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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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the pdr. >> kids can go through this so fast and take a lot of them. like you said like candy and become toxic. so be careful. you can have one two. enjoy. >> you can have one now. a deadly train crash on the major northeast amtrak corridor just outside of philadelphia today. those killed not on board the train they were on the tracks. we'll go live to the scene. gop candidates sprint to the finish in wisconsin and nake round on the sunday morning talk shows. we're live in the badger state with the final arguments. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are trading barbs as they battle over the badger state and prepare for a major showdown in new york. hello. thanks so much for spending your
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sunday with us. i'm shannon bream. >> i'm leland vittert. welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. we begin with a fox news alert as we follow breaking story from just south of philadelphia, p.a. an amtrak train derailed there this morning. the national transportation safety board is on its way to the crash site. you're seeing some early video right now. fire commission there are says two people were killed. they were not passengers on the train but were rather on the tracks. the amtrak spokesman says 31 passengers from that train were taken to area hospitals but that none of them have life threatening injuries. authorities for the rail service train 89 hit a backhoe that was on the tracks. why it was on the tracks we don't know. that backhoe partially derailed the lead engine. happened in chester, pennsylvania. the train was traveling from new york to savannah, georgia. seven crew members on board. northeast corridor service
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between philadelphia and wilmington, delaware has been suspended. we're going to have a report from near the crash site as our crews arrive there on scene a little bit later in the show. we are less than 48 hours away from wisconsin's turn in the campaign spotlight as voters get ready to cast their ballots in tuesday's primary donald trump is ahead in the delegate count but ted cruz is ahead in the polls. and john kasich says he's not going anywhere. the contest is coming at a pivotal point as the chatter about a possible nomination fight grows louder. john roberts is on the ground in wisconsin with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. here in the badger state increasingly looking like ted cruz could prevail on tuesday night. 42 delegates at stake. if he wins across the state and win in every congressional districts he could walk home
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with all 42 delegates. that would be a boost for his campaign particularly going into two week doll grum between tuesday and april 19th. donald trump still predicting he's going to do well here. don't forget he led in pretty much all of the polls heading into march but his numbers started turn around here in wisconsin and some other states after a number of unforced errors. he's doing his best here in wisconsin on the stump to clean some of that you want. one of the problems was when he was talking about nato in which he said he might dial back america's involvement in nato. yesterday at a rally in wisconsin, trump said he merely wants nato to pay its fair share. listen. >> why should, because nobody asks them to pay. i'm going say pay up. you got to pay up. one of the early things i'll do and do it nicely, i promise i'll be nice, i'll be presidential. i'll be as presidential as i can be and at the same time get the
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money, okay. >> trump saying yesterday he'll be as presidential as possible but still say to nato pay up. you mentioned it's becoming increasingly a battle for delegation. donald trump believes he can still get to the 1237 majority needed to be the nominee before the convention. he needs to win 56% of the remaining delegates, for ted cruz the challenge much more difficult, he would need to win 82%. increasingly looking like ted cruz is playing for a contested convention. yesterday saying if it gets to that he believes he will do very well. listen. >> we'll go in with a ton of delegates, donald trump will go within a ton of delegates and then a battle at the convention to see who can earn a majority of the delegates, delegates elected by the people. in that situation i think we'll be in a very, very strong position. >> a little bit of a dust up yesterday tin over the allocation of at large delegates.
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trump campaign thought tennessee republican party was going to take away one of its seven at large delegates. in the end they got all seven of the 14 delegates they were expecting. however two of the delegates who had been strong trump supporters were switched out for delegates who may not support trump after a second ballot. likely they would support either bush or kasich or some other establishment candidate. it's a battle for delegation and wrangling will continue and continue very vigorously between now and to, through and at the convention if trump doesn't get to the 1237 before that. >> thank you. a little bit more on those especially important delegates. 42 republican delegates up for grabs in wisconsin as john told us. here's how they break down. 18 go to the statewide winner and 24 are award by congressional district meaning it's a region by region battle
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for votes. you see the regions there on your screen. that being said if someone is a big statewide winner they could walk away with almost all of wisconsin's delegates and now for the total delegate count donald trump is leading right now built his path to 1237 needed to clinch the nomination is narrowing as we have been saying ted cruz is closing that gap. checking in across the aisle, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is on her adopted home turf today. she's campaigning in new york leaving rival bernie sanders alone in wisconsin to rally voters two days before votes are cast there. that race has a lot of twists and turns. >> sanders has been hounding clinton. clinton has defended contributions from the fossil fuel industry as a miniscule
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amount. >> they are representing my record. i feel sorry sometimes for the young people who, you know, believe this. they don't do their own research. and i'm glad that we now can point to reliable independent analysis to say, no, it's just not true. >> clinton has had tremendous difficul difficulty solidifying her front-runner status. and polls show sanders leading in wisconsin. clinton is trying to preserve her front-runner status in the delegate rich state of new york. for the latest quinnipiac poll shows her beating sanders by a 24 point margin. the two campaigns are accusing each other of ducking a debate. sanders says clinton has opted for less than primetime debate hours. >> if you look at some of those
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democratic debates that we've had in the past many observers noted they are scheduled on days when the viewer turn out would not be particularly high. so i would hope that she would agree with me, let's do it at a mutually convenient time. >> i'm confident that there will be, but i'm not the one negotiating that. that's going on between our campaigns. my campaign has been trying to get a time that senator sanders campaign would agree with. >> complicating clinton's plans reports that the fbi intends to interview her onner e-mail practices. she said the bureau has not reached out to her. >> so many much these debates have not been on primetime, like saturday night of a holiday weekend that kind of thing. >> it changes. >> thanks, doug. more on that with the panel now the breakdown for the wisconsin primary on the democratic side. 86 delegates are at stake on
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tuesday. a little bit different than on the republican side. democratic delegates will be awarded proportionally within each congressional district. if you're keeping score it's hard for any one candidate to sweep all of the delegates. clinton leads sanders in the race and most notably she has 469 super delegates to sand ears 31. you see the total delegate count 1712 to 1011 for sanders. >> and a few quick programming notes. stay tuned right after this a fox news sunday you don't want to miss. chris wallace asked republican front-runner donald trump the tough questions just days before that all-important wisconsin primary and thenning tonight 8:00 p.m. eastegreta van suster returns.
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>> as doug was just talking about there are reports it might just be weeks until the fbi could possibly recommend an indictment against hillary clinton. the presidential candidate has doubled down. this morning saying the investigation into her home e-mail server is much ado about nothing. >> i don't think anything inappropriate was done. so i have to let them decide how to resolve their security inquiry but i'm not at all worried about it. >> her comments come 48 hours after the state department said it would suspend its investigation to not interfere with fbi's criminal probe. florida republican congressman, a member of the house judiciary and oversight committee joins us now. congressman appreciate you being with us on sunday. you've been critical of not only the state department but the justice department's handling of this investigation. what don't you like? >> all i can tell you is that when i was in the military you would never have been able to get away with something on this nature where you set up your own
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parallel e-mail system and then you have dozens and dozens of highly classified material on that. you just would not have been able to get away with it. i said i hoped the fbi and it looks like they are doing a thorough investigation. my complaint has been that the justice department and loretta lynch, you know, this is a case initially that i thought a special counsel should have been appointed. they won't do that. my fear is they will stonewall what the fbi is trying to do. here's the thing. either we all live under the same laws or we don't and if somebody just because they are a high official is able to get away with something that maybe a junior officer in the military wouldn't be able to get away with, well that's just not the type of country we're supposed to be. >> so far, though, as this investigation has played out from what we have heard reported the fbi is taking this seriously, 100 plus agents looked into this. one person was given immunity. that came from the justice
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department. is there any evidence so far that she's being treated differently than anybody else? >> i think that it's good. the fbi is looking at it. i expressed confidence that they will do a good job. the problem is that the fbi, they could have an air tight case. they cannot initiate any charges ultimately and that's going to be done by loretta lynch and the department of justice and potentially with input from the white house or direction from the white house and that's been the angle that i've been concerned about. >> so do you think that the president would be willing to really put his hands on the scales of justice here and try to influence a possible indictment or no indictment decision? >> i think this is the most political politicized justice department we've had in a generation. everything is seen through the lens ever politics and we've seen that time and time again. we saw it with the irs investigation, we saw it with the fast and furious. there's not a lot of confidence for people like me to have. so by me speaking out, let's
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have an honest decision made once the fbi presents the case because you look at these statutes they are very, very prosecution friendly and if even half of what we've been told in the press is true, she's in some significant legal jeopardy. >> there's been a lot of discussion that if there is not an indictment and we haven't heard this from any official resource but a lot of reporting james comey the fbi director some compare him to a modern day elliot ness. if there's no entitlement he would resign. it is that serious and fbi is that focused on this and feel they have a strong case? >> i think director comey has the confidence of a lot of people not just congress but people that served with him in the justice department. that crosses party lines. if he's coming up with a case that is actionable and loretta lynch brushes it aside, i think that's going an absolute earthquake.
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>> congressman, we'll see what happens. we appreciate your thoughts. look forward to having you back when a decision is made. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. wicked weather is ripping across sections of the country this weekend. in indiana high winds took down power lines, leaving thousands of homes and businesses in the dark. the east coast also dealing with gusts of up to 50 miles per hour as well as rain and snow. we're tracking it all at the extreme weather center. >> we had no power in long island. 50, 60 mile-per-hour winds. that will do it. we have a big trough in place across the great lakes and northeast. arctic cold air that has invaded this region with temperatures that feel like the winter time, not spring. wind chills, yes. single digits in some cases. teens in the northeast and midwest where another storm is
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brewing. that's the last 24 hours. a couple of clipper systems move in. this is our latest that brought the rain, wind and snow and we have another one behind it. so this is the one we're watching exit the coastline pup see that cold air in place. this is our next one. monday morning across upstate new york in towards new england more measurable snow in the forecast and then a day of breathing, another storm moves in on wednesday. we're still dealing with that cold air. threat for some measurable snow and we'll also see some chilly rain as well. let's look at your snowfall forecast in some cases three to six inches of snow with this storm system and the one behind it and another one on wednesday. wind gusts earlier this morning 50, 60 miles per hour, we're down 30s and 40s but still problematic at the airports. and we have wind advisories with warnings in effect for millions of people along the east coast, and then a quick look, shannon, tuesday, wisconsin. big primary. we got big weather that's going
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to be happening not only rain but snow and wind and cold weather. we'll be watching that all day tuesday for primaries in wisconsin. back to you. >> did you get your power back because you definitely look like you took a shower. you look good. >> the husband is handling it and hopefully when i go home i can take a shower. >> you look fabulous. thank you, shannon. more on donald trump's full-court press today defending his views on women after what's been a string of controversial comments and clashes. our fair and balanced panel of women join shannon with a report card. don't want to miss that. final countdown is on as march madness turns into the april day of reckoning tomorrow. we'll show you how the two final four winners celebrated their big win this weekend. a brand new effort under way to fix serious problems for our veterans. we'll talk to the georgia senator behind this as the
10:17 am
nation remembers the sacrifice of men and women who served in vietnam. >> to the veterans who are here, let me say plainly, that your service and sacrifices were not properly or fully recognized when you came home. you did not receive the parade and thanks of a grateful nation that you so richly deserved. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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the isis militant responsible for the recent rocket attack that killed a u.s. marine in iraq is now dead. military spokesman in baghdad said a coalition drone strike kills him overnight in northern iraq. he was an isis rocket expert. he's believed to be directly connected to the rocket attack that killed marine staff sergeant louis carden and wounded several other marines last month. today's strike killed five other isis fighters. gop front-runner donald trump is expecting a bit of remorse today saying if he had to do it over again he wouldn't
10:22 am
retweet that unflattering picture of heidi cruz and he clarified we stands on abortion. polls increasingly show women just don't like trump. is there anything he can do to win them back. let's talk to a couple of women about that. president of concerned women for america and author of the upcoming book "feisty and feminine." and the or of "annie gets her gun." i want to look at the polls where women are how they feel about the candidates. donald trump is upside down with women. negative 43 point. why do they go with that? >> cruz isn't any better. >> he is. he's at negative 23. >> all of trump's comments he sounds like a little bit of remorse he knows the heidi cruz thing wasn't a good thing. they do better with married women, the republicans.
10:23 am
i think, you know, trump's message, i think when you get to the general, right now in the primary and going at each other, it's sort of unattractive. in the general, trump's message is jobs and national security is going to appeal to women. right now we're in this sort of infighting. you can move up. >> assuming if him and hillary head-to-head, those in the republican party are worried how he'll deal with her head-to-head. that's a fine stage. remember, the last moment he approached theory sign something and that blew up in his face. >> he looked strong but then looked like a bully. >> how does trump handle her if he comes across on issues that are critical that people care about without going off the rails. >> this is essential. women have carried every presidential election since 1964. republicans are right to worry. romney lost women by 36 points,
10:24 am
32 points. and couldn't make it up. kerry had women, married women. that's the block. trump loses them by 52 points. he has to win white men by 70%. ronald reagan didn't even do that. so going forward he has got to change the way he speaks to women and this week was a bad week for him with the pro life community. he doesn't understand our message. >> you signed on to a letter earlier this year saying people of pro life shouldn't trust him. said america will only be a strong nation if we can protect the dignity of women and children. donald trump was all over this week. but he continues to say he's now pro life. do you think people are convinced. >> i was talking to the campaign. they said he's pro life. strongly prove life. >> what does that mean? >> what he said this week, he's
10:25 am
walking into sort of a trap. however it's worth debating here what donald trump said is this is a crime, the pro life movement believes that it's murdering a baby, why are women who are committing this crime not seeing any kind of punishment. why was that a horrible thing to say >> because we strongly believe that abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women. somebody else said a woman doesn't want an abortion like she wants an ice cream. it's like an animal gnawing of their own leg in a trap. she's being exploited by the pro choice movement, by politics, by planned parenthood and she's damaged herself. that's why. >> you would feel punishment for a physician who is performing an
10:26 am
illegal abortion but not for a woman. again you know the left pounce opened that and said we're going back-to-back alleys and coat hangers. >> the trump campaign as he said he has back pedalled from that position and said it should be the do. they do point out personhood is up for debate in a lot of states whether a woman who is pregnant is murdered, committed two murders and also this is out in the trump campaign why do we look at women and say they are victims. they didn't choose not to have this extra child. they didn't choose to have this invention in their careers or family life. why do we say women can't make these decisions for themselves. >> that's the argument the left made to me on pbs this week that somehow we got it wrong. but i would say that pro lifers are the most compassionate towards women. we see these women as hurting
10:27 am
and broken that we need to love and give other options to. >> we got to leave it there. as emily pointed out all the republican candidates have some room for improvement with women. thank you. good to see you guys. thanks for coming in. a moving ceremony to honor vietnam veterans is spotlighting the urgent need to fix persistent flaws in theirs and other veterans va care. georgia senator has a solution he wants you to know about. we'll go the site of the deadly amtrak crash outside of philadelphia. >> reporter: amtrak train was headed to savannah, georgia. 341 passengers were on board. 35 hurt. two were killed. we'll have the latest from the scene and what passengers said happened on that train.
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a fox news alert as we're learning more about the amtrak crash in pennsylvania that left two people dead and hundreds stranded. rail service along part of amtrak's busiest corridor is now stopped. no travel on trains between wilmington, delaware and philadelphia. the train derailed heading south to savannah, georgia from new york. it struck a backhoe for some reason on the track 15 miles outside of philly which is where we find brian who just arrived on the scene. brian, what have you learned? >> reporter: right now we're in front of the united methodist church here in chester, pennsylvania where many passengers, 341 taken immediately following the crash. many of them now have since been taken by bus to philadelphia. amtrak train 89 was headed from new york to savannah, georgia this morning at about 8:00 a.m. when it struck a backhoe.
10:33 am
construction vehicle that was on track. now we're about 30 minutes southwest of philadelphia. two people have died in this accident. those two people, though, were not passengers on the train. it is believed they are two construction workers, but amtrak will not confirm with us the identity whether or not they were those construction workers. 35 passengers were treated for minor injuries and some have been cents to hospital. the collision caused the first car of the train to derail and we spoke to passengers in the second car of the train who say it all happened in a matter of seconds. one woman told me she heard the train horn and felt the train hit something. there was some bumping. she saw flames come right outside the window of her car. now some passengers screamed. it got smokey outside the train car. a few minutes later conductor told passengers to head back in the back of the train and listen to some of the passengers and what their experience was like. >> we got off the train and then like a big explosion. then a fire.
10:34 am
then the windows burst out. some people were cut up. it was just minor injuries. some people were cut up and just running out. they said everything was fine at first. we thought it was a slight thing and we would be back moving. then they told us somebody died. >> reporter: now passengers walked over here to this church, united methodist church. red cross was here to greet them. some had minor injuries. people were definitely stunned. some people couldn't remember because they had whiplash from when the train hit. we spoke to one woman she couldn't remember what happened, she just remembers there was skraemg. this comes less than a year since last may when amtrak train 188 derailed. that killed eight people, injured more than 200. that happened at frank further junction about 30 minutes from here. that woman believed that derailment came into her head and thought it would be something like that. she was terrified. again, now, amtrak service
10:35 am
between philly and new york is online now. but philadelphia service between here, philadelphia and wilmington has been suspended. now the question is why was there construction equipment on the track at all? we still don't know. ntsb is on its way. we'll get more answers when we have it. >> we'll wait for their press conference. thanks, brian. the parades and thanks of a grateful nation that you so richly deserve, thank you and welcome home. you can never hear those words enough. ♪ >> defense secretary ash carter this week at the vietnam material paying tribute to those who served in southeast asia. there are 7.2 million living vietnam era veterans. many in their 70s and they need medical care. are va hospitals able to meet their needs and today's younger veterans.
10:36 am
senator isakson joins us. people are angry. they want to know if anything is actually improving? >> it is working. we're work the house to reform the va from top to bottom, give the secretary ability to fire senior management for cause. to hire the people that he needs to establish a disability expedited claim process to end backlog of claims which is over 445,000 claims, to establish a whistle blower and officer accountability protection to shine the light of day on the operation of the va and to focus on those benefits that we need to focus on for our vietnam era virus. provide better caregiver benefits like all veterans have gotten. >> i know previously there was a measure that gave some authority to fire some of the people who were connected to this. by our count it was a handful of
10:37 am
people at most. how would new legislation, new efforts change that in any real concrete way so people are held accountable? >> well, first of all it experiod indicts the process for everyone but in particular for senior management, it's appealable only back to the secretary and in the past it's been appealable to the merit system protection board which has overturned the firing by the secretary which makes it a paper tiger. we're cleaning its up so the secretary has the teeth he or she needs to carry out their mission and job. >> how much of a component of solving the problems at the va you think it is the ability to give veterans access to private care or other medical openings if they can't get into the va system. i have relatives go through it. once you get there it's very good. if veterans can't access it will there be provisions so he in can go elsewhere >> absolutely. in fact that's a key point under the reform we're doing. we're making the veterans choice program permanent.
10:38 am
we're consolidating all the nonva care programs into one. we're saying to a veteran if you can't get an appointment within 30 days he can go the private service. we're experiod indicting the access of the veteran. we're doing rapid pay and faster pay for the physician so they will take veterans to be reimbursed in a timely fashion. >> in the real world as a pragmatic question for veterans out there in the process right now how quickly will these changes make difference in their every day life? >> the whois program started 18 months ago and already made a difference which is why we're making it permanent. we're working to experiod indict and make it happen as rapidly and fast as possible. we're anxious to solicit criticism from veterans. we can only do better if we know what their problems are. >> you are running for re-election this year. what do you make of the political conversation out there and how much do you think the
10:39 am
presidential ballot is going to affect the down ballot races like yours? >> well i don't think this is going a year of any coattails. every man or woman for themselves, number one. number two just about everybody in the elected office and everybody in public life and everybody in the press missed what's a palable anger among the american people. american people are mad about 2008 and loss of their jobs, loss of their homes and decline and slow recovery in the economy. they are strike out. that's why you're seeing things in the primaries you depends expect to see and that's why you'll see some surprises in the election this november. >> i think it will be very interesting. will you meet with the supreme court nominee merritt garland? >> i support the position, we taught have the appointee made
10:40 am
by the one who is close to the voters. >> thank you for your time and work on behalf of our veterans. i know they in a their families appreciate it. we'll keep track with you on how it does. >> thank you, shannon. god bless our veterans. coming up, the 2016 presidential candidates make their final pitch in wisconsin. our fair and balanced panel on their chances come election day tuesday. plus we'll take a moment to send a 92 candle birthday wish to one of the most popular stars of all time who is still going strong. ♪ que sera% sera ♪ whatever will be will ♪ the future is not ours to see ♪ woah! lose the sneakers pal. kind of a thing.
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pretty soon all the talking won't matter because we're now a little more than 48 hours away from results in tuesday's wisconsin primary. on the democratic side bernie sanders is riding pretty high right now. as he points out on the stump he has won six of the last seven contests between him and hg and he's five points ahead in wisconsin in our latest fox business network poll. republican strategist, and democratic strategist joins us now to discuss. guys, thanks for being here. >> thanks very much. >> if bernie wins wisconsin, as he's expected to, the polls hold does bern momentum come hard to stop going into new york come april? >> i don't think it comes hard to stop. i don't think he'll win new york. hillary clinton is still holding a 12-point advantage.
10:46 am
she was a senator here. i know bernie is from here. there's something about hillary clinton and new york insofar as she won a lot of republican counties that democrats have not won in the past. his appeal has been over to the far left wing of the party. he doesn't get the moderates or centrists like hillary clinton does. all the credit in the world to bernie sanders, the momentum, feeling the bern is very real. in wisconsin they have split the delegation. be very close. he won't chip that far into her lead. >> so, ron, assuming that bernie wins there and jessica's math holds true how does this play out for hillary clinton. she said she was sick of sanders campaign lying about me one time along the rope line. do you feel that clintons are starting to get nervous and when you get nervous do you start to make mistakes? >> this is fun to watch because this is my home state of wisconsin. bernie sanders is getting under hillary clinton's skin.
10:47 am
no doubt about it. his charge she's in the pocket of her donors and she's part of the old tired establishment is actually working. i think bernie sanders is starting to chip away at hillary clinton' lead in new york. in wisconsin it's not going to be decisive but a momentum builder and certainly will build his fundraising machine. he's going to raise a lot more money off of this win. >> he's capitalized so much in the money game on every one of his wins. republican side very quickly. fox business network poll for wisconsin, cruz 42, trump 32, john kasich 19. we'll start with the bottom, ron. john kasich has this logic i may have only won ohio but i'm in it to win it i'll stay through the convention and somehow despite having the least number of delegates of those still in the race, all the delegates will switch to him and he's going to become the republican nominee. does that logic make sniens ens
10:48 am
you? >> no with a kasich can win this unless he goes to the convention. trump had an extremely bad week. trump ran into what we like to call the chatter wall. by going for identity politics instead of talking abo about ths is falling flat. if he pulls this off it's a clearer path to the nomination but if he done then it's just more of this muddled fog of war that we're into headed towards a contested convention. >> going into this, jessica from a democratic perspective does it help whoever the eventual democratic nominee is to have this three way split with kasich still holding on to his 20% or so or would it be better if you just had the two front-runners, cruz and trump battling it out? >> i'm not sure. i like listening to john kasich better than the other two.
10:49 am
for a democrat that's kind of nice. i'm not sure it matters. i think that the odds of a contested convention are getting larger and larger. i agree with ron's assessment last week for donald trump was totally heinous which is why we saw him apologize for the first time ever. so he did said i don't know if it would have made a difference. i think it would have. i'm not sure. a contested convention, the longer the republicans are tearing themselves apart, the better for the democratic party, i think. >> two topics that shannon tackled in her panel. jessica, ron, appreciate you guys being here. we have to leave it there. >> go badgers . >> no argument there. >> two weeks since terrorists brought chaos and death to brussels. brussels re-opened their airport to a few flights. we'll gate live report.
10:50 am
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today planes are once again taking off from brussels with the first flight headed to portugal. this comes two weeks after isis attacks rocked belgium. we have the latest. >> that first flight took off today and was greeted by cheers
10:54 am
and celebrations by the small crowd of passengers and officials who were at the airport for this emotional day. security was extremely tight. all passengers were required to go through additional security screening. they were asked to arrive three hours earlier than normal. of course, it was just 12 days ago that isis militants set off a string of bombs not only at the airport but also at metro stations killing 32 people and wounding 300. passengers said it was strange to be in the airport where so many people had recently died. authorities are proud to have gotten the airport back up and running after they say an attack that was a cowardly attack. >> very emotional moment for all of us, from me personally, of course. we have worked day and night over the next 12 days to make this moment possible. >> the airport is nonexpected to
10:55 am
be at full capacity any time soon. there is a lot of repair work that needs to be done. the airport is running at 20% capacity. they expect it to be open at full capacity by this summer. >> all right. connor powell live for us in the middle east, thank you. we'll be right back. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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♪ pillow talk ♪ pillow talk
10:59 am
♪ wonder how it would be >> doris day turns 92 years young today. in a statement day says i'm not fond of birthdays anymore. age is just a number. she said she'll spend her birthday with a few close friends and her pets. >> great way to spend the day. you heard doris day singing about pillow talk. but they're talking about pillow aggression in germany. hundreds of pent up citizens let their frustrations fly in berlin. evidently for them it's no fun, just that's it. >> hit someone in the face, you feel better. that's why i'm doing it. it feels good. i do feel better now. >> you have to wonder what other problems this young man has growing up. >> mihit someone in the face to
11:00 am
feel better. it looks therapeutic. as long as nobody put rocks in it. >> looks like everybody had a good time. that's it for us. >> "fox news sunday" is next, see you soon. i'm chris wallace facing more fire than ever before, donald trump sits down with "fox news sunday." are you in the process of blowing your campaign of president? we discuss the fallout from his statements on abortion. you offended the prolife and prochoice movement. his defiant support for his campaign manager. those controversial ratheemarks about letting countries develop nukes. >> you haven't studied you wing it too often. >> donald trump face to face on


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