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tv   Bob Massi Is the Property Man  FOX News  March 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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sunday." the world of islamic extremism. that's it for "the kelly file." i'm sandra smith. tonight, on "war tonight on "war stories" isis brutal in their islamic state. the kurdish, fierce fighters standing against isis. >> the peshawar. >> isis propaganda calls for attacks in europe and in american. >> the threat is growing in terms of scale and scope. >> can isis be stopped? it can be defeated and it will be defeated. >> that's next on "war stories." live from america's election headquarters, an american couple from tennessee now confirmed to be among the 31 people killed in the brussels attacks.
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stephanie and justin schultz who lived in belgium were listed as missing after the suicide bombing at the airport. they were dropping off stephanie's mother who was returning back home to the u.s., watching her walk through security when the bombs exploded. and there is new deadly violence in pakistan. an explosion ripping through a crowded park where christians were celebrating the holiday. at least 60 people killed and 300 others injured. these numbers could rise. one official saying most of the victims are women and children. a suicide bomber is suspected of being responsible. we'll see you at 4:00 alongside eric shawn. welcome to this special edition of "war stories" coming
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to you from march field in riverside, california. home of the 452nd air mobility wing. i'm oliver north. you are looking at a c-17 globe master. joining me, man who knows about that fight on the ground, former u.s. navy s.e.a.l. laife bevin. >> thanks, ollie. these are essential in the fight against isis. and it was isis that inspired the attack in san bernardino about 20 miles from here that killed 14 americans and wounded 22 others. >> no question in my mind or yours we can beat them on the battlefield. >> absolutely. >> the question is, can we defeat their ideology? 14 may 2015. al baghdadi, the self proclaimed califh of isis calls for all muslims to migrate to his caliphate or take up arms in their own country.
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>> the terror alert raised to the highest level after bombings at the brussels international airport and a subway station in the heart of the capital. >> we heard two very loud explosions. >> if anybody thought it wasn't their problem they ought to recognize it is all of our problem. >> 130 people of 27 nationalities were slaughtered in paris. >> first major attack on french soil since world war ii. around the same time, we had the attacks in lebanon. we had first downing of an airplane since 9/11. this all happened in a matter of weeks. >> san bernardino, california. where husband and wife team had thousands of bullets and a stockpile of pipe bombs. >> i think that investigations in all 50 states in america. >> the horror will not end until the muslim community wakes up. >> there's some say who say isis is just one of these franchises from hell of radical islam, not
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really any different of boko haram or al qaeda. is it just isis? >> it's extremism in any form. it's extremism that challenges the american homeland, people and presents a risk to the lives of our partners and alliances, as well. >> after serving at 36th commandant of the marine corps, joe dunford was appointed chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. we met in 2003 colonel commanding combat team 5 on the battlefield in iraq. you have got probably more experience in this war than anybody i know. what has changed over the course of those years between 2003 and now? >> today we're probably dealing with a more virulent strain of extremism in the form of isil. >> is it something that can be contained and defeated? >> it can be and will be defeated. it requires a couple of things, first deny sanctuary and require us to build the capacity of the partners for security with their own borders and require us to cut off the resources, the flow of foreign fighters, undermine the credibility of their narrative.
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>> undermining isis narrative isn't easy. as fast as one can push the send button, isis propaganda is spread on social media, horrific videos via dabiq the digital magazine. isis claims like all jihadis to follow the paths of islam's founder mohammed who established the first islamic state orac caliphate in the seventh century. >> the most common misconception of isis is, again, the one that they aren't islamic. unfortunately, isis is very islamic. >> timothy furnish has a ph.d. in islamic history, a u.s. arabic specialist and written numerous books on islam including "sects, lies and the caliphate." >> isis has the upper hand in terms of interpreting the koran
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because they're applying it literally and this makes it very hard to refute them. one of the favorite motifs is to quote hadifs, alleged sayings of mohammed and it's about an armageddon-like battle to take place before the end of time. in the town of dabiq, a town of northern syria, hence the name of the magazine. like al qaeda, isis never refers to us as americans. isis sees the united states as a christian power and that they'll defeat the crusaders us and bring about the end and the islamic conquest of the world. >> islam, isis is islam, takes 7th century interpretations and says this they're going to literally apply it to today. >> dr. zudi jaser was a medical officer in the navy and was an attending physician to the u.s.
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congress. he's a practicing muslim and author of "a battle for the soul of islam." after the 9/11 attacks, he was disappointed with the muslim-american response and founded aifd, the american islamic forum for democracy. >> this is not our islam. we believe we need reform to get to the 21st century within our discourse. i see many muslims attracted to this idea of the islamic state. the only thing that inoculated me against radicalization is my love for america and my love for liberty. >> yet, isis continues to attract tens of thousands of foreign fighters including americans, intending to die for their cause. isis emerged from the terror group al qaeda in iraq or aqi. >> predecessor group to that was a group that al zarqawi started. >> in "operation iraqi freedom" al zarqawi was the head of the aqi.
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battle against the u.s.-led coalition forces on the streets of fallujah, ramadi. >> isis has been able to eclipse al qaeda i think primarily by the fact that they rule a state. they're not hiding in caves and on the margins of the islamic world. >> and it didn't happen overnight. and it's not going to be combatted overnight. >> arizona congresswoman mcsally served 26 years in the u.s. air force, retiring as a colonel with six deployments to the middle east including afghanistan and iraq, she holds the distinction of first female in combat. mcsally served on the arm services committee. "war stories" sat down with her in tucson. >> 30,000 fighters from 100 different countries into iraq and syria, we know of 250 americans and about 5,000 or so from western countries. isis took over territory and
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declared a caliphate in june of 2014. isis owns territory in iraq and syria, about the size of indiana. and in addition, areas in libya and other ungoverned spaces they're trying to continue to expand to. >> isis all but erased the borders drawn up after world war i by diplomats. mark sykes and francois george. >> the thrust of the strategy is cutting off their heads. we have to cut off their head figuratively by the strength and leadership and territory in iraq and syria. >> up next, general dunford chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, joins us to lay out a path to victory and meet a brave man running an underground railroad to help save the innocent from isis terror. hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth
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in the summer of 2014, isis grabbed the world's attention when the black clad isis army suddenly charged out of the stronghold in raqqah, syria. isis rapidly seized thousands of square miles of territory including mosul, the second largest city in iraq. iraqi government forces fled before the onslaught and within weeks isis overran ninevah and anbar province. along the way isis captured tens of thousands of heavy weapons, munitions, vehicles and military equipment the u.s. provided to the baghdad government. as their forces advanced, isis released brutal videos showing the beheadings of the scores of captives including american journalist james foley and steven sotlov. finally, the president addressed the nation. >> our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil. through a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy.
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>> the obama administration's declared strategy included u.s. air strikes in iraq and syria and special operators on the ground in iraq. many in congress see it as inadequate. >> our efforts militarily have been anemic so far. we could have been using special operations and air power in a much stronger way in order to roll back isis capabilities and strengthen the more moderate elements. there can be really no solution in this region until we address the assad issue. >> we've got 60 countries that have said they're part of the coalition against isil. in truth, about 20 of them are providing effective military capabilities. frankly, a focus right now to get the coalition partners to do more. >> do we have allies in the middle east that will help us? not the europeans or nato but allies in the middle east to be helpful to us in this fight. >> jordan is a good partner.
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israel is a good partner in this fight. the united arab emirates has been a good partner in this fight. >> another country that should be a partner in the fight against isis is a nato member. >> turkey is a part of the effort to address the flow of foreign fighters yet the vast majority of foreign fighters are flowing through turkey into syria so they just need to do more and control their own border. >> kurds consistently beaten isis at every turn. should we be doing more to help the kurds? >> we're getting the support they need in the current fight to them. we're doing it through the iraqi government because what we're looking in the long run is a unified iraq. that's the best prospect of success. >> whether iraq can survive as a unified shia sunni united state but the islamic state despite the effort to cut the finances the richest terror organization on the planet.
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>> they're able to fund from extortion, kidnappings, the black market oil, selling of antiquities, robbing banks. >> u.s. treasury departmentest ma its brought in as much as $50 million a month selling oil on the black market. >> we'll need to squeeze the nations in the region to assure there's no black market for the oil to be sold. >> is the solution going to require tens of thousands of american troops on the ground in either syria or iraq? >> my perspective is long-term success requires forces on the ground for long-term stability and i believe that u.s. capabilities unique u.s. capabilities are going to be equally important to be successful. >> but some say a ground war with the u.s. and european troops is exactly what isis wants. >> i do think isis is dedicated to what in this sort of sub field we call hot wiring the apocalypse. i think the beheadings, the burnings, as with the jordanian pilot, the horrible things they
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do, i think they're trying to spark a ground war. >> the more there's a war like this, the minorities have no place. >> reverend al shafi is devoted to rescuing religious minorities who are victims of oppression and genocide. in 2004 he founded one free world international. he converted from islam to christianity at 18 years old. he was imprisoned and tortured in a prison for declaring his faith in jesus christ. so christians and jews and others are caught in the cross fire? >> that's correct. >> since 2014, an effort to cleanse the caliphate, isis death squads viciously murdered tens of thousands of christians and yazidis in northern iraq. most captured men and boys
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eliminated but thousands of young women and girls taken as trophies of war. >> we know that isis takes particularly yazidis, christians, young women, turns them into, quote, wives or sex slaves. >> is that doctrine within the koran? >> of course it is. it is doctrine in the koran. you can have a slave. sometimes one of the girls, and i recall -- she was 9 years old. that they used to rape her 20 times a day. we have succeeded in rescuing a number of those women. >> describe without creating a vulnerability for the process how you go about finding them and getting them out. >> through the relationship that we have with the kurdish tribes that we will be able to go across the borders to isis territory and we will be able to save and rescue some of the girls back. we was able to locate for markets where they sell the girls.
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most of them in mosul and some of them in syria, these girls have different price depend on her beauty, depend on her age, depend on she is virgin or not. so the price can go from $4,000 to $2,000. this operation bankrupted our organization but i would tell you something. i will sell my suit, my furniture, everything i own to get these girls out. and i have no regrets about it. get these girls out. and i have no regrets about it. up close with the kurdish peshmerga as they fight isis in northern iraq. that's just ahead on "war stories." peshmerga as they fight isis in northern iraq.
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the autonomous region of kurd stand is about the size of texas in the northeast corner of iraq, it shares borders with turkey, syria and iran and rich in oil, natural gas and extraordinary history. >> the kurds are the largest group of the people in the world without a state. >> today it's devastated thanks to the syrian civil war and isis. against all odds, the kurdish peshmerga are the only military force to consistently beat isis. >> the peshmerga are an incredible fighting force. they certainly have the resolve and will to fight and they have been strong partners in the fight against isis. >> peshmerga means those who face death. since isis invaded the territory if august 2014, they have fought nearly daily battles in the struggle to retake their land and they have been doing so with
12:24 pm
little to no help from the u.s. this is the front line of the mosul front for the peshmerga contending with isis right at the bottom of this hill. what do they have to fight with? ancient ak-47s, a handful of m-16s, tanks from the soviet era '50s and why? because we haven't given them the weapons they need to fight and win against isis. this is an american humvee? >> translator: they left all this behind. the other one they took it from isis. >> we gave this to the iraqi army and the iraqi army, the cowards fled and isis captured it from them and then you captured it from isis. >> translator: yeah. the cowards left it an it. >> it would have been shorter to
12:25 pm
give it to you to begin with. >> they can see the entire front line from here. geographically in control of the entire area. isis positions are. >> enemy, daesh, yes. >> the smoke that's out there on the horizon? >> yes. >> from an air strike? >> yes. >> the coalition forces. >> do you have any friendly troops, any peshmerga forward west of that line right here? >> you see the line over there. that's the defensive trench. there are no civilians in this place anymore. >> as seen in the photos, the peshmerga have proof that isis is using chemical weapons against the kurds just as saddam hussein did when he was in power. this is one enormous refugee camp.
12:26 pm
>> nice to see you. >> thank you very much. >> leland sal is the program manager of this refugee camp sheltering thousands of syrians. how many live in this camp, just this one camp? >> yeah. the number of the families, there are about 5,500 families and the individuals around 30, 30,000 individuals, yeah. >> everything we have seen so far, there's an enormous burden on the government of kurdistan, the regional government. >> on the shoulders of the government, yeah. >> american aid, government -- >> yeah, yeah. >> -- goes to baghdad. but it doesn't get here. >> yeah. and i think if they directly coordinate with the government of kurdistan it would be better. >> the next crucial battle in iraq will be the fight to liberate mosul.
12:27 pm
you see mosul retaken in the near future any. >> i think it's going to be sometime. mosul has started and we deal it at a pace to be successful. >> if baghdad decides to attack mosul, to liberate it from daesh, you could have another 500,000 refugees. >> it doesn't matter how many here. we'll be at their service because kurd stan has a huge heart and whatever the kurdish people have experienced they understand the situation of the idps and that's why we're always supporting them. >> thank you. coming up, inside the worst terror attack on american soil since 9/11. and it's right here in southern california. on american soil since 9/11. and
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