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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 12, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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left this evening. it hurts our feelings when you're not there. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow night. ♪ >> "the o'reillyá5ck factor" is on. tonight: >> they came from a certain country. they are going to be brought bacwmmr to that country. >> these financial institutions are simply too big. we have got to break them up. >> the two insurgent candidates trump and sanders making all kinds of promises. but can they keep them? talking points will present the facts tonight. >> american people are not being told the truth about american soldiers in iraq. they are now fighting isis. tonight, a special report. >> the new york city subway is the best way to get around. [ laughter ] i guess it's been a while. >> also ahead, snl mocking hillary clinton and other candidates for pandering to
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new yorkers. gutfeld and mcguirk want in on that and we will let them. >> the best way to get around. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪,1 ç hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the truth about political promises. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we reported last night. the rise of donald trump to the top echelons of the republican party is one of the most stunning political stories i the past century. also, the campaign of bernie sanders is giving hillary clinton all she can handle and who would have predicted that? the popularity of both men based on promises. things they say they will do if elected president. talking points believes that many, perhaps most, followers of trump and sanders don't really care whether the men can deliver.
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it's their tone, point of view, philosophy that's mesmerizing millions of voters. the truth is sanders and trump will not -- will not be able to do some of the things they are promising. we believe they want to do them but they will not be able to overcome our political structure. simple as that let's take donald trump first. he says he will build a wall between the u.s.a. and mexico and that is certainly possible. it will not be a continuous wall because there are national barriers that will stop that constructive an effective barrier very6x possible and would happen if trump is elected president. >> we are going to have a strong border. we are going to build the wall. it will be a real wall. [cheers and applause] >> a real wall. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> who? >> mexico.
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>> one problem, mexico will not pay for the wall. no matter what a president trump might threatened. his proposed action to stop mexicans illegally here in the u.s.a. from sending money back to their family and friends is impossible. no one can stop the mail. mr. trump also says he will deport, perhaps as many as 12 million illegal aliens here within two years, again, the courts would likely block a mass deportation and even if they didn't, each individual alien under law will have to have a court hearing before any action would be taken. and right now the average wait time for an immigration hearing about two years. so realistically for mass deportation to take place actual movement of that many people would be unprecedent the, what about mr. trump's
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wish to temporarily ban muslims who live in areas dominated by terrorism from coming here to the u.s.a. again, the courts would likely stop in and block the action based on the equal protection clause whereby you cannot single out a specific group, in this case muslims for any legislation action. to force china from devaluing its currency. he says if they do not stop doing that there will be a trade war. here, mr. trump is on solid ground. the trade deficit with china was $366 billion last year. unbelievable. that means they get all those billions free and clear above what we're buying from them. donald trump certainly can renegotiate that appalling situation. anybody could and it's a job killer for americans as he says. on the bernie sanders front, it's a similar situation. says he will break up the
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big banks. >> they are too powerful economically, they are too and that is what i believe and many economists believe. time to break them up. >> of course, the courts, again, would stop that the only way the federal government can destroy a][ banking concern is if it poses, quote: a grave threat to the financial stability of the united states, unquote. no president can break up any private enterprise unless there is a drastic9]zñ reason to do so and then the federal apparatus would have to approve. not a single individual. senator sanders proposing higher taxes for just about everybody in the country. he would never get that through congress if republicans hold even 40 senators in that chamber. the g.o.p. would block any drastic tax increase. sanders says he will defeat isis by somehow convincing
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the muslim nations of saudi aarabbia, turkey, jordan and the emirates to join together and launch ground attacks against isis. now, can you file that under amazing fantasy or to be more kind, wishful thinking. only if the west leads would anti-muslim nations initiate ground action. finally senator sanders wants to add 14 trillion with a t dollars in government spending over 10-year period to provide healthcare run by the government for every american. the national debt now approaching $20 trillion. so, again, this is a dangerous fantasy. sanders says he would raise taxes on business and workers to pay for the 14 trillion. but nearly every single analysis of the subject says the new taxes would not come close to covering that huge health expense. an out-of-control national debt could collapse the entire u.s. economy. and punitive taxation, the kind sanders wants, would
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likely strangle economic growth. senator sanders is talking theory. when reality dictates that the federal government must stop running up massive debt. we are not sweden here with 9 million people. all government programs are rife with waste of spending and ineffective performance. does sanders have a magic wand. we can't provide a system to help our vets. and sanders believes the can serve 330 million people including illegal aliens? come on. summing'. trump can probably do two out of the five things is he promising. sanders 0 for 5. again, doesn't really matter to many american voters. syá that's the memo. now on the rundown, reaction, then later, u.s. troops fighting again in iraq. the government trying to keep it a secret.
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>> i agree with you on the wall and trump. i don't see how he gets mexico to pay for it by blocking people from sending money back. >> he can't. >> so i think you are right. i do think when it comes to something like trade policy, when donald trump talks about, you know what? we have got to take care of people who have been losing jobs in our country. we have got to do more there, you know what? we're not going to break all all trade deals and start trade wars, but i agree with the sentiment coming from donald trump that we should look out for our people. >> so you are agreeing me with me 100 percent on talking points memo.
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i was on seven minutes and you are saying you were right every seven minutes. >> what say you, katie? >> you said none of what bernie sanders has proposed would work. and he proposed like hillary clinton that we need to get quote big business out of government and out of campaigning and is he referring to citizens union nighted. that was a 5-4 supreme court decision if bernie sanders were to happen to win somehow with the nomination or even hillary clinton or a republican, they're going to get to replace judge scalia and they are also going to have an opportunity to replace two more supreme court justices which could overturn that decision. >> can overturn it, sure. i didn't deal with that because that's a hypothetical right now. >> sure. >> i'm teeling with what they are saying on the stump and bernie sanders is 0 for 5. not going to get any of that done unless -- the only way he could get that high taxation done was if the republicans lose so badly that they have less than 40 senators because you have to get that 60 over the
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filibuster to get. >> you think you could get that many democrats go along with raising taxes? >> no. >> yes, i do think democratic party would raise taxes, not to the extent that sanders wants. >> sanders wants to raise them to the point where it would be almost grabbing your money. >> sanders would probably compromise to get anything done. >> hillary also confirmed she wants a trillion dollars in tax increases. going back to bernie sanders he isb3 to youngomes voters and proposing free college. essentially he doesn't want to have tuition but, when you look at the details o his plan, he is saying that the federal government will somehow pay for it which of course means tax increases. as we all know there is nothing for free. >> to be fair to sanders, when he would give, he give interest-free loans. that's what he would do. >> not free. >> ostensibly pay back. >> not free. >> here's why i'm laughing. number one sanders believes every word he says he is not
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a hypocrite. number two he is so far out there. in my lifetime i have never seen a political candidate%in hl and as disassociated with reality as bernie sanders. never. eugene mccarthy. george mcgovern, barry goldwater. all of them pale. ross perot all of them pale bernie sanders who lives in a world of his own. >> do you know why bernie sanders has the surprising support exceeding expectations when he talks about wall street, too big to fail is he hitting at people who share this feeling. >> so what? he says he is telling these teenagers and when i use the word teenagers, it's a mental state. not on age state because it's only teenagers. it's like american bandstand people who can say yeah, that's right, bernie is going to break up the big banks, katy, he is not going to break them up there are laws against tyrannical president going you know what, arby's? i hate your roast beef.
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you are out of here. you can't do it, bernie. even if you want to do it, even if ben and jerry tell you can do it, you can't do it. >> maybe they should break up the big ice cream manufacturers and we will all be happier and we would have more access to ice cream. >> something startling taking place on the factor at this very moment. >> the radical leftist juan williams is agreeing with the rather conservative katie pavlick what bernie sanders is saying and millions of people are apparently buying is hoohy. >> too big to fail. i think that katy is on -- i agree with you on the wall street point, katie, the difference is as bill says, people when you say to them too big to fail they say wait a minute, nobody is bailing me out when i can't pay my mortgage when my kids want to go to a school and i can't pay for it that's not fair, the system is rigid. that's work. that penetrates the mind of the american public. >> if you are going to penetrate the mind, this is to you, katie, and you want to stop the corruption in the system, and there is plenty of it, all right,
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then you have to put forth realistic i told donald trump on this program many times. you may want to deport 12 million illegal aliens. you may want to. and your supporters certainly want you to say that but, when you come up against the federal court system, they're going to stop you. and there is nothing you can do about it. >> yeah. and i think that you know, the reason why people like donald trump or bernie sanders can't implement a lot of what they want to do is a because it's unrealistic but b because the government bureaucracy so bloated which is actually what bernie sanders wants for the country he wants more government$ñ bureaucracy nothing tends to work or be stream lined. talking about border security or the laws on the book, the reason why we have such a problem with illegal immigration is because the system is too big, too complicated, and there is too many government bureaucrats involved. the first thing that any candidate can do is try to reduce government so that things can work. but, until then, nothing is
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going to go anywhere especially under -- >> they want to revolution. >> not like that, juan. >> left and right. >> which would not be a bad thing. >> exactly right. just want to hear it. they know it. they don't know-i mean, some people are so out of it they don't know but the smarter of the supporters of sanders and trump know that they just want to hear it. that's enough. >> yeah. >> one footnote juan williams has an interesting new book out called "we the people modern day figures shaped and affirmed the founding father's vision of america." check it out. directly ahead, new polling says trump and clinton will win new york big. what about california? that could decide who is nominated. karl rove has some thoughts. deputy feld and mcguirk on candidates pandering to new yorkers. those reports after these ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight, new nbc marist college poll says donald trump dominating the new york primary and so is hillary clinton. held a week from today. trump up by 33 points over> john kasich. even more over ted cruz. mrs. clinton ahead of bernie sanders by 14 points. there are 5 g.o.p. delegates, 291 for the democrats in the empire state. if that scenario plays out, california, which votes on june 7th becomes the vital state because it has 172 delegates on the republican side. 548 on the democrat side. a recent field poll has trump ahead in california certain senator cruz 39-32 kasich 18. democratic side hillary clinton 47, bernie sanders 41. so you can see california is in play. joining us now on the phone from san juan, puerto rico, karl rove. he was supposed to be on the satellite from p.r. but nothing works counsel there, which is one of the reasons
8:22 pm
the place is bankrupt so he is on the phone. i believe the only question in new york is whether trump will get his 50% margin, thus the majority of the delegates. am i wrong. >> i think that's even -- i think it's somewhat different than that if he gets 50%, remember, he just gets 14 statewide delegates. if he gets more than 50% in each condition congressional district h"vúz takes all three delegates. so i think frankly, there will be some districts. let's say that there are 5 to 10 districts in which he gets less than 50%. and one of the other candidates. most likely given the polling kasich gets more than 20%. trump would then get two of the delegates. kasich or cruz, depending on who got more than 20%, they would get one. so my sense is trump is likely to come out of the new@ york delegates with between 85 and 90 of the 95 delegates. it might be a little bit less but i think it could be as many as those. >> it's not over then. he still needs to compete in the big states, pennsylvania the polls have him ahead and there california, i believe
8:23 pm
california is going to really be the crunch state. >> i agree. now, remember, there's a reason why california gets to be the crunch state. let's step back for a minute and look at the contest today. according to the a.p., trump has 742 delegates and there are 935 delegates who are not for trump. so, today he is behind the combined opposition of cruz, kasich, rubio, blah blah, by 193. now, saturday they are going to finish wyoming. he has not done well so far in wyoming. all 15 are likely to go to ted cruz. that means on the eve of going into the new york primary, he is going to be down by 208 delegates, 950 not trump, 742 for trump. so even when he -- let's assume that he gets 90 of those delegates, so he picks up a net of 85 delegates, then, that means he is still 100 down. he has got 8 -- slightly less than 8 auto and the
8:24 pm
opposition has slightly more than 950. >> mid-atlantic states will be close. anybody could win that state. sanders could beat clinton and there is a ton of delegates there. clinton has a lock because of the super delegate fraud. cruz beats trump in california, i mean, then they go in and nobody is defined. >> he doesn't even need to beat him there because, remember,f this is winner-take-all by congressional district. there are 53 congressional districts in the state. and the polling, the field poll sort of indicated this. so does the other. there seems to be an agreement that cruz is ahead in the central valley which touches 6 to 8 congressional districts. depending on how you characterize the central valley. and that he and trump are dead even in los angeles. and that he is within striking distance in orange county. los angeles touches 22 congressional districts. i think orange county is another 8. so you -- that's why you saw cruz in. >> california this week. >> orange county this week
8:25 pm
because it hits the l.a. media market and orange county and. >> he knows he is not going to do well here in new york. it's just not going to happen. all right, mr. rove. we're sorry we had to talk to you on the phone. you have got to get those people down there until -- >> -- i thought had you bigger stroke. i thought you ran this island. i throw your name around but couldn't get a satellite facility. >> they need help down there. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. u.s. marines fighting isis inside iraq. but is the obama creation trying to keep that secret. pandering in new york. it's reaching critical mass. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back.
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and now believe that action led to the rise of isis. today, u.s. marines special forces actively confronting isis terrorists inside iraq. but the reporting on this is scant. the pentagon says there are a thousand american service members in iraq the white house says there is a cap of slightly more than 3800. joining us now with analysis andrea tantaros in new york city and mary ann mash in
8:30 pm
boston. attacked a fire base in iraq. a staff by marines. i think it's fair to say the obama administration doesn't want a lot of publicity what's going on there. am i wrong? >> i think that's fair because of the dilemma. the fact is america has opposed troops in iraq for years now. the problem is if you tell them there are troops in iraq fighting isis. it raises a whole another set of concerns for americans. and rightfully so. >> isn't it more of an embarrassment and admission of failure by president obama who withdrew all the troops and now he has to put them back because of the isis threat? >> no. >> that was not there before the withdrawal of the troops? isn't it more of an embarrass wasment for the president? >> no. he with true the troops in keeping an agreement that was set by then president bush and prime minister maliki to withdraw troops at the end of 2011. he kept that agreement. he kept that commitment. >> he could have renegotiated the -- according to all accounts and two former secretary of defenses who work for him.
8:31 pm
he could have renegotiated just as he did in afghanistan. >> monday morning quarterback something great. >> mary ann, wait a minute, wait a minute. when you have two secretaries of defense, the pentagon, all telling you not to do this, to renegotiate the deal, to keep people in there as they did in afghanistan, as you know, did the same thing, and you say no, i know better than all of you guys and i'm going to take him out. and then you have to put troops back to clean up the disaster that is unfolded. that's embarrassing. >> that's the call he made as commander and chief and he made a call to put troops back in there. now to fight isis. two separate and distinct challenges at the time. remember, president bush in 2003 dismantled the iraqi army which contribute to do this situation. we would have never known. >> now we're back to -- there were plenty of mistakes to go around but you are not going to see -- i got to get to andrea.
8:32 pm
go ahead. >> no, you are absolutely right, bill. president obama campaigned on drawing down the war in iraq and prided himself on not voting for the war in iraq. what we have seen though since he rapidly pulled out the troops is isis seized $1 billion, bill, of equipment that we left in iraq and afghanistan, 2500 humvees alone in mosul that isis is now driving around and using against any military that we have in the region. that is bad press for president obama. not only that, bill, the cost of war, if you look at this, 10% of the 60 billion in reconstructive funds, missing. i mean, that's the only one that can be accounted for. the rest of it is missing. they can't account for the money. >> that's the corruption of the iraqi government in baghdad. >> not only that. we can't track it we have left money there we have left equipment there. and joe biden himself said this was going to be the greatest accomplishment of the entire administration. they selectively manage this war via press release. >> then let's get on to mary anne, don't we, the people,
8:33 pm
have a right to know what kind of military action is being taken in our name in iraq? >> yes. of course. >> well, we're not being told that the reporters are not at the fire bases. we're not getting accurate information. the pentagon to their credit gives it to us but the white house doesn't. >> he will with, the pentagon puts it out. it's up to the media to cover it. you can cover this war any time. and i expect after tonight many people will. but the fact is oftentimes it is better to do things than say things. that's used constantly in war. give president obama credit. hold on, give president obama credit for putting the troops back in there because, of course, i agree with andrea. he kept his campaign promise to keep the troops out. he kept the promise by president bush. the put them back in is the last thing he want to do do. >> why did he do it though? >> it's more than that hillary clinton, on the campaign trail has vowed not to put american troops back on the ground in that
8:34 pm
battlefield and9k%]x now president obama has done exactly that it's campaign issue. >> it's an excellent point. she doesn't want to talk about vote for iraq war. she does not want to talk about secretary of state. under obama's tutelage metastasized when she was secretary of state. to admit put troops back in iraq means concession of failure that's not what this administration wants to do. on the point how to run the war. the war is being run out of valerie jarrett's office. >> you don't know that to be true. >> do you when you look at the rules of engagement. we talk to these guys. the generals and the did. od officials. >> valerie jarrett up as the commander of the war is not accurate. >> she is making the calls and they are releasing information about this war via press release. >> i'm not sure is he making the calls. >> bottom line for everybody is we the people deserve to know if american troops are fighting a war in iraq again. let's get on it. ladies, thank you. we come right back, big trouble in north carolina
8:35 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight. big trophy over new laws in north carolina and mississippi. bruce springsteen anti-transgender law. >> need to hurt them economically. it's the only thing they understand. hurt people economically to have them do the right thing morally. you know. that's the essence of a boycott. it's a shame it comes to that but this sort of thing is spreading like an evil around the country. >> what mr. vanzant is referring to is north carolina saying that local towns and counties cannot pass antidiscrimination. laws that the state must rule there. and that transgendered people can only use bathrooms that reflect their biological origin. so if you were born a man, you have to use the men's room. even if you change to being a woman unless you get your birth certificate changed. with us now, lis wiehl and
8:40 pm
eriner lick who is in for kimberly guilfoyle this morning. wiehl, do you think the federal government is going to come in? is there nig unconstitutional. >> the "new york times" is reporting that the obama administration is at least thinking about or threatening to withhold federal funding if these laws keep going and are not. >> punishing the state as brees springsteen wants to do. >> the federal government isn't going to do that they are not going to hold the good people of the state basically hostage. >> so you don't think they are going to withhold the funds. >> but, they should not be surprised in the state that private organizations are going to. >> sure. anything in this area. >> absolutely. >> what is the rationale of the transgender law that if you were born a woman you have to use the woman's room. what's the rationale. >> rationale for the transgender people they are saying equal protection. the old equal protection argument. we have the right to be able to go into the bathroom of what we -- how we identify. >> but you missed thebi question. you didn't. why does north carolina want these laws?
8:41 pm
>> well, it's pre-textual. >> they are arguing that people would feel unsafe if we were allowing transgender man to use female rest rooms. >> how would they even know? >> exactly. how would they even know? >> isn't there is a shower component to this and a locker room situation? isn't there a shower component? >> well, sure. shower and a bathroom but in a girl's room you always have the stall. you always -- you know, you are not walking in there. >> but the theory that the governor of north carolina signing it is that it protects, who? >> it protects women. >> girls. >> you are bringing up a very good point. >> protects women from what. >> the governor says -- the governor says that is he worried about men, basically, who are identifying as girls, going in to girl's locker rooms, girls bathrooms and they are identifying as girls but they are born as boys. >> that's intrusion. >> they are also fearful that people are going to use this as. >> a reason to go into
8:42 pm
women's rooms. >> now, what is mississippi doing? >> mississippi is doing something much larger than what north carolina is doing.> they do not have to provide those service was. essentially what they're telling they are telling the lbgt community you are not welcome in mississippi. >> you are can make argument for freedom of religion it's force people to do that not draw conclusions from the law. the law basically says to mississippi people if i don't want to do business with a gay you don't have to. >> you don't have to. >> but that can be discriminatory. >> it is discriminatory.
8:43 pm
for the supreme court is that gays are obviously protected but not transgender. there is no protected class for transgender. >> i think this is more, in mississippi, a gay wedding issue than anything else. >> i think the other thing. >> real quick. >> quickly the supreme court missed its opportunity the recent legalizing gay marriage. protection analysis set forth framework to determine what would be discriminatory they instead took the approach from a substantive due process point of view and said there is a fundamental right to marriage that cannot be denied to people. >> they had to do that because that was the issue put before them. they couldn't expand the turf to do anything else. >i wouldn't. >> it would have been chaotic. >> that's the point? uber, these little cab guys? now they want to start one just for women. women drivers picking up women. >> in massachusetts. >> is that unconstitutional, wiehl. >> i love the idea but, yes, it's unconstitutional. >> you can't just
8:44 pm
>>discriminatory. unless there is a bonafide women for only women to be driving. >> they say it's a safety issue. >> it can be a safety issue. but there is no reason that -- >> -- this uber law hasn't passed yet it's just a proposal. >> it's a company that's trying to start up and do this service. >> can they charge men more like five times as much. >> that's discriminatory. >> i would just do that because of grooming. >> they are not even offering to do that unfortunately. >> so if you are an uber, you have got to pick up everybody.÷ gays, transgenders, men, women, whatever. okay, ladies, thank you very much. gutfeld and mcguirk on deck. apparently some libraries may want to remove the bible, if can you believe it political candidates the boys are next.
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back of the book segment tonight, what the heck just happened? "saturday night live" noticed that many political candidates including hillary clinton are pandering to new yorkers. >> you know what my favorite part of new york is? the subway. i love to ride it, and i am comfortable riding it. in fact, here is me using it earlier today. the new york city subway is the best way to get around. [ laughter ] i guess it's been a while. it's just -- go in the old fashioned way. [ laughter ] i think i will take a cab. >> kate mckinnon the absolute best. here to analyze bernardt
8:49 pm
mcguirk and greg gutfeld. >> hillary clinton tried to sell me a rolex. the wrist was still in it i don't mind the pandering, but you have got to really go for it you have got to go to the true new york character. so, you know, drink a pint of vodka. fall asleep in front of my stoop. throw up in the east village. when you get on the subway. stare uncomfortably at people until they move to the next car. >> let me repeat the next question because somehow you didn't really digest it what is the most outrageous seen that you have seen out of the candidates besides hillary clinton selling you happen? >> well, let me see, she did -- >> she bought a fur hat that was made from a water rat. >> all right. how about you? >> i will start with that first of all, i mean that wasupaq ridiculous, up in my od hood trying to be a woman of the people on the subway. give me a week before her motorcade blocked traffic fifth avenue as she went inside bergman
8:50 pm
to get a $600 hair cut. she would have been betterm served jumping the turnstile. it would have helped her out. >> she tried to jump. >> damn near. >> i saw john kasich up in the the bronx. >> stuffing his face. >> i've never seen more food on a table in my life. if gutfeld had eaten that, he would be 6'2". but i think kasich enjoyed it. he had this food, probably paid for by his campaign and he chowed down. >> they do it out west. ted cruz baking matzas. >> there he is. he's eating like a new yorker. >> if you want to eat like a new yorker, you spend $10 on a tiny cupcake. every tourist knows this. >> let's get to cruz, a texan. in brooklyn with the orthodox
8:51 pm
jewish guy. >> wear the yamika and singing "fiddler on the roof" songs. nobody is going to vote for him. >> i heard, gutfeld, that after this, ted cruz booked himself in a club in the catskills where he's going to do standup. >> i don't even see him in there. is he blended in? i don't know which one he is. >> look at the little kid with the sailor hat. he's taking his wallet. [ laughter ] that's a new york thing. >> chuck schumer could get more votes running for the mayor of tehran than ted cruz can get in new york. >> the out of towners do look a little uncomfortable. >> we think it's funny, but we
8:52 pm
do the same thing in other states. >> new yorkers go to texas and try on cowboy boots but never buy them. >> donald trump doesn't do any of this stuff. >> he panders in a way that, ted cruz thinks you're all a bunch of scum. that's what he does. >> that's your kind of pandering. >> that's what they do in your neighborhood. but that's pandering in reverse. now, hillary clinton lives in new york, gutfeld. isn't she a new yorker? >> no. she lives in her own head. you know what she could really pander? eat a panda. >> eat a panda? >> eat a panda. >> she lives in westchester county. >> riding the subway, bill? come on. >> my entire block smells like a dead skunk.
8:53 pm
>> i thought you were bailed out of rikers island. >> i have friends that i visit. >> pandering to new yorkers, everyone. "factor tip of the day," how you can help kids in danger. "the tip" moments away.
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8:57 pm
that's not happening here. >> i don't know exactly what you're talking about here, wendy, but the issue here goes to a just nation concept. if america is indeed a country built on justice, then certain situations have to be treated differently than others. both african and native americans deserve targeted programs to improve their economic circumstance due to what has happened to them in the past. that is just.
8:58 pm
>> well, inancy, and i hope rea will take your recommendation and check out "killing reagan." and a very happy 100th birthday to mary in mccloud, california. way to go, mary. finally tonight, "the factor" "tip of the day." april is national child abuse prevention month. every year in america, more than 6.5 million children are referred to various child protection agencies. that's heartbreaking. every single american child should have a happy childhood, free of violence or menace. the child health organization, based in phoenix, arizona, has established a national child
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factor." the nuns said that to me in sixth grade. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly.please rememb here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. the rnc and donald trump ramp up their fight. speaker paul ryan says you can count him out for the 2016 race. and the candidate's wife comes forward in an interview to break her silence on what the media dubbed the wife wars. welcome to a special edition of "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. 2016 is in focus this evening. in moments, we'll get to brit hume on what has become a delegate death match on the republican side of the white house race. but first to an exclusive. in the age of the modern political campaign, spouses and children play a key role, supporting the candidate and helping to carry the message. the unwritten rule, however, is