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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 23, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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rescues. also the goal is to educate the public about poor conditions in those nasty puppy mills. >> i have a golden retrieverrer. he is my best friend. he has his own instagram account. golden george. best snuggler of all time. see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" the starts right now. harris: we begin with a fox news alert. massive manhunt underway for several suspected terrorists in the brussels attacks, including a man seen with two homicide bombers at the airport. and we're waitings to hear directly from president obama with a joint news conference in buenos aires in argentina. it has already started. president obama is set to speak next. we're monitoring this. we'll bring you news from there immediately as it happens this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, andrea tantaros. news editor for town, katie pavlich.
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national spokeswoman for the libre initiative, rachel campos duffy. also today's #oneluckyguy, also from town hall, political editor, guy benson. what a guy. he is outnumbered. we welcome you back. >> delight to be here as always. harris: we have a lot going on right now. we'll get right to it. glad you're here for that. as we await to look for president obama. i will look to the side. he has not started talking. fast breaking developments are coming out of belgium. authorities say several people possibly linked to the deadly attacks in brussels are still on the run, including the man in white seen on that surveillance video at the airport. on the right of your screen. he is seen with one of two brothers with whom prosecutors say were involved in the attacks on the airport and subway. that suspect fled. leaving behind a large bag at the airport before the two explosions. the prosecutor says that bag turned out to have the heaviest load of explosives of all. it blew up later when the bomb squad was there but no one was
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hurt in that. meanwhile, as belgium and the world are mourning the 33 -- 31 people who were lost so far the former number two of the cia under president obama, michael morrell is warning that the terrorists are winning. >> they are going rapidly in the rest of the world. probably have more territory today around the world than they did at anytime. and, they have conducted now attacks in paris, san bernanadino and now in brussels. so i would say they're winning, right? they're winning and we're going to have a find additional approaches to undermine them. harris: want to start what is happening in belgium. i want to tell our viewers the president of argentina is still talking. when it is president obama and we'll go right to it. but first of all the situation in brussels. so much what we talked about yesterday has opened and flowered exactly what we see,
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more explosives. more devices left behind. taken town it seems they're winning that is definitely right in every theater of war we look at, from syria to libya, how they penetrated and infiltrated european countries. we know from james comey they're here already and they're recruiting faster than we can kill them. isis has metastasized yet we see an administration that still doesn't want to tackle this issue. they would rather not. it is not politically expedient for them and beneficial to the president's legacy. i will say this, europe is warning sign for the united states of america. everything we're doing here, funding big welfare states, gutting defense budgets, moving away, implementing politically-correct ideology everywhere we go, everything we're doing is counter to what we should be doing. everything europe has done, mistakes it has made. we'll have this problem here. it will be here within years especially if they continue to push for refugees. harris: let me add to that, guy,
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the news we got this morning from the european union. pushing to spend more money on extra security all across europe as we in large cities, particularly new york city are seeing a draw-down of funding for that. forgive me i asked awe question. we have to go straight to president obama at the bilateral news conference with the president of the argentina. president obama. >> people of argentina and president and his team for hosting not only myself but also my family to this beautiful city. and as the president indicated we just had an excellent conversation. and i can tell you that president machri is a man in a hurry. i'm impressed he has moved rapidly on so many reforms he promised to create more sustainable and inclusive economic growth and to reconnect argentina with the global economy and the world community.
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today in show of confidence in argentina's new direction, many u.s. businesses have investing tens of millions of dollars in argentina which can be a part of broader investment that can lead to flue jobs and economic growth in this country. what the president and his team achieved in such a short time is testimony not only to his remarkable energy but also the willingness of people from different parties to work together and that is impressive given the history of political polarization inside of argentina. that is something i know something about, political polarization. but i told him and his, his team that the united states stands ready to work with argentina through this historic transition in any way that we can, in any way that we believe and you believe will be helpful.
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it is not just businesses taking note of changes underway here in buenos aires, the world has noticed as well. under president macri argentina is resuming its traditional leadership role in the region and around the world and on a range of areas we discussed the ways in which the united states and argentina can be strong global partners to promote the universal values and interests that we share. we share a commitment to freedom and security at home and around the world. and today the people of the united states and argentina stand with the belgian people and express our extraordinary sorry for the losses that they have experienced. we understand the pain they feel viscerally because our countries as well have known the scourge of terrorism and we've seen our own citizens impacted by this
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kind of senseless, vicious violence. as i told belgian's prime minister yesterday, the united states will continue to offer any assistance that we can to help investigate these attacks and bring attackers to justice. we will also continue to go after isil aggressively until it is removed from syria and removed from iraq and is finally destroyed. the world has to be united against terrorism and we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security not only of our own people but of people all around the world. so that is the top priority of ours and i know president macr ri shares those beliefs. we agreed to disrupt terrorism. do more to choke off terrorist financing mechanisms in place and keep our people safe when they travel.
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u.s. federal agencies will lend support to argentina's counterterrorism efforts and we're supportive of president macri's intention to return to argentina's significant role as a significant contributor to peacekeeping missions including by supporting u.n. efforts to protect vulnerable populations and the united states is very proud to support this effort through training and equipment. president macri also committed argentina to help address the syrian refugee crisis and i hope that inspires other nations to do the same. i'm encouraged by his efforts to combat drug trafficking, reduce organized crime and make argentina's streets safer. these are areas where we can be very effective partners of the united states and argentina also share a commitment to protecting this planet for our children and our grandchildren and our great grand children. president macri showed me pictures of his wonderful children including the little one who i understand was a
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facebook sensation and i can see why. so we want to make sure that she, just like my daughters and future grandchildren that they have got the beauty of an argentina or united states that has not been irreversibly impacted by climate change. harris: we have been watching that bilateral news conference taking place in argentina with the argentine president and president obama and we wanted to to hear from president obama anticipating and we did actually hear his remarks about the brussels terrorism attacks. he spoke on behalf of argentina and said we understand the pain they feel in belgium because our countries have felt the scourge of terrorism. we will continue to go after the islamic state until it is removed from iraq and syria, some of his words today. the president has been heavily criticized for not making these types of remarks yesterday when he first spoke. he did do an interview at the baseball game between the
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tampa bay rays and the home team there in cuba yesterday, with the espn and others and he was asked some questions right off the bat, much to their credit, not about sports but in fact about what was going on in belgium. your thoughts? >> i think that some of the criticism has been, should the have cut short his foreign trip and come home given the international crisis and everything that has gone on in brussels. i think you can making a argument either way, saying yes, he should have come home and no, let's not allow terrorism to completely disrupt our lives. he had official state visit here in argentina. i think that is fine. what is undeniably problem mat of opticses of him sitting next to a communist dictator at a base gal game, wearing his shades while cleaning up blood on the streets in europe while there is massive manhunt underway. we learned later today, the leader after colombian terrorist organization, farc, designated
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by our government as terrorist organization was also at baseball game which i'm sure the cuban regime knew b this is not a good look for a president on the day of an international terrorist crisis, period. >> there was missed opportunity here. he was in buenos aires. in 1994 there was huge terrorist attack on jewish center, 85 people killed, 300 people injured, he was asked last week by chairman royce to visit that center to pay his respects. declined even after the belgian attack he could have altered the schedule to show up there and send a message. why didn't he go? because that attack was executed by hezbollah, funded by iran and he is much more concerned about keeping, you know, his new friends, iran, not offending them then making a statement for the world about where we stand against terrorism. harris: a i have couple of questions but katie. i want to give you a chance to
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get in. >> it is not just about optics here. it is about the president of united states having respect for what has happened and while president obama as guy just mentioned is at a baseball game in the sun, doing the wave, and doing interviews and pretending like he is going to be an espn announcer instead of doing his job as president of the united states while there is a number of americans still missing today in brussels as a result of this attack, he has no, he doesn't mention their names. he doesn't go out to say we'll bring them home, we'll do everything we can. by the way we'll work with europe to make sure this doesn't happen again, and hold europeans accountable for why after months of brussels being on lockdown they were not able to stop an attack involving the very same people that attacked paris months ago. harris: excellent question. i want to follow up with what you said, rachel, to simply say, we have actually not seen the ticktock of his schedule. this was so fast moving we were told and forward moving so
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something could be added. i hear your point. we don't know about it. if it does pop up -- andrea: we've seen his schedule before change rapidly when event happened at ferguson. he can change rapidly. >> gun violence. andrea: this is classic obama, we've been doing this almost eight years. replace cuba with hawaii when he was on vacation, replace brussels with the times square bomber. you can he had it out these words so many instances he has not done the right thing. frankly at this point most people don't dare what he says. we expect him not to feign outrage about this anymore because he doesn't seem to care it is what he does. if i'm chuck schumer, someone who did not support his iran deal for obvious reasons, he is furious, schumer is, because obama cut $100 million of homeland security funding as punitive payback for the city of new york against chuck schumer. how is this a good idea? why isn't the media covering it? harris: if anybody would ever
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think, okay, well, that sounds a lot like your opinion on it, no, we learned this from josh earnest at news conference. he was the person who brought up chuck schumer's name with regard to -- by the way our viewers may see some of the fine police officers going by on horseback, we have extra security here in new york city. thank the good lord the money is flowing up until today. we'll move on. president putin of russia said a couple days ago, he was very critical about the fact he doesn't think the americans are in his words, he calls us the americans, obviously, are open to sharing intelligence. i think this particular president has missed many opportunities to do that saying he is, you know, taking leadership in offering. it is an interesting stance coming from a man who you know, has leaned on his neighbors if you're ukraine or crimea. >> leaned on. that is a polite way of putting it. >> leaned on a little. >> good reasons for the americans, as he calls us to be suspicious sharing almost anything with the russians but i think it is easy especially in
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these types of settings to get caught up in the optics and talk about, oh, what is president obama saying and doing at this moment. the more important issue is, how did we get to a point where isis is as strong as powerful and widespread as it is today. you go back, this administration repeatedly according to multiple spies, former dia chief, they downplayed and ignored this threat for years for political reasons and now we're seeing partially the consequences of that in western capitals in europe. harris: the only way history has shown us to change the future is to learn from the past and so as the president steps up and they begin to take questions with both the leaders there in argentina we will go back to that. but in the meantime maybe it will also give us an opportunity to go back and look at some of the things they did there they might be doing here that are huge mistakes. we'll move on. voters in three states headed toed polls last night. should hillary clinton be worried about a bernie sanders surge?
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and can ted cruz and john kasich stop donald trump? or is it time for one of them to drop out? and right after the tv version of us wraps up, we make more for you, always, online. catch us live on the web,"outnumbered," click on overtime tab. a lot of you have been talking about what is going on in europe. we'll make that part of the conversation. we'll bring in your voice. sign on to the live chat with facebook and twitter. we'll be right back.
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♪ andrea: voters in three states weighing in on the 2016 presidential race last night. on the democratic side hillary clinton clinching a win in arizona but bernie sanders taking utah and idaho and coming away with more delegates than clinton for the night. on the republican side donald trump taking arizona and ted cruz winning utah caucuses. cruz also picking up the endorsement of former florida governor jeb bush. in the meantime, a new quinnepiac national poll shows donald trump with 43%. that is commanding lead over ted cruz who has a 29% polling rating and john kasich at 16%. i'm going to go to arizona's favorite daughter, katie pavlich. katie, donald trump winning
9:21 am
pretty clearly in arizona last night. ted cruz though, he racked up some delegates in utah. where do you see the gop race headed now? is donald trump the inevitable front-runner or are you hearing they're going to do everything, what appears to stop him? >> i think if you look at the delegate count it will be very difficult for either donald trump or ted cruz to get to the magic 1237 before its all over in june. math doesn't add up to either one of them winning unless something changes or if donald trump gets more support next couple months. not surprising donald trump won in arizona. i think it is ironic john mccain won senate re-election we need to build the dang wall. here donald trump is essentially saying same things adding mexicans will pay for it. that is interesting thing they have in common but illegal immigration is very serious issue. it affects health care system, education system, public safety situation there. that is not surprising. interesting to see how ted cruz
9:22 am
won in utah based on type of republican lives in utah voted for him. mitt romney helped him there. he won significant portion, 71% of the vote. so the math moving into more of the rust belt, northeastern states will be more difficult for ted cruz i think. however doesn't mean the delegate count will add up before the end of the day. think we're probably headed to brokered convention. andrea: brokeredded convention, guy benson. >> could be. harris: andrea: ted cruz was here, got to say hello to him. he is feeling very good about it. with about the math, guy. only pathway i see it has to be brokered convention for cruz. >> excuse me guy. i feel it is almost personal but it is not. joint news conference in argentina. president took a question about isis and what happened in brussels. let's watch. >> other top priority is to defeat isil and to eliminate the scourge of this barbaric terrorism that has been taking
9:23 am
place around the world and we see high-profile attacks in europe but they're also killing muslims throughout the middle east. people who are innocent, people who are guilty only of worshiping islam in a different way than this organization. they are poisoning the minds of young people everywhere, not just in europe but in the united states and undoubtedly in argentina. people are looking on these websites. so there is no more important item on my agenda than going after them and defeating them. the issue is, how do we do it in an intelligent way? and our approach has been
9:24 am
continuously to adjust to see what works and what doesn't. what has been working is the airstrikes that we're taking on their leadership, on their infrastructure, on their financial systems. what has been working is special operators partnering with iraqi security forces and going after leadership networks and couriers and disrupting the connection between their bases is raqqa and their bases in mosul. we recovered, taken away from isil about 40% of their territory. and, isil's leadership has been hunkered down and we are going to continue to press on them until we are, we have driven them out of their strongholds and until they're destroyed. while we are doing that, we're
9:25 am
also extraordinarily vigilant about preventing attacks in the homeland and working with our allies to prevent attacks in places like europe but as i said before, this is difficult work. it's not because we don't have the best and brightest working on it. it's not because we are not taking the threat seriously. it is because it's challenging to find, identify, very small groups of people who are willing to die themselves and can walk into a crowd and detonate a bomb. and my charge to my team is to find every strategy possible to successfully reduce the risk of such terrorist attacks, even as we go after their beating heart in places like iraq and syria. and, as we, our strategy
9:26 am
evolves, and we see additional opportunity, we will go after it. but what we don't do, and what we should not do is take approaches that are going to be counterproductive. so when i hear somebody say we should carpet bomb iraq or syria, not only is that inhumane, not only is that contrary to our values, but, that would likely be an extraordinary mechanism for isil to recruit more people willing to die and explode bombs in an airport, or in a metro station. that's not a smart strategy. as far as what some candidates have said, i think i've been very clear on this. one of the great strengths of the united states and part of the reason why we have not seen more attacks in the united
9:27 am
states is that we have a extraordinarily successful, patriotic, integrated muslim-american community. they do not feel get owized. -- ghettoized. they do not feel isolated. their children are our children's friends going to the same schools. they are our colleagues in work places. they are our men and women in uniform fighting for our freedom. and so any approach that would single them out or target them for discrimination is not only wrong and un-american but it also would be counterproductive because it would reduce the strength, the anti-bodies that we have to resist terrorism.
9:28 am
as far as the notion of having surveillance of neighborhoods where muslims are present, i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance, which by the way the father of senator cruz escaped for america, of the land of the free. the notion that we would start down that slippery slope makes absolutely no sense. it is contrary to who we are and it will not help us defeat isil. last point i will make on this, i understand when we see the sight of these kinds of attacks our hearts bleed because we know that could be our children, that could be our family members or our friends or our coworkers who
9:29 am
travel to a place like brussels. and it scares the american people. and it horrifies me. i have two young daughters who are growing up a little too fast and i want them to have the freedom to move and travel around the world without the possibility that they be killed. so i understand why this is the top priority of the american people, and i want them to understand this is my top priority as well. it is the top priority of my national security team. it is the top priority of our military. it is the top priority of our intelligence officers. it is the top priority of our diplomats. but we are approaching this in a way that has a chance of working. and it will work. and we're not going to do things that are counterproductive simply because it's political season.
9:30 am
we're going to be steady, we're going to be resolute and ultimately we're going to be successful. >> excuse me, but i don't think that it will help in any sense that we are going to find. let's study, documentation and then we can do some comments on it. thank you. >> translator: next a question from martin -- harris: all right. so we continue to watch this news conference. you saw president obama answering several questions there that had been put forth by a reporter kind of in a staccato fashion. criticism of him being abroad and not coming home. his thoughts about that. also just in general our strategy for fighting isis. we will kind of go back and forth. we do have the translator there. so we're able to monitor this. at those key points we'll take you back. the issue the president says is
9:31 am
how do we deal with finding a strategy to fight isis or isil as he says in an intelligent way. and i saw you sit back very pensively. your thoughts. >> well he talked about, this is refrain we hear a lot from the president on number of issues, we're really focused on what works. we're pragmatists and interested in what is effective. the problem with this, this went to the top of the show and quote we used from former cia deputy chief mike morell saying openly on national television isis is winning. what we're doing is not what works. we heard moments ago the president said his top priority is defeating isis. i hope that's true. the problem is when you talk to the intelligence community, when you talk to a lot of sources, the priority of this administration was politics when it came to the genesis and spreading of isis to begin with. then allegedly according to dozens of spies, talking to "the daily beast" in september, cooking the books on intelligence to make it seem
9:32 am
like we were gaining and advancing better against isis in the fight than we actually are. those are contradictory crosscurrents compared to what we just heard from the president. harris: the contrary to the books be scrubbed but pressure on the people doing the work. >> and why? for politics. harris: one of the things the president said, katie, they're hunkered down, meaning isis in syria and iraq. we're going to drive them out. we're still trying strategies. do you need 19 strategies? you have some of the best military leadership on the planet! can't you just come up with maybe one or two? >> the fact is the military community and top generals given barack obama the president a strategy and he rejected it. he instead decided to put the advice of lawyers who are working in the white house to micromanage what is going on on the battlefield, to be in charge. rather than the plan of the generals had presented. i'm with guy. i would hope that this would be
9:33 am
top priority of the administration. but based on the results and based on the attitude that the president has including the fact that he again, went to the baseball game yesterday instead of at least showing that he was interested in making sure the american people have some resolve when there's been major terrorist attack where americans are missing, in brussels, and for him to say they're contained is just completely opposite of the facts. you look at the map. they're all over iraq and syria. they're all over europe. as andrea repeatedly said on the show the fbi confirmed they're here, working on hundreds if not thousands of leads yet the administration is saying we're still working on something that is going to work. it is not working. people's lives are at stake as a result of it. harris: if it were working we wouldn't see the presence. we're very close to sometimes square. i see it on twitter. you can see the police presence behind you. they know, they know we are being, protected here in new york city and some of our other major areas but it doesn't have to happen there.
9:34 am
it can happen in san bernardino too. i want to move on to the president mentioning senator ted cruz by name as he was talking about how best to deal with the muslims and rooting out radical islam. i'm putting words in his mouth now. he is just trying to find the extremists but i'm saying within that muslim community finding that radical arm, and he says well you can't ghettoize the muslim people in this country, andrea. he specifically called out ted cruz. andrea: he did. that was reference of ted cruz saying we need to profile which is something donald trump has said. it is very, very successful. it is very effective. it was effective here in new york city after the attacks of 9/11. what happened though mayor de blasio a democrat and clintonite, he dismantled entire program that kept new yorkers safe for years. not only that, harris, just a couple months ago, the aclu filed a lawsuit on behalf of three muslims in new york city. now they can sue the nypd, not
9:35 am
just the force. they can sue individual officers if they feel that they are being wrongly targeted. this program was highly successful. there is a number of radicalized mosques the police pointed to. they only do it if they believe there is suspicious terrorist at activity. president taking a shot at ted cruz for that. then taking a shot at senator cruz saying we should be carpet bombing. i don't believe carpet bombing is the right strategy pour this specific enemy, rolling out a wave of carpets. i think it needs to be more targeted munitions this time around. cruz is right. something needs to be done aggressively. trump is right when he talks about immigration. what obama is missing releasing terrorists from gitmo, talking about things like enhanced interrogation his own administration said was legal. trump talks about waterboarding. that is enhanced interrogation. administration says it is legal. a bit of cognitive dissonance from a president who thinking water board something not okay but droning is and killing innocents with drones are okay.
9:36 am
president obama makes absolutely no sense when he talks about the war on terror. harris: interesting point, rachel, because, well, and you made it earlier because with the oil fields. when we had the opportunity to hit some of those trucks when the islamic state savages were putting together their money by securing oil revenues as they were moving across iraq and syria, the president didn't do that. >> right the military asked. harris: they took out a few. >> they asked to bomb them. they said no, we don't know if the drivers are forced to drive. if they're really isis fighters. andrea: climate change. don't want to disrupt the environment. >> go back to the point you made about ghettoization and stuff about surveilling in those communities. we need to take back the word a simulation and -- assimilation, stop making it a bad word. we're americans. we ought to be proud of our culture, of our freedoms of the way we treat women. people who come here from wherever they come ought to feel a lot of peer pressure nationally to adopt to our ways. if you want to come here, we
9:37 am
treat women a certain way. we, we care about freedoms. we don't like sharia law. we believe in the constitution. by the way, that assimilation is what allowed my family, who is hispanic, we assimilated and proudly and that is how you get the american dream. we'redoing no favors to muslims or any immigrants that come here by making assimilation to american values and american culture a bad word. harris: all right. we'll move on. but no doubt come back to this. the news conference is ongoing. we're still covering it. before we take you to break, show you another live picture happening. this one from brussels. the world remembers, i know president obama said that we have fear, our hearts bleed i believe he said because we could see our own family, our friends in this. but we also feel hearted and heart scratched about this because we're human. so we're with them in prayer and thoughts. we'll have a live report exactly what is happening in that enormous manhunt now. several suspected terrorists after the attacks to keep the
9:38 am
people safe there. we'll be right back.
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harris: the investigation is growing now after the belgium terror attacks. police are looking into whether yesterday's deadly bombing of brussels airport and subway station were the work of same islamic state cell that hit paris last year, some markings of that. areas of brussels remain on lockdown at this hour. manhunt for multiple suspects going on including for this man, you first saw this on "outnumbered" yesterday, caught on surveillance video in the airport in brussels. he has not not yet been officially identified. john huddy is live in brussels with more. john? reporter: well, harris, as the hunt for suspects including those that you just mentioned continues, the mourning here at the place here basically central plaza in downtown brussels continues. just to kind of set the scene
9:43 am
for you, we've been showing you this throughout the day, thousands of people have packed into the plaza here. you can see one of the memorials. this is a small example of a larger one in the center of the crowd. kids have been coming all daylighting candles like that little girl. there are messages, respond with light, rise above fear. that is kind of overall message been chanted from people up on the steps there. a lot of, you know, messages of hope. messages of peace but the security operation very much continues and the hunt for one of the prime suspects in this, the man that is shown on that surveillance, the airport surveillance video, his name is najim laachraoui. he is on the right side of the video. police believe he was carrying a suitcase bomb but left we he detonated. he overall bailed on the operation, leaving two other suicide attackers there. as we know they carried out
9:44 am
their deadly suicide attacks. laachraoui is said to be connected with the paris bomber, salah abdeslam. laachraoui, that would be a big takedown. there were reports that he was arrested, that is not accurate. that is not the case. he is still on the loose and they're hunting for him. if he were to be taken down it would be significant because he is bomb-maker said to be involved in the paris attacks in november. quickly, two suicide attackers in the airport bombings one has been identified as brahim el el bakraoui. his brother, khalid took out part in the other attack and third attacker is not been identified. police took a number of raids in brussels.
9:45 am
they found bomb-making materials and chemical weapons as well. that security operation continues. airport in brussels remains shut down. that will likely remain the case. transportation has been limited all day. tonight all metro lines in the city will be shut down at 9:00. back here on the ground, again, thousands of people packed into the plaza here. there was a woman standing over to my left, left side of the camera, your side side of the camera, she is getting a hug right now, she was very emotional. that is case with a lot of people. 31 people killed, more than 270 others injured. a city known for peace now really at center of the war against isis and terrorism, harris. back to you. harris: we are with them from this far away. our hearts and prayers are with them as well. john huddy, thank you very much. john gave us a lot of new information there. so officially najim laachraoui
9:46 am
on the ride, i was reading potentially he is bomb-maker. confirm nation now in all of john's reporting. it is interesting, andrea, you said on the couch yesterday, sources were saying it looked like there was much more of a connection point between what happened in paris and what happened in belgium other than just the distance traveled. andrea: right. we know the suspects found refuge in that neighborhood, molenbeek in brussels, belgium, right outside i should say, for four months. it took them four months. what i noticed from the raid over the weekend from the tape we kept playing over and over on fox news, did you see the way they went into him, all the guns, weaponry pointed at all windows during that raid. harris: right. andrea: telling me and observers even police are scared. what else could be coming at them? it is not a peaceful place. not only that. e.u. has crippling laws, in brussels you can't do raids at night. that is why they do raids during
9:47 am
the day. look at signs, material used. not a shock, we heard catherine herridge, i asked her yesterday, is there connection between the as as as as tone per rocks side after the -- per rocks side. after decades of this is why you trump is doing as well as he is. harris: bring it back to the conversation about refugees and about illegal immigration and immigration for europe. this is not illegal. these are the people that they have let into their country and allowed to have that. molenbeek, that suburb of brussels, burgeoning. i said yesterday, anti-radicalization expert said they are a breeding ground for the second and third generations coming in, those young kids that feel disenfranchised to join up with groups like al qaeda and isis. what you're talking about too, that other intersection is this neighborhood.
9:48 am
it isn't just they can put things together and have the same materials but they have that support, that support of that neighborhood. that cover of that neighborhood. >> do you remember that when the terrorist attack happened in san bernanadino the first one to come out and say, hey, the family members of the attackers knew and they are as responsible for this and on the left, even, i'm not sure if obama, there were many pundits on the left were angry he said, he is going after family members but it is really obvious there is a network of family and neighbors and community who know what is going on and americans are angry that this is happening, that these communities aren't, aren't monitoring their own communities. and then you have what you get is trump, not just his poll numbers but statement he said yesterday. if they're not going to monitor themselves we have to go surveil them. harris: well, and if the republican presidential candidates were not landing some divots we certainly learned they might be. when a president calls you out
9:49 am
by name, for trump it has been several times and now for senator ted cruz it is interesting elevation of platform, i will put it that way. all right. so earlier we were talking about the criticism of the president being at that game with cost slow, with raul castro yesterday while all of this was going on in brussels. the most indepth interview he would give went to espn. love them, but it's a sports network. he is there at the baseball game criticized by some for not coming home. he was asked about that at argentina in the bilateral news conference. when we come back we'll cue up his answer. stay close. with hydrogenated oil... ...but real joyful moments are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪
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harris: fox news alert. the president in argentina today, a day after what happened in brussels and still the questions coming at that bilateral joint news conference with the president of argentina. moments ago he was asked, mr. obama, why were you at a baseball game instead of coming back to the united states or going to europe? i'm paraphrasing the question. i don't have to paraphrase the answer, watch. >> i mentioned at the baseball game yesterday, one of my proudest moments as president was watching boston respond after the boston marathon attack because they taught america a lesson. they grieved.
9:54 am
i was there for the memorial. we apprehended those who carried this out. but a few days later folks were out shopping. a few days later people were in that baseball stadium and, you know, singing the national anthem, and big papi was saying what he felt about boston, boston strong. and how a terrorist attack was not going to change the basic spirit of that city. well, at that moment he -- harris: guy, i want to get your response. >> that is an interesting approach there i think from the president, quoting david ortiz, big papi from the boston red sox, who is i should point out not the president of the united states. he talked about the people of
9:55 am
boston did after the bombing a few days later going back to their normal lives. the president sat next to a two-bit dictator doing the wave at a baseball game the day of the attack in brussels with people still on the loose, with body parts still scattered at that airport and metro stop. i don't think that is a great answer. by the way, here is what i was thinking. sometimes you make it a little bit about yourself and myopic, just as example for this show, if on "outnumbered" on slow news day we'll talk about fun stories. there is new survey about married couples have banter. when there is terrorist attack, jay and his cry say, no, the run-down is different and we'll discuss breaking news. discussion on this couch yesterday was very different than the run ever the mill prosaic episode of "outnumbered." the same adjustment ought to be made by the president of the united states and leader of the free world. harris: wow. i do want to inter project
9:56 am
something you've been saying katie, let awe take up on this. there were americans caught up on this i haven't heard yet the president mention on his own, without the prompting of questions about the americans who were there. three missionaries we know from utah, the military officer and his family who were injured and all of it. >> the first thing that the president gets briefed on when there is an attack overseas how many americans they know were involved, how many were injured, how many were killed and whether any of them are missing. not that president obama doesn't know about the americans. he is choosing to ignore the situation. harris: thank you all very much. we had a lot to digest this hour. thank you for watching. "happening now" will happen right after the break. we'll be back here at noon eastern tomorrow with more "outnumbered." and during this event,
9:57 am
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>> welcome back to "happening now". we begin with a fox alert. we are getting new intelligence from the house. that the terrorist behind paris and brussels attacks are all connected. >> the police are launching a manhunt for the surviving suspects. the intense manhunt for a third terrorist identified in the deadly airport bombing in brussels. will new evidence lead investigators to those behind the savage


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