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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 15, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: how did you feel about that? martha: we have been through two hour. we are ready for tonight. we'll do exit polls in these state. bill: big night. see you tonight. martha: have a good day. [♪] jon: sometime we call it super tuesday 2. in five state voter are head together state in key primary that could be a game changer for the white house. i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in
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for jenna scott. 367 delegates up for grabs for the republicans and 691 for the democrats. marco rubio and john kasich hoping victories in their home states will keep their campaigns alive. jon: we start with john roberts in miami. reporter: the big question is will donald trump win the sun shine state or could marco rubio stage a big come-from-behind victory to keep his campaign hopes alive. saturation coverage from one end of the state to the other the past week. but the problem for rubio is the polls are 2409 in his -- the
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polls are not in his favor and a loss here in his home state would torpedo his run. reporter: are you going to keep going even if you lose here. >> we'll be in utah with momentum and the wind at our back or we'll be in utah after a disappointing loss. we are going to continue to push. reporter: donald trump could have a big day today. he leads in four states going into the voting. he's tied up in ohio. running the table could cement his position as the de facto nominee. he says if marco rubio doesn't win florida that he will drop out. >> i would think so. florida has been strong for me. they know i'm going to bring
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jobs back. i'm strong and immigration, he's not. reporter: john kasich is trying to stay in the delegate hunt. three potential outcomes from today. either it's all but over if conservative runs the table, it could be down to two people left standing or it could be a long, hard slog all the way to the convention. this is a very, very important night. it's difficult to stress how difficult it is. heather: more fox team coverage from ohio where governor john kasich is locked in a tight race with donald trump. the winner here collects all the delegates. if kasich does not come out ahead, he says his campaign is over. turnout is expected to be heavy
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with hundreds of thousands of votes cast even for today. molly hunt is live from ohio. governor kasich left it open that he would continue on after today. reporter: that would be interesting. it will be up to these voters to decide. we can confirm the turnout is heavy. there are hundreds of locations like this across the county and we are hearing things are looking good in ohio as far as turnout is concerned. john kasich has spent a considerable amount of time here. he's put a lot of effort into this state. he's been campaigning on the trail with 2012 nominee marco rubio. he has yet to win a primary or caucus this year. he's trailing in the delegate count. but donald trump did not let the
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governor hold all the limelight. he has been shifting his schedule making last-minute changes. he canceled a rally in florida to hold a rally outside of youngstown ohio yesterday. >> this is the place i want to win. ohio is going to make america great again. kasich cannot make america great again. can't do it. he can't do it. >> i'm asking you as sincerely as i can. you have got to get out, pull everybody in and give me a vote so i can continue to run for president of the united states. thank you all have much. god bless. reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are off to other events in key states. the question is will sanders
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start racking up some midwest victories. the ballots counted have been cast because of the absentee ballots that came in early in this race. we are seeing a long line here and we'll see if those voters in ohio give kasich the win he's hoping for. heather: we'll see if there is record turnout. jon: today's voting could be a turning point as marco rubio struggles against donald trump in florida and john kasich hopes to hold on to his home state of ohio. those two states could provide a clear path to the nomination if he were to win them both. ted cruz is hoping for an upset in missouri to boost his standing in the race. let's walk through the scenarios with amy stoddard. christopher bedford is editor-in-chief at the news foundation.
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christopher, you have been watching this date for some time. tell us why. >> i have. a year ago my friend said put this date on your cell phone. if there is no nominee chosen tonight we are in for a long slog. it turns out that's true. no one will be able to pull ahead. the best case scenario for donald trump would be 0 clear the table. but a lot of the votes have been cast. with the early voters. for marco rubio it doesn't work well for him. when 1.1 million people in florida cast their votes, bush and carson were still in the race. so a lot of candidates were still in the race. in ohio it may work in favor of kasich because early voters did favor him. jon: the early polling that's
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been taken doesn't necessarily reflect balance lots that have already been cast. we could be in for surprises tonight. >> we could. interesting thing marco rubio is clinging to, in previous contests he received more of the late-breaking trump than donald trump. he's been the target of negative advertising that he has not experienced before. that might end up depressing some of his votes. if you look at the votes cast by joke bush, that probably presents a really major problem for. martha: to win, if you look also at the polling, the numbers are against him. i think it's a very cloudy picture. necessary runs the table tonight, trump is dealing with
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cruz who is saying he's going all the way. cruz may pick up a state or two tonight. resetting the race with all of probably the establishment forces behind him. he polls most favorably against hillary clinton. i think if you look at the numbers and the odds, donald trump is on his path for the nomination for sure. but there are the variables among the -- that we are looking at which is the never trump movement. they are not ready to pull tent. they are look for an open convention fight. we'll see in the days to come to quits and who stays in. jon: marco rubio the biggest threat to trump's intentions in florida. rubio says if he doesn't win florida he will still go on to utah. is that just talk? what's the motivation for doing that. is there some kind of post gold at the end of the rainbow we are not seeing?
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>> i suspect that is just talk. i got on the phone earlier with some people in the rubio camp and it's a dark mood there. they know they need to win florida if they are going to have a voice at the convention. it would be crazy for rubio to say i'm quitting. this gives him breathing room so he can make a decision. but my guess is the next place we'll see rubio ramp up his campaign is for governor of florida. jon: in trump loses ohio how much of the luster comes off his race. >> he doesn't like to lose, but he can say kasich is the most popular governor with 70% approval rating with the party apparatus behind him. he will probably rail against the republican party of ohio and
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he will probably say it was machine politics. he's probably going to win florida. but he has other losses and move right on. even though kasich -- all after sudden he becomes as important or more important than ted cruz if he wins ohio. it's one of the two most significant battlegrounds in a general election. kasich does better against hillary clinton than every single republican in the race except trump. there will be a huge psychological reset. because kasich overnight will become more significant than ever has been. jon: it's been fascinating to watch. think of how many candidates have come and gone. thank you both. fox is the place to be for all of the action tonight.
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our coverage kicking after 8:00 p.m. eastern with special report, then bret and megyn will join you at 7:00 p.m. for all of the election results. heather: a desperate search for a texas teenager who was kidnapped with her dad whose body mass turned up. governor kasich must win his home state of ohio. we'll talk live to the gop chairman there. plus we want to hear from do you believe it will be a decisive night for hillary clinton and donald trump? our live chat is up and running. try it. we're so confident you'll love it, we'll give you double your money back if you don't. incredible bladder protection.
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double your money back guarantee. that's always discreet.
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jon: court action in a murder case that dates back more than
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half a century with a former priest long suspected in the murder of a texas beauty queen pleading not guilty to her murder. new trouble for the grad watch a prestigious prep school. prosecutors say he violated the conditions of his release as he he peels the case -- as he appeals the case. now he could have his bail revoked. the search continues for a missing texas teen. her mother says her father had no known enemies and is pleading for her daughter's safe return. heather: governor kasich must pull out a victory in ohio or he says his campaign is finished, maybe. cuyahoga county plays a role in
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which way the state swings. so not to add any pressure to you. but from what i understand, ohio has not voted for a loser in a presidential election since 1960 and no republican has got to the white house after losing the buckeye state. that being said, who is the winner today? >> it's going to be close. but the winner will be governor john kasich. he will carry ohio. that will reset this race. it will change the trajectory and we'll wake up tomorrow morning looking at a different path between here and coming back to ohio for the convention in july. heather: the latest polling we have been talking about has trump and kasich neck-and-neck. >> we just heard donald trump talking in youngstown talking to blue collar voters. we are glad donald trump recognizes what governor kasich
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and our team has recognized for years. ohio is a diverse state that represents the cross-section of this country. blue collar voters know the governor understands their concerns. but you have also got to understand minority voters. you have got to connect with college student in columbus. you have got to connect with soccer moms in cincinnati. heather: . the economy, and specifically trade. and when trump was speaking earlier yesterday, again today on fox and friend, he's using that against governor kasich saying when he was a congressman he supported the american free trade agreement. how will that play out for people in your state who have
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lost their jobs in manufacturing and it's moved over seas. >> donald trump has sound bites but governor kasich has a record of creating jobs in ohio. before he came in as governor ohio was 48th in the country. people see the record that people are being put back to work in ohio because of john kasich's leadership. heather: does it surprise you it many so close between trump and kasich? how is trump doing so well in ohio? >> donald trump is tapping into something, and that is people are angry at what's been going on in washington and they blame both parties. we need common sense coming out of our states. x need established leadership and experience that will carry us forward. john kasich has that experience and he will bring that common sense back to washington.
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heather: if kasich does not winnow high oh, will you support trump? >> we'll support the nominee. we have four solid candidate running. we'll get behind those candidate. one of the four running will be the one earning the nomination. but there is still a lot of voting. nearly half of the delegates about to be decided. i'm proud to be a kasich delegate. heather: do you support all of these candidate staying in the race, rubio if he doesn't win florida and kasich if he doesn't winnow high oh? who do you think it benefits if all of these candidate continue on? >> it's important to have a positive message behind the candidate you favor first as opposed to a negative candidate. governor kasich made that clear. he's running because he intend to earn the nomination. not staying in to block anyone else.
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if marco rubio doesn't carry florida he has to reassess where he is and where he stand in this race. heather: thank you so much from ohio, a big day there. on * that michigan uber driver accused of a rampage that left sick people dead reveals a motive. voting is under way in illinois after violence in chicago forces trump to cancel a rally. how will trump do in illinois?
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heather: police in kalamazoo releasing statements from james dalton. he said when he opened up his uber app a demonic symbol appeared. he said it took over his mind and body, directing him to kill. dalton says that he thought about shooting at police when they caught up with him, but the app told him to stand down. a judge ordered a mental examination for dalton. he faces life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted. jon: in illinois voters are heading to the polls despite trump having to cancel a rally there. reporter: good morning. quite a different scene on the street of chicago this morning
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in comparison to that trump event over the weekend. it's calm at this polling location. about 200 people have placed their votes so far. the rally over the weekend, some 30,000 people showed up. donald trump said he was forced to cancel it because of safety concerns. who is to blame depend on who you ask. but analysts say in typical trump fashion, he's seemingly unscathed. and some say canceling the rally may have gotten hip more support. trump told his supporters, i'm sorry you had to wait in line. but get out and vote today. that's what people are doing. people still have some mixed opinions about donald trump in chicago. >> i like some of his views.
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i'm a little afraid of him. afraid he might get us in some trouble. >> i believe what donald plans to do for this country fiscally. i think it's great that he's willing to speak his mind and not trying to be politically correct, an brought up a lot of the issues that's forcing other presidential candidates to respond. reporter: according to the average of most polls donald trump is the frontrunner in illinois. the cruz campaign set up five final push event in the state yesterday. all the analysis and all the polls no longer necessarily mean a thing. voters will have a final say who their candidate is going to be. jon: matt, thank you. heather: donald trump looking for a clean sweep, especially in ohio and florida which could clear the way for him to nail down the republican nomination. if trump wins all five state, would the gop establishment have
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anymore options? the dow is now down 17 point at 17,211. we'll have a live update from fox business next. pet moments are beautiful,
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jon: a surprise move by russian moves in syria. many of them are pack up and leaving. why vladimir putin says he ordered them out. is a sex video of a professional wrestler newsworthy? our legal panel take a look at the latest. just a few more minutes, a new study confirming women need more sleep than men. about 20 minute more. the reason might surprise you. heather: i believe that. now to a fox news business alert. the markets opening lower today with the market at 17,221 amid reports of weak retail sales. joining us now is lauren simonetti. retail sales fell .1%.
8:33 am
the data shows americans are not spending all their savings at gas pump, even though you are shelling out 50 cent less at the gas pump. investors looking ahead to invettors. the next hike comes in june. that would make the interest you pay on your credit card and car loan for expensive. the dow is down hovering around 17,200. it's only down 1%, much better the double-digit declines your 401k might have experienced four weeks ago. crude is trading at $36 a barrel. it certainly is taking the air out of some of the big energy companies including condo phillips and chesapeake energy. it's not the best day today.
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>> we need to go out and shop, right? >> that's the message here. >> thank you, lauren. >> with voters in five states head together polls in the five big primaries. donald trump looking to defeat rivals john kasich and marco rubio in our home states. the math points to a trump nomination. jenna caldwell is a republican strategist, and marjorie, do you have see a sweep for donald trump? >> i think it's a distinct possibility. he's got up to 750 delegates that he can win tonight. that would put him in sort of the unarguably lead. the question then also becomes about a brokered convention which people have been talking about. if he shows up with 1,237
8:35 am
delegates to take the nomination, it will be a possibility. >> donald trump thinks he's going to winnow high oh and florida. he canceled one of his florida appearances to put on that rally in ohio. is he nervous about john kasich and what happens if he doesn't winnow high oh? >> i'll be hon jest with you. it's not just donald trump who believes he's going to win. it's the pundits and analysts who happen to agree with him as well. donald trump is ahead with the exception of over high oh. he's only ahead by 2 points. now, donald trump has proven that he's a guy that wants to take it all. so going to john kasich's home state of ohio is a good idea for him to do and there is a possibility he may be able to take that state, which is a
8:36 am
winter take all * state. jon: many say they would rather run hillary clinton against donald trump than john kasich. >> kasich runs in the more season frist territory. many voters might turn out for trump to keep him from getting the nomination rather than in support of him. when you are advising on campaigns, you say people who don't like the opposing candidate can be just as compelling to turn out voters. that's what the hillary campaign would be banking on. people disliking trump to vote for her. >> i have would disagree with what marjorie said. a poll came out showing donald trump and hillary clinton head-to-head, 20% of democrats go to trump.
8:37 am
he's an unconventional candidate and hillary clinton doesn't want to go up against donald trump because he doesn't live by a code. jon: trump says he's expanding the tent. that blue collar and reagan candidates are flocking to vote for trump. >> this is where the economic issues come to play. i would say you are seeing the crossover from a lot of the independents against 0% of the country calling themselves independent and some of the traditional republicans and institutional republicans who would then turn to support hillary as the safer candidate. there is a concern if trump won the republican nomination, he would forever change the face of the republican party. where you see institutional republicans seeing that as a bad thing. jon: you did some advance work for mitt romney's campaign in
8:38 am
2012. mitt romney was campaigning for governor kasich in ohio. he hasn't made an endorsement. but the fact that he was campaigning for him speaks volumes. >> it does. we have seen mitt romney will support anybody but trump. donald trump may be an unconventional candidate, but they would rather support donald trump over somebody who could potentially be indicted. i think that's a non-issue. it doesn't play the same way as those democrats and independents supporting donald trump over hillary clinton. people tend to like donald trump and the way he speaks on issues. it tends to have a play when it comes to democrats and independents. jon: many republicans have been
8:39 am
shocked at his ability to bring people over to his side. in the ferrell going it was said he didn't have a prayer. now he's the guy everybody is trying to stop. if hillary gets her wish and lines up a contest against donald trump. is it a case of being careful what you wish for? >> i think trump has definitely been a case of be careful what you wish for. the republicans brokered a deal to have trump run on the republican ticket instead of break off and running as an independent. now they have gotten him full board. so the question then becomes, it is a trump and hillary runoff. who is going to turn out at the polls? are people going to be compelled to turn out, republicans and democrats alike. we aren't seeing if the energy and support as we are seeing for hillary. it shows a little bit of the toan deafness of traditional
8:40 am
politicians. because all this is coming down to energy around the economy. when you look at every single poll out there, it's less about the issues, more about what people are feeling at home and in their pocketbooks and who they think can lead us to economic change in our country. jon: is donald trump the guy people are banking on -- if marjorie is right, the economy is issue number one. is donald trump the guy who represents economic change or is this make america great slogan about more than jobs on economics? >> what we see is donald trump has been running on an economic populist message. he's a billionaire who happens to appeal to blue collar workers. he's talking about jobs going over to china and different countries and there happens to be a number of folks who agree with that. we have seen a lot of jobs and
8:41 am
manufacturing went over. so when we talk about these issues it counts. with hoik being the person being seen as being bought and paid for by wall street, people don't trust that. they don't see her as an authentic candidate. that's one of the problems she has. it's not just working place voters it's also the youth and women. donald trump doesn't seem to have those same set of issues in the way she has. jon: we'll see what the voters say today. it will be a fascinating race to watch. heather: a train traveling through the midwest goes off the tracks, injuring dozens of passengers. what investigators are looking at as a possible cause. a former editor back peddling on
8:42 am
a comment he made in a lawsuit against hulk hogan. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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heather: jurors in the hulk hogan trial are expected to view the video in the case. he said children younger than 4 were fair game for celebrities. a sex tape video showed him with his best friend's wife. he said the tape completely
8:46 am
humiliated him. let's bring in our legal panel lis weihl and eric guster. he's a criminal defense attorney. i want to get into the case of this former editor who has been testifying of late. he tried to back up those comments. i think we can put some of those on the screen. this was in reference to is there anything that is not good in terms of who would you not post a sex video of. he said under what age? his attorney says that. then he says four. then we have some sound from him today. in the sound he was talking about whether or not he thought it was a bad thing. he said the video itself amused him. >> do you have any questions in your mind at that point in time that the gentleman who appeared
8:47 am
on camera was in fact hulk hogan? >> no, there was no doubt in my mind. >> what was your reaction to this tape that you viewed? >> i was amused by it. >> what do you mean amused? >> i remember watching hulk hogan and viewed him as this character for most of his life. and this was not a situation i expected to ever watch him in. heather: not remorseful. then the prior comments abou about-year-olds. people say that was flippant. he addly admits he was being sarcastic. his demeanor in court, how do you think it a affect the case? >> it's horrible for gawker. the legal issue is whether the tape and the confrontation is newsworthy. if it's newsworthy, then gawker has the right to public it under
8:48 am
the first amendment. what he said is it was newsworthy for those over years old. it's a deputy significant. he took the oath to say the truth. you cannot be sarcastic and making jokes at a deposition. that really hurt gawker. to try to walk it back. the jury looks at that, he's making fun of child pornography. >> there is no way to walk back child porn. when you say-year-old. a sex tape of 4-year-olds, that's okay. no citizen would be okay with that. in trial they put up deputy significants. it doesn't have any whether a person says it sarcastically. it's just in black and white. you read back what this person said putting up a sex tape of a 4-year-old child is okay. it shows even joking he has no morals.
8:49 am
gawker has no moral, no standard. they may get hit with that simply because of his standard. heather: gairk says other people are doing it. >> if i'm in closing argument and i'm the prosecution or the plaintiff for hogan, i would put that as exhibit a how crass and flippant they are. it's not about the first amendment. it's about amusement. it's not about being newsworthy. it's about being able to publish pornography. if i were sitting on that jury i would not like to hear that. >> people like jeffrey dahmer kill people but that doesn't mean i should do it. that's the worse offense ever. other people are in child porn and other people rape people. that doesn't mean it's okay. gawker's defense is extremely
8:50 am
weak in this case. >> they are digging a hole. heather: in this case you have a female judge. you have a majority of the jurors are female as well. that comment if they were a child under 4. that changes my opinion. >> that comment will go to the mind of the jurors that this man does not care. they have zero morals. you joke about child pornography? heather: hulk hogan wins? >> that definitely hurt. heather: thank you for joining us. appreciate your insight. >> what a new study says about sleep and why women need more than men. plus, russia withdrawing troops from syria.toace for the message that send to syria's president and how it will impact the peace talks. we are live with an update on
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that story. it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. long run. prudential bring your challenges
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harris: we are ready to play a game of super tuesday part 2. can marco rubio and john kasich keep donald trump from running the tables? if they lose their home state are they done? andrea: hillary clinton says we didn't lose a single person in libya while she was secretary of state. really? harris: president obama could name his supreme court pick as early as today to replace antonin scalia. andrea: all that and more taylor
8:55 am
made for our -- tailor made for our one lucky guy bret baier. jon: bret baier has a busy day ahead. heather: some other news, reaction coming in to russian president's vladimir putin's announcement of russia's withdrawal from syria. benjamin hall is live from london with more. benjamin? reporter: when russian forces went into syria last september, they took the world by surprise. and the difference they made on the ground in propping up the assad regime, the pilots receiving a heroes welcome. russia flew,000 bombing raid. they helped ashould reclaim
8:56 am
6,000 miles of terrorist territory. this announcement comes as u.n. brokered peace deals get under way in geneva. the u.n. special envoy met with delegates in the hope they could agree on the political transition. the war has claimed the lives of 250,000 people and displaced 11 million. the syrian government refused to discuss his removal while the opposition say it's a precondition of the talks. this latest move by putin is going seen by some as a message to assad that he cannot also rely on russia to keep them in power. just today russian jets have been bombing in support of assad troops. says they won't close their two bases and they will keep bombing quote terrorist target it
8:57 am
remains to be see how genuine their move really is. jon: new next hour of "happening now," a wild ride down the highway anything but usual for these cops. a naked driver finally leaping from her car and the chase wasn't over yet. wait until you hear what the nnl said about head injuries.
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. . . .
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>> book in one hour. "outnumbered" starts now. andrea: this is fox news alert. a make-or-break day today for the race in the white house. voting underway in five states, including key states of ohio and florida. that could remake the race for both parties. this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros and here with us today, harris faulkner, sandra smith, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, fox news contributor meghan mccain is back. today's #oneluckyguy, who better than this guy? fox news chief political anchor and fox news pol


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