earlier this week we received an orel briefing of the findings. what it showed is that 80% did did go to programs. 80% of our spending did go to programs. >> for the vets? >> for the vets. some of the other things that were brought up, that 26 million went to staff conferences. the audit showed that 94% of that were about 24.5 million went to direct program expenses and not]staff conferences. there was also some allegations that -- of excessive spending on travel and plane tickets. over 99% of the plane tickets were in accordance.
8:35 pm
>> why were the two top guys fired? >> this was a very thorough review and it encompassed allegations -- allegations encompassed more than just the financial piece. we reviewed policies. we reviewed some cultural aspects. after we received the briefing in totality of all the circumstances and what we were presented with, the board felt that a change was necessary. >> but i'm still murky on why a change was necessary. if you are saying that the money was not abused and nobody stole the money, right? there is no indication of anybody stealing it. >> correct. >> why would you let these two guys go because as you know they worked hard for the charity. >> they have. >> whether it was the right thing or not, i don't know. you felt there was something there. you say the culture. what was the culture? you had 40 people i understand saying that these guys should leave. is that an accurate figure? about 40 people? that's what cbs is putting out there. >> that's correct. >> why? what were they doing?
8:36 pm
>> we,v as part of this review, our advisors had conversations with -- >> -- tell me why. come on, captain. let's cut to the chase. what were they doing, these two individuals, who you fired, that disturbed you? >> the review brought up -- we looked at judgment decisions that were made. we looked at the cultural aspects. those were all part of the briefings. >> which i don't know what the cultural aspects are. >> and based on the findings, we felt as a board that a that i think was necessary. >> okay. but i don't know what cultural things are. give me an example. what does that mean? >> i'm not going to go into. >> why not? >> exact details. >> don't you owe it to the folks? do you know how many people give money. watch the fox news channel? don't you owe it to them to tell why these guys are out? >> they are out because we felt it was the right decision for the organization as a board. they should know that this organization has a tremendous impact and we have over 20 programs and services that serve wounded warriors, caregivers. >> i know that and you know
8:37 pm
that i have been a supporter of wounded warriors. >> thank you very much. >> it's okay. but you are still not telling me why they are out. i will give you one more chance. think about the millions of people watching you right now. these are not people with a lot of money. they are giving you money every month. >> right. >> why are these -- >> -- continue to do so because this is a great organization and the board is acting in the best interest of the organization and this is what we felt -- we felt a change was necessary to get17 the focus back on programs and serving and doing what we do. >> now, obviously the captain, who is a hero did, not want to explain the inner workings of his charity so all i can tell is you this. captain odierno is an honest man. the new leadership seems solid to me. ultimately you guys are going to have to decide about the wounded warrior project. but it does do a lot of good. i can tell you that it does do a lot of good. letter, we will have the tip of the day on the independence fund charity which i have raised an enormous amount of money for. and when we come right back
8:38 pm
now, what happens if donald trump loses ohio? brit hume on that. and watters asking the folks about politics. moments away. americans... ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the hume zone segment tonight, there are a bunch of new polls out. we are not going it give them to you because the polling has been very shaky lately. tomorrow there are votes in florida, ohio, illinois, missouri, and north carolina. donald trump wins florida and ohio, he has got it, it's over. but what happens if he ohio to john kasich? with us now here in new york city warming up for tomorrow's election coverage brit hume. yeah, so that's what everybody -- it looks florida is going to go to trump. you agree with that right? >> that's -- there is not a single poll that shows. >> give it to rubio. he has visited every home. >> we had that result in michigan last week on the democratic side. >> that's what is he hoping for. >> thinking somebody who is 20 points down could win. >> i know florida pretty well. i can't see trump losing there. in ohio, the fox news poll has kasich ahead. another couple polls do as well. let's assume that trump doesn't win ohio.
8:43 pm
and then illinois doesn't do that well either. which is possible. then what happens? >> well, you have got to think about the other states and how well he might do in those. >> north carolina he will do well. >> yes, i think so. but north carolina is professional. so the delegates will be scattered all over the place. he may win the most but it won't be that big of deal. the big ones is florida. that's 99 delegates. ohio only has 66. if he wins one, florida, not the other, he is still 33 delegates to the good against the field. and, of course, you know, you have got to figure the others will] get something in north carolina. but, illinois and. >> missouri,. >> come out that's 121 tellings there. >> that's not winner-take-all. >> it's basically winner-take-all. if he does really well in thoseéf m two states lions share of the what happens, bill, we go forward hereew ñ and trump continues to gain delegates on his competitors, what
8:44 pm
happens is that they then have to -- in order for him not to win, they have to get an ever larger share of the >> right. >> so the odds lengthen against them. that does not mean, however, by the time he gets to the convention, you know, he will have the 1237 necessary. >> okay. so, you figure rubio is gone then if he loses kasich, if he lazarus ohio is gone. >> i would agree. >> but if he wins he stays. >> he survives. >> but is he not going to drop out. >> no, i would think he would continue to go on. he will claim momentum. remember, is he winning his home state where is he very popular. if is he a serious candidate, he should win his state. and he should win it easily. >> even if he wins his state, he is still going to be way behind in delegates with no chance of getting another delegates to win the nomination. >> outright. >> so you have got to keep your eye on how many cruz picks up although he is not favored to win any of the states. >> that's true disme could do all right. at this point though, the
8:45 pm
republican party, they are trying to hope for rubio, magically winning florida. that's, i guess, the hope. >> what they're hoping for now, i think, one way or prevented from carrying -- ising enough delegates to win it outright. >> yeah. and then it goes to the convention and has to be÷ settled there and then they have to figure out then what to do. >> if he comes in with real big delegate lead. >> this is a problem. let's assume just for the sake of discussion, bill, that he falls short but he has still got the lion's share of the delegates. that means the convention hall will have a large plurality of trump supporters. and the rest of the republican party gets together and gives it to somebody else, probably one of the candidates now run rg, possibly cruz. how are the trump delegates going to react to that? >> not well. >> how are the people who have been voting for him all along going to react to that in the fall. >> not well. >> you look at in any way you can, you cannot think of a way this turns out well for the republicans unless of course trump wins and
8:46 pm
wins everybody over between now and then and learns all the issues and does all the things we haven't seen him do. >> he has to win 65% of the votes. >> fnc election return programming begins at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. watters on deck. how much do the folks really know about politics and the presidential race? we will find out next. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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8:48 pm
8:49 pm
back of the book segment tonight, watters world. for the last 8 months or so, watters has been roaming around the u.s. asking the folks about politics. so tonight, justht before the big vote tomorrow, we felt you might want to catch up. ♪ ♪
8:50 pm
>> why do you like bernie? >> is he a great congressman. >> is he a senator. >> hmmm. [crickets chirping] >> he seems to have a lot of integrity, more so than senator clinton. >> that's not saying much. >> what policies do you support of bernie sanders? >> that's so that's so hard to, pinpoint. >> here we go again. >> i think my favorite of his would probably be his health care policy. if you think health care is expensive now, wait until it's free. >> i really like his redistribution of wealth policy. >> reporter: how's bernie going to accomplish all of these redistributed schemes? >> making it more efficient and not losing any -- ♪ >> i think bernie sanders provides, like, the most opportunities for underrepresented people, especially queer people. >> reporter: you're not allowed to say queer, that's offensive.
8:51 pm
>> i am queer, so -- >> reporter: oh. >> remarkable. >> reporter: why do you guys think artists lean more to the left politically? >> artists are about truth. >> because they're grounded in critical thinking. >> if liberals are so creative, why can't obama create jobs? >> that may be the best question you've asked all day. ♪ >> reporter: if the left is to good at critical thinking, why have they made such a mess of the economy? >> they haven't. >> reporter: what should we do about isis? >> maybe meditate. >> reporter: what do you think we should do with these syrian refug refugees? i would invite refugees to stay at my house for sure. >> reporter: i'm staying clear of your house. >> i think any perceived threat from syrian refugees is like worrying about sharks in the ocean. >> reporter: what if you get bit by a shark? what does this piece represent to you? >> minimalism. >> reporter: well, this is obama's red line in syria.
8:52 pm
>> oh. >> reporter: how would you fight the war on terrorism? our enemy right now. >> enemy is a negative word. putting that out there is perpetuating more negativity. >> i think the worst thing to do when someone is trying to pick a fight with you is start to yell back at them. >> reporter: so we should be nicer to the terrorists? >> that's probably your last question due to how ridiculous that is. >> i'm going to hold up some pictures of some of these guys. you tell me your opinion of them, okay? >> eric holder. >> reporter: i'll hold it up higher. >> seems like a pretty smart dude. >> reporter: because he has glasses? >> yeah. >> wouldn't get a guy with glasses, would you? >> i think he's going to do an amazing job. >> reporter: do you have your green card? >> yes. >> reporter: trump might deport you. what do you think we should do with illegal aliens? can they stay at your house? >> definitely, party at my
8:53 pm
house. >> hi. >> hi. >> i don't know. he looks like he wears makeup. >> ted -- teddy bear? >> nope. >> reporter: you know what the tea party is? >> something british? >> it's been years since i took that class. >> reporter: which class? >> social studies. >> reporter: marco -- >> marco polo. >> babe ruth. >> marco rubio is one of the candidates actually answering the questions with substance. >> reporter: you know who i am? >> no. >> reporter: i'm watters and this is my world right here. >> like a prank show? >> reporter: no. >> seems like it. >> he makes friends everywhere he goes. on thursday watters will have a brand new political story which you are going to find hard to believe. "factor" tip of the day, whabt our charity the independence fund? raised close to $30 million for severely wounded vets. is it on the up and up?
8:54 pm
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"factor" tip of the day, evaluating the charity that gets high-tech wheelchairses to wounded vets in a moment. first, ticket sales for the "who wants to be president" show skyrock skyrocketing. we'll see everybody in fairfax, virginia, june 18th saturday before father's day. a special matinee in connecticut because the e krvening show is d out. make dad and grand dad happy. show is a blast. our first appearance in europe. then reno and denver, colorado, in september. atlanta, bloiloxi, mississippi,n october. atlanta, 50% sold out after two days. got to move it on there if you want to see miller and i. details -- miller and me. details on billo' will link you to the box office. now to mail. clearwater, florida, you're
8:57 pm
right, bill, president obama is a source of anger among some republicans. some conservatives are taking it out on the establishment because they didn't do enough to stop him. captain george white, hansfield, alabama, andrea tantaros showed you up, o'reilly. you told her analysts could be fair and still support a candidate. why don't you tell her who you support? never do for whom i vote. my policy. sally, california, o'reilly, i watched you say how wrong it was for rubio to attack trump. please let me know when i can hear you say the same thing about trump a tttackattacks. i did not say this senator was wrong. said his strategy did not help him. also explained the difference between rubio and trump as far as the public is concerned. joe, atlanta, bill, your dismissal of bernie sanders is fair due to the numbers but unbecoming because you belittle him. no, i don't, joe. in fact, i said over and over the senator has waged a strong campaign. i it to belittle socialism so maybe that's why you're confused. david hernandez, long beach,
8:58 pm
california, mr. o., i've watched you ten years and notice you're committed to being objective and i appreciate that. i appreciate you noticing that, dave. sometimes i have to advocate for things like kate's law. other times i put forth both sides but it's all fact based. michael may, lawrenceville, georgia. just renewed my billo' membership for the eighth year. love the website and kmem teyou commentary. i hope you're even joying the great discounts you get on all our stuff. edward sweeney, essex, o'reilly, booked two vip ticketses to see you and miller in london. a lovely present for my granddaughter. we'll put on a lively show for you guys, ed. everyone will get tea. looking forward to going over to london. janay, just finished kt killing reagan" best book i've ever read. happy birthday to edna in cona,
8:59 pm
hawaii, if you're going to live to be 100, it's a great place to be. factor" tip of the day, i checked in with the folks as you may know. raised $30 million to secure high-tech wheelchairs for severely wounded vets. 1,432 chairs have been given to the wounded, cost $16,000 each. another 1,500 chairs are in the process of being made and distributed. there are very few expenses associated with this charity. your donations go right to helping wounded vets achieve a measure of independence. that's why it's called independence fund. it's really a life-changing situation for americans who have suffered so much. "factor" tip of the day. we're keeping an eye on it for you, keeping a close eye. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website different from name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, to not be
9:00 pm
fatuous when writing to "the factor." we'll be off tomorrow. election coverage. miss megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. re.ase remember, the spin stops we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. less than ten hours to go before the polls open on perhaps the most important day of the presidential campaign to date. and the race is taking an increasingly ughingly and chaotic turn. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. have witnessed a surge of angry confrontations on the campaign trail. many of which have centered in and around rallies for donald trump. his events are hardly the only ones that have been disrupted but are the most high profile and witnessed more of them today at at least two campaign stops. but