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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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hannity has a live show+á)n at 10:00 with corey lewandowski and bret is back at 11:00. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> she is going. did you hear that donald trump raised his voice while speaking to a woman? oh, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i mean, all of the men, we're petrified to speak to women anymore. >> donald trump enters the no spin zone tonight and some new polling is very good news for him. well, what about the womens issue? we will deal with it. >> the anti-trump demonstrations in california were pretty nasty. what happened to those who broke the law? is it legal will tell us. >> we have got to think about ways that the democratic party equivalent
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of fox television. >> also ahead, incredibly bernie sanders says on msnbc that the democrats should have their own network. are you kidding me? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how partisans are covering the trump-clinton race. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. donald trump will be with us shortly. but no matter what i say to him, or he says to me, anti-trump people will condemn the interview unss i call him a racist sexist or any other ist, the far left embraces. it's not only crazy liberals who are distorting the presidential race.
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write not guilty hill newspaper a guy named matt mcaliack who worked for president bush the younger i your humble correspondent altar of trump. who knew? >> do you get mad. >> i think you have become very negative. >> me? >> yeah. >> why would i do that. >> i don't know. you will have to ask your psychiatrist. but i think you have become very negative. >> toward you? >> yeah. >> mr. trump's disenchantment back in march was echoed by just about every other candidate at one time or another because we ask the toughest questions we can think of here on the factor. it's clear the hill newspaper needs to reevaluate its columnists that is if it values honesty at all. the reason for this garbage is hatred. for example, if you are not willing to convict hillary clinton of crimes over the email situation, then you are not worthy, even though
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only the fbi knows what the evidence will show. true statements about the candidates, you will be attacked because partisans don't want to hear the truth. >> here's what mr. bernie wants to do. destroy wall street and the big banks. provide each american with free healthcare, kind of. list of sanders' freebies is endless. the unintended consequences is simple. a bankrupt nation. the nearly 20 trillion-dollar debt would double under a sanders' administration. >> now, after i said that condemnation rolled in. but yesterday as reported in the "the washington post," two new studies show that bernie sanders would run up 18 trillion with a t dollars in debt over a decade with all his endless entitlements. so once again i told the truth and got hammered for it but read my lips, i don't care. there is blatant dishonesty
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in the partisan ranks. unfortunately, they have access to the media and they can spew their garbage without challenge. shame on you, "hill" newspaper and shame on you rank partisans. that's it for the memo. two primaries, west virginia and nebraska. fox news calling west virginia for donald trump. bernie sanders has a strong lead but no call from us yet. joining us from washington bret baier. i have to call west virginia for sanders. i know you guys haven't done it yet but is he going to win. all you have to do is look at the exit polling. i mean, she is ahead on this, but that's just 2% of the sample taken from people who can't speak english. that's not true. bernie is going to win. can you take it to the bank there. so, does it mean. >> is he probably going to win. they are being cautious in the decision desk. >> caution is good but caution you are about to enter the no spin zone. that's what i have. >> your call. got .
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>> so trump will win nebraska. i don't know who clinton or sanders will win nebraska. >> no democrat race. >> that's why i don't know who it is then. that's the reason i don't know because they are not voting. >> that's true. >> i knew there was a reason i didn't know. does this matter tonight at all. >> here is what matters. if bernie sanders does wins a is he expected to looking at the numbers now, this is a momentum thing and this is hillary clinton losing another state largely because what she said on coal, one would think. but it also doesn't body well for her as she comes to the end of this race, bill. you look at some of the numbers that bernie is putting up and some of the people that are coming out, he doesn't have really a legitimate chance to take the nomination on the democratic side. >> right. >> but he is clearly hobbling her as this primary is coming to an end. >> yeah. is he embarrassing her and showing that she is not a very strong candidate in her own party. however, a new quinnipiac poll came out today that
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says that mrs. clinton is probably getting hurt by all of this with bernie sanders because she is now tied in florida and pennsylvania with donald trump and trump beats her in ohio. was this surprising to you guys in washington? >> this is a big deal. this is a big deal for donald trump. it is a great poll for him to show his viability in the fall. it is actually, if you compare it to where mitt romney was the last election cycle, is he doing better in pennsylvania than mitt romney was. is he about the same place in florida and ohio. and inside this poll, while he does suffer on the female vote with women. clinton beats him pretty handedly. he overcompensates with men in these states and leads on who is better to handle the economy and who is better to handle terrorism. this is over a former secretary of state. >> that's not surprising. hillary clinton is thrown in with barack obama on the economy. and terrorism, you know, trump is saying is he going
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to, you know, wipe these guys off the face of the earth quickly. here's what jumped out at me. the white men vote is all for trump. 76% of all white voters, including men, they go for hillary. florida, ohio, and pennsylvania all have substantial minorities voting. but trump overcomes it with white men. and, you know, the prevailing wisdom not white men to elect him but that looks like it may not be true. >> in these states that's true. state by state you have to look as general election polls start coming out. it's a little early to do the head to head. you don't even have official nominees. this particular poll is really good news for donald trump as he gets yesterday to meet these republicans up on capitol hill. >> he got a big bounce out of indiana. people who were in the republican party not supporting him they don't have anybody else to support now. so i think a lot of them came n these three states,
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you know what? if he is the guy i'm going to get behind him whereas you correctly pointed out sanders is still hurting clinton in her party. all right, bret. if you have a call or something, maybe we will bring you back in again. >> yeah. if you want. >> everybody wants to see that as much as possible. so, you got a bernie, let us know. >> i will be here for you. >> next on the rundown, donald trump enters the no spin zone. then, later, apparently the isis killers have a list of american citizens they want to assassinate. shocking story. we have it for you after these messages. pet moments are beautiful,
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and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit [ boss ] it is a very smart plan. so we're all on board? [ paul ] no. this is a stupid plan. hate drama? go to research. price. find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama. personal story segment tonight. as we mentioned, the new quinnipiac poll shows hillary clinton beating donald trump in pennsylvania
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and florida and donald trump beating clinton in ohio. what's your opening statement going to be on thursday? >> i think the opening statement is, number one, i have a lot of respect for paul and i think we are going to have a very good meeting, i hope. and i think the big thing is in the history of the republican party, nobody has ever gotten more votes than i have gotten in the primaries. i mean, i'm millions and millions of votes additional and i guess by the time we finish, it's going to be many millions of votes ahead of anybody else, any other republican in the primaries. that's a big thing. plus, a lot of people, a lot more people came out to vote this year in the primaries than they did four years ago or at any other time. so, i think that's a great sign. and, you know, we are doing very well in the polls. >> okay, but he knows all that. so you are not going it go in and tell him stuff he knows. what are you going to tell him about unifying the party? >> i might repeat it nevertheless because it's an important thing. >> all right. >> i would like to see unity in the party. i believe we have great unity in the party. many people have come out and endorsed and been really
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strong. rick perry came out today and many others. and they really gave their support in a very strong fashion. >> not ryan. ryan is holding back. >> he is a very good man. he wants what's good for the party. and i think we're going to have very positive results. i look frankly for him to stay and be chairman. >> so you think, you know, and i know you have to say this, that he is going to fall in line and endorse you and he will be at the convention and everything will be fine. >> i don't think he will fall into line. i don't think fall in to line is the right words, bill. i think he loves this party he loves this country and he wants to see something good happen. i think we will do better if we are unified. >> you need him. pause you have to raise a billion dollars. you know, right now my stats say that you have lent your campaign, let me get this right 36 million bucks of your own money. have you spent 11 million of your own money. that's chump change. you need a billion.
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>> in one way you have to be proud of me because other people have spent 200 million and sitting home watching television. there is something good about that. no, no. i think i'm in for $45 million, bill. when you say lent. i loaned the money from myself. myself loans the money. >> but you get paid back. >> no, i don't expect to be paid back. >> you will, sure. that's the loan. when the funds come in to help your presidential race, that money will flow back to you. i mean, you don't have to take it. but -- >> -- i don't have to take it. >> you are entitled to it. >> i think the number is $45 million. >> right. but you need a billion. you have to have that party raise money for you. you are going to have to. >> but i'm raising money really for the party. i'm going to also continue to spend my own money on myself. i'm raising money for the party. i think we will raise a lot. i have no idea what the number is going to be. maybe it's going to be a billion. >> yeah, you need a billion. you say the associated press is reporting trump has
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narrowed potential vp's to five. all experienced politicians. not ruling out chris christie. is that an accurate report? >> well, i like chris a lot. i'm not going to say ruling in or out. i would say that i have in mind five different people. i think they are excellent. i will announce whoever it will be at the convention. >> you can give me one? >> i would love to give you all five buttia, bill. >> you are in charge. >> it's not even fair to you. >> of course it's fair to me. it's fair to my viewers and me. you are in charge. you can do it. you just don't want to do it? >> well, i just think it would be inappropriate. the way i envision it is during the convention. >> i'm out. i'm gone. >> you would be good. i would offer it to you immediately. >> let me get to elizabeth warren. she doesn't like you but out of nowhere on friday she is calling you names and stuff like that. what do you think that's about?
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>> well, she is a senator that has done nothing. she just talks. and she is -- you know, she has put in things and gotten nothing approved. she has not highly respected. frankly, as you know, the previous supporter of mine scott brown is somebody who gave me a lot of information about her and friends up there she has had a big failed record as a senator. all of a sudden about a week ago she started tweeting violently about me. every tweet was about trump, trump, trump. i finally hit her back and i think i hit her back very hard. >> why is she doing that? >> i had no choice but to do that. >> why is she taking the time to tweet about you? >> she sees polls that i'm going to beat hillary. and she would like to make sure the democrats win. >> she sees polls i'm going to beat hillary there are a lot of polls taken by individual people that show me beating hillary fairly easily, and she doesn't want that to happen. i have never seen -- she went on a twitter rant that
5:17 pm
was sort of amazing. i tweeted a few things and that was the end of that and i haven't heard from her since. >> i have a question from a viewer. diane ranke from silver spring, maryland. donald trump says is he pro-life. please ask him to name one specific thing he would do to protect the sanctity of human life. can you? >> well, i think that are what we're doing and i think it's a very important element in what i have done. i have become pro-life. i was in a meek fashion pro-choice, but i have become pro-life. and the reason is i have seen, in my case one specific situation, but numerous situations that have made me to go that way. i will protect it and the biggest way you can protect it is through the supreme court and putting people in the court. actually the biggest way you can protect it, i guess, is by electing me president. >> you are going to get a judge who would overthrow --
5:18 pm
overturn roe v. wade? >> overturn or -- look, i'm going to put conservative judges on. i think one of the biggest things happening in terms of this election are, you know, it could be as many as five judges will be appointed over the next four and a half years. so we're talking about five judges. and i think probably the most important thing that one of the most important thing, other than the security itself of the country is going to be the appointment of four to five supreme court justices and i will be doing that. >> so that diane's question is answered. your specific thing to protect the sanctity of life would be appoint ago supreme court justice that would overturn roe v. wade. do i have it? >> well, they will be pro-life and we will see about overturning. but we will appoint -- i will appoint judges that will be pro-life, yes. >> finally, i was a little upset because my taxes are going to go up if you win. i'm going to be paying more now. >> that is wrong. no: it was incorrect. if you read the "wall street
5:19 pm
journal" front page today they covered it exactly correct. i have the biggest tax cut of anybody running by far and that includes the 16 people that are vanquished. okay? and nobody even came close. but, i may have to raise it from that point. >> so your original statement in the debates you might have to go up a little for me? i may have to pay more? >> no, bill. you are going to actually perhaps go down, actually. serve going to go down. who is really going to go down is the middle class who have been absolutely destroyed by taxes and also businesses. >> you yourself wouldn't mind paying more. >> no i wouldn't mind paying more. >> that's kind of an indication that guys in your bracket. >> no. >> no? >> the question was asked would i mine paying more? i wouldn't mind. the fact is everybody is going to be paying less and we will run a much better -- we are going to run -- hey, bill, we are going to run a country that works. we will get this country going again. because right now this
5:20 pm
country is stalled so badly and taxes are going to go down. that's one of the ways we're going to get it to work. >> it's shaping up to be a very interesting race. i hope you will come on and tell me what happened with the paul ryan meeting which i think is going to be fascinating. >> i think so too. i look forward to it. >> tell me what happened. i can report it. or come on on friday whenever you want. we would really like to know what happens there. donald, as always. >> we'll do it. >> thanks for taking the time. we really appreciate it? >> thank you very much, bill. >> directly ahead, do men have it harder than women in the u.s.a.? we'll debate it. then, later, gutfeld, mcguirk on bernie sanders telling msnbc he wants a democrat tv network. hello? gutfeld and mcguirk up ahead. t for up to three years and be covered. so no matter where you go, your peace of mind and confidence will be as unlimited...
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factor follow-up segment tonight, as you may have heard over and over and over again, donald trump has high unfavorable ratings among american women. some of that has to do with hillary clinton. >> she is playing the women's card. she is going did you hear that donald trump raised his voice while speaking to a woman? oh, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i mean, all of the men we are pretty tri find to speak to women anymore. we may raise our voice. you know what in the women get it better than we do, folks. they get it better than we do. >> with us now here in new york city mary anne marsh a democrat and lisa booth. do men have it better -- women have it better than men. >> i am a woman. i have my own business and write my own column. if you are someone like hillary clinton you are constantly seeing life through the eyes of a victim. she is constantly trying to
5:25 pm
project herself as a victim in society. >> if a man raises his voice to you, i don't know why they would, maybe you are knowing on thursday. i don't know. the tone goes up. is this a major issue? because it seems like men are on the defensive sometimes these days. >> well, i think the whole tone thing is absolutely ridiculous. look, hillary clinton is running to be commander and chief. she is running to oversee the world's largest super power yet, she continues to talk about bernie sanders and donald trump's tone. she has even accused her campaign has accused bernie sanders of sexism. do you honestly think that vladimir putin or iran. >> i didn't hear that. bernie sanders sexism. >> bill clinton made a remark. >> bill did. >> i said her campaign. do you honestly think that vladimir putin or iran's supreme leader is going to carry about her feelings or care about the tone. >> he doesn't have to do that. he just has you killed. mary anne, do women have it
5:26 pm
harder or easier than men. >> of course they have had t. harder. women only make 77 cents on the dollar. >> that's been -- that stat. >> is a fact. >> has been discredited. >> no. it's a fact. >> the last stat that came out of th obama administration was 92 cents on the dollar for equal work. not, you know, for women who are working part time. but anyway, be that as it may, just in general, socially, is it easier for men or women to navigate the society. >> the facts look we have never elected a woman president. fraction on congress. fraction of boards. by any measure women are the majority in this country but the minority. >> isn't there a mom factor that women, many, many, many very talented women decide to raise families instead of going into the marketplace? shouldn't that be factored in? >> well, unfortunately it is not because when they try to go back to the work place they have not only lost time they have lost money. >> have you been held back
5:27 pm
by being a woman. lisa says she has not. she has developed her own business. you are a partner in a business. have you been held back? >> i think there are sometimes earlier in my career where i know for a fact in some jobs i had because they were public records and we were public employees i made less than other men. that's a fact. >> no reason at all. >> i believe, yes. >> i made less than some women because i'm obnoxious and guys didn't like me carvel paid the woman more. >> understood. >> there are variables. >> it's a performance issue. >> mary anne say women have it harder. you say it's equal. trump comes in and trump is obviously appealing mainly to men. you would cede that. is he scoring big with white men. he thinks there are enough white men to put him into the white house. so he doesn't mind saying oh, it's tough on men. you think that's bad or good strategy? >> well, i think that donald trump also needs to appeal to women so that's a bad
5:28 pm
strategy. ultimately if we are going to talk about donald trump's woman problem, why are we talking about hillary clinton's men problem? if you look at the latest quinnipiac poll from florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. not only is donald trump up in ohio but he is also within the margin of error in those two states. he actually does -- his problem with woman is not as bad as hillary clinton's problem with men in those states. >> he overwhelms in white men but really underperforms in women. last word. i got to go because we have a live show here and baier has his pink tie and i have to bring him back and all of. that is it a smart strategy for trump to say hey, you know, men have it really tough because is he trying to mobilize men? is that smart. >> is he doing two smart things. playing to base. double digit in polls. number two, he has already come out and attacked hillary clinton. the more negative the campaign less women vote. he has a better shot of having women not to vote because it is negative than it to appeal. >> women say i don't want to hear anymore.
5:29 pm
>> historically that's the case. >> ladies, very good. one footnote you may have noticed i'm wearing turquoise this evening that is because it is national women's hung health week and the campaign is highlighted by this color. lung cancer number one killer of women please check out the american lung association. a report says the isis killers are circulating the names of american citizens who they want assassinated by terrorists. we will tell you what's going on. what happened to the protesters arrested in southern california after causing mayhem at a trump rally? is it legal on the case and we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world.
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and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at impact segment tonight. according to the "wall street journal," the islamic state has begun distributing long lists of ordinary citizens they want to see assassinated. quite the story. joining us from washington fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. so i understand you have new information for us tonight, catherine. >> i was able to take a look at two of these kill lists courtesy of memry. for the most part these lists look like they have been drawn from municipal databases, property records. some of them are like spread sheets with a name and address and phone number. and, to the extent that they can, government officials here in washington say that they treat them seriously. and they feel like a real duty to warn people if that's at all possible in
5:34 pm
these cases. >> so it's just regular folks taken out of a phone book or some kind of data base? it's no we want to assassinate o'reilly because is he a wise guy on television? regular folks across the board? >> that's a good question. they started two years ago, 18 months with military families and then they proceed to do intelligence officials who had a connection to terrorism. >> all right. so there are targeted people. >> right. >> who are opposing isis. it's not just a random thing. >> no. but significantly, if i could, they have moved to average americans and i believe this is part of the strategy of sort of a psychological warfare to sow fear and terror if they can't strike within this country. >> what federal agency is responsible for alerting someone who shows up on this list? >> well, that's a tough part fractured.ue is that it's what you hear from the military is that they will get a notice from a base commander. that doesn't always work
5:35 pm
because families are living off base. if it's in a big city, it would be local police or the fbi, depending on the type of individuals who are on the list. but, when you're talking of, you know, upwards of a thousand people, there just aren't the resources to notify everyone. >> people on this list that you saw don't even know they're on the list? >> that's correct. >> and the government doesn't have any plans, basically, to coordinate an effort to alert them? >> i wouldn't say they don't have a plan. it's a question of resources. i believe this is part of the isis strategy. they're trying to sort of. >> that makes sense. it's the response to the strategy that we're interested in. >> correct. >> would you do more digging to see who is on the task force. if your name is circuiting on a list in the middle east you want to know that. >> especially the families. distress of the families feel they have been left hanging because there isn't
5:36 pm
a quick response. >> we will check back but this a week or 10 days and see if we can get coordination here. >> for sure. >> thank you, catherine. when we come back, on violent anti-protesters are they being punished at all. bernie sanders not quite understanding that msnbc is a liberal network. moments away. sifing. allergies with nasal congestion?
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight. last week the city of chicago announced that public school students shall have access to the restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity. that means if you're a biological guy, but believe you are feminine and change your name to sheila, you can now go into the girl's locker room. with us kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. do i have this right? >> absolutely. >> if you go and tell the school authorities that you're a guy but you want to be a girl, you believe you are a girl. >> gender identity. >> and you can shower up with the girls? >> yes. >> i mean, your jaw drops. >> it's true though. >> but it's true. >> right. >> do you have to fill out paperwork? do you have to do anything like that? >> no. you just have to say my gender identity is
5:41 pm
consistent. >> with who? >> the power that be. >> it's communicated with a school official. >> guidance counselor or something like that? you have to go on the record and sign a paper. >> no, no paper. >> don't have to sign anything. verbally you can say i identify. i'm a guy, born a guy but i identify with a female gender and so can i go shower up in there? >> well, use the restroom to shower up, right. if there are showers in there. >> in locker rooms, i don't know how many have you been, but that's why they call them lock irrooms. is this right? >> yes, it is right. >> really? >> right. it's 100 percent legal. this is what it is. >> wow. >> you have to identify. you have to communicate that and there isn't a further offer. >> we don't have how communicate. >> communicate a school official or counselor. >> do you have to get a hall pass? and i don't want to be facetious here. when i taught high school if you want to do do something -- you couldn't have it done it back then.
5:42 pm
do you have to get a card my name lenny but i can come in here. >> you don't have to get anything laminated. >> normal policy to get into that restroom that's what you would have to do. >> see, if you are a guy, you go to the men's room and girl you go to the ladies room. you don't have to get special permission you walk in. >> exactly. my point is do nothing more special than just to go to the restroom that you would have to do anyway. no other burdens are imposed. >> that's the problem. >> twilight zonish. >> you do get the problem here. >> the city of chicago this is what they are telling. in oregon, in the state, guys can play on the girl's teams now, guilfoyle or what? >> well, no. so, say your name is willamina and you want to go in and play on the girl's team. >> girl's hockey team. >> or center for the basketball team, you can't do it. there they say no, it depends on your biological identification, that is going to determine whether you can play. >> so in oregon you can't
5:43 pm
switch over on the field. >> no. >> i'm not being a wise guy. i'm trying to understand this. >> you have got to go to the oregon school activity association rule. >> what's happening in oregon? >> same thing as far as the rest rooms. >> they can use the bathroom and can't play in competitive sports. >> can i shower up in the ladies room if you are a guy? >> same thing there. >> you can. >> throughout the whole state. >> and p.e. classes you can go in to different boys and girls. >> so you can be in the girls p.e. class. >> but not competitive sports. >> so in chicago and oregon, okay. >> right. >> it's unbelievable. >> you see this is problematic. >> a few weeks ago trump rally, southern california protesters, roll the tape. [bleep]. >> [bleep] donald trump. [bleep] donald trump. [shouting] >> so what do we have 18
5:44 pm
arrested? >> 18 arrested. the one we saw here was arrested for vandalism. it's a felony. get up to three years. >> how many charged out of the 18 were arrested? >> only one was actually charged. >> one charged out of 18? >> right, exactly. >> what happened to the other 17? >> so they have another court date on june 6th. the main guy is going to go down for this the one that vandalized and caused the damage. >> others still pending. still make charges it's doubtful they will. >> one charged. >> out of all those actually charged. >> i understand there is a hearing in june. you let us know what happened. >> june 6th. >> i have got to run. i have to go to bret baier. he has the call that i made at the top of the show. >> confirming your original projection, fox news can officially project that bernie sanders will win the state of west virginia over hillary clinton. this is now 19 states that bernie sanders has won. of course, he won last week in indiana. he is now besting hillary clinton in the last few states. and vows to fight on, bill,
5:45 pm
to the convention in philadelphia. we will see how that goes. in reality, the number of delegates he picks up we don't know for sure but it's probably only going to be single digits and that is the tough part for bernie sanders. but, a big win tonight. >> so i hope everybody hangs around for nebraska. we have that coverage throughout the evening. gutfeld, mcguirk on deck. bernie sanders on msnbc. apparently bernie does not understand that's a liberal network. the boys are necessary. -- next. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
5:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, what the heck just happened? a few days ago bernie sanders went on the uber liberal msnbc network and said this. >> i think the american people are sick and tired of establishment politics and economics and by the way a little bit tired of media as well.
5:49 pm
they want real changes in this country and i think as president of the united states we can ignite those changes. >> what's the solution to corporate media? >> i think we have got to think about ways that the democratic party, for a start, starts funding the equivalent of fox television. [ laughter ] so bernie sanders doesn't seem to understand that msnbc, the network he was on is the democratic network. >> hello. >> here now to explain bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. you can figure this out? do you think he doesn't know. >> i think he was on the set of the waltons. how insulting is that to msnbc? that's like going into the red lobster and asking for directions to a seafood restaurant. they were actually stunned. >> it was quiet. >> but to him, msnbc isn't left wing enough. this guy thinks north korea is a market economy. the best part about him though is he demands this network, capitalist create
5:50 pm
socialist demand because they don't know how to create. >> but i really believe, mcguirk, that he didn't quite understand. >> right, he was owe oblivious to what he was saying which is not very good. maybe they have to take grandpa back to burlington. >> msnbc, a division of comcast and nbc isn't the democratic party? >> either that or he was trying to be funny. it's like telling lebron james that we need another basketball league for actual talented black players. i mean, it was really insulting to miss maddow. >> i don't think thee she took it that way. it. >> it was one of these foggy moments. remember, sanders won tonight in west virginia. he could win many, many more delegates. he could win in california. it's possible. >> he could go all the way, bill. >> if everyone in san francisco you know, gets sober that day. [ laughter ] >> he gets the nude vote. >> the nude? >> he has a very strong nude contingent. not that i know personally
5:51 pm
about it. >> all right. i have no idea how that came out. new poll from dickerson university right away trouble. fairly liberal. now, they say that trump supporters are more likely to be conspiratorialists. believe in conspiracies. now, they point to, mcguirk, that -- and this is crazy. that most of the conservatives who support trump believe that hillary clinton did not tell the truth about ben gaze. they see this as a conspiracy. >> exactly. >> most of the questions were right wing conspiracy type questions. naturally, people leaning right would answer that yeah. i believe that. >> but that's not a conspiracy. >> not, not at all. >> that's basically analyzing the news and what has come out about it. >> now, here is the conspiracy though, gutfeld, 77% of trump supporters believe that barack obama is hiding something about his
5:52 pm
childhood. >> you know what? i could see why you would deny this you are a shake shifting humanoid. dobbs. try lateral commission with the help of the council on foreign relations in order to hide what they're doing with the trails and fluoride in our water. can you see the clues, bill, in the crop circles created by big foot. after he and ted cruz's dad tried to assassinate jfk. >> they could have asked a few more conspiratorial questions. is tonya harding mother's? stuff like that. >> i think the benghazi thing is crazy. however, we have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that president obama was born in honolulu, that he wasn't born overseas. >> what about the bermuda triangle? he never brings up the bermuda triangle. he was born in the bermuda triangle. >> know wasn't. >> i have pictures.
5:53 pm
>> bermuda is not close to honolulu. >> that's what they always say. >> again, if you ask hillary clinton about donald trump something from their early. >> that's right. is trump highlanding something. >> free masons, bill. free masons. >> all right, you guys, i don't know why i continue to have you on. there must be a reason. >> the free may have beens beens -- free masons make you do it, bill. >> factor tip of the day. president obama actually helping me with my new book. you don't believe it? >> no. >> the tip will prove it. moments away.
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
the social decadence of the '60s and '70s. mexico city, mr. o., what hypocrisy on the part of the u.s. government blaming mexico for drugs while allowing pot to be legalized. individual states are to be blamed for that, sir. feds still outlaw pot. are you missing the fact your entire country mexico has been corrupted by vicious drug cartels? are you missing that? mr. o'reilly, you said in talking points that you know president obama's concerned about the harmful culture. if i may be so bold, how do you know that? because i've spoken to him about the issue on more than one occasion. steven kelly, marshall, texas. bill, you, like president warren g. harding, are a master bl blovator. somewhere i'm sure the president appreciates the mention, steve. linda, colorado, o'reilly, i scored great seats to see you
5:58 pm
and milner denver this coming september. is the show suitable for my 12-year-old granddaughter? she's begging to attend. clean show. lots of politics. high energy. shep mig she might like it. info available on you mentioned the "killing reagan" movie will be seen in october on nat geo. is there a killing patton production planned? i'll keep you posted. finally tonight, tip of the day. as you may have heard, my new book out in september "killing the rising sun" will be released on september 13. that's a little rue dentant but that's okay it's a live show. it deals with the defeat of japan in world war ii. so after he heard that, president obama decided to go to hiroshama on may 27.
5:59 pm
well, i might be exaggerating. after he heard that part. but he's going over there. and the atom bomb will come up. very interesting. because what we found out, researching the book, will stun you. factor tip of the day. keep an eye on president obama's visit to japan and hiroshima. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from word of the day, do not be foppish when writing to the factor. we will have politics of course, reaction to the trump interview from you, always a lively mail segment after that happens, and a whole bunch of stuff i can't quite remember because it's late. again, thanks for watching
6:00 pm
tonight, i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out. breaking tonight, the polls just closed in nebraska and we can now say donald trump is the big winner in his quest to build up the delegate count. today, voters in nebraska and west virginia headed to the polls. donald trump winning big in both states. of course he was the only major candidate on the ballot so it was kind of expected. it was a different story on the democratic side. where only west virginia counts for them. front-runner hillary clinton suffering yet another loss. to democratic socialist bernie sanders. now, you may recall west virginia has been hit hard by coal's decline and folks did not take kindly to clinton's