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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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our home land. i'm allover north. a fight against isis is a war story that deserves to be told. good night. a fox news alert. senator bernie sanders won the state of alaska, as democratic caucus results roll in from the west coast. hello. i'm arthel neville. welcome to brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> always good to be with you. i'm eric shawn. senator sanders topping the news and the polls this hour with voters going to the polls in three states. the senator starting to chip away a bit at hillary clinton's huge delegate lead with that win in alaska. preliminary results from the associated press also showing the senator holding on to a solid lead also in washington state. the biggest prize of today's caucuses. we are expecting those official results any moment now. the senator absolutely needs to do well today to prevent
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mrs. clinton's lead from spiraling out of reach. now she is looking to avoid a three-state sweep today with a win in hawaii. polls closing there in a little less than an hour. kristen fisher has more in washington. she's in total. at this hour, what are the results there in your state where you are? >> so far ten counties are in and bernie sanders is winning all of them. he was always expected to win wisconsin. this is a very prerogative, very liberal state. but what is surprising in these early results coming in is that sanders is doing very well in counties that hillary clinton was hoping to take. counties that are out east, much more rural. clinton had even campaigned in one of the counties that bernie sanders won. she had campaigned there earlier this week. there is a lot of boeing engineers, a lot of earospace engineers. she had been hoping which boeing benefited from, would really
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help her. so far based on the very early preliminary results, that does not appear to be the case. we're still waiting on seattle and seattle is really sanders' country. he held a huge rally here last night. 15,000 people turned out at safeco field where the seattle mariners play. this is where he made his final pitch to washington state voters and he said, guys, washington state, if you guys pull out a win for me today, then i believe that i still have a path to secure the democratic nomination >> i believe that if we win here in washington, we're gonna win in california. we are gonna win in oregon and we've got a real path toward victory to the white house. >> reporter: clinton's campaign has really been down playing expectations. they didn't invest a lot of attention in this state. bill and chelsea clinton
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campaigned here a bit last week. hillary clinton held two events here on tuesday. but not a ton of attention devoted to washington state. again, sanders was expected to win. but even if sanders does win this state and continues to win in alaska as we now know that he did and win in hawaii, he still won't make a huge dent into clinton's lead because all the delegates and democratic races are awarded proportionally. so even if she loses all three states, she's still going to pick up quite a few delegates. back to you. >> what are the details on those other two states that you mentioned? >> reporter: well, alaska just came in. no surprise, alaska went for bernie sanders. we're still waiting for hawaii. it's going to be a while with hawaii because the polls or the caucuses don't even close until 7:00 o'clock eastern time. so we aren't expected to get the first results in until about midnight eastern time. so we've got a little while. that state is really the big wild card. there are very few polls that
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have been done there. none of the candidates have even campaigned there. but jill sanders, bernie sanders' wife, went to hawaii earlier this week. i think we have some video of her in that state now. she's actually in alaska right now. so she's been dispatched to both of those states. one other thing that might make a difference with sanders in hawaii is the fact that congresswoman gabbard endorsed bernie sanders. she's very pop politician in hawaii. she just put out an ad two days ago supporting sanders. so we'll see if that makes a difference. back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. a very picturesque spot, just after 3 in the afternoon in seattle. arthel? >> great weather. we have a fox news alert. another american identified as having been killed in the terrorist attacks in brussels. 30-year-old justin schultz' mother confirming his death. schultz, from tennessee, had been listed as missing, along
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with his wife, stephanie. stephanie remains missing. meanwhile, a new suspect is now accused in the bombings. belgian prosecutors charging a man with terrorist murder and two other offenses. mike tobin is live in central brussels. what can you tell us about the suspect? >> reporter: he was one of the six people who was picked up on thursday night in that flurry of police activity. he was pulled from a car in front of the prosecutor's office. local media has identified him as faisal shafu, a self-declared journalist. the prosecutor's office will only identify him as faisal c, but say he has been charged with participation with a terrorist organization, terrorist murder and attempted terrorist murder. belgian media reports that he is the third airport bomber caught on the video. the individual in the light coat. that third bomb didn't go off. it was set to be the largest of the bombs. since the attacks on tuesday, a
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total of nine people have been rounded up here in belgium. another two of them have been charged with participation with a terrorist organization. arthel? >> before i let you go, are we learning more about the victims? >> reporter: as you mentioned, sadly there is confirmation of an american who died. this is justin schultz out of tennessee. his family released a statement saying justin schultz died as a result of the bombings at the airport in brussels, belgium on march 22. please keep the family of justin wife's stephanie, in your prayers as they await news. justin and stephanie were at the airport dropping off stephanie's mother. the last anyone saw her, they were waving good-bye and the bombs went off. only four people remain unidentified. of the 31 people who died in the attacks, three of them were the attackers themselves. there were 28 innocent victims. 24 of them have been positively identified. all of the survivors have been identified. arthel? >> so very sad. mike tobin, thank you so much.
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eric? >> the pentagon is pushing now to send more american troops to iraq. that move would increase support for iraq's ground fight against the radical islamic terrorist of isis. this as the u.s. air strikes have scored a big win, we are told, taking out this man, isis' second in command, as well as other key figures of that terrorist group. now the details from washington. >> reporter: u.s. military officials tell fox news that after weeks of practice, this operation went just as planned and looks like something out of a hollywood movie. early thursday morning, he was riding on an isolated road in eastern syria when an elite team of u.s. special forces swooped in on helicopters and surrounded the vehicle. he was considered next in line to take over as the leader of isis and was given the option to surrender, but instead, started shooting. within seconds, he and those he was traveling with were killed. >> the removal of this isil leader will hamper the organization's ability to
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conduct operations inside and outside of iraq and syria. >> reporter: defense secretary ash carter said friday he was the third isis leader taken out by u.s. forces this month, including omar, the chechen, isis' minister of war. >> leaders can be replaced. however, these leaders have been around for a long time. they are senior. they're experienced and so eliminating them is an important objective and achieves an important result. >> reporter: though both carter and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff were quick to say the war against isis is still far from being over. >> the momentum is in our favor. i think there is a lot of reasons for us to be optimistic about the next several months. but by no means would i say that we're about to break the back of isil or that the fight is over. >> reporter: he also said while no official decisions have been made, both he and secretary carter believe the u.s. will be sending additional forces to iraq in the next few weeks,
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adding to the 3700 troops already there on the ground. eric? >> thank you so much from washington. russia leading the charge as syrian troops retake major parts of the ancient city from isis. russia's defense ministry says 158 targets have been hit in the city killing 100 militants and three artillery positions. the fighting, the heaviest yet in the three-week campaign. new video shows the extent of damage in the ancient syrian city after a long battle between isis and rebel forces. some structures still standing. isis captured the city last may and began blowing up major landmarks, like temples and tombs. more grist for the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. it turns out, we're told, defense secretary ash carter used his personal e-mail account for government business for nearly one year. that is up until this last
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december. we are told that months after the controversy erupted over mrs. clinton using her private server, we're learning that the defense department replied to a freedom of information request. they were forced to release more than 1300 pages of secretary carter's personal e-mails. none of them, however, contain any classified information, as is the claim with mrs. clinton's e-mail. but she denied her e-mails have included anything marked classified. easter egg hunts are in danger of being rained out in some portions of the u.s. showers and thunderstorms expected to roll in tomorrow. and some of those storms could be severe. janis dean is in the fox weather center with more. j.d., peter cotton tail can't hop down wet bunny trails, seriously. >> i agree. i agree. it's a good thing he has a fur coat because some areas could see some snow, arthel. let's talk about it. right now we're dealing with the
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potential of some hail, damaging winds and even some isolated tornadoes tomorrow for peter cotton tail's big day. but for now, we're going to worry about the potential of some snow over the rockies. yes, in colorado they received record-breaking snow last week. we'll see on top of that, at least a foot in the mountains. this is the time of year when the colorado rockies typically see snow. so we see winter weather advisories posted here. an additional six to 12, even two feet of snow as this next round of storms moves in to the northwest. you can see the spring skiing is excellent for those who enjoy that kind of thing. future radar, i want to show you the storm system moving into the central u.s. along the ohio, tennessee river valley, mississippi river valley, because tomorrow that's where we could see the severe threat, large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes, as well as some flooding along the gulf coast and southeast. keep that in mind if you have easter egg hunts, you want to
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bring them indoors. there is monday. we're going to see a messy commute for the i-95 corridor on monday morning. the forecast precipitation, there is the bull's eye where we could see easily four to five, even six inches of rainfall across north florida, as well as central florida as we head into tuesday. severe threat tomorrow. want to make mention of this 'cause a lot of people are going to be traveling. of course, we'll have easter egg hunts. across the ohio, tennessee river valley, mississippi river valley, gulf coast, that's where we could see some strong to severe storms. keep that in mind. and your sunday forecast, there is our peter cotton tail right here hopping down the bunny trail. again, it is going to be wet along the gulf coast. watch for the severe weather for parts of the ohio, tennessee and mississippi river valley. we'll also see the northwest bringing in that next storm system with a lot of snow. for the northeast, pretty good forecast. we could see hit or miss showers, but otherwise, looking very nice and a quick look at your forecast. highs again very cool across the northern section of the country,
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the northwest. cooler than average. we'll start to see the temperatures moderate and tuesday, a little bit of springtime weather. but looking ahead, hopping head ahead to april, arthel, looks like cooler than average temperatures for much of the country. something we will watch for you. eric and i were talking earlier, are you a peep fan? do you like the peep? >> i love my peeps. >> you love your peeps! why do we only see peeps one day of the year on easter? >> i say peeps all the time. >> we all love our peeps. >> they're gonna get rid of both of us if we keep chatting. thank you very much. >> happy easter to both of you. >> happy easter. thank you so much. >> peeps are great. they're marshmallow flavor with the little sugar around it. we'll get it this weekend. as this is easter weekend, of course, christians are mashing what's considered the miraculous resurrection of jesus. you know it turns out many americans have faith in miracles and that prayer can indeed heal.
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new poll shows 34% say they have witnessed or experienced an illness that was cured by a miracle. now the power of prayer and healing is the focus of a new documentary. lauren green has the story. >> supernatural being do something. that's what makes something a miracle. it's not can you come up with a scientific explanation? it's did god actually do something in this person's life? >> pastor and film maker eli i can't steven raised thousands through a kick starter campaign to fund his documentary investigating whether medical miracles actually happen. >> i wanted to know if god really did this stuff or if it's a fairy tale that con artists are trying to persuade the public to believe in order to earn money. >> he set up a web site so people who think they've experienced miracles can contact him. one case is a young man named chris from the portland, oregon area. from birth, he suffered from
3:15 pm
chronic pseudo obstruction syndrome, which paralyzed his intestines so he could never digest food. he would get water and a nutrients from tubes. when he was 16 years old, chris says his parents brought him to a church service where a man prayed over him. >> halfway through the prayer, i felt a shock from my right shoulder and through my chest. and into my stomach. it felt like god was jump starting my stomach back up. right then and there, it was healed. >> reporter: chris' doctors were baffled. his condition had no cure. stevens enlisted the group of global medical research institute that is fielding claims like chris', and bringing in physicians from all faiths to determine whether sudden healing after prayer took place or if there is a scientific explanation. >> what i do is get experts in the particular field to evaluate the case and let them decide whether or not it meets the bar
3:16 pm
or not for a miraculous healing. >> reporter: stevens is about halfway through the project with experts vetting cases and medical records. he hopes to show the film within a year in churches and maybe even theaters. in new york, lauren green, fox news. >> thank you. chris' story, absolutely amazing. >> it surely is. great story. thank you. hillary clinton is setting her sights on the general election and a possible showdown with the gop frontrunner donald trump. why some political analysts say that may be a mistake. plus a look at senator bernie sanders' chances of catching up with clinton in the wake of today's results [ music ]
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senator bernie sanders picking up a much needed victory in the alaska caucuses. early indications are he could score a big win at the caucus in washington state. we're waiting for that. we're also waiting for the results from hawaii.
3:21 pm
despite the senator's first victory today, hillary clinton continues to hold a large lead in that delegate count. a lead her camp is calling insurmountable. some democratic strategists are warning her camp not to ignore the senator and his momentum. he continues with his cause with some success. will he win more wins ahead? our guest joins us. susan, he's got one win. looks like he could have two. what's the message if he has a full sweep today? >> he could actually have three victories. that would mean he wins the entire day and again, it just is demonstrating that hillary clinton is not the candidate who everybody in the democratic caucus prefers. she is someone who still lacks the enthusiasm among young people and independents and you have bernie sanders here coming along and doing well in these caucus states, generating enthusiasm and just showing that voters are not completely settled on her. i think what it does is it
3:22 pm
weakens her as a general election candidate. if you look at some of these exit polls, she is doing really poorly among young people and independents. these are key voter constituentses for the general election. bernie sanders is winning them by almost 80%. and so now today at the end of the day, he may sweep not only alaska, but washington and hawaii. he's got a great endorsement in gabbard, the democrat in hawaii in the house of representatives and probably do well in washington. these delegates are not winner take all. so hillary clinton will still walk away with a lot of delegates after today. it won't be just bernie sanders walking away with all of them. but still, it shows the lack of enthusiasm for her wit so many other voters willing to instead get behind bernie sanders. this could be troubling in the weeks ahead. we have the wisconsin primary where the two of them are practically tied in the polls. he stands to do quite well there. he could do very well in oregon.
3:23 pm
and he's competitive in california. so bernie sanders is not going i way. that's really hillary clinton's biggest problem. she's been really pivoting to the general election, talking about ho she's going to run against in november. but she's there and he's a bigger problem than she portrays him to be when she's out campaigning. i think you might see that change if after today he walks away with three victory, which he could well do. >> she really has been focusing on trump recently. you're saying she could pivot back to attacking sanders. but what happens to all those sanders votes? the millenial, the young folks, some of them are not going to go from socialist democrat, bernie from varmint to the win side. so what happens if they have hillary clinton as the nominee or do you think they'll just potentially stay home? >> that's really a great question because will they just simply lack the enthusiasm to turn out in november? that i think is the question that has the democratic party a little worried. will it be the same thing people
3:24 pm
worry about on the trump side? if trump doesn't get the nomination, will those voters stay home? i think the same concerns exist on the democratic side. independents who are now breaking for sanders, she has a better shot with them generally in the general election. but again, the young people, remember what a great help they were in getting president obama elected in 2008. she needs them. she'll have to find a way to generate that enthusiasm by not ignoring bernie sanders. i think she needs to pay attention to his message and try to figure out what it is that are attracting these huge crowds and great enthusiasm for him. i think she's got a little to worry about in the weeks ahead. she talks about herself as really the only person who can win the delegates. but that's not all she needs to win. she needs to win over the hearts and minds of the voters. i think that's one of the interesting things you're seeing today. >> yeah. could be like remember mccarthy? it could be one of those situations. >> exactly. >> bottom line, does it really matter, because they say she's so far ahead that the super delegates are on her side, the
3:25 pm
critics say the fix is in for hillary clinton because of the way they structured this thing. do these three wins and even though his cause continues, in the end, does it make a big difference? >> right. she's got the super delegates by 430 to 29. so she's got those -- those are the establishment delegates. so she's locked those up pretty well. you know, california is a problem for sanders and that's where she's really gonna probably win big because he would need to really beat her bay lot to win enough delegates to win the nomination. at this point he needs to win two-thirds of all the delegates going forward. that's almost an impossible task for him. in the end, as you say, this is just a math equation. does he have the numbers to make it to become the nominee? at this point, it looks really improbable in and that she will probably be the nominee. >> for this day, it's sanders saturday. at least two, if not three states. we'll see. susan, always good to talk to you. thank you for joining us. >> you bet.
3:26 pm
>> arthel? >> the bombings in brussels putting terror back into the spotlight in the 2016 election. what white house hopefuls are saying about how to take down the radicel islamic terrorist and what hillary clinton is saying about some of the republican solutions. plus gop leaders vow to wait until the next president took office to vote on the supreme court vacancy. so why are some of them now planning to meet with president obama's appointee i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox®, an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. it's shown to prevent headaches and migraines before they start. and it's injected by my doctor once every 12 weeks. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness
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the continuing threat of radical islamic terrorism attacking our civilization. depend at the center of the presidential race. after the brazen and horrific isis attacks in bus sell, candidates here on both sides of the aisle are detailing more about what they would do to combat the islamic terrorists. bryan llenas says what they're saying. so let's first start with the republican side. >> reporter: yeah. the attacks on tuesday has effectively pivoted donald trump versus senator ted cruz on who can portray themselves as toughest on isis and terrorism. for cruz he called for, quote, patrolling and securing muslim neighborhoods in the united states. he says he would revive a new york city controversial counterterrorism surveillance program that targets muslims and apply that same program nationwide. the program was ended by mayor de blasio who slammed cruz for the idea this week which he
3:31 pm
called, quote, represencible and a fox news sunday interview that will air tomorrow, cruz defended his plan to work cooperatively with muslims to target radicals. >> now, unfortunately, liberal democratic mayor bill de blasio when he got elected, one of the first things he did in a nod to political correctness is he did disband that unit. that doesn't make any sense. we need to be going after where the threat comes from and the threat comes from radicalization. >> reporter: for donald trump, this plays into his campaign strategy which has been tough on immigration from the get go. he reiterated his plan to at least temporarily ban all muslims from coming into the united states and to not allow any refugees, tweeting, europe and the u.s. must immediately stop taking in people from syria. this will be the destruction of civilization as we know it, so sad. trump says he agrees with cruz' plan to police muslim neighborhoods. he also pushed again this week to allow more torture,
3:32 pm
specifically water boarding, and he said america should rethink whether it should be part of nato, calling it obsolete and too expensive. >> how have the democrats reacted? >> former secretary of state hillary clinton, this plays right into what some would say is her biggest strength. knowledge of foreign policy. she and cruz lambasted trump for his comments on nato, saying it would strengthen russia and weaken counterterrorism. she accused trump and cruz of fear mongering and being loose cannons. >> it's not effective in protecting us and it plays into the hands of terrorists who want nothing more than to intimidate and terrorize people, turn against each other. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders had a similar message at a rally yesterday in portland, oregon, saying this war is against isis and not islam, a
3:33 pm
religion. eric? >> thank you so much. >> no problem. we have some breaking news. senator sanders has now won the washington democratic caucuses, according to the associated press. this makes this sanders saturday. he picked up washington state, 101 delegates. that's big haul for the senator over mrs. clinton. he won earlier the alaska with 16 delegates. that gives him a total so far of 117 delegates and we are waiting for hawaii where he apparently was leading earlier today. we'll see if he has a hat trick, full sweep. if he can nab three. but the delegate race so far favors mrs. clinton. it could be a very good saturday for senator bernie sanders. the associated press saying he won washington state and alaska as we await the results from hawaii. we go back to belgium now where authorities are working around the clock to piece together information on the
3:34 pm
deadliest attack in its history. a massive manhunt leading to the capture of a third suspect in the airport bombing. for more now, we go to jim woolsey. jim is chairman of the foundation for defense of democracy and former director of the c.i.a. good to have you this evening here. >> good to be with you. >> so the latest info coming out of brussels is that the terrorists are targeting nuclear plants there. how vulnerable are those nuclear plants and also how likely is it for these terrorists to make a dirty bomb, which is reportedly another plan of theirs? >> the dirty bomb, i'm afraid if they get their hands on radioactive material, let's say lightly enriched uranium, the sorts they use in a power plant, not heavily enriched, but if they get their hands on that, then just having it blown up, the material blown up by an explosion could spread that
3:35 pm
material around a wide enough area that nobody would want to work there for many, many years. and so it's a real threat if they can get hold of enriched material. some of it is used in medical uses and so one has to be very, very cautious in controlling it and the belgians have not been right at the top of the grading heap in doing that. so that's a problem. >> what about that dirty bomb, the possibility? did you say that's a possibility? >> that's what a dirty bomb is. essentially a radioactive material exploded, but not exploded in such a way as to have a nuclear reaction and have a detonation of the weapon. it's simply spreads the material around. >> i beg your pardon. i was thinking president nuclear plants and there was reports of them going to cause damage there in -- >> that could be a problem, too. i mean, for example, if the electricity for the plant is attacked, and sometimes that's
3:36 pm
inside the fence of the plant. sometimes it's outside. but if it's outside and easily attacked, then you could contribute as a terrorist to taking that out and having things get very hot very quickly and meltdown and so forth. it's not that this can't be defended against. but one has to do it and do it thoroughly and carefully and red team it and so forth. >> okay. thank you for that clarification. so i want to ask you now, do you have any knowledge of how quickly the counter terror agencies in those countries can improve communications to prevent some of these terrorists from slipping through the cracks, hiding in plain sight and possibly minimizing future attacks? >> i don't have a good feel for it. some of those countries do this sort of thing very well, britain, for example. others have historically not. i mean, belgium, it was kind of amazing to all of us to learn that they weren't conducting any raids after 9 p.m
3:37 pm
why everybody needs eight hours sleep if they're going to work on countersterrorism. i don't knowful but that sort of thing is not all that uncommon in some of the other countries in europe. not really going to the mat to completely all the time in order to protect your society. the other countries, a number of them are going to have to get moving. >> before we go, if you could provide a short answer on this, if you would, people watching, americans are asking, could this happen in the u.s.? are our spellings gathering agencies communicating and cross checking documents, alerts, e-mails and such to avoid a communication snafu like what happened surrounding the attacks in belgium? >> i think we are good, a bit spotty, but good. but we have to make some decisions of the sort that was discussed earlier about new
3:38 pm
york. rudy guiliani approach that was used right after 9-11 was considerably more effective than what mayor de blasio is doing now. and one has to make decisions like that. what are you going to do and how are you going to do it in order to make it less likely that someone can come together in a terrorist group and do really horrible things? >> do i hear you saying that public safety should trump political correctness? >> i think virtually anything should always trump political correctness. but i think it should -- yes. yes. >> thank you mr. woolsey. thank you very much. former director of the c.i.a. >> thank you. >> eric? >> the first republican senator is now sat down and met with judge garland. some say more republican senators are now rethinking the party's stance on this nominee and may sit down and have coffee with him. that is up next and how many may plan to meet
3:39 pm
i thought i married an italian. him.
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the supreme court fight starting to spill out onto the senate campaign trail. a handful of republican senators planning to meet with president obama's supreme court nominee, judge garland. breaking with the gop leadership strategy as they face tough reelection bids. joining us now is susan estridge, a professor of law and political science at usc, former national campaign manager for 1998 presidential candidate michael dukakis and fox news contributor. always good to see you. >> good to see you. happy holidays. >> happy easter. let's start here. you've got three of the republican senators planning to meet with judge garland next week. all senate terms up in 2017, so they'll be on the ballot in november. mark kirk of illinois. senator ayotte of new hampshire.
3:44 pm
rob portman of ohio. so my question to you, is the party leadership willing to risk seats like those to prevent hearings on a supreme court justice nominee submitted by president obama? >> i certainly hope not. you know, art. i can't tell what the party leadership will ultimately decide when it puts its finger to the wind. but i hope and i think most americans probably feel this way. here is a dedicated -- he happens to be someone i've known for 40 years burks he's a brilliant, moderate, very acceptable, middle of the road, brilliant guy. we have a supreme court divided 4-4. the president was elected for four years. and to not give the guy the courtesy of a meeting and a hearing, to so politicize the supreme court that we don't even
3:45 pm
ask, well, is this the kind of nominee i could support? and i would suggest to mirin friends out there that if they took a look at mr. garland, he's precisely the kind of democrat they can support. that's why the president nominated him over other probably more liberal choices. so i think the republicans may end up having a price to pay if they don't at least -- how do i put it -- do their job as senators. >> okay. let's take a look at a fox news poll from earlier this week. so 79% of the democrats polled say the senate should vote now on president obama's replacement nominee. 70% of the republicans said the senate should wait until after on the new president's nominee. so i ask you, which party has history on its side and which party sits on the right side of history on this?
3:46 pm
>> well, look, both parties say politics is judicial nominees. ever since robert bourque was bourqueed, as they say, and that was in the fall of '87, as i recall. and then there was a nominee ultimately confirmed in the election year. but putting that aside, ever since bourque, both sides play exactly the same game. they attempt to predict how liberal or how conservative that individual will be and subject him to all kind of litmus tests and meanwhile, the nominees sit there and lie and say oh, my personal opinions have absolutely nothing to do with how i would decide cases, you know? the process stinks. but i think the most important line on that poll is that independents think they should decide now. moderate, independent voters who weren't looking at this as a partisan thing. >> yeah. susan, in closing, is it possible that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is
3:47 pm
coming from the standpoint that the republican party is divided enough with the presidential race, so why widen the chasm with another issue seen as controversial inside the gop? >> well, i think there is no way to avoid widening the gap right now. i mean, now we've seen three people splinter off and you know that behind those three people are three more people doing their calculations and three more people after that. it's a heck of a lot easier to go home and defend the proposition that you gave the guy a fair hearing and either you were for him or against him than that you were just playing politics with the whole thing. >> yeah. okay, susan. thank you very much. and that's exactly -- thank you very much. good to see you. don't forget, you can read her syndicated column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. eric? >> the nation's top coal producing states are losing tens
3:48 pm
of thousands of jobs. north dakota 10,000 in one year. some of the coal states are coming up on the presidential primary calendar. we will look at how this will impact the race ♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here.
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right now, the economy is on the mines of many in the presidential election especially the coal mining states. tens of thousands of jobs have been wind out in wyoming and west virginia and north dakota dack. how will the coal vote affect the outcome. joining us is mickey. it is so tough and hard on those folks. how can the candidates promise to bring the jobs back or are they gone forever. >> the candidates will promise going to get your vote. it is coal, it is a diminishing but not disappearing industry. economics areñr not working for it. one- third of our power is generated from coal and only
3:53 pm
this year did natural gas pass coal as a generator of electricity. there is a lot of people woshing in the coal business and politicians need to remember they represent the unemployed and employed. pea body which is the largest private coal company may foil for bankruptcy. so what do we do? senator sanders in wisconsin and this is live video shots. he said we have to move away from coal, nuclear and fossil fuels. is that possible? >> no. coal is an important part of our energy mix for decades to come. natural gas is mrebtyful and reloyable and we can bring it on on line in a short period of
3:54 pm
time and that's where the future will be. coal was the bridge to the next source of energy and just like oil and natural gasxd is a brid to the the next source, but right now oil and natural gas than for coal and we have to retrain people who are losing the jobs and help them to relocate to where the jobs are. >> that is a great ponent. hillary clinton let me play this clip. she was talking about using replacing coal with renewable energy. >> i am the only candidate that has a policy to bring economic energy using clean renewable eligible be to the country. we are putting coal mine ares and coal companies out of business and make it clear, we
3:55 pm
don't want to forget those people. she said that. is it possible to replace those jobs and use wind and solar and power? >> yeah, that makes a tough sell in west virginia to say that. when you look the at alternative economies with a single source. in midland, texas, we have oil. you have to look to the future. coal will be a strong energy but the people who work there and feel like they are on thecliñ fe as to where their jobs will number the future. >> sorry, we'll be right back. >> thank you. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob...
3:56 pm
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ytzmjdtq sqpá for religiousa?=ó friday. sea food in louisiana that means crayfish. good friday is biggest day for crawfish boil in the bay ou. >> they got a ton of live crawfish and prepared more than a thousand sacks and will
4:00 pm
sellout over this weekend. >> i can't wait to go home and oat crawfish. >> i can eat six pounds in one sitting. >> yeah. couple of beers. julie banderas. >> the brussel's terror are attack claims the life of a third american. the family of 30-year-old justin shults confirmed he was killed in the airport bombing. his brother p tweeting, the last thing my brother told me he loved me. rest high on the mountain. >> and the search for the men responsible for the heinous act, a now suspect is now in custody. he is last of throw men suspected in the airport bombing. the attacks


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