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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 31, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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thanks for watching. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight. for perhaps the first time in this entire election season, analysts are saying it appears that donald trump's campaign is approaching full-on damage control mode. following a week of troubling headlines for the republican front-runner. welcome to "the kelly file," i'm megyn kelly. his campaign manager has been hit with a criminal charge after he grabbed a female reporter against her will. in response, mr. trump attacked that reporter as a liar and mocked her. this after he mocked the looks of ted cruz's wife, heidi. then yesterday, trump appearing to misstep badly by telling chris matthews on msnbc that
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women who have abortions if abortion is illegal should be punished. remarks that were almost instantly condemned by the pro-choice and pro-life movements. the trump campaign walked back those remarks, but the damage had already been done. all of this comes just five days before the next big contest in campaign 2016. the battleground state of wisconsin this tuesday. and a brand new fox business network poll shows ted cruz is now ahead of him by ten points. tonight we're joined by charles kraut hhammer krauthammer. but first we begin with trace gallagher. >> reporter: despite donald trump backing away from his pledge to support the eventual dpop nominee and not to run as an independent candidate, trump showed up at a meeting with rnc
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chairman reince priebus. trump calling the meeting nice, but togetherness is not the best word to describe trump's effect on the gop this week. first came word his campaign manager was being charged for grabbing michelle fields. trump stirred the pot more with controversial statements on national security issues. first insisting he was against nuclear proliferation, then encouraging japan and south korea to get nuclear weapons. trump also would not rule out using nuclear weapons in europe. his comments attracted bipartisan criticism. listen. >> it's clear that he is really unprepared to be commander in chief, leader of the free world. >> it would be catastrophic were the united states to shift its
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position and indicate that we support somehow the proliferation of nuclear weapons to additional countries. >> reporter: but trump's statement on abortion is what continues to make headlines today. watch. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a princele? >> the answer is, there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. >> how long, ten months, ten years? >> i don't know. >> reporter: the trump campaign then tried to clarify by issuing two new statements, first saying the states should handle abortion issues, then saying health providers are the ones who should be punished. the clarifications did not placate either side or the gop rivals. watch. >> that comment was wrong, and it really is the latest demonstration of how little donald has thought about any of the serious issues facing this country.
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>> reporter: you mentioned the fox business poll. a new wisconsin poll gives ted cruz a ten-point lead in wisconsin, but it was taken before any of these controversies. megyn? >> trace, thank you. following those remarks last night, it took less than 24 hours for a pro-hillary clinton pac to use trump's words against him. watch. ♪ >> you wouldn't have your job if you weren't beautiful. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes, there has to be some form of punishment. >> katrina pierson is national spokesperson for the trump campaign. good to see you again tonight. so the abortion remarks were so controversial that he was condemned by both sides almost
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instantly. there was no one defending him, no one. and he came out and did a full 180. to those who say mr. trump misspeaks a lot, he said the war in afghanistan was a mistake, and said that was misspeaking. he said that obamacare, that he likes the mandate, and then said no, he misspoke there. he said women should be punished for abortion if abortion is ruled illegal. now he says he misspoke there. what say you? >> i say when you are a political candidate for eight months, you are speaking off the cuff. mr. trump, that's one of his appeals that he's not a scripted politician. with regard to this specific account with abortion, mr. trump did provide a statement two actually. at first, the media frenzy is trump called for a ban on abortion, which in fact he did not. that was the original statement about leaving it to the states. the second regard, he wanted to
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clarify he does not support punishing women for having an illegal abortion. >> why did he say he did? what his critics say is it shows he hasn't thought the issue through, and this is not something that he's given any real consideration to. >> well, his critics are going to say anything at this point. we know there's a full-blown anti-trump movement going on. we know the full-blown main stream media as we saw with chris matthews. everyone is out to try and stop donald trump from winning the nomination. >> was the question unfair? >> no, not at all. mr. trump answered the question, he just answered it after chris matthews said, but for women, and he just said yes. mr. trump was speaking about the legality. this was a hypothetical context of something happening that was illegal. mr. trump was just reinstating yes, if something is illegal, they should be punished. that's why he clarified for distinguishing the difference between the woman and the actual person committing the procedure
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that is not legal. >> let me ask you about these polls that show trump has a 73% disapproval rating with women. 73% of american women disapprove of him. mitt romney was viewed as unfavorable by 51% of women before the 2012 election. he lost with women, he only got 44% of their vote and he was killed in that election. so 51% unfavorable vote, he managed to get 44% of the voting for him. and he lost in an electoral landslide to barack obama. how is donald trump going to do better than that with a 73% disapproval rating? >> i think there are a couple of things. mitt romney is not donald trump. at this point in time, donald trump has more votes than mitt romney did at this point. when you look at the national polls, everybody wants to talk about the head-to-heads, as if there is a crystal ball. ronald reagan was 23 points behind carter at this point in his general election. with regard to women, we saw this early on when mr. trump
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entered the race that he had unfavorables with women. as people started to vote, the issues took over and of course, there is a negative perception out there. you now have republicans joining in the war on women bandwagon against mr. trump. but we're -- >> but there's a reason for that. they didn't just start that out of nothing. he did several things that led them to voice those concerns. >> yes, absolutely right. he's not politically correct. but i don't think that fits with the war on women. mr. trump has been very outspoken against men and women. also with praise for men and women. it's just there's one aspect they want to focus on. he's going to have six months to get out there this the main stream and show america who hillary clinton really is. >> great to see you. thanks for being here. >> thanks, megyn. >> joining me now, mark theisen. mark, what do you make of that? >> well, basically what it is, what donald trump said about
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abortion is something that no conservative would say. but it's something that a liberal pretending to be a pro-life conservative would say. it's like when he say two corinthians instead of second corinthians. he said in that interview with chris matthews, this is a direct quote, conservative republicans would say yes, they should be punished. no, they would not say that. and what donald trump does is because he doesn't understand what conservatives think or what pro-lifers think, he repeats the liberal caricature of cons it because he thinks that is what conservatives want to hear. but it's what liberals and democrats want to hear, because they want to run against the caricatures of conservatives, they want to run against the republican that wants to put women in jail. so he doesn't understand the issues. so he's saying things that are utterly silly. >> let's talk about the women issue. katrina accurately points out
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that mr. trump was doing poorly with women for a while in his campaign, then his numbers with women went up considerably. and now they're in a freefall. the question is whether he can stop the freefall and turn the numbers around with that. your thoughts? >> for years democrats have been trying to wage this war on women with republicans thing. every time donald trump opens his mouth he feeds that narrative. it's not just this comment, when you say did you want to put women in jail for having apportions, they take that as anti-women. but it's not just this one comment. as you showed at the beginning of this segment, he tweeted out that horrible picture of heidi cruz. he made fun of carly fiorina's face. he said, this is a quote from a tweet, if hillary clinton can't satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy america? that's from the future president of the united states? and then his sick obsession with you. the comments he was tweeting out calling you a liar and crazy and
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a bimbo. now with michelle fields. every time he tweets or opens his mouth, he says something that alienates women. and this is not what republicans need. republicans are pro-women. donald trump presents a caricature of conservatism that liberals are trying to project. >> mark, thanks for being here. >> thanks, megyn. so what does this all mean in this election? the university of virginia politics team took all of the data and dropped it into a hypothetical trump versus clinton. as of today, the results gave clinton a solid win by a margin of 156 electoral votes. they predict it will be a landslide for hillary clinton. joining me now, larry sabadeau. you start your piece with saying everyone wants to say it's going to be close. your prediction is it would not be close. >> well, you used the right
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phrase, megyn. you said as of today. we also said in that piece that we have to deal with reality as it exists. the best indications that we have and there's some research suggesting that right about now the outlines of the general election returns start emerging. so there is some substance to this. however, it's inevitable that we're going to revise this. it will revolve over time. new circumstances. you can think of a load of things that would change to a certain degree. change the dynamics. >> that can lower your poll numbers. i've never seen it happen before, but i'm assuming. >> yeah, it could change the poll numbers. a recession, a terrorist act. all kinds of an indictment of a particular candidate. not to mention any names. >> on the other hand, trump's numbers, as we just discussed with a core group of american
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voters, which is half the population of women, are going in the wrong direction for him. and it's not like they don't know him. he's got 100% name recognition. >> exactly right. you see, when you're unknown, you can really manipulate poll numbers. when you have name i.d. approaching 100% as both hillary clinton and donald trump do, it becomes much more difficult to change perceptions. that's why we pick them. they are the front-runners. and they're the two best known by far. >> what about the theory that he has energized a section of the electorate, white male voters in particular, that we've never seen before, and that these people are going to make up whatever deficits he may have with minorities, women, et cetera in >> megyn, he absolutely has energized that segment. you mentioned women, minority and white women and they tend to be anti-trump. he has energized minority voters and increasingly they seem to be
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anti-trump and finally, don't forget about college educated, graduate educated, professionally trained white voters. they also have tended to be anti-trump. they're energized by trump. so he's gaining some votes in one sector and he's losing them in other sectors. >> but he has six months if he turns this thing around. >> a lot can change. >> to change the opinions of him. he's a master of messaging. larry, great to see you. >> thanks, megyn. now the trump critics are suggesting maybe he peaked. maybe that was it. but before jumping on that bandwagon, you will want to hear what charles krauthammer has to say, next. plus, donald trump met with the rnc chair today to talk about uniting the republican party and rich lowery and former senator scott brown are here on what appears to be a very divided gop at the moment. plus, brian will join us to report on how the state
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breaking tonight.
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new polls just out from fox business network give ted cruz a ten-point lead in wisconsin. what's more, this is the second poll in a week showing donald trump taking a hit with women voters. now some political writers are starting to ask whether the front-runner may have peaked in his support. charge me now, fox news contribute tore and author of "things that matter," dr. charles krauthammer. charles, good to see you. that's the question, whether i know others have said it many times, but whether you believe we have seen a trump peak, and the momentum is shifting in this race. >> well, look, i've said it many times and i was wrong every single time. we heard the expression "peak trump" about as often as we've heard peak oil in the last 50 years and oil is gushing all over the world. so look, i think it is likely he recovers. but if there is going to be one series of incidents happening
6:20 pm
together, as we've seen in this week, that would actually stop his momentum and actually put a question mark in his some of supporters, this would be it. this was a terrible week. there's something about the abortion question. it's not just that it will alienate a lot of particularly suburban, moderate just right of center women that i think is a constituency he has been able to hang on to, to some extent. but it's a deeper question. people like me who have been accused of being an elitist intellectual snob has said he doesn't know anything, that his policy credentials are one inch deep, and on a ton of issues he doesn't seem to know what's going on. we, of course, have been denounced as an elitist establishment. fine. people say who cares if he
6:21 pm
doesn't know about hezbollah or qods, that's stuff he can learn about in half an hour. but abortion is the central issue of the conservative movement in terms of social issues. it is a deep one that anybody involved has thought through. the fact that he could give such an answer, which is so far afield from what the pro-life people and the movement think tells you a, that he's not actually thought it through. and i think it might raise doubts in his supporters who have stuck through him through all the other incidents and gaffes, to say if he hasn't thought through this, this central issue, what has he thought through on other issues? and what does he actually know about the other issues that we have ignored up until now? >> what do you make of the poll numbers when it comes to where he stands? 67% of the country has an unfavorable view of him. three quarters of women, 2/3 of
6:22 pm
independents, 80% of young adults, 85% of hispanics, nearly half of republicans have an unfavorable view of him. >> the only thing that you can say is if he's not able to change these numbers, say he becomes the nominee, he will lose in a landslide. i know people talk about he will put certain of the mid western states in place where reagan democrats will come back. yes, but this cannot outweight a demographic tsunami. >> and we've seen some within the trump supporters starting to openly voice concerns about him. and some more open minded to ted cruz and start to complain more about trump's behavior. even ann coulter was complaining about his tweet about heidi cruz's looks, comparing her
6:23 pm
unfavorably to his own wife. and the question is, whether you think trump's behavior in the past week is behind some of that softening we appear to be seeing among some supporters arwhether it's something else that they're just starting to have general doubts about the man they've been backing. >> when ann coulter calls you mental, you've got a problem. and i say that as a retired psychiatrist. although you could argue that they cancel -- two negatives cancel each other out. but there's a lot of trepidation. i think the abortion question and all the other stuff that went on, the charges of the assault of his campaign manager and trump's furious defense of his and essentially insulting the woman who was involved, the fact that as ann coulter has pointed out, he's mocking the looks of his opponent's wife.
6:24 pm
and doing all this at once, it makes people think after the temperament issue, as to the knowledge issue and to the seriousness issue, in my view that's been around for nine months. so as an observer, i'm surprised it took this long. >> do you still think the sanders thing is a mirage or is there something going on? >> it's a real phenomena. but the whole thing is cooked against him, with all those establishment figures who are going to be the super delegates, the ones who are not elected, the math is almost impossible. i think he will be a force. he will be a figure. he will speak at the convention, and he will leave a legacy. for example, i could see him as a way of making peace, he would have to, because hillary is going to need his supporters, particularly the young, he could say here is who i want as the vice president. somebody who would carry on his legacy. so he's important. he's made himself important. but he's not going to be the
6:25 pm
nominee. and he better not, because i still have no money on him. >> charles, always a pleasure. >> thank you. late today, donald trump met with the rnc to talk about uniting the republican party. national review editor rich lowery and former senator scott brown are here on that, next. and brian kilmeade reports on why some spring break advice from the state department, yes, the state department, is causing such a controversy. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. breaking tonight, donald trump met with rnc chair reince priebus today and he tweeted this. he said he had a very nice meeting with the gop and is looking forward to bringing the party together. but can that happen? the polls show an extremely fractured republican party right now that has had implications well beyond the political realm, as outlined by greg gutfeld on "the five" yesterday. >> from a microlevel to a macro level, you can look at conservative websites like
6:30 pm
breitbart, how much that has fallen apart. any given day, we have tension over this show. you can look at the network as a whole, where we are having issues within a family of anchors over this stuff. you can look at the party. so it's every area where there's conservatism, there is strife. >> joining me now to disit, national revieweditor, rich lowery and former massachusetts senator scott brown. rich, do you believe the call for unity now in the republican party will be heeded to matter who is the nominee? >> i doubt it. this is a party that is at war with itself. donald trump is incredibly a polarizing figure, and has done nothing to make it better. usually at this stage, a front-runner, for a major party's nomination, begins to unite the party. what have beseen from donald trump the last two weeks?
6:31 pm
he has threatened and mocked ted cruz's wife, and then said the other night incredibly that he doesn't want ted cruz's support. that is insane. >> senator, do you think that this party can unite behind donald trump? because the latest polls show, just 38% of republicans believe the party would unite behind trump if he becomes the nominee. >> then we'll have bernie sanders or hillary clinton as president. and with that goes the loss of the ambassador, the loss of a cabinet position, the potential loss of the vice president if the senate is gridlocked. people have to look themselves in the mirror and say, hmm, i would rather have that than not supporting donald trump. megyn, i'm a glass half full kind of guy. i want us to find that common bond and that's going to be a lot of healing, no doubt. this has been one of the most amazing elections i participated in, and i've run 20 of them.
6:32 pm
i've never seen anything like it, where the conservatives and the establishment are attacking the front-runner. he's getting it from all sides. the people who are left aren't talking to each other. >> and giving it, too. what's happening in the republican party right now is another layer to this. real acrimony is developing between sides. those who support donald trump and whose who are part of the never trump movement. and the party, they use words like "unforgivable" now when they talk about the other side. >> it's deep and hard to see how it's going to get papered over. every single objective indicator, every single poll we've seen in recent weeks shows that the most likely way to get president hillary is to nominate donald trump for president. >> his supporters say his
6:33 pm
numbers will go up once he starts on her. >> we'll see. but 70% of women disapprove of him. it doesn't matter how many people on the right who write op-eds and all the rest of it say they will or won't support trump. it won't matter if 70% of women in this country are convinced that this guy is a disaster for them. and every single day, he's doing something to make it worse. if he wants the unify the party and begin to take steps that way, apologize to heidi cruz and michelle fields. go and learn something about policy so you're not embarrassed by chris matthews asking a basic question. those are the sort of things donald trump has shown no capability of doing and no willingness to do. >> what about it, senator? you look at the latest poll, three quarters of women view him unfavorably. 2/3 of independents, 80% of young adults, 85% of hispanics,
6:34 pm
nearly half of republicans view donald trump unfavorably. overall, a 67% unfavorable rating in the country. >> you can throw the stats out all over the place, i get it. i'm surprised they're not worse with all the attacks he's been getting from every side. there are six months to go and it's critically important he meet with people like he did today. one of the biggest things that i've heard when i speak to former colleagues, they want to meet him and get to know him. they're relying on sound bites and stats that you're pushing forth. i think there is an opportunity, and that will depend on who he chooses as vice president. >> senator how about apologizing to heidi cruz? >> rich, with all due respect, i don't agree with what he did, okay? >> should he apologize? if you think it was wrong and you're a supporter of his -- >> we've heard that criticize
6:35 pm
before, why doesn't he just apologize when he's wrong? every human being makes mistakes. i have, both of you have. why not apologize? >> if i could answer the question. he did obviously put a statement out regarding his misspeak and his error with regard to the abortion issue. i've already been on record with that issue with heidi cruz and other issues. that being said, that's one of the things people like about him is he has the -- he's not a politician. he's not a seasoned guy like ted and marco and everybody else who has been participating in this process. [ overlapping speakers ] >> rich, with respect, i know what your position is on the guy, and that's great. but you have a choice after this is over. you can either support the nominee -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> okay, don't talk over each
6:36 pm
other, please. >> the difference between me and you, rich, is i in fact will support the nominee for the benefit of our party and you won't. >> rich, go. >> let's nominate ted cruz, unite around him. he won't embarrass us. he actually knows things. chris matthews could spend hours hammering away at ted cruz and he would never have a blank look and take a wild guess at what the right answer is on a public policy issue that's been contended for decades. that would never happen with ted cruz. >> great to see you both. i'm not sensing unity, but it's still early. coming up, when college students complained they felt threatened by seeing a pro-trump message in chalk, like this one, look what it says, vote trump. the school took action. brian kilmeade will show you what happened since then. plus, while the gop is worried about getting along, new reports suggest the democrats may be worried about hillary clinton going to prison.
6:37 pm
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otezla. show more of you. >> developing tonight, now reports the fbi's criminal investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server may be nearing completion. agents are preparing to interview her and ed henry just filed this report. >> megyn, as hillary clinton hits speed bumps with bernie sanders, but continues to rack up those delegates, the last major hurdle to her getting the nomination really is this fbi probe. clinton vowed at the beginning there was no classified information on her personal server. since then, hundreds of classified e-mails have been found, though she maintains they were not marked classified. the fbi is sorting that out and now there are indications this is getting closer to a resolution. it's such a serious case that dozens of fbi agents are working on it and the fbi director has been personally involved getting
6:42 pm
briefings almost every day and he's known as a straight shooter. attorney general loretta lynch said she's waiting for the fbi to give her a criminal referral or not, but there's skepticism whether a democrat justice department would move forward with an indictment. clinton aide brian fallon told me the fbi has not requested an interview with clinton but they are eager to cooperate and will do to if requested. what aides in general hate more than anything is unknowns and this is hanging over the campaign as a great unknown, what some are dubbed the comey primary. >> ed, thank you. for more, we're joined by andy mccarthy. so james comey, you know him, you say he's a straight shooter and he's going to present mrs. clinton is what you say are three bad options. what are they? >> either she testifies in the
6:43 pm
grand jury, which is not a good option because she doesn't get to bring her lawyer in for the questioning. she submits to the questioning by the fbi, which can be used to develop leads in the case against her, but at least she gets to have her lawyer there with her to have the conversation, or she takes the fifth, which legally is probably good advice that a lawyer would give her, but politically it's suicide. >> so what do you think she's going to do? >> i think she'll meet with the fbi. >> with the lawyer? >> yeah. because it gives them a sense of what the fbi's case is and what the government's case is overall. she gets to process it with the lawyer, if she has trouble in the middle of the interview, the lawyer can jump in and sort of delay and help her get through it. >> what should we glean from the fact that they want to interview her? >> well, you always want to interview the lead defendant, especially in a case where they have to prove whether she was
6:44 pm
reckless in the way that she designed this communication system or if there was willfulness involved. if it's a state of mind thing, you always want to sit down with the person. their guidelines basically say that if a subject or target of an investigation wants to come in and testify, that they should allow that to happen. now, i think she's pub luckily saying she wants to do that, because what is her alternative? she has to say that. but as long as that's the position she's taking, i invite her in to speak. >> do you think an indictment could possibly come down? >> i have a hard time believing that loretta lynch will pull the trigger. but on the other hand, if they wanted to whitewash the case, there's no reason that there would be an investigation. the fbi basically is part of the justice department. if they didn't want this investigation to be happening, they could have stopped it from the beginning. now, comey may have ranted and raved and they may have had to put up with that. but a lot of the stuff that's
6:45 pm
happened here could not happen, like the giving of immunity to this guy who ran the communication system, the e-mail server. you need a prosecutor to grant immunity. the fbi doesn't have authority to do that. >> the doj clearly working with the fbi to some extent here, so you can't rule it out. >> i don't know that we'll necessarily get a decision. i could see her just sitting on it. >> andy, thank you, sir. >> thanks, megyn. up next, brian kilmeade, bring break. don't miss this. with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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>> >> there's a new free speech fight on a college campus tonight. surprise surprise. and this time it involves donald trump. it's happening at emory university where someone starting writing trump for president signs in chalk. before long some students were complaining that just the words made them feel threatened. brian kilmeade is our original and occasional roving reporter on the campus security beat. >> at least for the first story. >> so the words and they could not function at the mere sight of a pro-trump writing. >> there was a time when you didn't write chalk on steps in school. i thought that was the story.
6:50 pm
the fact that one candidate is written there, trump 2016, i had no idea would be perceived as intimidation. 40 students got together and petitioned. they said they were outraged and they're in pain because of the quote, because of "trump 2016." as if swastika or kkk hood. it's just flat-out unbelievable. jim wagner seems to have caved. >> the university president. >> jim wagner, university president, he now has a series of things he's going to adjust to. he is going to have a retreat. a racial retreat. he's going to have structured opportunities -- >> because some of the students are pro-trump? >> listen to me, he's going to have structured opportunities for difficult dialogue. that's your "b" block, difficult dialogue. and a full process, institutional difficult reviews and address social injustice. unbelievable this is happening. >> they'd be better off making the students sit next to each other and yell mean things to each other. that's what you node eed to getd
6:51 pm
to to function in the world. >> that's the america we grew up in. >> why are you all of a sudden yelling at me? >> i'm trying to toughen you up. >> thank you very much. it is -- the alumni stood up and wrote a big thing, they're embarrassed with the way emery is going. >> i'm with you. emery. alumni, i should say. state department spring break. the state department is rating women? >> they're guilty of trying to be clever and cool and turned themselves in. >> how? >> essentially they said this, in a message to spring breakers who are no longer welcome in panama city thanks to ains lele airhart. they tweeted out this, if you're a ten in the u.s., you're not a ten overseas. they're worried about americans -- >> this is a state department tweet. "no a 10 in the u.s., then not a 10 overseas." talking about how beautiful you are. what is that supposed to mean, if you're ugly here, you're ugly
6:52 pm
there. don't let somebody's beer goggles fool you into thinking -- what does it mean? >> a scenario, you're at a bar, you don't usually in america get much action but suddenly you're in london, a woman walks up to you, she's quite attractive and all of a sudden you guy her expensive drinks or she says hey, here's cute, here's some luggage. if she gives you luggage, you think, i must be hot. that luggage is lined with coke and you're going to get arrested. >> oh boy. >> buy my knockoff stereo, get afsed for trying to buy knockoff equipment. if you're not hot here, you're not hot there. they have since apologized and they say just don't buy hot women drinks if you're not hot and said it's sexist, they shouldn't be clever. it's so clever it made you wonder is this real? >> yeah. >> and everyone tweeted in response. they apologized for being -- >> inappropriate. okay. how about an egypt air flight was, you know, we thought it was being hijacked. as it turns out it was a fake suicide belt. for a while there they thought
6:53 pm
it was real. what did some guy do? >> as a viewer of "fox&friends" we covered it as a real hijacking. when it's diverted and they say it's a bomb on board, call me gullible. this is egypt air flight 181. the guy is on there. he wanted to get the attention of his ex-wife. instead of e-mailing or texting her, he thought he'd take the plane. one guy on there still on board, from england, 26 years old and has the coveted job of health and safety inspected auditor. he decides in the middle of this tense moment -- there's video out there, it's truly not that great -- to go up to the hijacker, get a flight attendant to translate, see if i can have a picture with him. >> before he knew it was fake. >> what the heck. 26-year-old safety inspector auditor sits there with the hijacker o who stops and takes a picture with him with the body bomb fully in display and goes back to his seat and calls his mom. his mom said, whatever you do, don't call attention to yourself. i didn't tell her i took a picture of the hijacker.
6:54 pm
you want to know my thoughts? america thinks their social media feed is more important than the network they try it get on. he wants to be star of instagram rather than survive a hijacking. he's crazy. >> as i see it, he has the last laugh. his instincts were dead on. it wasn't real. it was going to become a big story. nobody got hurt. great. good for him. >> he's on the cover of every newspaper from "the daily mail" to "the new york post." ponytail girl got in a lot of trouble. tell us why. >> here's the deal. this woman had a ponytail flipped over the back of the seat. you're about to see the picture. it's blocking the tv screen. >> this is so wrong. >> a reporter from "the boston globe" says this person is not moving the ponytail. >> so rude. >> this picture goes viral. as everyone can't believe and marveled at how oblivious this woman is. i'm not a ponytail wearer. i didn't know you can't feel the ponytail. >> you can feel the ponytail. she's lucky that -- all of a
6:55 pm
sudden she has hair like this. >> "the boston globe" reporter said i feel so sad, i write great stories that's supposed to reveal things and one photo gets more traction -- >> it's happened to all of us. >> america likes the trivial. >> well, and honestly, like, the coar coarsening of our culture. ponytail girl. sweep it around the side. around the side is the way to go when you have that long soviet hotness. >> soviet hotness? >> that's what i call it. you watch "the americans" the greatest show on television. >> right. >> that's how the lead character wears her hair over here. >> i was thinking pocahontas. >> i needed to lose 10 pounds and didn't want to dye it so i wore it this way. >> welcome back from vacation. you've been gone, like a month. >> is that how it felt? >> don't go waway again.
6:56 pm
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7:00 pm
big fans of "star trek." and apparently of "seven of nine." they saw something tonight. what do you think? what do you think? taking your comments. see you at the convention in september. >> woo-hoo. tonight, the battle for wisconsin enters its final phase. >> this is such an important state. >> the entire country is looking to wisconsin. >> our goal here in wisconsin is just to win some delegates. >> we have brand new polls out of the badger state. >> this will go to a convention. then, governor kasich says we're headed for a contested convention. newt gingrich is here tonight with animalysis. and donald trump's rivals attack the gop front-runner for his comments on abortion. plus -- >> everything is a matter with donald trump. >> he just, like, talks a lot. >> more of