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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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break in. there's news coming in just a moment. the sheriff will hold an update for us on the investigation into prince's death. neil cavuto will have live coverage. his program, "your world," begins right now. >> thank you, shepard. it is starting. jim ol'son, the carver county sheriff is detail what they know. >> -- a community member and a good neighbor. to his family, he is a loved one in life he was a very private person. we're going to continue to respect his privacy and his dignity and hope that you will do as -- that you do as well. we also respect the media's right to information. bear in mind this incident happened 29 hours ago, and continues to be under investigation.
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there are some things regarding this investigation that i will not be able to talk about. i'm going to give you a statement, and we'll then take some questions that you may have. at 9:43 yesterday morning, we received a medical call at paisley park in chanhassen. the fire department, the sheriff's office and ambulance all responded to the call. that is our standard protocol and is not unusual at all for us to have everybody respond to a medical like that. they found an unresponsive male in the elevator. cpr was initially started, but was unsuccessful. he was pronounced deceased at 10:07. we have identified him as prince rogers nelson. 57 years old. staff members from paisley park
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had been able to -- had been unable to contact prince yesterday morning, and went to check on him. they found him unresponsive and called 9-1-1. deputies went throw the building to make sure there was nobody else inside. because this was an unwitnessed death of a middle aged adult, the decision was made to process the scene. that is also normal protocol and is not different from what we normally would do. there should be no -- we ended up contacting the hampton county crime lab to help us with that, and there should be no inference taken from that. it's not unusual for them to come out and do those types of calls. we finished with our processing late yesterday afternoon. and turned paisley park back over to prince's representative. again, because this investigation is ongoing, i will not be answering questions on whether or not there were any items that were taken during our
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processing. the midwest medical examiner's office was contacted and dr. quin strobl the carver county medical examiner, responded. there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body at all. the body was transported to doctors strobl's office for an autopsy and that is being done today. results from that autopsy may take several weeks, which is not unusual. again, this will continue to be an open investigation until the autopsy results come back and we are ready to take questions that you may have. >> the 9-1-1 caller said there were people in the home, could you tell us anymore about who was in the home with prince at the time of his death? >> there were some staff members there that went to check on him, and that's all i'm going to
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respond to with that at this time. >> any note found. >> i am not responding to any kind of questions regarding what may have been taken. we have no reason to believe at this point this was a suicide. but again, this is early on in this investigation. and it's continuing to -- we'll continue to investigate. >> sheriff, any indication how long he had been in the elevate glory was he wearing the clothes from the night before or new clothes. >> we have not received that information from the medical examiner's office at this time. it had not been in the couple of minutes before first responders arrived. it hat not been within a couple of minutes when the first responders arrived. >> you've said he is a very private person or was a private person. >> yes. >> was he a healthy person? >> i'm not the right one to answer that. we'll let the medical examiner talk about that. when that time comes.
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>> sheriff -- [inaudible question] >> i have checked calls for service in our log for that address as well as for -- in prince's name correctly. there will no calls involving prince in the past year that we have had. paisley park -- prince does some concerts there sometimes and get-togethers and so on. so it's not unusual for us to receive calls at paisley park itself. there is nothing that i'm aware of that involved prince directly at paisley park. >> are you able to confirm whether prince was given my medication? >> i am not able to confirm that at this time at all. [inaudible question]
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>> we'll be talking to people that are close to him. we'll be gather something medical records and taking a look at those between us and the medical examiner's office, and working off of it from there. [inaudible question] >> were they there -- is there a timeline how long he was -- [inaudible] -- >> we're trying to reach him yesterday morng and were unable to reach them. -- excuse me -- reach him. reach prince so they responded to paisley park to look for him, and found him unresponsive in the elevator. >> he was alone at home. >> , that. we -- that is correct. we did clear and go through the residence at the time, and did not find anybody else there. >> sheriff, there are people --
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are you talking with any other jurisdictions or looking into the flight that had to return to illinois? >> we will be looking at all of that, yes. >> can you tell me what you have done so far or still looking into it? >> our detective fish is 29 hours old, our detectivees working on the case, so there are things they're working on. >> are you cooperating with other jurisdictions. >> of course we are. >> you said there were no calls involving prince in in the last year, are you aware of any hospital visits hi may have head recently? >> there nor calls involving the carver county sheriff's office that i'm aware of. >> things taken out of the home but was there medication taken out of the home -- >> again, i'm not going to get specific on what was taken or not taken from the home. >> sheriff, there have been reports he could have been on in
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sort of medication, percocet. have you gotten any evidence of that? have you talked to anyone about that? >> this case is currently under investigation and i'm not going to talk about that at this time. >> -- illinois as well as his pharmaceutical -- >> we'll be -- between us and he medical examiner's office we'll be looking at all of that. absolutely. >> reports that he frequented a local pharmacy. have you been there to talk to the employees employees there, a surveillance video. >> that is part of the investigation would would be our normal protocol to pull video. i said that would be our normal protocol. this case is 29 hours old, and continues to evolve for us. >> sheriff, how deep are your crime scene investigator -- >> how detailed are your crime
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scene investigators working on proking the scene? dutalk to us how meticulous you guys are working. >> the crime lab is helping us from a processing standpoint. and they are meticulous. that's what they do. so they're very meticulous. photos and so on. >> is there any indication of how lock he was in the elevate -- how long he was in the elevator and had it been overnight. >> we're going to wait for the medical conditioner's office to give us that information. i cut somebody off over here. i'm sorry. >> the medical examiner. >> she is the public information officer. not the medical examiner. >> yes. >> is there any sign of a drug overdose. >> there's no information at this time in regard to exactly what you're talking about as part of the investigation. let me give you brown of medical examiners. we are working as part of the investigative team with the sheriff's office, so much of the
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answers that i will be able to give you today will include the word "pending." we received the call at 10:12 yesterday morning to assist the sheriff's office in this investigation. our chief medical examiner on the scene arrived at 11:30 yesterday morning local time and was on the scene for several hours. the autopsy this morning began at 9:00 a.m. central daylight time, and concluded at 1:00 p.m. and just shortly i received word that his body did leave midwest medical examiner's office and was released to the family. as you know it was very meticulous exam, a complete exam, and so several of the pieces of information that are gathered in that process will be sent to labs for further testing. so, that answer is pending. and it will take days and weeks to complete those particular investigations. >> is it possible to say when he
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died? time of death was pronounced at seven minutes past ten but had he been ted jeff night in the elevator? too you know when he stopped breathing? >> that information is pending. >> do you know what time he was removed from the building, paisley park. >> 1539. >> hasn't when he left paisley park. >> yes. >> any question is for the sheriff. was there any extra people brought in because this was prince or any extra deputies or anything like that, different, because of it was prince? >> there were a number of people that started gathering across the street very early as well as media. so, yes, certainly did bring other people in to help from a crowd control standpoint, and to assist us with that. as far as from a processing, scene processing standpoint, it's a very large area, paisley park is, so we had to bring a couple extra people in, and that was part of the reason also for having the county assist us. >> have to search room-to-room
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because of the building size? >> yeah. the billing is pretty big. >> sheriff, are there surveillance cameras do you have -- >> that is -- that will be part of the investigation. don't want to comment on that right now. >> does it appear he used the elevator because he was about to pass out and was not able to take the stairwell or was on the elevator intentionally? >> he certainly does have access to stairways, paisley park is a big place, and i don't think it would be unusual for him to use the elevator. the staircases are pretty long. i don't think that would be unusual. if that's why he took the elevator or not, can't say. >> the ground elevator -- collapsed inside the elevator. >> the was collapsed inside the elevator. i haven't been over -- okay. go ahead. >> do you know when he was last seen alive and at what point he had retired for the night? >> the information we have right now is that he was last seen
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about 8:00 wednesday night. >> where was that? >> at paisley park. >> just a question. have you met prince before the -- the major or the sheriff like to office -- and if so what was that like. >> if did meet prince but wasn't in my capacity as mayor. when i was in business i had the pleasure've riding in an away airplane with him. our plane was waiting for departure and there were two seats in front of me that were empty, and very soon after that the stewardess escorted prince and a member of his entourage. that's the only time i had an encounter. didn't greet him. but as mayor of chanhassen i have never had a reason to or occasion to meet him. >> we would see prince from a law enforcement standpoint occasionally. he would have concert at paisley mark and we would help with traffic assistants help lidny
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chanhassen for a long time and that two different residences he lived in, not talking paisley park itself. so he had been a long-time member of the community, and really a good neighbor for everybody. >> were you -- >> sheriff's you said there's no reason to believe it was a suicide. in the reason to believe that foul play was involved? >> we have no reason to believe at this time it's a suicide. the rest is under investigation. >> did you call his personal doctor and questions around medications be cleared up by talking to his door? >> that's going to be part of the investigation. we'll certainly have contact with any medical personnel he has had contact with. >> did you talk to his doctor. >> this investigation is 29 hours old. our investigators are working on. have not talked to them in the past however long so i don't know specifically who they have talked to and haven't. >> sheriff, what floor was the elevator on --
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>> have multiple -- >> i don't have that information right now. he was on the first floor, whoever asked that question over there. >> sheriff, there are any rumors he was desupon dent -- about the nature of his death of any part of the investigation. >> there have been so many rumors. i don't know i can disspell all the rumors. this is under investigation, and -- this is under investigation. >> one more question. was a search warrant issued? >> we did do a search warrant, yes, and that is also -- would be normal protest tall. it's hard to say who had control at the time -- who could have given us permission to process that scene. so we just thought it would be save safer and better to get a search warrant on the front end so, yes. the search warrant has not been filed and will be filed in the next week and a half or so. >> what was the request for?
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>> to process the scene at paisley park. and -- process the area at paisley park and i don't have a copy of the search warrant in front of you. >> i wanted to ask you, -- [inaudible question] -- some offices sometimes release some initial preliminary information that has nothing to do with the toxicology test, for example, that might give you an indication how long he had been dead when he was found, and are you going to have a preliminary report on some initial information before we get the toxicology? >> the short answer is, no. the explanation is that we are here in the capacity of serving the carver county sheriff's office as part of their investigative team. so we will complete our results and on behalf of the midwest medical examiner's office, the office will not release any information until our results are complete. it is determined by the sheriff what his office chooses to
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release, whether it is preliminary as it comes in, or when it is complete. >> his body was released to his -- that's his only relative left? >> his body was released to his family. >> not have a preliminary cause of death or not willing to share it. >> our results are pending. >> what do you expect the timeline for your report. >> could be days depending on the test and most likely weeks to have the complete set of results available to us and that's when midwest medical examiner's office would release it. >> sheriff, how many investigators do you have working on the case and how many agencies are working together? >> well, we have got three, four agencies working on this, and i've got a number of detectives working on it. this is a very large -- let me rephrase that. this is a high profile case for
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us, but the county continues -- life in the county continues to go on and there's also other case wes have that we are currently working on. i'm not sure exactly how many detective is have working specifically on this case right now. >> sheriff, so the plane landed in illinois, we know that. when he refused a room at the hospital, as was reported, are you looking into anything -- anything unusual at msp or whenever he landed that you can talk about and that you know about? >> i know as much about that currently that you do from reading the paper. >> i can address that. >> thank you. >> in speaking on ball of our chief medical examiner and when we say we're going to be doing a complete exam, that not only includes the present state of the body that is brought to us, but also the medical history of the individual, the family
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medical history of the individual. so, those types of things will be encompassed in the medical caber's report that will -- examiner's report that will be delivered to sheriff. >> which would include reaching back to illinois. >> it will include his medical history, his social history and his family's medical history as well. >> can you tell us where you get the medical records. >> i assume they would request them as part of this investigation. >> between us and the medical examiner, absolutely. we do have access to them. >> -- [inaudible question] >> at this point we have not reached out to the bca for assistance with this. >> is the prince family cooperating with this investigation? are they pretty willing and helping? i talked to a couple family members yesterday, and they said they're trying to keep a lot of things quiet. are they working with you in any way? >> yeah. i've had contact with prince's family and his representatives, and they have been very cooperative.
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we haven't had any problems with that at all. >> when there are no obvious signs of trauma, what does that mean? what would be -- what is it you're -- >> well, a sign of trauma would be some sign of violence or something violent that happened there was no sign of that at all. >> sheriff, what happens to paisley park? does he have a will? >> that's up to the estate. i'm not privy to that. >> a question for the medical examiner. >> hang on. >> how long will the sheriff's office main a presence at paisley park and if there's no -- how long will crowds be allowed to gather? >> we'll allow crowds to gather as long as paisley -- they're on paisley park's property there, and we'll -- >> across the street. >> correct. that part of pailsly's property there and we'll lay will you them to gather as long as paisley park is okay. we'll re-evaluate nat until monday morning and see where we're at and what is going on
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there. >> road closures to monday. >> they that road while be closed until monday go ahead. >> could you describe to us exactly what sort of tests would undertake on any case when there's an unwitnessed death? >> is she talking to you? i'm sorry. i'll get out of your way. >> so essentially it will be a full panel of tests. tissue samples done, and there will also be toxicology samples done based on bloods draws and that's the most i want to say about it at this time. >> what is the telethat you would normally undertake. >> the full speck tremendous and that's all i'll say about it. >> when you talked to him the last time he was send weans night at 8:00 p.m., was he out or was that -- [inaudible] -- his staff, or in the community. >> somebody dropped him off at home at 8:00 that night. >> a staff member that saw him
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last, or an acquaintance? >> that is correct. an acquaintance that he was with that dropped him off. >> sheriff, was it usual that he would be the only occupant of this huge complex? you said that staffers tried to get in contact with him and were unable to do that. were there no security personnel? >> prince is a very private person. and i don't think that would be unusual for him to be there by himself. >> sheriff, you mentioned staff was trying to reach him. who made the 9-1-1 call, do you know their relationship? >> 9-1-1 caller's information is private, and i can't share that. [inaudible question] >> 9-1-1 callers are private. >> sheriff do you know if the elevator was -- >> if he was dressed at the time in day clothes or sleeping clothes or overnight clothes? >> he was in clothes. i can't say i know for sure at
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this point what he sleeps in versus what he may good out in -- may go out in so i don't know if those are sleep clothes or what type of clothes. [inaudible question] >> he had on a shirt, pants of some sort. he was dressed. >> sheriff, was there an elevator phone, and if so when was the last time the elevator was inspected? do you have any of that information? >> i don't believe there was an elevator phone. don't think so. >> outside of walgreens and paisley -- [inaudible question] >> if there are things that should lead us that direction, sure, we would certainly do that. pardon? [inaudible question] >> it's 29 hours old. the detectives working on it and i'm not sure where they're at. >> have you questioned any additional search warrants and if so, where and when?
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>> with haven't done any additional at this point. >> prince apparently had other homes. do you know how long he was leveling at paisley park or canada that a home address. >> prince moved around a little bit and would travel quite often. i can't say for sure how long he had been there but he did stay there frequently, and considered that, i think, his main residence. >> sheriff you said there were times he did collapse in elevator. any contact he may have hit his head or just -- [inaudible question] >> no obvious signs of trauma to the body that we observed. don't know at this point what the medical examiner may have found during the autopsy. if anything would have showed. but there was nothing at all that indicated an obvious sign of trauma. >> [inaudible]
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>> go ahead, ma'am. >> was there a cell phone there and was there any kind of indication he reached for his cell phone or made any attempt to call for help? >> i don't recall seeing a cell phone in the close proximity. i don't recall a cell phone in the close proximity where he was at. >> did some of his staff have cell phones would but be checking their records to see if they took pictures ithat is part of our investigation and i don't want to share that. [inaudible question] >> i was there for a period of time. >> [inaudible question] >> no, no. i had other things going on,. [inaudible question] >> it was certainly somber. he was a friend, i think, to the
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people who were there, as well as being an employer, and they were certainly shook by what happened. sure. >> any staff members under investigation, any potential criminal charges? >> this all continues to be under investigation. and we're -- we'll do a complete and thorough investigation and it's better with this for us to do it well than for us to do it fast. so we'll do the best job that we can. [inaudible question] -- opiate or heroin overdose -- >> all of our officers carry narcan. we have been carrying that for approximately two years and that was not used at all yesterday. and i heard somebody over this direction? >> sheriff, the person who did make the 9-1-1 call, a staff member apparently from the transcript did not know the address, didn't know where they were? >> i don't know if that would be
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unusual with that, for not knowing the address. i'm sure they knew where it was, a lot -- i'm sure there' peoplt don't necessarily know the address to their news building and so on. so i don't think that would be unusual. >> sheriff -- allowed to have narcan or that type of emergency -- >> there's some discussion that is currently going on with that, from a legislative standpoint. i don't believe at this point that private citizens can have narcan. >> law enforcement can now carry it. that was a -- something that went through the legislature last year, year before? >> sure. a question of following up -- were you a prince fan yourself? did you like his music? >> yeah. certainly -- i'm the same age as prince is, and -- yeah, know his
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music well. sure, i like prince's music. sir? >> was there any music playing when the police arrived, basically what was the last song prince heard? >> i did not hear any music on in the residence at all or in the building at all. >> how many employee there are when you arrived? >> three. there were three people that were there. >> are you asking anything from the public? >> i would ask for -- again, prince was a very private person and i would ask the public and everybody to respect that privacy and treat that with dignity as well as all of you with that. one more question and i'll be done. [inaudible question] >> we have ten days legally in
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which to file a search warrant with the courts. and i don't know at this time when that might be done. but we have ten days to do that. i want to thankverybody for coming. this is a big event internationally and nationally and i can tell you we are going to leave no stone unturned with this and make sure that the public knows what happened. >> how many of you were a fan? a lot? a lot. i think that we would like to extend our thanks to everyone for showing such respect for this situation, for our generation, he was the songbook and the narrative for snowfall greatest -- some of our greatest
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moments, much like elvis appreciably and ira good-win before him and this is something we remember and take very seriously, and we appreciate the respect and the dignity and the outpouring of support that everyone has shown, not only to his family but to the law enforcement officers working on this to the state of minnesota that so proudly claimed him, and adored him, and this is something that is very gravitus for everyone so we protect the respect everyone has shown. >> thank you very much. >> there you have it. not too many more new details but local child supports in minnesota outlining the tragic death of prince. one thing that becomes clear they found him in an elevator in his compound, a combination residence and workplace help was found on the first floor in the
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elevator, work members were trying to reach -- staff members trying to reach him that morning and were getting anxious they had not, and then later on found him in the elevator. he was clothed. there are no signs that this looks like a suicide. not ruling anything in or out but when the question was asked about foul play the sheriff pointed out this is an ongoing investigation, presume my three staff members found in the building, obviously it was a somber mood when they realized that the moment that authorities came and confirmed the death, that not only their boss this, friend, their mentor, was gone. mike tobin at the prince compound in chanhassen, minnesota, where the crowds are still gathering. mike? >> reporter: they certainly are still gathering particularly as the sun comes out. we see this steady parade of people coming out here, and whoever is selling purple mylar balloons is doing a bangup business because these are all over the fence here as people
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are trying to express their remorse. downtown minneapolis last night, the first avenue club, the club made famous by prince in the movie "purple rain" spontaneous party protect out and spilled into the street and people dances the night away, singing throng to prince songs. that was one example of the people who are coming out to mourn. people who respected him as a local guy, who tried to stay local. the was intensely private but he tried to maintain a normal life. i've heard a few stories and in fact read one story in the newspaper of people knowing that prince was a jehovah's witness and got a knock on their door one day, and they opened the door and there was prince looking to talk about his faith and would spend a half hour with them. what is still undetermined is what caused the sudden death of prince if the toxicology reports are being sent off to the lab and we won't know the results from the toxicology samples, possibly four weeks. all of this in light of the information coming from the
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celebrity gossip web site tmz that prince was using percocet, had been on percocet since 2010 when he had hip surgery and the emergency flight lansing that happened six days before prince died, in moline, illinois, that was not the result of the flu as was relayed by prince's handlers, rather, that was the result of a drug overdose. none of that information confirmed. no further information coming from the sheriff following the medical examination that was completed at 1:00 today. neil? >> mike, do we know anything about this last sighting of prince, presumably 8:00 p.m. the night before, wednesday night, and whether that dovetails with the tmz report and photographs apparently they have showing him outside a local -- i believe a walgreens? do we know anything more about senate. >> reporter: we really don't know more. we know that through tmz he was photographed outside of the walgreens, the description was he was pacing about and had one
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of his handlers or part of his entourage inside the wall greens trying to get something etch hi -- you can't draw conclusions. a lot of information about that but also inconsistent with the notion that he had the flu was the fact that he got better. he was up and about. he attended social events and party here's at paisley park. so, a lot more questions than answered, still, even following the medical examination, and one of the thing wes heard from the doctor is that if this death was of natural causes and that was obvious, they would know that rather quickly during the course of the autopsy and that autopsy is now complete sounded like the information from the medical examination had not been relayed to the sheriff. >> speaking of whom, dr. michael baud a forensic pathologist on the phone. how much do they know and can't
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say? you're there and you conduct an expositive four-hour autopsy -- exhaustive autopsy. are there some things they can't share. >> absolutely. as was said at the press conference, nothing is going to be released from the medical examiner's office. awful going to be released be the sheriff. they said that at the press conference, and that's why the medical examiner -- a lot of them -- they know if he had any natural disease that could have caused or contributed to his death. if he had pneumonia or heart disease, brain hemorrhage or pulmonary elm bow limp, they know that right -- embow limp they know that right away. >> any sign of foul play. >> any injuries, any trauma, any injury to his neck, if he has been choked or hit in the head or fallen and injured himself. all that would be known. the one thing they don't know is
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the toxicology. the toxicology is going to be done within two days or three working days. they'll know whether he had a lot of oxycodone, percocet. whether the sheriff is going to allow it to be released or not is something else. the two week sounds like the usual police or district attorney statement that they need time to do whatever they're going to do before they -- the public knows about the actual cause of death. >> when you hear -- we try to connect things. last seen around 8:00 p.m. when he was getting dropped off at his compound. what other kind of things you look for when you investigate? you have been on some of the most high profile cases imaginable. whether he is out of breath, whether he is tired, staggering, what kind of things do you try to piece together? because only hours later he is
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found dead in an elevator in the building. >> well, it's interesting because they do have the -- him walking around, pacing nervously, appears, outside the walgreens. if it's true what they height is that harvey levin said he found he has been taking percocet since 2010, then he is addicted to percocet. after a few weeks -- oxycodone is the active ingredient together with tylenol in percocet, and oxycodone is a prescription opiate, opiode, that causes the most deaths in this country. it's the most widely used oxycontin, as oklahoma si co don't, percocet, all -- oxycodone, percocet, are stronger than morphine. so, what harvey levin is saying
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makes sense, but we don't know it until the toxicology reports are released which could be three days or three weeks or three months depending on what the sheriff wants to do with it. >> doctor, we know he was in great physical pain help had hip and joint pain, and wouldn't know it from recent concerts in atlanta when he was there, that was a sitting down concert, piano, limited his movements. some people maybe overinterpret that or analyzed that. don't know. but do you every -- do you get a sense that percocet alone, if you are dependent on it and you start overdosing on it, that doesn't get to the issue. the issue might be you take it with something else? what? >> well, percocet you can just take with water. the pills that you take with water and -- two active
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ingredients. one is tylenol, which i case, and the other thing is the oxycodone which is a stronger pain killer but also addicting, and also the story about his -- an emergency landing and the emergency room from the jet, would go along with the fact that he was having an overdose youch don't have emergency landings for pneumonia. once he gets the narcan, which is the antidote, he feels fine, but he is supposed to stay there and get further evaluation, further medical treatment, and he didn'tment he left, presumably against medical advice. some that's the problem with these things, neil. you saw it with elvis presley, with john belushi, when they're using -- elvis presley was
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mainly prescription drugs like percocet is. where the handlers, the peep around him, the entourage tries to protect the star from people -- from the public knowing about any drug difficulty he has but they also prevent treatment. he should have stayed in that emergency room after an overdose. if it was an overdose. we're being speculative here. >> the argument he didn't is because he couldn't get a private room -- doctor, did want to ask quickly. there's a motion notion that those who rely on percocet for pain, there's a diminished return that cow keep taking the same dose in order to get more of the pain fulfillment you take more. >> you're absolutely right. that's because one -- you build up a resistance to the drug and one of the characteristics of a
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narcotic drug is the more and more to get the same result. >> then if it was -- he was found in an elevator on the first floor, presumably collapsed. what -- how would that manifest itself in the end? >> well, it would manifest itself with a lot of fluid in the to lungs, and with very high level of percocet in the tox -- toxicology, and that's the medical examiner knows if there was fluid in the drugs which is what drug overdoses cause, and they'll have to wait until they find out how much narcotic, if there is in a narcotic -- how high it was. so they can then evaluate what the cause of death is. >> he had epilepsy years ago. he was not taking anything, we're told, for that. does ensend si just go away? -- epilepsy go away? >> depends on the cause of it. sometimes epilepsy is due to
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certain immediate things going on in the brain and they can outgrow it, and some people have itself all their lives, but you don't go down an airplane because of epilepsy. if you have it, you recover from it with proper treatment, just handling at the scene it will go away. it's rarely a cause of sudden death. so that's one of the things they looking for, to see if he has brain damage. if hat brain damage that could be a cause of epilepsy that persists during life, but oxycodone is not -- percocet is not a treatment for epilepsy. >> so the fact they ruled out suicide, they seemed to rule out, though not officially, any foul play, any signs of trauma. so hearing what you're hearing, they're just isolating things for the time being as they go throughout the tests and the results of this four-hour
1:43 pm
autopsy. >> yes. they have eliminated -- depend topping fightings may have eliminated natural disease there was an issue whether he was having severe pneumonia, and they could -- they know that, whether it was true or not now. and it just a matter of eliminating all other causes of death, as you say, neil. >> doctor, thank you very mush. >> sad situation and they'll fro the answer shortly. >> dr. michael badden, forensic pathologist. what they get isn't always what they find out in the end. what we do know is that prince is gone, and at 57 years of age, people are asking why? how? bottom line we don't know. more after this. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you
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this might be the new donald trump in delware. he is addressing the crowds and promising to act more presidential, kind of watch his language. it doesn't always work but he knows how to rev up the crowd. james rosen is in hollywood, florida, where the rnc is meeting and where trump officials have been reminding him over the last 24 hours, different guy, new guy and just you wait and see. that's the gist of it. james, what's the latest from there? >> reporter: good afternoon in many ways this rnc spring meeting has been a test of the strength of the rnc chairman, reince priebus and by all account he has his standing improved. priebus and the allies beat back the only challenge to this authority when the party's rules committee voted down an attempt by an important committeeman to suggest a change in the rules governing the summer convention, this morning priebus wrapped up the meeting with an elect
1:48 pm
warning to the front-runner donald trump remeaning the billionaire he is run ought for the republican party's jersey and needs to support the party. and that was coupled with a statement to the delegates to rally around the standard-bearer. >> now, i know that our candidates are going to try to say some things that attract attention. that's part of politic. we all need to get behind the nominee. unity makes the impossible, possible, and division makes the possible impossible. >> reporter: one other remarkable thing occurred. we have been reporting about the closed-door session between senior trump adviser paul manna fort and the rnc party leaders and des in which we were told that mr. man afor saying mr. trump would run a there divisional campaign. turns out somebody secretly
1:49 pm
audiotaped that session. portions of it have been released to various news organizations, including the "associated press" and the "washington post." >> going to see a new person. that is how we deal with negative stuff, to -- the personality. >> reporter: now, trump was the only candidate who did not appear here in person this week. but one state party leader told me we all know people can't be in two places at the same time and they're inclined to forgive him. neil? >> the way that made it sound is that this is all a facade. >> reporter: you're talking about man afor's statement? >> yes. >> reporter: what he tells people is in essence when donald trump is appearing before large rallies he gives them the kind of rhetoric they want to hear but when he is going to be speaking either to reince priebus or party officials he respects them and doesn't regard them as corrupt, he does want the rnc to lead and change what
1:50 pm
he still regards as a rigged process but is not impugning their integrity. that's the message. >> all right. james rosen, thank you very minute. well, in cases of donald trump might be changing his much. in case you thought donald trump would sound a little more presidential in his remarks he was making regarding ted cruz as lying ted cruz. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back. here's the plan. you grow up wanting to be a lawyer, because your dad's a lawyer. and you land a job with a 401k and meet your wife.
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here's the a conundrum for donald trump. he's a ritzy republican
1:54 pm
establishment for being rigged and for those behind it being part of the so-called crooked process. if you're a gop fundraiser, and you hear yourself being lumped into that what do you do? let's get to lisa speads, a gop fundraiser. lisa, you hear this and you say what? >> it's really hard to give to someone when you've been vilified this whole time by this person. so you have donald trump up there saying, i don't need your money, i'm going to sell, i'm going to sell fund -- self-fund. why would someone want to give you money and invest in you? the fact is if he does get the nomination, he's going to need to get out there and raise money. he hasn't done that yet. it's my understanding he hasn't held any fundraisers, he's going to need to start an operation that most people started a long time ago. >> there's talk, lisa, that he is offering an olive branch to very important folks like you and he would do fundraising for the gop itself.
1:55 pm
is that fence building and if he is fence building? what do you think? >> i think it's one thing to say that right now. when i worked for governor romney, when he last ran for president, we started meeting with donors on day one of the campaign. we didn't ask them for money necessarily. but what we did was we built relationships with them. you know, you have to have that. you can't just go out and say to someone, i need $1,000 for my campaign or i need $50,000. that not that you can ask a superpac. it's very hard to do that. you have to have a relationship and those relationships take a lot of time. what if he's arguing now, he becomes the nominee. he's thinking, where are guys like you, women like you, going to go? >> i think that the republican party will end up sticking together. so i deal with a lot of the the major gop donors and i think
1:56 pm
they will write him a check. it just won't be -- >> will you? >> i -- i collect them. i don't write them. >> but, i'm not sure what i'm going to do yet. i'm going to actually do what my donors are doing. which is waiting until convention and to actually see what's happening. and i think a lot of the donors are going to wait. i think if he is the nominee, they'll write a check maybe for you know, $1,000 when they would maybe have written it for $2700. so they'll write it, but they won't necessarily make a large investment. >> interesting. >> lisa, we'll see what happens. gop fundraiser. donald trump, no matter how rich he is, needs people like that that's what we're exploring, live tomorrow, "special cost of freedom" wee have the candidates and be looking at the fallout from this and the markets and everything else, how it's working out with donors and how
1:57 pm
trump and t people working behind the scenes to try to extend an olive branch. so when you extend an olive branch, the other side has to accept it or poke you. it could be interesting, live, tomorrow, two hours, see you then.
1:58 pm
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