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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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good night from new york city. see you in washington tomorrow night go. to my facebook page and like it. there is a lot going on there. ♪ ♪ i'm bill o'reilly special edition of the factor 2016, get to our top story, the political fallout now that donald trump's campaign manager has been charged cory lewandowski yesterday after bright part reporter michelle% fields. opponents are firing everything they got at trump and lewandowski. take a look at ben shapiro fields' former boss at breitbart who resigned over the website wants handling of the incident. >> the real story here is the trump campaign obviously
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stupid decision not to immediately admit something had gone wrong, apologizing and move on. instead deciding to go after michelle personally and lie about the incident. now have you donald trump suggesting that she assaulted him and lewandowski heroes stepped in and protected donald trump from this 110-pound reporter with a nanny might have been a bomb or a pen or mainly not a threat. >> in wisconsin today trump is continuing to make it very clear lewandowski has his full support and will not face any disciplinary action. >> what kind of country are we in? to destroy somebody? and what kind of a country are we in when they go to kasich, what would you do? i would fire him. they go to ted cruz, i would fire him. folks, as your president, you need somebody that's going to be loyal to the country and to yourselves. you need somebody that's going to fight you. if she really go down, if she did something like that. he would have been fired before she ever got up.
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okay? that i can tell. >> you joining us now from phoenix jeff dewited, the chairman of the trump campaign in arizona. jeff, let's start off by this video that's circulating and everyone has seen times. the video came from trump event. a trump property. did the trump group, did they volunteer that video or was that subpoenaed? >> it's my understanding that it was volunteered. we wanted that video out there to show that the sequence of events that miss fields saio-u=happened did not happen that way. i know we wanted that video out there because it obviously starts what cory had been saying which is that she was not pulled to the ground in any way. >> at this pressers and this is a trump presser. at these pressers, are the media required to wear any sort of identification that shows that they are part of the media so it could be literally either media or a protester or a fan? >> you know, i think it goes on a case-by-case basis per
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the event. there are some events where they are all media and so i don't know if the requirement is the case and other events like the rallies where absolutely we want to identify who is media so, i'm not sure this event, if that was required or not. >> okay. so, i watched the video a bunch of times. you know i'm looking at the video the same way you are and anyone else watching the show saw it. it locks to me like michelle fields doesn't actually fall to the ground. i don't see anywhere where she falls. but it also looks to me like corey did in fact touch her, lewandowski did in fact touch her at some point. i wasn't there so i don't know for sure. cory lewandowski, the aftermath of that tweeted saying michelle was delusional, he never touched her. he doesn't even know her. i think both of those accounts from both sides may where am i missing this? >> it's funny, that video now has been slowed down and gone frame by frame more than the film over the kennedy assassination
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looking at that what corey was saying after the event when she was coming out and making claims that she was dragged to the ground. he knew he had not dragged anybody to the ground. what he was denying is saying look, i have no idea what this woman is talking about. i never dragged anybody to the ground. now that the video is out there, what's hard is, that is normal, almost normal clearing a building kind of sequence of events. when you are trying to get a secret service protected individual out of an event, and through an exitway, there is always going to be kind of a scrum and people are getting pushed back to clear a path. and so it's kind of the normal standard for standing around one of those areas. >> i get all of that i understand it that tweet does say i did not touch her. now, he may not -- did he not remember he touched her? is that possible? >> well, he didn't know her at the same time. so, he didn't know the woman at all. and so when this woman came out and said if you look at that video closely, too. you will notice, his eyes aren't really on her. threw the cloud.
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>> jeff, where was the secret service? i see there is a secret service agent to trump's right. and one maybe leading him in front. is that enough to protect the candidate, you could say the nominee potential nominee? >> you know, it kind of goes by the event. we have been at some events where the protection has been very heavy. and other events where it's been somewhat light. it's possible this was a little bit lighter because this was at a trump golf course so more of -- it was our home environment. so there is one in front and one in back. they do a fabulous job. the secret service really does a great job of protecting him. so, you know, she kind of -- you noticed she kind of darts in right after one passes in front of another. she is between them. if you hear the recording, you will hear that she is warned to step back too by secret service. everyone knows she is not doing something right and look at the left hand in those pictures that have been posted from a different angle. here she is darting towards a secret service protected presidential candidate and she has something strange
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object in her left hand, that actually does make contact with mr. trump. and so, really, she did everything wrong for somebody that doesn't want to be touched in any way. that's one of the quickest ways to get touched is to dart- in between secret service agents and touch a presidential candidate, any candidate. >> so, there is a poll that was released today out of marquette, and it has ted cruz now leading donald trump prior to that trump had been leading ted cruz. what do you make of this poll? is this in response to some of this going on? why the switch? in fact, ted cruz was in third place in the prior poll. donald trump was first. kasich was second. cruz has moved up. what do you adistribute that to. >> the cruz campaign is really deploying the vast majority of their remaining resources in wisconsin. and there has been a big, big push. they have done a ton, actually a ton of negative advertising toward mr. trump. i think what you are seeing is they know this is their last stand. if ted cruz loses wisconsin,
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then the delegate count gets really easy for donald trump to so he sew up the nomination. they have to make up the nomination. pattern. cruz campaign put all the resources in one state to show they won something and they go on to lose say the next five to seven. so whatever happens in wisconsin, if you look at the map past this, we are going to do very well and mr. trump is going to have some big wins coming up after that it looks like an attempt for ted cruz to try to make a last stand. is he putting everything he has in it governor walker of wisconsin is,8g÷ a never trump guy. >> is trump going to stay in wisconsin until tuesday? >> i actually don't know the schedule myself yet. but i know we are there right now and he is working heavy and i wouldn't be surprised if we do. we have a big on-the-ground presence there. i think we will do quite well. all the negative advertise something trying to get trump people to stay at home. not trying to get them to turn to ted cruz. if the trump support just shows up andté votes, we will still have a very, very good day in wisconsin. >> we will leave it there.
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mr. dewit, thank you very much. next on the rundown, how serious are the legal implications for cory lewandowski amid the battery charge against him. two top legal experts will weigh in upcoming. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12-hour strength of aleve... for pain relief that can last into the morning. and now... i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro. in the impact segment tonight, how strong is the case against trump campaign manager corey lewandowski? adding yet another twist to the story. oversee the case lewandowski is a big-time hillary clinton supporter. joining us now to analyze from fort lauderdale, florida mark, a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor and here in studio eboni williams a criminal defense attorney and fox news contributor. mark, you are at the right place, the right guy in the right place in florida. both criminal defense and prosecutor. tell us about in practice, not in theory but this
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lewandowski really facing? >> his chances of actually going to jail, even if is he convicted in front of a jury in my opinion is so low, so remote it approaches almost no real value. clients of mine, even if they are convicted, typically judges on first-time offenders will get probation. answered works out some kind of arrangement, he could face diversion which is a program where he just enters a not guilty plea. he maybe goes to an anger management course, does some community service hours and the charges are dropped. worse case scenario i'm thinking trust straight probation. >> mark, why would the jupiter pd decide to bring charges against him clearly knowing what you know and what you just said. >> the question is why do they bring charges anywhere any time for demeanor offenses? because there is complaining victims in a case like this you is a someone claimed she was tusmgd without her permission that equals potential battery. the penalty is in the hands
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of the prosecutors or the potentially convicts. >> the florida prosecutor said they haven't brought charges yet. they are awaiting the file from the jupiter police department to decide whether they're going to bring charges. tell us about that. >> that's right, eric. it's two phases here. a lot of people have jumped to a lot of conclusions around the bringing of these charges and they have kind already. and we are not anywhere close to that to mark's point, nowhere near that the prosecutor can look at this and say okay, we appreciate law enforcement deciding that they have got probable cause. they have looked at the video. they think it coincides with michelle's story. we call it 51% likelihood that there could be facts to support her claim. so they brought charges. prosecutor can look at it and say, you know what? we don't see the evidence there. we decline to move forward. they decline -- not a felony so they don't indict. they decline to move forward with the prosecution. that's the first step. even if they do move forward, eric. the defense lawyer there are plausible defenses we haven't started talking about. one of those defenses accident. corey could say look obviously if you look at the
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tape there might be contact there or even nit to the contact it was by accident or incidental to the nature of the chaos going on. once we get to those defenses it's a whole new ballgame. >> mark, does the tweet that cory lewandowski put out after the event, does that have any effect whatsoever on the legal aspect of this case? >> it could. if there is any way they can get that statement in, then is he locked into a defense. that's why i tell my clients keep your damn mouth shut. don't go putting those things out there. there is no reason for him to lock into that defense when the video seems to suggest otherwise. but that does still free up his attorneys, i believe, to argue the number of different defenses eboni raised one. one thing i want to mention, prosecutors for whatever reason can say we believe there is sufficient evidence but we're going to use our discretion and not go forward. >> why? they do that all the time because everyone is making hay out of the fact that the florida statute says intent is not required. but -- >> -- right. >> in life, in logic, wouldn't they be looking for some sort of intent to actually bring this case
5:15 pm
forward? >> no. any time somebody touches someone without their permission, that's a battery. i have clients who face those charges all the time. but they may just say, you know, we don't need the circuit. >> touches someone? mark, i go to a basketball game, you know, so the guy cuts in front of me on the committees later you game, to t, that's a battery? against him? >> wait, can i jump in here? >> the answer is yes. legally yes, you wouldn't because you are a tough guy but, the answer is yes, you can legally that's a battery. >> we do know right, mark, think you will agree with me. the intent not to do harm or contact. >> absolutely if you accidently brush up against someone and didn't realize it absolutely you didn't have the intent to touch someone. clearly, if the evidence shows that he reached out to grab her arm and pull her away for whatever reason, that's a battery. offer defenses. harm is not required. injuries and a lot of people
5:16 pm
aren't clear on that part either. injuries are not required. that is not a part of this crime. >> let me put you two on the spot here, defense attorneys. >> okay. >> take this case? >> absolutely. i believe everybody has a sixth amendment right to a criminal defense. of course. >> every time someone touches someone else in a battery charge could be brought, i would say that the courts would be so clogged up and now in light of this,. >> eric, news flash, they are. >> is it possible? >> that's why they are. come down to our courtrooms. it's like ethel and lucy. the conveyor belt. chocolate is coming out quickly. it happens. that's why problem is down here. cases get lost on speedy trial. >> i hope the same rules and laws don't apply in cuba. raoul castro could be in a lot of trouble when he took president obama's hand and president obama clearly didn't want to be touched at that moment. >> the laws are much worse there, eric. >> that's exactly right. >> we will leave it there. thank you very much. thank you very much. allbu$
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in the election 2016 segment tonight, the republican candidates now seem to be backing away from their pledge to support the eventual nominee. it sure seemed to be the case in last night's cnn town hall. >> do you continue to pledge whoever the republican nominee is. >> no, i don't anymore. >> you don't? >> no. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my family. i think that is going beyond the line. >> if the nominee is somebody that i think is really hurting the country and dividing the country, i can't stand behind them.
5:21 pm
>> if the candidates follow through on their threats how how much damage could this cause the republican party as a whole. joining me with reaction is molly hemmingway senior editor for the federalist and deputy opinion editor for "the washington times." kelly, what about it? the g.o.p. seems to be in bifurcated state if not the frifurcated. where are we? >> i think w%ji are going to head for contested convention or at least that's what the establishment want. whole thing back fired on the rnc. back in the summer, back in september, they were certain jeb bush or marco rubio was going to win this nomination outright. they need to do control donald trump. so they came one this whole loyalty pledge as a way to get donald trump not to go third party, had they knew would then hand the election to hillary. and a way to get his supporters in line. and now we're just seeing the whole thing crumble before their eyes. >> molly, what is this third party promise that everyone signed and now no one wants
5:22 pm
a part of? >> absolutely true the republican party is to blame here. the media is pushing. this so obsessed with this ideal pestering candidates to see if they will support hot eventual nominee will be. that's because it's in the media's interest to completely blow up the g.o.p. that's the only way hillary clinton could win this race. >> molly, i will be honest with you. i think we are reporting what's going on. literally i was almost late for the taping of this show because i was on the phone with a very high level rnc official who basically told me. this get. this interest is a rule 42 in the convention, in the rnc that says all the rules could be changed. and i said to him you mean you can change all the rules at the convention and make 1237 irrelevant? he said well, i'm not sure 'that rule but all the rules technically can be changed. the voting public right now is leaning back and going which this is exactly what's wrong with politics. >> that's exactly right. people don't care about loyalty oaths. the one who is trying to drag her kids through the
5:23 pm
grocery line doesn't care about loyalty oaths. the dad who is trying to pay for his kid's college tuition doesn't care about it the more time you spend ton this completely frivolous issue that helps those candidates who don't have substance. >> kelly, two things happened in the last couple of weeks. a guy named curly a g.o.p. delegate says quote we choose the delegates, not the voters. four or five days later diane who a nevada g.o.p. delegate said, quote, people are under the misconception that it's the results of caucuses and results of these primaries that determines who becomes the nominee. it's not the voters. my head is exploding. >> well, i mean, and this is why you see the rise of trump. this antiestablishment. the people have gotten wise. they know the game is rigged. that's why they are going for trump. just last week had you top r. in c officials going to different conservative groups explaining what coon tested convention looks liketr and what all of these rules are john kasich betting his
5:24 pm
whole bid of the presidency on a rule change. on a contested convention. i mean, what has he won the state of ohio? whoopedy do. his home state. marco rubio saying he is going to hold all of his delegates bound to him so he can go to the convention store powerful and ready to negotiate. this whole thing stinks and the american public is fed up with it. >> molly, what kelly is referring to one of the rules that mitt romney put n 2012 the future nominee has to have eight states where they earned a majority of the voters' votes. they are now saying that could actually eliminate ted cruz and john kasich from actually being the nominee. this rules committee may have to tackle thatm one first. what is the public going to say if they all bets off romney's rule that was supposed to apply doesn't apply anymore. >> that rule would not hurt ted cruz at all it could hurt john kasich. rule in politics people having trouble having trouble for who they want for their nominee.
5:25 pm
a contested convention can actually help heal people and help them come behind one candidate. everybody wants changes. everybody wants dramatic changes. and a contested convention might be the only way that people can come to unit heading into a duff race against hillary clinton. >> kelly, do you agree with that? do you think a contested sequential a good thing for the g.o.p.? >> i agree especially if donald trump takes wisconsin and takes new york and, you know, wins -- and wins the popular vote. i just don't see how he can go in to the convention only a few hundred delegates or 100 delegates short and come out a loser and the american people are going to be okay with that. >> molly, i posed this for carl rove, i said what if donald trump shows up to the convention in cleveland with 1236 votes or 1200 votes, whatever. short of the majority? but close? what happens? carl says rules are rules. then you can change the rules at the convention then you get that look let's not talk about that let's move
5:26 pm
on that. will tick off a lot of people, won't it. >> this is why you have a earth part of parties exist to help make these decisions. >> mollie, don't you have a party to help nominate the people's choice for g.o.p. nomination? >> absolutely. that happens at a convention. that's what we are doing in the primary process. we are picking delegates to a convention so they can make a good decision it is important for donald trump to start figuring out that he needs to pay a little bit more attention to how is he playing that delegate game. >> no doubt. molly, no doubt. kellie, the response to that the donald trump campaign should be all over that rules committee and be talking state level. each state has a convention. those delegates who ended up originally voting or being bound to donald trump may want to switch. he needs to be pounding that one. but, kelly, what happens if the guy with the most votes in the most states and the most delegates end up not being the nominee. >> i have talked to voters out there who are trump supporters. when he says there are going to be riots that's not
5:27 pm
exaggeration. that's not insighting anything. some say a call to reasonable medical certainty a. others have rolled their eyes. it will not be good. >> all right. mollie and kelly, thank you very much. up next on this special edition of the o'reilly factor. donald trump and women. can he win other female voters? monica crowley on that moments away. wp
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibz. disturbing new clues computer dumped by one of the brussels bombers. photos of the prime minister office and home. security had already been increased after the november 13th attacks in paris. the u.s. is looking to beef up military presence in eastern europe. the pentagon will deploy armed brigade combat team next february as part of ongoing effort in the region to reassure allies worried about threats from increasingly aggressive russia. the deep south bracing for some severe storms. forecasters say the area could see heavy rain, each tornadoes friday. texas, louisiana, louisiana and arkansas could see the worst of those storms. i'm jackie ibz ibañez log on to for all your latest headlines. in the unresolved
5:32 pm
problem segmentñc tonight, donald trump and the female vote. registered voters, 67% of women nationally have unfavorable opinion of him, however, trump leads his g.o.p. rivals among republican women with 4% support. but, winning over women poses a huge hurdle for donald trump in the general election. what can he do to overcome in t.? joining to us analyze is monica crowley donald trump leading. that doesn't translate in >> he has a lot of very passionate support. he undoubtedly has a serious problem with women like hillary clinton has a serious problem with voters under 30. this is donald trump's achilles heel. in the 20 primary contests we have had so far, eric, donald trump has won 12 of those contests with women. but the primary audience suspect different than the
5:33 pm
electorate. it's a completely different animal. and there he has got a problem because that poll you just cited is not an outlier. there have been a number of recent polls showing his unfavorability with women is skyward is 60% to 70%. he has a lot of work to do. >> he can't make it up with say his overwhelming favorability among men? white men? >> not enough. no. look, women tend to vote democrat anyway. so regardless of hot republican candidate is is he going to have a tough time winning over that margin. >> what does he have to do to change. >> he has to take a political hippocratic oath first do no more harm that means stop attacking female journalists, stop attacking women more broadly. lay off that the second thing that i think that he needs to do is make it clear that every issue is a woman's issue. talk about jobs. talk about a growing economy. talk about pro-growth economic policies. talk about national security. talk about freedom.
5:34 pm
women, by and large, want a strong leader. donald trump is selling strength. so he has that going for him, but i think he needs to lay off the women's? if he is doing well and leading in delegates and whatnot with the current strategy when does he pivot to the general election strategy? >> his candidacy has been interesting throughout the campaign he has had moments where he has pivoted talking and saying nice things about planned parenthood. saying nice things to a general audience. and then he will go back because he still is in a primary contest and he is still in the fight for his life, particular whether i ted cruz here. i think with women though it beloves him to lay -- behooves him to lay off the women specific attacks not on hillary. continue her fire on her. more generally start with issues rest signature nate rest signature nate with all voters. >> i'm talking about megyn kelly and some of the other things he has said÷j i will
5:35 pm
say, this there is a difference between words and actions and if i'm going to run against hillary clinton, her husband is actually been accused of abusing women in a whole range of ways. >> i'm guessing he has got that in his pocket and is he waiting to play that card. >> if she is the candidate, eric, donald trump is actually a republican candidate who wants to win the presidency. we have had a number of candidates in the past who have been dicey on that question. he doesn't care who she is or that she is a woman. >> i want to play a sound bite where he addressed punishment for women who have abortions and let's talk about it after you listen to it. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion yes or no as a principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. there has to be some form. >> x years?
5:36 pm
>> job. >> why not? you take positions on everything else. >> do i take positions on everything else. it's a very complicated position. >> clearly that would be for the primary rather than general election. that comment. whether he changes it or walks that back doesn't matter at this point. is that what he is doing? he is still trying to lock down a primary. >> let's be clear about the context. there is he talking about if for whatever reason a supreme court for whatever reason in the future overturns roe vs. wade and abortion as a legal matter is illegal and go back to the states would make it legal anyway. he was talking about if it ever became illegal, would there be punishment involved there? look, i'm sure is he going to clean up this comment. he usually does this. is what i mean about women. he has a lot of constituencies with him. >> what is what does he do? the man is asked a question. he will answer almost any question. >> right. >> it's almost impossible to get hillary clinton in4z this building, to sit down with an interviewer.
5:37 pm
bret baier gets one in the last eight months. he goal anywhere this guy answered will answer the question. does he stop answering the question? >> no. that's part of his strength. regardless of whether you are talking about the female vote or talking about his campaign manager now and this controversy, donald trump's brand is as a fighter. that's where he derives his strength. that's where he derives his political appeal. he always stays on offense. even when he sort of back pedals on maybe a comment like this or tries to clarify. he always stays on offense. >> sound advice from monica crowley. monica, thank you very much. directly ahead, hillary clinton and bernie sanders go after donald trump over the controversy involving his campaign manager. will that have any impact? mr. ed henry on that next. bnk
5:38 pm
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thanks for staying with us tonight for this special edition of the o'reilly factor election 2016. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the personal story seeing want -- segment tonight. how is how the candidates are responding to the corey lewandowski. >> what donald trump has been doing over these last months is incite insighting
5:42 pm
violent, aggressive behavior that i think is very dangerous and has resulted in attacks on people at his events charge brought against his campaign manager. >> what happens in the legal process, he has been charged and we don't find people guilty until you go through a process, but my campaign manager does not assault female journalists. let me just say that. >> joining us now here in new york mr. ed henry. ed, so hillary clinton says donald trump is inciting it by his rhetoric and bernie sanders says let's hold on for a minute. >> hillary clinton is itching to face donald trump in a general election. might be a mistake on her part. we will see how this all plays out. she has had a primary challenge from bernie sanders than she ever wanted. when she attacks bernie sanders it kind of back fires with progressives who don't like that. her latest ad out right now
5:43 pm
here in new york which should have been in the bag for her since she was in the senate from new york is going to maybe be a tight race with bernie sanders all about donald trump. doesn't mention bernie sanders. >> can we roll that? go ahead and play a little piece of that. >> new york, 20 million people strong. no, we don't all look the same. we don't all sound the same either. but when we pull together, we do the biggest things in the world. but when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people based on their religion, and turning against each other, well, this is new york and we know better. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. reference whatsoever. >> about donald trump. she doesn't even mention -- you see the campaign event. everyone knows what she is referring to. and you can bet donald trump is going to fire back. there is hypocrisy on jumping on him and corey
5:44 pm
lewandowski because i'm out with her almost every day. before with secret service agents trying to get close to her just to shout a question. they are doing their job. i'm doing my job. but sometimes they get angry when you get too close. if i ever touched hillary clinton, i would get pushed back. >> would someone grab you. >> i would get pushed back hard. i would get pushed back hard. i'm not going to weigh in on what corey lewandowski did or didn't do. let the police figure that out. i have never -- you wouldn't touch hillary clinton. >> last sunday night walshing the circus, those inside the campaigns and there was a piece on the hillary clinton campaign in brooklyn, the headquarters in brooklyn. and they were asked what happens with trump? there was a conference call going back and forth. they had no idea what to do. they looked lost in the wilderness. >> here is what that tells us you also add with what you were just talking about with what donald trump said on abortion at this town hall meeting which is that there might not be a clear playbook from the clinton camp to- deal with donald trump. but, on the other hand
5:45 pm
donald trump may hand hillary clinton all kinds of ammunition. i'm out with her a lot. women are not that excited about her. they should be because she could potentially be the first female president in american history. she struggles getting even women. getting young people who come along and join the so-called obama coalition. my point is, donald trump may end up handing her all kinds of ammunition such as the possibility of throwing women in jail. even if he meant it in this other context you can explain it all day. that's the kind hillary clinton was tweeting about within 20 minutes. >> she is going to jump on it she wants to play the gender card. she wants to have that gender card. she played it once and trump hit her back very hard with bill, with her husband. >> right. that, in the general election, donald trump, he thinks his trump card, if you will, is going to be that no one will take her on tougher than he will. on the other hand, he has to be careful that he doesn't hit her so hard that hillary clinton is able to play this as donald trump is beating up on her and she wants to fight it out on the issue. >> is he beating up on her
5:46 pm
if he goes after bill? >> there is a whole track record now with donald trump with his statements ands with the back and forth in this campaign where even put aside the democrats where ted cruz, his chief republican rival saying you are going after my wife. again, i'm not arguing the merits of it i'm a reporter not an analyst. at the end of the day there an s. an image of donald trump being formed in the earlier days of this campaign that hillary clinton is going to try. i'm not saying she is going to succeed. she is going to try to lump in with anything else he says in the days ahead to say is he beating up on me. that is going to be something he will have to deal with. >> march 30th she is already looking forward to donald trump. is she makeing the statement. >> 250 delegates at state in mid april. when hillary clinton is spending money on the airwaves here in the new york market which she should own having been a senator 8 years. campaigning three days in new york. >> i'm almost out of time, ed, do you ever bump into any of these delegates. >> i haven't bumped into manyxjt them. >> i'm dying to know super
5:47 pm
delegates can flip back and forth. is there any interest on their part to make a switch? they can jump. >> they can jump. they did in 2008. bernie sanders is not crazy when he is saying hey look when he keeps winning primaries and caucuses they could flip. they were in hillary clinton in 2008 and they went to president obama because he was a winner. string together more victories then we will talk. >> straight ahead the three g.o.p. candidates lay out their visions to keep america safe in the wake of the latest terror attacks. we'll analyze them when this special edition of the o'reilly factor comes right back. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
5:48 pm
man 1: he just got fired.
5:49 pm
man 2: why? man 1: network breach. man 2: since when do they fire ceos for computer problems? man 1: they got in through a vendor. man 1: do you know how many vendors have access to our systems? man 2: no. man 1: hundreds, if you don't count the freelancers. man 2: should i be worried? man 1: you are the ceo. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
5:50 pm
in the back of the book segment tonight, which republican candidate has the strongest foreign policy plan to protect america? all three made their cases in a town hall last night with donald trump saying this.
5:51 pm
>> nato is obsolete. it was 67 years or it's over 60 years old. it is -- many countries, doesn't cover terrorism. it covers the soviet union, which is no longer in existence. and nato has to either be rejiggered, rechanged for the better. the other thing that's bad about nato, we're paying too much. we're spending billions on nato. >> we'll hear from ted cruz and john kasich in a moment. but first, let's bring in a former u.s. spokesman at the united nations. you heard last night donald trump, rick. give us the positive and negatives of donald trump's foreign policy. >> it wasteresting. he didn't finish that sentence where he says, i'm not saying -- and then it leveled off. i really want to know what he meant by that. is he saying that nato should go away or is he saying that he wants to lead nato in a different direction?
5:52 pm
i'm not sure he understands that nato is a collection of country, so if you wanted to go after terrorism, you just have to send in a good ambassador to nato that will lead the rest of these people. so i think he's a little bit unsophisticated about what nato is. >> is there a positive side of the trump foreign policy plan? >> yeah, his strength and the fact that he's going to be unpredictable. that's very good. our allies and our enemies need to understand that an america that is a strong leader that is unpredictable is really good. but one thing i wanted to finish on him, he seems to view everything through budgeting. that seems political to just say oh, we spend too much, so we have to pull out. >> hang in there, let's listen to ted cruz. >> if you want to stop radical islamic terrorism, the answer isn't to go hang out in random
5:53 pm
neighborhoods. it is to focus on communities where radicalization is a risk. europe has followed the path that barack obama has hillary clinton want to put us on, that the tragedy, these terror attacks in europe are a result of failed immigration policies. my point is simple, america should not make the mistakes of europe. we should have law enforcement actively engaged to stop radicalization. >> rick, that created quite a stir at one point, ted cruz had said we need to patrol and protect muslim neighborhoods here in america. foreign policy wise, positive, negative? >> i'm very uncomfortable with this policy, because of this fact -- ted cruz has politically removed putting u.s. troops into syria, for instance. he has the political promise exactly like barack obama, exactly like hillary clinton that he will not put u.s. troops
5:54 pm
into syria. yet he wants to patrol using law enforcement officials inside the united states different muslim neighborhoods. somewhat he's really saying is he doesn't want to fight them over here, he wants to wait until they're here and fight them here. i know he has this idea that he's going to carpet bomb. but even when he talks about that, you'll notice he wants the intelligence gatherers to be the kurds. he doesn't want to put u.s. boots on the ground -- >> sounds a little libertarian to me. is there a positive message to cruz's foreign policy plan? >> he's very strong, as well. he talks about carpet bombing isis. he's focused on isis. he defends christians. but i don't want him to make these political promises where he says no booting on the ground, because he knows that plays well with libertarians. >> let's play john kasich's foreign policy plan. >> we need to go after isis in a coalition like the first gulf war. that same coalition needs to
5:55 pm
come together and we need to destroy isis in the air and on the ground, settle it down and come home. we need really good worldwide intelligence. i think that the lemons we're seeing can be turned into lemonade. and a president of the united states can rally the civilized world to destroy these folks intent on destroying us. >> that sounds like bringing the rest of the world in to focus attacks on isis and other threats. >> here's what i like about kasich. what he really wants to do is strong diplomacy, bring everybody in like the first gulf war and lead them in a direction. i really think that's good. he also says he'll bring people home. he wants to use the worldwide intelligence. he's going to utilize our intelligence to figure out where the targets are. once the job is done, bring them home. kasich is somebody who is combining the libertarian uncertainties, if you will, about world affairs and how we need to do more here at home with the hawks who really want
5:56 pm
to put forward a position of strength and who realize if the united states and the americans aren't doing something, it's probably not going to get done. >> anything negative? i only have about ten seconds. >> kasich needs to think through his positions a little bit more so that we understand the details of them. i would say the same criticism of trump. when it comes back to cruz, i think he's well thought out but it's a very solid libertarian position. >> lithank you very much. what do you get when you take wheel of fortune, buy a vowel and throw in a little trump? right back with that. take pictu but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire?
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so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. before we go today, jimmy fallon continues to tapoke fun the presidential race. >> we're here in new york it's sunny and chilly. or as meteorologists call it, the hillary clinton. of course i'm excited to be here
5:59 pm
in iowa. let's talk about the election. i read that "wheel of fortune" has been earning a lot of money from political ads, almost $18 million so far in this election. it even seems like trump may have been able to slip an ad into a puzzle. take a look at this. >> u. >> yeah. >> uuuuhuuuuuge. >> donald trump making vowels great again. tickets are going fast for the who wants to be president show starring dennis miller and bill o'reilly. june 18 in connecticut, the evening show is sold out. then in london, england, reno, biloxi, details on that's it for us tonight.
6:00 pm
thanks for watching this special. i'm eric boling in for bill o'reilly. and please remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight. two big stories in the 2016 gop race, as donald trump takes fire from virtually all sides for controversial remarks on abortion, while a new poll delivers a dramatic shakeup to the coming political primary site in wisconsin. i'm megyn kelly. for hours, the top political story has involved donald trump and what may have been a bad misstep on the issue of abortion. earlier when mr. trump was pressed on abortion, he said he would support some sort of "punishment for women who have the procedure if it is made illegal." after virtually everyone on earth reacted to that, he put out a statement doing a 180. thatam