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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 27, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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we're going to have our country back. we're going to make america great again, and i want to tell you, for the five states, i am so honored. >> keep imagining a tomorrow where instead of building walls we're breaking down barriers. let's go forward. let's win the nomination. >> tonight this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain.
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>> what this campaign is about is making certain that the donald trumps of the world do not divide us up. >> if you are just waking up, let's take a look at the numbers. trump winning by double digits in kentucky, kasich nearly 30 points behind. in delaware, a winner take all state, kasich came in second place again. ted cruz was still 30 points behind. trump's double digit lead continued in maryland. and the delegate count is trump, 950, cruz, 560 and kasich, 153. >> for the democrats, clinton secured more than 59% of the vote in delaware. pennsylvania, sanders fell more than 110.s. clinton crushed sanders with
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63%. and rhode island, sanders' only win for the night, the current delegate count, 2141 for clinton and 1321 for sanders. >> let's start with garrett tenney and donald trump's big night. >> good morning to you, abbey. it's hard to do much better than donald trump did last night. let's take a deeper look into the numbers. let's start with connecticut which was the closest race on the republican side. but donald trump still won by more than 29 points. he won every county in the state and picked up all 28 delegates. in delaware, trump hit 60% and scored all 16 delegates there. kasich's campaign was hoping to pick up a few delegates in maryland's districts. they were close to d.c., but even there donald trump won and picked up the state's 35
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delegates. rhode island, kasich picked up five. in the biggest prize of the night, trump easily picked up the 17 at-large delegates. but he's likely going to get more than that. more than half of pennsylvania's 54 other delegates, which are unbound, some have said they will vote for trump. cruz has 560. kasich, 153. last night at his victory rally, donald trump says he now considers himself the presumptive nominee, and he started taking shots at democratic front runner hillary clinton. >> i think the only card she has is the woman's card. she's got nothing else going. and frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. and the beautiful thing is, women don't like her. okay? and look how well i did with women tonight. >> and the next big primary and
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potentially their last shot to stop trump for kasich and cruz is next week in indiana where last night cruz told supporters the race is now moving back to what he calls his territory. >> this race is real, real simple. donald trump and hillary clinton are both big government liberals. they both think the federal government is the answer to every problem. i agree with ronald reagan, that the scariest words in the english language are "i'm from the government, and i'm here to help you." >> there are only 623 delegates remaining in the race. donald trump needs to pick up 287 to clench the nomination. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton promising to unify the party. but bernie sanders says not so fast. lauren green joining us live from the newsroom with more on that. good to see you.
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>> after a big win in tuesday's primaries, hillary clinton is close to securing that democratic nomination. she won four of five states, pennsylvania, delaware, maryland and connecticut. but bernie sanders showed his strength with independents in rhode island. the lone open primary, winning an a% -- 55% of the vote. she's assured of getting the needed delegates. and right now, the delegate count for clinton stands at 1622 to 1282. this is not including super delegates. in her victory speech in philadelphia, clinton showed a shift in strategy begiagainst sanders, needing to gain his supporters and heal the divide. >> we will unify our party to win this election and build an
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america where we can all rise together, an america where we lift even other up instead of tearing each other down. >> senator sanders speaking in west virginia rallied that he was more electable and in a better position to beat donald trump. >> not only are we winning t tth the overwhelming majority of democratic votes but some republican votes as well. and that is a point that i hope the delegates to the democratic convention fully understand. >> hillary clinton has at least 90% of the delegates needed to win the democratic nomination. abbey? >> and thank you very much, lauren. and the math continues. cruz and kasich, they teamed up earlier this week to try and take down trump, but is it too little too late? here to weigh in is fox news
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contributor and radio talk show host tammy bruce and kathy lynn taylor. what a day for trump. i mine, he had quite, quite a day. sweeping five states all together. do you think that the kasich/cruz, you know, let's team up against donald trump, did that backfire on them? >> well, look, this is was a marriage of convenience. there's certainly no love lost here. and we know how those marriages work out, they're usually not the best, and it's already kind of falling apart, isn't it? and really, for ted cruz, the worst story was not donald trump but john kasich who beat him four out of five states. so i think this is not a narrative that ted cruz wanted to wake up to this morning. and this is a short-lived union. and it's very clear that donald trump is the presumptive nominee and it's time for the gop -- >> he's calling himself the presumptive nominee. and that's not an endorsement. >> you look at the numbers.
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>> talk about indiana in just a moment, but in terms of what happened with cruz, he did do worse than expected and worse than kasich. what does he do to change things? >> well, i think at this point, things are beginning to be baked in to how people view the candidates many the cruz/kasich teaming, as a matter of fact, interestingly sent a message that they, too, agreed that donald trump was going to get the nomination, and that was the signal that was sent, not necessarily desperation but contermed what even donald trump was saying, which is i'm going to get the delegates that are needed. and when that happens, suddenly people begin to see, and this is the battle for everyone's mind, think begin to see donald trump as the nominee and as a president. the moment you begin to imagine someone in that position, that's almost, well, it's over half of the battle. that's like in 2008, remember barack obama created his own little presidential seal, and people are like, what are you doing? he needed people to imagine him
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as president early so they would accept it. now for tred cruz, no one is imagining him as the nominee or president. he needs to see where he fits within the unity that needs to come. and when donald trump last night said he was the nominee, it wasn't bluster, where ago a few days ago it was blues tir, suddenly last night it was the truth. >> ted cruz says the problem is the media and the media coverage of it, and that's why people don't see him as being the potential nominee. >> that's one of the challenges, that's the kind of thing you need to beat. reagan beat it. if you can president you need to beat it. the world loves you less because it's run by tyrants. >> and it speaks to the fu fundamental problem, which is be against or a blame game versus what they stand for. you cannot run an election
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running on what someone's not. you have to be about what you stand for, that you stand for your children being able to get a great education, that you can choose their schools that you are going to be able to have health care or a black hole or red hole of debt. >> is that how they win indiana? 57 delegates up for grabs. >> indiana's very interesting. it's an open primary. there's two very important things to think about. >> which rhode island was today, and donald trump overwhelmingly won. >> it's an open primary, which means voters don't have to be registered to a party to vote. it's particularly important for donald trump to win it but to start to show that he can bring over some of the democrats that he said he can do. the second thing about indiana is that, you know, cruz was expected to do well, because of conservatives, but if you look at last night, donald trump helped conservatives, and he
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held evangelicals. >> let me add a story poe for c 61,500 democrats alone switched to the republican party. the democrats want you to think that it's a big plan because they want to affect the republican race. no, with interviews and the exit poll, these are people who have had enough, who felt abandoned. they're the reagan democrats. >> it happened in/o ed ied in o. >> and in massachusetts. the top issue is the same. the economy and jobs. when you look at hillary, she is an artifact of what has created the problem. this is going to be easy for donald trump as the nominee to articulate, and he's going to do it well. >> thank you both for joining us. and we're going to bring you back, so don't runaway. abbey, very interesting. >> it is currently 4:11 on the
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east coast. donald trump taking direct aim at hillary clinton. >> i think the only card she has is the woman's card. she's got nothing else going. and frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. and the beautiful thing is, women don't like her. >> hmm. so who did the best among female voters? we're taking a look at the brand-new fox exit polls released overnight.
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welcome back. well, donald trump sweeping five states, strengthening his shot at avoiding a split convention as hillary clinton takes home
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four out of the five victories. we are joined now with the break down of last night's exit polls. i always like hearing why people voted the way they did. and there's a commontheme, people want an outsider. donald trump does very well. >> he does so well. fully 8 out of 10 voters went for trump looking for an outsider. and we're seeing this trend continuing and continuing, and even those seeking an outsider across the states is increasing. so this is playing in trump's favor. >> one that stood out to me was how trump did with women women. 55% in pennsylvania and 54% in connecticut. >> he's doing fine with women. everybody said women's vote is done. you know what? he's clearly doing just fine. he's rebounded. and he needs to be pulling about 50% of the vote or more. and he's doing just that.
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>> that's a pretty good sign for him. you've looked at all these polls and a trajectory in the right direction with women? >> yes. >> and hillary clinton with women we know that she does well. >> she does do well, but d's interesting, 57% in connecticut, 68% in maryland and 60% in pennsylvania. the record high there was in mississippi with 85%. so this isn't the highest that she's scored, but certainly, she pulls very well with women. >> and vermont was her lowest, only 17%. obviously, it's bernie sanders' territory. >> it's not so great. it shows that women are not going to vote for a woman just because show's a woman. >> a number of people are getting out to vote for hillary clinton because she is the best one to beat donald trump assuming he's going to be the republican nominee. >> in connecticut 64% agreed with that, maryland 73%, pennsylvania, 65%. so they do believe that
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hillary's the one that can beat trump. the polls are suggesting that. but we're seeing when the head to head polls are coming out, trump's having, they are almost in a statistical dead heat. it's going to and interesting race. >> did anything surprise you? was there anything that stuck out uniquely? >> the things that are most interesting to me are number one how well trump is doing with women. number two, the rise in dissatisfaction with government. four in ten republicans are angry with government. in addition you have another50% of voters who are dissatisfied. across the board, about 90% of voters are disfranchised with government. he's getting 50%. >> they're mad at government, they want a political outsider. always good to have you.
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you're going to be back here at 5:15. >> i will be. >> see you then. >> yes, we will. the time is now 18 minutes after the top of the hour. danger in the cockpit. reports of pilots flying drunk. what you need to know before you book your next flight. and governor chris christie out of the race but still taking over twitter last night. we have the top trending story the from the primaries.
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turning now to the extreme weather in america's heartland, more than 50 million people bracing for a second round of storms after possible tornados already touched down in oklahoma
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and southern indiana. the wicked weather bringing baseball-sized hail to the midwest. warnings are now in effect from texas to missouri. a man jumps the white house fence forcing a 30-minute lockdown. the suspect who has been arrested was trying to runaway after stealing a woman's purse. president obama was at the white house at the time and this comes amid a string of fence-jumping incidents including this one in 2014 where a man made it all the way into the white house with a knife. danger at 30,000 feet. stunning new information about pilots flying drunk and engaging in criminal activity. >> well, the instances are becoming far too common, ladies, and could make any passenger think twice before flying. it was a month ago that an
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american airlines pilot was arrested in detroit for allegedly drinking on the job. he failed two sobriety tests before 7:00 a.m. surveillance tape shows him being guided around the airport. one pilot a month is caught trying to fly while over the legal limit. it's set at .04%. that's more restrictive than driving a car in many states. a united pilot was accused of running half a dozen brothels. there were up to 60 pros stuts involved in the operation, and in january, a commercial airline pilot was arrested after trying to smuggle nearly $200,000 in undeclared caroliurrency into t country. it revoked 38 pilot licenses and suspended another 46.
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while these numbers can be scary, flying in the united states is safe. the majority of staff do abide by the rules, and only .2% were found to be operating chie whil underunder the influence. >> at trump university, we have success. it's going to happen to you. >> the republican presidential front runner is accused of defrauding thousands of students out of millions of dollars. trump denies those allegations and says settling is out of the question. a judge will now decide whether to hear the case or let a jury decide. while playing politics on the day tike talk show "live", it isn't over yet. >> the what transpired over the course of a few days has been
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extraordinary. in the sense that it started a much greater conversation. about communication. and consideration. and most importantly, respect in the workplace. >> while the same day kelly ripa returned, the show announced strahan is leaving in may instead of september. it gives them time to start looking for a new co-host. strahan will make appearances on good morning america throughout the summer and officially joins in september. >> i hadn't heard any of that. i missed that. >> but coming to an end it seems. time to go. bernie sanders falling further behind after last night's primary. what do you think? is it time for him to call it quits? >> and if he does, will supporters rally behind hillary? our democratic panel is on deck to weigh in.
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good morning. it is wednesday, april 27th, and a clean sweep. donald trump winning all five states in the battle for the east. >> it was a big day. hillary clinton also winning big, taking home four out of five prizes. >> now we didn't only win, we won big. i started off with 17. i'm down now and winning. it's over. as far as i'm concerned, it's over. these two guys cannot win. >> let's go forward. let's win the nomination, and in july, let's return and unify the party. >> let's take a look at the numbers. donald trump's won all five states, connecticut, delaware,
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maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island by double digits. he has 950, cruz with 560 and kasich with 153. the current delegate count for the democrats, clinton, 2,141, sanders, 1321. >> and we have a panel of experts. >> let's bring in garrett ten ey with highlights from trump's big night. >> he was expected to do very well last night, but even his own campaign was surprised at how dominant he was. the closest contest was in connecticut. but even there it wasn't close. trump won every county in the state, and with 57%, he more than doubled john kasich's second-place finish, picking up all 28 of the state's delegates. the kasich campaign was hoping
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to pick up a few delegates in maryland from districts close to d.c., but instead, he again finished second and trump swept all 35 delegates. in rhode island, kasich did manage to pick up five delegates, thanks to the state awarding them proportionally. trump add another nine. in pennsylvania, trump easily picked up the 17 at large delegates and likely get more than half of pennsylvania's unbound delegates. 36 of those 54 said think would either vote for trump or whoever one their district. trump is now up to 950. cruz is at 560, and kasich is at 153. last night at his victory rally, donald trump said he now considers himself the presumptive nominee and gave us a preview of what we might see in a general election matchup
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with hillary clinton. >> i think that hillary, honestly, she's a flawed candidate. and i think she's going to be easy to beat. i think she's going to be much easier to beat than most of the 16 people that i competed with just recently. go ahead. >> the next big primary and potentially the last real shot for cruz and kasich to stop trump from clenching the nomination is next week in indiana where last night ted cruz told supporters the race is now moving back to his territory. >> the race is real, real simple. donald trump and hillary clinton are both big government liberals. they both think the federal government is the answer to every problem. i agree with ronald reagan that the scariest words in the english language are "i'm from the government and i'm here to help you." >> we always talk about delegates, 1237 is what trump needs to clench the nomination.
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of the remaining, he needs 237 and wrap up the nomination. >> it's way too early for math. bernie sanders winning just one of the five primaries last night. so will he battle through california or just quit now? here to weigh in is democrat strategist and former ohio state minority leader. thanks for join us at this early hour. so what do we think sanders is going to do? he says he is in it for the long haul and still thinks he can win it. >> i think he goes all the way to the convention like he said. and there's one thing the democratic party needs more than anything else, and it's bernie sanders and his supporters and the grassroots movement he has built. he is an avowed jewish socialist democratic.
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hillary clinton's the popular kid in high school and getting all she wants from the geek from the band. so he's going to stay in it for the long haul. >> getting all that she wants if she can pull over his supporters. right now the delegate count, what, 2,141. clinton, sanders, and what do you think he's going to do. >> i think he's going to stay in until california. it doesn't behoove him to get out. i think that's going to alienate his supporters. they feel that he's been bullied and pushed to the sidelines. that's going to make them disen gaug disengauged. >> it's what donald trump said tonight. he said the democratic party has treated him badly, treated bernie sanders badly, wrong, that he should run as an independent. >> i don't think he should run as an independent, less than 300 votes separating them in the delegate count, we still have
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california and an open primary with indiana. i think this thing is going to tighten up even more, but when we get to the convention in philadelphia, bernie sanders is going to control almost half of that room. we're going to need the entire room to beat republicans in november. >> there are about 1,000 delegates or so left for the democrats as we head to november -- i'm sorry, as we move to california which is on june 7. so he is going to rye to gtry t more of the delegates, not the super delegates. do you think i can do that? >> as far as the super delegates, he needs momentum to do that, to show that he's actually, has ha paa path to th nomination to convince those super delegates. i don't think at this point that he's showing the momentum, well, yes, he's won a number of contests in a row, but last night, you know, as well as last week in the state of new york, you know, he really is, that
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momentum is burning up. so i don't necessarily think that he has a lot to convince the super dells wiegates right . >> how does he convince all those people that are his followers? he has a huge contingent that keep turning out. how does hillary clinton keep those people turning out in the general? >> i've been doing politics for 20 years. every year we keep talking about how do we widen our party? how do we get more people to go out and join the party? bernie sanders has done that. and we immediate to learn from it and have these people be a part of the party. the problem with the establishment democrats is they continue to do the same thing they've always done and expect a different result. we have to do things new, and bernie sanders is doing that. and the whole party needs him to be successful in november. >> but will they believe hillary clinton? how does she turn that around? how does she get people to believe her and think that she's an honest person? she's a friendly person? she's a nice person? >> that's an a challenge.
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that's her absolute biggest challenge. and one of her biggest challenges with young people, young women. obviously, she has performed very well with, you know, minorities, with african-americans in particular. we've seen that state after state after state. but the biggest challenge she's going to have with the sanders folks is that there is a veracity gap, and, as she has been pushed to the left, people are not necessarily convinced that's really where she stands, and that's going to be tough. >> sanders camp say if he is not the nominee, they want to have a large role in crafting the platform, the democratic platform at the convince. do y -- convention, do you think that is a possibility? >> absolutely. when we talk about bringing the party together, that's going to be a big part of that. but these young people coming to the apparatus, we talk about how old people vote and young people don't vote. if any party is going to have a chance going forward, they're
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going to have to create excitement to get these young people to show up. >> giving bernie a sglob. >> not going to happen. clintons have a long memory. i don't think we're going to see any alliance with these, between bernie and hillary. >> chuck and capri, thank you very much. >> thank you. the battle for the east trending big on social media last night. we even got a sneak peek on what we can expect from indiana's race. fox & friends has that, and there was a lot to work with. >> there were a lot of fun memes popping up. people there to vent their frustration, but it started with ted cruz. he did not have a good night. he's looking ahead to indiana's open primary but made a major gaff. when you want to talk about basketball, don't call it a ring like he did. watch. >> the amazing thing is, that basketball ring here in indiana is the same height as it is in
1:40 am
new york city and every other place this this country. and there is nothing that hoosiers cannot do. [cheers and applause] >> well, the one thing they know how to call it a hoop, not a ring. that was a big problem for indiana hoosiers, and of course this is the home of the hoosiers, and somewhere gene hackman is cringing. this is not the official start of basketball. it started in massachusetts, but it was tweeted, did he just call it a basketball ring in indiana? is he going to say he's looking forward to seeing the nascars run in the 500? >> and one wrote, how to hand the indiana primary to donald trump, showing the history of basketball there so you can see the original soccer ball used in the bucket that was first used. don't make that mistake when you head into indiana.
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all day long thanks to his facial expressions, you remember the first victory for donald trump, he was standing behind donald trump. he had that flat face, of course, well, again, last night, after his victory at trump tower, he had the same face, the resting christie face as it's being called. chris christie was more exietsed to be at the springsteen concert than to be behind trump. we got to see him dancing, and i know, ladies, this may have woken you up pretty early to see chris christie dancing last might, take a look at this. ♪ there he is. so he can be excited. he can be excited and dance when he wants to. just not when he's standing behind donald trump. and here's another big hash tag that was trending last night on
1:42 am
twitter. this is the only hash tag that was going viral. this started from the huffington post's comedy page. they said come up with some election plot twists as if we needed more. it was trending yesterday. clinton releases goldman sachs transcript? that would be a big plot twist. then another tweet from tommy campbell, final debate, the candidates afelting to build an ikea wardrobe together. that was the only one trending last night. did you wake up watching chris christie? >> that was the first thing i saw, chris christie dancing. >> when the camera's on you, you should learn from karl rove, don't dance. the time now is about 15 minutes, almost, till the top of the hour. donald trump declaring himself
1:43 am
the presumptive nominee after winning the five states, but what about the unbound delegates from pennsylvania? >> we break down the math and how it could change the race if republicans head to a contested convention. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
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i'm in charge of it all. so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks.
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now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it. donald trump sweeping through the east and picking up a huge amount of delegates. he's angling for that magic number, 1237. that number could be much, much less because of the unbound delegates he could pick up. good to see you. thanks for waking up so early. >> the things we are going to talk about with these unbound delegates, they only come into play if the trump momentum can be stopped. >> let's give people a sense. when you hear unbound delegates, this is all so confusing. >> it is.
1:47 am
some states you have delegates that are elected to support a candidate. but there are a number of places where delegates are not pledged to anybody. there's 254 of them in the country. and that's a good number if you're trying to stop donald trump and if you're close enough to do so. donald trump on the other hand needs to figure out ways to inch into this territory. these five arias, guam, american samoa, north dakota, colorado and wyoming have these. this is very unfriendly territory to donald trump and ted cruz's campaign has been working very well. >> so the more unbound delegates he needs, the worse it is for donald trump. >> exactly right. >> rubio's delegates, he's got 135? >> he's got 171 dells right now. he's in third place by the way, ahead of john kasich, still, but of those, about 40 are probably unbound. the rules are a little
1:48 am
confusing. this is not a very good area for donald trump, unless marco rubio says something. so i think he only gets six of these delegates. pennsylvania, people aren't talking as much about the 54 unbound. >> many of them were pledged. in west virginia, they're also elected directly. donald trump will probably win at least half. that will get us to 19. these aren't big numbers. >> these aren't big numbers, including the rest of the candidates that have some unbound delegates. >> let's face it, are jeb bush delegates going to support donald trump? not likely. i'm giving him a couple out of this group. >> what is the total estimate? >> he gets to 50 unbound delegates. if he is winning big everywhere, all the unbound delegates will say, of course we support you and we always loved you. but that's not where we are.
1:49 am
>> his new number would be 1,187 delegates. or he can win indiana and california and not worry about this. >> what's so interesting about unbound is you don't know what could happen. they could change their mind. >> they can change their mind right up to the last minute. there are no rules in this. >> thanks for breaking this down. >> what they did is on the honor system, too. >> the time now is ten minutes until the top of the hour. the economy still the top concern among voters, and now candidates on both sides are taking aim at wall street. how would cracking down on big banks impact average americans? our next guest explains. [ soft music ]
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. well, bernie sanders and hillary clinton going after big banks on the campaign trail.
1:53 am
now washington is teeing up new restrictions on bankers' pay. so what will more anti-wall street policies cost average americans? we are joined to weigh in. thanks for being here again. it was an exciting night. wall street definitely came into play in a lot of the exit polling. i want you to respond to these. according to some fox news exit polls, voters who think wall street hurts the economy, and you can see that sanders, actually, 63% in connecticut, maryland, 55% and pennsylvania, 64%, he won on that. and then a look at republicans, voters who think that wall street hurts the economy, trump won every state. connecticut, maryland, and pennsylvania. so what does that tell you about the direction or are the voters right?
1:54 am
>> i think they're responding to what they hear on the campaign trail. can you remember one instance in this campaign when somebody spoke about wall street in a favorable light? but it's really dangerous, because it's pushing a lot of great talent out of wall street. some of the top executives who have a chance to make a difference in the industry space are leaving for tech firm the like google, snapchat, twitter. they don't want to be vilified. and they're stuck in this system with massive, massive regulation that's creating bureaucratic red tape wrapping up the business they're trying to do. they're getting hostile rhetoric from the campaign trail. who wants to be in that space? >> so is that ultimately costing the taxpayers? >> america needs a great banking system. americans depend on banks to provide capital, and this is the fuel that makes the economy run, and we need more economic growth. everybody knows we're in a slow-growth economy. the banking system is part of
1:55 am
leading us out of that, but right now all the rhetoric is vilifying that space. that is bad new the long-term for the u.s. economy. >> it's very interesting, because you hear the candidates talking about evil media. so you have the evil media, the evil wall street, and it's just, is it a play for voters? or do you think that these candidates really think a difference needs to be made? >> i think there are certainly problems in the banking space, there's no question about that. we do need regulations that protect taxpayers from having to bail out banks. but the rhetoric is overheated. it's easy to hate banks, it's a small, concentrated group of people who happen to make big salaries. in an environment where the wages aren't growing and the economy isn't growing it's easy to pick on them. a responsible statesman doesn't do that. that's dangerous. >> let's take a look at this harvard poll. this new poll that finds 41% of millennials want a socialist.
1:56 am
they want a socialist in office. what would that do to our economy? free education sounds nice. >> the truth is, millennials don't know what socialism. they can't answer that question. they think it's something like sweden or denmark or norway. and they think that, again, because the rhetoric on the campaign trail from candidates like bernie sanders is we should move toward that model. sorry, those are not socialist countries. in many ways their economies are freer than the u.s. economy. the problem is a fundamental misunderstanding of what socialism. young people love tech companies, the ubers, the space xs. those are never born in a socialist economy and they don't thrive. they're not making that connection at all. >> thanks for joining us, and we'll see you a little bit later. abbey? about three minutes to the top of the hour. a clean sweep for donald trump and four out of fio of five fory
1:57 am
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my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes.
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ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at it is wednesday, april 27th. a clean sweep. donald trump winning all five states in the battle for the east. >> hillary clinton also winning big, taking home four out of five prizes. >> we're going to have our country back. we're going to make america great again, and i just want to tell you, for the five states, i am so honored. >> keep imagining a tomorrow where instead of building walls we're breaking down barriers. >> let's go forward, let's win the nomination. >> but i got good news for you. tonight this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain. >> what this campaign is about is making certain that the donald trumps of the world do
2:00 am
not divide us up. [cheers and applause] >> let's take a look at the numbers for you. donald trump securing all five states. connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island by double digits