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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 19, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning yef one. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am n it's not the weekend. i am clayton morris. >> i am heather childers. thank you for having us. >> we begin with a fox news alert. a busy morning already. another bomb exploding overnight. this time at a new jersey train station. >> it comes hours after five people with links to the new york city blast are taken into custody. >> let's get to rob schmidt live for us in chelsea with brand new details unfolding. >> we are talking about elizabeth new jersey. multiple bombs found in a backpack in elizabeth near a train station about 13 miles away. twol men calling in police reporting wires and a wipipe coming from a package in the crash trash.
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one of those unintentionally set off by police as a bomb squad tried to disarm what was inside of that backpack. nobody was hurt thankfully in that explosioexplosion. the mayor of elizabeth had this to say overnight. >> there are multiple devices inside that backpack. one of those devices was being cut in order to disarm it and as you all heard the explosion occurred. so the other devices i don't know what the fbi and state police are doing at this moment but they are trying to remove them. >> surveillance video is all over new york city and all over manhattan. we have been able to see this explosion from multiple different angles. we have seen this from all sorts of different angles. five persons of interest have been found in brooklyn. the fbi pulling over a car late last night with five persons of
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interest. they are now questioning, not suspects at this time. that's happening all downtown. none of the five have been charged at this time. and again, so much of that video as you see here, new york city, manhattan full of these cameras. people terrified running from the scene. insteadbly nobody killed here in chelsea nobody injured in elizabeth. 29 people were hurt in the initial explosion that happened over the weekend. witnesses saw somebody draing a duffle bag down west 22nd street north of me on north 27th or on west 27th. that will may have contained that second bomb that did not go off. video shows two other men removing a what bag from that duffle bag. police say that may have contained the pressure cooker. the timing of all of this could not be any worse. the u.n. is here this week the mayor and governor of new york saying they are going to add 1,000 officers in new york city
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trying to make it secure. one of the busiest weeks in new york city. this is what governor kwoeb mow saying what happened is an act of terrorism. >> depends on your definition of terrorism. a bomb exploding in new york is obviously an act of terrorism but not linked to national terrorism in other words we find no links to isis or anything. >> governor kwoem mow coming out saying it is terrorism but not connecting it to anything overseas or any group. right now we know setting off a bomb in new york city is terrorism. this morning we are seeing the scope of this with what we are seeing in elizabeth and we have a widening case. we have five persons of interest. to think how bad this could have
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breaking news have been if this plan had gone off as planned. newark shutting down airplane traffic. any effect on the newark airport? >> at this time it is not to be seen. all of this happening not too far. here in the city that remains to be seen this is the heart of new york city. we are on 23rd and 6th. the flat iron fromming is to the east. this is a popular place. this is where so many people would be running around. there is where a lot of the night life s. you certainly start to see what these people intended to do. >> the trains are shut down, that train station specifically. what about the five people in
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custody. any additional information? >> you said trains. i was talking about planes. the five people in custody called persons of interest. they were found under the verrazano bridge. the fbi knew the car, they knew who they were going for. they found the car and pulled them over there last night in brooklyn. at this point we don't know anything about these five. it is at least 5. it could be more. we believe they were all traveling in the car together. persons of interest being held down in police head quarters in lower manhattan. >> a lot of pieces to put together. thanks for joining us this morning. >> it will be a busy morning. professor of strategy and irregular warfare the institute of world politics explain why is the explosions in new york and new jersey look a lot like the 2012 boston bombing. >> it is very interesting. if you go back in time them
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associate the pressure cooker with al qaeda's magazine in which the instructions were given on how to build that device. that is the device used by the tsarnaev brothers in boston. people should be aware while they use the pressure cooker bomb devices when they were being chased by the police if you recall they had multiple pipe bombs with them that they used to try to kill the police officers that were chasing them. it may be a similar modus operandi the pressure cooker bombs and the pipe bombs. it could be somebody following exactly the same play book. >> there is much more information on this. >> isis and a stabbing inside a mall. the attacker and the hero cop that took him down. good morning.
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kelly. >> here's what we know so far. despite isis's claim what happened inside the crossroads center mall a potential act of terrorism. the terror group praising the attacker as a soldier of the state. 22-year-old ahere adean moved he was a junior at saint clued oun oun three miles from the mall the mall is 30 miles outside of minneapolis. it has been a hotbed for isis recruits. 10 men have been arrested on terror charges since 2013. he asked some of his nine victims if they were muslim before stabbing him. the chilling moment came face to face with aiden. >> he came toward me. i said i am going to fist fight the guy. he had a knife.
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i raised my hand to the side of the head. didn't say a word just walked past me and walked into the mall. >> we are hearing about the hero cop that took him down. >> falkner is a part-time officer who also running a firing range. he was off duty when he confronted him. when he lunged he opened fire. aiden gwent down bow got back u three times before he was finally killed. the dramatic take down captured on the store's camera. the mayor saw the tape and praised him. >> it looks like a training video of law enforcement that law enforcement should do. >> he made a decision and had it not for him being there would have been more tragic. >> three of the nine victims are in the hospital but they will be okay. >> kelly wright live for us.
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thank you. >> turning to the race for the white house. they are one week ahead of the first presidential debate. >> ed henry is live from washington, d.c. with how the latest terror attacks could effect the race. >> it is interesting you mentioned that that debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. we got a taste of their back and forth saturday night immediately after the terror attack. trump landed there for the speech and immediately called it a bombing and said they need to get tough and vigilant. he accused him of rushing to judgment without the facts. clinton looks so tired and cautious that the hashtag zombie hillary was trending. >> i am just concerned about any kind of incident that happens anywhere in our country and i
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think we should withhold judgment until we know more about what happened>> i think what donald did to tell the group in colorado springs that there was a bombing. this is typical hillary clinton, she has no basis to be critical of what he said. that's the only issue she shoco go to. >> trump has been surging ahead of clinton in the key battle ground states of florida. clinton will be in philadelphia trying to focus on winning over millennials who preferred bernie sanders in the primary who could stay home in november in what would be a nightmare scenario. back to you ladies -- just kidding. clayton is there. >> after five in the morning he can say sunshine state. >> rise and shine. >> the time is about 10 minutes after the top of the hour.
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we have been telling you about this train station in new jersey. a neighborhood in new york city as well and a mall in minnesota. >> a weekend of terror across america and soft targets. how can we stay safe? our next guest with what needs to happen right now.
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on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases. seriously... double miles... everywhere. what's in your wallet? >> we don't know whether the subject had contacts with was inspired a terrorist organization. >> investigators have yet to link the man who stabbed nine people at a mall with any terror group but called him a soldier of the islamic state.
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thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> so busy. let's start with what has occurred in minnesota. this is a soft target. why are they targeting those once comben and how do we protect ourselves? >> the first is why are they targeting those it is low risk and high return. where they are learning this we know the internet is going used and social media is being used to educate people. they are teaching the ideologies and methodologies and where they should be so they get the highest return for their investment. >> this guy was known to be a nays guy in the neighborhood. there was nothing sticking out about this guy. how do you protect yourself from a guy tllike this? >> it is part of the teaching to become part of the community.
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you are a great guy a nice guy. you see what's happening here. >> there is no question about that. if we look at the totality of this thing, the biggest thing we need to understand is the fact that this soft target ideology makes sense for them. if it instills fear in the american people to live a normal life, chelsea is a normal life. the mall is a normal life. movie theaters are a normal life. >> what do we need to do not that we don't have 1.3 million great law enforcement officers but they need to do it by themselves. peop places like falmalls are going
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have to dial it up with vigilance and the quality of their security to make sure we get much more preemptive and react tive. >> that's a great point. the public's participation we saw that in elizabeth, new jersey. that's the real trouble. i am worried about the train stations across the country. you go to lancaster pa there's no one there you can walk right up to the platform. >> that's exactly what they are doing. think about this. real quick example. if you go to london and you go to a department store and someone leaves a backpack next to the counter. security knows was it is in new york someone is going to steal it or say hey you left your bag there. we are in the embryonic state
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with islamic radicalists and we have to change our thinking>> bei. >> in new jersey being said it is not international terrorist he is a local terrorist. does that make a difference in new jersey with the race that happened earlier in the day the fundraiser the charity race and what's going on with the fundraiser this morning? >> i theirheard that this morni. what's the virtue of a difference between international, it wasn't international terror. so what. the short answer is no it doesn't make a difference. whenever you use an ordinance to instill fear and adversely effect human life you are a ter rest. what we know is whether or not we are going to openly admit this so far what we do know is the methodology we have seen in new york and new jersey already. that clearly emulates that what
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we saw in boss top and where it came from. it is not a sprint. it is a mare-a-thon. they are going to take their time and collect the information. before they show their cards they will make sure they have all of their ducks in a row. >> 19 minutes after the hour. under fire the uber is under fire. what they are accused of doing in the immediate moments following the blasts in new york city. >> politics centered at the emmy awards. did you see hollywood taking aim at donald trump with jeb bush making a surprise appearance. >> i am in between jobs right now. you know you can make $12 driving for uber? >> last night's emmy awards.
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>> uber under fire in hiking prices in the aftermath of the mork city explosion. cheryl casone is here to explain. >> uber is being accused of surge prices in new york city in the moments after the blast. customers complained of having to pay three times the normal affair saturday night as they were trying to get home when train services were disrupted. the disabled surge priceing in the area of the chelsea explosion but users in other parts of man hat at that were complaining. come on 1.8 surge pricing after explosion in chelsea?
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people are trying to get home safe, shame on you. today you can get verbose. they are no longer going to have the limit. it would allow users to express more on their site and their app. the 140 character limit will stay. as fall gets underway and coffee chains like starbucks and dunkin' donuts olive garden has a pump tin cheesecake. vanilla ice cream with pumpkin pie pieces. mcdonalds as pumpkin spice and java juice with a pumpkin craze with a smooth the with pumpkin. what will they think of next? >> pumpkin spice latte. you got to get it with the whipped cream on top.
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>> yeah, but they are starting to come out earlier and earlier. tol politics at the emmy awards. >> i am in between jobs right now. you know you can make $12 an hour driving for uber? >> former presidential candidate jeb bush making a cameo appearance in the opening sketch of the awards show. >> julia louise dreyfus accepting her best actress emmy and best comedy series. she took the opportunity to apologize for today's political climate. >> our show started out as a political satire but it feels like a sobering documentary. >> host jimmy kimmel calling out producer mark burnett with making trump a star with the apprentice franchise. >> game of throwns winning best drama series for the second year
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in a row. >> have you seen it? >> no. i haven't. >> have you seen it? no. walking out of here e. get on the game of throwns. at least the producer team is a big fan. >> the mainstream media bias alert this morning. >> a bomb wept off in new york and nobody knows what is going on. >> i have been briefed about the bombing in new york and new jersey and the attack in minnesota. >> both candidates calling the new york city explosion a bomb. why is trump the only one taking the heat? o when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time
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city. investigators scrambling to foond out if it is connected to another bombing in new jersey. we are live with breaking developments this morning. >> an act of terror the mad man who went on a stabbing spree in a minnesota mall was a soldier of the islamic state. >> didn't say a word walked right past me like a machine and walked into the mall. >> what we learned about the attacker and the throwing gret to t threat to the home land. >> quick and differing reactions from both candidates. >> just before i got off the plane a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what's going on. >> inge we should withhold judgment until we know more about what has happened. >> what does their response say about their leadership style? "fox & friends first" continues
2:31 am
right now. >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first." i am heather childers. something a little bit different this morning. i don't know what it is. >> it is not the weekend on fox. i am clayton morris. it is 5:31 eastern time right now. right now another bomb exploding overnight. this time at a new jersey train station. >> this comes hours after five people with links to the new york city blast are taken into custody. >> we want to get right to rob live in chelsea. good morning, rob. >> clayton and heather, this is 13 miles away from where i am standing in elizabeth, new jersey. a number of bombs found in a backpack at a train station. we just got video of one of the bombs unintentionally being set off. let's listen to that. >> (explosion n. ( >> you can hear the amount of
2:32 am
explosives that were used there. this is one of five bombs that were found in that backpack unintentionally this one was set off by police as a bomb squad tried to disarm it. thankfully in this case nobody was hurt. w two men called police reporting a package in the train station at elizabeth. here is the mayor speaking overnight. >> the police responded checked it out and looked at it. thought it could be a bomb. called the union county bomb squad who sent in a drone to examine it even further. the drone indicated that it could be suspicious and it could be a live bomb. >> what is happening in elizabeth is causing a lot of description with the train service in and out of new york city and airport as well. back here in the city as we update the rest of the story that has been expanding for the last 48-hours in chelsea surveillance video has led police and the fbi to make -- well to find five people of
2:33 am
interest, persons of interest in this case and to do it rather quickly as well. fbi agents pulling over a car in brooklyn that we understand contained at least five persons of interest in this case not being called suspects at this time. they are all being interviewed downtown. none of the five again have been charged. so much video of that explosion has surfaced. new york city especially after 9-11 is just ripe with cameras every where especially here in the city arched neighborhoods like this. we have seen so much video of people running from the scene horrified. incredibly no one was killed in the explosion. you see the violence of that explosion. 29 people were hurt. a man saw something a man dragging a duffle bag. a man that didn't belong dragging a duffle bag two blocks to my north that bag was dropped
2:34 am
there video shows two other men getting into that bag and pulling out another white bag which police say may have contained one the pressure cooker bombs that did not go off. the second chelsea bomb is didn't go off. so many dignitaries will be here the president will be here more complicated what seems to be a terrorist attack happening in new york city in the days before it began. the governor andrew cuomo, new york's governor called this an act of terrorism. the comblier of new york city stopped short of saying that. let's listen to him. >> this was an intentional act. i wanted to reaffirm what i said last night. we don't know the motivation of it. i want to take all of the options off the table. all possible theories of what
2:35 am
happened here and how it connects will be looked at. nas new york city's mayor de blasio. it has been a busy night actually but very scary to see what was intended of all of this. thankfully so far nobody has been killed 29 here in chelsea. >> rob schmidt life as well. they were inside a minnesota mall. this morning we have brand new information about the attacker and the hear row top who took them down. kelly wright is here with the breaking developments on that story. >> despite isis's claim the fbi is calling what happened inside the crossroads center mall a potential act of terrorism. the terror group praised the attacker as a soldier of the state. aiden was born in mom mol yaw
2:36 am
but moved here as a child. he was a junior three miles from the mall. the city is 7 miles outside of minneapolis. the community has become a hotbed for isis recutes. 10 young men have been arrested on terror charges since 2013. inside the mall here's what happened. aiden asked some of his nine victims if they were muslim before stabbing them. one of the victims describes the chilling moment he came face to face with aiden. >> he walked straight stardz me. i thought okay i am going to fist fight this guy. he had a knife. i raised myself on the side of the head i went down. he walked right past me like a machine or something. >> that is quite an ordeal. wr learning more about the hero cop who took aid agaen down. a man run as firing range he was off duty when he confronted him
2:37 am
inside the macys. when he lunged at the officer he opened fire and went down. he got back up three times before he was finally killed. the dramatic take down captured on a store surveillance camera. saint loud's mayor saw the cape and praised his response. >> his heroic actions are exemplary having witnessed what he did as the suspect was lunging at him with a life knife. he clearly stopped potential injuries and loss of life. >> officer falkner was not hurt and three of the nine victims are still in the hospital. we are told he will be okay. >> terrorism taking center stage at the campaign trail. one week ahead of the first presidential debate. ed henry is live for us this
2:38 am
morning from washington, d.c. with how the latest terror attack could impact the race. >> we already got a taste of the fireworks to come over this weekend. immediately after the terror attack in manhattan trump landed and called it a bombing and the clinton camp acutesed him of rushing to judgment without the facts. a couple hours later clinton, too, called it a bombing just like trump. in a report with the press she looked like a zombie they are weighing in on all of the terror talk. >> it would not be appropriate for me to comment on an ongoing investigation other than to say we are thankful in our hearts there was no loss of life as a
2:39 am
result of these horrific attacks. >> as of right now that investigation is still underway. the main feeling that we have is concern for the victims and explosion of the size. the fact that there are no casualties. the cause could it be potentially connected to terrorism? no evidence yet. >> clinton is zeroing in on pennsylvania trying to focus on winning over millennials. clinton delivering the remarks in philadelphia not only the birth place of freedom but the first place of clayton morris. >> it has never been the same since. >> it will be interesting to see what they say today because so much happened overnight. >> the hashtag zombie hillary will still be going.
2:40 am
>> 39 minutes past the hour. as terrorism takes center stage who do they think will do a better job handling nation nag security? >> we are weighing in on brand new fox news polls. ♪ there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $369 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> just before i got off the plane a bomb went off in new york. nobody knows exactly what's going on. >> we should withhold judgment until we know more about what has happened. >> on the campaign trail quick and differing reactions from the candidate to the new york city explosion. >> what does it say about their leadership style? weighing in is aaron maclaine. ohio state senator capri. nays to see both of you this morning. look at that hashtag trending
2:44 am
overnight. zombie hillary. the airplane noise drowning her out donald trump saying it was a bomb. maybe he was privy to information hillary wasn't. how do you think the two played this? >> it is obvious to see there is a difference between someone who has experience in government verses someone who is a first time candidate. donald trump basically jumped out and said yes this is a bomb. judy dill gi-- rudy giuliani sa was a terrorist attack. hillary clinton had a much more mesh rauer-- measured approach. hillary clinton has been secretary of state. she was a united states senator. maen knee people who have experience in the government want to avoid a sense of panic. but at the same time the american public is looking for strength. they may see that measured
2:45 am
approach. it will be interesting to see how the polls play out on this. obviously that hashtag is inappropriate but you are dealing with a measured a proich. >> you have how the mainstream media is covering it as well. originally hillary clinton trsa the word bombing but tried to walk that back. >> i think strategists in a the clinton world think they are going to hit on donald trump for calling a bombing a bombing a few minutes before the fact was confirmed by police i think they are making a serious mistake. >> the question is what he hasn't been saying? he hasn't appeared to go too far in saying what he did after the
2:46 am
orlando bombing. does he over play his hand again? i haven't seen him do that yet. >> we saw in the wake of orlando and another attack he came out and was almost promoting himself. even rehub cans jumped out on that. >> we have seen a much more measured restrained donald trump. he is a little more measured rear than jump to go islamic terrorism. we need to wait and see what happens as far as an unfolding investigation and what this is really about. it is a scary time. we saw this about elizabeth new jersey. america 50 days out from the election they will look at who is a leader in national security. >> we have a new poll by fox news and we can see what they mean moving into the debate
2:47 am
coming up. the opinion clinton 45 percent trump 44 percent when it comes to favorable and unfavorable clinton's 54 percent and trump 54 percent. really a dead heat heat. >> a lot of the negative aspects cancel each other out in terms of trust worthiness in terms of whether they are in it for themselves or for the country. there are significant differences. clinton is above water on confidence and qualification. trump is above water rightly or wrongly on a change agent. for these terror attacks the clinton camp wants to emphasize the competence aspect. i am not sure if the american people look at new york and minnesota they see the terror attack what do you want? a steady emotional i don't think it is necessarily playing against trump.
2:48 am
>> i think at this point this shows how confused the american electorate is. they want experience but they want to change the direction of the election. the debate is going to be incredibly important. we already knew there would be a lot weighing in on this debate, a lot put on the shoulders of hillary clinton and donald trump. they have the gravitas to really succeed. >> we appreciate you joining us bright and early this morning. >> we want to keep talking about the brand new polls. who do you trust to dot best on national security. live debate #keep talking. pretty much time for that as
2:49 am
well. >> it is all about the ties. what kind of tie is steve doocy waring? >> poke awe dot. thank you so much for asking, clayton. we are talking about the trouble in new york city jersey area. two guys walked out of hector's place in elizabeth last night. they walk over to the train station. they see on top of garbage cans this great big backpack. they think oh kind of heavy. could be something valuable in there. they walk it about 1,000 people ov under an under pass open it up to see what's in there wires, pipes. they are bombs. they call the police, the fbi is on location. they accidentally detonate one of them when they accidentally clip the wrong wire. it is a fluid situation. they are on edge. >> right by the newark airport.
2:50 am
unbelievable. incredibly busy area. "fox & friends starts in about 10 minutes. >> stay tuned. we will be up after the break. >> we will be right back. {off-line} . . relook.
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a fox news alert breaking right now. another bomb exploding overnight. this time at a new jersey train station. >> wnyw live on the scene in elizabeth, new jersey, with brand new details on this developing story. good morning, liz. >> reporter: good morning, to you clayton and heather. we're live outside of the elizabeth new jersey train station where that explosion happened overnight. authorities found five ieds
2:54 am
inside of a backpack last night. when investigators heard that, they brought in a bomb squad and a drone and deemed the bomb to be live. when the union county bomb squad came in and april robot went to cut one of the wires, it exploded. >> now, that was not a controlled detonation. that went off on its own once it was probed by that robot. the mayor of elizabeth new jersey saying this could have hurt a lot of people. thankfully, there were no injuries. two men started walking down the corner of north broad street and julian place and reported wires and pipe from a package outside of the trash. they took it out of the garbage thinking it may be of value. but they dropped it down the street and noticed it seemed a little suspicious. so they walked to the police station around the corner to
2:55 am
notify authorities. once it was determined to be a bomb, that prompted new jersey transit to suspend service and amtrak trains were also held at penn station. we can come back out here live and show you that, again, the police are standing by this area right now. but trains on the northeast corner as well as the north jersey coastline railway, service has been restored at this hour. trains are running with delays. police are still looking for the people responsible. we're live in elizabeth, new jersey, back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much liz. we appreciate it. we'll be right back.
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what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person?
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more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at it is two minutes until the top of the hour. the fbi on another scene of a bomb explosion. this time at a train station in elizabeth, new jersey. a backpack stuffed with five bombs found in a trash can. one bomb exploding as the police robot examines it. it's unclear if it's connected to the explosion in new york city on saturday night. five people with links to that blast are now in custody. security stepped up across new york city today as world leaders, including president obama converge on the city. the united nations is hosting the general assembly. as a precaution, new york governor andrew cuomo is ordering an extra 1,000 officers and national guard troops to patrol the state. opening statements set to begin in a bridgegate trial. two of new jersey governor chris
3:00 am
christie's accused of shutting down the bridge for political revenge. nice to have you. >> thanks for having me. i loved it so much. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good monday morning to you and your family. it's september 19th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. another explosion overnight. this time it's in new jersey. as a backpack filled with pipe bombs goes off. we're live as the northeast is on edge. >> it meanwhile, that coming just after the feds take five people into custody tied to saturday night's new york city blast. this morning, the fbi trying to figure out the cases are all connected. they could be. >> wow. breaking news in that mall attack in minnesota. the other attack. we've


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