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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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congratulations toen na, laith and lace. >> hearing that story and the meaning behind liberty's name, love her more and her husband. >> she's got her hands full. take it easy. >> she sure does. take care, jenna. come on back. enjoy your time off. >> "the real story" with gretchen. congratulations, jenna, and good luck. the battle for new york heating up ahead of the empire state's primaries are coming up. hi, everybody. i'm gretchen carlson. happy friday. this is "the real story." hillary clinton holding an organizing event in chicago. check out the map here. let's go over to the republican side now. senator ted cruz and donald trump seem to be taking the day off, but votes are still being cast today. jeff live in hammond, indiana. jeff, early voting there in full swing. explain how this all works in the state of indiana.
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>> i come to you from the only location in the country now where voting is actually underway. it began on april 5th here even though the primary isn't until may 3rd. this is one of those states where they let you vote all month. you can just come any day to a specific location, not your polling place. this is all in advance of the next two primaries which is famously in new york on april 19th. all the rest of the primaries on the 26th. not until may 3rd here. you can vote any time between t. >> wow. okay. so what are the polls saying in the hoosier state? >> reporter: this is an interesting question because, you know, there has been so much focus elsewhere there has not been a national poll since, y - the sign fell down. since december. donald trump had a slight lead at that time. this borders ohio, john kasich's home state. this has an evangelical component in indiana.
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could potentially help ted cruz. who knows what happens here. we haven't had a poll yet. actually kind of refreshing. i kind of like it when there isn't a poll. >> we'll have to see. more of a mystery as the whole thing continues to play out. >> old-fashioned. >> no doubt. old-fashioned is good for some reason. some 2016 presidential candidates are making a play for these unbound delegates now who could tip the scales one way or another in the republican nomination. taking a look at states and u.s. territories, they matter, too, with potential unbound delegates. look at your screen here. colorado has 37. north dakota, 28. pennsylvania leads it all, they have 57. west virginia, 34. wyoming, 29. stay with me here. american samoa and guam each have 9 potential unbound delegates. virgin islands has 5. josh putnam is a delegate expert and political science expert at the university of georgia. boy, do we need you today, josh.
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>> i'll see what i can do to help. >> okay. welcome to "the real story" for the first time. let's talk about these unbound delegates. there's been a lot of discussion about most of the delegates go to the convention in july in cleveland. they have to volt for who won that state. how do the unbound delegates work? >> whether or not a delegate is bound or not bound. the list you just went through is the small number of unbound delegates that we'll have heading to cleveland later on. the rules are really open as to how they can behave between now and when the voting starts in cleveland in july. >> right. >> like super delegates on one side, pledge to one candidate. they can switch their vote to someone else once it gets to the convention. >> we're talking about small numbers here but not really because when you add all those up, those are 200 votes and it could be that those votes could decide who the gop nominee is.
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>> absolutely. if donald trump comes into the convention just shy of 1237 mark, then even a small number of unbound delegates can make a difference in pushing him above that mark. >> all right. let's take a look now. i want to go in on wyoming because there are 29 delegates headed to the convention. they must either declare which candidate they support or state that they are undeclared. delegates are chosen at the april 16th state convention. the ballot list would be delegates and which candidate they support. every state has their own rules so it's tough even for us as news people to figure it all out. >> it's tough for even me to figure it out sometimes. you know, a few weeks ago the wyoming republican party held county conventions, elected 12 of the 29 telega delegates. nine aligned to cruz, nine to
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trump, one to marco rubio, one undeclared. those will be ratified at the state convention before and the remaining group of delegates, 14 of them will be selected there. >> right. >> early indications are that ted cruz will do quite well with that group of delegates as well. >> you had a good ground game with that. in this state the delegate has to list which presidential candidate they're supporting. yesterday out of pennsylvania, don't have to do that. people go to vote for the delegates, they have no idea who the heck they're voting for. let's go to west virginia now. this is different. 31 of the 34 delegates will be elected on may 10th. voters choose from trump, cruz, kasich. in addition to six candidates with suspended campaigns. delegates can potentially become unbound. explain that to all of us. how do they potentially become unbound? >> like we saw with a state like illinois back in the middle of march, they're directly elected
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on the ballots. you're voting for potential delegate candidates. those candidates unlike in pennsylvania are affiliated with a candidate in most cases. if as what we saw in illinois happens in west virginia, then it's very likely that most of those delegates are going to be affiliated with either trump, cruz, or kasich in the offhand chance that someone selects a rubio delegate, for instance, is elected there then, yes, that delegate candidate would be unbound heading into the convention in cleveland. >> see, this is why we're glad there are people like you, josh. as i said at the beginning, stay with me here. >> right. right. >> this is complicated. these 200 delegates, they'll be chasing all over the place as long as those rules committee people don't get first dibs on the media. they're also going to be chased. thanks so much. we hope to have you back on "the real story." >> thank you, gretchen.
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>> alan combs, kathryn with the national review. kathryn, you have to have an mba at least to begin to try to understand. i it's a state's rights things, they can make their own rules, but try to keep up with it. >> it's absolutely crazy. no matter what they can do, the attitude that's made trump popular will still be there. even if he's not the nominee, the gop finds a way around it, they say it will destroy the gop, that attitude won't just be there but it will be worse. they've already felt slapped around like the establishment. it will be a final slap in the face. even though it's so complicated, throw that all aside. what's underlying is still going to be there no matter what. >> interesting point, allen, because trump has been very successful in saying to his supporters, these rules, they're not playing by the rules. since it's so complicated he's been simplistic in his message. >> he doesn't care about rules. the rules are crazy for both parties. >> they are. >> you have super delegates on
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the left and this on the right. you have a situation where they changed it where you had to win eight states to be considered to stop ron paul. they keep changing the rules. >> we've learned, allen, the democrats do it, too. >> absolutely. >> it's very undemocratic to run it this way. you feel your vote doesn't count. >> we asked a question yesterday, does the people's vote count or is it up to the delegates? that's murky. it counts if you go to vote in the primary. listen to lindsey graham. he's making it more complicated by saying, there could be somebody else. >> i'm trying to get us the most viable nominee for 2016 that could win without destroying the party. i think trump destroys the party. if you parachute somebody in and try to ignore millions of votes, you're going to destroy this party. >> the likelihood that the party leaders are going to try to, in your words, parachute someone else in. >> that would be a disaster.
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trump is a disaster, one, i don't believe he's a republican. his policies are bad for the country. >> would paul ryan be a good candidate? >> paul ryan would be a great candidate. he should run. >> parachuting somebody in. this sounds like an action flick. >> absolutely. the never trump people are going to stay never trump. they're going to band in the gop if he's the nominee. the trump people certainly aren't going to abandon trump. they're going to be very angry. this is why we're angry about the establishment. they don't care about us. we wanted this, they're doing that. >> alan is over there laughing. let me tell you something, you could have the same thing at the dnc convention. hillary's not very popular. >> she's more popular than donald trump. >> barely. >> she's with bernie sanders. if you're doing that poorly with bernie sanders, whether you're winning or not, that's embarrassing. >> the republican party is screwed either way.
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if trump wins, the republican party, people will be upset about it. it's really messed up. if he doesn't win, you've got all a bunch of trump supporters that are upcity set. either way it's a difficult time for the republican party. that's donald trump that did that. >> governor kasich is taking a shot. some say he would have a steep learning curve as president. >> he'll have to figure out the first 100 days trying to figure out where the bathrooms are. >> trying to figure out where the bathrooms are for the first 100 days. then you have kasich's campaign director saying this. wisconsin showed us we are going to an open convention, there is no doubt about that. the reason trump and cruz are trying to push us out, they know we can win an open convention. is he right, kathryn? >> perhaps. again, that attitude will still be there. it's funny that was kasich's insult. like kasich, a lot to like about him. he doesn't even know anything about the white house. that's why people like trump because they want someone from -- no, they want somebody
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from the outside. he's making trump's point for him by saying he has no idea how politics works. yeah, exactly. that's what people like. >> you have the two top candidates. neither can win a general election. that's why the party is apoplectic. he talks about new york values, he'll lose new york. >> what's that anyway? >> neither trump or cruz can win the election. >> in a head to head match-up trump has won those in spite of hillary clinton. he led hillary clinton by 13 points. >> yeah, there's no reason to think bernie voters would automatically go to hillary either. >> good point. >> if she's the nominee. >> you both have great points. have a great weekend. >> thanks. massive drug bust. this is 14 tons of cocaine. what's the street value of all of that? have you ever thought of that? and where the coast guard says it all came from. and is pope francis getting caught up in the middle of the democratic race?
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bernie sanders got an invite to the vatican? but will he actually meet with the pope? our own ed henry, scoop, has all the details next. >> will you be meeting with pope francis? >> that is not yet clear. it is something that i very much would like to do. the pope's schedule is determined by the vatican, but i would certainly be enthusiastic about that. your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health. my m...about my toothpasteice. she eveand but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced."
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welcome back to "the real story." here's all that cocaine, 14 tons of it turned over to the dea. stacks of drugs unloaded by cranes on to a ship. it's docked in san diego. the u.s. coast guard seized the cocaine on the high seas. half of the haul came from the bust of a sub. it was some sort of a sub-like vessel. it happened last month. the drugs have an estimated
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street value of $400 million. back to politics now. hillary clinton doing the buffalo shuffle. didn't know there was such a thing. making the rounds in western new york today while bernie sanders takes over brooklyn again and gets an invite now, kind of, from pope francis. chief white house correspondent ed henry following both campaigns. ed, you have details about whether or not bernie sanders got an actual invite to sit down with the pope at the vatican. what was it really? >> it's interesting. sanders is saying he's going to the vatican next friday. there's a debate next thursday in brooklyn so after that he's heading to the vatican for a conference on the economy. he says he'll go back to the campaign trail a week from saturday. this is very interesting. pope francis did not issue the invite. i was told by a senior vatican source i was speaking to. bloomberg is quoting another vatican official saying bernie sanders invited himself, this was a breach of protocol in the middle of a presidential
11:17 am
campaign. the vatican official said, that's not true. sanders did not invite himself. he was invited by a monseigneur who is holding this event on the economy. it's interesting because bernie sanders earlier was talking about how he and pope francis see eye to eye on a lot of issues. >> pope francis, to my mind, has been an extraordinary leader in making the world conscious of the levels of the wealth inequality that exists on our planet. >> they obviously do not see eye to eye on a lot of other issues like abortion though. you're already seeing on social media pro life catholics saying it's a bad idea to be invited. that's why they told me it's highly unlikely there will be a one on one meeting between bernie sanders and the pope. >> actually from a pr point of view, pretty smart move by bernie sanders. pretty smart. a lot of people like the pope.
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hillary clinton on defense over her e-mail server. now she's lashing out in a way to antagonize the fbi when they decide whether or not to recommend an indictment. what's the scoop on that? >> she was on the nbc "today" show this morning. she said there's not even a remote chance, she said, that she will face any legal action over her e-mails. what's fascinating about that, number one, is the fbi is still in the middle of this investigation so agents there working on this might be interested to hear that she believes there's not even a remote chance that she'll face charges and then when matt lauer pressed her on republicans he said hoping she's hauled away in handcuffs, here's what she said. >> i know they live in that world of fantasy and hope because they've got a mess on their hands on the republican side. that is not going to happen. there is not even the remotest chance that is going to happen. >> so obviously she's pushing back hard. they are very anxious in the
11:19 am
clinton campaign to get this fbi probe behind them. >> we'll see how it plays out. have a great weekend, ed. >> have a great weekend. it's been two full years since the phoenix va medical scandal broke, can you believe that, two years? they're back under the microscope. new allegations now. we'll talk to one of the original whistle blowers at the va. do you think he's back at his job? plus, a new poll shows the republicans are less likely to show the election process is working the way it should. here's my question of the day. do you think the election process is working the way that it should? tweet me @gretchencarlson. use #therealstory. this is the buffalo shuffle. michael mcdonald. ♪ you're right where i want you to be ♪ tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients.
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welcome back to "the real story." hard to believe it's been two years since the va scandal rocked the nation. some of our veterans are still not getting medical care in a timely fashion. an analysis by "usa today" used information from va hospitals worldwide. supervisors told schedulers to manipulate wait time in at least seven states, lied about length of wait time. two dozen staffers have been disciplined. nearly 500,000 veterans waited more than a month for an appoint. . brandon coleman joins me. it's great to have you on "the real story" to get the real story. what was your job in phoenix and what has happened since you decided to tell the truth? >> thanks for having me,
11:24 am
gretchen. i'm employed as an addiction therapist at the phoenix va hospital. i came forward to the office and my personal records were being rifled through by employees, co workers. right after i came forward the director sent me home on a trumped up charge saying i threatened another employee. i was sent home on january 15th, 2015. i met one on one and i've done a lot to bring these issues to light. i sit home and the taxpayers continue to pay my salary for doing nothing more wrong than telling the truth. that's all i've done. >> wow. brandon, did you ever imagine that this whole thing would mushroom into this whole national problem or did you just think it was happening at the phoenix va? >> you know, at first, gretchen, that's a good question. i thought it was happening only
11:25 am
at the phoenix va. i belong to a group of the va truth tellers. there are a few of us truth tellers who testified to some of these fine people on the hill in d.c. and have gotten to know them pretty well. it's hemmiappening all over the place. we're not all lying. we're all telling the truth. the va is failing to take action with wait time manipulation. >> i think what's so confounding to those of us in the media and to the average person out there watching this right now, we're two years since we found out about this and we have a new person in charge of the va. we thought that meant these problems would be fixed and low and behold not much has been done, brandon. >> i agree with you. i met with secretary macdonald one on one. i told him the problems in phoenix. that was in march of 2015.
11:26 am
on your station i called out hillary clinton last october when i said, hey, mrs. clinton, if you want to tour any va facility in the united states, i'm your guy, i will meet you on my dime at any facility you choose because she called these isolated incidents. irstand by that with any political candidate. this is not a democratic issue, a republican issue, this is a veterans issue. >> well said. we've been on top of this story on "the real story" and we will continue to follow it until there is change and until we are giving our veterans better care. they deserve it. brendan coleman. great to have you on "the real story." thank you. great guy, right? well, here's a very interesting story. the son of a hall of fame basketball coach resigned as the woman's b baul coach after engaging in an inappropriate relationship with one of the players. new terror in belgium. one man may be linked to the paris and brussels attacks now. plus, presidential campaigns
11:27 am
in high gear as we all know as both sides rev up for their respective conventions. there's your candidates. >> about 100 days out from what feels like a 26 mile sprint. it's getting close. i will tell you, i feel extremely confident about where our community is in the planning for the convention. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your
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bottom of the hour.
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sclee cleaning up in central alabama. damaging several mobile homes there. meteorologists trying to determine whether the damage was caused by a tornado or simply high winds. u.s. officials confirming syrian authorities have released an american photographer held prisoner since 2012. 33-year-old kevin patrick dodd traveled to syria from turkey. last heard from in october of 2012. the vatican responding to the changing dynamics of modern families. pope francis releasing a document urging greater acceptance of divorced people as well as same-sex and unmarried couples. the pontiff urging priests to respond to their communities with more compassion. back to politics now. a new gallup poll shows seven in ten democrats have a positive view of their party's two candidates. it's significantly different on the republican side where the percentage of republicans who like donald trump is 55% and those who like ted cruz is 62%.
11:32 am
trump's unfavorable rating is 42% plus cruz's is almost as high as 38%. larry sabato with the university of virginia. what does this say to you, larry? >> it says it's another challenge for the republican party and it's something they have to be aware of going forward. now let's remember, it's april. the election is seven months away and favorability ratings in particular do change over time. we've seen this year after year. so by no means is this carved in stone. it's more like a sand castle on the edge of the sea right before the high tide comes in. i think it's worth focusing on for the republicans. when they are too negative to one another, when they attack constantly and if they play games at the convention, i mean really serious, dirty games, it's going to have an impact. >> right. well, we're just starting to tread into those waters very
11:33 am
carefully just with the whole delegate process. so let's talk a little bit about how the average joe feels about the election process. i think this is fascinating. take a look at this poll now. percentage of republicans who say the election process is working as it should, now check out those numbers, larry, in march, 30% -- no, in january, 46% said, yeah, it's working. in march, only 30% said it was working. i'm wondering even just this week that number would probably go lower. >> you're probably right. gretchen, look, a part of this, let's go back to the origin. 17 candidates, a record for either major party in all of american history. well, that kind of guarantees that your supporters in the party are going to splinter, they're going to splinter 17 ways. there are six, seven, eight major candidates in there. people are naturally unhappy
11:34 am
when their first choice doesn't get it or doesn't move towards a nomination. that's part of this. and then as i mentioned, the nastiness, the negativity, these things have an impact over time. >> right. >> you know, i come across people all the time, i bet you do, too, you know, i don't want to watch it anymore. i want to turn it off when it comes on. that's not a good sign. >> hopefully not this show. >> not your show. >> just to clarify, here's where i think some of that frustration is coming from. your two points are so valid, but i think in the last ten days or so people have come to realize that maybe their vote isn't going to actually matter because it's this whole delegate thing that nobody can figure out. >> yes. you know, we've met the ebb my a -- enemy and the enemy is us. the truth is the rules have been here it's just that we haven't had to think about them on the republican side since 1976. that was a long time ago. i was there at that convention.
11:35 am
i remember how much each individual vote mattered, but to most people this contradicts what they talk about a process, which is a straightforward democracy, the people vote in the primaries and caucuses and that's it. well, no, it's actually the preliminary step to the convention where the rules are brought. >> exactly. that's why people always say this is a republic, not necessarily a democracy. sometime you and i will have to debate that in person. >> i would welcome you. thank you. >> have a great weekend. let's talk about terror now. belgian authorities have arrested another guy. we are waiting confirmation that mohamed abrini was actually in custody. they believe he may be the man in the hat. remember, we've been showing you this video. new video coming to fox of the arrest. so you can see him there on the ground. that's his back. but we do know he's actually in custody. remember, he was the guy though
11:36 am
with the hat on who was seen leaving the airport. the other two guys who killed themselves in that attack, they died. he was still on the lose. senior foreign affairs correspondent has the latest from london. greg, we've seen this new video now. he's obviously in custody, right? >> well, that video is not confirmed as the fellow and we don't have confirmation that he is in custody. we're expecting a press conference in less than an hour. all confirmed. could be looking at a possible break through, not just last month's brussels attack but also in last month's paris attack. all of these strikes backed by isis. bluesless prosecutors saying they made several arrests. they are in direct relationship with the brussels bombings at the airport and metro station, 32 people dead. it has been reported that one of those arrested, 31-year-old belgian moroccan mohamed abrini.
11:37 am
he trained with isis in syria. yes, he reportedly could be the so-called man in the hat, the third suspect at the air force bombing. they all pushed carts with suitcase bombs. yesterday belgian police released a statement. now if it is abrini, gretchen, police say he definitely played a very important role in the paris attacks. those left 130 dead. he was seen on surveillance video with the arrested paris attacker saleh abdeslam two days before those attacks. there was a second man arrested. he's not yet been identified. it is reported that he's also a known terror suspect, so-called second suspect in the metro bombing. he could have been the man seen with the attacker actually giving him his suitcase bomb and there are more reports that there was a third person arrested.
11:38 am
another key player in these attacks. again, in about 45 minutes it should all be confirmed. we hope all these loose ends could be tied up. back to you, gretchen. >> a lot of police work going on there, greg. thank you. alleged affair between a college basketball player and the son of a living hoops legend threatens to tarnish the name. tyler summit is the son of pat summitt hall-of-famer and coach of the tennessee vol vols. tyler is stepping down from his coaching job. trace is live. >> hi, gretchen. not only does the scandal affect tyler summit's job but the legacy of pat summitt. she coached the tennessee vols team to eight national titles. she was named by sporting news as one of the 60 greatest coaches ever. the only woman to make list. yesterday 25-year-old tyler summit resigned from his position as head coach of
11:39 am
louisiana tech's women's basketball team citing an inappropriate relationship saying, and i'm quoting here, i am profoundly disappointed in myself for engaging in a relationship that has negatively affected the people i love, respect and care the most about. now multiple sources tell switch -- switsh appeal that he has hd a relationship with the player and got her pregnant. it's unclear how long the relationship has been going on. during college tyler summit played basketball at the university of tennessee and was a student assistant coach under his mom and the lady vols program. when summit got the job at louisiana tech, a female candidate was passed over and many people screamed nepotism. summit assured his critics the university had made the right choice. tyler summit married his high school sweet hard and his mom is
11:40 am
reportedly suffering late stage dementia. she spoke often about the respect and responsibilities of a player/coach relationship. it goes without saying this situation would not make her happy. gretchen. >> sad story. trace, thank you. so a chunk of unbound delegates set to be picked this weekend at the colorado republican convention. how it could tip the scales for the leading candidates at the convention. just colorado. plus, a drive-through cashier gets a rather toothy surprise. wait until you hear what the customer threw inside the restaurant. catch a new fox news reporting, donald trump the disrupter, anchored by bret baier will air this saturday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. , what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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president obama withdraw his pick and let the next president make a pick? that's one question president obama answered for fox news sunday. chris will preview what the president said about the u.s. supreme court, the 2016 presidential race and a whole lot of other topics. that's just ahead when i fill in for shep on "shepard smith reporting." joao thanks, greg. back to "the real story" now. don't blink. a bizarre incident at a wendy's in florida. it shows a man, here it is, tossing a live alligator through the drive threw window right after paying for his drink. this happened back in february. that cashier got quite the square from the 3 1/2 foot gator hurling herself through the drive through window. the driver was arrested and
11:45 am
legally banned from all wendy's restaurants. back to politics. big weekend for the state of colorado. holding their own convention to choose a big chunk of unbound delegates. by tomorrow republicans will choose 37 delegates for the national convention for cleveland in july. 13 of those will be at large large delegates. seven congressional delegates will elect three delegates each and three top party officials are automatic delegates. got that? joining me now is jeff hays, chairman. i hope you have this whole thing figured out, right? what's happening in colorado? >> gretchen, it's an honor to be on your program. we're just stumbling forward. >> stumbling forward. you're somebody who's the chair of the republican party so you know -- >> no, it's an arcane process but we understand it pretty well and we've got a lot of understanding. we also have about 50% of our delegates who have never been
11:46 am
involved in the process before. we have a lot of enthusiasm. >> that's interesting. you're not having a primary or caucus in colorado. from what i read it was because of cost. is that what it was? >> no. they used to do a primary in i think as late as 2003. the legislature did eliminate the primary because of cost. we had done the caucus selecting delegates. higher level assemblies for years, decades in colorado. this is kind of our colorado hybrid process. >> all right. we didn't know about it even though we love colorado because we just haven't been in this situation since 1976. okay. let's learn a little bit more about this now, what happens in colorado. most delegates are elected after stating loyalty to a specific candidate. if they've expressed candidate support prior it's understood that they honor that at the convention, but all 37 delegates are technically not bound when they come to the convention. did i get that right, jeff? >> that is correct.
11:47 am
i could say that i was for gretchen carlson but i don't necessarily -- i'm not legally bound to vote for you. >> all right. so that would mean that a lot of wooing is going on for those delegates. it's my understanding that this weekend ted cruz will physically be in colorado to ask for that delegate support. former governor of new york, john sununu, will be there for john kasich. nobody is coming for donald trump? >> donald trump did have a surrogate seat at one of our congressional districts meetings today or assemblies today. he has a surrogate as governor kasich. i believe ted cruz who is the only presidential candidate on the ground here in colorado. >> thank you for clarifying that. it's about the ground game. is that true in colorado as well? does it mean something when the candidate herself or himself comes there, jeff? >> i believe so. it's a recognition of how
11:48 am
critical colorado is. even though we only have nine electoral votes, it's a key swing day. depending on which party, which candidate simulates the most turnout in the november election. >> all right. we're learning with you. so, jeff, thanks so much. talk to you later on. >> thank you. time now for my take. if you got the colorado process for the gop delegate process was complicated, wait until you hear about michigan. yeah, michigan already had its primary and donald trump won the proportional state so he gets 25 of those highly coveted delegates while cruz and kasich both get 17, but now michigan republicans will meet today and tomorrow for their party's state convention where they will officially decide the delegates for july. of the 59 delegates traveling to cleveland, that's 14 for each of the three candidates. then you have 17 left over, right? to be proposed then by party
11:49 am
leaders. they will be voted on tomorrow. still with me? well, to ensure that any in fighting, the gop chair in michigan ensures it hasn't happened or isn't going to happen has said she will try to ensure the 17 delegates will vote for the first delegate on the first ballot. now we're back to the second and third ballot. trust me, i'm learning with you as we go through the process. every state is different and each one could be the key to decide who the gop nominee will be. get ready for a wild ride. kids and adult hooked on video games could be the newest crop of athletes. will carr, how do they factor together? what do you know? >> hey there, gretchen. the gamers are making millions. they're packing stadiums across the world. you won't believe what they're doing to stay on top of their game. we'll show you coming up next. it's a fact.
11:50 am
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xfinity watchathon week starts april 18. the greatest collection of shows free with xfinity on demand. did you know this? she video game industry projected to make $17 billion this year. the profits nearly in line with the movie industry. now companies are spending tens of millions of dollars covering live games almost in the same way they cover live sporting events. best gamers expected to take home more than a million dollars this year. will carr is live in l.a. with more. hi, will. >> reporter: have you ever told you kids to stop playing video games and get outside? well, this story may make you think twice. that's because some of these players are being treated as professional athletes and corporate sponsors are taking note. >> three, two, one! woo! >> reporter: no balls or bassetts but in the growing industry of esports video
11:54 am
games like riot games have major parallels to traditional professional sports. >> we filled an olympic soccer stadium and the energy of the fans is the same. >> he calls esports athletes as they compete in front of live audiences. the best can make seven figures a year. >> we have seen the cost of players double, triple, every six months, because of the amount of revenue being unlocked into the industry. >> to get the most out of his investment the team owner requires his players live and practice together, not only online but also justice doors where former nfl players help them with physical training. >> a healthy body and mind makes you play better and have a better attitude. >> lamb lam is a talented athlete. >> 40 town people watching them every night and when you're doing that you can basically run
11:55 am
commercials. >> and it's a big off. industry expert says esports revenues could hit half a billion does this year. >> the type of content where people watching online, they watch for long periods, and advertisers love that. >> reporter: even colleges are getting into esports, uc irvine in southern california, recently announced it will have esports scholarships and build an arena. >> what? what? scholarships? i'm not going to let my 11-year-old see this just yet, though. i still have to limit his play time. >> a lot of fun. >> have to have some rules. that's crazy, scholarships? amazing. thank you. who doesn't love pizza? you heard of the pizza rat. standby for the new critter sweeping social media with this fastfood feast. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company.
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time to check out what america is clicking on. pizza rat, meet pizza squirrel. this hungry critter is eating a slice of pizza. some british school kids looking for their lost toy dogs. they launched spam into the balloons. the balloons popped and the equipment fell back to earth. the spam is nowhere to be found. new poll finds only 30% of republicans think the election process is working like it's supposed to. so we asked you with the question of the day whether you think it's working. donna wonder why we even bother? she says votes don't count. delegates do. a popular vote doesn't mean a win. bill says it's working but at 70 years old he has never seen an election cycle like this in in the past we hat statesmen and patriots and civil discourse but that seems to be gone. don says they're too much big
12:00 pm
donor money and not enough empowerment of common voters. a lot of go thoughts there. i suspect if we did that poll today that number would be even lower. hope you have a fantastic weekend. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's gregg in for shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon out west. a big test for donald trump's new um -- new and improved campaign teen, ted cruz is winning the latest fight for the people who really pick the nominee, the delegates. we'll break down the battle. bernie sanders now says of course hillary clinton is qualified to be president but some democrats say they are deeply worried the recent sniping could hurt the party come november. and an arrest in the murder of a student at the university of texas. the first killing on campus in almost half a century. you'll hear what cops have to say about the suspect and a possible motive, all ahead on the fox news deck.


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