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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 13, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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have created space for isis to expand and grow like nobody has ever seen before. these actions, along with our disastrous iran deal, have also reduced or able to work in partnership with our muslim allies in the region. that is why our new goal must be to defeat islamic terrorism, not nation-building. no more nation-building. it's never going to work. and by the way, we have spent almost $5 trillion over the years on trying to nation-build in the middle east. and it has been a complete and total disaster. we're further away now than we were 15 years ago. for instance, the last major nato mission was hillary clinton's war in libya. that mission helped unleash isis on a new continent. i've said nato needs to change
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its focus and stop terrorism. we have to focus on terrorism and have to stop terrorism. since i've raised that criticism -- and it's okay, got noncredit for it but these are minor details -- nato since announced a new initiative -- front page of "the wall street journal" four days ago -- focused on just that. america must unite the whole civilized world in the fight against islamic terrorism. [applause] pretty much like we did with communism during the cold war. we've tried it. president obama's way. doesn't work. he gave the world his apology tour. we got isis. and many other problems in return. that's what we got. remember the famous apology to -- we're sorry for everything. i'd like to conclude my remarks
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today by again expressing our solidarity with the people of orlando, who have come under this horrific attack. when i'm president, i pledge to protect and defend all americans who live inside our borders. wherever they come from, wherever they were born, i don't care, all americans, living here, and following our laws, not other laws, will be protected. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. we're going to be tough and we're going to be smart and we're going to do it right. america will be a tolerant and open society. america will also be a safe society. we will protect our borders at home. we will defeat isis overseas. we have no choice.
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we will ensure every parent can raise their children in peace and safety. we will make america rich again. we will make america safe again. we will make america great again. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you. >> donald trump live, in manchester, new hampshire, with a strong message about the new events of the past 36 hours, saying a politically correct response will destroy the united states, saying with we don't get tough and smart, it's on us, and reiterated his call for what he considers a pause, a temporary pause, in the admission of refugees from the war-torn country of syria, and suggesting he would expand that beyond to other countries that have direct links to terrorism. i'm bill hemmer, tick past 3:00,
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working today for shepard smith here on site. carl cameron is with donald trump. want to check in on the message and the speech and more from the trump team. carl, good afternoon. >> hi, bill. well, obviously this was a so manier and sometimes very angry speech. donald trump had plans to deliver a speech castigating hillary clinton and saying she was unfit for service, and going after a bill of particulars if he thinks that are the offenses shoot dissquall her from the presidency and this was supposed to be a peach some n which he would outline how he would defeat isis. what mr. trump said was that the intelligence services are being hall strug by president obama and president obama is in part by association to blame for all of these things for not having done enough to stop isis already. he also criticized hillary clinton time and time again, saying she was weak, out of step, dunce understand the problem because she has refused for years to say, radical islamic terrorism. today actually, when asked about
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her unwillingness to say that, she talk about radical jihadoff. but has not used the phrase. radical islamic terrorism and trump. became quite critical of hillary clinton and the president, and for donald trump who more than a year ago said he had, a quote, beautiful plan to fight isis but didn't want to talk about, lest everybody stall the idea in the presidential race or prepare for is, as the terrorists defending themselves front an onslaught of americans trying to stop it. he renewed his call for a temporary ban, saying it two be temporary. it would take a while to figure out which countries he -- he was rather specific about this, saying there would be countries from which radical terrorism has been shown to be emmating and coming to the u.s. that would have a temporary ban on immigrants. he made absolutely no compromise in that. he said that is something he thinks absolutely has to happen, and when he is president he'll implement it. bill?
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>> carl, did you hear the comment about he accused the terrorists of being an afghan -- i believe was the word that trump used there -- born to afghan parents. all the information we have today is that he was born in new york. now, have you seen a transcript of the speech? did i hear him say that? or was it different -- >> reporter: he did say that, actually. there is a transcript and we'll check it again, but the words he used, perhaps if he misread it from the transcript but he suggested that the shooter was in fact born in afghanistan and noted the shooter's father at one point was a candidate for president of that country. so perhaps his facts were a little bit wrong or misread from the prompter. something he has not had a lot of practice with. he's been doing it's lot lately but it's mostly been off the cuff. >> thank you, carl. carl cameron live in manchester. so the news is slowly sinking in here in central florida. 49 innocent people dead.
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dozens have long painful recoveries ahead of them. the have the resources of the fox news deck this hour as we report live on the terror in orlando. >> yesterday was the most horrific day in the history of the city of orlando, and yet i stand here prouder today of our community than ever. >> the investigation. >> our focus is to get the truth to get it to you as quickly as we can. >> the motivation. >> we're highly confident the kill wears radicalized. >> this is terror and northeasts to be stopped. isis is evil. >> and the determination. >> we as a gay community, gay lesbian, bisexual, transgender people, are a community that loves and if you think you're going to stab at the heart of us, you're not. >> today america moves forward in the face of yet another attack. >> we will not give into fear or town -- turn again -- against
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tetch other, instead we stand united as americans to protect our people and defend our nation and take action against those who threaten us. >> i'm bill hemmer good afternoon. in for shepard smith. we're live in orlando where investigators say they're working to identify the last of the victims in the bloodiest mass shooting in the history of our nation. city officials have released the names and ages of most of the 49 who have died. we have photos of some of them. officials say the victims' ages range from 19 to age 50. they were sons and daughter, brothers and sisters, in all of them caught in the spray of bullets. at a gay nightclub, just steps from where i'm standing, today president obama calling the massacre another example of home-grown extremism help said it appears the shooter organization mama teen, had inspiration from extremist
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propaganda, but so far there is no evidence that he had direct ties to islamic state or other terror groups, that according to the fbi. >> no direct evidence he was part of a larger plot, and in that sense it appears to be similar to what we saw in san bernardino but we don't yet know. and this is part of what is going to be important in terms of the investigation. >> fbi director james comey today saying the killer called 9-1-1 three times during the attack. he says twice he called 9-1-1, one time the operator called him back. he says the suspect pledged loyalty to the leader of the islamic state but also mentioned other terrorists, too, including the boston marathon bombers. director comey says the fbi had interviewed mateen three times for having loose ties to a suicide bomber in syria, and for comments he made to a coworker at the security company in 2013. one of those coworkers told "the
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new york times," mateen talked about killing people all the time in his words and also called the killer, quote, unstable and unhinged. fox news has confirmed mateen worked at the florida department of corrections. more ahead from the killer's father as well. he is talking today and soes his ex-wife. we halves new details from the investigation, including reports the gunman had cased other targets, including disney world, about 15 miles from our location here. we'll also look at his possible path to radicalization and focus on the innocent people, the terrorist murdered and the families left shattered. we'll take you to hospital and show you how people around the world are mourning with ore lan door. the to attack targeted folks trying to enjoy themselves, drinking and dances late on a saturday night, and letting loose from the pressure of the past week. when it all turned into tragedy on sunday morning.
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>> it was lattin night at the pulse nightclub. this video shows the before the chaos. what happened next left some dazed and speechless. >> i can't even explain what -- >> witnesses say they'd dinot know what was happening at first. >> all of a sudden we heard boom, boom and thought it was the stereo after the second shot there was a pause ask then just started shoot, shooting, shooting and that's when we knew something was wrong and everybody just dropped to the ground and then people started running. >> shooting back and forth. >> as the gunfire continued, the nightclub posted a message on facebook, warning everybody, get out of pulse, and keep running. >> orlando, we have shots fired. request you stay back, don't enter the scene.
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>> police surrounded the area, the gunman still inside. meanwhile, survivors who made it out, helped the wounded. >> what brought to us orlando? >> doing what they could to keep the victims calm. >> i got you. >> you're going to be fine. >> the person i was with was shot in the back, i took my bandana off and put it in the bullet hole in the back. he was bleeding so bad his whole pant leg was red and it was soaked. just my commands were covered. >> the vast majority of the gunshot wounds were to the chest, the abdomen, and the extremities. >> paramedics set up a triage area nearby as police loaded victims on to pickup trucks. >> tell me when you're ready. go. go. >> the standoff continued for more than three hours. >> gunfire, gunfire, gunfire, gunfire. >> take cover. all personnel.
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you're not in a position of cover. >> police report members of the s.w.a.t. team used explosives an armored vehicle to rip apart a wall and get inside the club. we're told they killed the suspect in a shootout. >> and after making sure there were no explosives finally made it inside to see the true scope and scale of this attack. >> we have gotten better access to the building. we have cleared the building. and it is with great sadness i share we have not 20 put 50 casualties. >> we now know one of those 50 casualties was the gunman so 49 innocent people died in that attack. we have team fox coverage of the terror in orlando, first to steve harrigan live in city. what more are we learning about why police waited to enter the nightclub that night? >> well, those three hours certainly forming a question question today in law enforcement officials gave some
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of the details behind some very high-pressure decisionmaking an sunday morning. the three hours elapses between the time the first shots were fired at 2:00 a.m. those were between an off-duty single police officer and the killer, and then at 5:00 a.m. the decision made to breach the back wall near the bedroom where the killer held several people hostage, the broachhead made with explosives and an armed truck. the chief said it was very difficult decision. >> based on statements made by the suspect, based on information we received from the suspect and from the hostagesags and people inside, we believed further loss of life was imminent. >> reporter: that bearcat is a quarter million dollar machine. it was picked up by the city a couple years ago and may have saved some lives on sunday. bill? >> wow. steve harrigan, thank you,
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learning about in the fbi's contact in the past with the shooter? >> reporter: the fbi ran a full ten-month investigation of omar mateen beginning in may 2013 after he told co workers he has family ties to al qaeda, was a member of a she you organization and hoped the feds would raid his home and assault his family so he could retaliate and become a marti. the fbi used informants, did surveillance and two in-person enter influenza which he told them he admitted make together claim to flip out his coworkers. during that investigation mateen was added to a watch list and if he had tried to buy a gun the fbi would have been told. three months after that investigation closed, mateen's name came up in a second investigation before a florida man who was the fir american suicide bomber for al qaeda in syria. they went to the same florida mosque. >> in the course of that investigation, one witness told us, when asked, do you know
12:19 pm
anybody else who might be radicalizing, he had once been concern about the killer because the killer mentioned videos. >> mateen was watching the videos of the american cleric, al-awlaki, the first american tacted for death and killed in 2011. reading the sermons or watch his videos are among the most common red flags for radicalization and they were also seen in the san bernardino case as well as fort hood bill. >> there was also several 9-1-1 calls that were made between the terrorist killer and the 9-1-1 operator. what more did we find out about that today, katherine? >> reporter: the fbi director confirmed there were in fact three 9-1-1 calls that began about a half hour into the attack. mateen called and hung up. he then called a second time and spoke briefly. and then the dispatcher made the third call, calling him back. >> during the call, he said he was doing this for the leader of
12:20 pm
isil, who he named, and pledged loyalty to, but he also appeared to claim solidarity with the perpetrators of the boston marathon bombing, and solidarity with a florida man who died as a suicide bomber in syria for al nusra, a group in conflict with the so-called islamic state. >> the fbi director told us at the session that there are strong indications that the attack was inspired by a foreign terrorist group, though he said the calls seem to confuse the issue because mateen pledged allegiance to isis and linked himself to al qaeda. director comey said mateen traveled twice to saudi arabia but found no derogatory information about the trips and he had nothing further to say on the people magazine report that mateen did surveillance of disney world or his contact with other clubs, citing that east orlando post article. >> catherine, he also noticed don't see anything we would do differently.
12:21 pm
interesting. catherine herridge in washington. in a moment i'll speak live with man who was inside the nightclub when the shooting started. his story of survival that you'll hear live in a moment along orange avenue. downtown orlando. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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more now on the deadly terror attacks in orlando. christopher hansen is with me live help says he was getting a drink at the bar when he heard gunshots inside the nightclub and you got out alive. >> i did. >> you moved to orlando two months ago for a life change and you tell the you have been laying low for a while and saturday night what the first night you've went out. >> yeah. in some time. >> what time was and it what did you hear? >> about the sooting oar when i got to the bar?
12:25 pm
got there about 1:30. when i ordered my drink if asked if it was last call. it was. they made me mixed drink. sat at the end of the v.i.p. area, close to the unisex bathroom, and the neck thing you hear is pow, pow, pow, thinking it's part of the music bus it went with it. >> just a little bit -- we have helicopters above so just speak up a little built. did it continue in that rhythmic pattern? >> no. it was continuous. just kept going and going. after a few shots and you hear screaming turned around and kind of looked in the v.i.p. sex -- people were dropping and people were screaming and blood everyone. the personality next to me was shot and went down i didn't know what to think. i dropped immediately. a weapon of this mat destruction was insame. at firth i thought it was
12:26 pm
multiple shooters because to hear that many gunshots at one time, and kept going. >> at that point you're on the ground. did you crawl out? >> when i dropped to the ground, went -- noticed everyone was falling, the liquor glasses were breaking and bullets were straight ahead0. so if you standing and running you were getting shot. so i dropped and crawled out. when i reached the back patio i knew i had reached the outside and that's when i tried to stand up, and zig-zag out. >> how long would you say from the first shot that you recognized as a bullet, from a gun, to the time you got outside? >> probably 45 seconds, a minute. it was -- everything was just so quick. it happened so quick. it was like a herd of elephants. everyone kept going and there was no stopping. when i was on the ground trying to call out i got stepped on a couple times and by the time i got out, i thought i have to get
12:27 pm
out of here. it was either life or death, and there was no way. i was going to -- >> surely dark in there did you see casualties? >> i saw that there were people that may not get out possibly. there were people that were limping. people shot in the hand, arms. they were just running, and when we were trying to make it across the street, noticed some that had already been shot and they had stopped and rested and were believing scout trying to wrap people. put a bandana on a bull resident hold to keep them from bleeding out, and the paramedics took him. and i helped somebody else and we helped carry her. she was shot in the arm. she had heart issues and was trying to pass out. was trying to keep her awake by telling her her marriage what she was there, what brought her to orlando. she just moved here from ohio as
12:28 pm
well. so both of us just moving here -- >> you had a remarkable story, and i have seen you of and on throughout the day out here. a lot of media, a lot of law enforcement. does it help you to talk about it? >> it does, actually, because it makes me not think about what is going on. it also helps to reach out to those that aren't able to have the courage to do this, and it's interesting to say that, as a community, we're being brought together better, and everyone is trying to stay -- i've been watching this thing with bush and with him trying to say it's an isis thing or group of muslims. no. it was a hatred thing. one person. one individual that felt that he didn't like a certain thing and he came in and he wanted to destroy the lgbt but it was the whole community. >> everyone. >> everyone. so when you say a target, you feel it as a target because it is an lgbt club.
12:29 pm
but pulse is where -- a mixed club. three different rooms, these different types of music. it was latin night. >> thank you for sharing your story with it. it's great to see you, moved here from sandusky, ohio. thank you for sharing. >> thank you. alive says his sonother man who was shot twice inside the nightclub. >> he got shod. threw himself on the floor. then he got shot again when the gunman came over and he kind of lifted up his eyes a little and just lay back down. that's when he noticed that the girl he was holding hands with, let his hand go. so he notice shed got shot and didn't make it. >> sorry. >> doctors say 29 people still in the hospital. five in grave condition, and we pray for. the now. emergency workers rushing most of the victims to orlando regional medical center, the only level one trauma center in
12:30 pm
the area, and also happens to be just about half a mile north of the club. a doctor described the scene on facebook: quote chaos was thrown at us fastester than anyone was train to happen. win patient terriblized and three more rolling back. peter doocy has more with the survivors. live outside the hospital in orlando. what are they telling you today? that's the mod like -- mood like there? >> reporter: the mood outside the hospital is obviously -- the air is filled with a lot of grief but people are also very scared that are showing up. not only scared for the loved ones inside, suffering from extreme gunshot wounds. that's the way one of the doctors described them. extreme gunshot wounds, and also fearful whether or not they are going to be safe going to a place like pulse, which was build as the premiere gay nightclub in orlandoful here's what we maune told us a few
12:31 pm
minutes ago. >> i don't feel at all. we went to walmart, don't know what's going to happen. go to the gas station, don't know that's going to happen. we're not safe. we're gay. don't know who is going to kill us. we're not safe at all. >> so people are very upset for a lot of different reasons here at the hospital. that man was ely velasquez, visiting his friend in the hospital who was working as a bar back at pulse, and eli told us that since he was 18, he has been going to places like pulse. he has never been peated down. they've never done any kind of a security check but he thinks that moving forward that would probably be the best way to keep people safe. >> you've think about the changes, too, not just here but other places. the word on the victim's conditions. what have you heard from the hospital? are they going to make it? >> reporter: you mentioned that of the 29 victims still being treated there are five in grave condition, but the hospital is telling us that the prognosis
12:32 pm
they think is good. that they are no longer giving any of the patients large amounts of blood. there were six operations scheduled for today on those victims. they started first thing this morning. we're waiting to hear how the operations went. hospital officials are telling us that the one thing they wish they could have done differently was just had more time. just if they could have gotten some of the victims here a little bit earlier, they may have been able to save more people but that would be hard to do because we are less than a mile away from where you are at pulse. >> thank you, peter. back to you at the hospital. when we get more news. peter doesy. in a moment, more on the investigation, where we stand right now, what we think we should learn soon. we'll peek with a former head of counterterrorism. he says this case is time sensitive and the key element is the possibility that other
12:33 pm
people helped the duckman. is that the case based on what in the fbi director told us today? that's coming up as fox reports live from orlando in a moment. ♪ experience the thrill of the lexus gs f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. demonstrations helped launch the good rights movement in america and last night hundreds gathered in the west village for a vigil. not one scheduled for tonight. a massive show of support in louisville, kentucky, as more than 1500 people met up on the bridge, crowds chanting, we are orlando, and in seattle you can see the rain blow flag at half stan on the space needle. in california, thousands marched through the streets of san francisco, holding candles and rainbow flags as america mourns
12:36 pm
the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. the news continues with bill hemmer in orlando right after this. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. i'm getting dark chocolate and a hint of butterscotch. how about you? i taste - whaaaaaaaaaow. wha wha na na na na na na da ba da ba da ba daw! it's good.
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that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. a few items during the commercial break, house speaker paul ryan says there be a moment of silence on the floor of the house tonight. tomorrow, members only, house briefing, with the fbi director and jeh johnson, directoff or homeland security. from orlando no, plans to release the 9-1-1 tapes and certainly they will be chilling once they go public. people around the world gathering to show solidarity with the victims and survivors of the massacre in orlando. first in paris, officials put up american and rain bow flags outside city hall, some saying it remind them of mid-november whengun men slaughtered people during a coordinate take on the
12:39 pm
city in berlin, german lawmakes laying flowers at the entrance to the u.s. embassy. and bangkok, thailand, a vigil out the american embassy, and in australia, folks paying respects in sydney. the bridge in rainbow colors. down under. the killer was, quote, angry, violent, and unstable. or he was cool, calm and collected. those are some of the word, the descriptions used by people who knew the killer omar mateen, age 29, and how they described him. a conflicting picture of the madman behind he orlando massacre. investigators speaking with the killer's coworkers and friends and family members to get some understand while he murdered dozens of people at that nightclub. his ex-wife saying he beat her often and see divorced him five years ago after he became abusive. >> he was mentally unstable and mentally ill.
12:40 pm
that's the only explanation i could give. and he was obviously disturbed, when he would bet in temper he would express hate towards things, toward everything. >> she says her family saved her life by pulling her out of that house in florida. we're also learning more about the killer's father whoa has posted youtube videos containing pro-taliban and antigay statements, when asked about his son's crime, he had very few answers. >> if i did know one percent that he is committing such a crime, my son, i would call the fbi, i would call the local law enforcement. i don't know why he did what he did. i wasn't aware of it. >> a reporter also today asked mateen's father what he hill miss most about his son. he responsibilitied don't miss anything about him. what he did was against humanity. phil keating is in live in front
12:41 pm
of the home where he has been report all day. two hours south of orlando. the investigators were in his apartment earlier. what's happened today there phil? >> reporter: a couple of local cops just returned, and now they have just since left. there were only inside the apartment again for just a short time. basically they were there to make sure nothing was missing, and everything was as the fbi left it this morning. that is because after the fbi cleared the scene around 6:00 a.m., somebody went on the backside of mateen's apartment and slid open the patio sliding glass door, then some people in the media went in with their cameras, traipsing around the apartment. we did not do that. but from outside in the public area, we could see inside the apartment briefly, and you could see family photos hanging on the wall, children's disney toys on the floor. he had a child with his ex-wife but neighbors said it appeared he was living with a new
12:42 pm
girlfriend at his apartment. the fbi says mateen bought two of his three weapons here at the st. lucy shooting center eight miles down the road from the apartment and made the purchases, quote, recently. the owner of the gun shop says he barely recalls mateen and he was, quote, nobody. special agents spend all night long searching and pulling bagfuls of evidence out of mateen's apartment, both physical evidence and electronic evidence, including a laptop. mateen's father spoke briefly today, sag his now dead son never shared his plans. >> i just want to take my message out. as a father, but i don't approve his act again. repeat myself. what he did was act of terrorist. against the principle of me and the whole family. >> reporter: mateen clearly focused on becoming something in
12:43 pm
the lahm industry in 2006 he earned a criminal justice technology degree at a florida community college and then worked for the department of corrections in the state of florida, just about six months. not actually a full-time officer but an officer in training, but he was let go after he apparently brought a gun on to doc property, which is forbidden. >> thank you, phil keating, with the now the former assistant fbi director with me now, and to talk about this, and james comey said he doesn't see anything that he would do differently. >> uh-huh. >> that would ben to be rather declarative early. knowing that we were only in the 40th hour can we say that? >> well, no. i would expect he means so far from what he has seen, nothing they would have done differently. suspect that's true. but we do -- you're right. there's a long way to go before this investigation is concluded. and there will be a lot of looking back to see if anything was missed.
12:44 pm
i'm sure, before they close the books on this one. >> he says no evidence, he was directed from the outside. there are lines of police vans behind me and have been here now for a couple days. what are they doing in this part of the investigation? >> well, there's a tremendous amount that has to be done and as you mentioned earlier, some of it's time sensitive. this is what the fbi, frankly, is best at, is conducting exhaustive investigations, using all of its resources, doing it quickly and thoroughly. first there's physicalled and that crime scene only can be maintained for so long so you have to do all of that very quickly. witness interview, while people's recollections are fresh, before they've been tainted by hearing other people's versions, and following up all the leads that come from all of that, and lastly, you got to go back and look at your intelligence gathered in
12:45 pm
previous days and weeks to see if there's something you might have missed in light of what is now occurred, go back and look at that -- >> if got go -- >> -- something might have missed. >> sir, thank you very much. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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call your mama now. i'm telling you. i'm in the bathroom. he is coming. i'm going to die. i asked him, was he hurt. he said, yes. said, people hurt? he said yes. and i said what bathroom are you in? he said the women bathroom. then he said, hurry. he is in the bathroom with us. he is a terror. >> heartbroken mother reading her son's final words as the killer closed in on his hiding place in the nightclub. today officials in orlando confirming what that mother feared. eddie johnson died in the massacre.
12:49 pm
one of 49 victims who left behind devastated families and friends, and now they're remembering their loved ones today. >> i love you. >> didn't die in vape -- vain but i love you. always be remembered. rest in peace. >> laura ingle has more on the victims and families. tell us more about eddie who texted his mother right before he was killed. >> you can only imagine the torment his marry felt as receiving one last text-message that read, call police, i'm going to die, and then the messages stopped. he said her son, who works a an account, had a smile that was as bright osgood his future. friends say he loved his mother who was his best friend. then there's 22-year-old luis elma, a theme park moneyee at orlando universal studios and worked the wizarding world attraction. j.k. rowling tweeted a picture
12:50 pm
of him with words i can't stop trying. family members say 34-year-old edward sotomayor, jr. was a well known figure in the travel city and colder nateed the first gay cruise to ''cuba. one tv of the women killed was kimberly morris, a bouncer at the club. he ex-girlfriend said the 37-year-old just moved to town and said that kj was excited about her new job at the club and was thrilled to get more involved in the lgbt community there. >> laura, thank you. a huge task for the medical examiner's office in orlando. having to deal with this in a significant way. thank you, laura, ingle reporting live in new york. we continue to look for more information and more headlines. as federal investigators tell us the killer slipped threw a serious loophole that may have allowed him to buy weapons unnotice net the past week
12:51 pm
alone. we're live. back in a moment. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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learning more now about the killer in the orlando terror attacks and how he got his weapons. william has been looking at the story, investigating in our west coast news hub. what have you found out? >> reporter: here's -- this is called a 4473 form, what you fill out when you buy a gun to make sure that you are legally entitled to buy one, meaning you don't have a felony conviction or mentally ill. so we know that omar mateen did fill that out, despite being on the fbi terror watch list in 2013 and being investigated a year later. there was nothing entered into the fbi database that prohibited
12:55 pm
him from buying a gun. now, his wife said she had filed a police report but must not have obtained that restraining order that would have shown up in the database. i'm told that mateen had a con sealed carry permit. that allowed him to skip the background check for several years, but in this case, port st. lucie shooting where he got the gun is run by a form nypd detective who did require mateen go through that background check. mateen, i'm told, was wearing his d4s security guard uniform when he bought the guns june 4th or 5th. picked them up a few days later, last wednesday or thursday inch this case the system, the brady brown check or the waiting period bill, worked as it was designed to. >> well, i have 15 seconds here. you are learning he tried to buy other military style gear. what kind of gear? >> reporter: high grade military grade body armor, don't know if he had anything on at the time.
12:56 pm
he found a third gun in his car his security company issued gun, his revolver. didn't take that in investigators going through the scene and there are so many shell casings used by cops, going to take the lab a long time to figure out how many rounds were fired from his gun. back to you. >> we are just in the early stages of this, thank you. back in a moment here from orlando as our coverage continues.
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
we're working hard to understand the killer and his motives and his sources of inspiration. but we are highly confident that this killer was radicalized and at least in some part through the internet. >> new information pouring in about the gunman behind the orlando massacre. here's what we know at this hour. omar mateen took at least two trips to saudi arabia, there were warnings from coworkers. alleged ties to a radical imam released from prison last year. he also reportedly staked out disney. and pledge aid region -- allegiance to isis on facebook. this is "your world." donald trump wrappin