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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 19, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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right there. he is a wand man. this released >ram.bill: an active manhunt unr way for a person of interest in the explosions in manhattan and new jersey. the f.b.i. want to speak with this man, ahmad kahn rahami. this is the scene in new jersey where there is a heavy f.b.i. presence. next to where five more explosive devices were discovered last night. there are a lot of moving parts on this story. martha: the entire new york city area is on edge after five more devices were found at a
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accumulato -- at acommuter rail. those bombs were in a backpack. on top of this and the stepped up security also a pipe bomb that exploded earlier in the day saturday happened in southern new jersey. then saturday night the big blast in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. >> everybody get off the street. let's go! get off the street! bill: there were 29 injured in that blast. it's still an active crime scene as we speak. here is new york mayor's bill deblasio. >> we know a lot more than we did 24 hours ago. it's leaning more in the direction this was a specific
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act of terror. we need the people's help, anyone who has information about that situation, we need it now. martha: a major development. five people have been taken into city after police pulled over a quote vehicle of interest just minutes from the scene in new jersey. let's go to leland vittert where there is an active investigation under way. >> good morning. the f.b.i. and joint terrorism task force, atf, new jersey state police, all behind me as the fried chicken joint over my shoulder. it's called first american fried chicken. they are focused there and the apartment above there in new jersey. linking that apartment back to ahmad kahn rahami. the f.b.i. put out his picture saying he's wanted to be talked
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to about these events, not only the ones in chelsea in manhattan but linking them to the ones in elizabeth, new jersey. law enforcement saying these are linked to the ones in aside park. there were two men who spotted a backpack in a trash can near the elizabeth train station. they could see wires coming out of the backback. the police bomb robot came in to disarm the device, the device went off. it didn't hurt anybody. but the mayor said these were primitive and lacked the devices used in manhattan. the speculation is somebody on the run ditched these devices in
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the trash kansas they tried to get out of town. residents we talked to said ahmad kahn rahami's family owned the fried chicken joint, and some of them lived upstairs from the fried chicken joint. they say these were the nicest people you would ever want to talk to. some issues with code enforcement. people came in to buy fried chicken all the time and are stunned with what they are seeing in their neighborhood. martha: he is 5'6", weighs 200 pounds. he's considered armed and dangerous and that manhunt is on as we speak. they questioned five other people who were detained. can you tell us about them and their potential link? >> law enforcement sources are saying it's quite possible there is more than one person involved in these different sets of
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explosions. there were two device in manhattan. five people were pulled over by the f.b.i. near that bridge they have been questioned. so far nobody charged. the f.b.i. continues to sort that out. and also look for more devices. we see them going car to car seeing if there is any more bombs ditched or planted this town. back to you. bill: very busy and dangerous weekends. the bombings in new jersey and manhattan. the explosives found in elizabeth, new jersey, as well as the stabbings inside a mall in minnesota. the governor cuomo * says there appears to be foreign ties to this. >> do we now it's an international terrorist attack.
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we had no evidence. today i believe we are going to find out that it was a foreign body. yesterday i said i believed it was a terrorist act. today i think we'll find out it was influenced by foreign forces. bill: you are looking at downtown new york, the neighborhood of chelsea where we are seeing an f.b.i. presence. new york congressman peter king who serves on the homeland services committee. thank you for your time. what more can it add, sir, on the latest on this investigation? >> first i heard what governor cuomo said. i's accurate about the -- he's accurate about the strong possibility of an international come poanltd. the f.b.i. and nypd have known this definitely did involve
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afghan americans. they knew that that was where this was coming from. i believe it is more than one person. there is no doubt they knew yesterday was terrorism and they knew the people had connections or at least were from afghanistan. bill: is this a cell from new jersey authorities have been watching, sir? >> i don't know if they have been watching this. it appears to have fell nateed from new jersey. the two tbhoms chelsea and bombs in south jersey. they appear to be constructed by the same people as far as the materials used, the way in which they were construct, the christmas lights. i don't know why from the start some people were saying it wasn't terrorism. it's downplaying terrorism. even though we didn't not was terrorism because there was no known threat.
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that's almost always the case. you don't find out it's terrorism until the next day or so. i thought it was a mistake to almost be ruling it out from the start. bill: why the suggestion about christmas lights. that's a detail i had not picked up yet. >> they were used as part of the detonation in both bombs. they were created by the same group, the same organization. bill: had previous attempts or bombings been loaded with the same or similar device? >> the bombs in new jersey and new york have the same type of devices that show a connection between new york and new jersey. bill: are these multi-colored lights? is this a sequence? >> i'm not the scientist. some of this has been public so i'm not giving away anything
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classified. it's the type of christmas lights they were used in both. bill: ahmad kahn rahami, was he on the watchlist? >> i don't know, i am trying to check it out now. this is not after one person. he's the one they named. but the belief is there is a number of people involved in this and that adds to the concern. bill: you called it terrorism, the mayor did not for 24 hours or more. what do you think of how he's responding and the others in new york? >> i think mayor deblasio was probably trying to calm people down. but should never rule something out, opinion these instances the most likely scenario is it will be terrorism. i don't want to be critical of anyone while this is ongoing. new york is united, i want to
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keep it that way. we should not be ruling out terrorism when certainly that's when it ends up being a terrorist attack. bill: thank you for your time, sir. martha: donald trump speaking out about the string of attacks using strong words to describe the suspect and slamming others for refusing to do the same. here he is on "fox and friends." >> these are sick, evil people who want to destroy this country. the way we coddle them and are afraid to say anything. and afraid to say what the problem is answer who they are, and they don't want to say radical islam. they don't want to talk about radical islamic terrorism. obama won't edge say the words, neither will hillary clinton. martha: we'll get the white house's reaction when josh earnest joins us. bill: one week from today, the
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countdown. it will be an issue. and we'll debate about the reaction on behalf of both of them. it's good to be cautious or is it good to have blunt force. i think besaw -- i think we saw both. martha: the reaction from civilians and government officials. you have to wonder how much of this we are getting used to. bill: this man believed to be linked to all three of those incidents in new york city. reaction pouring in from the campaign trail including this from trump this weekend. >> just before i got off the plane a bomb went off in new york. nobody knows exactly what's going on. martha: donald trump taking heat for calling the blast a bomb before it was confirmed. this is hillary clinton's reaction. >> i have been briefed on the
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bomb until new york city. bill: most of new york city is business as usual. are attacks like these becoming part of the new american normal? >> it sounded like fireworks, but a thousand times stronger, and it shook everything it was boom, boom, like if i was in iraq and a bomb dropped.
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♪ (duracell slamtones) martha: an active manhunt in elizabeth, new jersey and downtown manhattan. this after five bombs were found near a train station. police release this picture of the man they want to speak to. 28-year-old ahmad kahn rahami. he's a naturalized u.s. citizen born? afghanistan. the new york blast sent 29 people to the hospital. another explosive device was found that did not detonate, thankfully, just a few blocks away. >> i must tell you just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york. nobody knows exactly what's going on. but we are living in a time we
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better get very tough, folks, we better get very, very tough. bill: donald trump taking a lot of heat for that comment on the explosion in new york city. he said it was caused by a bomb before police confirmed that. hillary clinton says donald trump jumped the gun and he says her response lacks any urgency at all. he said we better get very tough, folks. what would president trump do in a situation like this, sarah? >> well, i think he said exactly the big thing here is that we have to take this seriously. we have to get tough and start getting to a place where our allies respect us and enemies fear us. under president obama and hillary clinton things have only gotten worse. one of the best points he made is we have had far more attacks at home than victories abroad,
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and that's a scary place and something we can't allow to continue. he's the only person stepping up and being aggressive and pushing us in this race. bill: perhaps this is tied to a cell in new jersey and perhaps it's a lone wolf. what would president trump do? >> i think he would start calling our enemies what they are, that's an enemy. and he would take every single step, nothing off the table, to defeat this enemy. one of the first problems we have seen under the obama-clinton policy, they aren't even defining this as an enemy. donald trump has been very clear, you don't give your playbook away. he's not going to outline every single way he would defeat isis. it's the reason he has had 200 high-level military officials
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come on board, endorse him, the largest police union in the country has endorsed and signed on to support donald trump because they know he's the strong leader our country needs. bill: debate number one is a week from today. this issue-come up and hillary clinton will have a chance to offer her response. this is what she said on board the plane late saturday. >> i think it's important to know facts about any incident like this. that's why it's critical to support first responders and investigators looking into it. bill: before that she called it a bombing. donald trump was critical of her tone earlier today. what's wrong with the somewhat
6:20 am
cautious approach in the early hours of saturday night? >> i think we have seen what hillary clinton's approach has gotten us. it's nothing. it's far more attacks than before. she and president obama were guiding this country. we are in a much more dangerous place and a lot more american lives are being lost. we have seen what hillary clinton's approach has gone the us and nobody wants that. we want to move in a dent way, back where our allies respect us and enemies fear us. bill: how does he draw the contrast face to face with her? what does he say? >> she has a real credibility issue here. we have seen her playbook already, and it hasn't worked. we have to take a didn't and much stronger approach. her cautious, tim it way of approaching an enemy that has only one goal, that is to
6:21 am
absolutely annihilate us from the planet. if you don't come back in a strong, forceful way, you will lose. bill: i'm out of time, but thank you for yours. >> we are going back live to the scene as the f.b.i. investigates what's going on in manhattan. isis also talking about claiming responsibility for a stabbing attack that was absolutely chilling on saturday night for people who had gone out to shop. what authorities are saying about that stabbing that left 9 people injured, one seriously injured. we'll get an update on them shortly. how and off-duty officer handled that case. >> not only did he fire, the suspect went down and he came back up on three didn't occasions, he again protected others from being injured and
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martha: the manhunt is under way for ahmad kahn rahami. police say he's connected to the explosion in manhattan and knowledge. and isis is claiming responsibility for the stabbing in a mall in minnesota. when all of this started crossing saturday night. you have got new jersey and new york and minnesota. real chaos of terrorism in three states across the nation. the people they believe responsible in minnesota reportedly asked people if they were muslim before he tried to slash and kill them. an off-duty privilege stepped
6:26 am
in, shot and killed him as was in the middle of these stabbings. mike, if this were the on thing that happened this weekend, it would be everywhere. but it's stunning what unfolded in st. cloud. reporter: police are still not attaching this connector to a violent islamic radical group. the bureau of criminal apprehension has yet to identify the body or make a positive identification. but the family has identified him as the attacker. he graduated from honors from a nearby high school *. his facebook page had a brief mention of bin laden but mostly talked about basketball. witnesses say he wore his security uniform at the time of the attack. news sources attached to isis
6:27 am
say he was acting for the islamic state. >> we are currently investigating this as a potential act of terrorism. and i do say potential. there is a lot we don't know. we don't know whether the subject was in contact with, had connections with, was win expired by a foreign terrorist organization. reporter: the police chief warned his officers to be on the lookout for a reprisal attack. all the victims of the attack have survived and almost all of them have been released from the hospital. martha: there is a real hero in the story and we could be talking about damage and violence. what do we know about the officer? reporter: jason falconer, a lot
6:28 am
of praise is being heaped on him. he's a retired police chief. off duty at the time of the attack. witnesses say his response was so fast it looks like a training video. >> he's a hero. he was there at the right time and the right place. reporter: falconer is avoiding public comment but this sleepy corner of the world has changed. bill: 28 past the hour. f.b.i. wants to bring in this man. 28-year-old naturalized american citizen, born in afghanistan. ahmad kahn rahami is considered armed and dangerous. martha: the response to what is happening in new york far different than the response we saw in boston at the marathon bombing.
6:29 am
the entire town was put on lockdown as they hunted for those suspects in boston. why such a different response? 15 years after 9/11 are we become desensitized to these sorts of attacks? >> i heard boom, boom, and everything started shaking and there was big mounds of smoke and people started running. and i started running with them. ! zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge.
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bill: the f.b.i. wants to question this man, he's 28 years old. born in afghanistan. considered armed and dangerous, living in new jersey. the f.b.i. also questioning five others arrested in brooklyn overnight. we mention a lot of moving pieces on this story. this is the geography and a bit of a timeline.
6:33 am
this is where the marine 5k race was supposed to take place early saturday morning when they found the pipe bomb there. that race was called off. then you move to lower manhattan where the bombs went off. sunday night five people were arrested in brooklyn. they are being held for questioning. also the train station in elizabeth, new jersey where four of the five pipe bombs were discovered. let's go further in manhattan. this would be north, south, that would be west and east. this is west 23rd street in lower manhattan where the first explosion went off at 8:30 at night. 3 hours later the second device found in a plastic bag sitting on the street on 27th street. what's the significance between the two?
6:34 am
they are connected, they are tied together. this street runs one way east-west. 23rd street goes in the both directions. so whether they were dropped off by someone walking or in a vehicle, we don't know. maybe that's significant, maybe it's not. rob, let's start with you today. what have you seen and what's happening. >> we are at the scene of that explosion saturday night in chelsea. 28-year-old ahmad kahn rahami is the man police and f.b.i. are looking for. he's of afghan descent, naturalized in the united states. living with his family in new jersey. neighbors say he worked at a chicken restaurant owned by the family. he worked behind the counter. f.b.i. agents raiding rahami's
6:35 am
apartment. a mile away from there bombs were found in a backpack. one went off as police tried to disarm it. look at the power of that blast. there it is. just moments ago, a line of f.b.i. evidence gatherers trying to find something on the street. maybe something small necessity missed. f.b.i. agents did pull over a car or truck in brooklyn on the belt parkway that had five people inside of it, all considered to be persons of interest and they may have led the f.b.i. and police to kahn in new jersey. you can seat panic in chelsea and see people running for their lives. people were terrified, a more icial scene, thank think nobody
6:36 am
was killed. bill: there is a report from righters that more people were involved than the picture of the 28-year-old we put on the air. reporter: investigators are saying there is going to be more people involved in this. they are still look for more people. we have video of what could be two people getting into that bag you mentioned. that bomb four blocks that didn't go off. two people got that bag, so that's at least 6. it could be a cell or a network. but with the u.n. in town, rahami is somebody they want to get caught as soon as possible. bill: thanks, rob. martha: joining us now is retired navy lieutenant commander steve rogers. he's a former member of the
6:37 am
joint terrorism task force. what do you think about the response? terms of how the public has responded. it seems muted in some ways. you wonder if we are just getting used to this. >> what we are seeing is a coordinated war being waged against the united states. we have been attacked before. but this seems like a coordinated attempt to strike at us. this is something we feared. but we knew at some point in time it would happen. let's talk about that response. the response extraordinary. no question about it. response from the public. we say if you see something, say something. most of these leads have been given by people month who saw something and said something. i'm concerned about the response from the white house. he hasn't spoken to governor
6:38 am
cuomo yet, i don't know if he talked to governor christie. some of our national representatives can't come to grips with the fact this is a terrorist attack. we are seeing a war being waged against this country and our leaders need to step up. martha: this device could be a flown wolf. i read at statement put out in one of the isis public relations for lack of a better word missive which says if you can't come here, you have to do something at home. why is it so difficult to tie this to something that is larger than potentially one crazy guy and relatives in new jersey. >> when you don't have what we call human intelligence to get that information out of somebody, you don't know. however, saying that, we know there are six people at a minimum involved. it may be a cell or network. what we have to know is if in
6:39 am
fact this was a terrorist act by overseas direction, this cell get directions from an overseas entity? and if they did, whether it be isis or another type of organization overseas, we may have more cells ready to be activated. these are coming closer and closer to our election. it appears they may be targeting our election to disrupt what's going to happen in this country in november. it's a difficult and daunting task. we have to stop the political correctness and sanitizing information from our leaders. we need to make sure the truth be told. martha: everybody watched this unfold saturday night. there was a bomb device found in and trash can and two that are blocks apart in manhattan, and people are telling you, we don't
6:40 am
see any connection. everybody watching are saying how could it not be connected? it's obvious. >> those of us who made a career out of law enforcement and intelligence. we knew right away. you have a cooker pressure. then and bomb on 23rd. then it's an unknown factor, the incident in minnesota. the fact of the matter is, we are at war and we start -- we better start fighting this as a war. martha: in terms of the devices, similar to what we saw and construction and anybody's ability to make it? >> the pressure cooker. you can get on the internet and learn how to make these devices off any internet-type entity. but what we have is the coordination of this attack. this is a well-coordinated attack. my concern is there are more out
6:41 am
there. they have got to get this guy. in regards to the search warrant executed this morning. the timing is interesting. but the stop the police made last night, it seems to me they did get some critical intelligence information that allowed them to get enough probable cause for the judge to agree to a search warrant. that was good police work. martha: and good civilian work, the guise who spotted the backpack in the garbage can. everybody has to be so hyper alert. >> if you see this guy or anyone you think is involved in terrorism, do not take the law into your own hands. these are dangerous people. they may end up martyring themselves. martha: you know in boston, the tsarnaev brothers, the f.b.i. put their pictures up. thank you very much.
6:42 am
bill: the nation on edge. what is the white house saying so far. martha: the presidential candidates with different takes when this was unfolding. donald trump slamming hillary clinton saying this is no time to worry about what he calls political correctness. >> do we really have a choice? we are trying to be so politically correct in our country. and this is only going to get worse. this isn't going to get better. this is only going to get worse. this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years.
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use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. bill report podiums where hillary clinton will address the media. white plains airport outside of new york city where she begins a lot of her travel out of chappaqua, new york. meanwhile, donald trump using
6:46 am
this weekend's string of attacks and explosions to go after clinton and in turn president obama by saying this. under the leadership of obama and clinton americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad. time to change the playbook. seven days before debate number one. now a significant national security issue. katie, start. about changing the playbook. how far does that go? >> you have to keep in mind hillary clinton is part of barack obama foreign policy. for the second half of his term at secretary of state. the obama administration lied to the american voter when they said al qaeda was on the run. they significantly downplayed the threat from isis in the united states by having intelligence reports scrubbed and paint a rosier picture so
6:47 am
the american people felt there wasn't so much of a threat. hillary clinton issued a statement saying the apparent terrorist attacks in new jersey and new york. why are we still not calling the enemy what it is and saying what we are dealing with. i think the american people are looking at this saying how many times do we have to go through this before people who worked for president obama and hillary clinton who wants to maintain his third term, is actually going to call the enemy what it is. bill: mary anne? >> look at the latest fox poll where voters see hillary clinton more qualified to be president. they see her as having a better temperament than donald trump. and you can see why in this incident. she waited for the facts. she continues to wait for the facts as they unfold. and she has a measured response. donald trump no facts and
6:48 am
stoking fear. do you want to give the enemy what we want, they want us running around cowering in corn. or do you want us to go about our business like the people did in new york city. the new york fire department and even the head of the f.b.i. in minnesota. we are not going to give in to the terrorists. bill: you don't know how voters react to this, to both of you ladies, whether it's brexit or the vote in berlin over the weekend where angela merkel was given a stunning defeat. the likes of which we have not seen since the end of the second world war in germany. this is resounding stuff. now we are about to get a measure, katie, in 50 days about how the american people feel about watching this and whether we can end it. >> you look at the situation here in the sense of what you just mentioned with berlin, you
6:49 am
saw brexit. that was an issue in germany of letting in people who are unvetted from terrorism hotpots. president obama wants 100,000 more refugees to come into the countries unvetted from terrorism hotpots all over the world. hillary clinton has the same policy. here we are with someone born in somalia cams into the united states through afghanistan. no talk about how to prevent that. one thing that both of the candidates are looking here and the u.s. government in general. we have a see something, say something policy. but how to respond when these things happen? we saw an off-duty police officer shoot and kill a somali terrorist stabbing people in a minnesota mall. the police and the f.b.i. can't be everywhere. bill: it's an interesting argument about change the playbook. mary anne, why are you on that.
6:50 am
>> if you are talking about the election. the trump supporters will love how donald trump responded to this. the clinton supporters will support her. but the last group of voters who are up for grabs are white college educated women, period. donald trump is losing with them overwhelmingly and can't win the white house with them. white college educated women would far prefer the response by hillary clinton a measures response based on facts versus donald trump shoot from the hip, no facts, fueling fear. bill: donald trump made his statement clear, change the playbook. we'll see how people react. martha: we have brand-new pictures now of the suspect in the manhunt, ahmad kahn rahami. these are more images of him as police in the area encourage everyone to be on the lookout for this man.
6:51 am
he's 6'4, 200 pound. we'll be right back.
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martha: we have brand-new pictures of the manhunt suspect. rahami. you can see the new images we just received. one is a surveillance picture on the bottom right hand of your screen. but he looks very different in these images. they know people in the new york, new jersey area must know this man and are aware of his whereabouts. they believe he's linked to these three incidents and they need to bring him in as soon as possible. he's said to be armed and
6:55 am
dangerous. in the meantime, we are waiting for hillary clinton who is expected to address reporters before she takes off this morning on her campaign plane. she is going to philadelphia today. she is trying to what suburban voters who were somewhat enamored of bernie sanders. on the left side of your screen we are in chelsea where it was a frightening saturday night. thank god no one was killed. then you have the images on the new jersey side where we are -- where the investigation is ongoing in elizabeth, new jersey where they believe this man worked in a chicken restaurant, this family members there as well. so much pulled together and so frightening what happened over the course of this weekend. thank god nobody was killed.
6:56 am
but that is the reason why there isn't a more dramatic response to this. you just have to wonder whether this is a test run, whether we see more things along these lines. we know isis and affiliated groups have called for people to pull off everything you can in terms of taking out civilians in the united states. bill: we'll pull up this map of new york city. 23rd street, four streets away. the significance of these locations. it's difficult to know at the moment. the first explosion screen left is 23rd street. but at that first location there is a train station on 23rd street that takes you -- it's called the path. it takes you directly under the hudson river into new jersey. now they have linked what happened at the marine 5k saturday morning, the pipe bombs that were discovered last night,
6:57 am
sunday night in new jersey, with the two bombings in new york city. it's possible the man they are looking for took that train to get in and out of new york.
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. .
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martha: it is a breaking news morning. current lip we're awaiting word from hillary clinton as she gets on her plane. she is going to pennsylvania to do some campaigning there. we're told governor cuomo will speak again about the ongoing terror investigation in manhattan as they try to track down the suspect. he will speck at penn station. we'll take you there live when that gets underway as well. a massive manhunt is happening. fbi sending out extreme alert. i never received anything like this on my phone before. the phone started buzzing with the fbi alert. the man's name, asking help to help find him. 28-year-old raw -- rahami is the
7:01 am
man they're looking for. they believe more people are connected to the terror attacks. a plot intended to so terror across the region. i'm martha maccallum. bill: you have the situation in american society either. ahmad khan rahami linked to multiple bombs found over the weekend. including five people bombs found late last night in new jersey. [explosion] so that was the detonation of one of those. those explosives discovered near a commuter train station not far from a new jersey apartment being searched by the february by. martha: here is what we know so far.
7:02 am
four bomb sites, three explosions that happen in new york and new jersey. isis is claiming responsibility for the knife attack that injured nine people in minnesota. three are still in the hospital according to the latest reports. that raises total number of injuries to 38 people. the suspect shot and killed by a minnesota off-duty police officer. five people of interest believed to be headed for airport stopped in the car in new york city. detained for questioning by the fbi. bill: the governor here in new york, governor cuomo, saying facts are leading investigators to focus on, international terrorism. >> investigation is focusing on one individual and that would suggest by this individual that there is a foreign connection to these attacks. bill: governor cuomo meeting with first-responders. we expect to hear from him again this morning. as we await on all that chief intelligence correspondent
7:03 am
catherine herridge is live in washington to bring us up-to-date what we know. first of all about the 28-year-old, khan, who is it, catherine. good morning there? reporter: fbi releasing a bulletin for ahmad kahn rahami. he is believed to be connected to devices found in explosions in all three locations, seaside park, new jersey, chelsea, new york, and elizabeth, new jersey. they released three images from rahami that comes from surveillance video. he was born in afghanistan in 1998. he is naturalized u.s. citizen. his last known address is elizabeth, new jersey where raids are going on this hour. he is 5'6", 200 pounds, heavy set. he is considered under extreme police pressure. for that reason the fbi is warning he is presumed to be armed and dangerous. chairman of the house homeland security committee who gets regular briefings spoke a short time ago.
7:04 am
>> the good news, as you mentioned we are starting to move in on the manhunt, if you will. given the video we have recovered and the tips that we have recovered from the good people of new york, i think we're closing in on a person of interest, a suspect now, this ahmad khan rahami. he also lives in new jersey. interesting to see if there is connection. reporter: governor saying in is a possible foreign connection. he saved this is unfortunately a very common name. they have not been able to identified his social mead you yaw sites at this point, bill. bill: a lot of evidence comes from devices that explode and did not explode. they go over this with a lot of precision. what are we learning now about these device, catherine? any clues there? reporter: two federal government sources told fox news there is evidence suggesting that the bomb-maker in new york city is
7:05 am
also the same bomb-maker for the devices that were found in new jersey. they said of note is the fact that the pressure cooker bombs in new york city have the same signature, so the same composition in terms of components, explosives as well as shrapnel as well as method of detonation. i would emphasize that the use of pressure cookers is seen widely by terrorist groups in part because it has a very good seal which can amplify the impact of the explosion. al qaeda and isis offerman always online for these types of devices but we have no evidence at this point that it is tied to either group, bill. bill: more to come. cat lynn, thank you. get back at it. catherine herridge we'll get back with you in washington, thanks. martha: new york city mayor bill de blasio admitting this morning that the investigation is looking more like terrorism. >> we know a lot more than we did just 24 hours ago. it is certainly leaning more in the direction this was a specific act of terror. martha: those remark as bit
7:06 am
different from his comments yesterday when he spoke passionately about the attacks but did not call them terrorism. watch. >> here is what we know. it was intentional. it was a violent act. it was certainly a criminal act. it was a bombing. that's what we know. to underunderstand any specific motivations, political motivations, any connection to an organization, that's what we don't know. martha: steve hayes, staff writer for "the weekly standard" and fox news contributor. good morning to you. >> good morning, martha. martha: you can pick through all the comments from governor cuomo, mayor bill de blasio of new york city, they were trying to be cautious. is there anything wrong with that. >> it is fine to be appropriate and cautious. you don't want to conclusions to race ahead of evidence that you and law enforcement accumulated. that said, there is seems almost urgency from saturday night
7:07 am
through sunday morning throughout the day, even this morning with mayor de blasio's comments on "good morning america" to rule out possibility this was coordinated attack. this was anything other than than a lone wolf attack that it might have had foreign connections. before seen this throughout the seven 1/2 years from the obama administration. we have seen this repeatedly. it is troubling to the american people. martha: are you surprised at the response to this by, by the american people, by everybody going to work in new york and new jersey this morning? you look what happened in boston, it did, a smaller city, some of the circumstances were different, but there was more of a feeling that things needed to be locked down until the manhunt was finished. your observations on just the reaction in general to these events this weekend. >> i think in the case of boston there was certainly the view from law enforcement that the threat presented by the
7:08 am
attackers was likely to continue. that they needed to be apprehended immediately to prevent additional follow-on attacks. i think there is the same sense, getting same sense increasingly from law enforcement, particularly if you look at comments this morning, that you didn't have necessarily yesterday. part of it as others pointed out is the fact that new york has been, has seen these kind of attacks in a way that other cities or these threats at least in the way that other cities have not. and that might explain some of the reaction that you're seeing both from new yorkers and from public officials. martha: it just seems strange though, steve, that our skin has become so thick that 38 people can be hit and injured in attacks over the course of a weekend and it has become, i think over the last 15 years something we've come to expect. i think that many look at that and say that reaction is sad. you know we are many about much more like you know communities in israel hot are used these kinds of attacks happening all
7:09 am
the time. and it becomes part of the fabric of the country. i think in a way that has been the goal of these terrorists, perhaps to that extent they have achieved something? >> well i certainly hope not. i think maybe another contributing factor that you have had from the president on down senior officials who have downplayed the overall threat. i mean the president of the united states said in his interview with jeffrey goldberg of the "new yorker" that basically the threat isn't that bad, just this appears on the news so much. if it bleeds it leads. you see consistently whether talking about the original airplane bomber who was called an isolated extremist, talking about the attempted attack in new york city where the pakistani american was described as a lone terrorist. later they had to double back on that, you have seen an intentional i think effort to downplay the threat, particularly as it relates to
7:10 am
attacks or attempted attacks with international ties or potentially connected to known terrorist groups. i think that's a problem. i think the administration, others have given americans, some americans a false sense of security. i think it is dangerous. martha: all right. steve, thank you very much. bill: we mentioned hillary clinton is in white plains, new york, before she starts her campaign today. >> this dangerous situation. lives spoken to the governor of minnesota. like all americans my thoughts are with those who were wounded, their families and our brave first-responders. this threat is real, but so is our resolve. americans will not cower, we will prevail. we will defend our country and we will defeat the evil, twisted ideology of the terrorists. i'm the only candidate in in race who has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. and i have laid out a
7:11 am
comprehensive plan to meet the evolving nature of this threat and take the fight to isis everywhere they threaten us including online. i'm grateful to have support and advice from a wide range of bipartisan national security leaders who have worked with both democratic and republican presidents. when we met together earlier this month in new york, one of the points they emphasized was the need to support state and local law enforcement who act as our first line of defense, making sure they have the resources, training and intelligence they need to effectively prevent and respond to terror attacks and this weekend events underscored how important that is. we should also launch an intelligence surge to help identify and thwart attacks before they can be carried out. we need to work more closely with silicon valley and other partners to counter terrorist
7:12 am
propaganda and recruitment efforts online. and it is crucial that which continue to build up trust between law enforcement and muslim-american communities. in the middle east we have to smash isis's strongholds with an accelerated coalition air campaign, more support for arab and kurdish forces on the ground and intense diplomatic efforts in syria, iraq and across the region. would working closely with our allies and partners to keep us safe must be the top priority for our next commander-in-chief. later today i will discuss the threat from terrorism with president el-sisi of egypt and other world leaders. most of all i want to say this to my fellow americans. let us be vigilant but not afraid. we have faced threats before, if you see something or hear something report it immediately to local law enforcement authorities.
7:13 am
i know we will meet this new danger with the same courage and vigilance. we choose resolve, not fear. we will not turn on each other or undermine our values. we'll stand together because we are stronger together in the face of this threat and every other challenge. be glad to take some questions. >> person of interest in this case is an afghan immigrant, now a u.s. citizen. what do saw i to voters who say see this consider supporting trump's approach to terror and immigration? >> well, it is true that a suspect of interest has been identified and we need to do everything we can to support law enforcement as they track him down to determine what role if any he played in east events but let us remember, there are millions and millions of naturalized citizens in america from all over the world.
7:14 am
there are millions of law-abiding, peaceful muslims americans. this is the kind of challenge law enforcement can be and is prepared to address, namely, going after anyone who would threaten the united states. so i am absolutely in favor of and have long been advocate for tough vetting, for making sure we don't let people into this country. and not just people who come here to settle, but we need a better visa system. let's remember what happened on 9/11. these were not refugees who got into airplanes and and attacked our country. let's not get diverted and distracted by the campaign rhetoric we hear from the other side. this is a serious challenge. we are well-equipped to meet it and we can do so keeping with
7:15 am
smart law enforcement and good intelligence and in concert with our values. >> secretary clinton, the white house has labeled these lone wolf attacks a top concern. given this weekend's events what more specifically should be done and what would you do specifically beyond what president obama has done? is the current plan enough? >> monica, i think that the lone wolf problem is one that we have to invest more time and more resources into combating. when i met with the distinguished group of national security experts, as i said, both democratic and republican, administration, experiences, they made a that the recruitment and radicalization that goes on on, online has to be much more vigorously intercepted and prevented. i have been saying this for
7:16 am
quite some time. and i believe it's an important part of our strategy. the other point they made is that the recruiters for isis and these other terrorist groups look for people who online demonstrate the mental profile, the level of paranoia, the level of delusion, the level of disappointment then is exploited by quite able terrorist recruiters. so we've got to do a much more intensive effort. that is why i mentioned silicon valley in my remarks. not only to take down terrorist propaganda, but to do everything we can to intercept and prevent radicalization and recruitment. and i think we are at the beginning of that but there is much more we need to do and the government can not do this without the close participation of tech companies and experts online who can give us the tools
7:17 am
and lead us to those who are attempting to promote attacks like we've seen. >> hi. >> hey, jennifer. >> are you concerned that this weekend's attacks, or potential incidents in the coming weeks might be an attempt by isis or isis sympathizers or really any other group, maybe russians, to influence the presidential race in some way and presumably try to drive votes to donald trump who, as you said before, widely seen as perhaps being somebody who they would be more willing to, or see as an easier person to be against? >> well, jennifer, i don't want to speculate, but here is what we know, and i think it is important for voters to hear this and weigh it in making their choice in november. we know that a lot of the rhetoric we've heard from donald trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular isis, because they are looking
7:18 am
to make this into a war against islam. rather than a war against jihadists, violent terrorists, people who number in the maybe tens of thousands, not the tens of millions, they want to use that to recruit more fighters to their cause, by turning it into a religious conflict. that's why i have been very clear, we're going after the bad guys and we're going to get them but we're knot going to go after an entire religion and give isis exactly what it is wanting in order for them to enhance their position. secondly, we know that donald trump's comments have been used online for recruitment of terrorists. we've heard that from former cia director michael hayden, who made it a very clear point when he said, donald trump is being used as a recruiting sergeant
7:19 am
for the terrorists. we also know from the former head of our counterterrorism center, matt olson, that the kinds of rhetoric and language that mr. trump has used is giving aid and comfort to our adversaries. now look, as i said in my remarks, i'm the only candidate in this race who has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. what does that mean? i was part of the national security team that worked with president obama to develop strategies to fight the terrorists, sometimes that involved direct kinetic action. sometimes that involved working with allies and partners. sometimes that involved capture. i won't get into classified information but i have sat at that table in the situation room. i have analyzed the threats. i've contributed to actions that
7:20 am
have neutralized our enemies. i know how to do this. and i understand how we don't want this to get even bigger than it already is. so we're going to stay focused on what will work and how we deploy a strategy that will protect america, work with our allies and partners, to take ears sis down and have a strong counterterrorism effort online in order to try to defeat the ideology that stands behind these terrorist attacks. [inaudible] >> secretary clinton, as you know donald trump has a lot to say about your record on the issue over the weekend. here is one example. under the leadership of obama and clinton americans experienced more attacks at home than victories at home than abroad. time to change the playbook. what is your reaction to that characterization? >> like so many else he says.
7:21 am
it is not grounded in facts. it is to make some demagogic point. we still have challenges. that is what i'm talking about throughout this campaign. i am prepared to, ready to, actually take on those challenges, not engage in a lot of, you know, irresponsible, reckless rhetoric but to do the hard work as i have done before, to put into place the strategies for local and state law enforcement, for an intelligence surge, for the kind of preventative actions that we need to take here at home and to intensify our efforts to defeat isis. you don't hear a plan from him. he keeps saying he has a secret plan. the secret is, he has no plan. let's focus on what we really can do and what i have laid out is a path forward that will keep us safer, protect our country and go after terrorists to finally destroy them.
7:22 am
thank you. thank you, guys. thank you, guys. bill: hillary clinton there for about init minutes talked about an intelligence surge in order to defeat isis. the threat is real she said. and so too is our resolve. one of the headlines i do believe that may come from this was her comment about immigrants and immigration. she said we need tough vetting of immigrants. just checking the website and various articles in the past, i have not seen that to date. we'll see whether or not that gets traction. hillary clinton on the road. we'll see her later today across the trail. back over to martha. martha: let's bring in white house press secretary josh earnest. >> hello, martha. martha: unnerving day. 38 americans injured in three separate terrorist attacks over the weekend. why have we not heard from the president yet? >> i think you will hear from the president shortly, martha. the argument that the president will make it is very important
7:23 am
for us to remain vigilant, totally focused on what is necessary to keep the american people safe. that includes our homeland security professionals working closely with state and local law enforcement to investigate bombings like we saw here in new york over the weekend but also to make sure we're aggressively prosecuting case against isil in iraq and syria. over last couple years we have 5,000 airstrikes against isil targets in iraq and syria. in the last couple weeks we had significant isil figures taken off the battlefield, including adnani who was involved in the planning europe attacks. we continue to apply pressure on isil leadership. we make grounds on isil on the ground. no long air terrorist organization on the march across and syria. this is organization in retreat because of the effective leadership that president obama has shown in assembling a coalition of 67 members to prosecute the fight against isil to destroy that terrorist organization.
7:24 am
martha: so you can recognize perhaps some of those victories and people that have been taken out but would you say that you think the administration believes we are winning against isil? >> no doubt we're making important progress against them. it is hard to reduce this to day by day, play-by-play kind of narrative but what we can do we can certainly look at the broader metrics. when you see we've taken back more than half the territory they previously controlled in iraq. when you see we've taken back more than 20% of the territory they previously controlled in syria. when we take a look at isil leadership. martha: i understand all those things you would put in the good column in terms of white house action. getting back to the terror attacks that happened over the course of the weekend here in the united states which there is a link, there is isis link to one happened in minnesota. they say he was a soldier for isis. and his own family says they believe he was radicalized. tell us, take us through what he did yesterday. we got the news saturday night. everyone was shocked by it.
7:25 am
everyone talking all day yesterday. we watched it unfold. we didn't hear from the president. did he speak to governor cuomo? did he speak to christie? what did he do yesterday? >> i'm not prepared to draw the same things to isil. this is what fbi investigators are doing in minnesota. this is isil talking about propaganda. the president getting updates from the national security team starting saturday night and shortly after detonation. martha: why wouldn't he come to speak out on this. >> he is in touch with the national security team and we're in touch where the investigation leads. this there are a lot of forces in new york city and providing security for u.n. meetings. >> can you clarify did he speak to governor cuomo and governor christie yesterday. >> we'll have update on that shortly. martha: you think he will make a statement? >> we will hear from the president. martha: we will hear from the president. you mentioned earlier today you believe it's a narrative battle we're fighting. i think that for people who have shrapnel in their shoulders this morning they might have a hard
7:26 am
time accepting that. that it is a narrative battle we're fighting against isis. explain what you meant by that? >> i meant very specifically, martha, we're taking fight to them on the ground in iraq and syria. president has international coalition. 5000 airstrikes in iraq and syria last couple years. what is important in the context of political debate remember isil is trying to assert a narrative, that they represent the religion of islam in a war against the west and in a war against the united states. that is mythology. that is falsehood. that is not true. that is bankrupt ideology they are trying to wrap in the cloak of islam. to suggest that somehow we should treat muslims differently or suspect them as terrorists just because of their religion -- martha: nobody is talking about that. >> we certainly have heard that inflammatory rhetoric from republicans. >> we're not talking about that here. >> ask the question about the isil narrative earlier today. it is important we don't play into the narrative.
7:27 am
too many republicans are willing to do. martha: this is the isis narrative. this is what they said in their recent publication. isis believes disbelievers should be slain wherever they may be. young adults in engaged in sports activities in park. old main waiting in line on buying a sandwich. strike terror into auld non-believes. that is the muslim duty. what people have ha hard time you have to take them at their word they mean to do what they say because we see it happening here in the united states. so, it feels sometimes like the white house doesn't like to make the connection between those two things. is that wrong? >> well i think we've been quite clear. the president has demonstrated, you don't have to take my word for it. president demonstrated seriousness which he has taken this fight to isil. martha: i'm talking about domestic attacks here at home. >> we're talking about isil important for us to make sure we are rolling back territory that they previously taken. that we are taking their leaders off the battlefield.
7:28 am
particularly those focused on plotting externally. making sure we're vigilant here in the united states and we are doing what is necessary to protect the american people. you have seen the united states ramp up our ability to coordinate with online organizations, google, twitter, facebook. we know that isil is seeking to propagate their bankrupt ideology using social media an trying to capitalize on vulnerable minds to radicalize people. we have ramped up our ability to shut down the twitter feeds and those other outlets that we know that extremists were using to try to intech vulnerable populations. that is having an impact on them. the other thing we have to remember we need to work with the muslim community in the united states. there are millions of patriotic muslims in the united states, serving in our military, serving in our law enforcement. stand up members of our community. we need to work with them to keep our country safe. martha: family members who are obviously very concerned about what is going on within their own ranks spoken out in minneapolis about this young man at mall.
7:29 am
thank you very much, josh. good to have you here. we'll look forward to hear from the president later this afternoon. we know you have a lot to do in new york. thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. bill: 29 minutes past the hour now, hillary clinton, donald trump both now reacting to the bombings in new york and new jersey. we're wondering how these events affect the course of a campaign that while choose a president in 50 days. we'll debate that next. >> obama, forget it, hillary, for get it. you will never solve the problem if you're afraid to use the real name. this is radical islamic terrorism.
7:30 am
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7:32 am
i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? martha: donald trump delivering a fiery response to this weekend's attacks, slamming hillary clinton and others for not calling it terrorism and republican nominee says that things he believes have to change. >> it's a mess and it's a shame and we, we're going to have to be very tough. i think maybe we're going to be
7:33 am
seeing a big change over the last couple of days. i think this is something that maybe we'll get, will happen perhaps more and more all over the country. >> peter doocy outside trump tower in manhattan. peter, trump is blaming specific obama administration policy what happened over the course of the weekend. tell us what he means by that? reporter: he means he thinks the white house is too welcoming of refugees from countries we know have a lot of terrorists in them. you heard trump. he said there will be more attacks like ones from this weekend if the white house continues to be welcoming of people that continue to be so hard to vet. >> he let in over 100,000 additional people and now hillary clinton is raising it by 550% and this is been going on for a long time. thousands of people are pouring into our country. we have no idea what we're doing. our leaders, jo even say weak. i say stupid.
7:34 am
reporter: and the campaign said in the last hour, they just don't think the white house understands the fight that we are in because you heard josh earnest. he described the battle with isis as one of narratives, where they say that they are, they are fighting on behalf of islam. all of islam. then they say the west is evil. that's it. jason miller, spokesman for trump just said this. quote. when the white house says we're in narrative fight against isis days after series of apparent attacks on u.s. soil we should be very concerned. for u.s. troops in iraq and syria on the front lines of against isis is a real fight where we lost real lives. trump will meet later on tonight with a key u.s. ally, the egyptian president abdul el-sisi, some trump said in the past if he wins the presidency he would want to work with to fight terror abroad. that will be really interesting, revealing to find out how in depth they go working together
7:35 am
come january. martha. martha: peter, thank you. bill: we saw and heard hillary clinton just a moment ago. she is bringing in donald trump to the argument of the day. >> like so much else he says. it is not grounded in facts. it is, you know, meant to make some kind of demagogic point and the facts are pretty clear. that you know, we still have challenges. that's what i have been talking about throughout this campaign. i am prepared to, ready to, actually take on those challenges, not engage in a lot of irresponsibles, reckless rhetoric. bill: let's debate all this now. lisa booth, contributor for "washington examiner," president, founder of high. >> strategies. emily tish sussman, center for american progress. good morning to you. i'm scouring for hillary clinton website. looking for articles and statement the ins past maybe we find them, so far we haven't, on
7:36 am
comment she made moments ago on immigrants and immigration in the u.s. she said we need tough vetting. lisa, is she changing a different perhaps direction on this issue now? >> perhaps. because i think this has been a weakness, terrorism is weakness for both obama administration and hillary clinton. americans have consistently seen president obama's weak when it comes to taking fight to isis and hillary clinton is an extension of that, both looking at failed foreign policy with the expansion of isis which is now in 18 different countries this is actually a strong suit for donald trump. he is consistently led in polling on the issue of taking the fight to isis, on issue of terrorism. so he needs to continue to voice a strong opinion about that and continue to project himself as leader and someone that will indeed take that fight to isis. bill: current events can change things quickly. a week away from the debate, emily. you wonder is she changing her position, prepping for
7:37 am
one-on-one with trump next week? >> i don't think she is changing a position. i think she has always been very strong on the issue. the fact the way we're going to combat terrorism both domestic and abroad has to be holiestic policy you have to have smart foreign policy you have to have allies and have to have economic policy going along with that. what trump is spouting isolationist economic policy, total warmonger foreign policy those don't make sense and those don't work. what clinton talked about is always one consistent policy. if we're talking about refugees and strong vetting, that is consistent. that is consistent what we have right now. bill: is it? i have not seen this tough vetting comment before. >> maybe she hasn't -- bill: by all accounts the first time. >> she may not have used that language before but certainly consistent with policy she talked about on immigration where we know who is coming in and we know who is here and legalize them. >> but the problem with that, obama administration, obama administration themselves has
7:38 am
said we can not vet syrian refugees coming into the country. >> let's be honest. bill: emily, let her finish, lisa. >> cia director john brennan said before the intelligence committee that is a fear of his. the fact isis will penetrate both european nations and united states through syrian migrants. this is a point of weakness that the obama administration themselves has admitted some that is smart of donald trump to try to project the both the obama administration and hillary clinton campaign as weak on this issue. >> look, so i will agree what he is doing is that trump is projecting. he is playing on people's fears. >> obama administration admitted they don't even have a plan to defeat isis. obama himself said that repeatedly. >> that is not true. bill: one at a time. hang on. >> talk about the refugees. talk about the process brings refugees in the count dry. they don't come in, goes through a 21-step process takes three
7:39 am
years. we know people by the time they are coming in. when he says he doesn't know 100% the people know in backgrounds because very difficult to track someone has no home anymore, has no papers. i talk to people work in the refugees camps. they create as much of a network and background they possibly can that is the part of the strategy to defeat isis. bill: you wonder, ladies, both of you, if there is subtle shift in their policy as you get ready for hempstead, new york, a week from today. >> i don't think it is a shift. bill: we'll see. thank you, ladies. we'll debate much more, millenials, african-americans, there is significant movement in the polling we saw over the last seven days. we'll get to that. thank you, ladies. see you real soon. mart. that. martha: investigators finding foreign links to the terrorist attacks that happened in three states over the course of the weekend. it appears that there is a common thread that relates to all of them. >> the two bombs in chelsea and
7:40 am
the bomb in south jersey, bombs in south jersey appear to have been constructed by the same people. as far as the materials used, the way in which they were constructed, christmas lights, all of that, was identical.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
martha: fbi tracking down new leads in this weekend's bomb attacks in new york and in new jersey. federal agents combing through the scenes in both states this morning. police releasing this video, or this surveillance photo, rather, bottom right-hand corner of person of interest who was sought for questioning in connection to all three of these bomb locations and incidents over the weekend. governor cuomo saying earlier this hour that he believes there is no credible threat. that there are more devices out there which has been a big concern over the course of the last 48 hours. here he is. >> we have no reason to believe that there is, there are any other devices from this
7:44 am
situation, or from these individuals. but, let's be honest. i'm governor of new york. every day i believe we have to be in a state of readiness. we know new yorkers are target for terrorism. we know the frequency of terrorist attacks is increasing globally. martha: bobby ciccone, retired fbi agent for counterterrorism and the organized crime task force. he worked in the new york city's fbi office before and after 9/11. bobby, good to have you here. good to have you with us. >> thank you, martha. martha: what is your take? what is your thinking about all this. >> i things are evolving quickly, even since yesterday now i think we can comfortably say this is a group that has international terrorism links. whether or not it is linked to a known group overseas or they're acting independently here clearly their motivations are
7:45 am
the same as some of these international terrorist groups. martha: if they're inspired by international terrorist groups does it make a big difference whether on somebody of that side of the water made the direct call for them to carry them out? we know that they have encouraged people to carry out whatever they possibly can here. >> it really doesn't from a public safety standpoint. the approach, the initial investigation is often the same and the protection of the public which is paramount obviously is the same, whether it is san bernanadino type incident that was inspired by overseas or whether there is material support coming from overseas. it is follow-on investigation that impacts more in fact if there is more personnel on the ground that we can find out about because of more attacks planned because of international support they're getting. martha: rahami said to be by people in the neighborhood, a nice guy who works at the chick inch restaurant. the fbi wants to speak with him.
7:46 am
what insight can you give us into the hunt likely going on for him? >> well, i think it's intense. it is covering probably the entire country if not internationally. i think the joint terrorism task forces in the surrounding area, new york city metropolitan area are all coordinating. i think it is pretty intense. i think there ask probably international leads being covered by the fbi offices overseas. and i think that, by publishing his picture, you're seeing the attempt to put the pressure on him like we saw in boston with the tsarnaev brothers where we want the public to be engaged and looking out for him to generate leads. martha: in the tsarnaev case, they stayed close to home, took three days for the situation to really intensify. when you look at the facts of this case so far why do you suggest maybe he might have fled the country? >> well, i am not suggesting he may have fled the country.
7:47 am
that would be an evidence of escape if he so desired but he also stayed close to home. elizabeth, new jersey, is the last known address. also where the incidents happened yesterday. there is some similarity to that. now where he's going and what he had planned i can't, i can't speculate on that but i'm sure the investigators involved in the case are hot on that kind of, that investigative trail. martha: in terms of the response from the white house, the president has not spoken yet but we just spoke with white house press secretary who said that he will indeed speak to this today. what do you think about that? >> well, you know, as an investigator when i was investigating these cases somewhat accord publicity. unless it serve ad overriding investigative and public concern, i was more concerned with putting more things out there. you can see how the governor was cautious in his statements. i don't know, that from
7:48 am
investigative standpoint, it didn't serve my purposes a lot of times for anybody to make any statements prematurely. i think that you know, the president, but the president has other concerns that i didn't have as an investigator. he has political concerns, and he has, you know, he serves the public in a different way than i served as an investigator. so you know, i didn't usually get bogged down in the politics of what was happening. martha: no, of course. >> i tried to stay focused on the investigation. martha: on your job. we know that's what they're doing at fbi. thank you very much, sir. good to have you with us, bobby? thank you. bill: fbi says the suspect may be armed and dangerous. what else do we know about him and perhaps others? these are the photos they put out so far. we had one at daybreak. three others since we went on the air. governor, mayor, new york city police department set to hold another press conference. when that gets underway we'll let you know what is happening, from a rainy manhattan monday
7:49 am
morning. back in a moment after this. hey marc, how you feelin'? don't ask. this is what it can be like to have shingles. a painful, blistering rash. i never thought this would happen to me. if you had chickenpox the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. i'm going to go back to the eye doctor tomorrow. it's pretty close to my eye. i don't know how you do it. don't wait until you or someone you care about develops shingles. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk.
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bill: we are prepping for what could be a series of press conferences throughout the morning into the early afternoon. new york police department will brief at 1230 eastern time. that is is 9 minutes from now. we'll cover it for you live. we'll see what they find out since we came on earlier today. this is active investigation. that is clear and obvious from the live pictures from the reporters in new jersey and here in new york and various people that came on to talk about. screen left, well, it is off now. this is the 28-year-old afghan who was living in new jersey who the fbi wants to pick up now. martha: naturalized citizen is. family own as chicken business according to reports this morning in elizabeth, new
7:53 am
jersey. appears you can sort of track his path from elizabeth and seaside heights bomb that they found at the marine run there and. there were similarities in all three devices. that is why the fbi believes they are linked and this is is the man with whom they like to speak. let's listen to what josh earnest had to say about the investigation and the white house's take on all of this just a few moments ago. >> i'm not prepared to draw the sail kind of links to isil. this is something fbi officials are still investigating in minnesota. i recognize what isil put out in terms of their propaganda. but we'll let the facts guide this investigation. the president is getting regular updates from his national security team, starting saturday night shortly after the detonation in new york. martha: why wouldn't you come out and speak on this yesterday. >> the president is in you touch with his national security team and where this investigation lead. a lot of federal and law enforcement resources are in new york because they're there
7:54 am
to organize security for u.n. meetings. >> can you clarify did he speak to governor cuomo or governor christie yesterday? >> we'll have update very shortly. martha: you think he will make a statement today. >> we will hear from the president. martha: you will hear from him. the president will discuss as we heard back and forth. josh earnest gave us to believe that the president did clarify that he perhaps had discussion with the two governors yesterday. former fbi official said to us, perhaps that he is staying out of it is what the fbi would like at that stage of the game. we'll see what happens. bill: this is going to be an issue on national security, no doubt about it. 50 days away from an election. seven days away from the debates. donald trump has been talking about extreme vetting for several months now about immigrants coming out of war-torn countries and countries tied to tear him here in the united states. hillary clinton talked about last hour, about quote, tough get vetting immigrants. we did a rough scan.
7:55 am
we found this 14th of july, two months ago, in an interview on cnn, she said we should only let people in the country after we thoroughly screened them. no matter how long it takes. i would not short-circuit in vetting process n a way she referred to this in the past. whether or not this is significant change based on language we heard today about strong vetting something we'll wait and see. martha: obviously hillary clinton came on much stronger this morning than we have seen her in the past, or even the last 24 hours. the way she spoke about this and urgency she had when she spoke about the terror attacks that happened in three states over the weekend was stronger than what we have seen in other instances from her in the past. she may be trying to sort of narrow the daylight between herself and donald trump on this issue a little bit as they head into the debate period. clearly everyone wants someone who is vigilant. although she did say that it
7:56 am
isn't a religious battle. that violent extremist battle. boy have we become thick skinned about this stuff, new yorkers, everybody through the tunnels, over the bridges back into the city in spite of attempted attack and real attack over the course of the weekend. bill: one could argue in the near term we need to find out whom people were involved in this. was it a lone wolf or we indicated an hour ago how many people were involved. how many people? were they watched? was this a cell coming out of new jersey and new york and back again? what are the truth and what are the facts? nypd briefs 90 minutes from now. we'll have that live. more information right after this here on "america's newsroom."
7:57 am
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8:00 am
find the second device, bill, and disable it so really we doe owe them a huge thanks. bill: a lot to keep track of. keep it here happening now. >> jenna: a man wanted no connection with suspicious devices found in elizabeth, new jersey last night and two explosions. a massive manhunt is underway. welcome to happening now. i'm jenna lee. >> good morning, i'm eric sean in for john scott. nerves, understandably are on edge. that was the device that exploded this morning after workers tried to disarm it in elizabeth, new jersey.


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