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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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was treated for a drug overdose just six days before his death. he was found dead this morning at his home in minneapolis. that's all for now. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ just to demanding ♪ maybe i'm just -- >> "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight: >> the media, they are the worst. they are the worst. they are very dishonest people. >> donald trump, once again, attacking the media. does he have a point or is he making a mistake alienating this crew? talking points will deal with it. >> if you have been indicted are you going to -- >> -- oh my goodness. that is not happening. i'm not even answering that question. >> with hillary clinton pretty much locking up the nomination, attention turning to the fbi investigation. we'll have some new analysis tonight. >> what has hillary done for black america? >> oh, gosh. [ laughter ] >> i plead the fifth on that one, okay?
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>> also ahead, black americans supporting secretary clinton big time but why? watters on the scene. >> do you think she carries around cocktail sauce? >> that doesn't make her black. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. donald trump and the media that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. from the very beginning, mr. trump's run for the white house has been met with scorn from many in the national press. there are a number of reasons he is obviously a non-liberal candidate. he has mobilized support by mentioning ethnic groups like mexicans and muslims in negative ways, also he has used a variety of personal attacks against his opponents although the media is no stranger to that technique. however, the root cause of the media's disdain for
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donald trump is not his policy or behavior on the campaign trail. it's him. who he is, a wealthy man who is not politically correct who has made enormous amount of money by selling himself in high profile ways. mr. trump knows the press is against him. and uses that to stoke up his supporters. >> look at all those cameras zooming. they are the most dishonest people in the world. [crowd booing] >> the media. they are the worst. they are the worst. they are very dishonest people. they are terrible. do we hate the media? [crowd cheering] >> i don't hate the media i love the media they are wonderful. i guess we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the media i guess we shouldn't be complaining, right? >> if that sounds like a mixed message, it is. trump
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understands that many people who support him lot the press so he takes advantage of that he also knows if he wins the white house he will make some kind of arrangement with the press corps thus he tempers somewhat. make no mistake trump knows the media will support hillary clinton and will denigrate him at every turn, sometimes savagely. here in new york, the daily news a rank tabloid will do just about anything including denigrating those who vote for donald trump. philadelphia daily news another down market tabloid same kind of. there are no limits for those people. network news and cable operations like cnn will be a bit more measured knowing they will lose audience if they attack trump outright. in the end, donald trump will not, will not get a fair shake from the press. as the campaign against hillary clinton unfolds, things will become brutal and the press will try to rattle mr. trump.
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they see him as personally unworthy, beneath them, and destructive to their ideology. mr. trump needs to begin preparing himself for the on slot. that's the memo. joining us from minneapolis, jeff mccaul who teaches media at depaul university there. and with us here in new york city steve, media and political analyst. what say you, steve? >> i say that donald trump is one of the most interesting, charismatic, dynamic media candidates ever. here's the deal. even when they hate him. even when the daily news goes after him, even when someone who don't like him on the electronic side do that bill, they can't live without him. look, i'm not a fan of donald trump's but you can't look away. you can't ignore this guy. is he such a gift to the media that each those who hate him are rooting for him. >>. the thing that the heed were hates more than a candidate that they disagree with is a boring campaign.
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he brings excitement and is he provocative, controversial, and he is not going to stop they may be rooting for him but i don't think it's that i believe it's defeat him. >> fascinating to watch. clearly the media at first treated trump as kind of a novelty or a curiosity but now they are treating him as unfit and dangerous i think we can see a lot from a media research study that was done in march where they tried to track where the electronic media had covered trump on the three big network newscasts. it was interesting because the majority of the coverage dealt with things unrelated to trump's positions on issues like violence at trump campaign rallies, trump's campaign manager, you know, charged with assault. >> right. trump attacks heidi cruz, that sort of thing. and i do think that. >> aren't those legitimate stories? >> i think they are legitimate stories. but the issue is that those
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things are being covered at the absence of a lot of other things. where does trump stand on the economy and those sorts of things. one other thing i want to say here is that the rasmussen reports did a study recently where they talked to voters aboutrump biase media. and by a large margin, voters are sensitive to the anti-trump media bias. >> well, his supporters are. >> here is how i see it i have a problem with that philadelphia newspaper, i have a problem with the daily news. but i don't have a problem with this, bill. i don't have a problem with anyone in the media, repeating what donald trump says and say back that up. defend that position. explain where your policy positions are. >> they don't do that they take it out of context. >> some do. >> who? >> the people who question. i'm not going to name other networks, bill. >> you can name other networks here. this is the no spin zone. >> cnn does that and ask him to explain his position on immigration or explain his position on muslims, and he has a hard time with it, that's not negative.
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that is good reporting, good analysis. >> i agree with that. >> what i saw there was not. >> i agree 100 percent. but, what's happening here, and i'm going to tell the story again. i don't want to bore you guys or the audience. but, when i went into the cbs morning news, and i respect that operation. they are a good news operation in the morning there. it was obvious that charlie rose and some other people they couldn't believe that trump was even in the arena. not because of his policies but because it was him. because it was him. some atis guy. some guy with a funny hair cut. what's he doing there? there was this supercilious attitude word of the day coming off them. and you know it exists. >> do i think there is elitist attitude. >> yes. >> yes. but here's the other part. every one of those organizations, bill, who think that about him, it's not as if they don't have him on. they need him. >> they have him on,. >> ok but they don't -- i do also think they want him to win. >> they don't want him to win the presidency. they want him to run against hillary and get his butt kicked. >> i won't disagree with that. >> reply to that.
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>> certainly trump represents the antiestablishment and people view the media as the establishment in this day and age. but the arrogance coming off -- what i want you to address is and just say i'm in your class and steve is in your class, the arrogance coming off the national elite media networks, liberal newspapers, that kind of thing. >> helping trump. >> he doesn't deserve it because of who he is. he doesn't deserve it because of who he is. professor. >> oh, certainly, it's very personal. >> recommendation yes. >> they are not going to vote for him. but, also, i think it's worth noting that the mainstream media reporters, they didn't vote for mccain or romney. >> it was a whole different thing that was ideological vote this is personal. >> it is a different level and that's why trump has changed the formula for all political reporting for a long time. >> nobody else can get away with it but him. >> there are a lot of media organizations that hate hillary clinton. you will see it on both sides. worse for trump because he
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brings on a lot of it himself. >> the talk radio and some of the internet will really work hillary clinton over, no doubt. >> absolutely. >> the elitists who control the media on television and who control the major urban newspapers, boy, donald trump better be stealing himself because they are coming. next on the run down, dana perino with her two top stories of the week. fbi and hillary clinton. right back with it. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12-hour strength of aleve... for pain relief that can last into the morning. and now... i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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impact segment tonight, dana perino two top political stories of the week, here she is fresh off her hit show the five. she paid me to say that number one story this week. >> i got the monday from bolling. >> yeah, is he wealthy. >> number one political story? >> well, i love the thought about what comes next. we're mired in all the primaries but the next thing
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is for the nominees to start thinking about who their vice presidential choice is going to be. >> vice presidents because we said last night on the factor we believe it's going to be clinton vs. trump. it wasn't a partisan or rooting deal. i just can't see any way to derail the trump thing. i will looked at every single thing. they just can't derail it in my opinion i'm not willing to do that until i see indiana's rules. >> that's a valid point. i could be wrong on this by the way. >> you could be right. >> well, the odds are that i am right in the sense that he has compiled so many delegates and he will do okay in california. but, if he loses indiana, trump gets a winner take all state and cruz gets all the delegates, then it comes back into play a little bit. but i still think it will be trump. so, say it is trump. who is his vp? >> i think that the good news for the republicans is that there is a strong bench all across the country. so, if you're trump and you are a new york guy. >> yeah. >> what do you need? >> you probably need a conservative westerner of some sort. >> okay. >> you need somebody like
5:14 pm
stepping back. >> dick cheney, conservative westerner. dick cheney, everybody. bring him back. >> he has never looked healthier. >> only one choice for vice president if trump wants to win the white house. only one person. do you know who that is? >> i don't. >> governor susanna martinez of new mexico. that is the only choice if mr. trump with all due respect wants to be president, he must give it to the governor of new mexico. she cuts across all the ethnic boundaries that is he weak in. she is very bright. she is a republican conservative in a state that would go, you know, it's not a lot of electoral votes. if he can convince governor martinez to be on the second that will help him eminencely. thank you, everyone. >> i think there are lots of choices. >> don't you think that's a good one. >> it's not a bad one. >> not a bad one. >> i don't know if it's a good fit. >> get to hillary clinton, who would her vp be? >> the temptation of the clintons has always been to focus group everything to
5:15 pm
death. should i pick this type of person like identity politics. should it be hispanics must it be an african-american, should it be somebody who is gay? >> who do you think she is going to go for? >> i have long thought that senator mark warn everywhere of virginia is a good choice. >> he is in the clinton crew. >> he is in the clinton crew. he is understated. he doesn't have big political ambition. >> not to overshadow her. >> is he well liked with the military. >> is he a conservative democrat. is he not a bomb throwing. >> well liked by everybody in the senate. >> a lot of the people think she is going to go for warren but that would be too radical. >> no way. >> bill is going to be the vice president or really co-president. i think warner is a fairly good choice. virginia is in play although i think she would win virginia. >> that's tough. republicans need to win virginia. >> look how donald trump did there. he didn't do well in the primary there. >> i know. >> that's an indicator. harriet tubman. i'm a big harriet tubman fan. >> me too. >> if you know about
5:16 pm
ms. tubman and research her she is unbelievablably brave woman i'm happy she is on the $20 bill. >> me too. >> greta van susteren had a nice point if they make a $20 bill which they should you could leave old andrew. he had good points and bad points and give harriet tubman $25 bill and not russell a president. what do you say. >> good choice. some people say why do we have to make this change at all. >> only fair to make it i think if you are going to have change, you need to lean in to the curve. so go for it. >> no downside to harriet tubman. she was a slave. she escaped. she went to pennsylvania. she devoted her life to helping other slaves who were on the run. i mean, what's the downside? >> that's right. i did think trump made a stumble on that day. why not just say embrace it. >> trump said it was politically correct. right? >> there is a school of thought that believes that. >> i guess. i don't know why you would want to criticize the choice when it's a good one. i could see saying we will
5:17 pm
make another bill. $25 bill is okay. why don't we have that. >> that's also expensive. you don't just come up with new currency. >> why not? you are going to print new currency with harriet's picture on it? >> plus she was a republican. >> harriet tubman? >> yes. >> and christian. >> abe lincoln freed the slaves. ñ her 30 years to get the pension from the government. >> if she were alive put harriet tubman that would be a good choice. >> good fit. and cruz and kasich have good options, too. >> kasich may be the guy because ohio, kasich is a brilliant. i think he is brilliant on policy. dana perino, everybody. give her a hand. one footnote miss dana's book "and the good news is" big best seller in hard back now out in paper. you might want to pick it up. directly ahead the fbi and hillary clinton's emails. we will update the story, not the same old stuff. and, later, new study on legalized pot in colorado may surprise you this study. up ahead. jordan and chelsea were searching for the perfect place
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factor follow up segment tonight, pressure growing on the fbi to release some of its finding of hillary clinton's use of government emails that may have violated national security laws. question this evening what is really happening right now. with us judge andrew napolitano closely following the case. you can advance the story? >> yes. the fbi is at the very end of its investigation. it's in about the second to last phase. it has invited mrs. clinton's five closest advisors, former and president, many of them are now with her in her campaign in for introduces and they have agree to do go? >> they haven't gone in yet. >> i do know that the invitation was issued about two to two and a half weeks ago. the fbi gives you a very short window. like three to five days. >> we assume they are all
5:22 pm
going to be interviewed and hillary clinton herself has to be interviewed. >> she can say yes or no. >> she has already said -- i thought she said she is going to do it. >> she has said that many, many times. foolish things to do healey but she may need to do it millie. at that point their investigation is concluded. now, if they don't make a recommendation to the justice department, they are working in tandem with the justice department. because they don't do anything under -- without being under the supervision of justice department prosecutor. >> that's the way the chain goes. will they have lawyers. hillary clinton and her crew when they go in? will they have lawyers with them. >> absolutely. they can stop it. >> they can stop it and say don't answer it. >> correct. >> you would assume they have to talk to hillary clinton, right? they have to. >> she is the subject and the center of the investigation. >> she would have have to talk to her. >> she would like to talk to her. >> again, we are assuming that her word is good. she will go in. now, will they announce that they're going do interview her on a certain day? will everybody know that? am i going to be able to
5:23 pm
report that. >> no. unless they leak it. >> they won't know. they may have already interviewed the five that work for her. we wouldn't know. >> unless somebody leaked it. >> hillary clinton's campaign will certainly tell everybody that she is going in, i would imagine. >> i would think so because she wants to score points with the fact that she has nothing to hide from the fbi. >> okay. now. you have been on record in stay saying that she broke the law. you, the judge, have convicted her on television. are you ashamed? >> no. not at all. the evidence of her guilt is overwhelming. >> to who? >> overwhelming to anybody who observed what she did and knows what the overwhelm. >> then it has to be overwhelming to the bureau then, right? >> absolutely. the bureau would know more about it than what i do. >> if what you are say something right that the evidence against hillary clinton is overwhelming to you, a judge, it has to be overwhelming to the fbi. so, therefore, they have to recommend that loretta lynch prosecute. >> then the issue becomes political. >> we don't want to get into that now. we're only concerned about what the fbi says. all right? >> the fbi has enough
5:24 pm
evidence to indict and to convict just on the. >> you are 100 percent certain of that? >> absolutely. without a doubt whatsoever. whether they will indict is another issue. >> we will deal with that once the fbi steps up and tells the folks what they're going to do. but, see, the process here is confusing because there is politics involved. everybody knows that. >> yes. >> and they could delay it until, what? next december, could they? theo. >> they could. >> i don't think they want to. i think that jim comey, the director of the fbi. >> do you like him by the way comey. >> yes, i do. he is a very straight shooter. very a political. if he makes a serious recommendation for indictment. >> they have to do it. >> and the political forces in the justice department say no, i wouldn't be surprised if he resigns. >> appreciate it, judge. now let's go to d.c. where david that tafuri who worked for the state department has some thoughts on the investigation.
5:25 pm
>> do you think the judge, he says he is 100 percent certain has enough evidence to indict. do you agree with that. >> lock, people look at this one of two ways convinced hillary is indicted and go to jail or convind complete nonsense going to go away. stark contrast to the way the fbi is approaching this which is they are moving very calmly, slowly, calmly to look at the evidence. they are looking at only two issues. one is did hillary clinton break the law and two is there enough evidence to prove that two-to-a jury? judge napolitano did not address that fact. and that's very significant. the one question is did she violate the law by releasing classified information? ignore all the other stuff about her private server. that may have been bad. that may have been careless. it wasn't in violation of the law. now, you have to look at prosecutions of other high level officials and compare them. look at the prosecution of general petraeus. it is similar in a lot of ways to what hillary clinton did. but it's very different in one way. general petraeus admitted on
5:26 pm
tape to paula broadwell that he knew he was passing along classified information. hillary clinton in contrast says she did not know she was emailing classified information. look at the prosecution of sandy berger, also different. a very significant aggravating factor. he took classified documents. >> he put documents down his pants. >> yes, down his pants. >> that's not even close. do you believe there is a grand jury in place right now? >> i don't know. >> all right. you don't know. that's a fair answer. all right. so,. >> and you would assume the fbi is going to have to get around to doing that i don't know when they would have already done it the intent isn't that important to the grand jury. all right. that's for the trial it's what actually happened. the people, the folks on the grand jury, are they going to be presented with this is what happened. here's the law. and this is what she did. not what was going on inside her mind. they are ♪ psychologists. i think that the intent of, this that comes in the main trial, if there ever is one. now, it's what she did and
5:27 pm
whether that rises. last word. >> well, no, intent matters even for if you are going to indict. you have to be able to show that there was intent. she intend to do release classified information. and that's not clear here yet. and we don't know what is what the fbi knew but the. >> may be clear to the fbi based on evidence that's already been given. that's why i don't want to get into it because we don't know. >> the most important thing that's going to happen is the interview of hillary clinton. everything rides on that. if she can defend her actions and she is not caught. >> i don't know. the guy they gave immunity to. if he contradicts what she says, it goes. that was very good. gentlemen, we really appreciate it. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. legalized pot is harming the kids in the entire population. we have a report on a new study that may surprise you. then, watters on black americans supporting hillary clinton. >> what do you think hillary's biggest accomplishment is? >> standing by her man? [ laughter ] >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. and alerts you.
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truth serum segment tonight. new study out of colorado analyzing the effect of legalized marijuana in this state. with us now here in new york city shannon bream, eric shawn, both fox news correspondents. sean, let's get right to this study. that's the headline. >> more people in colorado smoking pot and killing more people. >> killing more people. >> here is the report from the colorado department of safety and traffic deaths involved with thc which is
5:32 pm
that chemical in pot up 44%. >> 44%? >> yep. >> just in colorado? >> yeah. >> wow. >> the good news in the report if you are a high school and a kid, that has not increased since marijuana. >> so the pot heads in high schools and middle schools have not increased. >> no. but if you are a pot head in school you have double the chance in colorado of being on pot, smoking pot than you do across the country. 13% of kids 12 to 17 in colorado have smoked pot versus 7% nationwide. >> so it's a double? >> double. and it's gone up even more for those over 26. parents getting stoned. >> what about the parental use or the adult use of cannabis? >> that's up from 7.6% to 12.4. so that's. >> 12.4% of all coloradoen adults have now used marijuana on a regular basis. not just one puff. >> the past 30 days. >> okay. within the past 30 days. and the kid, what's the kid stat again. >> kid stat 12 to 17, 13% of
5:33 pm
kids in colorado. >> now, nationally, about half of all americans have tried pot, i understand, from studies that have been done. it seems to me more acute in a state like colorado that has legalized it than nationally. >> absolutely. arrests are down. at the same time hospital visits and ers because of marijuana rupp about 30%. calls to the poison control center up five times. so it's legal and it's out there and it's basically mostly increased. and this all comes as the feds have said the average life expectancy for white americans has decreased and they blame drug use. basically the heroin situation. >> that's opiates. so let's sum up this study in colorado. kid marijuana use is staying pretty much the same. >> yeah. but it's more than the country. >> double the national average. >> yes. >> adults has risen? >> yep. >> drunk driving with thc involved up 44%? >> yep. >> all right. hospital emergency room visits up what percentage do
5:34 pm
you have? >> that's up 30%. >> 30%. that's because of these stupid cookies that they eat. and i just want to frighten everybody out in colorado. we're sending watters out there to do undercover thing. so, you know, now paranoid everywhere. colorado, very beautiful state. but i don't think they made the right decision here. all right, now, let's get into president obama commuting sentences of mainly drug-involved people. everybody should know that the president feels that selling hard drugs is a nonviolent offense. i do not. i'm not coming at this as an objective person. let's look at melissa ross. tell me about her. >> she is somebody who was sentence to do 24 years in prison back in 2002. several drug charges. and she had 21 prior arrests. >> 21 priors for melissa. >> to this. >> all drug arrests? >> yeah. as far as i know. and so she was supposedly the girlfriend of a big drug king pin down in florida. >> cocaine, right? >> yes. attempt to do distribute
5:35 pm
more than 5 kilograms. >> all right. so she is habitual cocaine dealer. she got 24 years. they cut it to what? >> she is getting out in july. >> how much has she served. >> served from 2002 to now. >> 14 years. >> 14 years. she is getting 10 years cut off. >> let's talk about carol denise richardson in texas. who she and what did she do. >> she was sentence to do life in prison back in 2006. she had several prior drug convictions to this. and so prior felony convictions. prosecutors actually used those to argue in this case that she needed the life sentence. >> habitual felon and gave her life and how long. >> 2006. 10 years. she will get out in july. >> cocaine, again? >> yes. cocaine base. >> and here is the worst. wendell callahan 35 years old. he got out of prison not on a commutation but cut back the sentencing and what did he do. >> is he in all kinds of trouble, again, prior weapons charges. drug convictions. he got out after serving just a small portion of his overall sentence, which was
5:36 pm
supposed to be 12 and a half years. he got out in august. in january he allegedly and is now charged with the murders of his ex-girlfriend, her 7-year-old and 10-year-old daughter stabbing them to death. >> allegedly charged with three murders, two have children after serving a minor sentence for cocaine dealing? is he a cocaine dealer. >> he had previous weapons charges as well. >> is he no longer nonviolent offender if is he pronounced guilty. thank you very much our truth serum crew. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on the unpopularity of the two primary presidential contenders right now. watters on why black americans are supporting secretary clinton. those reports after these messages. ♪
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. as we have mentioned, both donald trump and hillary clinton have very high unfavorable ratings in the polls. that's caused bernie goldberg to analyze the position the country is in right now. bernie goldberg joins us from miami. what's the confluence i love that word. the confluence of events that have led us now to have hillary clinton possibly run against donald trump for president? >> well, let's start with hillary clinton because that
5:41 pm
one is easy. she has very high unfavorables, about 54% of the electorate doesn't like her. a lot of people don't trust her. they think she is dishonest. but they think she is competent. so they would rather have her than a socialist from vermont. it isn't really more complicated than that. >> let me stop you right there. isn't there anybody in the democratic party. any governor, any senator, any congressman that could have launched a campaign knowing that hillary clinton wasn't very popular and knowing that bernie sanders is from havana? isn't there anybody else? >> yes, exactly. and the answer i think is yes. it's a good thing for hillary clinton it's a good thing that joe biden didn't decide to run. because he is more popular. is he considered more honest. and i think -- i don't know that hillary clinton would be the frontrunner today if he had decide to do run. and that's just one name i came up with. >> but i think the democratic party sketched, unlike the republican party
5:42 pm
had 17 people out there. all right. i think the democratic party, debbie wasserman schultz, i think you live across the street from her down in florida. if you disturb our vision of handing barack obama's presidency to hillary clinton, we're not going to help you it wasn't an open thing. it wasn't a casting call. it was like stay out. crazy bernie had nothing to lose. >> if it wasn't for the tragic untimely death of joe baden's son, he might have gotten it and we might be having a totally different discussion right now. by the way, i don't know that hillary or donald would be the most -- by the way, those two are the mostdespised n the history of polling. but i'm not sure that that would be the case if kim kardashian decide to do run and justin bieber, he can't run because is he canadian. but i think it would have taken those two to be in the race because they might have
5:43 pm
been more unpopular. these two -- these are two are the most unpopular out there? usually politicians who run for president aren't really that well known and they are not despised from the jump because you have to build up your cred like mitt romney. a governor of mass nasa. they don't know him. barack obama, nobody knew him. nobody knew him. he was from illinois. a june your senator. nobody knew him. how could you hate him? you hated him after he talked some people did and same with romney. these two come in with this unbelievable baggage because everybody knows what they have done their whole lives. i mean, that's the unique part of the race. >> right. and we have heard about a billion times on television and in print that donald trump is unpopular or popular among g.o.p. primary voters because of the anger and alienation and all of that we have heard over and other again.
5:44 pm
what we haven't until this article on national review online by this scholar victor davis hampton is that those trump supporters are really angry, they are not angry at mexicans and blacks and all that they are angry at white elites who they think have betrayed them who don't understand them who don't care about their values, who don't even like them. one little example. if you use the term illegal aliens, a lot of white elites will say well, you can't do that. that's racist. these are the same white elites that have no connection with illegal aliens except maybe their gardner. they haven't been hit by a drunk driver illegal alien. they don't even know who kate steinle is, who was killed by an illegalualien. and the trump supporters see that and they say don't you get it? it's the white elites that they don't like. that's a new -- that's a new angle on all of this. it isn't just anger in general. it's anger at elites. >> it's the white elites in their own party.
5:45 pm
and i think jeb bush was the guy and it's not his fault. he did a good job in florida. took it right between the eyes because of that feeling. and i think mr. hanson has nailed it last word. >> well, donald trump -- you know, i have heard you say that donald trump, after he wins the nomination, if he does, he will change his behavior and then who knows what could happen. maybe he will gain popularity. that's a two-edged sword. donald trump got this far by being unscripted, outrageous. outlandish. if he decides to color inside the line. >> yeah, he might lose support. after his interview here last night. >> you just don't know. >> after his interview here last night where he said he is going to go after hillary, i don't think -- i don't think we're going to see a kindler gentler but who knows. bernardy goldberg, everybody. he surveyed african-americans in harlem to find out why hillary clinton is so popular in
5:46 pm
those precincts. watters is next.
5:47 pm
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in the back of the book segment tonight, watters world in the new york primary vote on tuesday, african-americans broke for hillary clinton over bernie sanders by about 3 to 1. nationwide, the secretary's support in minority communities remains steadfast. so we sent watters up to harlem to find out why. ♪ ♪ >> are you ready for hillary clinton? >> oh, yes, i'm ready for hillary clinton. she is one the best. >> >> yeah. >> you look really excited. are you excited for hillary? >> hell no. >> are you ready for hillary? >> yes. >> to go to jail? >> oh, no. >> are you ready for
5:50 pm
hillary? >> i'm ready for anything. >> tell me why you like hillary. >> bring obama back. i want him to be back. >> i hope she is our next president. we need a woman in the white house. that will be great. >> are you excited for hillary? >> not exactly. i was feeling the bern. >> i like hillary as a person. a step for the woman. hillary, president. we never had one. >> a person who relates to struggle most seems like bernie. he'll be more helpful to the average man out here. >> i think hillary is connected to that old wall street money. they are the same primary funders of the hillary campaign. >> i actually voted for bernie. >> you're feeling the bern? >> yeah, i am. >> what do you feel hillary's biggest accomplishment has been? >> she has gone around to certain places, brooklyn, queens. >> i've been to brooklyn and queens. does that make me president? >> what do you think hillary's biggest accomplishment has been? >> stop the war and stop nuclear
5:51 pm
weapons. >> what war did we stop in. >> the iraq war. >> didn't she vote for it? >> i don't think so. >> do you think hillary is honest? >> she is honest. >> about as honest as most politicians are. >> as far as her campaign? not at all. >> do you think hillary is an honest person? >> some of her flop flips on some major issues she seems to go whichever way the wind is blowing. >> what has hillary done for black america? >> oh, gosh. >> um -- >> they don't do nothing for the black community. nothing. she's forced the black community and concerns with the black situations going on like the cops killing. >> how is hillary going to help you out? >> creating new jobs. >> how is hillary going to create new jobs? >> well, she know. she knows how to do it. >> she's just not telling anybody. >> that's right. >> what would you like politicians to do for black america? >> jobs and low income apartments for the poor in harlem. >> we should have you on fox news more often. do you see any downsides to
5:52 pm
having a female president? >> no. >> none? >> none. >> are you sure? >> none. >> i think obama has done a phenomenal job, but it's really time for a woman's touch. >> a woman can do the same thing a man can do. >> women can do everything a man can do? >> i won't say everything. >> everything? >> a female for president would be great but just not her. >> if you went out to dinner with hillary, what would you tell her? >> i would take her to red lobster and tell her i think she's cute. >> you know what happens when a woman orders a lobster. if you had dinner with hillary, what would you ask her? >> where's her hot sauce? >> i'm watters, and this is my world. >> you're what? >> that's my question. what happens when you take a woman to -- give a woman a lobster? i don't know what happens. >> it's the most expensive thing on the menu. >> and women are impressed?
5:53 pm
>> bill, i can't believe you of all people don't know this. >> no. i know lobster is fairly expensive. >> it's the most expensive thing on the menu. if she orders it and you're paying -- >> then what? >> i can't believe i have to explain this to you. >> what? she's a gold digger? what? >> i'm going to let the audience figure it out. >> you don't even know. >> of course i do. >> then tell me what it is. >> maybe she might be indebted or maybe interested later. >> oh, i see. a payoff for the lobster. >> you spent a lot of money. >> the lobster payoff. >> yeah. >> watters, really, you guys -- are you under 40? >> it's shell fish. >> i know what it is. there's no payoff for the lobster. oh, my god. now, tomorrow -- we may even include watters' explanation -- the dumbest political said so far this campaign season. we're wrapping it up. >> yeah. >> under a watters banner. i think we'll have to put the lobster thing in there. that is tomorrow on friday's "factor." are you working overtime this week, we appreciate it.
5:54 pm
>> i'm ready. back for the tip of the day. the pop star prince passes away. the tip moments away. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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5:57 pm
trump the nomination. the analysis on bill o' simply says, i cannot see how after the new york landslide that trump can be denied the nomination. i've studied this linda. that's my call. as always, i could be wrong. patrick collins, huntington beach, california. bill, i concur with your analysis. i bet cruz fans are lighting up your e-mail. bill, your trump talking points was the worst ever. only 37% of republican vote has gone to trump. i hope you correct the record. nothing to correct, sir. our factual reporting has been stellar. if my analysis turns out to be wrong, i'll certainly note that. ronald ortiz, vero beach, florida, o'reilly, you again bow down and kiss trump's ring. bill, kudos for a penetrating, hard-hitting interview of trump. you challenged him in ways he is not accustomed to.
5:58 pm
janet har land, edmond, oklahoma. congratulations, bill, if trump is, as you say, the nominee, you and your ilk are complicit in his success. i don't know where my ilk is. you know? i don't know where the ilk is. steve hammond, port ludlow, washington, bill, loved monday's talking point bz the condition of america. i've said it all over but been accused of racism. then you know you've won, steve. that's all they have, my points have overwhelmed the pinheads. that memo from monday remains posted on bill o' si my family lives here and we are big "factor" fans. we're coming back home to see you and miller at mohegan sun on june 18th. we hope you guys will have fun. we're glad you're coming in. also we'll see everybody in fairfax, virginia, on may 7th. reno and denver september, atlanta, biloxi october, dad, granddad, give them the tickets.
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about the "factor," word of the day, do not be unxious when writing to the "factor." please always remember the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, troubling new reports surfacing in the death of the music superstar prince. as america remembers an icon gone too soon. welcome to the "kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. we have just learned that an autopsy will be conducted on prince's body tomorrow. this after he was found dead this morning at his minnesota estate known as paisley park at just 57 years old. in just the last hour, the website, the outlet that first broke the news of the singer's death, published an explosive report saying that prince was treated for a drug overdose just six days before d. you may have heard that his reps have claimed the singer had been battling