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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  October 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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which may make existing kidney problems worse. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. this is a fox news extreme weather alert, hello, thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much. we' matthew eye is now moving north, heading close to the georgia and south carolina coast. a midnight 6:00 a.m. curfew is in effect for savannah as the city gets prepared for the hurricane. rising water is already in low-lying areas. >> matthew is slowly moving away
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from northern florida. of course it slammed the area earlier on friday, packing quite a wallop. historic st. augustine getting pelted with heavy rain much of the day, its downtown district really impassable as you can see there. officials are concern bodied ab damage to old historic buildings and the governor warned residents they would feel the effects of the storm most of the night. >> we've seen impacts right now -- we're seeing impacts right now from st. augustine to jacksonville beach and unfortunately this will continue throughout the night. we're very concerned about the storm surge. we have seen flooding in st. augustine and there is potential for significant flooding in jacksonville tonight. >> okay. tracking the path of hurricane matthew is fox news chief meteorologist rick richmuth. where is matthew heading between now and daybreak?
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>> in the sheort-term, it's getting really close to land. we've had five fatalities in florida. it hugged the coast tmost of th time. we're probably going to see rain the next 36 hours as it traverses the south carolina and north carolina coastline. i want to move in here a little bit closer and show you what's going on. hilton head island right there, and this looks to be the eyewall. we're about ten miles or so away from the eyewall and at this point, it looks like this is continuing to move to the north, in fact, the official word from the hurricane center is it is moving to the north. we think we'll have the first landfall of the storm and we weren't sure we would have la d landfa landfall, but probably in the next couple hours. there are probably winds at 100-miles-an-hour. there's savannah, right here to
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tybe, island, it's about a 30 mile drive. these 1-mile-an-hour winds are going to push a lot more water up the savannah river and we've just been at high tide, and seen the high tide flowing out of the banks. it's not going to be able to come out with this wind coming in, so i think maybe into the next high tide cycle we're going to be seeing that flooding there. we're already in like the top five that we've seen as far as the high levels there. that is going to go up, but hilton head is about to get this tybee island is going to get this and probably making landfall somewhere around buford county within south carolina in the next couple hours. we're right into actually what is probably the worst we've seen anywhere this storm coming eminently, guys. >> how fast is it moving at this point? >> about 12-miles-an-hour, so there you go. 12 miles away, that would, in theory, put that at about 12
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miles away, it probably is going to cut a little bit to the east side of hilton head but we're at the event right now where we've got the strongest winds about to pull onshore. >> what does that mean for hilton head, do you think? >> it does not mean anything good. we're going to see a lot of damage, storm surge around hilton head and probably see those winds in the 80 to 100-mile-an-hour range, i think, probably within the next hour or so moving into hilton head. >> so all of those pine trees on hilton head, you know, are at risk? >> yeah, pine trees in general, really shallow root system so i think we're going to see a lot of tree damage from this. >> what about buford? >> same goes for buford. this entire coastline right here is probably going to be kind of the bull's eye for the worst of the damage. there's going to be a lot of inland flooding over the next day and a half, as well, but the strongest of the winds probably anywhere from this storm about to come onshore right now.
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>> and rick you may have already answered this, but about when might it make landfall? >> okay. i want to also say this, we get really obsessed and a lot of people get obsessed with landfall. landfall is the center of the storm crossing over land that. doesn't mean the worst of the weather crossing over the land and the center is probably somewhere down here, from this, so if we see this cross over land, within the next few hours but that is not that bad of weather. the worst is right here in this band that you see that's getting very close to the coast. >> lrp >> all right. thank you for clearing that up. hurricane matthew continues its trek up the atlantic coast. its path is savannah, georgia, of course and that's where rob schmidt is. give us an update on what it's like now. >> reporter: yeah, greg, we are now -- it's about 2:05 in the morning. high tide in savannah is 2:06
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and it's happening as we speak. there's the example we're kind of anticipating. this is what we were expecting see. you can see that the savannah river, this wide river that divides south carolina from georgia at this point, has now come over the banks and is moving in pretty fast into this little park area that we have here where you can sit here and maybe eat a sandwich and just check out the view and stuff. this has really just come in, in the last 30, 40 minutes, this has come up and moved in so quickly and we have a lot of water here now and it just keeps coming in. we're going to have to wait how much higher this gets as we are hitting high tide. this is an example how much water we have. here on the street, on river avenue, this is all rainwater, because that it's high tide and the surge has not -- has not breached this little wall right here. so this is how much rain we've gotten and i'm splashing around in, and here's your storm surge and your river coming up, as well. this combination of water is a
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lot of water. it's a lot of water and it's going to really tell the tale of what happened to savannah, is what's going to happen in the next 30, 40 minutes, i think. if this does make it much higher, if this keeps coming up at the rate it's coming up and crosses over here, then you're going to see business damage all along river avenue, which this is a very hip kind of place. there's a lot of great little bars and restaurants. if you come to town all the hotels are right up here on this bluff kind of above me, where we're shooting off of and you come down here and you walk along the river and you go out. there's a lot of good businesses. this is the historic district, very old cobblestone here. so if there is going to be damage to be done, it's going to be fairly soon if this river does keep rising. that's going to be a wait and see. tybee island, out rick was saying maybe 20, 30 miles out east of us, that's also going to be an area of great concern because they are definitely getting the heavier winds. we are still are not seeing those 100-mile-an-hour winds rick is talking about.
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i'm feeling maybe at worst, 40, 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts in savannah. it's just not as severe as tybe. i don't think we can get there at this point. i don't think there's road that's going to take us there a, that is full of water and probably risking our lives too much to try to get out there. i can tell you that's going to be the first place i go tomorrow to see how they fared in this storm, because they are much closer to the eyewall and i think that eyewall now is probably only ten or 12, maybe 15 miles from tybee island and being a cat 2 hurricane, there's not a lot of places for that water to go. t tybee is right at sea level. i'm hoping this river does notarize too much higher that this surge doesn't push too much further in and we can spare a lot of these quaint businesses along river avenue here. we wouldn't want to see anything happen to their businesses and a lot of them are not very well protected. the restaurant underneath it,
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huey's, has no protection. it has a whole bunch of glass, windows and doors they can open up to eat outside and have that kind of outdoor experience even though you're inside. there's nothing protecting this restaurant from a wall of water coming in and as i say this, i'm noticing this is still rising very quickly behind me. this water still just coming up. this has happened so fast and this is what people talk about when you see -- when you hear the story business wateies abou people think it can never happen to me, we're going to wait it out. water rises so fast and before you know it you're standed and in a situation like this, in savannah you have nobody to call for help. this is why they tell people to evacuate and hopefully savannah will be spared the worst of the storm. >> the water is very, very tricketric tricktric tric tricky, and very sneaky. let's hope those businesses can survive this. they are the very business that ad to the quaintence aquaint na
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in south carolina, people began evacuating their cars and horry county at noon on thursday, expected to hit the coastal county, which includes people at home. and pete joins us from horry county. talk us to about what you've seen so far. >> yeah, you know we're just kind of hanging out here. we go to coastal carolina we're just trying to stay in, stay safe. we went to the grocery store and got a couple left minute thinas and stuff. >> pete talk to us about what's going on outside.
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talk to us about the rain, rising floodwaters and so forth. >> i live on the first floor so i get a perfect view into the parking lot and it's not too bad right now. it was raining pretty hard earlier and kind of let up a little bit, but it's starting to inch, by inch, it's just adding up slowly. >> how high is the water? >> i'd say about like four inches. >> right. and -- >> inch. >> and that's over the last couple of hours? >> it's starting to flood a little bit around my tires but nothing too bad. >> you're on the first floor, pete, so what are you going to do? >> my buddy kev lives upstairs -- shout out, kerv, we're going to sleep on the couch or something. >> why didn't you leave? >> did businesses use sandbags and sorts to try to stop the infiltration of water? >> sandbags, no we've got a lot of towels and stuff --
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>> towels? >> we're just going to wipe it up. we've got a beanbag chair we can use. we'll see. >> a beanbag chair, towels. >> pete, why department yidn't ? >> why didn't we leave? i'm from michigan, it's a really far drive. i'm just waiting it out. >> you didn't leave because i said you're -- what did you say? >> i'm from michigan. >> michigan. >> oh. >> so you don't even live there? you're visiting? is that -- is that what's going on? >> yeah. i'm having a hard time hearing you. >> okay. well, any way, good luck. >> pete, wait a minute. you're from michigan, right, so you're just visiting is that the deal? >> no, i go to coastal carolina. i live here in myrtle beach. >> oh, you live there? >> yeah. >> let me start all over again. why didn't you heed the warnings and get out and evacuate? >> well, i don't know. we just figured as -- who i'm living with, we're just going to
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stick it out together and bringing on matthew, we're ready for anything. i'm sure we're not the only ones. we've got a handful of people staying here. >> you don't power, do you? >> no, we -- yeah, we do. i'm watching myself on tv right now. >> all right. so a lot of stupid people decided to stick it out, and you decided to join the stupid people? >> i don't know i'm stupid. >> do you think you did the right thing by stay something. >> yeah, i'm staying my roommates, doing the right thing i think. >> all right, pete plasters, good luck. you may need it. >> yeah, thanks. thanks for joining us. >> good luck, pete. >> hang in there with those towels and the beanbag chair. >> thanks for calling me stupid, but -- >> lots more tonight of our special coverage as hurricane matthew continues. >> stay with us. >> we'll be right back.
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. so we are continuing to track hurricane matthew. the big problems tonight, it's all about the flooding. it's about the storm surge forcing that water -- >> and high tide in some of the areas especially hardest hit right now. >> that's right. and there are three states so far that have been declared state of emergency, florida, georgia, and south carolina. in fact, we were -- we were going to be speaking to at some point, the mayor of folly beach, south carolina, in charleston county. again, it's very concerning as we just had the report from
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rob -- is it rob who is in savannah? >> yes, rob schmidt high tide there in about six minutes. >> and that's exactly right. he talked about how quickly the water comes from nowhere. you know, just when you think it's safe, next thing you know you have eight inches of water and when they say evacuate, that's precisely why they need them to evacuate. we have the mayor, mr. tim goodwin there now. you're the mayor of folly beach. are you there, sir? >> i'm here. >> thank you for joining us first of all, and tell us what are the conditions there in your town right now? >> right now we're getting a lot of rain and wind gusts. pretty heavy right now, but it's dark and hard to see what -- how much is going on, other than the -- they said that the storm
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surge, the high tide was nine feet so that's a lot for this area. >> mayor, i don't want to be too personal, but where are you right now and how is it exactly where you are? are you at home with your family and how is your home, if you are there? >> i don't know how my home is. i'm at city hall, at the emergency operations center. >> very good. very good. and what are your big challenges right now there? you and the rest of the emergency crews? >> well, my biggest challenge is ahead of us. when daylight comes and we can get out when the wind subsides a little bit, get out and assess what we have is the damages. >> mayor, greg jarrett, you are right next to kiawah island, next to folly beach, a very popular place to go, especially
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folks from charleston, they drive out to folly beach all the time. worst-case scenario, what's your biggest fear right now? >> the biggest fear for us right now looks like is what is the beach basically going to look like, of course has been eroded, how much has been moved, how many houses might be damaged that are on the front beach, but you know all those things we won't know until the sun comes up, unfortunately. >> yeah, and mayor, i hope when the sun comes up, that picture is not too bad for you. what about residents there? are you hearing from them tonight, the ones there still in town? >> i haven't heard a lot. we actually did a door to door search this afternoon -- or canvas this afternoon.
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we probably had about 400 people that was left on the island. about 180, some of those, was at one hotel. so, haven't heard from them, but it's just starting to really pick up here as this storm seems to be moving maybe inland between us and georgia -- or hilton head and georgia, in that area, so -- >> sounds like -- i'm sorry, mayor. sounds like most people did abide by your instructions to get out, move inland, be safe. for the 400 or so that you say seemed to have stayed, do you know why they did? >> that's not -- if i knew the answer to that question, we would be making millions of dollars. so we could get people to understand that these things are serious and we talk about
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evacuations and it is governthe talks aboutevacuations. somebody wants you to move because of life safety. >> right. what about first responders? are they not being instructed to risk their lives to save the people who failed to stay behind and follow directions? >> we told everyone once the winds got to tropical storm force winds on the island, you're on your own. no one's coming to your rescue, until the wind subsides. >> that was told to them over, and over, and over so they should have withstood. >> that and unfortunately, even though you repeat the instructions, people don't listen. have you had any distress calls? this evening, mayor? >> no, we haven't. >> that's good. mayor we thank you for your time, mayor tim goodwin. good luck to you and your resident there is in folly beach
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and let's hope that tomorrow morning, that the daylight is -- doesn't reveal too much damage for you, sir. >> let's hope the beach is still a beach. so folly beach is still a beach. all right. hurricane matthew now a category 2, the danger is not over yet. >> nope. concerns remain about storm surges as it makes its way up the coast. stay right here. we'll continue our coverage after this break.
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welcome back to our coverage of hurricane matthew. devastation in several areas, as well as flooding caused by the storm surge is continuing its track up the atlantic coast, its path is savannah, georgia. joel wald man is there and talk to us about the conditions now. >> reporter: greg, and arcel, we are definitely feeling those her-kaihe hurricane force winds, tethered to the eye of hurricane matthew. the eye is essentially passing parallel to savannah out at sea. i know you're talking about tybee island, that's about 18 miles due east of where we are, and i know personally having talked to the mayor of tie bybe island, some people i spoke with decided to stay out there, even
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yesterday, route 80 was submerged completely under water. you can feel those winds now starting to move us around. when we came to you at the bottom of the last hour, it was right as the savannah river was overflowing its banks. i'm stepping out of the way to get you a better vantage point on that. there is a steamboat out there or some sort of paddle boat called the georgia queen. obviously a very majestic boat, and you know i tweeted out earlier a shot of it saying i hope the majesty of it all remains after the storm. what's interesting is you may be -- maybe about 45 minutes ago a few gentlemen came out with neon vests. it appears they work for the boat. they were keeping an eye on it. it is clearly docked right now. they were going out to check the ropes on that boat. as the tied comes in, that boat
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is going to rise higher and higher and the ropes that are attaching to its dock position are going to grow tighter and tighter and they're clearly worried that that boat could either break free or even topple over the banks of the savannah river and that obviously as a tourist attraction here in town, would be devastating just to seeing some like that happen, would be absolutely horrendous. but at this hour, i can tell you the winds have definitely, definitely picked up in their force. we are being blocked a little bit by another building, which is out of your vantage point. the city is a vaghost town, and some people evacuated and some people decided to stay and they may be having second thoughts. >> i bet they would. joel, i can tell the winds picking up there, as well as the rain, so certainly savannah not
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out of the woods there, and let's hope that steamboat -- that paddle boat is going to be okay and not topple over or hopefully those ropes don't break. so we'll check back in with you, joel, probably in about, i don't know what -- soon. stand by for us, but stay safe. thank you, joel. want to catch you up on some political news. donald trump, hillary clinton spent friday off the campaign trail dispatching running mates and surrogates out to the stomp while they try to prep for sunday night's showdown. clinton and trump will square off of course in the second of three presidential debates. this one held in st. louis, it's a town hall format on sunday night. half of the questions will come from an audience of undecided voters, but half will come from the moderators and the format will challenge candidates to connect with voters in a swing state. >> and greg heading into the debate, clinton holds a two
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point lead over trump in a four-way race. this is according to brand-new fox news national polls out friday night. now clinton's lead expands to four points over trump in a head-to-head match up. she leads 48% to 44%. now trump who moved easily baited in the first debate heads into sunday already damaged, already in damage control. in an audio clip from 2005 that leaked on friday, trump is heard discussing women in vulgar and lewd terms. the clinton campaign was quick to condemn the remark tweeting "this is horrific. we cannot allow this man to become president." >> what was donald trump's response? he apologized first in a written statement, saying "if i offended you, i'm sorry," so it was sort of a half apology, and then it was followed by a videotape by trump released around midnight,
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here it is. >> i've never said i'm a perfect person, nor retended to be someone that i'm not. i've said and done things i regret and the words released today are more than a decade old video, are one of them. anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. i travel the country talking about change for america, but my travels have also changed me. i've spent time with grieving mothers who have lost their children, laid-off workers, whose jobs have gone to other countries, and people from all walks of life who just want a better future. i have gotten to know the great people of our country and i've been humbled by the faith they've placed in me. i pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down. let's be honest. we're living in the real world. this is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we're facing today.
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we are losing our jobs, we're less safe than we were eight years ago and washington is totally broken. hillary clinton and her kind have run our country into the ground. i've said some foolish things, but there's big difference between the words and actions of other people. bill clinton has abused women and hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. we will discuss this more in the coming days. see you at the debate on sunday. >> see you at the debate on sunday, we'll talk about this a little bit later. right now we take a break and please stay with us. >> we'll be right back.
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hurricane matthew is continuing to move north away from or north of georgia where it has hit and is heading towards south carolina. let's check in with our chief
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meteorologist, rick reichmuth standing by in the weather center. talk to us about the movement. >> it's getting really close to shore, the closest we've seen so far during its life span in the u.s. still areas of eastern georgia and south carolina, that's where we've got this going right now, there had been some tornado warnings just to the west of myrtle beach, those have expired, but expected likely to see some more over the next couple hours. all right. there's is a van adjusavannah, of that is tybee island, and the outside of that is the eyewall or center of the storm. there's hilton head. we're about nine miles or so from this -- the worst of it -- strongeste of the winds. we just saw wind gusts of 60-miles-an-hour and this is pulling off towards the north. it does look in the last couple images that it's started to make this a little bit of a right turn and northeast turn if it can make that sharp enough, it would keep it off the coast.
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it seems unlikely to me that it could make that sharp of a turn. i think we're going to be seeing at least the outer band here, or that -- the most inner band make some sort of interaction with the land and the wind speeds are going to go up pretty dramatically. we're almost at 50 there in savannah, hilton head, at 46, but you get an idea. very, very quickly, this is going to rotate in there and we're going to be seeing those winds get pretty extreme in short order around hilton head and a lot of storm surge moving into that area. we're already seeing the storm surge, the waters there, high tide is right around now for a lot of these spots. it won't be able to come out when the tied goes down, the wind is going to keep all of that water in there, likely until close to the next high tide cycle. so we're going to continue to see that flooding going on, guys. >> rick, for tomorrow, what would you say to the folks in south carolina and north carolina? >> yeah, so there's going to be a lot of rain by tomorrow
11:38 pm
heading in towards north carolina. this is the future radar and you get the idea it's really heavy tonight, throughout the overnight hours in south carolina. go towards 10:00 in the morning, eastern parts of south carolina, but also moving in towards the southern part of north carolina, throughout the day tomorrow, it is all north carolina, heading in towards virginia. it begins to interact with this front that's coming in and that's going to bring in a lot more moisture. it's not until sunday around say 10:00 to 2:00 we finally see it exit the coast there. so, tomorrow is a south carolina moving into north carolina major rain event. >> rick reichmuth, joining us in the weather center, thank you very much. >> and joining us, the emergency director fscrebin county, which is under a state of emergency, mr. st erlin, how close are you to savannah and what is the
11:39 pm
weather like? >> from the coast, we're about 52 miles and right now we're still getting horizontal rain, the winds averaging between about 39 and 42-miles-an-hour. recently, i just came back from our airport and we literally are having plains it's winds blowing so hour are lifting off the skroen ground, on the tarmac. it's amazing. we prepared and took it really serious. we -- things have gone well, as far as you know the best you can hope for, we do have a lot of trees down. we have people without power all over but luckily everybody's been safe and we haven't had any fatalities or injuries like that -- >> and on your -- on your way to and from the airport, what else did you see, sir? >> trees down, you see a lot of debris all over the road, i
11:40 pm
mean, you're constantly driving over psychiatry. we' debris. we'll be dealing with that for weeks. luckily, how the wind has been blowing, they're falling against each other instead of off the road. we've had some, probably eight or ten that had to be removed from the road and we have another eight or ten on power wires that we know of, and until it's daylight they won't cut those up. it's an inconvenience but everybody has done a good job so far. >> you said you have some of the trees on power lines but do you have power? >> a lot of people don't, that's one of the big problems and we worry about that in today's times because we have so many people that use these oxygen generators that run on house-current-type situations and then when you lose the power you end up in a situation they're needing something that's a life support and those are the huge issues that we're worry
11:41 pm
about. we did open up -- we have two good samaritans, facilities that are open now, and then we also, you know, did another rescue-type facility here for people that were leaving late, basically from richmond hill, chatham county, these type places. we kept running into people that had nowhere to go, couldn't find motels so we finally decided we needed to open some sheltders o our own here. it's been a very unique event because it's been so large and powerful. i don't think anybody was expecting it. i lived through hurricane dora in 1964, so when you go without power for about eight days, it leaves an imprint and you realize how things can be and up fortunately, i don't think people understand how power thankful storm really was. >> was there a mandatory evacuation? >> not where we were. there was just below us, in
11:42 pm
effi effingham and chatham county. ours, we did do a voluntary, because we're just out of the reach. initially, it was going to be about 80 miles offshore, and as all hurricanes do, they have their own mind and it ended upcoming much closer so the end rumt result is people that stayed wished they hadn't. >> if you would, tell us again -- you know, the extent of the damage that you've seen and heard about so far in your area. >> whether you drive down the road, leaves just kpcompletely cover your road where they've just been stripped off the tree. branch it's and when we say braur branches we're talking seven, eight foot, laying out into the ditches and the roads. i mean, it's been an extreme wind event. i don't think anybody was prepared. i went by my home to go check on my environment, i have a huge boat, it's a 34-foot silverton,
11:43 pm
that sits on a four-axle trailer and it pushed the boat about 50 feet across the field and it was the most -- nobody -- i mean it was just unbelievable. who could think the wind could be so strong it could push this boat across this field rolling on its own. but it did, and the boat weighs about 16,000 pounds. so, i mean, the pressure that's on homes, the pressure that's on mobile homes, the pressure that's on the trees, it's just incredible. i mean this is a very powerful storm y storm. >> you mentioned there are several residents at local shelters. have you been able to check on the shelters, get an update if they have power, how the people there are doing? >> yeah, we -- we, ahead of time, prepositioned ourselves with huge generators who set up these facilities and actually, we even went a little bit farther than that. we provide food for them, we have all of these hotdog
11:44 pm
cookers. we're trying to make it as comfortable as we can. we know it's a miserable time for them and we really just didn't want to put them in a position where they didn't realize that everybody cared, and -- and so -- but we have been checking on them on a regular basis and they've been sleeping well, doing good. i mean you know it's a very uncomfortable time. we set up the cots, like everybody does and you're trying to give them a place to -- to shelter and feel safe, but at the same time, we sure wish you know people would have decided to leave earlier. most of the people are the ones who decided to leave too late and had nowhere to go. >> tomorrow morning, when the sun comes up, and people come out of their homes and businesses, those who did not leave, and they see the damage and devastation, and when you do, so what are your first tasks? what are your challenges ahead?
11:45 pm
>> our job always in the emergency amendment is to try to get any community back to 100% preparedness and back to readiness as soon as possible. the problem you're going to have is this is going to be a huge cleanup. i mean, this -- this is not something we just had a bad storm and -- and everything e's back to normal. it's going to take days and weeks to be able to get the tir ra terrain back to normal. we have dirt roads washed out all over the county. these are roads people transfer back and forth every day and literally the road's gone. i went by two of them, because we had to put out barriers to make sure people don't drive off the edge, and some of them have seven and eight foot like gorges where it just completely ate out the road. so it's going to be a tremendous amount of work after this storm, for any county in the state of georgia, florida, or south carolina. i'm telling you anybody whose
11:46 pm
been effeaffected by this will a lot of work to do. >> best of luck to you, sir. you've got many challenges ahead of you and we wish and you the people there well. >> thank you so much. >> absolutely. hurricane matthew is slowly moving on savannah, georgia. its eye is heading due north. >> matthew is a category 2 storm, sustained winds of about 105-miles-per-hour, but it's flooding and storm surge that has city officials deeply concerned. we'll be right back with more with live coverage.
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the human and financial cost
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will be high. patricia starks looks at the damage matthew has caused, patricia. >> reporter: yes, hurricane matthew is packing a deadly punch. the death toll at 842 in haiti, and that could rise as rescuers arrive to remote areas, as bridges and roads were washed away in the storm. matthew's high winds keeping planes grounded, preventing doctors and nurses from getting to haiti to help the injured. 18 airports are shut down in florida, including the ones in daytona b 5,000 flights have been canceled. the major airports in the southeast corner of the state like miami international have reopened. four deaths have been confirmed in florida, and flooding is a major concern along the low coastal areas because of storm surges. right now, there are nearly 1.2 million homes without power throughout the southeast atlantic coast. power companies are saying they
11:51 pm
won't be able to restore power until the winds die down significantly. crews are also being forced to wait until the weather improves to look at any damages to bridges and roads. and tonight, florida governor rick scott not just warning about the storm, but also take to twitter to remind folks to report any price gouge thing th might be seeing and he plans to visit the jacksonville area on saturday. >> thank you for pointing tha t out. we're concerned about the damage to property, but there are people who lost their lives in this tragedy. >> it's a big weekend here at fox news. 20 years ago, fox hit the air waves for the first time later this month. the channel mark another milestone. fox news sunday anchor chris wallace will be the first fox anchor selected to moderate a presidential debate, but for now, here's a look at our first 20 years. >> terrific, terrific morning
11:52 pm
and it's good to be part of this fox news channel. i'm bill o'reilly, thank you for watching on our very first day. >> wall street is waiting for the launch of our schchannel to launch into record territory. >> the news source america had been longing for had made its debut in 1996, and faster than anyone might have predicted, became the most trusted name in news. within a month, of fox news channel's debut, a huge political story hit the air waves. >> no words can convey the gratitude i feel tonight. >> president bill clinton easily wins re-election, just two years after his party lost control of both houses of congress, he rebounded, beating out republican war hero bob dole in a landslide victory. the story putting fox news on the map as a political powerhouse, a place unafraid to and the tough questions inside the beltway. >> democrats are trying to take back the house, both parties say control of the chamber could
11:53 pm
come down to just a few seats. >> a very, very optimistic situation from the bush campaign. they haven't popped the cork on the champagne bottles but they've got them chilling and plan to do soon. >> president obama, the first african-american president, obama celebrating the historic triumph. >> you call women you don't like fat big pigs, dogs. >> news channel gets to the bottom of what really happened in major d.c. scandals. >> there is not a sexual relationship. that is accurate. >> okay you've got enough now. >> our two decades also brought us to cover the darkest day any of us have seen. >> this has to be deliberate, folks. >> people in the entire perimeter began literally, including myself, which is why i'm out of breath, to run for our lives. >> on my order, the united states military has begun
11:54 pm
strikes against al-qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan. >> the afghanistan invasion, our first glimpse on into a war on terrorism now 15 years along. >> i'll tell you the positions are about a mile -- will you get down over there? >> in southern iraq, we can hear jets flying overhead, and behind us, you can see a wide range of military vehicles, a lot of marines out here, and army, as well, and in the distance, you see some heavy artillery out there. this is where the former president of iraq spent his last minutes of freedom. he came out, and the words are these any spoken english. i am saddam hussein. >> fox reporters putting themselves in harm's way across the globe to bring our viewers
11:55 pm
the first draft of history on the front lines on the battlefield to natural disasters. >> i cannot imagine the city coming back. >> there are still bodies here, two days after the waves struck. >> they were still looking for the possibility of people being buried or possibly still alive. >> two decades covering the world's tragedies. >> simple caskets draped in the royal standard lay the body of diana, princess of whales. >> a school shooting in connecticut, still unconfirmed, details on that, but this happening at sandy hook elementary school. >> they're just beginning to get a handle on what exactly has happened down there near the finish line of the boston marathon. >> the death of bin laden. >> covering the triumphs of our nation. >> the general and his men are watching this live broadcast -- [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: as they celebrate this historic feeling. >> we celebrated together. >> they want everybody to get a
11:56 pm
good look at the kiss which will happen on the balcony a little while from now. >> and grieve together. fox news channel of the death of former president ronald reagan. >> for 20 years, you've trusted us as your source for fair and balanced news. we'll continue striving to keep that trust for the next 20 years and beyond. >> hard to believe it's been 20 years. >> time flies. >> it does. >> a lot accomplished. >> that's for sure. and we are keeping our eye on hurricane matthew. >> our team of meteorologists and reports on the ground will bring you the latest as our special coverage of matthew continues. don't go away. if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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hurricane matthew is showing a little weakening, as it moves up the coast from florida,


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