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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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gips tomorrow night on "special report." remember we had all three candidates on our show. thanks forjd inviting us into your home tonight, fair, balanced and still unafraid. ♪ >> you just heard from donald trump speaking at aipac. up next you will here senator ted cruz. earlier today each presidential candidate except for bernie sanders made the long trek from the campaign trail out west washington, d.c. to address aipac. you will hear from the other candidates in just moments. rick klein and from the daily beast jackie kucinich. rick, first to you. we just heard donald trump in probably one of the most interesting. he spoke from prepared remarks. he actually got advanced copy. this is the first time. he usually he shoots from the hip. >> he likes to criticize teleprompters. this was presidential trump. he knew this was high stakes speech and he didn't want to screw it up. he had prepared text which
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is new for him. he tries to show some thought in this he realizes this is an important constituency. and part of a broader group saying this guy could very well be the republican nominee. he might be president. let's start paying attention. there is a few crowds in washington and elsewhere serious about policy aipac. they want to do hear very specific ideas from him. they have seen the criticism in the past and i think they saw at least a thought out speech from him. >> if you are just sort of dropped in from another planet today you would see a very strong advocate for israel, donald trump. he did get criticism some time ago even by the g.o.p. candidates because he said he want to remain neutral in the palestinian israeli conflict. today he didn't say any of that today is he going to stand strong with israel much different than president obama. >> he also talked about cutting off foreign aid to israel earlier in the day. playing hot and cold, getting warmer and warmer. finally with this speech it was hot. you say all the right things to the crowd like aipac.
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teleprompter, he didn't go off the script because this is such high stakes. he needed to look presidential here. this isn't -- you don't get any do-overs on a stage this big with a crowd like that. >> of course, we are looking live because senator ted cruz will be stepping out at any minute, just announced his name. let's see if he is going to walk out. here he comes. senator ted cruz to aipac. he is the last of the candidates. senator bernie sanders was theá( only -- and he is jewish, was the only candidate not to address aipac and there is senator ted cruz making his way through the crowd. it's a very grateful crowd senator ted cruz actually to all these candidates. they are all -- this is a conservative group in general it? >> is very few crowds that can campaign everyone off the campaign trail. >>?s]lp except for bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders delivered his own shadow speak while traveling out west. you ne aipac on your side. you really can't#h afford to be at odds with aipac and
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the agenda they push. >> they don't endorse. big money donors but the organization does not endorse. >> true. but senator cruz is someone who has been courting the jewish community from the very beginning. you know, looking for donors and their support. >> and here he goes. >> god bless aipac. [cheers and applause] i'm thrilled to be here with you today. let me say at the outset, perhaps to the surprise of the previous speaker, palestine has not existed since 1948. [cheers and applause] on wednesday night of this week. in synagogues across the world, joosh jewish people will read the magilla which tells the story of porum,
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the miraculous rescue. the miraculous rescue of the jewish people from the hands of a wicked persian king. when the evil doer haman plots to= kill the jews he describes them as a nation that is scattered and spread out. teaches that the jewish people at the time were divided amongst themselves and that the lesson is that when the forces of good are divided, evil can prevail. but, when we come together in unity together, we can defeat tyrants. [cheers and applause] today, we are reliving history. facing a similar time of challenge for america and for israel. but today i give you a word of hope.
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in the next few months we will bring this country together first byv unifying the republican party and then by reaching out and building a coalition of young people and hispanics and african-americans and women and blue collar workers and jewish voters and reagan democrats. [ applause ] which will load to a commanding victory in november that unifies this country and brings us together. [ applause ] and standing together, america will stand with israel and defeat radical islamic terrorism. [cheers and applause] i want to thank the delegates, theyp fz over 18,000 people here, the 4,000 young people. the leaders of the pro-israel movement who are gathered here today.
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you will play a critical leadership making this happen and bring us together. indeed, just today, my colleague lindsey graham very kindly hosted an event for me here which should allay any doubt anyone might have that the god of abraham, isaac, and jacob can still do miracles. [ applause ] i want to begin by asking all of us to remember taylor force, a texan who hailed scout, a west point graduate, an army veteran. on march 8th, he was stabbed to death by a palestinian terrorist in israel. the terrorist didn't ask for his passport. influenced by the relentless has fostered genocidal hatred towards jews, all he
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cared about was injuring or killing as many civilians as possible, at least 10 people were wounded by the time the terrorist was neutralized. the brutal murder of taylor force is yet another reminder that america and israel are in the fight together against radical islamic, terrorists. [cheers and applause] wouldwe need a president who wil be a champion for america. we need a president who will be a champion for israel. [ applause ] in my time in the senate, i have endeavored to do both. in the four years i have been serving in the senate, i have been privilege to do travel three times to the state of israel. [ applause ] filibuster i had the great privilege of seeing the ziv hospital in northern israel
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where they have treated over a thousand refugees wounded in that horrible civil war have done so free of charge, showing the heart and character of the people of israel. [ applause ] when the nation of iran named as their ambassador to abuladi a known terrorist who had participated in holding americans hostage in the late 1970s, people in washington said there was nothing we could do. i was proud to introduce legislation barring him from coming to america. senate 100 to 0. it passed the house 435-0. it was signed into law by president obama. [ applause ] when israel was facing relentless rocket attacks
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from hamas, and the pray's of all of us and people across the world were with israel prime minister netanyahu powerfully observed we are using missile defense to protect our civilians. and they are using their civilians to protect their missiles. [ applause ] i entirely agree with prime minister netanyahu hamas would place rockets in elementary schools. they place their headquarters in the basement of a hospital. i would noted that hillary clinton in 2014 explained this as follows, quote: hamas puts its missiles, its rockets in civilian areas. part of it is because gaza is prettyvb small and it's densely populated. [ laughter ]
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well, madam secretary, with all respect, the reason missiles are in schools is not because gaza is small. the reason missiles are in school is because hamas are terrorist monsters using children as human shields. [cheers and applause] and in response to this atrocity i was proud to join with new york democrat kirsten gillibrand in authorizing a resolution condemning hamas' use of human shields as a war crime and that resolution passed both houses unanimously. [ applause ] in the midst of these rocket attacks, we saw the obama administration cancel civilian airline flights in the nation of israel. when that happened, i publicly asked the question did this administration just
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launch and- economic boycott on the nation of israel? [ applause ] the administration does not ban flights into pakistan, does not ban flights into yemen, does not ban flights into afghanistan. indeed, did not ban flights into much of ukraine and you rainy had just -- ukraine had just seen a passenger airliner shot down by a russian missile. so why exactly was a disproportionate sanction put on israel because one rocket fell harmlessly away from nigerian airport, one of the safest airports in the world? [ applause ] why was that time to coincide with john kerry with $47 million for gaza that would inevitably end up with hamas terrorists? when i asked that question
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the state department was asked is this an economic boycott of israel in the state department said that we refuse to answer. so i responded, fine, i will place a hold on every nominee to the state÷p department. [ applause ] shortly thereafter former mayor wrote saying it was state to fly to israel. [ applause ] and as a result of mayor bloomberg's efforts and my efforts and that of millions of others, the heat and light and attention became too much on this administration and within 36 hours, the administration lifted its ban on civilian air flights to israel. [ applause ]
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looking forward, as president, i will lead very, very differently from the current administration. [ applause ] imagine just a few years ago if i had come to an aipac conference and suggested that the prime minister of israel was going to come to america, address a joint session of congress, and he would be boycotted by the president of the united states, the vice president of the united states, and every member of the cabinet. that would have been dismissed as crazy,?e fanciful. that could never happen. and, sadly, that is what did happen when prime minister netanyahu came to address congress. [ applause ] in a similar vein, my leading republican opponent has promised that he as president would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. well, let me be very, very
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clear. as president, i will not be neutral. [ applause ] america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. [cheers and applause] so what does that mean specifically? let's start with2g today's persian king, the nation of iran. both hillary clinton and donald trump have said they would maintain this iranian deal, although donald, as promised, he is good at negotiating, get a better deal. my view is very different. on the first day in office, i will rip this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal to shreds. [cheers and applause]
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this agreement gives over $100 billion to the ayatollah co-miny, the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. that dwarfs the $3 billion in military aid we give each year to the nation of israel. that difference is not just unconnable. it is fundamentally immoral. on the first day if i am president, we will reimpose sanctions on iran. [ applause ] in a mockery of this iranian nuclear deal, iran has continued with missile tests including launching a missile with the words printed on it in both hebrew $á)q earth. khomeini, if i am president and iran launch as missile
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test, we will shoot that missile down. [cheers and applause] >> he and in january 2017, we have a commander and chief who says under no circumstances will iran be allow to do acquire nuclear weapons, either you will shut down your nuclear"1 programs or we will shut1 it down for you. [ applause ] a year ago when prime minister netanyahu addressed congress, i was honor to do join the great ellie wozel on a panel discussion in the senate about this disastrous iranian deal. not a single democrat was willing to join ellie wozel to sit alongside someone who
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witnessed firsthand the horrors of the holocaust, who brings a moral weight and gravity second4vth÷5csyq tou was both powerful and humbling. i am convinced, after this election, the american people will stand and say together, never again means never again. [ applause ] on my very first day in office, i will begin the process of moving the american embassy and israel to jerusalem, the once and eternal capital of israel. [cheers and applause] now, i recognize for years a whole lot of presidential candidates, both republicans and democrats, have said that in deed.
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i recognize some candidates have said that standing here today. here's the difference, i will do it. [ applause ] and as president, i will do everything in my power to ensure that anyone who provides financial support to the bdf movement, including schools and universities will lose any access to federal funding. [ applause ] [cheers and applause] and to the extent that they ve engageduñ in illegal behavior, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. [ applause ] all of us here understand that israel is not the barrier to peace. ÷ the palestinian
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authority and a so-called unity government with hamas that celebrates the murder of women and children and incites and even compensates the terrorist attacks. if the palestinians try to push through united nations resolution tmk unilaterally declare palestinian statehood, america will veto that resolution. [cheers and applause] indied i will tell you today i would fly to new york to personally veto it myself. [cheers and applause] why on earth did a cuban american texan become one of
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the leading defenders of israel in the united states congress? i would say there are several reasons. first of all, i understand that standing with israel benefits america. [ applause ] israel is a liberal democracy that shares our values. israel is a steadfast and loyal ally and our military aid to israel is not charity. it is rather furthering the vital national security interests of the united states of america whether it is missile defense from iron dome to david sling or whether it is intelligence and militarynu÷ cooperation, israel provides an enormous benefit to keeping america safe and protecting us from radical islamic terrorists. [ applause ] blue -- but on a very
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personal level much of my view of israel is on a family story. my father was born and raised in cuba. as a kid, he fought in the cuban resolution. he was imprisoned. he was%e tortured. my father fled cuba in 1957. when he came to america he had nothing. he had $100 sewn into his underwear and he washed dishes making 50 cents an hour. he paid his way through school and he went on to start a small business. when i was a kid, my dad used to say to me over and over again, when i faced oppression in cuba, i had a place to flee to. if we lose our freedom here, where do we go? and i will tell you it is an incredible blessing to be the child of an immigrant who fled oppression andiñ came to america seeking freedom. there is one other nation on
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earth like the united states of america who was created as oasis to people of hope who had faced oppression, had faced horrible murder and persecution, the nation of israel, like america is, a beacon of light unto the world. and all of us here understand as ronald reagan did,qumq that peace is achievable only through strength. this is what israel understands. when you are surrounded by neighbors who would drive you into the sea, somehow you don't have time for political c correctness. [ applause ] weakness is provocative. appeasement increases the chance of military conflict.
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indeed, i believe this iranian nuclear deal is munich in 1938, and we risk, once again, catastrophic consequences to allowing a homicidal maniac to acquire the tools to murder millions. [ applause ] the way to avoid conflict is to stand up to bullies it is worth remembering that this same nation, iran, in 1981, released our hostages the day ronald reagan was sworn in to office. [ applause ]éó that is a difference a strong commander and chief can make. and together, standing as one, we can and will do it again. thank you, god bless america, and. [speaking foreign language]
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♪ ♪ >> senator ted cruz is the last of all the candidates to speak at aipac. they have all been there today. jackie, secretary of state hillary clinton was there having to defend her agreements with that deal with iran. >> yeah, she did. >> tough sell. >> tough sell. by going after donald trump that was some of her biggest applause line is when she was talking about donald trump and talking about him being unpresidential and unable to even do any kind of deals foreign policy realm. >> senator ted cruz hitting neutral. he has he since backed off that. >> ted cruz speaks the language not just the hebrew he dropped at the end there, this is very much second nature for him. connecting with the audience talking about israel that comment, i have heard from friends in the room today, he got texts even during the speech they are very
4:25 pm
skeptical over that pledge of suppose neutrality. trump tried to walk that back. kasich and cruz both don't want to let anyone he had said that. >> hard to gauge who got the warmer reception. iaba3ñ sort of think that donald trump got more applause. the expectation for senator ted cruz was different. they expected him to be fully supportive. >> we have seen this during the break. if you have seen ted cruz speak to the israel lobby, you have seen them all. ted cruz basically says the same thing. and donald trump was a wild card. no one knew what he was going to come out and say. a lot of ideas hearing from reporters that we in the room were pleasantly surprised by donald trump. you saw ted cruz give that little cut at the very beginning about palestine. >> that was a big cut. senator ted cruz did make that cut. >> palestine hasn't existed in 60 or 70 years. john kasich needs to get back in this conversation pretty desperately right now. this is an important marking
4:26 pm
point for the candidates. i don't know that it's going to be determinative one in any of the states coming up right now. you could see how seriously donald trump took the speech. i don't recall a time uses a teleprompter and use as speech dial it back and control himself and realizes there is a message deliver not just shoot from the hip donald trump. >> big day out in washington all speakingxd to aipac. very powerful lobby here in the united states. take a quick break, panel. thank you. much more ahead from all the candidates. first eric trump and his wife they were threatened. the fbi are investigating. now the fbi has opened a second investigation because another trump family member, donald trump's sister, who is a federal judge, has now been threatened. donald trump's son eric standing by for first interview since chilling threats. ♪
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more threats against donald trump's family. the fbi and secret service are investigating both threats. a threatening letter was sent to donald trump's sister judge marianne trump berry a federal judge in philadelphia and received the threat on friday and this coming just one dayn after a similar letter with suspicious white powder was sent to donald trump's son eric trump. eric trump goes "on the record" for the first time since receiving that threat. good evening,ache. >> good evening, greta. how are you? >> unfortunately this seems to be part of the business. these horrible threats. tell me, what happened? >> it's unfortunate, right? you always have a bunch of back jobs out there. this was a case we had that. we got a couple of
4:31 pm
threatening letters. you said it best, it's almost come to be expected in a process like this and my father really, there is tremendous energy around him and passion. he has really started a movement. listen, i guess there are people on the other side who don't feel so passionate about it. he has done something credible and listen, i think people are lashing out. >> this was reported there was powder in it and was it your wife that opened it. >> it was my wife that opened it. a letter, death threat and obviously powder in there the authorities did a great job. the cops and the police and the fbi in this country are so great. such unbelievable people. and they did an amazing job and everything was fine. it's that it just comes with the territory when you are going through a process like. this i assume they are thing on who did it any word on whether they have a suspect. >> nothing yet. they are investigating and they will find the person. they are investigating and they will find it. >> all right. well, the powder itself was a threat. what did the letter say was threatening. >> get out of the race, otherwise something ba" happen. there is a loft people,
4:32 pm
greta, we have seen this our whole life. a lot of people are crazy. this kind of thing happens. it's unfortunate. i don't like it for my wife unfortunately. my father is resonating. you have people on the other side lash out and that's exactly what happened. >> what do you know about the letter to your aunt who is a federal judge in sniffle. >> well, i don't know how much should be talking about it roughly the same. same general message. and, again, you know, a family, especially a family as visible as us, we have been out there, you know, this i have been on the show a hundred times supporting my father. set greatest man in the entire world. i love him to death. that's why we do this. i have been by his side. we have been visible. natural there comes with the territory. >> one last question it seems like the same person sent both of them, does the writing look the same or message look the same. >> very much did. it probably was the same person. >> all right. so anyway, your father just spoke at aipac. did you have a chance to watch it? >> did he amazing job.
4:33 pm
obviously standing ovations in there i was incredibly proud of1 him. twitter feedback amazing. he had rawlings on the show. my father knocked tourist park tonight. i can't tell you how many friends i have, jewish friends in the business. your father was so incredible. he solidified the jewish vote tonight. i think it was a great night for my father. >> he talked in one line at the end. it was -- we had a copy of the speech ahead of time. a lot of the politicians could that and the president does that as well. give us ahis speech ahead of time and embargo it. he said that his daughter may be having a jewish baby any second. and now it's been about 20 minutes to half an hour. do you have3( any update on that at all? >> that means she must have just had it, greta. maybe you guys no something i don't. ivanka is very close. she is amazing. she is jewish. her husband married myself and my wife. foreign minister from a
4:34 pm
family that has jewish members. >> there is no baby right now? so there is no baby? we can get off the baby watch for at least the evening. >> unless i have just gotten an email that i don't know about. my phone is 5 feet away from me. i think we are off baby watch for the evening. >> how is your father going to do in arizona and utah. >> amazing. knocking it out of the park in terms of the polls. he has had so many incredible endorsements. speaking in front of 30, 40,000. arizona is winner-take-all. i think we have the state. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. i think we are going to do tremendously there tomorrow. >> you have done the math to see if you get to 1287 before the convention because there is an awful lot of noise going on about whether this is going to be contested, not a brokered but a contested convention come this summer. >> the story that hasn't been told is we are coming back it our area in the country, our place. we have done so well thus far. now we are coming back to. >> no ted cruz isn't winning new york as the same as new
4:35 pm
york values library. is he not doing it is he not winning new jersey and connecticut. coming back here. california doing great in the polls in california. my father spent a tremendous amount of tizueñ there. we have a lot of property out there. ip &c @&c@ california. across the board, we have many states that are really -- we have a great advantage in and i think we are going to do great. i think we are coming into our territory now. >> it's sort of interesting because at least it seems he has been in the last day or so he has now released his foreign policy team. policy speech. he has been taking questions about the polls. so there seems to be at least for the last 18 hours a little shift in the strategy. >> yeah. i think that's right. i think more and more he is focusing on hillary. because i think that's going to be his adversary. we have to -- as a party we have to start focusing on her. she is likely to be the person start focusing on her. put the nonsense behind us. i think we are going to get to the 1237. i'm really confident we'll get to the 1237.
4:36 pm
do tremendously in the upcoming states. tremendous was one i mentioned before. pennsylvania, so well in state we know very well. we have to as a party start turning our attention to hillary. to do well against her. we have to start turning our attention to hillary. >> there seems to be a lot of rupture in the party. almost some people say that now they don't want that pledge that they all signed. do you worry that if your father does get the nomination is he not going to get the unified party so there isn't a third party candidate come november. >> i think he will do a great job unifying the party. the party is coming around. the party sees a clear path for him. kasich doesn't have a path. criticize has have little of the path. cruz would need 90% of the remaining delegates going into the states of new york we are going to win states like connecticut. he would need 90% of the delegates effectively to get to 1237 number. it's not going to happen. my father has a clear path. i think we are going to go and get to that 1237 and i think we are going to run against hillary and i can't wait until we do. my father is going to do
4:37 pm
such up believable john against her. we are just going to win this thing. >> eric, thank you for joining us. tell your sister iãsaid -- i don't know. what as soon as the baby is born. congratulations may be premature to say it now. eric, thank you. >> thank you, greta. we will keep you updated. >> the race heads to the wild west. eyes on arizona and utah tomorrow. who will win big, dr. ben carson who is supporting donald trump is here next. out on the town or in for the night, at&t helps keep everyone connected. right now at at&t, buy the new samsung galaxy s7 and get one free. buy one water resistant samsung galaxy s7 and get one free.
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you have heard senator cruz speaking at aipac but he is not alone. all three remaining g.o.p. candidates are speaking there today. just before senator cruz donald trump took the stage. >> i didn't come here tonight to pander to you about israel. that's what politicians do. all talk, no action. believe me. [ applause ] i came here to speak to you about where i stand on the future of american relations with our strategic ally, our unbreakable friendship, and
4:42 pm
our culturalb÷ brother. the only democracy in the middle east, the state of israel. [ applause ] >> former 2016 presidential candidate and donald trump supporter dr. ben carson goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. >> dr. carson, donald trump, we just heard him say that he didn't come there to pander and that some politicians are all talk and no action. yet, a short while ago he said that he was going to be neutral in the palestiniani dis. today he was steadfastly in support of israel. can israel trust donald trump and how do we know? >> yeah, i think they can trust him. you know, is he steadfastly behind israel. and what he was referring to in terms of, you know, trying to be even-handed as s. he was trying to say that it would be possible to have some type of negotiated settlement, but obviously you can't have that if
4:43 pm
everybody is only on one side. that's what he was trying to say. and i think post people actually realize that that's what he was trying to say. you know how they like to take things and twist them and make them into a big deal. weighs quite unequivocal in his support of israel. that was a very strong speech. >> indeed it was2ñ today. let me bring the viewers in for a second and give them a chance that they can vote at home on twitter. can israel trust donald trump, tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show live twitter votes throughout the show. dr. carson, it seems to me looking at the campaign at least in the last 18 hours, i realize this is so fluid is that donald trump has now gone from talking a little bit less about the polls and like today he released in the last 24 hours his foreign policy panel or advisors and then today and tonight then he spoke on policy about israel. also speaking prepared text and not taking questions. do you think that the campaign has turned a corner in strategy or not?
4:44 pm
are we going to go back to sort of polls and punching? >> well, there is going to be more pivoting toward the solutions. and the real policies. quite frankly, you know, people weren't all that ready to hear about policy before. and i think now we have gotten down to a number of people that is smgx÷j and they really will be interested in that i think that's going to be a good thick. you will see this pivot and there will be a lot more factual information coming$g out. he has got some terrific advisors. >> and do you want to make a prediction on utah and arizona tomorrow? >> i think he will win arizona. utah, i think, is too hard to call. >> too hard to call. we will all be watching, dr. carson. sorry to make this so short but we had a lot of long unexpected speeches at aipac. dr. carson, thank you, sir. >> thank you very much, greta. >> and donald trump, massive
4:45 pm
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tomorrow voters in arizona will hit the polls and for republicans it is winner take all. the big prizes a 8 delegates. over the weekend when donald trump came to town, he was met with massive protests blocking the streets. but that didn't stop donald trump from holding his rally for thousands of fans. >> people are tired of what the politicians are doing to our country. remember that they are tired of it. they are sick and tired of it so we're going to make change. it's not not going to be obama change. remember, obama? change. [crowd booing ] >> this is going to be real
4:50 pm
change. and we're going to have a border. and unless you have a border you don't have a country, folks. you don't have a country. remember that. >> former arizona go$9=i and donald trump supporter governor jan brewer goes "on the record." good evening, governor. >> hi, greta. >> governor, over the weekend the protesters, were they anti-donald trump protesters or were they supporters for some other candidate or some other group? do you have any sort of sense of who these protesters were? >> well, it appeared to me that they were very well organized and i believe that they are paid thugs to come in and disrupt the first amendment rights of the people that have come long distances to listen to donald trump. but there were are outshouted a little bit with u.s.a. by the people who support donald trump. we are looking forward tomorrow. had a great message and we're going to deliver a big victory. a 8 delegates tomorrow. >> well, i said sort of misspoke saying of course they are anti-trump.
4:51 pm
i meant was it seemed like they came out to protest because they want to do throw their support behind somebody else. you know, i guess that's what i meant. all right, so, you say going to win big tomorrow. what about the immigration issue? because there are a lot of people in your state who, i mean it seems very divided on the immigration issue. some might want a wall. but some thought that the immigration law a few years back cost the state over $100 million. so where does this immigration issue fall in whose favor? >> well, we know that it falls on the side of the people. the people understandun the issue not only in arizona but across america. they are tired of us not having borders. they are tired of all the illegal immigration coming across. effecting our economy and us all paying for it and certainly we are sick and tired of the criminal element and the drop houses and extortion and sex trafficking and crime that take place. so overwhelmingly i believe and strongly and i know that
4:52 pm
people support securing our border and donald is willing to stand up, tell the truth, and fight for us.p5 >> when you talk about securing the border. he wants a wall. how much border line do you have in arizona with mexico? >> oh, about 900 miles. >> is that possible? i mean i suppose it's possible and probable but is it feasible to put a wall up there? >> well, i would assume in a lot of places it's very, very feasible. there might be some areas along the indian reservation in the park that would create some havoc but along the park area i think the federal government, if we had a republican president we could work out a deal and possibly get that done where they say no, we can't go. the border patrol can't even go there the only people that can trespass across that border are the criminals. >> governor, thank you for joining us. we will be watching the great state of arizona tomorrow night when we see what your state does at the poll. thank you, governor.
4:53 pm
>> thank you so much. >> and do not miss tonight's special episode of hannity. 2016 g.o.p. presidential frontrunner donald trump joins sean for the entire hour in front of an audience of nearly 1,000 people. >> there is something going on. they want to get it into a convention and then they will steal it. and if, you know, i sign the pledge, to me a pledge means something. they signed a pledge, too. i'm not sure it means very much. if i'm right up this, if i'm:44y right up there, let's see, let's say i'm 50 delegates short, all right? if i'm 50 delegates short and somebody else is 500 or 600 delegates short i don't mind that one as much as someone else who got defeated during the process, because that's what's going to happen. i think we are going to get there i think we are going to get there in the delegate count and let's see what happens. i think it's going to be good. >> you will see the rest of it tonight at 10:00 p.m. on hannity. tonight miss it sean hannity 10:00r p.m. coming up, we are hours away from voters hitting the
4:54 pm
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we're just hours away from voters hitting the polls, tomorrow arizona and utah will hold their g.o.p. primary contest. fox news correspondent peter doocy is live in salt lake city. peter? >> and, yet, none of the republicans running for president this cycle are even in the state but mitt romney making a lot of noise tonight urging utah republicans to do what he is going to do and caucus for cruz tomorrow. romney is lending his voice to a brand new robo call where he is urging folks to vote for cruz because he says today vote for kasich is the same as a vote for trump which is surprising because romney just last week campaigned with kasich ahead of ohio's primary. the i couldn't talk resident romney also the star of a brand new trump ad anti-trump ad i should say from anti-trump super pac but g.o.p. officials in utah not so sure that anybody here really cares what romney thinks. this is why. >> voters are taking note of that they are also taking note of the fact that former
4:59 pm
governor, mike left is backing john kasich. so, it's certainly an interesting dynamic. voters ultimately will make up their own minds based on what they think is most >> the utah g.o.p. is also letting anybody that registered online before a deadline last week vote over the internet using a 30 character pin that they received. voters online can print a receipt to make sure their select was the right one. the thought is not everybody takes a long time to call bus so this is easy and could drive up turnout. something that g.o.p. official we spoke to this morning is concerned about. nit tournament bask team that dyu is playing n provo tonight the gameyjeáhs to 9. caucus also run 7 to 9. the 11,000 fans that are expect to do go are from districts where ted cruz is expect to do do well. greta? >> anyway, peter, thank you. >> and you voters at home, your live twitter voting results on your screen right
5:00 pm
now, can israel trust donald trump 19% say. no 81% say yes. see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> violent outbursts at campaign rallies. in tucson, a protester punched and stomped as he was let out by security. >> more violence surrounding the campaign of donald trump. will scenes like these effect the voters. [chanting] >> we have a special report >> for more than half a century, the sight of a u.s. president here in havana would have been unimaginable. this is a new day. >> president obama in cuba. some believe he has already been disrespected by raoul castro. question. what's in the detente for the u.s.a.?


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