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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 16, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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miss, be sure to tweet it to us at jer @fnc. that's it, paul will be back next week. hello everybody, i am uma pemmaraju, live in new york. the republican hopefuls are fighting right now for tuesday's big primary. >> do we love this? it is good to be back. >> will the home advantage give new momentum for donald trump campaign and ted cruz is hitting the ground hard in wyoming hoping his strong ground will deliver another batch of delegates. coming up, mike huckabee and enr carson is joining me live. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton, swings west campaigning in california
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meeting with some big name owners. bernie sanders meeting pope purita francis at the vatican and head quarters live from new york starts right now, america's election live from new york starts right now. thanks so much for joining us. so new york votes are just days away. >> it can play a significant roll in deciding the presidential nominee. 95 delegates are up for grabs. the stakes remaining high as many will expect to be a contested convention. donald trump speaking right now at a rally in dexter, new york far upstate near the canadian border. trump has a big stake ahead.
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meantime, kasich earlier today, he's getting ready to spend time with voters at the kosher deli at this hour at the big apple. let's check in with john roberts waiting to hear from mr. trump. >> good evening and afternoon to you uma. >> that's right near fort drum which is home to the tenth division here in new york. we have seen some of the previous states like south carolina and a lot of military folks are pulling hard for donald trump. what he hopes to do over the weekend and into tuesday is the big primary here in new york state is to determine the narrative around, uma. he had a lack of three weeks where he lost to wisconsin and a big controversy in colorado where ted cruz walked away. what trump hopes to do on
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tuesday night is bury the competition and bury it in a big way. he's keeping up the drum beat against the election process of what we saw in colorado. what's happening today in wyoming warning that at his rally a little while ago that the rnc could be in some rough waters if they don't do something to fix the system. listen to trump. >> so the system is rigged and it is a bad system and a dirty system. we'll do something about it. the republican national committee, they better get going. i will tell you what, you will have a rough july at that convention, you better get going and straighten out the system because the people want their vote. >> now, i mentioned that wyoming is taking police statiing places
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w where ted cruz is there himself. cruz is the only candidate. he's got a full slate of delegates. he's been working at the delegates system very hard. listen to cruz. >> we are in all likelihood is going to have a battle until cleveland. i want to ask each and everyone of you, if you don't want to see donald trump as a nominee or hand the election to hillary clinton which is what a trump nomination does then i ask you to please support the men and women on this slate. >> john kasich was in deli, at long island. he's hanging around the city of new york because there is 11 congressional districts there and not a lot of republicans in them. in areas over 100,000 democrats.
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he feels if he can pull off a small number of those voters, he can keep donald trump below that 50% threshold and deny him in all three delegates in some of those districts which will impede donald trump's hopes of the convention and help kasich making the case where he can stay in where he hopes to slam everybody else. >> john roberts, it is great to see you in upstate new york. thank you very much for that update. >> thanks. >> donald trump is taking aim of the gop establishment. zeroing in on the process in colorado where ted cruz managed to win delegates over trump in that state's convention. >> the wall street journal calling that system rigged. party officials are fighting back saying he should pay close attention to the rules and telling us to get over it. joining us now, mike huckabee.
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governme governor, great to see you. >> great to be with you, thank you. >> you said that his essay ties his treatment from the political class to the treatment that the americans are feeling from the political class, do you think he's making a successful case to explain this process better to the american people? >> well, let's hope so. it is an arcane process and with every state doing it differently and every campaign having to find the nuances of each state and how they do it and sometimes the guy that gets the most votes does not get the delegates. that's hard to explain to the average voters who thought their votes mattered more than the caucus. it is a call to reform. the briehl yelliant of what he
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putting the focus on hey, i got mistreated. they know that the overall system politically, financially in this country has been working against him. when heita ties it together, he gets it back to making h i am from the front place. >> people are finding it difficult to understand how each state has its own rules deciding making their way to the national convention. the perception is getting grounds. even though the rules are in place, they are allegedly rigged. i know you are saying that as well and what impact is this going to have on the process now when we head to the convention for the summer. >> donald trump looks like he's going to have a great sweep over the next few weeks with connecticut and pennsylvania, rhode island and those are states that he can take all of
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them. if he does well in california, he may get there. if he does not, but he's close. he has millions more voters than anybody else. i think it is going to be really hard for the convention delegates to say, yeah, you won the popular vote, yeah, you have the most delegates and you are close to nailing it, we are not going to give it to you. we'll find somebody else. i think that would be an incredible mistake and it will cause extraordinary and harm to the party and to the november election. >> those folks who are upset of mr. trump taking aim of the polls, he was maneuvered by ted cruz. do you think we would see tru trump -- if he had won the delegates in colorado? >> he would love them. he would be complaining of the rules in colorado.
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had he won colorado but that's the whole point, he did not win. this is politics. in politics you use everything you can to your advantage. that's what he's doing. he's doing what ted cruz i doing. ted cruz is going, look, i foll followed the rules and i did what i am supposed to do. the big picture is this. if you are the average voter, what you are saying is gee, in colorado, they did not even vote. and, so take all the, you know, arcane conversations about the rules away. it is a simple thing. one man, one vote. that's how it ought to be and anything other than that and people just don't think it is right. >> going forward, he would argue that the rules in place are rules but they can be manipulated and that is the system that we have and it could be put in place depending on who's in power. you got rules and you got to follow them.
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the folks making those rules are the ones that we have to pay particular attention to the establishment, how do you feel about that? >> it is exactly right. i will give you an example. one o f the rules put in place back in 2012 with the romney people, you have to have won eight states to be no, ma'am da nominated from the convention floor. that was done to make sure it was a poke in the eye to the ron paul people. now, that rule is coming back to bite people. a lot of establishment people did not want to have anything to do with ron paul and let him have his moment. now, they're having to say, okay, that leads us to nobody but trump but perhaps cruz to be nominated. that sets up a don any burke as well. >> governor, thank you very much for joining us, very appreciate
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it. >> thank you, uma. >> part of the trump's strategy that's been playing out this week in that wall street journal is getting voters to question whether the current system is working for them. will we see a big division in the gop when that convention gets under way. joining us now with more insights, doctor ben carson who's now a donald trump's supporter, welcome, it is great to have you here today. >> thank you, uma. do you think many people you are talking across the country, voters are feeling this disfranchise right now. even though there are rules in place and each state is different when it comes to picking delegatedelegates. what's the talk you are hearing? >> well, i think the situation has made it very clear that we need to make some changes. one of the reasons that this is the year of the outsiders because people were so tired of the status quo and the rules
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that were arbitrary, created to advantage one group or another group. what ever happens to "we are the people, the american people"? you know, the power has been served. that's what people are irritated about. this makes it extraordinary clear, it is not about donald trump or ted cruz or anybody else. it is about the system. a system that's disregarding the will of the people. >> these articles is tied to let me ask america a question. how this system has been working out for you and your family. mr. trump quote, i am for one is not interested in defending the system for decades has served the interest of the political parties at the expense of the people. >> that's the kind of rhetoric that we have heard from mr.
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trump and it has helped propel him. they are angry out there of this process. >> yes, there are a lot of people when i was on the trail, i was impressed by the large number of people coming out who said i never voted or not even registered or much less made a donati donation. people were excited of the possibility of bringing some clarity and some fairness to the situation. and then all this situation does is it lishighlights the fact th we don't have that and we do need to make those changes. the american people themselves have a lot of wisdom. not so sure of the political class. >> as i understand it, you actually gone out on a limb further and saying that you believe we should do away with the electoral college. >> yeah, well, you know when the lek traditional college was put
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in place, you know, a lot of people, people did not know what was going on and they had no idea who was running or what the situation was. that has changed significantly. >> and you know we have a situation now where in some states, like california, you have basically negated the vote of a large group of people. they say what's the point of going in the vote. if you are conservatives, why vote in the presidential election. your vote is not going to count and you know it is going to go to democrats. those kinds of things can be looked at again. does not mean we have to completely change the situation, we need to get together and talk about it and say how can we make this into a more fair system. we can do that if we have a will to do it. >> the fact is it is part of our constitution and the way the
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system is put in place. do you believe there is actually momentum to do away with the electoral college at this point? >> um, certainly not for this election. >> going forward. >> yeah, i think it is something to be talked about. i have encountered a lot of people around the country who discussed that system, no questions about it. >> going forward, how do you see the next two weeks playing out between the three gop candidates at this point. it is looking more and more like we are heading a towards a contested convention this summer. do you think mr. trump has what it takes? >> i think the possibility is quite strong. you will notice, i think a lot of people are start to realize that if we are going to keep the parties from being destroyed, we have to come out and vote in
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large numbers to prevent that from happening. >> you are going to have to see a unify effort now if it continues to be divided right now. >> true, the conservative people recognize that if we leave in the hands o f the party officials, they are going to destroy the country by turning it over to, you know, hillary clinton or someone like her who he will sees a different america than the one that was originally envisioned. they want one that's government centric. we the people want one that's people centric. >> doc carson, thank you very much for joining us today, all tl be all the best to you. >> my pleasure. >> now, we want to hear from you. what would you like to see
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happen? tweet me and we'll get your answers later on in the show, tweet me. the death toll from the earthquake in japan rising this afternoon to 40. 30 of those victims were killed when the earthquake struck this morning. >> nearly a handful of people are still missing with 1500 people reported injured. search and rescue crews are going through the debris for survivors. bad weather is ham perring effects to relief people there. we'll continue to monitor this as more information becomes available. around dangerous weather sweeping across the nation, bringing possible tornados. other areas getting snow and the storms are far from over.
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bernie sanders has a face to face with pope francis at the vatican. what the two leaders discussed during their special meeting? >> he's a beautiful man. he's radiant and it was an honor to speak with him. >> th ey wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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. welcome back everybody, fox news alert, severe weather striking in the midwest bringing snow and strong winds and heavy rain and even a tornado. storm spotted in oklahoma capturing this video of this twister in the panhandle. no reports of serious injuries or damage. >> a snowstorm is moving through colorado putting everything in a layer of slush and cancelling more than 800 flights at denver international airport. we are in the middle of april, folks. a winter storm warning remains in effect through tomorrow morning from wyoming to the eastern plains.
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the tragedy that should never happen. a zoo keeper was killed from the tiger attack. >> rescuer workers tranquilized that tiger but had to wait for the drug to take effect before they can reach the victim. the zoo keeper was flown to the hospital for injuries where she later passed away. >> unclear what provoke that attack. shifting gears now in a big way. presidential candidate bernie sanders is in europe where he says he briefly met with pope francis at the vatican earlier today. the two speaking about climate change and income equality. their face to face had nothing to do with getting involved in politics. joining us now is amy kellogg
12:24 pm
who's live with more. >> reporter: sanders this morning said that the pope is quote, a beautiful person and there were no pictures. sanders is in rome or was in rome for a conference at the vatican sink tank. pope francis does not want this encounter with sanders to be seen as any sort of endorsement. another couple were waiting in the lobby of the guest house. the pope leaves at 6:00 a.m. today ass t the pope is heading off. >> when i came down, i greeted them and shook their hands and nothing more. it is good manners and it is not made for politics. if anyone thinking greeting
12:25 pm
someone means involving in politics, they should see a psychiatrist. >> so many of them will be sent back to turkey where they made their dangerous sea crossings in the first place. the hope is settling for now in europe. the refugees appeared to be grateful to have the pope there after so much suffering. pope francis bringing twelve syrian refugees back with him on the plane. he vowed that the vatican will look after them. a charity sets them up with their initial need that francis said he will take full responsibility for them. uma, they are all muslims and they all lost their homes in bombings. when asked why this particular dozen were chosen. pope francis said because their documents were in order. that's quite important given all the security concerns and also,
12:26 pm
he said a reason for their privilege, uma, that their children has died. >> very, very lucky, indeed. amy, thank you very much. well, we continue on capitol hill back in this country. >> it is the latest drama among speaker ryan house leader and lawmakers who are still feuding over this. john kasich is getting the meet in the big apple. the city's relatively small pool of republicans. zulu-6-9er... clear for take off. roger that! see ya! we are outta here! woo! when you're living with diabetes. . .
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. t pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical cos. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. i welcome back everybody, while there are many gop
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establishments who hope to stop donald trump, there is still who say there is a pack forward for him to stop the snare jcenarisc. the average polls showing him of the majority of the support and far ahead ted cruz and john kasich. trump calling out ted cruz at a rally this morning in syracuse. >> ted cruz does not like you and he does not like new york. he's also in third place. remember this, john kasich, voted in favor of nafta. he's a believer in nafta. nafta destroyed new york state, new england, so many different places -- we lost our jobs to mexico. >> joining us now is ed rollins who's the deputy chief of staff and along with a being a fox
12:32 pm
news political analyst. >> thank you, nice to be with you. >> welcome. >> sending the message that he's not a lover of the state. >> new york is the trump invitational. there is nobody playing here. john kasich is running around but he's not going to do very much and cruz is gone off to wyoming. he's going to have a big week. he may win all 92 or the overwhelming majority. if he keep that is 50%, he will do very well. it sets him up well. he still has a shot by getting the majority of the delegates. he's got to do well in california, he has no operation there yet. he hired a guy last week to run his race there. cruz has a strong operation there. >> we still have to see.
12:33 pm
>> are we seeing it with donald trump and the way he was speaking out the other night at the new york gala and trying to be more presidential and taking to look at notes. >> sure, i think obviously, he has to get more on that kind of -- and a couple of professionals, they used to work for me and rick wily he was running the campaign, he's working the national committee. he's getting operatives that know how to play by the rules. he does not have a media team and has a lot of free television time to advocate what he was talking about. >> did i see kim making away towards 37 or even if this point he does well. >> he's much further along. i think he will come up a little
12:34 pm
bit short and maybe close enough that he could put it together. the last contested primary was 46. president forbes had the white house dinner and putting people on arreir force one. at the end of the day, there is a real strong effort to stop him and a lot of party ties want to stop him, we'll see. >> john kasich is doing well surprisingly so in new york, ahead of ted cruz right now. >> well, he got to get votes of 20%. >> you know john fits new york a lot better and i don't mean it in a derogatory way, i live in new york. he's doing better in polls and he still got an impossible task, either get on the ballot or be apart of the nominee. >> do you think this argument that trump is putting out about the fact that they
12:35 pm
believe they are rigged is sending a message that they need to take a closer look and if he's gaining ground with people who are frustrated. >> the vast majority of the people don't know what the rules are. mike huckabee, he came in second eight years ago. doctor carson got nine delegat s delegates. it is not like they understood the roules so well either. they may still lose that. he's been the rules. you can obviously change the rules if you want to. we are not going to have a national primary or an electoral college unless the american people want to do that. >> this convention being opened to changing the rules going forward and being able to appear as though they have an open process. >> i think the reality is nobody
12:36 pm
pays attention to the rules except the candidates themselves. even someone like me who have have been around campaigns, i study because i am not junk aie the vast majority of the people have no idea. how do you control television? >> it is not necessarily the rule os f ts of the states of t convention. >> trump may bring more attention to it. obviously, if he wins the nomination he can control the party and do whatever he hasnwa. that's a long road ahead. >> thank you very much, great to have you here. >> great, thank you. >> the fight between leaders and key party lawmakers go back to last year's deal with the white house. it reflected in congress' low
12:37 pm
approval rating. garret is joining us right now. >> reporter: it appears the honeymoon is over for paul ryan and the house failed to meet its deadline for approving a budget. it sets next year's federal spending over $1 trillion. >> that bipartisan agreement is hurting them for making additional progress. >> part of the problem we are a victim of the success of the fact that we have preparation numbers that are in law. we have an agreement in law and that's taking pressure off of the budget situation. that's one of the challenges we are dealing with. >> the white house is putting pressure on republicans to pass funding to combat the zika virus. >> you heard speaker ryan, say, "there is plenty of money in the pipeline that could go to zika."
12:38 pm
i am not sure pursuing this process giving congress the ability to handle the budget is a good idea. >> congressional sources say as a result, there were not enough vote to pass it. budgets are non binding and. >> reporter: there are not -- >> it does not go far enough whe with the republicans and that's why there is not a budget. without it, they'll start voting and debating on bills after may 15th. uma. >> garret, thank you very much. reporting from washington. >> as we have been reporting, bernie sanders is gaining audience with the pope during
12:39 pm
his visit with him at the vatican. >> and protesters, hillary clinton has been bought and sold holding a fundraiser costing tens and thousands of dollars just to get in the door. >> i think it represents everything that millions of americans are complaining about, about our elections being bought. with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. welcome back everybody, fox news is america's election head quarters. about 200 protesters marching and banging pots and pans
12:44 pm
outside the event in san francisco. it was co-hosted by actor george clooney and his wife. corporate interest are buying hillary clinton's influence and many of those were young. >> well, as we have been reporting bernie sanders sitting down with pope francis during a special trip to the vatican. sanders traveled to that vatican to speak on a conference days before. >> donald trump says he's not apparently impressed with sanders. >> as bernie says climate change and five minutes sounds like trying to get me into seeing him so don't get myself embarrassed before i come back to new york. that's a five minute visit, you cannot do much in five minutes and after you say hello, there is no time left. >> mr. trump and sanders may
12:45 pm
have something in common of questions about the process they are dealing with. joining us now is the university of detroit, welcome and great to have you on board. let's talk for a moment of the moment of the pope and with bernie sanders. some of the values that the pope embraces may not coincide with what liberal democrats want to see happening. >> these are things that bernie sanders and the pope see eye to eye on. the big major global issues, senator says many time that he thinks the pope is a hero and he was honored to be in the vatican. >> mr. sanders seems to be taken by the pope and found his visit was something he was looking
12:46 pm
forward to and sanders was very impressed. >> what you saw this weekend was the clear, really illustrated between senator sanders and his opponents. you have him going to the vatican speaking about global economy and climate change and having a quick meeting with the pope and you have hillary clinton in california doing $30,000 fundraisers. this is what you are seeing and that's why many of us are staying with bernie sanders. >> going forward, bernie sanders talks about his frustration with the process of choosing oen the democratic side. >> particularly here in new york, a number of attendants will not be able to participate come tuesday. >> if we want to have a process where people get to go out and vote for the candidate we want, we may have open primaries everywhere. by the time june 7th rolls
12:47 pm
around, there will be more pledge delegates than secretary clint clinton. bernie is the kand candidate wi the fall. he has all the momentum and he's bringing a whole army of people into the political process that was marginalized before. we feel he's the best candidate to take us to a win in november. >> a lot of folks are surprised of this spirit nature of this recent debate that took place between the candidates, how do you feel about it? >> do you think we'll see sanders going out and being opened and about his concerns of hillary clinton. >> as the campaign goes on, you know, you start to see the contrast much more sharply and you start to see taking all this money from superpac and wall street and big business, as time goes on, you will see the
12:48 pm
election is less. when senator sanders talking about over turning the citizens and having campaigns about people and billionaires running the country but it is the people that's running the country. senator sanders in the debate the other night talking about all kinds of issues that presidential candidates don't hit on. equal treatments and climate change in a big way and banning fracking. these are things that the new generation of americans are interested in and senator sanders really touched on that. >> it did appear that he put it on hillary clinton on several points on the debate. >> i think he drew the differences and he was very very strong and look, don't be surprise if he wins new york on tuesday. we thought he was not going to win michigan. he was down 20 points and he won michigan. we can all go out and win new york on tuesday. >> thank you very much for joining us.
12:49 pm
we appreciate it. i know the stakes remaining see side. >> standby, a firefighter is shot and one is killed. a live report is coming your way in just a few minutes. >> ted cruz, securing more delegates at the wyoming state republican convention. mike emmanuel is standing by. a live report is coming up. sup i in min utes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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welcome back, everybody. we are expecting results at any moment. 14 delegates at stake, 10 others have been awarded. ted cruz has secured nine of those. senior political correspondent mike emanuel stand big live at the convention site in casper, wyoming. great to see you. tell us what's happening. >> reporter: uma, great to see you. senator ted cruz seems to feel pretty good about his chances in wyoming. as you mentioned, 14 delegates to the republican national convention in cleveland are at stake. 14 alternates will also be
12:54 pm
selected. they are counting votes at this hour. senator cruz was the one republican candidate to travel here to wyoming to make his pitch for support in person. >> you got to learn to compromise. you got to learn to cut deals with the democrats and go along to get along. let me be very, very clear to the men and women of wyoming. i will not compromise away your religious liberty. >> cruz ha asked his supporters to sign a loyalty pledge committing to stay with him if the vote in cleveland on a nominee goes to multiple ballots. donald trump was not here today, focusing his time and energy back home in new york. once again, trump complained about the process and some of these western states. >> it's a rigged system. when you look at wyoming, when you look at colorado, the bosses are picking the people. wyoming actually said they're doing it in order to save some costs because they didn't want to go to an election with the people. they said that yesterday. i said, wow, that's something.
12:55 pm
>> cruz is clearly the best organized here. when he spoke, it felt very much like a very much a pro-cruz crowd. donald trump does have some supporters, john kasich has not competed here, and we are expecting results anytime now. uma? >> all right. we'll be standing by for that, mike. thank you very much. >> earlier we asked you if you thought the nominating process for either party should be reformed, specifically about the rules that govern the choosing of delegates. what would you like to see happen? genie roberts says of course it needs reform. i live in california. my vote has never counted. and government is out of control. reverend e.l.b.-5 said we definitely need reform and return to the root of government. by the people, for thepeople. ken hinton adds, the system is rigged for the party elite. people only one for each is fair. roger parsons adds, yes, reform both. my vote should count for the person i choose, not used for another candidate.
12:56 pm
lots have been weighing in on this question. we thank you so much. really appreciate it pip know this is a very controversial issue and one we'll be watching closely. that's going to be a wrap for me in studio j. i'm uma pemmaraju. thanks so much for joining us this afternoon. i hope wherever you are you make it a fabulous day. thanks. see you next time. went up the waterspout. down came the rain... ...and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number setting is 25. call geico and see how much you could save
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good afternoon.
1:00 pm
hello to you. i'm julie banderas. welcome to america's election headquarters. >> i'm kelly wright. we are just a few days away from the all-important new york primary. two republican candidates making a hard push in the empire state but another one, well, has this fight settling on a different prize. >> hillary clinton deciding not to campaign in new york today. she's actually on the opposite side of the country rubbing elbows with hollywood royalty. >> bern bernie sanders returning from a trip to the vatican and planning a big event in new york city tonight with al sharpton. >> we begin with the republicans. the three candidates heading into the final stretch as tuesday's new york primary looms large. ohio governor cajohn kasich hitting up a deli in new york city while donald trump is staying upstate today. texas senator ted cruz is in
1:01 pm
wyoming. he is lagging in the polls in new york and has set his sights on the western state where is he has much stronger support with donald trump, having an overwhelming lead for the gop here. in new york and new york city. john roberts joins us live from new york where trump held a rally today. his numbers keep going up and up in new york. >> reporter: i'll tell you, julie, what tuesday night is going to be all about for donald trump here in the empire state is about momentum. you've got the big new york primary with 95 delegates coming at in just 3 navideh, then a week after that, you've got five contests, you've got connecticut, pennsylvania, maryland, rhode island, and delaware. donald trump leads in all of those. hoping he can build up a big head of steam on tuesday in new york. he can run the table the following tuesday and kind of set a snowball rolling downhill in motion throughout the rest of the primaries. they'll probably run into some difficulty with ted cruz in places like indiana and nebraska. but certainly just a little
1:02 pm
while ago in watertown, just north of here, about an hour north of here, donald trump was predicting a big victory on tuesday, saying he hopes to bury ted cruz. listen. >> after this weekend when he gets wiped out in new york, which he will -- he gets wiped out -- he no longer has a road to the nomination. we will no longer after this weekend. because it should be pretty thorough because who would -- after he talked about new york values and talked about it in such a disgusting way, who in new york would vote for this guy? and who no in new york would vote for the other guy in favor of the nafta? so you can't -- i'm sorry, folks. you only got trump! >> he always says that -- you've only got trump. we'll be talking about john kasich in just a second. back to ted cruz, he really does not have a legitimate or at least probably probable
1:03 pm
mathematical path to 1,237 before the convention. he would need to have won about 82 to 86% of all the delegates left after wisconsin. and donald trump's probably going to beat him big time in new york and most of the other five states coming up a week later. the best cruz can do is try to cobble together a bunch of delegates so when he gets to the convention he could stage a big floor fight. and it looks like he's going to come away with another 14 delegates in wyoming this afternoon. we mentioned he was there earlier today urging all of the delegates to come to his side. he's been very good at playing the delegate game and probably by the end of the day will be able to trump another victory over trump. >> what is kasich's strategy? he's been spending a lot of time in new york but if you look at the polls he doesn't really stand a chance. >> reporter: as we've said time and time again, his only chance is to get to the nomination and on a second ballot and thereafter try to peel more delegates off of ted cruz and donald trump. what he's doing in the empire state is he's playing in new
1:04 pm
york city, long island area. when you look at the counties in manhattan and just outside of manhattan, there are 11 congressional districts there, and each of those congressional districts is worth three delegates. if he can hold donald trump below 50%, he would get one of those delegates. ted cruz also could get one. then he hopes to be able to collect enough and make a play for july. john kasich, you know, gets knocked sometimes by conservatives for not being conservative enough, but earlier today in utica he said, hey, i'm just my own man. here's kasich. >> the republican par si is what i'm a member of but it's been anymy vehicle, not my master. nobody in the party or anywhere else tries to tell me what to do. it's really cool. the reason it's cool is because i'm not orthodox. you can't figure out what i'm going to do. i've been a conservative all my
1:05 pm
lifetime and the reason why is i don't like anything big. >> reporter: if you had two bucks to put down on a long shot, john kasich would probably be the good bet for that because i'm sure he would pay off in long odds. but, you know, julie, this primary season has been so crazy. and nobody knows what's going to happen when we get to the convention if it is contested. might be an interesting bet to make. julie? >> obviously what is motivating john kasich. john roberts, thank you. meanwhile, the democratic candidates on opposite ends of the country, hillary clinton holding an event in los angeles, while senator bernie sanders returning to the east coast in brooklyn later this evening after leaving the vatican early this morning. brian has the latest on the race. >> reporter: hillary clinton is in california primarily fund raising. she'll be back in new york tomorrow. bernie sanders will hold a social justice round table in
1:06 pm
brooklyn tonight with the reverend al sharpton. sanders spent the last two days at the vatican where he surprisingly met with pope francis for about five minutes at the pope's residency this morning. sanders says he thanked the pope for advocating for a moral world economy. the holy father said the meeting was, quote, nothing more than good manners and had nothing to do with getting mixed up in politics. sanders in an interview with our own amy kellogg agreed. >> oh, no. no. look, absolutely not. this was -- my presence here is nonpolitical. he did not endorse me. i think he is playing a literally transformative role on this planet, well outside of the catholic church, in talking about the need to inject morality into the global economy. >> reporter: meantime, dozens of sanders protesters gathered outside a san francisco redense last night where democratic front-runner hillary clinton ateb attended the first of two big fund-raisers organized by george
1:07 pm
and amal clooney. protesters upset with what they see as a wealthy few corrupting politics. hillary raised $2 million at last night's dinner where two seats cost $353,000. she also held a rally just moments ago in los angeles attacking sanders on his gun record. >> he sticks to his "talking points." i represent a small rural state dweenltd have any gun laws and the problem is not the lack of laws. well, i just -- >> reporter: new york's primary is tuesday where 247 delegates are up for grabs. sanders has outspent mrs. clinton by about a million dollars in ads in the state. clinton released a new ad yesterday touting she helped to start a school for young african-american men in the bronx. polls show clinton holds a double-digit lead in new york.
1:08 pm
>> bryan llenas reporting from new york. thanks, bryan. a double dose of tax releases this weekend. bernie sanders pledges to release his full 2014. president obama releasing his 2015 federal tax return showing his income actually falling to the lowest level of his presidency? kristin fisher is live in washington. what did we find in sanders' tax return? >> we didn't find anything all that surprising. it was pretty much what you would expect from someone who has repeatedly said he's one of the poorer members of the u.s. senate. in 2014 sanders had a taxable income of just over $205,000. and he donated about $8,000 to charities. so that almost puts him in the top 5% of american earners. but compare that to the clintons. in 2014 they had a taxable income of $28 million and they donated more than $3 million to charity. so far clinton is the only major party presidential candidate who has released several years of
1:09 pm
full tax returns, a point she made sure to drive home at thursday's debate. listen to this. >> i've released 30 years of tax returns, and i think every candidate, including senator sanders and donald trump, should do the same. >> i don't want to get anybody very excited. they are very boring tax returns. no big money from speeches, no major investments. unfortunately, unfortunately i remain one of the poorer members of the united states senate. >> income inequality has been one of the signature issues of bernie sanders' campaign, so it was especially important for him to release his tax returns. even then, he only released a single year while clinton has released 30 years. in 2015, president obama's income fell to just over $436,000, the lowest of his presidency and largely due to a drop in book sales. his last book was published in 2006. but his income will almost
1:10 pm
certainly go up, way up, once he leaves the white house next year. >> absolutely. those speaking fees, i mean, bernie sanders, he might want to jump on that train if things don't work out. i'm just say, bernie. it is good money. all right. what about the republicans? >> so far trump has refused to release any of his tax returns citing an ongoing audit by the irs and cruz and kasich have only released partial returns. since 1976, to put this in historical perspective, every major party presidential nominee has released their full tax returns, so this is not some kind of unusual request. this has been the norm for the last 40 years. julie? >> all right. kristin fisher, thank you. kelly? a maryland fire department is in mourning after one of its first responders was shot and killed in the line of duty and another firefighter seriously injured. the pair were actually checking in on a person who may have been having medical issues when a
1:11 pm
gunman inside that home opened fire. will carr is live with more details. will, devastating loss for that fire department. >> absolutely, kelly. these two firefighters, as you mentioned, were on the job simply checking on the welfare of a member of their community when they were shot. authorities say that everything went down on friday night around 7:30 when a worried person called autho concern that a person in a home in temple hills, a suburb of washington, d.c., might be suffering from a medical condition. when first responders got to the house, the person inside was unresponsive. >> they knocked on the door and received no answer. so they began to force entry so they could render care and it was they were forcing entry, that several rounds for fired from the house through the door, striking two fire department personnel. >> volunteer firefighter kevin
1:12 pm
swayne, only 19 years old, was shot four times. he is expected to survive. a spokesperson for the prince george's county police department says the firefighter who was shot and killed was 39-year-old john ulmschneider, a 13-year veteran of the department. he was a husband and the father of a 2-year-old daughter. there's a picture of his locker today. it's draped in black cloth. fellow firefighters are honoring his memory. we've also learned that the person who initially called authorities was actually going inside the home with both police officers and the firefighters. that person was shot as well. that person, though, is expected to be okay. as for the shooter, the shooter was taken into custody, and according to authorities is being cooperative. authorities really emphasizing, kelly, that the officers who went in that home with the firefighters did not fire any shots. kelly? >> all right. will carr with a story that's gripping all of us right now. thank you, will. amtrak briefly suspending
1:13 pm
service between baltimore and washington after a helicopter crashed near the train tracks outside the baltimore, washington international airport. take a look at the smoke there. the aftermath. the three people inside were able to escape without serious injuries. that's the good news. the helicopter actually caught fire after the crash starting a large brush fire. that's the smoke you see there. flights into and out of the airport have not been affected. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a "fox news alert." the death toll is rising as rescuers rush to save people trapped in rubble after two devastating earthquakes rock southern japan. authorities say at least 41 people are dead, 32 people killed in a magnitude 7.3 quake and aftershocks. another nine killed in a magnitude 6.5 quake hitting the same area thursday night. the earthquakes leaving hundreds of thousands without power or water. well, amc theaters are
1:14 pm
listening to their customers. what are the customers saying? e death tails on the idea of a movie theater chain which is now scrapping due to a social media backlash. what's that all about? we'll explain. and the republican race, more states getting crossed off the board. donald trump is not letting up his attacks over the nominating process. what is at stake in the races to come? 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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a quick check of the headline s headlines. united airlines with a new set of contracts increasing pay by about 30% over five year, raise pension benefits and stop the outsourcing of some union jobs. amc theaters backtracking on an idea for allowing texting in some movie theaters. the company is saying it is leaving the idea on the cutting room floor after facing major backlash on social media. and a plan to equip every l.a. police officer with body cameras by the end of the year is reportedly being delayed due to concerns over the costs which by the way was $58 million.
1:19 pm
the "l.a. times" reports the department won't be able to equip all officers until the fall of next year at the earliest. let's talk politics. the stakes are getting higher as the gop race powers forward with fewer states remaining on the board. this as a brand-new fox poll shows the state of the race. let's take a look at it. donald trump is on top with 45%. ted cruz is in second with 27%. john kasich is in third. trump campaigning in upstate new york today while ted cruz is in wyoming trying to pick um another victory to further close the gap on trump's lead. joining us is tammy bruce, radio talk show host and a fox news contributor, and david good ffrie goodfriend, former staff with bill clinton. good to see you. tammy, ladies first here. how do you see somethings going into the new york primary in terms of donald trump? he has a commanding lead right
1:20 pm
now. >> it's his home state. we expected these ladies and gentlemen to win their home states. mr. kasich and mr. cruz did. marco rubio having problems so he's no longer running. we would expect him to win the state. the issue is by what kind of margin because it affects how many delegates you have. i contend it's more important psychologically that he's moving into an arena where california frankly is even more important with the margin of error there with recent polls. he's effectively tied with ted cruz. so it's a message to the rest of the states that are remaining about the power in his own state. if he kind of is under 50% or maybe at 51%, that'll help with delegates. but it's not a screaming endorsement from his home state. there are parts of the state that are conservative as we know. it's not all manhattan. so it's going to be very exciting. i think mr. cruz has abandoned new york and he's focusing on the forward looking states there because he knows his issue is about delegates and a second
1:21 pm
ballot. >> david, let me bring you in here. where does john kasich loom in all of this? is he stealing votes from donald trump? >> i think that if you notice in the numbers that you put on the screen, if you combine the votes for cruz and cakasich, that wou outweigh the votes for others. kasich has positioned himself as a king maker. he could, if you were to endorse either candidate and throw his delegates behind that candidate, he could make a significant change many the race. what he's not showing signs of, though, is bowing out. i think he's enjoying himself and i think he's vowing to stay in as long as he can leading up to cleveland. even there you can imagine in a second ballot scenario assume plg trump does not acquire the threshold number of delegates to secure the nomination, even there john kasich could again be in a kingmaker role where he could negotiate for something in
1:22 pm
order to commit his delegates to one or the other of the two leaders. >> from a democratic perspective, do you think democrats are looking at the gop candidates and saying, yes, please bring a contested convention to cleveland? and if so, why? >> i think it's hard to cast aspersions on another political party's process because that always leaves room for somebody to criticize ours. some have criticized the superdelegates in the democratic process. i do think the polling we democrats have done of putting either hillary clinton or bernie sanders up against either donald trump or ted cruz leaves us feeling fairly confident going into the general. nothing can be taken for granted here. this is a crazy year politically. >> you can say that again. >> i don't think it would be wise for me or any other republican to throw darts at the democratic nominating process because people can criticize ours as well. i will say this -- the rules
1:23 pm
were the rules going in, and everybody knew the rules going in. to start whining about it now strikes me a little as sour grapes. >> echoing what the rnc chairman, reince priebus, has been saying as well. also saying the people give a damn about colorado. they want to move forward to find out what's going to happen and they will be the ones to decide who the nominee will be for the gop. does donald trump stand a chance to gain that majority of 1,237 delegates going in? or will this be even more crazy? >> he does. it's a very tight dynamic, though. for mr. trump and his campaign effectively admitted it last week, they intend, almost must go in with the 1,237. if it goes to the second ballot, that's what ted cruz is working on, to strengthen that second ballot against both of those men, both front-runners as the establishment. i think mr. trump knows he must go in with the win.
1:24 pm
it is tallas preferred position for our nominee because we can begin to coalesce right away. it will be very tough. california will be the answer in that regard. eve an contested convention, all americans are upset with the condition of the country and the world. they'll see that as this nation is something worth fighting for, that this is about outsiders moving in, the strength of bernie sanders, and i think it's going to appeal and increase even more the enthusiasm for the republican edge. >> i think i hear agreement and i won't put words in your mouth, but agreement on that issue from both of you. am i right? >> yeah. i definitely think that this political year shows an awful lot of discontent from the american people. any elected official would be wise to pay attention to that. my hope is let's suppose that my dream scenario comes true and hillary clinton is the nominee and bernie sanders rallies around her. as she did around president obama. if we can tap into the motivated
1:25 pm
base that bernie has brought out and the wealth of experience that hillary clinton has, i think we will be formidable. my friends on the republican side can equally argue that donald trump plus some of the enthusiasm that ted cruz has brought would be a formidable combination. what a general election we will have. >> this is where the republicans have a trump/cruz ticket would blow it away, but there's no chance apparently for a hillary/sanders ticket. i think the millennials who support mr. sanders, and they're so excited about him and he's so inspiring, they're going to be unhappy and it will take a lot to get them out for hillary. the general assessment is now they won't go out. and it's a shame that she can't consider him for her second. >> if one thing can get the millennials out it's trump on the other side. >> people don't go out to vote against. >> agree to disagree. david, tammy, good to see you both. >> tank you. >> good day. hillary clinton is on the west coast today. just three days ahead of the new
1:26 pm
york primary. she is leading bernie sanders by double digits, but he is within striking distance. is mrs. chintlinton being a lit overconfident? we'll talk to one of her supporters. the word spring and snow don't go together for most. tell that to people in colorado because a foot of snow and counting is falling there. that storm, though, is moving east. what does that mean for us? i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. does your mouth often feel dry? multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel.
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1:31 pm
not going down without a fight, hitting clinton hard during the democratic debate this week. new york congressman steve israel is a hillary clinton supporter and joins me thousand. sanders hit clin tn hard on her wall street speeches and how he doesn't make them. he leased his tax returns. why she won't release the transcripts there. he took her to task on israel. i want to ask you as the highest ranking jewish member of congress what your thoughts are on that. >> well, julie, first of all, ill's really regrettable that bernie sanders, who said that he was going to be a candidate of aspiration and ideas, has instead chosen to throw low blows and cheap attacks. when given the opportunity during that debate to mention one thing, one issue where hillary clinton changed her mind as a result of a speech she gave on wall street, he couldn't do it.
1:32 pm
if i were bernie sanders, i would spend less time engaging in cheap shots against hillary clinton and more time explaining what is a very troubling and haphazard position on u.s./israeli relations. hillary clinton emphatically is supportive of the state of israel. bernie sanders at best haphazard, at worst just weak. >> then let me ask you, i mean, with the new york primary just days away, you know, a lot of people might wonder if it's a smart idea for hillary clinton to campaign in los angeles today while you've got bern berp holdihold i -- bernie sanders holding an event in new york and donald trump, who if it goes the way hillary clinton expects it to go, it will be donald trump against hillary clinton. i would assume that, you know, the camp would be watching trump very closely, not just bernie sanders. >> you mentioned some polling. we know this is a volatile and
1:33 pm
unpredictable environment. two, hillary clinton knows better than anyone, having been a senator in new york for eight years, you cannot take one vote for granted. you cannot assume anything when it comes to new york voters. which is why last week i spent so much time with her. we were in port washington on long island, in holbrook and suffolk county, melville. she was in queens, new york city, been upstate. the people of new york know her because she's been a senator. they know her record. and they're very comfortable with her. that explains why she has the lead that she has in the polls, but she is not resting on those polls. she's going to continue to work very hard to earn the votes of new yorkers. >> today she's going to be speaking with supporters and raising money for her campaign in california. she'll also be addressing a community college there. her visit -- in new york. but her visit in los angeles is part of a two-day swing.
1:34 pm
she has celebrities backing her. this high-dollar fund-raiser in san francisco on friday night, hosted by amal and george clooney. at the same time, she's up against a lie gai like bernie sanders who talks about how he gets middle america, you know, he gets the middle class, he gets the issues that are burning a lot of democrats and why they want a democrat in office. so then i wonder if this hurts her at all because she is hobnobbing wit all these extremely wealthy, you know, celebrities out in l.a. that doesn't necessarily pertain to the rest of the country. >> sew show me a presidential candidate and i'll show you one that has some celebrity supporting them somewhere. after 9/11, hillary clinton made sure we had the funds to rebuild ground zero, made sure 9/11 rescue and recovery workers got the monitoring and health resources they need. that's how they know hillary clinton.
1:35 pm
they don't really know bernie sanders except for this appearance at a debate where he talked about having the same position on israel that donald trump has, which is we have to be impartial, even when terrorist groups are firing rockets on innocent people. when people compare that rhetoric and that position with hillary clinton's and the record they know, they're very comfortable with hillary clinton in new york. >> we have a lot of jewish people here in new york making a decision and, you know, you've got bernie sanders and then you've got hillary clinton and hillary needs to also obviously appeal to the jewish vote here in new york. how do you think she does that when you stack her up to bernie sanders? >> well, you couldn't have a more vivid contrast. hillary clinton actually knows people in the middle east, knows leaders in the middle east. she's negotiated truces and cease-fires. she's been there. bernie sanders' position is donald trump's position, which is when the missiles fire and terrorist groups attack israel,
1:36 pm
we're going to be evenhanded. we're going to negotiate the deal. you know what, there are some thing where is you shouldn't be evenhanded. and when terrorist groups like hamas and hezbollah are firing missiles unprovoked on israeli citizens, that's not the time for even handledness. that's the time to stand by your ally. that's what hillary clinton has done and will do. beyond that, if i may, jewish voters, they don't just vote on u.s./israeli relations. they vote on a whole range of issues including who's going to stand by the middle class, who's going to make sure that our kids are educated and that they're not crushed by college debt and how do you stand on things like the environment. and on those issue, people are comfortable with hillary clinton and know her record. >> all right. thank you so much. we appreciate it, congressman steve israel. >> thank you. speaking of getting out there and trying to appeal to the jewish vote, here is john kasich. we've talked about how donald trump is dominating with over 50% of the polls in his favor but kasich making a stop at p.j.
1:37 pm
bu burnstein's deli and restaurant in new york city, enjoying some matzah ball soup. there's a way to get down with the jewish people. >> it is. >> drink some matzah ball soup. of course they want to go out there and go to the local delis, but the matzah ball soup, i'm sorry. >> got to throw that in. >> i like that. who doesn't like a nice bowl of that? will the taste test get in the jewish vote in new york? stay tuned. extreme weather is pushing through the stall part of the country. let's look. that is hail the size of tennis balls reported in northern texas from a massive storm system. record rainfall and even some tornadoes could impact states from texas to nebraska. now, that same system already dumping a foot of snow on parts of colorado and the rockies
1:38 pm
could see several feet before it's all over. keep in mind, this is april, almost may. senior meteorologist janice dean is live in the weather center. what's going on? the weather is as crazy as the campaign. >> absolutely correct. we have all sorts of weather happening including feet of snow in the rockies, the potential for severe storms and flooding. we have this setup right here. a low across the rockies, a lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico. and that cold front that's slamming into the central plains. watches and warnings, tornado watch in effect until 9:00 p.m. local time for the texas panhandle, oklahoma panhandle, a come of severe weather warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings south of amarillo and east of lubbock texas. you can see the snow in the higher elevations, even the foothills of the rockies overnight tonight into tomorrow. winter storm warnings are in place where we could see several inches of snow across the lower elevations and several feet in the mountainous regions.
1:39 pm
you could see close to or above 2 feet of snow, which they are loving i'm sure. the skiers out there, look at the temperatures. the 30s, freezing temperatures behind the cold front and ahead of it that's where we have the warm, unstable air with temperatures soaring towards the 80-degree mark. future radar, also want to touch upon the fact not only are we seeing the snow and the potential for severe storms but flooding is going to be a huge concern as we head into monday and tuesday for texas and oklahoma up towards kansas. look at texas here. upwards of maybe 6 to 8 inches of heavy rain. and that's going to cause flooding concerns. the severe threat, hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes across texas and the panhandle of oklahoma. into sunday, much of central and southern texas into the cross fire here and then monday as well. so texas really getting the worst of these storms. if i could end off on a high note, a springtime note, it's going to feel lovely across the upper midwest and the great
1:40 pm
lakes. temperatures soaring ining 10 t degrees above average. new york city flirting with 80! on monday, kelly. >> the crew is applauding you for that one. >>ly take it. >> i'll take it on a higher note. i' going do this. i love the dean's list, which is on fox news headlines 24/7. >> so sweet, kelly. thank you. you made the dean's list. >> thanks, janice. >> okay. jool suspected trismts now in police custody. the details on another terror bust out of europe. how these guys got caught. plus, the u.s. marines. they already have a pretty tough job, right? well, now military budget cuts are making it actually even harder. >> the biggest thing after 15 years of hard service and hard fighting and deploying around the world, we don't have enough airplanes to make sure the marines are ready to go.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
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a "fox news alert." we are just now hearing from the pentagon which it has announced the release of nine guantanamo detainees. the department of defense announcing the transfer of these nine to saudi arabia. 80 now remain in the government's suspected terrorist detention center. as you recall, this is all part of president obama's 2009 executive order which essentially asked for gitmo to force these comprehensive revous of these cases so these nine reviews were approved s they were then transferred to saudi arabia. 80 remain. where they end up, who knows. there's been controversy about whether they go to the middle east or whether they come to the united states. that remains to be seen. the u.s. military is getting stretched mighty thin these days thanks to new budget cuts.
1:46 pm
fox news got an exclusive look at the extra work marines are putting in to getting aging and outdated planes off the ground. unu.s. officer saying it's taking a toll on his unit. >> quite honestly, it is coming on the backs of our young marines, so my marines over there are the ones who are working 20 to 21 hours a day to get them ready to go on deployment. in the likelihood of a ground mish mishap, we're making a mistake late at night and the pressure to perform is where i see the bigger safety risk. >> are you losing guys from exhaustion? >> absolutely. there's only so much you can look a marine in the eye and say i want you to do one more for america and apple pie and at some point, you know, that gets old. >> jennifer griffin reporting. bob scales of the u.s. army, fox news military analyst. before i go to that topic, this is a very important topic, i want to know your response or reaction to the release of those
1:47 pm
nine guantanamo detainees to saudi arabia. >> you hit it, capitol hill. to saudi arabia? really? the birthplace of the 9/11 hijackers? they're going to take eight or nine of the worst of the worst. these are prisoners that have been in guantanamo bay for over a decade and release them right back into their natural habitat. we call the this the catch and release program. >> i wanted to know your military perspective and view of that release. the issue at hand also and that is the fact that these cuts in the defense program is really causing the marines and the army in fact the military to really stretch itself more inventive on just maintaining its aircraft to keep people flying safely. this report goes on to say that
1:48 pm
our fighter pilots are not getting enough hours, something like four hours a month in training? >> four hours a month. >> despicable. >> here's the thing. this squadron you're showing on your screen is in final preparation to the middle east to combat. and pilots are getting fewer than four hours a month? that's far below the norms for safety just to fly. >> have we gone too far with the sequester and the cuts? because the white house says it isn't our fault. it's the republicans' fault. isn't it everyone's fault which is responsible for taking care of our national security? >> really aggravates me. other facts and figures. of the army's 32 brigades, only 2 are prepared for immediate deployment. two-thirds of the bring grades are not even rated combat ready. russian artillery in the ukraine as we've seen in the past couple
1:49 pm
years completely outranges our own artillery and is more lethal than ours. you can talk about sequester till you're blue in the face, but at the end of the day a young soldier on the firing line or under a russian artillery barrage doesn't understand sequester. he only understands trying to stay alive. >> and we know russia and china is advancing. as you know, i worked in the hampton roads area and of course i used to hear a lot of the navy pilots and marine pilots flying. everyone, to the man and child, said that's the sound of freedom flying. we might lose that if this continues. >> well, i think it's already being lost, kelly. >> all right. >> the army won't even have a major developmental program -- >> general, i got to end it right there. >> for another ten years. okay. >> wish we had more time to talk. we will be right back. >> thanks, kelly. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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>> now for a look beyond the headlines, here is liz trotta's weekly commentary. >> also known as the rock singer, bono, told congress last week that he found the solution for beating the islamic state. send comedians. what so many people called famous, he has a knack for insinuating himself into world events, that he thinks anyone takes him seriously is only
1:54 pm
slightly more ludicrous than his other intrusions into world affairs. in this political season, hundreds of celebrities have become more annoying than usual in their search for relevance. much of it by pledging their names and checkbooks behind their favorites. and the tenor of it is like the campaign itself, striking a new low. actor george clooney, who is all in for hillary, called donald trump a zenophobic fascist. spike lee who creates his tv ads for bernie sanders compared trump to the son of sam killer from the 1970s. still it's a step up from the usual insults such as those derived from the third reich. historical references are generally absent from descriptions of hillary. liar and crook seem to suffice.
1:55 pm
we wonder if she's keeping track of the high rolling moguls who deserted her for obama in 2008, like david geffen and david katzenberg. it's been a heady week in new york with the democrats creating traffic jams all over the city. the most glittering star fall is expected to land in new york tonight when clooney hosts a fund-raiser for hillary, seats at their table are going tore $353,400. there was a time when only newspapers endorsed their favorite sons. editors like the prestige, although the rank and file pretty much ignored them. then along came the movie stars and a 1920s song and dance man, al joelson, gave his blessing to ward harding. most of hollywood's political activists come from the shrieking left. in hollywood these days, the worst thing that can happen is to be outed, not for one's
1:56 pm
sexual proclivities, but for your conservative politics. and yet donald trump managed to ferret out and win endorsements from once closeted conservatives. manly men like jon voigt and hulk hogan. why does being recognized by head waiters and spastic teen-agers confer such authenticity? to recall a hillary refrain, what difference at this point does it really make? show business is named for what it is, a show. >> that will do it for. >> yeah. speaking of shows, we're done. arthel, eric shawn, they pick it up from here. i'll see you on the fox report.
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
s hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric shaun. topping the news, donald trump and john kasich hitting the campaign trail here in new york state before next week's primary. here is ted cruz rallying for the wyoming state convention. we have news on all of this action this afternoon. >> also one firefighter shot dead and another fighting for his life. how did this happen? we've got the latest op the investigation. and pope francis taking in a dozen refugees from syria. we'll tell you why he's being forced to defend that decision. first, the battle for new york growing fierce as the presidential candidates head


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