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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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bye-bye. >> bye-bye. >> bye-bye. >> close the door. >> that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. here's greta. ♪ too demanding ♪ maybe i'm just like my father too bold ♪ maybe you're just like my mother ♪ she's never satisfied ♪ why do we scream at each other. >> tonight, rock legend prince dead at the age of 57. prince, one of the most invented musicians of the modern error. he released a whopping 39 albums over four decade career. he produced iconics hits like "when doves cry purple rain." he was treated after he had the
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flu. harvey levin goes "on the record" from los angeles. it was shocking when tmz broke that news today. >> shocking to us too, greta. i will tell you. this i want to go back to what you just said about the flu. that story does not make sense. and i'm going to tell you as much as i can right now. we're working on a story that i think we are very close to putting up that i think will give you some context. but, let me tell you the back story of what is not making sense. we broke a story last friday that prince had performed in atlanta. he did fine there. his voice was great. he looked fine. got in an airplane to go back home to minnesota. 48 minutes before the plane was scheduled to land, the plane made an emergency landing in molene, illinois. he was rushed by hospital to the ambulance, taken to the emergency room, and three hours later for some reason then released and went back home. now, his people told us it was the flu. it is weird that somebody
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who seemed perfectly fine on stage had gone through a whole set an hour and a half later is rushed to the hospital for an unscheduled landing for the flu because the flu you could tough out 48 more minutes. so it seems like it had to be something more than that and we're hearing it was. and it might provide some context to what happened ultimately today with prince, when he was found dead. now, i will also tell you that in the last 10 days or so, he made four trips to walgreen's pharmacy where he lived. that doesn't sound spectacular in any sense. but the weird thing about that is he didn't go in, but he was -- the last one was last night, just hours before he died. and he was in the parking lot pacing back and forth. and really agitated. so, you know, i think there are building blocks here that will ultimately determine what happened. but, i just think that it is more than just the flu.
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>> all right. obviously, harvey, when you give this description and anybody out there is thinking drugs. does he have a history of drugs? is he someone -- were there rumors that he was a drug user? >> you know, i don't want to get into what, you know, what the rumors are, at least with us. there are -- there is a trail here. and the question is where ultimately is it going to lead for minnesota authorities. that's as much as i want to say right now. i apologize, greta. we are close to putting something up on the site. i just am not ready yet. >> okay. on friday he has this emergency landing molenen 48 minutes when he was supposed to arrive in los angeles. on saturday was he actually recovered from the flu? are there any reports how he was on saturday and sunday? >> yes. on saturday night he went to a dance party at paisley park which he actually organized. he knew about our story. and was upset that people thought that he was sicker
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than he wanted them to think. and so he didn't perform at paisley at the dance party. but he did get up on stage and he seemed fine. and he said something, which is really kind of ominous almost. he looked at the crowd and before you waste any prayers. that's kind of an odd statement. wait a few days before you waste any prayers. almost like some kind of a premonition. when he went on stage, greta, he seemed fine to everybody who was there. >> all right. he was found this morning in an elevator dead in his home. do you know hot last person who see him was, when that was and what the condition he was at that time? >> i don't. i think i know who it was. you know, did he not have a lot of people close to him. he had a girl friend. he has a manager. but a lot of the -- he always had a tight group. the group was smaller in the last year or two. there were not a lot of people in prince's world, only a few there. so, i think i know but i'm
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not positive. >> okay. how big a star was he, harvey? >> oh my god. i mean, he is in michael jackson territory. i don't think there is any doubt. greta, i will tell you this, we broke the michael jackson story i think seven years ago. and at that time we didn't have the metrics for the website that we have today. so, i can't tell you what the actual number in terms of the interest on it was. but can i tell you. this we have had these metrics for five years, and i looked at what happened once we posted the story, i have never seen anything like it since we started these metrics. i mean, it was unbelievable. we ended up having to do a repair job on our website because it crashed the site at one point and we literally were struggling to keep the site up because the traffic was so crazy. people are vitally interested in him. extremely upset. and there aren't a lot of people that are in that michael jackson territory. i think prince is or was. >> it's interesting about
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him, in the late 1990s when i was at cnn he called me out of blue. i didn't know him. he spoke to me one to two hours. he was all upset about record labels. all he wanted to do was talk about record labels to me. so upset about some dispute artists were having. at the end i said did you want to do the show? he said, no, no. i just called to talk. >> all i can say to that is i'm really jealous. >> it was out of the blue. this huge star was calling he wanted to talk, i guess, to a lawyer or something. he had no interest in going on tv. he actually was sort of a low key guy. you never heard much about him except for through his art. >> is he a very private guy. i mean, he was a very private guy. and, you know, the persona that some people have, you know, when they are out of public where they will hold their hand to their head and don't want to have their pictures taken. he lived that persona. he really was that secretive allusive guy. it wasn't just when he was
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out in public which was rare. it was pretty much his life. i will tell you one other thing, greta that is interesting he had been talking about doing a memoir for several years. and the memoir was going to go up to the super bowl performance in 2007. i am told by people who were close to him until the very end that a month ago he kind of abruptly said i have got to start this memoir. and he had actually written 50 pages in the last month it. and the one person i talked to who was around him when this was made said it was really kind of stunning that it was just out of the blue. he said i really need to write this now. >> harvey, thank you. if tmz does break the rest of the story that they are working on during "on the you right here. harvey, once again, you got the news first. thank you, harvey. >> good talking to you, greta. >> right now police are at prince's house investigating the cause of death.
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matt is outside his home. what's the latest there? >> good evening, greta. we are outside of prince's paisley park studios which is just outside of minneapolis. the mood here right now is quiet and sad. people have been filing in to leave behind flowers, balloons, and cards. most of them in prince's signature purple color. police have not giving us a ton of information tonight because this is an active death investigation. the sheriff's office tells us it respond to do a call around 9:45 a.m. this morning on prince's property here. the responders arrived to find prince in the elevator of this property and he was unresponsive. responders tried to resuscitate prince with cpr but he was pronounced dead minutes later shortly after 10 a.m. he was suffering from illness in recent weeks. cancelled two two shows in atlanta april 7th and april 15th he was treated for dehe duration after private jet made landing in rural illinois. reports prince battling the flu. the 57-year-old super star died here but did not give us any other information
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surrounding his death. 7 time grammy winner credited with being most inventive and loved. he could have lived anywhere but he chose to live in this area near his childhood home. the rock and roll hall of famer typically had public parties on this property where he would ask people to pay a small amount and donate that money to charity. i met up here with karen. she said she was at the property just here saturday night. she talked with prince. how was he looking and sounding? >> prince is pretty soft-spoken so everything looked normal. he came out, greeted the crowd. showed a brand new purple piano and guitar that he had. he talked about really seeing alive atlanta music that he had. so, it was a good time. >> thank you, karen. and just days later the super star has been pronounced dead. and, greta, there is a memorial tonight in downtown minneapolis a public dance party in prince's honor. we will keep you updated as this story develops, greta. >> matt, thank you. one of prince's best friend who played bass for him nic
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west goes "on the record" from phoenix. nic, i know you are hard broken tonight. how are you dealing with this? what are you thinking tonight? >> i just -- i mean, of course, i'm heart broken and i just feel like -- i'm sorry. i just feel like he was one of the last of this generation, one of the just the legend. he want to do make sure that everyone was themselves. like he didn't ask you to come and join in with him. for me didn't ask me to come and play bass and be my favorite bass player or larry graham. he just asked me to be who i am. he was always trying to make sure that i passed the torch. whenever you make it, make sure you reach out and help those that are under you. you know, help them. that's what he did to me. that's what he did to so many other musicians and so
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many other people that were really close to him. >> it's sort of interesting. he was such a big star. 40 years, so hard to stay on top for so long and be as successful as he was. why was he able to be a success so long? a lot of people come and go. he maintained it. >> i think just from our conversations and everything, prince was the type of person. he never wanted to copy anyone else. he wanted to be himself. and that's why he was such an advocate of doing that he told me the story of where there are five great bands back in the day. ohio players, earth, wind, and fire. he said i had to do something that made me kind of stand out so i could break out be completely different. that's what he continue to do do year after year. decade after decade. he just continued to be himself and just to do something different and break every rule. >> sort of interesting. a lot of people can play one
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instrument or maybe can write songs or something. what was so masterful about prince is that he played so many instruments. he wrote so much music. i mean, he is a prolific song writer. he had so many talents went music industry. which is so remarkable. >> yes. i mean, is he a genius. that's as simple as i can put it. you know, people that don't know him coin him as a genius. but, when do you know him, you really realize that he was intelligent, extremely smart. extremely smart. you know, he told me, he said what is it that you do great? and i said well, i think i play the bass okay. he said now are a calculus genius. you love to do calculus. so how about this summer you come out to paisley park and we work with and you teach him how to do calculus and do bass on the side. he had dreams and things he want to do do for other people. he want to do reach out to
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other people. he told me was planning on writing this book back in february. he wanted to write this book. so, i think he was so giving. like he would give me his last bite of food. are you hungry? are you thirsty? what can you get for you? that's the type of guy he was. >> i love minneapolis because i'm from the midwest but you don't see a lot of rock stars living in minneapolis. more like los angeles, new york, london, or even memphis or nashville. why did he live in minneapolis? >> he said minneapolis raised him. and i tried to convince him why don't you move somewhere where it's not so cold. i don't want to come to minneapolis in the winter time. it's way too cold. is he like no, no, no. that will never happen. i'm never leaving minneapolis. minneapolis raised me there is a legacy here for me. so he was just all about just being who he was and just being at home. >> how about family? does he have siblings or
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parents living? >> i believe a sister, his mother, and sister. but, yeah. i mean, paisley was his home. he had these concerts there but it was also a place where he lived. it was his home. he opened his home doors to people. you know, he gave them tours and told stories about how he came to be who he is. and just such a generous guy. just generous. >> nik, i'm story for your loss this evening. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> prince's incredible four decade career earned him seven grammy awards and more than 100 million record sales. here is a look back at some of this rock and roll hall of fame inductee's best performances. >> we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. ♪ oh no, let's go ♪ baby i'm just too
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demanding ♪ maybe i'm just my father, too bold ♪ maybe you're just like my mother ♪ she's never satisfied ♪ why do we scream at each other? ♪ this is what it sounds like when doves cry. ♪ makes makes it all right ♪ you say what have i got to lose ♪ little red corvette ♪ baby, you're much too fast ♪ pay no particular ♪ i just want your extra time ♪ and your ♪ keep busting ♪ ♪ening
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♪en i never meant to cause you any sorrow. >> the winner of the brand new '84 oscar. >> the win everywhere is prince for purple rain. [cheers and applause] ♪ening ♪ in the purple rain ♪ purple rain ♪ purple rain ♪ purple rain ♪ >> michael holts, the house dj at prince's paisley park studios saw prince just the other day. michael goes "on the record."
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good evening, mike michael. i'm sorry. because i know this is very painful for you. >> thank you for having me, greta. yes, it is a sad day, indeed. >> you saw him saturday night. where did you see him? >> >> at the studio, you know. in his place where i seen him all the time. he looked good. he didn't look like, you know, there was any signs of the flu taken him down. you know, he came out and addressed the crowd and asked us, hey, if you hear any more news, give it a couple days before you start wasting prayers. and we all thought, okay, you know, all is god. and he was very happy. he had two new toys he wanted to show us. a brand new piano from yamaha and another guitar that was made for him, a
4:18 pm
purple and gold guitar. and, of course, he kind of gave us a little lesson on why he is playing the piano now and why he won't play the guitar. is he focused on the piano right now and that's his focus. he didn't want to touch the guitar for us. yeah. he looked like the old prince. >> when he said when you hear news, give it a couple days to waste any prayers. was that -- did he oftentimes say things like that or was that peculiar? >> that was in light of the news that had surfaced a couple days before when he had to make the emergency landing in illinois. after his concert in atlanta. we all knew as a fan base that, you know, he was -- he had the flu. he had to cancel the first atlanta show about two weeks ago. and then the show got rescheduled for last
4:19 pm
thursday. we all kind of knew that, you know, for me anyway, we kind of knew that it was just flu symptoms, you know, nothing else that would be serious. >> when he landed back from atlanta, having stopped in molene on friday and then he went home. does he live alone or was there anyone there to help him when he had the flu? >> yeah, he has got a couple people there that, you know, look after him. he pretty much lives in the studio. he has got a little apartment set up there, so that's where he makes his home. yeah, he has people that look after him. >> do you know who found him this morning? >> no. i have no details on what happened this morning. >> but he was in an elevator. is that sort -- is that a place where you would expect him to be, sort of a normal thing? is it part of where he lives or part of the studio?
4:20 pm
>> -- it could be part of the studio, but i can't confirm any other details other than what you've heard. >> michael, thank you very much for joining us. and i know it's tough for you tonight. so i do appreciate you coming in tonight. >> yeah. not a problem. we lost one of the big icons, you know, in this generation. and i have grown up with him since -- i put the needle down on "when doves cry" at 6 years old. and he has been the one that's inspired me to be a dj and then just to have the privilege and the honor to dj for him at his paisley park studios. i'll never forget it i mean, those memories will stick with me forever. ♪ >> michael, thank you. ♪
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>> and our coverage of the life and death of music legend prince will continue throughout the hour. coming up, we're going to take you back live to prince's hometown. >> and up next, donald trump's team has been busy, busy, busy on capitol hill. it has been holding weekly members with congress. one of those members is here next to tell us what went on at those meetings. frequent heartburn brand in america. ♪ "i hope you like it spicy" get complete protection with the purple pill. the leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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donald trump is looking past the republican primaries and setting his sights on secretary hillary clinton. >> there is nobody that respects women more than i do. there is nobody that will take care of women's health issues better than i will. hillary cannot do it. believe me, she doesn't have the strength, the energy. she will not be able to do it. >> i know his energy. i know how people love him. how they connect to him. he's telling the truth. and i said if you will run, you will win. >> members of congress, at least some of them have been holding weekly thursday meetings with trump's team. congresswoman renee just got out of that meeting and goes "on the record." nice to see you. >> good to see you, greta. it was a great meeting today. of course, we had a meeting earlier this week with paul manafort, that was the first time i had met him. today's meeting was to give us an update how things are going. which is very well. good night in new york. >> you didn't need a meeting to know things went well in new york. what did they tell you inside the meeting behind closed doors. >> i will tell you, where do
4:26 pm
we go from here? pennsylvania, the strategy in pennsylvania two of my good colleagues there in pennsylvania are on the ground helping out tom and lou barletta. they are calling him thunder and lightning in pennsylvania right now. that's how hard they are working. these are the things i'm learning in these meetings. >> how many members of congress are in these meetings. >> i will tell you a handful. >> five to six? >> five to six members. it does vary because obviously our schedules are just so that some come and some haven't. this was a good meeting this morning. >> yeah. >> you have officially endorsed donald trump? >> i didn't officially endorsed donald trump. i actually voted for him in the north carolinag(n6 primary. so, by voting for him and actually having the conversation that i did, that was the endorsement. and i think what you are going to ask-to-see from here on out. i don't know how many more endorsements you will see. we are beyond that point now. is he doing well. set presumptive nominee for us. and i think that's the place that we need to go. we need to keep that in mind. >> who comes from the trump
4:27 pm
campaign to these meetings or is it just members of congress? >> basically members of congress but then there is rick deer born, who is helping on the hill, you know, coordinate all these efforts with jeff session's office. gosh, rick gates was there today as well. >> if he doesn't get 1237 delegates, which is the magic number, most of the delegates. should he get the nomination or should it be 1237. >> we need to follow the process as it is. i'm confident that he is going to get that number. >> you are? >> i am. >> you heard it right here. we will see how he does in the next week is a big week. >> it is a big week. >> congresswoman, thank you very much for joining us. and breaking 2016 news from the donald trump campaign is trump about to make a big change? that's next. plus, contributes pooing in for the legendary prince. "on the record" takes you to
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his homecoming up. ♪ little red corvette ♪ you need a love that's going to last ♪ i guess i should have closed my eyes
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4:32 pm
the "on the record" political panel here from "the washington post erin blake and from the hill a.b. stoddard: we sort of got a hint of that but the next day he went to lyin' ted. he went from senator ted to lyin' ted. now. this i think his campaign would clearly like for him to be a more traditional candidate which is how they are presenting him now and how they would say he would act according to the rnc meeting. the question is whether the candidate can actually pull that off. is he a very proud man. i doubt he takes direction very well. he has shown signs of wanting to tone it down before and then he reverts right back to the stuff like lyin' ted again he. i think just in his relation a moment ago he started talking about lyin' ted. i'm sure they want him to do this. the question is whether he can actually do it and i'm skeptical. >> a.b., i'm not sure it's a good idea. i know lyin' ted doesn't sound good. he has been so successful doing it his way. the minute these candidates start listening to consult tants and start, you know,
4:33 pm
trying to reinvent themselves, i'm not so sure as rough and tumble as he is i'm not so sure he shouldn't do what donald trump thinks. >> that's interesting. you know the motto of small operation was let trump be trump. he forged ahead. >> he is winning. >> and he is winning. but the money thing is actually, i think is shrewd and well timed. is he trying to convince the rnc and party stall warts and the establishment and whoever that is and elites that he can be the nominee and he can win and beat hillary clinton despite his polling against her which is totally abysmal. the way to do that, the "new york times" just broke a story this afternoon that the rnc is really struggling for money. people aren't donating to the presidential campaign. they are donating only for senate races. they are not interested in cruz or trump and they're worried about how it's going. they want to save the senate and house seats. for trump to say i'm going to help the party and raise some money for them is a good way to convince the delegates are unbound he needs to sway if he doesn't come up with the final number and the party sort of
4:34 pm
foundation itself. the leaders of the party that he actually is up to being the nominee and he is going to win a general election. this is going to take a lot of persuasion. >> look, letting trump be trump was great for getting him to this point. it may get him over 1237 delegates and win the nomination before the convention. this is a backup plan right now. this is them recognizing that they may come up short. they may need to win over some delegates who are not bound to them at the convention. in order to do that, they need to convince these delegates that he is going to help the party raise money and be a real party. that he is going to be an electable general election candidate who is capable of toning it down. is he not so much changing his spots as doing, you know, putting aside backup plan. >> fundraising for down tickets. >> it's come very late in the game is the problem. is he doing this at the last minute when he has to it. i think there is going to be skepticism about whether this is a genuine thing or whether it's just going to be a two month thing and
4:35 pm
then in the general election he goes back to being donald again. >> get 30 seconds, get to clean up on this. >> i think it is really important. the money thing people don't understand. hillary is going to raise a lot of money. it's going to be costly to run against her. if it's donald trump who is self-funded, the party is really worried that people -- a lot of people don't want to give money to him. so the way to get people to give money is for him to raise money and he has to get going. >> well, it is certainly not going to be dull. i say that every single night and it hasn't been. aaron, a.b., thank you very much. pennsylvania when keystone residents hit the polls, 71 g.o.p. delegates up for grabs. biggest delegate prize on tuesday's big primary day. "on the record" from harrisburg. john, who is winning in pennsylvania now? >> all of our instate polling shows donald trump is up by double digits. and our polling also shows
4:36 pm
that cruz and john kasich are roughly about tied but pretty far behind. >> what's sort of interesting in new york state is ted cruz came in third behind governor kasich. governor kasich naturally took that as a win. i suppose the same thing would happen if he beats senator cruz in pennsylvania. so that would be actually sort of an interesting race to watch. that part of the race. >> it would be, indeed. and governor kasich has some ties to pennsylvania. he was born here in mckee's rocks, which is a blue collar former steel town right outside of pittsburgh like a lot of steel towns, former steel towns in the southwestern part of the state. senator cruz should do very well when we we call the t. the counties straight up the middle of the state and across the northern tier. the evangelical vote tends to be there so there is some fight going on for second place. >> what is it that you think is the main driving issue for voters in pennsylvania this tuesday? >> so far the race has been dominated at the national
4:37 pm
level. and our polling has reflected a mostly what's going on at the national level. i think the driving issues have been changing. people are now starting to look ahead to november. and they are looking at polls and john kasich makes the case in 15 or 16 polls since the beginning of the year, he is the only one of the three that at this stage anyway can beat hillary clinton that's his message going into cleveland. that's his message that he had today at editorial board meeting i attended today with the philadelphia enquirer and philadelphia daily news. that's what he is trying to sell to all of these unbound delegates if he can find them and if he can convince them. >> well, it's going to be a big day tuesday in your state as well as a couple other states. anyway, john, thank you. and what does melania trump want to change about her husband donald? well, she will tell you coming up. plus, we are remembering legendary prince. we go back to prince's home next. ♪ ♪
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and always working to be better. ♪ raspberry beret ♪ the kind you find in a second hand store. [raspberry beret >> music legend prince found dead in his minnesota home. prince just 57. fans of prince who is one of the most influential artists of all time are lining up outside his home. they are there to pay their respects. and the world is remembering his talent tonight. even websites like google going purple to remember the singer song writer. fox minneapolis reporter ted holler is outside prince's compound where he spoke to some fans. ted, what are the fans saying tonight? >> well, first of all, greta, it's raining here at
4:43 pm
paisley park. not a purple rain but there is a lot of purple. you might see people behind me taking pictures. that's because there is a rainbow over paisley park. but you ask how people are reacting here, you have to explain what paisley park is and the mysterious presence that prince is in this community. he would often just on twitter post that i'm having a party at paisley park tonight and he would invite strangers into his home to sometimes play some music. sometimes just to watch a movie. in fact, he did that saturday night. the day after his plane made that emergency landing and there were health concerns. but that took trust. he had a lot of trust in his fans here. that's why i think people lehr feeling it so deeply. reciprocated too. he loved his fans back. i saw prince's sister annual brother-in-law earlier. they came out here. they thanked the fans for being here and his sister looked up at the sky, saw some rain clouds and said it's going to rain soon. and prince catch a cold be
4:44 pm
careful out here. that's the kind of back and forth you saw between people here and prince, greta. >> ted, are you hearing anything at all about his stop in moline illinois from atlanta that surprise emergency stop where he was at the hospital? >> >> well, it's interesting. i mentioned that he had this party the day after that emergency landing here. i talked to people who spent time with him that night. they said he was himself. he played some music. he hung out. now, prince being himself is always a little mysterious so you don't know quite what's going on behind the scenes, if that makes sense. but they said he seemed fine. i talked with someone who had a personal conversation with him on sunday. he said, you know, i have the flu. it's no big deal. i don't know why people are worried. he appeared at a local jazz club in minneapolis tuesday night. he had a cane with him. but he was holding up that cane, greta, and cheering on the band. so people who have been following him closely in these last few days, they are really surprised by this news. >> ted, thank you.
4:45 pm
and prince's sudden death leaving everyone with more questions than answers. what will they look for in trying to determine the cause of death. dr. michael baden goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> i mean, it's so early. we only have a young man, 57, to claims to have -- complaints about the flu and now he is dead. where do you start on this? >> well, i think the autopsy may have already been completed today, if not today, tomorrow. and if it's a natural causes a it appears to be, it's probably going to involve the heart or the lungs, whether he had pneumonia that got worse, whether he had blood clots going to the lungs. whether he had some kind of heart disease, which is the most common reason a 57-year-old people die suddenly. will be able to be told by tomorrow at the autopsy. they will also do toxicology. one is was he taking any
4:46 pm
medications prescribed at the hospital or that he was getting from wal-mart. whatever. or other drugs that people can raise issues about the toxicology should be completed in a few days to evaluate that issue. and they will do microscopic slides to do if there is some heart disease or lung disease or even brain disease that doesn't show up at the gross autopsy. this should all be completed within a few days. >> he must have felt awful, whether it was the flu or whatever. because we have this video that he went to the walgreen's to get something. i mean, he clearly wasn't feeling well but then you hear these reports that on saturday night he was -- you know, that he appeared fine. i mean, that's what sort of peculiar. >> part of the problem is if he does have a condition, a natural condition, heart or lungs, having blood clots or pneumonia, and he still puts on a show, hiding the fact that he is hurting, can only make the condition worse.
4:47 pm
so, he was -- you know, apparently didn't want to disappoint people. it is still an issue, greta, as to whether or not he was discharged from the hospital, the emergency room after three hours or whether he left against medical advice. because if he was discharged after three hours, there may be a problem that the hospital may have missed something. >> dr. baden, thank you, sir. we will probably get those autopsy reports soon. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. and donald trump has gotten himself in to some hot water and now his wife melania wants to stop that from happening again. i will explain coming up. up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. quite like the human foot. introducing the 255 horsepower lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive.
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terrible news for the
4:52 pm
state of texas. they just can't seem to catch a break. another round of heavy rains pounding houston, deadly flooding has already killed 8 people and damaged more than 1,000 homes. fox news chief reporter angela chen is "fox news live" king wood, texas. angela? >> greta, well, the storms were on monday. several communities around houston still suffering from the flood because the waters from the nearby bayous and creeks have spilled over into the neighborhoods. of course, if it's houston, you have got to look out for snakes and piles of fire ant in the water. where we are is a sectioned off area. it's not even the worse of it here. farther down there are homes under as much as 6 feet of water. but the water is receding and people around here estimate the water has pushed back about 100 feet down the road from yesterday. so far 8 people have died from the flooding and many have drowned because they drove into high water that pooled in an underpath or ditch and were unaware that the water level was as high as 20 feet. this historic flooding has been a major upheaval for the houston area and most school districts have been
4:53 pm
closed through the week. the mayor is supposed to appoint a new flood coordinator position. the irs has been giving tax filing extensions for those affected by the flood. here locally, we are getting calls from help from people penalized or fired not able to make it into work deadly conditions. 1800 people have been displaced from apartments on top of that hundreds of people from their houses. houstonians have been terrific in coming together during this time of crisis because all week long we have seen people lending a hand to city rescue workers by using their own rafts, kayak, even empty refrej rarts to carry people back and forth from the flooded areas to dry land. average rainfall from severe thunderstorms was about 15 inches across the houston area. at this point there is really nothing to do but wait for the waters to recede. good news is for the weekend they are expecting sunshine. a few showers but shouldn't effect anything here really. all they can do is wait and hopefully the sunshine will help them dry out the water area here. >> appearing la, thank you.
4:54 pm
>> i'm angela chen, let's send it back to you. >> thank you,age la. a 2016 update anyone in a relationship probably has one or two things that he or she wants to change about his or her partner. trump's wife melania is no different. >> every wife want to answer this question. what's the one habit you wish he would give up? [ laughter ] >> the tweeting. [ laughter ] >> let's end it there. >> trump's twitter account with 7.7 million followers has been at the center of his campaign strategy but it has also been a source of controversy. and, coming up, i went viral. but i want to respond off the record. that's next.
4:55 pm
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make sure it's ano maintelligent one.. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ this is a fox news alert. tmz is now reporting that prince was treated for a drug overdose just six days before his death. sources telling tmz that prince was rushed to the
4:59 pm
hospital and given a shot usually used to counter act opiates. this happening when prince's plane made that emergency landing in illinois. his representatives have said he had the flu. again, tmz is now reportin that prince was treated for a drug overdose just six days before his death and as you may recall, he was coming from atlanta headed back home to minneapolis when he was on his private jet and 48 minutes outside of minneapolis they elect to do make an emergency landing in moline, illinois, where he was then rushed to the hospital. he spent three hours at the hospital. he was then discharged from the hospital. there is no indication whether he was discharged by the doctor or that he left ama, against medical advice, but he reboarded that plane. returned to minneapolis and, once in minneapolis, he then would be a normal life except that his representatives were saying that he had the flu. he may indeed have also had the flu. one thing we do know is that according to, they
5:00 pm
are now reporting that he was treated for a drug overdose just six days before his death. he was found dead this morning at his home in minneapolis. that's all for now. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ just to demanding ♪ maybe i'm just -- >> "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight: >> the media, they are the worst. they are the worst. they are very dishonest people. >> donald trump, once again, attacking the media. does he have a point or is he making a mistake alienating this crew? talking points will deal with it. >> if you have been indicted are you going to -- >> -- oh my goodness. that is not happening. i'm not even answering that question. >> with hillary clinton pretty much locking up the nomination, attention turning to the fbi investigation. we'll have some new analysis tonight. >> what has hillary done for black america? >> oh, gosh. [ laughter ] >> i plead the fifth on that o


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