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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 31, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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and finally the ugly. >> have you ever seen that big? >> no, never. >> i think that's two guys in an alligator suit. >> that's a real-life alligator suit. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ good morning to you and your family. it is tuesday, may 31st. i'm ainsley earhardt. outrage mounting over the cincinnati zoo's decision to shoot and kill a gorilla to save a little boy's life. the zoo is now doubling down on its decisions as celebrities are expressing outrage and a memorial day vigil is held in the gorilla as honor. they say his life mattered.
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here we go again. a stunning new report set to be released today exposes another cover-up inside the va. they were covering up the cover-up, seriously. this as donald trump gets ready to detail his donations to veterans. zbln it was a game for the ages. >> and he fires! yes! >> unbelievable comeback complete. the warriors make history. down two games in the conference finals, coming back to win the series. only the tenth team ever to do so and they did it in record-setting fashion and they still have another series to go. >> amazing. >> mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm winning
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>> that guy winning is a rookie. >> he was a rookie, on saturday he was. >> and he won the indy 500 and guess what, alex rossen will join us for his first tv interview. >> can you imagine as a rookie? >> he became a millionaire on sunday. >> let's talk about this gorilla story because outrage is growing. pressure is mounting this morning to charge the parents of that little boy who fell into the gorilla exhibit, forcing zoo officials to shoot and kill that animal. >> protesters are picketing outside the zoo for shooting the gorilla who was 17 years old as the zoo doubles down on its decision that was the right decision. >> this story is really blowing up over the last 24 hours.
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the anger among animal rights activists is growing. there's a petition out with almost 100,000 signatures calling for a new state law to hold the parents criminally responsible. activists claim he was neglectful. harambe drag the child through the moet. it sparked outrage among animal rights activists. the zoo stands by its decision. >> we're talking by an individual with one hand that i've seen a coconut and crunch it. he was disoriented. he never had anything like that going on, and that also led to the decision, of course, not to dart the animal. >> in the aftermath, the parents of the child have faced a firestorm of criticism. the mother on facebook thanking
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the zoo staff saying accidents happened and including the daily mail, the father has a long rap sheet including drugs and kidnapping charges. protesters and animal lovers have been standing outside of the zoo calling for the parents to be prosecuted. no charges are being considered at this moment. the whole incident is bringing back memories from 1996 you remember in illinois where a three-year-old gorilla carried a three-year-old boy to safety after falling into an enclosure. the spokeperson said in the real world you make difficult decisions and the safety of the child is paramount. >> i know you've been talking about it all morning. we'll continue to expand on it. thanks. >> what would you do in that situation? if it was a random cop who came
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in there and started shooting and said hey, i just saw a kid in trouble, i could see the outrage, the people who had to take down the gorilla would be the last ones to take it down. >> you had jack hanna coming on our show over the weekend, however, a child is in danger and he knew right off the get go when he saw that video, something had to be done, you had to kill the gorilla. a tranquilizer would take ten minutes. it could be possibly the gorilla get mad. >> people are screaming. >> there were calls. he ignored that. >> the zoo keepers have the most knowledge. have cared for the gorilla all these years, the last thing want to do is take the gorilla's
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life. thanklyfully, celebrities felt the need to chime in. joseph kahn said if your kid purposefully falls into a gorilla cage, you should tell your kid good-bye. that's called darwinism. >> pierce morgan, a magnificent gorilla dies because a does foiled to make its barriers safe. and rob lowe, between this guy and the mom, you have society's problems in a nut shell, everything is everybody else's fault. >> good point. >> while you were talking, brian, they were showing pictures of protesters. this is memorial day and you got americans out there protesting -- no one wants to lose this gorilla but you've got a child in there whose life was saved and we're talking about his life matters and protesting
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rest in peace gorilla. such a misplaced sense of priorities. >> and ellen tweeted out something his life matters too. >> parents are concerned, everyone makes mistakes. everyone that i know as a parent -- >> put your child in there. >> with a gorilla, what would you want them to do? >> ripped around. there's no doubt. those is it zoo keepers, they have rules of engagement. they try to escalate slowly and other things. ultimatelily there was no decision. >> people are saying charge the parents now. what if kids run out in front a car, that's an accident. would you want to charge the parent for that? we're moving on to a stunning new report today that exposes yet another cover-up, you guessed it, inside the va. candy land investigators, that facility that was notorious for
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giving out opiates to veterans in large amounts unnecessarily, now investigators are finding out that -- and this is a senate investigative committee that the ig that was supposed to watchdog the va covered up as well. you've got a cover-up of the cover up. they find some damning evidence, but rather than releasing it publicly, talks about it quietly and closes the report. now the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee is going to release a report. they had to investigate the investigators and in that investigation found a massive cover up of wait times, again, opiates and other scandals. good for this committee for releasing that information to you the taxpayer who pays for the salaries of people running va hospitals across the country. i'm glad there's some transparency. >> they game the system to maximize their money and get
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their aid. now you have an inspector general overlooking their shoulder and he becomes corrupt. you get more money to pay somebody else to go in there. you have to have the quality of the individual somewhere, somebody has to have some integrity within that organization. a person who has said he will reform the va. today he's going to announce where the $6 million in donations that he got after he did not go to our debate that we hosted, where they will go. he had to screen out the organizations involved. we're probably going to get some details. we're going to get some detail today in a press conference. >> he's going to clarify where that money went, where it's going. >> i don't feel like he would be holding a press conference unless there was some sort of a resolution to this. it's been an ongoing problem. >> saying hey those were staged in many ways by the clinton camp but there were legitimate concerns, where's the $6 million going? they have been working hard.
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>> maybe va hospitals. they clearly need it. nl it's not money they need. they need accountability and choice but there are some great charities that he's giving to and as long as that money is accounted for, i think that's a good thing. >> heather nauert, you'll find out how our weekend was at this point and what is in the news. >> good morning, heather. >> welcome back. a lot going on today. great to have you here with us. we start with some extreme weather this morning. water-soaked texas bracing for the worst as more dangerous storms and flooding set to wreak havoc from the south up through the plains today. tens of thousands of people forced to flee submerged suburbs. this happening overnight as more mandatory evacuations putting in place. death toll climbed to 7. the river in the southeastern part of that state cresting any
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moment now, possibly breaking a 60-year record high. wind, hail, tornadoes, set to hit texas today. three twisters already hit colorado near the state line. jumping into action when animal rights activists rush a stage at a bernie sanders rally in california. the group direct action everywhere saying responsibility saying it's hoping to ber said -- persuade bernie sanders to take a stuff stands against factory farms. and the golden state warriors complete a comeback for the ages. watch this. >> and he fires! yes! >> nice, right? the warriors winning the western conference finals against the thunder after being down three games to one, steph curry
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leading the way with 36 points. they will face the cleveland cavaliers in a rematch of last year's nba finals. game one is on thursday. check out this cute moment after the game. curry tried giving his daughter riley a kiss, but as any parent who has been there, she wanted no part of that. >> riley has got the best personality on both teams. she's amazing. >> we watched the game until 11:30 last night. >> not together. >> we decided not to watch it over. >> then he rolls over and went to sleep. >> good point. steph curry, i've never seen better shooting in my life. game seven, game six. for basketball fans this is one cht most fun playoffs to watch. >> you were a division i player coming out of princeton, unbelievable. just to watch these guys at this level do that. game six was amazing, game seven
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and this is after the greatest regular season in nba history. they were on the brink of elimination and now they have a rematch against cleveland who is actually happy. >> lebron is playing well. it's going to be great. a shocking case of road rage caught on camera. [ bleep ]. >> the man who just got hit by that car, a veteran on a memorial day bike ride. the story behind the road rage straight ahead. wow. and donald trump has got the delegates to secure the nomination ahead of the convention, so why is bill kristol he has a third party candidate to stop him. is that doing more harm than good or good than arm?
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don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. america right now is like a cruise ship that is about to go off niagara falls with tremendous carnage and death. remember this, a quarter of a century ago, another clinton was running for the white house, and it was the entrance of a third party candidate, ross perot that made it possible for him to win. wouldn't we be smart to learn
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from things that happened in the past? >> that was ben carson on the prospects of a third party candidate. there is a chance one will play the spoiler in november. bill kristol sweetd this out. there will be an independent candidate, an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance. would a third party conservative candidate do more harm than good to donald trump or the party? joining us right now to discuss is carrie picket. how real is bill kristol's tweet, do you think? >> i think it is perfectly real, but the problem here is people around too sure what exactly bill kristol's intentions are. if we throw an independent candidate in there and we already have a libertarian candidate in there, it throws
3:19 am
the entire election into a plurality. and it heads to congress. that hasn't happened since 1885. >> maybe he's so upset that donald trump won that he's taking it out maybe on the party. some of the names that have been brought up, general stanley mccrystal, senator tom coburn and mike bloomberg. which name is practical to you? >> the problem is the majority of them, almost all of them have pretty much said they are not interested. they don't want to do an independent run. >> they get on 50 ballots because they will go on a smaller ticket, like the reform ballot ticket. >> a lot of these deadlines have
3:20 am
passed to get your name on the ballot. >>s here's what donald trump did. remember what ralph nader did to al gore, take 2%. they take 1 or 2%, the libertarian takes 1 or 2%, hillary clinton is the next president of the united states. >> it sure looks that way. nader and perot were effective spoilers from the party that they took votes from. if you think about this going forward, it could cause an interesting situation with the debates going into the general. >> how many people are going to get in the stage where they actually qualify to do so? thanks so much. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour, coming up, the outrage growing after a zoo kills a gorilla after a child falls into the cage. we'll talk to a wildlife expert
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quick headlines for you. a community wide alert right now in arizona as the number of measles cases skyrocket there. 11 are now confirm. it started at a privately run immigrant center in the central part of that state. workers unknowingly exposing people at a denny's restaurant, a walmart, and a high school graduation. and pools.
3:25 am
a new jersey man found unconscious. he's hospitalized. and an eight-year-old was shocked in a backyard pool. a zoo worker shoots and kills a gorilla to save a boy's life. >> oh, my god! >> the cincinnati zoo is doubling down on its decision to kill the gorilla after the toddler slipped into the exhibit, saying it was the only way to save the boy's life. he's at home and doing okay. >> as the parents are facing a firestorm of criticism. is someone to blame here or was this a tragic accident? >> let's talk to real wildlife expert, grant cammerer. we've been watching this analyzed by those on the outside. at that moment, what's your
3:26 am
decision? >> unfortunately, if you want to save this child, it's the only decision you can go with. as the gorilla is pulling him around that moat very violently at times, if that child would be knocked unconscious, the child would drown almost instantly before anyone could get to it. >> some said the gorilla was protecting the child. do you buy that? >> no, not really. when he grabbed that child and ran with him, that was his new fun play toy so to speak. he wasn't ready to give it up and it was interesting, with all the commotion that could have come about from trying to chemically immobilize the animal, it could have gotten
3:27 am
worse. >> what's protocol? >> every time, there's going to be different variables that come into play. with the best information they had, that is the choice that they made. >> when i see the drop and i heard about the barrier, i was surprised that it was that accessible. i didn't even think it was possible to do that unless you wanted to commit suicide especially as a child. here's a zoo director that's talking about that barrier that's been effective for 36 years. >> the barrier is adequate and we all need to work to make sure that our families and our kids are safe, whether you are visiting the zoo or a shopping mall. >> you back it up that's adequate. clearly it wasn't. >> the zoo is in a tough situation. the public wants an intimate situation. >> if somebody wants to get there, they can get in there. a four-year-old getting in there
3:28 am
unassisted t>> what's your mess parents? people are blaming the parents. some saying the parents need to be charged. bringing up the dad's past criminal history who wasn't there at the zoo. the mom was there in the background saying mama is up here, mama is here and someone else is yelling for you, we're praying for you, god be with this child. what's your message to the parent? >> it's a wake-up call to a sense. you could take your child in a home improvement store and leave them with the power tools. you've got to watch your children, there's a million different ways that you are not watching your child, the child can get in trouble. >> an eyewitness, kim o'connor said the boy said he wanted to get in the water with the gorillas. >> that would be kind of a big wake-up call -- >> that's something a four-year-old might say as a father of kids that, hey, a gorilla, wow, amazing. ultimately, did you think the is
3:29 am
zoo make the right call? you put your kid in that ring and you spend so much time with animals. >> you got to understand, these people, this is their life. when you work at a zoo and you work with these animals, it's not a job that you go to 9:00 to 5:00. it's a way of life. these animals are not pets but they are literally family to these people so whoever probably pulled that trigger probably knows this animal very well. it's probably the most difficult thing they had to do. i don't know i would have able to do that. >> 31 minutes before the top of the hour straight ahead. a shocking case of road rage caught on camera. [ bleep ]. >> the man who just got hit by that car, a veteran on memorial day bike ride, can you believe that? the story behind the road rage just ahead. and have you heard what eric holder says about the traitor, edward snowden. all those government secrets he
3:30 am
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3:34 am
yesterday, with help from folds of honor and country music star lee bryce, they found the truck and brought it back and restored it for his teenage sons. they saw it for the first time here on "fox & friends." >> what do you think? we'll flip around. >> i don't even have words. you can't put that into words. >> just awesome, brother. >> i'm not kidding you. >> i drive your truck. ♪ i rolled every window down ♪ ♪ and i burn up every back road in this town ♪ i find a field, i tear it up, till all the pain is a cloud of dust ♪ ♪ sometimes i drive your truck ♪.
3:35 am
>> wow, you could see his son there crying as he's behind the wheel. son 16 years old, lost his dad ten years ago when he was a child. >> they give money to the wives and kids of fallen soldiers. sends them to college. gives them scholarship money. >> there's something about country music and the military that goes beyond. not saying nothing against the other genres but there's a linkage there. >> he started that organization because he was on the plane and the fallen soldier, they were taking the coffin off the plane. a moment in silence. everyone staying in their seats. we're taking the coffin out and presenting it to the family on
3:36 am
the tarmac. he saw that and started this organization. we find out what else is going on the morning. >> two such beautiful stories. thanks to all of you for bringing that to everybody. good morning to all of you. i got a couple headlines i want to bring right now. first, a shocking case of road rage caught on camera. take a look at this. [ bleep ]. >> wow, you can see the silver car run over those motorcycles in the middle of the road. this happened in tampa, florida. one of the victims was a navy veteran who just left a memorial day ride. the man recording a video it all started when the driver ran the bikesers off the road. the driver now under arrest and facing charges. and an fbi agent's gun and badge stolen in san francisco. the agent returning to his car after 15 minutes to see his window completely smashed and his handgun gone.
3:37 am
neighbors in the area calling these break-ins epidemic. last year, an illegal immigrant shot and killed kate steinle, the gun stolen from a federal agents car. and holder referred to snowden's leak of classified files a public service. >> we can certainly argue with the way in which snowden did what he did but i think that he actually performed a public service by raising the debate in which we engage and the changes that we made. holder went on to say he believes snowden should stand trial. why comment on any litigation? snowden couldn't help but
3:38 am
notice, he used twitter to comment. and holder's shifting position. it's tree son, and now it's a public service. hmmm. >> take a listen to what is happening here in new york city. there is a turf war brewing over new york city's tweet. the mr. softee truck is being bullied off. they have been cornered and harassed and even hit if they don't move their trucks. mr. softee says that may not all be that innocent. back in 2012, a frozen yogurt vendor said two rival drivers cut his brake lines and sent him death threats. those are your headlines. >> we all scream for ice cream. >> i guess.
3:39 am
hey, maria. >> good morning. let's talk about the weather because we have some extreme weather across portions of texas. we've been telling you how that flooding has been ongoing. we still have warnings in effect out there. as you see on the radar, a relatively quiet picture this morning, most of the rain concentrated across southwestern parts of that state. here's a look at your warnings. you can see several rivers -- are under flood warnings because of all that rain from recent days. the forecast calls for another six to eight inches of rain coming up over the next several days and even possible severe weather. not only across texas but even up into portions of the upper midwest and also across the gulf coast. let's head back inside. thank you, maria. so we really have nothing to talk about. [ laughter ] >> should we good to a commercial break? >> i guess so. >> that eric holder thing just drives me crazy. he's the attorney general and the top cop and the idiot steals
3:40 am
our national secrets, are you crazy. >> it's that and the national warriors making you crazy this morning. democrats coming to hillary clinton's defense for a new excuse for the email scandal. well, he did it too. are hillary clinton's and colon powell's doing the same? >> alexander rossi, to the checkered flag and he's done it. >> he's a rookie no longer. american alexander rossi winning the coveted indy 500. he joins us in a moment to talk about that incredible win. >> got the milk. ♪ ♪
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a quick look at the headlines right now. a major hazard on the golf course. >> i think that's two guys in an al i gator suit. >> no, that's a real-life alley gator. the gator has been roaming the course for years. and a loss for words after a brand-new lawnmower shows up in his yard. a good samaritan left a note with the mower, saying they hope it helps him save time. >> very cool. that can't be a real alligator.
3:45 am
>> it's real. >> i don't know. hillary's campaign has a new explanation for her private server. claiming she followed the practice of secretaries before her. now that excuse under fire. >> the comparison with secretary powell -- >> come on. >> forgive me. >> i'm sorry. hillary clinton's running for president. colin powell is not running for president. the rules in 2004 were completely different. can we please stay to the issue of what hillary clinton did or didn't do and not talk about colin powell? >> i know you don't want to talk about colin powell. >> it's irrelevant to the issue. how can she say it was secure when they had to turn off the server because there were attacks? >> fox news judicial analyst andrew napolitano joins us. the dnc have found their talking
3:46 am
point. it's exactly what colin powell did. are they right? >> chris wallace did a superb job of stopping congressman schiff in his tracks. there's no comparison at all. before we get to the it's very telling that john podesta, the chair of the entire campaign sent a 600-word memo to hillary clinton's donors because they are finally recognizing the legal trouble she is in over the emails and they are scrambling at any opportunity they can to justify it. first they said it was allowed. it was allowed. the inspector general took care of that. then they said it's just a security check. the director of the fbi said we don't do these security checks. we investigate crimes. now they are saying okay we did everything they said we did, but kolen powell did the same.
3:47 am
general, secretary powell, trying to push the state department replied to state department with his g mail account. mrs. clinton diverted all 66,000 of her emails. 100% of them from the government server to her private server. when the government asked for them back, she only gave half back. of the half she gave back, she found 2,200 of them. what makes it worse is the lying, the lying, lying. now she's dispatching members of congress to lie for her. >> here's an excerpt to the memorandum you talked about, the second has once again acknowledged this was a mistake. she believed she was following the practices of other
3:48 am
secretaries. as you point out, for the chair of her campaign to send out this kind of memo demonstrates it's a four alarm, five alarm fire inside that campaign. >> she did not share with him her oath she took after her first day in office after a two-hour tutorial given to her by fbi agents. during the oath she swore that she understood her obligation to secure state secrets, they were secret by virtue of the content of the document. not whether or not there's a magic stamp on the top of it. i think she's in grave legal trouble and i think it's going to come to a head very soon. i believe the investigation is just about over. they are negotiating to sit down with her as we speak. i believe that they will interrogate in the next two or three weeks and ask the justice department to bring all the facts to a grand jury. if that happens, she will be indicted because the evidence of
3:49 am
her guilt. >> g mail account, a few emails, private server, 66,000 emails. >> only her most ardent supporters could say these two things are the same. the accusations are explosive, that casey anthony paid her high-powered lawyer with sexual favors and admitted to killing her daughter. and he's new to the racing world. >> california's alexander rossi checkered flag. you just won the indy 500. he joins us live to talk about that incredible moment next. next. there he is. ♪ ♪
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all right. a rookie comes out of nowhere to win the 100th running of the greatest spectacle in racing. >> california's alexander rossi to the checkered flag. and he's done it! >> checkered flag. you just won the indy 500, baby. >> oh, my god. >> oh. alexander rossi. >> he is only 24 years old, brian. overwhelmed with emotion after winning the indy 500, his first ever indy 500 win. despite that he ran out of fuel or despite everything you had gone through, you ran out of fuel. that was pretty incredible. >> yeah. not the most easy way to win.
3:54 am
>> you conserve your fuel, you had just enough to take you over the line. >> exactly. it was a 90-lap plan we had. it was the most stressful kind of the final four laps of my life, so we made it. >> did you ever expect this type of success early? >> the decision came straight away when andretti offered me a ride. it's not something you turn down. you put everything into it. it's not everything you ever expect. it's a huge honor and privilege to be here. especially after the 100th running. >> saturday, people were calling you a rookie, on sunday you win the indy 500. what are you going to do with your winnings and how did the
3:55 am
milk taste? >> well, the money spread amongst a wide variety of people. >> but you're still getting a lot. >> that's for sure. the milk tastes great. it will ruin cereal for me the rest of my life. it was a fantastic event. a huge shout-out to the indycar for this, for this outstanding event they put on. it was amazing. >> tell me about this car. for people who don't race, what's the difference between this and a formula 1? >> the biggest difference is probably the engine itself. so the indycar is a powered unit and formula 1 uses a hybrid technology. this is a twin turbo engine made to go as quickly as possible. but as we talked about earlier, the fuel economy that we had to achieve was something that they had really never seen before. so it was a huge testament to what they had accomplished in the off season this year. >> some are racing for someone in mind. did you win this race for
3:56 am
someone in particular? >> not particularly. i wanted to go in for myself but you have a huge group of people in the team, in the organization, that pour a lot of time and effort and their heart and soul into it. especially for the indy 500. so i was carrying my crew and my engineers with me. it was a huge moment for all of us. >> the andretti team, now you have to do it in detroit. you'll be a marked man, no longer anonymous. are you ready for that? >> absolutely. >> you seem so calm, so cool, so collected. you just became a millionaire. >> he's also very tired. >> very true. >> i know he said he did every show on sunday. you're here early for us. >> there it is. >> there it is. >> the ring of champions. >> congratulations. we're happy for you. >> thanks a lot. coming up, the outrage coming over the killing of a gorilla to save a little boy's life. some are making a memorial around the gorilla's and saying
3:57 am
his life mattered? and -- >> it would have an bombshell headline. hillary clinton to be indicted on federal racketeering charges and it was taken down. we want to know why. gomery and abigail higgins had...
3:58 am
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4:00 am
good morning to you and your family. it is tuesday, it's may 31st. i'm ainsley earhardt. there's outrage this morning. it is mounting over that cincinnati zoo's decision to shoot and kill the gorilla to save a little boy's life. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh! >> the zoo is now doubling down on its decision as celebrities are expressing outrage and a memorial day vigil was held in the gorilla's honor. and casey anthony told her
4:01 am
attorney where she hid the body, then paid him off in sexual favors. mr. baez is here to respond in his first television interview. all right, it's the headlines liberals never wanted to hear or read. hillary clinton to be indicted on federal racketeering charges. did you see that? well, if you blinked you missed it. the huffington post posted it and rip it down, and i thought it was a mistake. the author says it's not. catherine herridge had this to say two years ago. i have a lot more to say. but let me remind you of our slogan -- mornings are better with "friends." that's what happens when you have a couple of days off. >> gosh, you're excited this morning. >> ready to go. >> brian and i are here. we're back. we had memorial day off, which was nice to spend time with our family. good to have you here. you were here for the weekend.
4:02 am
>> we had a beautiful memorial day ceremony in stillwater. powerful day. >> yes. all right. let's talk about this story. outrage is mounting this morning after the cincinnati zoo's decision to shoot and kill an endangered gorilla to save a little boy's life. >> mommy loves you! >> there's new pressure to charge the parents of the toddler who fell into the exhibit. >> abby huntsman has the details. >> reporter: unbelievable story. and the outrage among animal rights activists is only getting louder this morning. online petition is calling for a new law to hold the parents criminally responsible for harambe, the gorilla's death. it could soon land on the desk of lawmakers. animal rights activists claim the parents were neglectful when the 4-year-old slipped away,
4:03 am
crawled into the 400 pound or o goril gorilla's habitat and the witnesses looked on in horror. the zoo officials are forced to shoot and kill the endangered animal. the zoo is standing by the decision saying it was the right call to save his life. earlier on "fox & friends" we heard from a wildlife expert who agrees with the zoo on this. >> there were times that the gorilla was very sweet and warm and wonderful, but when he grabbed that child and ran with him that was his new fun play toy so to speak. he wasn't ready to give it up. >> reporter: well, the parents of the child are now facing a firestorm of criticism. the mother said on facebook, accidents happen but she quickly removed that post and according to the daily mail the father has a long rap sheet, including drugs criminal trespass. he was sentenced to one year behind bars. meanwhile, a make shift memorial
4:04 am
is growing and protesters are seen holding signs calling for the parents to be criminally charged and prosecuted. cincinnati police spokesman said no charges are being considered at this moment. guys, as i said, everyone has such a strong opinion on this. but imagine if that little boy were hurt. we'd be hearing a lot more calls today. >> yeah. >> right. >> calls would be why did they hesitate. >> there's a lot of great parents who turn their back one minute and something terrible happens. so i don't think you can turn around and say, bad parents, charge them. >> they were good parents by taking their child to the zoo to get an education and look what's happened at the zoo. look at the signs. remember him. and looks like all the others. some of them -- what does this one say? can you read that? >> something -- >> anyway, all the different protesters that are out there at the zoo. they're protesting the life of this animal. >> saying his life mattered. i can't help but point out the irony. they're protesting on memorial day.
4:05 am
the day when we memorialize those who gave their lives for this it this and listen, as tragic and it was, no one wants to see the gorilla shot, a terrible accident was saved. made an impossible decision for the zookeepers who had protocol. as the experts said, they wouldn't want to shoot this animal. it's a lack of priorities, where are peoples' heads at? >> it's compelling to see it caught on camera. meanwhile, let's switch over to politics. bill kristol is part of the never trump movement. rather than step aside, people like mitt romney and bill kristol are pushing for the third party candidate. he tweeted this it over the weekend. listen to this. here's -- i mean, that was my
4:06 am
cue to read this. just a heads up over the holiday weekend there will be an independent candidate. an impressive one with strong team and a real chance. that fueled all the speculation that is tom coburn, general stanley mcchrystal, which seems unlikely, he doesn't like to do media. >> ben sasse. a lot of speculation. >> that would destroy donald trump if he gets in. this will be tight -- this is going to be very tight. it's a 1 or 2% win. >> ben carson was asked about that, dr. ben carson was asked about that yesterday. he was asked about the implication of that kind of candidacy. >> what bill kristol needs to recognize, america is like a cruise ship about to go off niagara falls with tremendous carnage and death. i'm hopeful that the third party candidate will think about what the implications are of allowing
4:07 am
hillary clinton or someone like her to get in there and they get two to four supreme court picks. and completely change the nature of this country. and destroy the prospects for their children and their grand children to have the same opportunities that they had. they need to think about the big picture and stop worrying about their petty little differences. >> a good point. ross perot got in the race and that sent bill clinton to the white house. so it depends on what you want. if you're the voter, do you want the republican party split? then that means hillary clinton going to get in. >> it reminds me of someone who is so blind with rage, they want to knock the guy's head off. almost like a bar fight. now there's been times he's got the nomination for a month now. you would think that bill kristol would step aside. a lot of people critical of john mccain not conservative enough. mitt romney, why was he anointed? we heard this over and over
4:08 am
again. >> i think you have to think about it the implications of two more sonia sotomayor or two more elena kagan's on the court. >> some are saying that's the biggest issue, not the economy or national security -- >> the next president will nominate that. we'll ask one of the most influential republicans in the country, mitch mcconnell. he has a new book. we'll go over this right now. this is something that happened over the weekend. if you blinked you missed it. the huffington post had a writer yes this story. it was jarring. it was very jarring. it talks about hillary clinton's e-mails, recovered the deleted e-mails and put it together to see a direct linkage between 20 different countries that she cut
4:09 am
arms deals with and only 10% of the clinton foundation -- the money has gone to charitable causes. almost as if these are racketeering charges that are going to indict her according to this columnist under the rico -- the same way we took down the mobster. >> when this was posted it, it was an accident and the writer said that's not true. he's asking huffington post why did you take down my article? because this is factually correct. >> think about that. i wrote it, it's true. we posted it and why did you take it down? it's interesting, we talked about the third prarty run. you have hillary clinton leaving new jersey to go to california because she's about to potentially lose california to bernie sanders who's got articles being written about pointing to the indictment and
4:10 am
being pulled down. the next two weeks will be dicey. >> it's because fox news ran this story, listen in october this was going to get wrapped up. then they saw the linkage to the clinton foundation. that's where the delay is. this is a comprehensive investigation. that can put the clintons down for the count and the liberal leaning huffington post realized they'd be pushing it and why anyone logs on there i don't know. >> we can go on about the huffington post and editorial standards. let's hand it over to heather nauert with some headlines. >> great to see you all. pete, great to have you back. we are following extreme weather once again this time out of texas. weather soaked texas bracing for the worst as more dangerous storms and flooding set to wreak
4:11 am
havoc. tens of thousands of people forced to flee submerged suburbs overnight as more mandatory evacuations are put in place. this in harris county. desperate rescue efforts under way to try to save those who are still stranded in their homes. the brazos river is set to crest later this afternoon. possibly breaking a 60-year record high. we will keep watching that throughout the day and hope that you're all staying safe there. well, secret service agents jumping into action when animal rights activists rushed the stage at a bernie sanders rally in california. the group called direct action everywhere taking responsibility for this. saying that they had hoped to persuade sanders to take a tough stance against factory farms. then they posted this on facebook with the caption how bernie sanders treats protesters and animals. in it you can see a man in the site swinging a stick as sanders
4:12 am
is protect in the background. and a brand-new stunning report, it exposes yet another cover-up in the veterans administration. this time at the v.a. hospital nicknamed candy land. it's in wisconsin. and that's where doctors handed out pain killers just like candy. hours from now the senate will release the findings of the year long investigation into that medical center in wisconsin. the 3,350 page report is expected to show how that v.a.'s own inspector general ignored evidence. 35-year-old marine died at that hospital after he overdosed last year. and those are your headlines. see you back here in about 25 minutes. >> thanks. points out the cover-up of a cover-up. all over the v.a. >> right. all right, coming up the accusations are explosive. casey anthony told her attorney, jose baez, how she killed her child caylee and then paid him off in sexual favors. he is here to respond in his first tv interview next. and talk about playing
4:13 am
through. >> you ever take -- >> no, never. >> i think that's two guys in an alligator suit. >> nice try. an alligator. can that actually be real? we'll answer that question in a moment. >> no. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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4:17 am
the accusations are explosive. casey anthony told her attorney jose baez seen her on her right, where she killed caylee and where she hid the little girl's body and paid him off in sexual favors. well, jose baez is here. and thank you for being here. what's your response to the accusations? >> i have to get my denials out of the way. one, el chapo did not finance anthony's defense. two, i did not have an inappropriate relationship with casey. three, drug traffickers did not kidnap caylee and take her to
4:18 am
colombia. four, she never told me that she murdered her child and where the boy body was. five, the post office is not involved in the disappearance of anthony's disappearance. if you have a serious question about that i'll be happy to answer that. >> well we trust when you hire a private investigator now know him very well. you trust him. why in the world would he accuse you of this if this wasn't true? >> well there's where i'm guilty. i had never worked with dominic casey before. he only worked with us for a couple of weeks before i realized he was a complete and total moron. at that point after that i just simply brushed him aside. he got angry. there became a rift between us. he then went to work for the anthony family. and made all kinds of bold and wild accusations throughout the case. >> all right. >> this is nothing new. as it relates to mr. anthony.
4:19 am
>> why would he risk so much -- >> i'm sorry, mr. casey. >> why would he risk so much though? because now he could be out of business and this could jeopardize his business and himself. >> he doesn't have a business. he doesn't have a business. he worked for free for three years. in his sworn deposition he contradicts 50% of what he said in his affidavit. he better pray to the god of punk wanna-be private eyes that he not charged with perjury. that's how much of a joke he is. >> let me read you some quotes from the affidavit. he said baez had told me that casey had murdered caylee and dumped the body somewhere. he need always the help he could get to find the body before anyone else did. he is saying you hired him to go and find the body first. >> and then he also says in this deposition, three years earlier which is sworn that i never sent
4:20 am
him into anywhere to search for the body. so i mean, the guy is just lying. he is delusional. and i don't mind saying it on national television. it's that simple. >> why did you hire him? why'd did you need a private investigator? >> i was flooded with all kinds of calls and tips. if you recall for caylee sightings i needed -- he offered his help as -- as pro bono. it was something we didn't have the funds for. and i took a chance on him. and unfortunately i'm paying for it today. not only am i paying for it, my family, my employee, my employees' families. these are ridiculous accusations and this is something that i will be doing something about. i'm going to be pursuing this legally. and he's -- he's headed for
4:21 am
trouble. >> i applaud you for coming out and telling your side of the story. please continue to keep us posted if you move forward with this. >> absolutely. thank you. outrage mounting after a zoo killed a gorilla after a toddler fell in the cage. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix.
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4:25 am
doing okay. >> you have to think that he's traumatized after the fall and now some are blaming the parents, calling them neglectful. the father has a lengthy criminal history. is someone to blame here? >> let's ask jeff corwin. what's your response, did they do the right thing? >> i have to tell you it's really easy to sit here and play monday morning quarterback. this was a highly charged, chaotic situation and they had reached that point of no return. they were terrified about the survival of this child. on the other side you have a critically endangered species, an animal, this gorilla, that through no fault of it own finds itself in this chaotic situation. it's really hard to kind of pinch out the answer there. i'll tell you this. cincinnati zoo is an incredible zoo. they connect millions of urban
4:26 am
kids every year to nature. they're on the front lines of conservation in africa and protecting gorillas and saving rhinos. it's a tragic event. it is hard for us on tuesday morning to tell them what should have been done. >> you do understand his behavior and some said he was protecting the child, even though it was a male gorilla. is there a chance that he was protecting the 4-year-old? >> that is a great question. here's the thing. just like human beings, these gorillas are great apes, they are primates. they have complex behaviors a and -- but in the incredibly stressful, chaotic situation like this, who was to know where this gorilla was going to go? we can look at examples in the past where children -- where a child has fallen into the exhibit and the gorilla has saved and cuddled that child, we have seen that before. we have seen the other side of that where because of no fault
4:27 am
of the gorilla or a chimp because of human error and negligence, a human being was critically injured in a situation like that. it could have gone either way. >> indeed. well, jeff, the zoo director has spoken out and he made to make that tragic call. here's what he had to say. >> we did not take the shooting of harambe lightly. but that child's life was in danger. and people who questioned that, who are monday morning quarterbacks, or second gessers don't understand that you can't take a risk with silverback gorilla. >> you know -- >> i mean, we have heard that time and time again. that the zoo director did what they had to do. what about the parents? how much responsibility should be held there in this kind of environment? >> again, another issue. you guys are parents. i have got two kids. i have turned around and in a
4:28 am
super market and i couldn't find my kids or in a department store. whenever we're in public or where there are wild animals, remember, a zoo this is not disney world and animal tronics. common sense is important. we need to be responsible for our children. yes, accidents do happen, but ultimately we have children, we're responsible for their behavior. it's hard to say what exactly unfolded with this family in that moment. it's not fair to judge, but what i can tell you overall when we step back the result of whatever unfolded was incredibly -- it was a terribly tragic and ultimately one of the most endangered species on the planet paid the worst price possible. >> yeah. >> it's bad all around. jeff corwin, thanks. >> hopefully some good will come out of this. hopefully they'll raise a lot of money for the silverbacks. >> got to raise the barrier. >> and the kid was saved ultimately. >> send us your e-mails. still ahead, democrats are
4:29 am
coming to hillary clinton's defense with a new excuse for her e-mail scandal. that former secretary of state colin powell did it too. are they the same? have you heard what eric holder said about traitor snowden? he said the secrets revealed were a public service. what does mitch mcconnell think about that? we'll ask him live next on the couch. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one.
4:30 am
be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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4:32 am
ever seen one that big? >> never. >> i think that's two guys in an alligator suit. >> no. >> yes. >> its real life alligator, brian. walking across the golf course
4:33 am
in palmetto, florida. >> it turns out it's a brontosaurus. the gator has been roaming for years. the locals refer to him as the mascot for the course. somebody might want to put a net on it. >> wow. yeah. the beast is estimated between between 15 and 16 feet long. >> walking slowly there. but they don't. they can run very fast. my dad always said, because there are a lot of alligators at the beach we go, zigzag to get away from an alligator if they come after you. they can't turn very fast. >> some people might want to keep their children away from gators. your dad said how to run away. >> that's what we do in the south. >> i was having that conversation with my little boys over the weekend. you zigzag to get way from the gator. now you know. teach your kids. >> what else is happening in the news? good morning to all of you. i hope you're off to the great day. we have some danger caught on
4:34 am
dash cam video to tell you about. the heart stopping moments when the man opens fire on a police officer during a traffic stop. watch this. [ gun fire ] a miami police officer ducking for his life with bullets barely missing his head and then the suspect tries to take off. the officer hits that suspect in the arm. that suspect now facing attempted murder charges. i thought this is what everyone else did. that's the brand-new explanation for hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. but our judge andrew napolitano said it's simply another excuse. listen. >> i think she's in grave legal trouble and i think it's going to come to a head very soon. i believe that the investigation is just about over. they are negotiating to sit down with her as we speak. i believe that they will interrogate her in the next two or three weeks and ask the
4:35 am
justice department for -- to bring all the facts to the grand jury. if that happens she'll be indicted because the evidence of her guilt is overwhelming. just from the public record. >> the democratic front-runner's chairman sent a memo to big dollar donors about why she put our security at risk, saying she believes she was following the practices of other secretaries and senior officials in the administration. the letter is asking americans to not fault her for one mistake. well, your cell phone could give you cancer. there's a brand-new study that's catching a lot of attention. getting a lot of attention this morning. it links the devices radio frequencies to brain and heart tumors in mice. well, those alarming results were released early and some slammed the small sample size of the study. saying it is only a preliminary report. the results will not be released in full until next year. we'll follow that closely. those are your headlines.
4:36 am
>> thank you so much. he's one of the most powerful people in washington today. and he's got a brand-new book out called "the long game." senator mitch mcconnell, majority leader of the u.s. senate. welcome to our couch. >> great to be here. >> great job on the book. i want to get to your whole background. that's some news in particular for your party. what about the news over the weekend that bill kristol said he had a third party candidate all lined up. what do you think of that? >> that can only help hillary clinton. the last thing the country needs is four more years like the last eight. i don't think it's good idea to do anything that helps us elect hillary clinton. >> are more and more in the peoplein the senate or the establishment feeling as you are? >> look, donald trump got more votes than anybody else in
4:37 am
primary after primary after primary. i think we ought to respect the wishes of the republican voters. they have chosen him as the candidate. look at the alternative. i mean it's true that both of the candidates are pretty unpopular, but from the policy point of view why would anyone in the conservative world want to do anything to elect hillary clinton? >> i don't how much time you spent with donald trump, but what's your sense if it was a president trump? do you see him a conservative trying to move the reform through or a deal maker? >> look, he won't change the republican party. we know what we believe in. we have some differences with him. but i think he would have to adapt to, you know, to where sort of the right of center world is. and we do have some differences but he brags about being transactional and being a deal maker and all the rest. that's part of what makes things work in congress so given the
4:38 am
alternative i don't have any trouble supporting trump. >> what would hillary clinton's presidency look like? >> like the last eight years. look at the growth we have had, the lack of growth means lack of opportunities for the next generation. look, this has been a tough eight years for the country. that's why people are in an angry mood. they want to go in the different direction and hillary clinton is not a different direction. >> in your book, you bring us behind the scenes what it was like dealing with barack obama. talks the whole time, prove he's the smartest in the room first and you couldn't get him to budge on almost anything. it was joe biden was the only thing you got -- the only time you got things done there. >> yeah, the president is a very smart guy but i think it's a little grating for him to continue to try to impress you with his intelligence when you're in a meeting that you're trying to make progress on things that needed to be done. fortunately he did delegate joe biden on several key occasions. when we were threatened with a
4:39 am
possibility of a tax rates were going to go up. biden was transactional. he didn't try to convince me of what he knew he couldn't convince me of and i didn't try to convince him his arguments are wrong. we moved ahead. and the president wanted to turn us into the best earn european country. he did. and he's made a lot of progress if that's your goal. high debt, slow growth, last opportunity. the last eight years. >> and hillary clinton seemed to try to pride herself on being pragmatic when she was a senator. she's -- do you see any of that pragmatism or do you think she's in a bernie sanders straitjacket and she'll pursue the obama foreign policy? >> i don't think hillary clinton is a bill clinton sen frist. you get the impression she may have been more to the center than she is. because of her husband.
4:40 am
who did accept the fact that he had a republican congress and he had to move to the middle. >> eric holder came out on david axelrod's podcast. he said i don't like what edward snowden did, but he performed a public service. did snowden provide a public service? does it bother you that the former attorney general feels that way? >> that's truly outrageous comments. it makes me glad i voted against confirming him. he's the worst attorney general in history. >> tell us about your book. >> well, it's a memoir of my whole life. and most people will find it interesting the rough start i got off to. >> you contracted polio. >> yeah, when i was 2 years old. and my mother fortunately my dad was over fighting in world war
4:41 am
ii. my mother and i were living 60 miles from warm springs, georgia, which franklin roosevelt had set up as the polio treatment center. it affected my left leg. my mother took me over there. they taught her a physical therapy regimen and told her to watch me like a hawk and keep me off the feet. they were afraid if i'd try to walk prematurely i'd end up in the brace. for two years she administered this physical therapy regimen. kept an eye on me and kept me off my feet. my first memory was the last visit to warm spring, they told me mother that they thought i was going to be a normal kid, but wouldn't have a brace and wouldn't walk with a limp. >> you describe an upbringing where you don't have a ton of friends early on. you and your mom were extremely tight, you move and you tried baseball and you were terrible.
4:42 am
but you were determined to be better and you got good. you said this is where i am. this is where i want to be. you made yourself a good player. how satisfying is that? >> well, you know, when you -- when you're that age, you're trying to figure out how things work. and it dawned on me if i keep working at it i might get better. one day i got better, but there are humbling moments. just around the corner. i was going to feel cocky about how good i was. we went in to play the city all-stars. i was going to pitch the second half of the game. er walked the bases -- i walked the bases loaded, i walked a runner. and then a guy hit a home run. it was a very humbling moment. so i think, you know, one of life's lessons is don't get full of yourself. just when you think you're on top of your game there's always somebody better to knock you down. >> and you became the class
4:43 am
president, becomes a majority leader in the senate which was always your goal. i think there's a lot to learn by reading your book and looking at your life. >> as a veteran too, i want to thank you. there are some powerful stories in here about the no surrender caucus to make sure we supported general petraeus. >> thank you, pete. you were actually in the fight and we are grateful for what you did. >> thank you. thanks, senator. thank you for your work in washington. >> we'll talk for a complete hour on radio. >> i look forward to it. >> thanks so much. i appreciate it. >> we'll leave it there. "the long game." a stunning report exposes another cover-up inside the v.a. they were covering up the cover ju coverup. we're serious. imagine you throw a party for your kids and everyone shows up with gifts and your kid refuses to show up. should the gifts be given back? the child just didn't feel like it.
4:44 am
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4:46 am
4:47 am
well, it's happened given. a stunning new report set to be released in just a few hours from now exposes another cover-up inside the v.a. >> and it all centers around the hospital nicknamed candy land. >> kristin fisher has more on why it is called candy land. >> reporter: well, it's been a bad week for the v.a. first the secretary of veterans affairs compared the wait times to waiting in line at disney land and then "the new york daily news" discovered that the number of settlement payments made by the v.a. has tripled over last five years. and now the senate committee will release the results of a
4:48 am
year long investigation into allegations of pain killer abuse at a v.a. medical facility in toe what, wisconsin. the doctor was nicknamed the candy man for prescribing extremely high levels of narcotics. there was evidence of wrongdoing found, but the i.g. which is supposed to act as the independent internal watchdog never released their report. according to "usa today" five months after the i.g. closed the case, one veteran died at the same facility and the same doctor had added another opiate to the 14 drugs that were already in his system. listen to what his father told fox last year. >> they put him back on one medication that they had him on earlier that he went crazy from. and they put him on a smaller amount this last time which i didn't understand why the doctor put him back on this again. you know, you start to get
4:49 am
anxiety build up and he couldn't take it anymore. >> the full report will be he'sed in a hearing -- will be released in a hearing later this morning. we'll see what the top officials say, but they'll get grilled by senator ron johnson from wisconsin. brian, ainsley and pete? >> thank you. he's up for a big election too. meanwhile, imagine throwing a graduation party for your child and your kid refuses to show up. it happened and the internet has gone wild. should the gifts be given back? we'll discuss it next because we have nothing in ours going on we want to focus on theirs. but first on this day in 2005, mariah carey topped the charts with "we belong together." up ♪ olay luminous
4:50 am
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4:53 am
a firestorm now surrounding a high school graduate who ditched her own graduation party because she didn't feel like spending time with her family and friends. that girl's parents now wondering if they should force their daughter to return all of the gifts that people brought. here's what they wrote to "the washington post" advice columnist, miss manners. they wrote day of the party she leaves the house, doesn't show up at all. texting her dad that she wasn't feeling well, wasn't up to the party. so now we have 30 people, we are apologizing to and feeling extremely embarrassed by her rude behavior. let's talk about this with psychotherapist nell gibben daley and mother of jaime primak sullivan. what do you think of this? jamie, start with you. >> you know, i'm going to give this mother the benefit of the doubt and assume that her child doesn't have social anxiety or
4:54 am
any issues like that because if she did, i would assume the mother would be addressing doctors and not miss manners. the mother genuinely wants advice on how to handle this associate ingrace or misbehavior. i think there are a hundred things that went wrong here and they started long before the day of the party. truthfully. i don't know why the parents are throwing a party for a child who doesn't want. >> she asked a week before if she could have this party, she invites 30-plus people. grandparents are flying in, people are getting gifts, showing up. many of them might not have been in the mood for the party either but they were good friend, they showed up. family members went out and spent 50 bucks or whatever. what do you think? >> i agree. i don't understand why they'd throw a party for a child who is hesitant about throwing a party and then asking if she wanted to
4:55 am
cancel a week before it took place. i would suggest that the child -- you're throwing a graduation party for the 17 or 18-year-olds, if the child doesn't like parties that's a social anxiety disorder. >> no, that was never mentioned in the column. they never -- >> she's not writing to miss manners if her child had actual social anxiety. it's not an issue then. >> she has a social issue. >> do you think the kids might be getting her way? >> well, even if that's the case, you can use this as an opportunity for the family to start to communicate better with each other. >> wouldn't you be embarrassed though -- >> yeah. oh, absolutely. you would be embarrass. but this -- but the idea is how do you handle the situation like that once it's occurred? >> right. >> you can use it as an opportunity. >> maybe the parents are writing miss manners and not doing the right thing, like you need to return the gifts. >> or we need to send an e-mail
4:56 am
out to family members and hope they understand the situation. actually sit down with child and start to communicate about what happened and how they could have done something differently. >> it's happy to sit down with my child and discuss how it went wrong, and after she sends the gifts, starts to write thank you letters and remove everything that makes her life enjoyable until it's done. my bigger issue why was she so rude to her grandparents? >> the bigger issue is can the family communicate better with each other. >> you made the kid throw the ice cream away. because the kids would not thank the lady who helped at the ice cream shop. great to see you all. in the beginning donald trump threatened to run as a third party candidate and now establishment party candidates are doing the same thing to them. should he be worried? laura ingraham will weigh in next. crowd sounds ]
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, may 31, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. breaking news on the decision to shoot and kill that gorilla, dragging a 4-year-old little boy at the zoo. >> oh! >> we now know what will happen to the boy's parents who didn't notice he had wandered into the exhibit. plus, it's democrats in disarray. hillary clinton is ditching her trip to new jersey to focus on california. to fend off bernie sanders. laura ingraham going to weigh in in moments on that. wow. he stood by her side every day in one of the biggest trials in past decade and now the accusations are flying that jose
5:01 am
baez that casey anthony killed her daughter and that she paid him in sexual favor. now baez responded for first time on national tv to our own ainsley earhardt. we'll give you that response here live because your mornings are always better when you're with "friends." it's been a crazy morning. >> it has been. >> we're talking about this horrible accident that happened in cincinnati. >> indy 500. game 7 last night. a lot going on. >> golden state warriors, a victory. >> and senator mcconnell. >> lots of news happened as well. heather will tell you what you missed. we were talking about the gorilla at the cincinnati zoo.
5:02 am
we have an update. a fox news alert, an outrage growing by the minute, now brand-new calls to charge the parents of the little boy whose fell into the cincinnati zoo. officials said they were forced to shoot and kill the gorilla in order to save his life. now there's 400,000 signatures, calling for justice for the gorilla. and for the child's parents to be held criminally responsible for the animal's death. well, those parents facing a real fire storm of criticism. now they're being called neglectful. ongoing protests are raging outside the zoo, calling for action to be taken. we'll keep you posted? now extreme and dangerous weather. water soaked texas bracing for the worst as more dangerous storms and flooding are set to wreak havoc from the south up to the plains. thousands forced to flee the suburbs as more mandatory evacuates took place. the death toll climbed to seven now with desperate rescue efforts under way to save the stranded. the brazos river in texas, in the southeastern part of the
5:03 am
state -- it could break a 60-year record high. maria molina is on the story for us. she'll bring you more. a plane erupts into flames on the tarmac when a tire blows out. >> oh, my god, we're going to die. >> we're having a problem with heather's mike so i'll finish this. passengers heard a loud boom and smoke started to billow from the landing gear. fire crews sprayed foam on to the onces and the win -- on the wings and the windows. they took off for houston hours later. brian, you'll read this story, because this is the one he was so excited about today. >> can you introduce me? >> okay. this is brian kilmeade with sports. >> thank you very much, ainsley. the golden state warriors are headed back to the finals after
5:04 am
a dramatic come back, one for the ages. >> and he fires. yes! >> the reigning mvp and the reigning world champs won the western conference finals and earned a berth to play the cleveland cavaliers. curry was amazing. he had 36 points. oklahoma almost pulled off a mammoth upset after pulling one out against san antonio. in the end we'll remember this all for all time because the world champs were pushed to the brink of elimination and they were up for the challenge. check out this, his daughter refuses to give him a kiss. it would be different if riley watched her dad fall short, but what does he have to do to get a kiss from the daughter? >> you're so good again. >> only ten three, come on. >> a great player. a great guy.
5:05 am
>> by the way, a huge fan base watches our show in oklahoma. great season. unbelievable year. but you're looking at one of the all-time great teams. >> yeah. >> that's just one more than one player. >> oklahoma they played incredibly well for a long time and then they fell apart. >> laura ingraham joins us now. you can tell we stayed up until 11:00 to watch the end of that game? >> yeah, you're a little bleary ayes. >> we just learned that the parents will not be charged in the gorilla story. but many are in outrage over the story because they say that the gorilla's life matters too. what was your opinion on this? >> when i first saw this story broke, i knew that this was -- this exact reaction is what we'd
5:06 am
see. i would preface this to say, that i'm such an animal freak that i'm planning a trip to rwanda to see the great apes. you can take the trek up the mountain and i'm a wild conservationist. i love safaris, i have done it in africa. i preface this by saying that any time you see an animal having to be shot in this situation is horrific. this is is now becoming the cecil the lion story of 2016. >> yes. >> we have hollywood celebrities who emit a collective yawn when we find out what goes on in the abortaries across the country, in planned parenthood, the way that women are died to. we have a million babies a year who are not born. we sell off their body parts like it's nothing. and you hear nothing, i mean, in fact they celebrate it. not only hearing nothing but they secelebrate that.
5:07 am
of course the cleveland zoo would rather not have done that, but the idea it rises to the fever pitch level it's typical. the same thing with the dog in the cams. it is heart breaking to see a -- an animal not adopted but we have millions of children around the world not being adopted. we have the advocacy for children abandoned in this world or children who don't have the privilege of being born, they don't discuss it. so that's the kind of way i look at it. i think it's horrible and sad. i'm glad the child is okay. but really, i mean, we have veterans on the street who are eating out of garbage cans and yet hollywood is having a candlelight vigil over one gorilla tragically having to be shot in this situation. >> to save a child's life. >> yes. to save -- yeah, to save the child's life. so again the child's life is secondary. the gorilla's life comes first. but again, you can predict this exact thing was going to happen.
5:08 am
so it doesn't surprise me at all. >> on memorial day too. let's look ahead and talk about something not life and death, but politics. it's all coming to the end. the primary season in seven days. before that happens, there was a tweet that shocked the republican world, the conservative world put out by bill kristol. they have a credible candidate ready to go. who has a shot at winning. the majority leader of the senator mitch mcconnell, responded this way. >> well, that can only help elect hillary clinton and i think after obama the last thing america needs is four more years. i think we ought to respect the wishes of the republican voters. they have chosen him as the candidate. look at the alternative. it's true that both candidates are unpopular, but why would
5:09 am
anybody in the conservative world want to do anything to elect hillary clinton? given the alternative i don't have any trouble at all supporting donald trump and i hope everybody right of center does. >> your reaction to these developments and his reaction? >> i can't figure out really what bill is doing. i have known bill kristol since i was 22 years old. we worked together at the department of education under ronald reagan and at this point, you know, kristol is only helping hillary. mitch mcconnell is right. clearly mitch mcconnell is not happy about trump but he's pragmatism and he sees where the republican party going. going to a more populist direction. i guess bill kristol doesn't like that, he has a right to feel that way. but i'm focus bd on the -- focused on the real threat to this country which is hillary clinton. if i give donald trump advice, i wouldn't focus on bill kristol. i would focus on defeating
5:10 am
hillary nationally. not just in ohio or florida. but in national campaigns for american renewal. i think trump is like responding to kristol and in tweets. stop doing that. that is giving him more publicity and more oxygen and, you know, if i were bill kristol i would be worried that my magazine would start be spelled a different way, and maybe start -- maybe start figuring out why msnbc is booking you all the time. he's the go to guest on msnbc. i have always liked bill kristol, but this is only helping hillary clinton. >> a lot going on on the republican side. but on the democratic speaking of hillary clinton, she's bolting out of new jersey, news reports today, to head to california to stave off a surging bernie sanders. this while this was a report -- the huffington post, a writer you may have seen this as well, you're careful about what gets published on your website, but they deleted an article that
5:11 am
said hillary's indictment is imminent. the writer won't tell him why it was deleted. what do you make of hillary fleeing new jersey and this story? >> i don't know if it's an editorial decision, trying to protect hillary. it was put up over 2 -- the holiday weekend and it wasn't fact checked. i can't get into their heads, but the california stuff, guys, i would not be surprised in bernie sanders pulled off a big upset in california. california is in big trouble. it's flooded with immigrants but also there's a huge dissatisfaction in the democrat party -- the base of the party in california with the establishment wing of the party. bernie sanders is lit -- has lit up this faux populist fire in the golden state. i would not be surprised if he pulled off an upset which would be terribly damaging to the
5:12 am
clinton campaign. she better get to california. i think bernie is looking big going in. it would be a big story. i'm not positive, but i don't know, i feel like the momentum is with bernie. the money is with hillary and the super delegate, but the momentum is with bernie sanders. >> but laura, it's not winner take all. she'll probably go over the threshold and get the nomination. bernie does not care at all about the democratic party. >> i know it's not winner take all, but the psychic damage and the brand damage to the clintons, if they don't just really -- you know, trounce him in that state, i think you can't underscore how it would cement the idea of her weakness and her inability to connect with the regular working class democrat in a state as important as california. that's why i would really watch
5:13 am
donald trump in california. i think he's going to play a national campaign. he's not going to do the old fashioned focus on, just michigan, pennsylvania, and florida campaign. i think he's going to make a big push for california and try the pick up the bernie sanders supporters. even 10% would be a big difference for him come november. >> laura ingraham, founder and editor of lifezette. thank you. >> very diverse conversation. >> she's vestal. a shocking case of road rage caught on camera. >> [ bleep ]. >> the man who just got hit by that car, a veteran on a memorial day motorcycle ride. so what set this driver off? >> oh, where's the value for human life these days. and did the zoo make the right call, killing that rare gorilla to save a child who fell into the cage?
5:14 am
all right. >> brian is getting up right now. get up. >> get up. >> hit the streets. >> go see what you would do. >> got to go. >> if you ran that zoo. we're following you, brian. >> holding hands. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. every ingredient is the main ingredient. the strawberry poppyseed... romaine, mandarin, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry... strawberry... salad with chicken. at panera. food as it should be.
5:15 am
good luck with the meeting today. thank you. as our business is growing, and you're on the road all day long, it's exhausting. holiday inn has been a part of the team. you're on the fourth floor. it makes life on the road much easier. book your next journey at
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5:17 am
5:18 am
pete and i are inside because brian is going to hit the streets to find out if the zoo in cincinnati made the right decision. by shooting that gorilla to save the toddler's life. >> that's right. we have been talking to animal expert. now we want to get street experts. you're on the hunt. >> uh-oh, brian, we have to fix that microphone. showing the picture of the gorilla. you're probably very informed with the story if you have been watching our show. but over the weekend a child jumped or slid into the moat area into the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo. people are up in arms this morning because the zookeepers had to make the decision at the last minute to shoot that gorilla to save the little boy's life. >> it's an impossible decision. the reason we want to ask people in the street -- i think brian out in the street asking people. what are you hearing, brian? >> all right, sir, what's your
5:19 am
name? >> chuck. >> all right. where are you from? >> detroit. >> where are you from? >> detroit. >> you're together? >> yeah. >> did you hear this story -- we're showing everybody what happened with this child in the cincinnati zoo. they had ten minutes, they realized that the gorilla could tear the kid apart. so they took out the gorilla. what's your reaction? >> well, you have to preserve life. i know that the gorilla has a life too, but absolutely they did the right thing. >> right. what about you? >> i think the parents should be held accountable for what happened. they should keep a better eye on their child. >> but sometimes parents make mistakes. they turn away to answer the phone, and the child could be in the pool. >> in this case it was a tragic mistake. the parents should be held accountable because the life of the animal was lost. >> i appreciate it. we understand that the parents will not be charged. ma'am, where are you from? >> long beach, new york. >> did you hear about the story in the cincinnati zoo? >> very sad.
5:20 am
seem sorry for the -- i'm sorry for the loss of life of the gorilla. but i think they made the right decision. >> is this a problem, that you could get over the top of this enclosure? >> i would say, yes. they need better security. >> what about the parents getting pressure now, people are saying wait a second, what about the parents? >> i don't think i could judge them. i don't think they intentionally did it, i'm sure it was a mistake. >> thank you very much. have a good day. all right. that's what they're saying in the streets of new york. so far, one person saying that the parents are the problem. the other is saying that's a tragedy all around. you have to go with the kid's life over the silverback's life. back to you. >> thank you, brian. >> a lot of common sense there. >> every expert has said that they did the right thing. >> yeah. >> no, you're right. a tough situation. we're looking for your responses coming in as well. coming up, heroin abuse is
5:21 am
hitting one group particularly hard and it's not who you think. senior citizens are falling victim to this drug. and secret service agents springing into action to protect bernie sanders when animal rights activists stormed the stage.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
some quick headlines for you. weary travelers arriving to the scene at chicago o'hare international. a taxi trashing that entrance. thankfully no one was hurt. the cops say look at that, the driver was speeding. when he hopped that curb and careened right through the glass at the airport. and former nsa agent edward snowden is calling out former attorney general eric hold for
5:25 am
his about face. holder referred to the leak of classified nsa security files as a public service. snowden calling out holder's shift in position on twitter, outlining the change in stance back to 2013. pete? >> thanks, ainsley. the shocking state of addiction hitting senior citizens. a florida retirement community has become the epicenter of a record rise in heroin and other overdoses as they turn to harder drugs such as pain killers. look at this, 900% increase since 2010 in heroin deaths. here to talk about the growing epidemic is melissa larkin skinner from center stone, the florida community's behavioral hospital. thank you for joining us this morning. i think a lot of the viewers will be surprised by this. where is this epidemic coming from? >> it's really borne out of prescription pain pill -- so
5:26 am
prescription pain pills became a huge problem in florida in 2008 all the way through 2009. and pills were basically being handed out like they were candy. but as far as the effects of senior citizens here, senior citizens have legitimate reasons for being prescribed pain pills, so those are handed out. and unfortunate thing about the pills is that they are addictive. no one is immune to the addictive effect. >> have they become a gateway to harder drugs like heroin? it wouldn't surprise me if folks are trying to get relief. what about heroin? increases in dealership leading to that using? >> we absolutely have, so florida cracked down on the illegal pain pills or the pain pills being prescribed in illegal pain clinics and there was a huge shift to people using
5:27 am
heroin instead. pills were less available and heroin was much cheaper to pills. once you're already addicted you're going to keep trying to find that substance you're addicted to. >> wow. incredible. for parents who have grandparents, maybe they don't live with on a regular basis, aren't able to track, what should people be looking for in case their family member might have -- be facing this? >> they should definitely look for any change in behavior. any increase in falls or accidents that maybe they didn't see before. any confusion, disorientation. anxiety, depression, things that weren't there before. and the big thing to remember is that unfortunately for seniors especially we look at a lot of those things as part of aging. so we don't always recognize that there could be other causes like addiction. >> what are the practical steps that friends and family members can take?
5:28 am
how can we help a loved one in that situation? >> so one thing that we definitely always want to do is see if there's any history of addiction in our families. and to be honest about that with our physicians, being able to attend appointments with our loved ones so we can share the information they maybe won't share themselves. and educate ourselves about the different medication that the physician prescribed. not everyone knows that the medications, the drugs, are addictive and can become unsafe. because a respected professional is prescribing them. so educating ourselves and then being able to say no. no, i don't want anything that can be addictive. what are my other options? >> sure. well, melissa larkin skinner, thank you for sounding the alarm on something we don't want to
5:29 am
see, the elderly facing this crisis. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. more on the child who climbed into the gorilla cage at the zoo. the parents will not face charges. but there are a lot of people out there who say they should. peter johnson jr. breaks down the legal scenarios ahead. it's widely known that katy perry and taylor swift, well, they don't get along. ♪ nothing but bad blood >> well, brand-new tweets they's over. and plus don't believe everything you read online. we've got it next.
5:30 am
can this much love be cleanedrlin' by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power
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♪ ♪ i roll every window down and i burn up ♪
5:33 am
well, lee brice wrote that song after hearing stories like this one that we're about to tell you. we witnessed an incredible moment here on show yesterday, a fallen soldier's truck returned to the two sons nearly the ten years after his death. >> that's right. major troy gilbert was killed in combat. leaving behind his wife and five children. before his last deployment he sold his third generation family truck so his wife and kids would have some money while he was deployed. >> wow. yesterday, with the help of folds of honor and lee brice, they bought it back and restored it for the teen age sons and they revealed it for first time. >> we'll flip it around. >> i mean, i don't have words. honestly. >> lee, what does it -- >> you can't describe it. >> you can't put it into words. >> just awesome, brother. >> oh, my goodness.
5:34 am
♪ i drive your truck i rolled every window down ♪ ♪ and i burn up every back road in this town ♪ ♪ i find the fields, i tear it up ♪ ♪ through all the pain, the cloud of dust ♪ ♪ yet sometimes i drive your truck ♪ >> oh, gosh. we're all emotional. that mom left with five children to raise on her own because he made the ultimate sacrifice and died for our country to protect our freedoms. that's major rooney in the red t-shirt saluting. >> they do amazing work. just think of that, he was 6 years old when his father was killed. ten years later, he gets the truck back. >> between the song, the artist and the group, unbelievable series of events. that was great to put that together. >> folds of if you
5:35 am
want to donate. >> they tell you exactly where all the money goes. >> nearly 90% goes back into helping other children. helping the wives or the children of the fallen soldiers. amazing organization. gives them scholarships. >> for anyone who lost a parent you knows how much it means to have something that belonged to your mother or father. good morning to you. i have a couple of headlines i want to bring you right now. a navy veteran nm in a shocking case of road rage that was caught on camera. take a look at this. >> [ bleep ]. >> my goodness. well, you see that silver car just run over the motorcyclists who were in the middle of the road. this happened in tampa, florida. one of the victims a navy veteran, a witness said it
5:36 am
started when the driver ran the people off the road. that driver is now facing charges. secret service agents jumping into action when animal rights activists rushed a stage at a bernie sanders rally in california. the group called direct action everywhere taking responsibility saying they were hoping to persuade sanders to take a tough stance against factory farms. well, they posted this picture on the facebook page, showed a man waving a stick with this caption how bernie sanders treats animals and protesters. well, the accusations are explosive. casey anthony told her attorney jose baez how she killed her little daughter caylee and where she hid the body and paid him off in sexual favors. well, mr. baez was here to deny the claims. he spoke with ainsley in his first tv interview since the
5:37 am
news broke. >> one, el chapo did not finance casey anthony's defense. two, did not have an inappropriate relationship with anthony. three, she was not kidnapped and taken to colombia. four, she never told me she murdered her child and where the body was. >> well, the man behind the claims is the private investigator named dominic casey. baez says that casey only worked on his case for a few weeks before he was dismissed. that's when he says the investigator started to make the accusations. baez said he plans to pursue legal action. is the bad blood between katy perry and taylor swift finally gone for good? ♪ ♪ nothing but bad blood, you know we used to be mad love ♪ >> perry tweeting long standing rivals swift, miss you, baby. but that wasn't katy perry. her account was hacked. an unknown twitter troll had a link to one of the unreleased songs but it's been pull down
5:38 am
because of violating copyright laws. neither perry or swift have commented on that. i'm sure you were awaiting the latest. >> not talking. >> i thought we should cover this. >> this is bigger than lennon and mccartney. >> a little pop culture is fun. thanks, heather. let's go over to maria with the weather forecast. >> good morning. switching gears. heavy rain across parts of texas in the forecast as much as six to eight inches of rain can come down in some areas. keep in mind, we have seen heavy rain and flash flooding as well across eastern parts of the state. so this of course could worsen those conditions. we do continue to see river flooding out there, a number of flood warnings are in effect. severe weather will be a concern, anywhere from texas up to wisconsin. damaging winds and large hail and some isolated tornadoes possible out there. meanwhile, across the east coast of the u.s. we're continuing to
5:39 am
deal with the remnants of bonnie. a lot of tropical moisture out there. but most of the rain will be concentrated across parts of eastern united states over the next couple of days. >> 22 now before the top of the hour. the final 22 minutes of the day. donald trump's biggest challenge to win the white house, winning over multicultural women. we'll talk to the former president of telemundo about how he can pull that off. >> more on the child who climed into the gorilla -- climbed into the gorilla cage at if columbus zoo. the parents are not going to face charges but a lot of people are saying they should. peter johnson jr. will break that down next. my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice...
5:40 am
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all right. today outrage growing off the zoo kills a rare gorilla to save a child who fell into the cage, the child is 4. but police say they're not pursue, charges against the parents, but is it their fault or is the zoo responsible? here to weigh in is peter johnson jr. >> good morning. i don't know what they're talking about, probably the most misunderstood story. >> you have a 4-year-old with a mom, who said to an eyewitness, who overheard him saying i want to jump in the water with the gorilla and he does. >> let's talk about criminal and civil liability. criminal liability, let's look at whether the zoo has criminal liability. they don't have in terms of the negligence that they may have involved with. apparently, the wall was but
5:44 am
three feel tall. followed by that four foot of bushes. and then perhaps a protected netting or fence around it. >> by the way, we're seeing it right now. >> we don't know that. so tell me whether children raised -- whether the parents raise their children up on to particular wall or that barrier, whether there's the risk of a 3 or 4 or 6-year-old or adult j p jumping over the barrier, of course there is. so the zoo needs to be concerned about criminal negligence. criminal negligence in terms of the parents, yes, absolutely. is there something that called that child to jump over so the child welfare authorities will look into that but said that they won't be prosecuted. the civil real system where the real issue is in this case. is that zoo reasonably safe? is a three foot wall safe to protect children and adults from falling in to that moat? >> 36 years, they said no incidents like this. >> doesn't matter. that's not evidence of anything.
5:45 am
in looking at that particular wall, in looking into that enclosure, it appears to me that it's not safe. in my view it is absolutely not safe. that it is a risk to children. in designing things like this, there are three things you want to look at. you want to design risk out. did they do that with that particular three foot wall? do they warn it out, tell parents make sure they don't get close to that particular fence or do you guard it out? is there a protective netting on the other side of the bushes that you fall into the moat. even if the boy was not taken down by that gorilla, a 15 foot fall it's incredible that he lived. so i say let's get things in perspective. make sure the zoo is safe, make sure parents are doing what they're doing. let's not get worried about an endangered species versus a 4-year-old child. >> you think the protests are
5:46 am
misplaced? the protests saying all lives matter, gorilla lives matter -- >> i don't think we should have gorillas in these kind of places to begin with. but once you do, make it safe for the children, make it safe for parents. especially if they screwed up. if the parents screwed up, that's why you want to have it designed in a way that doesn't allow them to screw it up. tell me a parent hasn't lost sight of their child for two or ten seconds, do they say well our zoo is not reasonably safe. you need a rope on your child to make sure that the child does not fall into the enclosure for the gorillas. >> do you think the parents should have a civil case? >> i do. i would look at a case like that. any lawyer would look at a case like that. a three foot fence? to stop a child of 4 years old from going into the moat? falling 15 feet?
5:47 am
is there protective netting? it seems wrong on its face. i don't think it's the standard across american zoos at all. look at the bronx zoo and other zoos. i bet they don't do it that way. >> fascinating case. unfortunately it ends for the silverback with his death. but the kid seems okay. straight ahead, problems with hispanics being trumped up? >> is that the media staging a shot? is that the media statementing a shot? is telemundo staging a shot? >> probably. >> we'll talk to the former president of telemundo and former "apprentice" contestant of what she thinks of his chances. but first let's get to martha maccallum. it's your show, more about you than hemmer. >> good morning. so donald trump holds a press conference about the $6 million
5:48 am
raised for the veterans and hillary clinton is headed to california where bernie could beat her. we'll show you the latest poll numbers there and talk of a third candidate entering the race on the gop side. who would that be and what mitch mcconnell has to say about that. and a different take on gorilla and the little boy. when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. put some distance between you and temptation with meta appetite control. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand.
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5:51 am
you have to learn from history from the past. >> absolutely. >> well, you got lucky twice. >> you keep bringing it up. i don't know why you haven't gotten over that. >> you're fire. >> challenging donald trump. well, she knows what it's like to sit in the boardroom with donald trump. now nely galan is weighing in on the donald's chance for winning the white house and what she thinks could cost him the
5:52 am
election. >> joining us right now is the former president of telemundo television, author of this book "self-made, becoming an empowered self-reliant and rich in every way" nely galan. welcome. >> hi, i'm excited to be here with you. fans of the show. >> well, thank you very much. considering your rich background in our industry which you are now a part of, pete. but let's talk about this. when you were sitting across from donald trump, did you say that's a future presidential candidate? >> no way. >> why? >> no, because when you're doing a tv show, it was an incredible show. but it's like saying if you're watching "american idol," do you think that simon cowell is going to be the president of the united states? no. i mean, it was a tv show. it was super fun. but that's what it was. so no i would never have thought that. >> very different context, what did your experience with donald trump tell you about his candidacy or what he would be like as a future president? >> it really didn't, because again that was a tv show. i would have never thought that what i thought was an act would become a platform. right?
5:53 am
i think so much has changed in the world since i did that show that i think it really changes what we all think about what has to come next. right? first of all, you know, i wrote this book "self-made" because it's never been a greater time in history to be a woman. women are the fastest growing entrepreneurs. it's a perfect time, a perfect storm happened in 2008. i did "celebrity apprentice" in 2008 and the crash created an opportunity. because women started to realize there's no prince charming. the corporations are not going to save us and they went into entrepreneurship in the digital age. even for women with kids. we have a really good story to tell which is why i wrote this book. i think every company in america, every candidate in america has to look at this new reality, that women in america
5:54 am
and particularly diverse women are the sleeping giants in america. we are the ones that are, you know, the growth engine to the u.s. economy. so anybody today has to understand that. in any -- >> but you argue you understood that before the 2008 crash. you were already at 35 experiencing incredible success. what message did you get early that others didn't? >> i'm an immigrant, came to this yet when i was -- this country when i was 5 from cuba. we understand that we're grateful to be here. we have come from countries where things haven't gone so great. we have incredible work ethic. we have incredible drive because we still know that even with all the problems people talk about in america, this is an incredible place to take advantage -- >> but do you support donald trump? >> you know, i think right now, he really needs to work on his messaging and i can't support his messaging. i think when you have women like the women who we have and the
5:55 am
diversity that we have, you can lead by, you know, kind of fear amongering or lifting the women up. >> how can he do that? people are saying he needs the support of latinos and women. how can he make women and latinos feel -- >> i don't know. he has to make a real pivot. i don't know if that pivot would feel authentic at this point. because again, when you have these people that are immigrants in america, immigrants make up half of all entrepreneurs. >> but i think his problem is illegal immigrant, not immigrants. >> well, you know, that's like saying i like this minority, but not that minority. >> no no. is that not a fair and important distinction? >> it's not fair, if you say to me i don't like illegal immigrants. well, a lot -- i'm one of those. >> illegal immigration. >> we don't like that word. illegal immigrants. undocumented people. >> what do you call people that come across the border without
5:56 am
permission? >> well, people that come across the border are undocumented. i'm not a political pundit, but what i care about is how we speak about people in this country. i think you have to remember that people like latinos for instance who are -- latino women are the number one emerging market in the world in the u.s. you know, when you speak about people that's not lifting people up, and what you hear is something's wrong with these people that's not the right messaging. i think you have to remember that latinos are very conservative people. when you look at, you know, the idea that republicans in general have not really messaged properly to all of these diverse people -- >> very true. >> we're so proud of you and your success and "self-made." >> you all need to be self-made too, because all the companies are not prince charming. >> more "fox & friends" in a moment. pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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well, log on the for the "after the show show" because our show is already over. >> you want more. >> i need another hour. >> you have martha -- >> that's true. they'll have a great show today. >> run to the radio too. bill: good morning, everybody. donald trump set to go before reporters and answer questions about lingering questions about his promise to donate $8 million to charities that benefit veterans. martha: happy tuesday to you. donald trump is expected to speak at 11:00 a.m. at trump tower. this stems from a fundraiser he hosted instead of


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