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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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live twitter voting results on your screen right now. can donald trump pick up senator sanders' supporters? 18% yes and 19% no. good night from washington. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> hillary clinton turned the state department into her private hedge fund. >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. >> let the games begin. the primary campaign to become president underway. and there will be blood. talking points will lay it out. >> the people coming across the border are people that just want jobs. >> it used to be liberal politicians would disguise their open border philosophy. not any longer. we will tell you what's going on. >> we will not be paying the tax on british tea. not on our watch. will we, boys? >> no. >> to the harbor. >> also ahead, would have you been a radical in 1776
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or would have you played it safe? we'll take a look at the next "legends & lies," the patriots. >> the cargo on those ships will not be unloaded. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. thank god the primaries are over. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. so it is on to the main event. hillary clinton vs. donald trump for the presidency. over the next few months, we will be bombarded with personal attacks, deception, fraud, fear, and loathing. it all began last night. >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. [cheers and applause] he's not just trying to build a wall between america and mexico. is he trying to wall off
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americans from each other. when he says let's make america great again, that is code for: let's take america backwards. >> so here is hillary clinton's two-fold campaign strategy. first, to paint trump as a bigot, a man who despises latinos, blacks, women, whomever. second to portray him as unstable. a president who would bomb portugal if they t him off over there you will hear those reoccurring themes over and over and over. as for mr. trump, he said this last night. >> hillary clinton turned the state department into her private hedge fund, the russians, the saudis, the chinese, all gave money to bill and hillary and got favorable treatment in return. it's a sad day in america when foreign governments with deep pockets have more influence in our own country than our great citizens. >> now, on monday, mr. trump
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says he will have a major corruption speech for us about hillary clinton. and his two main campaign points are: first, to portray her as a criminal and, second, to convince americans that she will carry on the policies of barack obama, which have led to deep disenchantment, especially in the economy. so, there will not be much nuances in the upcoming campaign. does that matter? not really. truth is, most americans have already made up their minds. there are very few who still are confused over whether secretary clinton or donald trump is the best candidate. so, it will all be about turnout. that's what's going to decide the election. also, the end of the primaries means that bernie sanders is headed to the locker room. maybe. >> next tuesday, we continue the fight in the last primary in washington, d.c.
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[cheers and applause] and then we take our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to philadelphia, pennsylvania. [cheers and applause] >> so i guess someone forgot to tell the senator that he got hammered in california last night, a state he thought he would win. there is absolutely no chance that bernie sanders will be the democratic nominee for president. but, put yourself in bernie's position. what else does he have to do? unless you are fascinated by cows, hanging around vermont doesn't offer very much. yes, can you ski but not in the summer. i guess you could go to the birthplace of calvin coolidge. that's up there. quiet. is beautiful but back in washington, bernie sanders never really made much of an impact in the senate, he did some good work for vets. that's about it he is not a player in the senate body. so bernie will go on to the convention to get his
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accolades but you won't be seeing much more of him. clinton campaign needs sanders' supporters but, believe me, they don't want the bern flaming out around them. summing up, nasty campaign ahead, very simple streaghtsdz strategies, i hope you get to take a long vacation this summer. and that's the memo. now for the reaction new york city patrick murray mom monmouth university polling and senior associate editor of the kiplinger letter. we will begin with you, everybody expects hillary clinton will get a little bump now that bernie sanders is defeated. you concur with that? >> yeah, absolutely. we see this happen all the time. weave saw it with donald trump a few weeks ago when he got the nomination wrapped up. we will see that bump for her. the question is how long does that bump hold? what other things are going to happen? and what happens with these voters on both parties who still aren't quite happy with their nominees? >> well, that's an interesting question. it's not going to be a third party run. you already have johnson on
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the libertarian ticket. it's too late, you can't do it. but it's, as i said, the stay-home factor. i would like you, in the monmouth polling, to include that. do you like donald trump? do you like hillary clinton? or will you stay home? because i see this as maybe an election with a very low voter turnout even though there is so much passion. how do you see it, mr. sammon? >> thank god the primaries are over. now god, please help us. we're going to have to live through this for four more months. it's going to be a nasty fall. donald trump at the very time he is supposed to be expanding his base he is hitting it like a piñata. and here you have hillary trump -- hillary clinton she finally busted through the gas ceiling, now she has glass ceiling she has busted glass email to clinton foundation questions. >> i think it's fair to say that both candidates have a lot to overcome to engender
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confidence. that's a key word. but it comes down to who americans are most comfortable with. it's hard to say right now because there are going to be things like mr. trump trying to get away from the judge controversy. he will, a month from now very few people will even remember that. except for maybe mexican americans, they might not forget it but the base of people are. but it's one thing after another. so we have to have the fbi. they have to weigh in, right? so, one way or another, that's going to be a big story. and donald trump going to have to go to a debate process. and i think whoever wins the debate will win the election, mr. sammon. >> yes. neither is a perfect candidate. the debates are important this time. oftentimes people have made up their mind well in advance. however, you have a lot of independents. you are right, a lot of independents lean one way or the other.
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however, there is a sliver of them that do not. they will await the debate performance. that's important. that will probably be some of the best tv we will be watching. >> the highest rated debated ever. that's for sure. it's going to be like nixon, kennedy, whoever wins is going to win the white house. >> the minority communities are very important in this election. and not because they are going to vote for donald trump, even though he looks like he is going to do outreach to the african-americans and hispanics. economic program. that's how he is going to do it. the minorities showed up big time for barack obama. do you guys expect them to show up as well for hillary clinton? >> that's the question. we don't know that we are trying to get that in our polling. turnout question. >> yeah. yeah. >> which groups are turning out? one of the things that we do know is that in almost every one of the purple states, the competitive states there is also a competitive senate race which means a lot of these republicans and democrats are going to show up to vote. the question is do they vote in the presidential election? so you mention turnout. i think we are going to have an issue where people do turn out but do they not
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vote for president which is an odd occurrence. >> i think they will. >> so what do they do? right now, what our polls are showing and every poll that has included this is that they are showing let's use gary johnson as our opt out position. >> yeah. >> and that's why i think -- right now he is getting about 10% in the polls. somewhere in that vicinity which secluded. and they are coming both from clinton -- who would be democrats? who would be republicans. >> right and left. >> and then there are bernie sanders people. i heard the number 40% of bernie sanders supporters are not going to vote for hillary. >> i don't believe that. >> i don't believe that either. >> there is a question whether minority voters and other core groups both republican and democrat come out to vote and vote for president. >> the polling on this time around has to be very microbecause everybody, the majority of people have made up their minds already. gentlemen, very interesting, thank you very much. next on the rundown, there are very serious issues in play as you know. will the candidates actually address any of them candidly? later, open borders, you would be surprised how many americans want to let
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defeating isis and the jihadi overseas and finally getting the immigration under control. we asked monica crowley and ebonie williams to come up with their two top issues. not taxing them too much. leaving the economy aside. we know about the economy, it's all speculation. trump says he is going to do. this hillary says she is going to do that nebraska knows. you can't predict it. there is no indicator on that at all. monica, what's your number one issue? >> rebuilding the military, strong national defense and fighting the existential threat of islamic fundamentalism. unless you take on those issues, none of the other
5:14 pm
issues matter. >> okay. so, today in israel, another shooting. we're never going to wipe out terror, ever. it's always going to be there. but, you say rebuilding the military. now, what does that mean? a massive expenditure in there. >>? barack obama over the last eight years has really gutted the military. >> what does it mean. >> in a whole variety of ways. he has reduced the army, reduced the navy. our nuclear forces need modernization. >> you want to put a massive, monetary investment in. >> you absolutely do and this is something donald trump has talked about. >> so that's your issue. >> what's your first issue? >> my first issue, bill, is education. i agree with monica the national security thing must be dealt with domestically education is the most compelling part of your trajectory and has the biggest impact. >> this is, again, is very, very vexing. you cannot force children to be educated if their structure at home works against them. >> that is correct, bill. you know what everybody wants to talk about on the campaign trail? higher education.
5:15 pm
we have got to talk k through 12. you know this as a former teacher. we can't fix the income gap immediately? how about school choice? i want to see hillary clinton and donald trump speak candidly and directly. >> hillary clinton is never going to support school choice because of the unions. >> right. that's a problem because even barack obama has broached this and people get very quiet on the left when he goes there. he starts talking about what's best not for the teachers and i love good teachers but there are some bad ones, too. what's best for the children? >> so education is yours. what's your second? >> illegal immigration, enforcing the borders, enforcing existing immigration laws. >> again, are you going to infuse a massive amount of money in there? because you sound like a democrat. >> what are you talking about? i sound like donald trump. >> well, take trump out of it. this is monica crowley. you want a trillion dollars investment, i would assume in the military over 10 years. another trillion-dollar investment in enforcement for illegal immigration? >> first of all, you have legislation on the books that requires the building of the wall. so you have to make sure that that conversation --
5:16 pm
right, that's already existing and congress has the executive branch under this president has -- >> do you buy the fact that mexico is is going to pay for the wall. >> i think donald trump has a clever way of making mexico pay for the wall? >> i think it's possible, bill. >> it's possible? >> yes, to defray the cost to mexico. >> defray? >> absolutely, yes. >> a little lemonade stand on their side and will be a sign buy a cup and defray por favor. >> it has the only potential to change the country. >> we are going to do that -- in the next block the whole block is on illegal immigration. what's your second. >> criminal justice reform, bill. left and right have started this conversation but they are having them in vacuums of one another. >> criminal justice reform means what? >> i it will tell you, this as a former criminal defense attorney. most of my clients were dual diagnosis. mental health issues and substance abuse issues.
5:17 pm
chris christie, talking about decriminalizing addiction. i want to see both sides put their pen where their mouth is let's talk about policy. >> i have my pen. so what do you want me to write down? more money for. >> not just more money, bill. i want restructuring how we do it. we have got three strikes and you are out? let's talk about rehabbing a part of those opportunities. let's talk about ways that we can go there. >> it doesn't work. all of this doesn't work what you are saying. >> okay. >> unless you have forced rehabilitation. mandatory rehabilitation. >> we have drug part. i was a part of it we had people successfully graduate. >> but you have to go. >> if you are convicted. keep you out of mass incarceration. >> i would support that. >> good. >> but i would have to go and you would have to go to a place. >> successfully complete it, sure. >> stay there and behave. and if you misbehave you go to jail. >> that's a way to remedy both the mass incarceration numbers and also get people involved. >> and you take the market away. >> absolutely. >> and stabilize the neighborhoods who are being
5:18 pm
devastated by. this i would support that. >> thank you. >> you are both big spenders. i want everybody to know very big spenders. directly ahead, as i mentioned illegal immigration chaos. why does it continue in this country? i will tell you. then later, martha mccallum on why some people in rhode island don't want the american flag displayed on fire trucks. we're going to burn their houses down. up ahead. we've got that thing! you know...diarrhea? abdominal pain? but we said we'd be there... woap, who makes the decisions around here? it's me. don't think i'll make it. stomach again...send! if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea or ibs-d - a condition that can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi. a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage both diarrhea and abdominal pain at the same time. so you stay ahead of your symptoms. viberzi can cause new or worsening abdominal pain.
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illegal immigration is still an enormous problem as you know. but millions of americans really don't want to solve it. a recent speech by secretary of state john kerry caught my attention. >> you are the most diverse class in northeastern's history. in other words, you are donald trump's worst
5:22 pm
nightmare. [cheers and applause] you are about to graduate into a complex and borderless world. >> well, secretary kerry doesn't seem to have a problem with the borderless world deal. and, the democrat and libertarian candidates for president don't see much urgency either. >> i will do everything under the law to keep families together. in my first 100 days, i will introduce legislation for comprehensive immigration reform. [ applause ] that includes a path to full and equal citizenship. [ applause ] >> so, if mrs. clinton keeps her word and is elected, that means amnesty for all illegal aliens who are here. well, maybe not all but most. comprehensive immigration reform, when you hear that phrase? that means nothing will ever get done because liberal americans generally oppose stopping people from coming here without documentation. and republicans they want strict immigration
5:23 pm
procedures. so you are never going to get the two groups to do anything comprehensive. listen to bernie sanders. >> we must end the current deportation policies. [cheers and applause] and if congress does not do its job, i will use the executive powers of the president to do everything i can. [cheers and applause] >> senator sanders doesn't want anybody in this country illegally to even be questioned. and he certainly wouldn't build a wall or beef up other security measures. how about the libertarian candidate, gary johnson? >> the people coming across the border are people that just want jobs. how about making a system whereby it would be easy to get a work visa that the border patrol would actually be able to identify those people as opposed to mothers with children that are actually wading across the rio grande because of jobs that exist and they can't get other to take advantage
5:24 pm
of them. >> jobs that exist. again, governor johnson doesn't have any problem with millions of people, millions coming in to the u.s.a. to secure jobs. jobs that exist. that, of course, would make it more difficult for american citizens to get those jobs because they would be competing for wages with millions of foreign nationals. therefore, the wages would go down. in addition, johnson should read the boston globe investigative report which says that since the year 2008, when president obama was elected, ice has deported hundreds of thousands of criminal aliens. in 2015 alone, 59% of all deported immigrants had been convicted of at least one crime here. 59%. the director of ice, sara told a congressional
5:25 pm
committee that in a two year period her agency has released more than 86,000 criminal aliens on to the streets of the u.s.a. a shocking admission. so, illegal immigration is not just a job humanitarian issue, it's a public safety issue as well. so here's the end game. and it's simply common sense. america simply cannot absorb economically, socially, or any other way millions and millions and millions of foreigners coming in here at will. no country could. yet, that is what the open border crowd wants. it is as i have said before, insane. there is a way to get illegal immigration under control and still have a healthy legal immigration program that gives foreign nationals opportunity here. but you must have discipline. and you must have harsh punishment for those who
5:26 pm
violate a fair immigration program. but, again, that is not in the liberal playbook. and all americans should understand that. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. millions of dollars at stake in the publishing industry. so shouldn't the best seller list be honest? the "new york times" list very suspect. we'll have a special report. and, later, how many republican also refuse to vote for donald trump? important question. we will deal with it. and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine
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don't be dull. personal story segment tonight honesty in journalism especially when millions of dollars are at stake. i have been fortunate enough to have 20 books on the "new york times" best seller list. 11 of them hit number 1. so an argument can be made that i should not even be mentioning this next story because i have had so much success in the publishing industry. but others have not been as fortunate as me. and the aforementioned "new york times" best seller list is now under suspicion. if a book makes that list, that comes out sundays, it generates more sales, sometimes big money is involved. so this is no small thing. my latest project "legends & lies," the patriots, written by david fisher debuted last saturday on the "wall street journal" best seller list at number one. it's also number one on the publisher's weekly best seller list. that's the magazine that covers the book industry.
5:31 pm
but on the "new york times" best seller list, "legends & lies" the patriots number 6. so how is that possible? according to the nielsen organization which tracks every book in america, patriots sold 24348 copies the week the "times" put it at number six. the number one peculiar on the "times" list the gene sold just 9781. a collosal difference. woe asked the editor of the "new york times" deign beckett to appear this evening and explain his best seller list, but he refused. that's too bad because mr. baquet should know his list is not accurate. it's impossible for the gene to have sold more copies than "legends & lies," the patriots. impossible. therefore, the "new york times" best seller list is not an honest barometer of book sales. we talked with tim, a literary marketing consultant and margie ross,
5:32 pm
president of publishing yesterday: ms. ross, we talked with you. authors, do you believe you are getting a fair shot from the "new york times"? >> no. in a simple word, no. we don't. they play games all the time with many of our books and most of our most high profile authors who have experienced the same thing you have experienced. >> well, give me an example though. give me something solid. >> okay. terrific. we published a book with david limbaugh a couple years ago called "jesus on trial." it outsold the next highest book by 50%. and they didn't even put it on the list. meanwhile, they had henry kissinger's book on the list at number 4, which sold, as i said 50% less. >> than david limbaugh's book. >> than david limbaugh's book. >> they go week by week, and in the "new york times" list means a lot to publishing houses and authors if you can make the list that leads to more sales and more
5:33 pm
publicity. numbery research is the fix over there or what are they doing? >> what they're doing is just selecting the data that fulfills what they are looking for. so, they are not just making up numbers. but what they're doing is they're sampling the right stores, sampling the right numbers to make sure that it kind of leans the way that they want it to lean. >> but that's not a best seller list then. >> oh, yeah. i think the best seller list should have a big asterisk and it should have some kind of editorial oversight. >> we want to be best sellers. this is why i'm doing the story. i have had beau coup "new york times" number one new york sellers but it's not about me. i'm just using my book as an example because it's so egregious. we know -- we called the "new york times" and asked them to come on. they wouldn't come on. they say they have a secret sauce kind of like the big mac. >> right. >> they go to secret book
5:34 pm
stores but won't tell us which ones they say if we tell you then everybody will go in there and ba ba ba. do you buy that at all ms. ross. >> i buy that they have a secret sauce and i buy that they don't want anyone to know because it will undermine their ability to control what's on the list. i think the problem, of course, is transparency. that's not going to play well for the "new york times." but, we have got a lot of data that we can access now more and more as you know. >> yes. >> whether it's the nielsen ratings or amazon ratings or direct sales reports from the big chains. so we actually know what's going on. >> every single book is accounted for. i get the numbers every single week. >> as do i. >> if we all agree that the "new york times" best seller list really isn't a best seller list, it's not. an agenda, the books they want to be best sellers. why don't they just change the name of it or do an honest count? why don't they just do an honest count like the "wall street journal"? >> well, there's lots of things that they play into. because if they really just
5:35 pm
didn't want any conservative books, your book wouldn't even be on there at number six. >> they couldn't do that. that would be fraud. then they could be criminally charged if they did that. >> but what they're doing is just sampling the right stores at the right times to lean it that way. why don't they not call it a best seller list? that's what i have been calling for for a long time is it's not a best seller list. it is a list that has sold a certain amount that they think are good enough to be on that list. >> i think that's the solution. it should be the "new york times" what books we want to be best seller list. and leave it to publishers weekly the "wall street journal." "u.s.a. today" is a fair list i would think ms. ross would you say it's a fair list. >> much better than the "new york times" certainly. it corresponds much closer to reality. >> shenanigans but not too much. >> much better. >> the sales are exact now. every week everybody knows how many books are sold because the money is so big. so, anyway, we appreciate you guys coming in. and maybe the "new york times" will take my
5:36 pm
suggestion but they never have in 20 years so that would be a miracle. >> we'll see. >> thanks, bill. >> one clarification, the nielsen system call operates 70% of all books sold in the u.s.a. they don't do sam's club, cosco, wal-mart, but i get those sales every week. can i tell you that "legends & lies" the patriots far and away. this week and first two weeks far and away not even close fiction or nonfiction, hard back. anyway, the editor of the "new york times" welcome on the program any time i think you are a decent man but this is not right. when we come right back, how many republicans will refuse to support donald trump? we'll take a hard look at that question. and martha maccallum on the flag controversy in rhode island and embarrassing political ad moments away. constipated?
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the campaign 2016 segment tonight, it's well known some republican also not support donald trump for president. the question becomes how large is that number? joining us from washington congressman bill floor reds a republican from texas. so you are not going to vote for trump? is that the case? >> that's not what i said, bill. by the way it's great to be on the factor with you.
5:41 pm
thank you for inviting me. >> sure. clarify it. i thought you weren't going to vote for him or whatever. >> no, no, no, no. what happened the press asked me this morning if i would endorse donald trump and i said no. but i also clarified to say i intend to v him. here's the deal, bill, what we are trying to do is make sure we get everybody to vote for him. the goal is to put him in the white house there is a lot of similarity between mr. trump's background and my background. we were both successful business people. we both got upset with what was happening in washington and we are both running for office. i ran and won and i won because i was talking about a vision. i was talking about how to stop the obama agenda now how to stop the clinton agenda. what we want mr. trump to do is focus on that vision and not be throwing bricks at other people based on their ethnicity. i mean, the whole judge question is not the issue here. the question is how can we promote that positive vision that the american people want to hear? >> if you're so adamant that you need a change from the obama administration, why won't you endorse donald trump? i mean, it makes sense that
5:42 pm
you would get on the trump train, does it not? >> well, here's the situation. lots of people come and ask to do business with mr. trump and they want to put the trump name on their properties. but mr. trump vets those people to make sure that they worthy of his name. the issue is the same. mr. trump wants all of us in washington to line up and support him and we want to do that, but in order to do that, he has got to cast a vision to talk to the 70% of americans that think we are going the wrong direction and then try to tell us how he is going to lead us away from the obama/hillary agenda and move forward in a successful direction. that's what we want to hear him talk about. not throwing bricks at judges. >> it offends you that, the personal attacks and judge deal. let me ask you about the judge deal. >> yes, sir. >> this racism thing has been thrown around. do you believe that donald trump gets up in the morning and says, you know what? i don't like mexicans, i'm going to go out and try to make them look back. do you believe that? >> no, sir, i don't. i don't believe donald trump is a racist but he has made statements that can be
5:43 pm
interpreted as racist. >> sure. >> and we don't need them today. we want him to talk about a vision. >> you don't believe he wakes up and wants to denigrate mexicans? >> no, sir, not at all. >> in your opinion, he did that to the judge, right? >> absolutely, he listened to his own words he did. >> now, don't you think that was more about him being angry at the judge for a decision the judge made rather than the judge's ethnicity? >> one of the things i learned about running for office is i have to control my emotions and my tongue. i need to stay focused on what the american people want to hear as far as a vision. and so he has got to get past that and start talking about. >> answer my question. >> okay. >> don't you think it was more about trump being angry with the judge's decision in a civil litigation rather than the judge's ethnicity? >> it doesn't make any difference because that's not what the american people hear. the american people heard racism. the american people want to hear about a positive vision for the country. >> all right. >> and getting away from the obama/hillary regime. >> okay. i get your point but i think you understand mine as well.
5:44 pm
>> oh, yes, sir, i do. >> you use the r word unless you are david duke. unless you have got a history of trying to denigrate minorities or other people. i mean, you need to have a perspective. that's all i'm saying. i don't think it was wise that mr. trump said that about the judge. it wasn't wise. >> right. >> but it's always interesting to see this division in the republican party some love him and then others, like you, are a little more hesitant. we appreciate you coming on, congressman. >> we want him to be successful. we need him in the white house. we don't want hillary clinton. >> it's either him or hillary. that's it. it ain't going to be anybody else. all right. thank you, congressman. by the way, dennis miller is on vacation this week but he would like to you know the tickets to who wants to be presidents shows make fantastic gifts for father's day. tickets remaining for mohegan show connecticut nighttime sold out. biloxi, all of those shows will sell out shortly info on bill o' martha maccallum on deck. big flag controversy in
5:45 pm
rhode island. she will deal with it next.
5:46 pm
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of your retirement today! back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? one of the things that has republicans worried is that if donald trump does not perform well, the g.o.p. may lose the house and the senate. speaker of the house, paul ryan, in charge of making sure that does not happen. but ryan himself has some competition. a tea party guy named paul nalan is running against him in the primary. >> this is a rio grande. smuggling drugs in to america shouldn't be this easy but it is. cheap mexican heroin is killing americans in record numbers. it's got to stop. paul ryan has had 18 years to fix this. he has failed. i want to keep the cartels from killing our kids. >> here now to explain
5:49 pm
further fox news anchor martha maccallum. so he is down there on the rio grande walking back and forth with the big drug. >> with a big box of drugs. >> nobody around. >> nobody is stopping him. >> pretty good ad. >> it's a god ad. he is trying to sort of take advantage of what donald trump is standing for. not allowing any drugs to cross the border. having a tougher border patrol. tpp, he is very much against tpp. these are areas that he thinks paul ryan has betrayed them on. he held signs for paul ryan and supported him very strongly in previous elections. but this businessman, like donald trump is now speaking out. >> you say is he a businessman what is his business. >> he has done manufacturing companies in wisconsin and, you know, decided that he is going to run on the tea party ticket in march. >> okay. >> is he an entrepreneur. >> he doesn't have any chance, you know that, ryan will win. >> ryan has approval ratings of 81% in the district. he is getting some attention for it. >> is it fair though for nalan who looks like a pretty bright guy to blame ryan that the united states
5:50 pm
government has not been able to secure the border? i don't know if that's fair. >> he is saying that paul ryan has claimed it something he cares about. he has been in congress for 18 years. he is saying he is our guy, he is our representative and these are the things we care about. those are things he says he cares about and he hasn't accomplished them. >> i'm not sure if that's fair or not. >> it may or may not be fair but that's what he is saying. >> i'm going to talk to ryan soon and i'm going to bring that up and we will see what he says. >> okay. in rhode island, and you drive through rhode island on a regular basis. >> quite frequently. >> watch out for the troopers though. sneaky. right behind the tree. >> i know. >> anyway coventry, rhode island there is a controversy about putting american flags on fire trucks. roll the tape. >> firefighters say it started last year when fire district chair men fred likened the flags on the trucks from what you see from terrorists. >> they look like a bunch of yahoos like in the paper when they are going -- the isis going in to syria to take over a city. i don't think they need that big flag on the back of the
5:51 pm
truck. that's not america to me. those are a bunch of terrorists. so i'm going to ask you to please take the flag off that truck. >> he now says to a district spokesman he used a poor choice of words and apologizes for any perceived disrespect of the flag. but he says they are not telling firefighters to take the flags or decals off the trucks, but there was a new policy put in place. [ laughter ] he used a poor choice of words. >> yes. >> i lo this. >> of all the stories and things he could have compared. >> i don't think the guy. >> firefighters to he chose people behead people in the streets. >> i don't think the guy could be any clearer. >> he was quite clear. >> on what he meant -- he doesn't like flags on fire trucks because it makes them look like a bunch of yahoo fanatics. >> somebody really likes you when they call you a yahoo. i dug into this because my question is what's his gripe? why is this guy so mad at the firefighters? it does go a little deeper than the obvious idiotic move than to criticize the
5:52 pm
firefighters' flagsen their trucks. they have deep financial problems in rhode island. they have within fighting over consolidating some of these firefighters and districts. he has been arguing in favor of that they went into bankruptcy. so he feels that the firefighters aren't giving on their contract and aren't trying to find financial solvency that he is recommending, so that's the basis. >> let me get this right. because is he not happy with the firefighters and the way they are handling the money issue, he attacks the flag? >> yes. >> yeah. when it doubt call them an isis imterritory. >> i think when i see a police officer or a firefighter or even a teacher with a flag, that means they respect the nation and they are working to protect the nation and educate the nation. i'm proud of that. what's the matter with you, paul, you pinhead. >> when we grew up there were flags everywhere and such a resurgence of flags after 9/11. that's when you started seeing all these flags on fire trucks and that's the significance of it for most people. >> we both agree that
5:53 pm
gralinsky is misguided. >> misguided which he has now admitted. >> he chose the wrong words. >> he chose the wrong words. >> there is such vagaries in that statement. >> that's in that statement. >> never mind we chose the wrong words. >> there she is. a factor tip of the day. the patriots episode. featuring the boston massacre and the real tea party. >> to the fight. march. >> stand by, stand by. hold your ground. >> the tip, moments away. closing the stage
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
understands that many of us are victims of those who view our ideology system. the judge is a member of the san diego lawyer's association. and the national council of laraza is listed as one of their affiliates. that's not true. the lawyers are not affiliated with la raza. you can't make that leap. >> glenn russell. toll say i'm racist because he's mexican is a racist statement. when will we see trump bowing down before statues of yourselves. >> i think that event is scheduled for next tuesday. but we'll keep you posted. >> ron crete ft. lawsuiter dale,
5:58 pm
florida. i still don't understand why you have guests, you don't let anyone talk. >> everyone talks, you just have to turn that sound up a little bit. >> premium membership. >> we o'reilly's have to stick together and thank you very much for all upm's an alert, the no spin snooze tonight is a good one. concerns charles krauthammer and me, you want to check that out 108 ruby from hagerstown, maryland. way to go, guys factor tip of the day, the first episode of legends and lives of patriots
5:59 pm
was the highest rated cable news program on all networks. this coming sunday, we will deal with the boston massacre, the boston tea party and john adams. >> to the front, march 37. >> stand by, stand by, hold your ground. >> cease-fire. cease-fi cease-fire. >> very intense episode. legends and lives. please check out the fox news website different from the billo' name and town if you wish to opi opine. what is a -- do not be laconic.
6:00 pm
tomorrow, cnn misconstrued what i said about the judge. we'll try to straighten them out, again, thanks for watching tonight. the spin stops here, we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, with hillary clinton now the presumptive democratic nominee, and reports the president could endorse her at any point. there's a dramatic new question about whether such an endorsement would create a terrible conflict of interest for this administration. welcome to the kelly file, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. president obama's endorsement of hillary clinton could come at any time. while that would hardly be a surprise, it has the potential to be problematic for those who report to president obama, here's why. right now, president obama's fbi director and his attorney general are overseaing the unprecedented investigations into mrs. clinton's e-mails. fox ne h