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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 22, 2016 2:00am-2:11am PDT

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i am patricia stark. >> i am heather childers. that you for starting your day with us and ending the week. >> the death of a musical legend is what we begin with in really unbelievable news coming out today. industry icon prince found dead from the elevator of paisley park his minnesota estate yesterday morning. >> the mystery surrounding his death now growing, was it the flu or a drug overdose. the grammy winner known for hits like purple rain in 1999 was 57. ♪ >> the troubling 911 calls just released. >> tmz is now reporting prince overdosed days before his death and it was masked as complications from the flu. that was when his plane made an emergency landing in illinois.
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he was 45 minutes away from his twin city's destination. doctors reportedly gave the singer a safe shot on the tarmac typically a last ditch effort for opioid overdoses. >> they made the emergency landing because of radio calls indicating he may have had a drug overdose. it was so serious they gave him treatment at the airport at the tarmac and then put him to the hospital. there was no private room at the hospital. they still took him brought him back to the airport brought him on a plane and took him home. >> prince was then allegedly seen pacing outside walgreens in this tmz photo. it was his fourth time visiting the store in a week possibly indicating a larger health crisis. they are calling the flu store rein the question saying he appeared fine on saturday night hosting a party at his estate. >> in his place where i see him
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all of the time. he looked good. he didn't look like there was any signs of the flu taking him down. he looked like the old prince. >> an autopsy is scheduled for today. >> a musical career spanning decades, prince defined the sounds of the 80's with songs like kiss and purple rain. >> rick leventhal looks back at his remarkable legacy left behind. >> he was an innovative singer and song writer, an incredibly talented guitarist. a musical icon who rewrote the rule book according to the rock and roll hall of fame which hailed prince at its induction as a trailblazer to made dance music that rocked and dance music that are a bristling funky
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background. >> i do think the word genius gets thrown around probably too much, and he is one of the few pop artists who deserves it. >> prince who stood 5 foot 2 inches tall was a music giant releasing 5 albums in including 1999 and purple rain. hits including little red corvette, let's go crazy and when doves cry. he made headlines changing his name to a symbol in a dispute. several years later he was called the artist formerly known as prince. he took back his name and returned back to warner brothers. he was sly, sexy and provocative. >> he held himself to a hype standard. he expected the people around him to be that way, too. but it wasn't in an unforgiving way. that was how creative he was.
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>> he showed his comedic side with a brief appearance on new girl in 2014 and just released hit and run last december. in march he announced he was writing his memoir called "the beautiful ones" a poetic journey through his life and work. >> it is hard to even talk about either of them in the past tense because their work is so immortal. it is hard to even process right now i feel like the fact that he is gone. >> in new york rick leventhal fox news. the sudden death of prince sending shock waves around the world. this i-35 bridge in minneapolis glowing purple in memory of the singer. >> charlie shimkus is here with more reaction for us. >> many celebrities saying the
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singer's death came just too soon. he was only 57 years old. justin timberlake tweeting numb, stunned, this can't be real. lionel richie saying i can't believe it. i am in total shock. so many memories. ush cher saying just got back from cuba and received horrible news. such an iconic legend we will forever cherish you and what you gave this earth sir, love you, prince. oprah saying prince, doves are willy are crying now remembering you. >> madonna with this photo he changed the world a true visionary. what a loss. i am devastated. this is not a love song. patti labelle tweeting out this picture with the simple caption, rest well my friend. sky even paying a beautiful tribute. this vibrant rainbow over his home hours after he passed away.
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it served as a comfort to fans who were stopping by his home to leave signs and balloons. in new york city a fan changing the prince street subway stop to say prince rip. president obama even weighing in on his official facebook account in a long post the president writing in part, few artists have influenced the sound and trajectory of music quite distinkly or touched so many people with their talent. prince performed at the white house in that private concert just last year. funeral plans for the singer are unclear. the family is gathering to discuss how to move forward. >> thank you carly. really hard to believe. >> thank you. >> switch gears completely and turn to go the race for the white house we are four-days away from the east coast show down. five states and 162 delegates at
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stake. good morning, garrett. >> tuesday could be a big day for donald trump. 172 delegates are up for grabs. donald trump is leading in every state. connecticut, delaware, maryland and the biggest prize for tuesday, pennsylvania where 71 delegates are up for grabs. the good news 54 of the delegates are in bound they will continue to call for the o opponents to drop out. >> who said kasich should get out because they have no past. he has won one out of 28. i have won 232 or 23 votes heyed. i think they both should get out. what are they doing? >> we are winning by a lot? we are kicking ass. >> earlier this month in pennsylvania john kasich was
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nearly within the margin of error. >> we are going to an open convention. nobody will have enough votes. when we get to the convention delegates are going to consider two things. one, who can win in the fall. the second thing delegates are going to talk about who can actually be president. >> ted cruz is taking a similar strategy telling voters to vote for trump is the same as a vote for hillary clinton. tonight new fox news polls are a better way for polls in california and indiana the next big primaries after tuesday. >> garrett tenney live for us. thank you, garrett. >> the democrats hitting the campaign trail in pennsylvania today ahead of next week's contest. the competition might already be
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over in maryland. a new mammoth poll putting clinton 25 points ahead of sanders. the vermont center style ho-- s holding on for hope. >> bh we began this race in the national poll clinton was 60, 65 points ahead of us. the last couple of weeks a couple of polls had us ahead of her. >> the fbi now says there's no cutoff date for the investigation into clinton's e-mail scandal. it could go past the national convention in july. >> pack your umbrella. it will be a rainy start to the weekend. >> maria molina is here tracking some storms. >> we are expecting to see the showers and storms through out the day today all around parts of the eastern u.s. associated with the cold front pushing eastward. that's where we have to deal with out there from the
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northeast to the southeastern u.s. showers and storms very unsettled out there. as we head into later this weekend there is going to be a different concern. that will be the risk for severe weather. it is relatively quiet in texas and oklahoma. we anticipate severe weather and that will continue next week. across parts of the u.s. extending into parts of the pacific northwest. a storm system will be moving in and bringing in precipitation. pleasant in the 60's in rally and atlanta even in new moorlea. we anticipate trier conditions which we have been focusing on because of ongoing flooding. temperatures across the plains an the south forecast to reach the 80's this afternoon. let's head over to you ladies. >> the time now is 10 minutes after the top of the hour.
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a freaky accident, horrifying video of a child violently thrown high in the child. the little girl tossed in the air as her classmates watched. >> a game changer, why the nba all star game may be switching locations. ♪ flush


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