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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 20, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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for watching. waters world starts now. trade deals are destroying the have amnesty and the iran nuke deal and hillary breezed throughout benghazi hearings and politicians are wrecking the nation. here comes don would trump said you blew it.
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racking up delegates and way ahead of cruz on a clear path to the nomination. republicans on the losing side. all you hear them talking about is running a third party ticket or stealing the nomination from trump. why not listen to the voters instead of muzzling them. they claim he is destroying the republican party. a lot of people onered if the republican party destroyed itself? how can donald trump destroyed the republican party when he's bringing in new voters in the party? record- breaking republican turn out in a 2016 primary and maybe donald trump is breathing life back in the republican party. will the republicans unight or splinter or lose to hillary clinton. joining me to discuss the
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co-host of outnumber. president of high noon strategy and host of redeye. and democratic strat yift and richard fowler and certainly not last and least. jessica. and andandrea. there are republicans that care more about saving the republican party than the party. >> it is not the party. it is saving their golf and steaks in the capitol grill and saving their power and existness. the establishment made big money. jesse, this is a big business. think of the lobbyist that will not be able to lobby donald trump the way they could an establishment candidate and they are fighting hard for their own
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relevance. when president obama said it is not me, he's right. it is the republicans that got themselves in the mess. they nominated two losers with mccain and romney and they didn't do what the americans wanted and the voters have had enough and they know on both sides of the establishment, it is failure. >> you are right. they are looking after their pocketbooks. and you bring a good point of romney and mccain. i remember when mccain was nominated he was against water board anything bush tax cuts. people were told to follow-up and soldier on on. and donald trump, they are talking about a third party. can you make sense of that? >> i believed them with mccain and romney. they went in hiding and was playing it cool.
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and told my friends. don't worry he has a strategy. and the american people don't like when they are aggressive. they are wrong and i was hide. they want to hide their way through the election. >> don't youjz/em you see lisa, time you weaken donald trump you are strengthening hillary clinton? >> i think you are strengthening him. let's face it. he had 35 million in attack ads spent against him and a lot in florida and look how well he did. he defeated a u.s. senator and did had in ohio. kasich represented the state 38 years now. >> and was reelected two years ago. i mean as much money as they throw it emboldens him and mitt rom no attacked him and that
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emboldened him. people are fed up with government. he will get majorities and north carolina thought that the republican betrayed them and frankly they see the republican party as a failure. >> you are a democrat jessica. you are laughing yourself to sleep watching the chaos on the right; what do you make? >> it is great to sit around and hear republicans bashing republicans. >> we'll get to you later. >> i have my moment to say this. i think it is disconcerting and a major mistake that the establishment made besides the decades. not endorsing the candidate. mitt romney was effective. he is have said i am backing rubio or kasich. they will try for a unitty ticket with kasich and cruz.
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it is too little too late. >> that is totally out of touch. >> that is a summing that romney has influence. his robbo calls helped trump. >> every time you do it, it helps me. >> i agree withandrea one time in my life. >> ñinice. >> you can't blame bark bookkeeper obama for the republican situation. it is bad management and they lost control. party and the party was stationary and their voting base is moving right and they lost control of their party and no one will get it back. they think tread cruz will be the hero, no not going to happen. and donald trump is likely the nominee. he is scary and rewritten. >> you look terrified of trump. >> it is so funny while the
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democrats say republicans have. and the democrats lost the house. >> and their nominee is under investigation by the fbi. >> there is a lot of time left. still to come. controversial video of al sharpton. diamond and silk, the internet sensation. get on the trump train. >> get on the trump train or get the hell out of the way. right.
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you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. >> like all republicans, donald trump has an uphill climb winning over african-american. but some are down with the donald. joining me video blogger ares
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and sisters diamond and silk. and stump for trump girls. how are you doing? >> we are doing wonderful. >> how did you get the nicknames. diamond and silk. >> we always had same nicknames and we dusted them off. nbring them back to life. >> uh-huh. >> you guys are all over you town and racking up all sorts of hits. >> all aboard get on the trump train or get the hell out of the way. >> you guys are pumping up donald trump. and lifelong demdeps and how did you get on the trump train? >> well, when he announced he was running for president the. >> uh-huh. >> he wants to secure the boarder and bring back jobs and unite the country and we loved it. on board since day one. >> uh-huh. day one.
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>> people say he is racially insensitive and you defend this though, right? >> we do. >> yes. >> donald trump speaks the truth. and a lot of people speak politics but he is speaking common sense and speaking truth. >> that's right. >> what are the specific policies that you like from donald trump? >> we like the fact he's going to help the veterans and the tax plan is good. and help all americans. >> all. uh-huh. >> and those are the specific things we love. >> a lot of your friends and family members and hear you are donald trump supporters and you must get heat about. that how do you react to that? >> first of all my immediate family switched their party so they can vote for donald trump in the primaries and notice back in september we started the campaign. call ditch and switch now
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campaign. >> uh-huh. >> we wanted people to get out and vote in the primary. >> that's right. >> and we want the republicans. >> and if you are democrat or independent. you can switch your party to republican only to vote for donald trump. that is called ditch and switch now >> how is the campaign going? i think romney got ten percent of the black p vote and donald 10-15. and i don't know if i believe those numbers. how is it going. >> and that is white people and[ asian people. he's putting a lot of people off the democrat planation and on to the republican party to vote for him in the general election.
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& that is. you guys are democrats and a lot of people look at you and say you must be obama supporters and why do you like donald trump. what do you think of president obama? >> we were formerly democrats and now republicans. bow switched our party we did that in september. when i think of obama, it is very disappointing that we had an african-american president that did not work for african-american people. >> uh-huh. >> though joss he is president for all people, african-americans are once again left behind. we decide not to cry over spilled milk. we want someone like donald trump to come up and clean up the milk. >> with all. >> we'll probably have hillary clinton who could be the first female president. and you guys don't feel any
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allegeance to hillary clinton because she is a woman? >> i will not vote for anybody who has it on bucket. you don't play musical chairs. her husband is already been president. and we don't need another clinton. >> even though bill clinton was the first black president? >> he was considered that to sign a crime bill in law and had thousands of black men locked up. he was "the black the president" that outsourced upon this happeneds and millions of jobs from this country. we don't want to hear the clintons they can deputy home and be quiet. >> that's right. >> ted cruz. ted cruz used to say that donald is a man and now going hard after donald trump. what could you think? >> he is it a liar, and you cheat and steal. and he's done all three.
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>> yes. >> what ted cruz is go somewhere and sit down. he's already lied and cheated and stolen. we are not voting for him. >> his vote is sinking. >> his cruise ship is sinking and vote for cruz, american people will lose. we vote is for donald j. trump only. >> thank you very much, everybody. diamond and silk. there they are. >> coming up. to theage they never seen before. video of sharpton and william a yeres shutting down a trump rally. water worlds check in on campus. what year did we declare our independence. >> 1984?
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>> as you know by donald trump cancelled the speech in chicago after radical activist clashed with trump supporters. the media and fellow republicans blamed them for inciting the ruckus. my guest tonight were on ground and looked for trouble. take a look. he is a racist. he is a liar. yeah. hey, hey. (chanting) >> in the history we don't need organized hatred to be spill nothing our center. >> people have kind of hate.
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>> we don't hate. >> and donald trump. >> i am not here. i am here for compassion and understanding. >> who do you support in nbernie. >> i support bernie sanders. oe a feel nothing the land and that is dangerous. and it is absolutely anti- american and has to be stopped. that isxd revoluntary party. that is. that is a white maybe and gets to do whatever he wants to in the you don't have permission to walkac round videotaping people of color. and asking like you can do that. >> it is popular movements from
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below. >> that is important. that is not resolved by a candidate. it is it resolved through anñr ongoing. >> yeah, go bernie sanders. >> wow. joining me now for chicago is jeremy and andrew, producer director of the hate in. >> that was not donald trump instigating chaos. they were radicals and came for business. what was your analysis. >> well, the whole premise of how this begins. this is all preplanned. it is planned in a way that is it is hard to find who the leader is and running this. it is designed to deceive you
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that there is a big movement of unitty here and it is it not unitty at all. it is hundreds of different groups all out in the name of social justice like bill a yers said. it is a social justice and indicating they don't want it resolved. they are out protesting, they are getting what they want and take away power from people who have it and give it to people who don't. and it is it comlotly unamerican. nbill a yers is president obama's friend and neighbor. did he show up at these things and occupy wall street he shows up what is he doing now? >> well, you know, i don't think that he shows up. i think there is a lot of work that goes on before hand.
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he's there as you know, a shaming of the street protest and god father and hero to the movement. but look at his twitter feed, he was bragging, we shut them down and it took a lot of work, congratulations. there was a pre-meditated attempt to harass and intimidate the people who wanted nothing but free assem blow and hear a political speech. and bill a yers talks about unamerican donald trump is, when they shut down free speech, i can't think of anything more unamerican than that. >> it was intimidating for a lot of sxeem my hat goes off to you guys, it takes street smarts to navigate that kind of environment. and keep bringing us behind the scenes of the protest. i appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> up next.
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we debate who is responsible for violence in america. and the tape that sharpton doesn't want you to see. it is it frightening. [inaudible] constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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who is really to blame? it is always republican officials under attack from the left. [bleep] >> i can smell your shirt.
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pretty good reflexes by w. and the tea party is. and wall street not so much. they have all of the facts. and republicans can't use certain words. that is righteous anger seeking social justice, right? >> sure. and then reverend sharpton. i have no words for him. let him speak for himself. this is exclusive clip. he is speaking about police misconduct and the community's reaction. you are doing nothing?
12:31 am
i don't believe in marching. well, they got pigs out :k i believe i do. do what you believe in or shut up and admit you got to stand up. [applause] i believe in fighting. ain't nobody holding you. [inaudible] right down here plenty of them bleep mreep do -- nwow, joining me by phone is the man who provided that video.
12:32 am
this has been around so long, why did it take so many years to come to the surface? >> when sharpton gets on it is o'rielly factor he sounds reasonable and on his own tv show he comes off as a civil right's guy and a black leader to do things. but preaching to the choir, kind of like david duke was the same way. he sounded like a conservative. but mainstream and preaching to the choir. nspeaking out of?kçin sides of his mouth and the crowd is loving it and clapping and holarring all about it. and it is shocking. what do you make of this? >> back in the '80s and '90s in new york, sharpton did these to
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divide the races and what make its more abomination, during the cop shootings, instead of going to jesse jackson who bill clinton brought to denoups black racism. obama choice sharpton who has a history of dividing. >> he is an advisor for racial issues to the white house. stephen, thank you. back with me now fox news contributors. stacey, people have stuff in that past. i think it takes it to another level. do you think that sharpton is ashamed of this? >> ixd wonder if this is or befe
12:34 am
or after he was convicted for drug dealing and became a snitch? >> he wore a wire. he was a snitch and i don't want a snitch representing me. i don't understand why he speaks so much. he is a rebel rouser and a divider. >> >> it makes the job of the police officers much harder. an degreea. this guy doesn't may his taxes and it didn't matter. he will get away. >> tax cheat and we didn't bring up ta juana burly and i don't understand why about the president when there are so many other black leaders would elevate. if we go higher, i think it falls at president obama's foot. you mentioned so many different examples in ferguson and black
12:35 am
lives matter and protests that have turned violent and sewn the cops attacked by black lives matter and you hear nothing from the white house. how do you say you are not sowing signs of discord. >> we reached out to sharpton and the network and they have not explained the footage. >> i know the statement. >> you are selectively edited tape and how dare not show all of the tape. >> it is an hour show. you know what i mean? >> it is not selectively edited and we played in full context. he is talking about police pruitality and how the community is reacting to it. >> if you look at the tape, he's talking to a group of people and you want action.
12:36 am
he's not saying going out and killing anybody. he doesn't say that. if you want to do it, do it. how is that not -- >> but p the larger point. mr. mark compared him to david duke. david duke has blood on his hands for listening black americans and to compare sharpton to duke is ri deckulous. that is preposterous. >> you defend that behavior. >> no, i am not a fan of sharpton and in 1992 and it is a different time. >> it is never the right time to call for the -- offing of crackers. >> i am not supporting it. he is an advisor to the white house. but look at the black lives matter and also the parents of trayvon martin and eric gardener who support hillary clinton
12:37 am
which is interesting. eric garner is with bernie sanders. and i think you need to look at where the the future of this kind ofs going. it is largely ceremonial and he's been around a long time. i think it would upset president obama and anyone. >> we are waiting for president obama to disavow this. >> he will later. >> i see what people in the projects think about the presidential election. >> what are hillary clinton's policy to kret job. >> resume. >> resumes. >> get
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>> under president obama, the rich is getting richer and the poor are getting poor arer. i went to convenience bridge. hard hit for decades to see what the folks think of the presidential contenders. what are you doing out here today? >> okay, we are going to it hold the mike. you need ti lappia. i just came from getting my hair done. >> it is beautiful. >> you have a boy boyfriend. >> i don't want to say that on camera. >> what do you do for a living.
12:42 am
>> cut. >> and how is everything going in the country for you. >> not so good. it is bad. >> guy want $4 for a two liowa ter. i don't want koolaid it mess my. nwhose fault. >> president bush. >> it is still bush's fault after seven years? >> what do you say about president obama? >> i love him. he is first. nsecond. >> i i don't remember a second one. >> bill clinton. >> orch yeah. >> oh, yeah. that is coming up. >> who are you going to vote for. >> nobody. >> you know who is running for president. >> you know who is running for president? nobama? >> he can't run anymore. >> i wish he keep running. >> what is it like to be the
12:43 am
last black president. >> seriously what is this the last time you talk to one. >> what about hillary clinton? >> she believengnym in abortion >> then i vote for her. >> sometimes it is needing abortion. >> and i would like hillary to win. >> and like monica. >> basically. >> i love hillary clinton. >> what are hillary policy to create job? >> resumes. >> resumes. >> yeah, get an upto date resume. >> hillary clinton is running for president. >> she is a liar. >> she is a liar. >> you like bernie sanders? >> yes. he shakes. >> i own one pair of underwear. >> why do you like him? >> he talks to people. >> he feelses the burn. >> donald trump running for
12:44 am
president? >> i can't say colorful words on [in >> you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. >> and donald trump. >> he speaks what is on his mom. trump and his hair is for the rich. >> and who likes poor peopleelary? >> >> who dpn you believe she care if she doesn't tell the truth. >> if donald trump wins, we'll go to canada. >> it is cool up there. >> he's fooling the people. >> you don't think the american people are smart enough to know what is going on? >> you are dam straight. >> he wants to build a wall. >> you can't bill a wall. >> you need bridges. >> they can walk cross the bridge. who are are you? >> i am waters and this is my
12:45 am
world here. [laughter] i am waters and this is my world right here. nbye waters. >> oh, they love me this. lisa and stacey are back with me now and joining us in and the excutive director of the project. and mickey along with fox news contributor abbey huntsman. i will start with you. >> therapy by the way. >> let's try to make it a source issue. >> black voters are not turn itting out for hillary clinton. i think the black turn out in florida and ohio were down 30 or 40 percent compared to when obama was running. is hillary going to get them to turn out. >> i love the woman who called
12:46 am
obama. i love the people you talked to there. what stuck out to me. no one sound issed excited about hillary clinton. it seems like it was a frustration with both parties saying they don't know who to vote for if thi knew who was running for president. hillary clinton has a challenge. if they are voting for her it is because of her husband. she has an uphill battle. >> one thing that makes it reaching out to black america. hillary's personality. this is hillary at her finest. ♪ [laughter] >> i why that is funny. >> we'll put coal miner ands coal companies out of business. >> what difference does it make? >> i am a real person.
12:47 am
>> she is a real person. you can't be excited about that, can you? >> it is what is interesting, if you took her with you. and so she could interact with people. she only motes them after they are filtered in one by one pick. >> they have to pick throw people they screen for a year and watching that. and what did you think? >> it is sad. they need to it be educated that is the problem. hillary is a lying criminal and the other choice is a socialist. >> don't hold back p. >> i will take stacey dash to the hood and change mind. nbecause i have a plan. >> it is a three- point plan. >> what did you think. >> sounds like you made new friends there. and even the voters in all corners of the country picked up on the fact that hillary clinton is a liar and that is
12:48 am
problematic for her. they may not understand the e-mail server and private e-mail but they picked up on the fact that she is a liar and part of that is she lax and tries so hard. i almost feel bad for her that you feel like you have to bark. >> i don't feel bad for hillary clinton. >> she strapped the dog to the hood of the car. >> all imdprants have to pass >> all imdprants have to pass a basic civic's test.
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in order to gain american citizenship, all legal immigrants must pass a basic civics test focusing on our nation's government and history.
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fst ve it's very easy. i wanted to see if americans could pass the test. check out some of the answers i got on a recent trip to arizona state university. >> who is the vice president of the u.s.? >> currently. i don't know. >> how do i not know this? oh, my god. not joe biden. >> is it biden. >> got a lot of thanks to live out. >> how many senators are there? >> 7 or 12. >> i know this. 50. >> two. >> god, this is like from seventh grade. >> you got it. >> what month do we vote for presidents? >> december. >> january? >> april?
12:53 am
>> not april. that's when you pay your taxes. >> i thought when march is when taxes are due. >> march. >> in the fall. >> okay. >> august. >> august is the summer. >> i'm going to get this wrong. november. >> you got it. >> what year did we declare our independence? >> 1984. >> way off. >> 1884. >> 1776. >> okay. still off. >> 1776. >> 1776. >> she's on a roll. >> july 4th. >> 1776. >> the name of our national anthem is. >> isn't it called the national anthem. >> it is the star spangled banner. >> very good. >> let's do a little rendition.
12:54 am
oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light. >> what so proudly we hail by the dawn or by the -- forget the rest. >> bright stars with the perilous fight. lamparts. >> what are those called? lamb parts. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> not god bless america. >> and the rockets red blare gave proof through the light. >> night. >> that our flag was still there. oh say does that star spangled banner. land of the free and home of the brave. >> best one today. well done. you're just as good as an immigrant. >> do you have any idea who i am? >> i don't. >> i'm watters and this is my world right here. >> hi, world.
12:55 am
>> oh, dear. are we doomed? >> arizona state is a good college too. >> it is? >> yeah. >> i was u of a. >> my mom went there. i'm going to defend it. >> you have to. >> the star spangled banner, the words can get complicated. th knowing who the vice president is, i'm really concerned about this next generation coming up. you have to be a curious person to want to learn the facts. everything is on google. you go home and watch kardashians and the bachelor. >> my favorite was what year did we declare independence. 1984. >> the year i was born. >> what did you think about that? >> i think the parents are really depressed their money is going -- most of them, i'm going to assume, is going to the wrong place now. it's unfortunate.
12:56 am
if we want to take it foipolicy lot of education funding has been cut. >> that's right. it's the
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[woodworker] i live in the fine details. that's why i run on quickbooks.
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i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it. you edit, it can't be that crazy. it is real. jimmy kimmell knows what i'm saying. he sent a reporter out. >> what did you think that president obama nominated el ron hubbard. with your excited? >> yeah. i identify myself as a republican. i was content with that choice. #.
1:00 am
>> i think he would be a good candidate. >> people with walking around the streeting every single day. that's it for tonight. follow me on twitter and instagram and facebook. tell me what you think. thanks for watching. remember. i'm watters and this is my world. right now on justice. >> a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. >> ted cruz pushes against donald trump one-on-one but be careful what you wish for. >> you know lying ted. we call him lying ted. >> i take on the establish republicans in what i think is their ulterior motive in the election. >> did you ever hear of him? >> no. not tom cruise. ted cruz. >> street justice comes to los angeles and you


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