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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 27, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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not divide us up. [cheers and applause] >> let's take a look at the numbers for you. donald trump securing all five states. connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island by double digits oo
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>> kasich vowed not to invest in the state so cruz kv a better chance at beating trump one-on-one. last night they were in indiana telling voters it is not that much difference between trump and hillary clinton. >> donald and hillary both agree that our taxes should be increased. both donald and hillary believe that illegal immigrants who are here should be able to become u.s. citizens.
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donald trump and hillary clinton both support tax payer funding for planned parenthood. >> last night trump said he will be living in indiana for the next week. he will take off campaigning there at a rally with hall of fame college basketball coach bobby knight who won three championships at indiana university un. in a basketball loving state quite the endorsement to have. >> garrett tenney live for us. garrett, thank you. on the democratic side he won four out of five of the primary on tests. bernie sanders said he is not going anywhere yet. lauren, good to see you. >> good to see you. after the primaries hillary clinton is closer to securing the democratic nomination. she won four out of five states pennsylvania, maryland, delaware and connecticut. bernie sanders showed his
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strength in rhode island with independent the loan open primary winning 55 percent of the vote. clinton is short of clining the democratic nomination. she is virtually assured of getting the needed delegates. right now the delegate counts stands at 1,622 sanders 1 s- 282 not including super delegates. 2,380 delegates are needed to win the nomination. in the victory speech she showed a shift in strategy with her adversary sensing the need now to heal the political and fill love cal divide. >> let's move forward win the nomination and in july return as a unified party. >> sanders speaking in west virginia rallied he was in a better position to beat donald
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trump. >> 3 million people in new york state could not vote because they were independents. those folks and independents all over this country will be voting in november for the next president of the united states. >> hillary clinton has 90 percent of the delegates needed to win the democratic nomination. >> lauren green live for us. >> cruz and kasich teamed up to try to take down trump. is it too little too late? radio talk show host sammy bruce and strategist kathy lynn taylor. thank you for sticking around. >> thank you. >> trump 950, cruz 560, kasich 153 which is actually still less than marco rubio, so, this plan they had to go together and battle trump clearly did not
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work. do you think they will stick with it? >> it is already unravelling. i never told anybody not to vote for anybody else. it was a short matter of convenience. it was too little too weak. for ted cruz he is in a difficult pee significance this morning because donald trump actually and more because john kasich beat him in 4 out of five states. it is hard for voters to go to the next bopoll in indiana and vote for the guy who has come in last in 4 out of fooi states. people want to vote for a winner and success begats success. >> you understand why they did it. it was a last ditch effort. yet ironically it represents what everybody is rejecting. while it is collusion that is dynamic that is secret and bad. >> shenanigans in other words. >> a genuine strategy to try to
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win. clearly they recognize trump was in the lead and was going to win and effectively they have to try to stop them. if you are going to be president you shouldn't need to have to do that in the first place. there was a lot of conscious and subconscious messaging even we think we can't get this naturally. with everything we have been through the last 7 years, americans want somebody who is not afraid and who is a winner. there's nothing wrong with winning. i think this activity -- i like ted cruz very much. i think it's a shame. he will be great somewhere in the trump administration but this is a point we have to recognize that and i think everyone else needs to. >> cruz supporters would argue it is not done yet because we have indiana which will make a difference or it could. and you have california which has a huge delegate count. >> cruz has been in california for a year.
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you don't want to really let go of that. but the fact is the emotional momentum, seeing donald trump as the nominee i think is baked in and you are going to have a lot of people who are going to go into that voting booth and check for mr. trump even when they didn't expect they would. >> one will be bob knight. that p won't make a difference. >> so should be 317 delegates up for grabs there. >> we have been in a campaign of nevers. never trump, never cruz. you want someone who can say yes and not know. 67 delegates up f-- 57 delegate up for grabs. folks don't need to register for a party to vote. this will be donald trump's first chance to show he can bring over some of the bernie supporters and liberal voters he says he can. that will be very interesting to watch. these delegates are unbound after the first at the
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contested -- at a convention. while we don't think it will be contested we think it momentum will carry him to the end. that is important to keep in mind. >> it is like tonight's vote. it wasn't just winning. we expect him to win but it's about the margin. you get past the argument it is just a plurality. when you get into 60. 70 percent when it is undeniable that sends a message. he's already ahead by 8 points in indiana. you are looking at ease ahead in california. this is the end game. >> and indiana is an open primary as was rhode island and he did overwhelmingly well there. the margins were significant. >> that's right. thank you both for sticking around. it is an exciting election regardless of who you are voting for. >> it is 10 minutes after the hour. if it comes down to a con fes--
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♪ put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. >> donald trump sweeping five states strengthening his shot at avoiding a split convention. what led to the victory? lee carter pollster and partner has been with us all morning long breaking down these exit polls. good to see you. >> great to be here. common themes are folks that are angry with this as well. she had 67 percent pennsylvania
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66 percent connecticut 65 percent almost consistently going for trump. what i think is so interesting is over the last two weeks we have seen consistently they are getting more and more angry. 4 in 10 republicans are angry with the federal government 5-10 are dissatisfied and that is with trump. >> trump is a polarizing figure. you have folks that are excited about him, some nervous about him. based on the enthusiasm of his space based on voters they are all in. when you think he's getting 50 and 60 percent of the vote you would think more than 36 percent would be enthusiastic.
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>> does that tell you people are voting for trump because they don't have an all fern tive? >> cruz and kasich are getting votes because they are anti trump more than anything else. >> talking about excited or scared on the scared side 22 percent in pennsylvania. >> that is an interesting number to me. everybody is talking about how scared people are of trump but they are not talking about how scared people are of cruz. 19 percent are scared of cruz and that's with trump. you have polarized candidates out there and that is something we have to watch as we are going into indiana and beyond. >> should it be the candidate with the most primary votes or delegates. it seems hands down most people said for most votes. >> absolutely. seems like more than two-thirds of voters are saying whoever has the most votes let's let them be the candidate. it seems fair.
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as we are watching this they are seeing how the process works and let the people decide. 67 percent in maryland 77 percent are saying let the voters decide. >> that's good for trump. >> that's the opposite of what cruz and kasich are saying. >> we know hillary clinton does have issues when it comes to trust when it comes to like ability in those states. when it comes to experience she has a lot of high numbers there. >> she gets high numbers consistently 9 in 10 voter choose her because she is the right woman for the job. either her message got through and she is ready to lead or they are saying yes i have the experience and resume. that is working for 9 and 10 in connecticut, maryland, voted for her because of her experience. >> you have been doing these posteriorli polls every primary we have. anything stick out to you?
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>> number one i think it is interesting to see how well trump is doing among women. he pulled over 50 percent with women in all states that he was in. i think they thought it would be at 40 percent. we are seeing that there is not a feeling for him that we thought we were going to see. it is going to be different as we get to the states. indiana it will be harder for him as the eastern states. he is polling above, he has about eight point lead. he is doing better than anybody expected. a oo if it comes down to trump anything can happen. >> he will be here to tell us all about it. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> what's coming up? >> 16 minutes after the top of the hour. speaking the truth, the mother of one of two florida boys missing at sea still looking for answers. the new legal action now being
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taken. >> it is in indiana as any other place in this country. and there is nothing that you cannot do. >> ted cruz making it too easy bungling his hoosier speech in indiana. don't miss what is trending in last night's primaries. >> there were five different primaries connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island or as hillary clinton, why, those happen to be my five favorite states. i love them all.
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>> possible tornadoes touching down in indiana baseball sized hail and torrential rain. >> janice dean has a second round of severe storms. she is joining us in the weather center. >> we are watching the threat for strong winds, certainly hail, flooding concerns and tornadoes. take a look at it. over 430 reports of severe weather meaning hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. the we have five reports of tornadoes in four different states. a lot of these came at night. we are going to be waking up to potentially damage p in and around big cities across tornado
2:22 am
alley in the midwest. watch as we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect through texas, arkansas and louisiana. looks like we have a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings north and west of the austin area where we could see large hail, damaging winds and flooding concerns. 3-5 inches of heavy rain with this system last night in some areas. your severe threat through ohio tennessee river valley where we could see the damaging winds hail and isolated tornadoes. not the energy we saw yesterday but we could still see severe thunderstorms. that will be through this evening. quite a bit of rainfall and texas rein drenched with rain with additional 3-5 inches in and around the dallas area. that will be a big concern as well. i want to mention more we could see the threat for severe
2:23 am
weather for parts of oklahoma and texas. the threat isn't over yet. we want to make sure people are aware and know where you are going to get your weather warnings. we will keep you up to date. heather and abby back to you. >> we will keep an eye on that. well delaware high school suspends three students indefinitely after a 16-year-old girl is killed in a bathroom brawl. officials at howard high school of technology they believe the fight started between 2 girls when a gang of others jumped the victim. amy joiner, francis, she was thrown to a hospital where she later died. authorities are speaking with the alleged attackers who they say filmed the fight. it was horrible. >> legal battle may p end between the families of the florida teen tragically lost at sea. cohen plans to drop the lawsuit against the parents of austin
2:24 am
st stephanos if they are able to see his phone. it says mom it is perry my ipad is dead. i will text you in a little. love you. >> disney cruz spots two men and a women clinging to the boat while trying to flee to cuba. they are pulled aboard. it was handed over to the coast guard. they are wanted for credit card fraught in florida and louisiana. officials believe they were trying to avoid prosecution. hillary's private e-mail server could have been exposed two years ago. judicial watch says the state department withheld an e-mail from a personal account back in 2012. the group sued the department for clinton's e-mails in 2014. they did not get that message until last july. by then clinton's private e-mail was public knowledge. the state department says it was an administrative error. listen to this story. a 12-year-old girl runs a half marathon by mistake.
2:25 am
she registered for a 5k race in rochester new york. she thought she was late because the race had already started so she took off. she ran four miles before asking another runner about how long the race was. >> she said it was like 13 miles. that's when it struck me that i think i was in the half marathon instead of the 5 k. >> two hours and 43 minutes later she crossed the finish line. >> good for her. >> can you imagine? >> 25 minutes after the top of the hour. bernie sanders falling further behind. is it time for him to call it quits? >> if he does will supporters rally behind hillary? democratic panel is on deck to weigh in.
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hillary clinton winning big and trump. >> i am down now i am winning and it is over. as far as i am concerned it is over. these guys cannot win this. >> let's go forward. let's win the nomination and in july let's return as a unified party. >> let's take a look at the numbers. donald trump securing all five states connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island by double digits bringing the delegate count 950 cruz 550 and kasich 153. >> for the democrats clinton winning 4 out of five states.
2:30 am
sanders 1,321 behind clinton. >> we have fox team coverage and our panel of experts. >> he is live with the highlights. >> it is hard to do much better than donald trump did last night. he won all five states and walked away with 105 delegates. trump told supporters at his rally he is now the presumptive nominee. >> when the boxer knocks down another boxer you don't have to wait around for a decision. there's what happened last night and last week in new york. that is what has been happening through out.
2:31 am
>> next up is indiana which may be their last real shot to do that. that is where ted cruz is. >> the republicans and democrats are both going to be new york liberals. i have good news for you. the campaign turns back to more favorable terrain. >> 57 delegates up for grabs next tuesday. donald trump needs 287 more to secure the nom that inationomin. ted trcruz and kasich hoping it not that. >> thank you, garrett. bernie sanders winning just one of the five primaries last night. will he battle through california or just quit now? he says he is not quitting. here again is our political panel.
2:32 am
democratic ohio state senator and former ohio state senate minority leader capri. thank you for sticking around for us. the delegate count as it stands right now clinton 2,141 and sanders 1,321. bernie sander's campaign they have already come out and said he is not quitting. he's going on to california. i will start with you should he quit? does he have the math? can it add up? >> the math isn't going to add up. i don't think he should quit. for a few reasons. if he quits he is going to alienate his supporters. they are going to feel as if he has been bullied and pushed out by hillary clinton. if that happens that is going to be damaging to the democrats in the long run in their performance in november. if we don't bring the folks into the folds we are going to have a i have to time. we need the bernie voters. if he gets out too early while it will be short term pain it will be long-term gain because
2:33 am
hopefully he will be able to bring the folks in for the long hall in the general election. >> it is also benefitting hillary clinton in terms of pressing for the general election. >> he has made her a better candidate. i worked for democrats all over the country. we are worried about turnout in november. that will no longer be a barack obama or george bush. we have to find new momentum to see people show up in both. this bernie sanders phenomenon it will be good for him to go home and spread his message. we have to figure out as democrats how we combat donald trump and the movement which is donald trump which won't be stopped any time soon. >> u to figure out how to carry over that momentum should hillary clinton be named the nominee. how will see be able to get the sanders supporters to rally behind her? >> i think it will be interesting to see, because he said in an interview she has to
2:34 am
make herself to him. senator sanders can't snap his fingers and make his supporters do what they want. this isn't about bernie sanders. it is about those people. she has to make her case to them. >> let's listen to what bernie sanders had to say. you were just referencing this. >> you will win the nomination and presidency but if you don't will you encourage voters to support for hillary clinton? >> we are not a movement where i can snap my movement and say to you or any one else what you should do you shouldn't listen to me. you will make these decisions yourself. >> the beginning of that the young man says he does not support hillary clinton. the majority of bernie sanders supporters they believe she has an honesty problem like ability problem. what is her answer to that? >> she really has to work hard. bernie sanders he needs to look
2:35 am
like he is fighting. he is fighting that is honest and genuine but he is going to stick it out. but i think he will once this comes down and hillary clinton has officially secured the nomination he will play a significant role. he needs to. he needs to convince the supporters they can trust hillary clinton. >> he wants to have a significant role. >> if he doesn't get that that will hurt the bernie supporters, too. they may tune out. >> chuck appreciate it as always. >> oo 35 after the hour. now they are taking aim at wall street. how they are cracking down on big banks and how will it impact average americans. ho our next guest explains.
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: : : : :
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>> as much as possible money out of politics and reigning in wall street. >> right now when wall street is doing quite well, thank you, that we should impose a tax on wall street speculation. >> wall street may not like it, but you know what? i could care less what wall street likes. >> well, you heard it there. bernie sanders and hillary clinton going bafr the bafter tg banks on the campaign trail. what will moran tie wall street policies cost average americans? brian brentburg is an associate
2:40 am
professor at the kings college and chair of the program and business and finance and joins us. >> we keep hearing this anti wall street talk. now the white house is quoting new restrictions. what does this mean, though, for the average american? >> it is bad news. the industry is being wrapped up and that means it is harder for businesses and individuals to get access to credit. we need a strong banking system to fuel the economy. we have a slow growth economy right now. wage growth is slow, job growth is slow. banking is a part of people that need it to regulate the jobs. it is bad news for individuals and bad news for attracting good talent on wall street. >> it is a big challenge to get people who want to work on wall street. >> partly because the work is interesting and partly who wants to work for a vilified industry. this shouldn't be something you have to confess to when you work
2:41 am
in banking. you should be able to say it proudly. that's not the case right now. >> it is bad news. very bad news. >> good political line. >> we have a candidate who is willing to talk about this. how refreshing and interesting would that be if somebody actually said that. great, right? >> can't image that. interesting new harvard poll that has come out shows 41 percent of millennials want a socialist. we keep hearing free education and healthcare. do we have the shot of bernie sanders? >> we are talking about free tuition at public colleges and universities. public colleges and tuition at universities free. >> how are we going to pay for this proposal to make public colleges and university's tuition free and to lower student debt? i will tell you how?
2:42 am
is we are going to impose a tax on wall street speculation. >> is this like running for office in middle school. we are going to give you soda in the fountains or is it real? oo you have to peel beneath the covers and see what's going on here with the numbers. the free college plans are incredibly expensive. we are talking 20 million for 10 years. it will co-- it doesn't come an close. healthcare 28 trillion education is 28 billion. free stuff sounds great but you can't build a governing philosophy in giving free stuff to people. >> why do we see so many young people wanting socialism. they don't understand the impact? >> they don't understand what socialism is and they don't understand the impact. young people love the creative technology companies but they don't understand the companies would not exist in a socialist
2:43 am
economy. they wouldn't be born and they wouldn't persist. there's a disconnect. the failure in education we haven't given young people an understanding of the economic heritage we have and what it means for the future. >> thank goodness we have you here to break this down. thank you for being with us. >> the time 43 minutes after the hour. could it be ted cruz's last stand? we are live in indiana as the candidates switch their attention to the hoosier state. first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> coming up on "fox & friends" the post primary day. donald trump will join us live fresh off his five state sweep. bern carson and herman cain on the race going forward.
2:44 am
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>> looks like storm clouds there. >> good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. we are america's election
2:48 am
headquarters with the so-called primary in the books at fox news battle for the east. >> the hoping the hoosier state will bring in better luck and maybe more delegates. john roberts is here with the latest. >> last week we were in wednesdpen pens today another iconic symbol of the indy 500 celebrating the 100th running by the way memorial day. this is where ted cruz, in indiana not particularly the speedway hopes to put the donald trump campaign into the wall so to speak. 57 delegates up for grabs. winner take all in the statewide basis and congressional district. 31 percent of the population identifies as evangelicals. he is hoping to do the same thing for indiana that he did a few weeks back in wisconsin a
2:49 am
come from behind victory to take it away from donald trump. by many calculations if ted cruz can win indiana he can prevent donald trump from getting the delegates before the convention. ted cruz with a forward look at what the headlines were going to be this morning talking about donald trump potentially coming close to clinching this nomination. last night at the fame house hoosier jim outside of indianapolis he said the media is not going to decide this race. here is cruz. >> the media want to say everything is decided. the question is can the state of indiana stop the media's chosen republican candidate? (applause) >> cruz is going to spend an awful lot of time here in the hoosier state in the next 6 days. donald trump also has a very big event tonight countering cruz. he is going to be appearing at a
2:50 am
big rally in indianapolis with mr. hoosier himself bobby knight, the chairman and the chairman together on the stage at the same time. but then there's another big question hanging out there. you remember in wisconsin a week before the primary governor scott walker decided he was going to come out and endorse ted cruz. we are wondering in indiana will governor mike pence come out and endorse ted cruz the political dreams for a black lives matter get
2:51 am
absolutely crushed. deray mccutchen got less than 3% of the vote in the primary. the winner is widely expected to win in november. the fbi say they are not going to reveal how they cracked the code of the san bernardino terrorist iphone. they paid a company over a $1 million after apple refused to help. now, apple is asking the fbi for help for fixing the security flaw. the agency says they don't know a lot about the hacking tool. they just paid for it. if you are a dog lover, giving your dog a hug, they may actually hate it. they feel trapped and unable to escape from danger.
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81% of the dogs show signs of anxiety when they are hugged. >> i don't think my dog -- >> my dog loves it, i know for sure. >> i'm worried now. >> no, i bet he does. the time is now 10 minutes until the top of the hour. tearing up twitter. what is it this time? governor chris christie out of the race but still taking over social media. >> we've got the top trending stories from the primaries. ♪ ♪ ♪
2:53 am
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♪ both hillary clinton and donald trump were favored to sweep today's primaries in connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island and john kasich is still polling very high in the state of denial. [ laughter ] >> it's a good one. you got to love and laugh at yourself. >> kasich probably laughed it. the battle for the east trending big time and we have a sneak peek on what we can expect from indiana's race. >> clayton morris has more. >> it wasn't looking good for
2:57 am
ted cruz and you are going into indiana, which is the state that co-optd basketball. this is ted cruz's first big mistake. >> the amazing thing that basketball ring, here in indiana, it's the same height here as it is in new york city and every other place in this country and there is nothing that hoosiers cannot do. >> pulling the phrase from the famous movie with gene hackman who is rolling his eyes. don't call it a ring. did ted cruz really call a basketball ring while recreating a scene from a movie? donald trump campaigning this week in indiana, famously throwing chairs, this one from
2:58 am
bob -- ted cruz thinks bob knight threw a table. not just a chair. you don't make that mistake in indiana. remember super tuesday a number of months ago when he had that resting chris christie face where he look like he was not even awake behind donald trump or excited to be out of the race and now supporting donald trump. he did it again. people taking to twitter right away. he said this, he said i think i'm not even thinking about picking a vp right now and david corn said chris christie was definitelile more excited to be at a bruce springsteen concert than to be behind donald trump tonight. he showed a lot more excitement than when he was standing behind donald trump. here he was dancing. this will wake you up. watch.
2:59 am
♪ ♪ there's the movement. >> he's dancing in the dark. >> get it? >> yes, we get it. >> this was interesting. a lot of hillary clinton supporters have been taking a war on facebook against bernie sanders supporters. here's how you get some facebook pages shut down. post trolling pictures or nasty things then you end up getting some of bernie sanders's supporters pages taken down. david brock has admitted to paying over $1 million over grassroots people to try to stop the bernie movement by jumping on their facebook pages. that's exactly what happened. facebook pages were down thanks to hillary clinton supporters. >> what will we ever do! >> nefarious social media plot. >> nefarious. that's a good word. >> that's all i would do, just the one-armed pump.
3:00 am
>> let's keep talking about the race for the white house. do you think indiana will be a game-changer? log on to "fox & friends" facebook page for a live debate. #keep talking. that does it for you, heather. long night for you. >> it has. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" is next. good-bye. ♪ ♪ we're going to have our country back. we're going to make america great again and i want to tell you for the five states, i am so honored. this was to me our biggest night. >> with your help, we're going to come back to philadelphia for the democratic national convention. [ cheers and applause ] >> with the most votes and the most pledged delegates! >> i got good news for you, tonight this campaign moves back to more favorable


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