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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i'm sure a lot of you may be asking what this new email story is about and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump in to an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing. >> the clinton campaign hammered by new email suspicions. is the fbi doing the right thing? talking points will address it tonight. >> hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. >> donald trump taking full advantage of the latest fbi email controversy, even as poll numbers show he is gaining on secretary clinton. we will have the facts. >> are you following the election closely. >> yeah, we try not to
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follow the election. >> you try not to? >> next question. [ laughter ] >> also ahead, watters going to the end of the u.s.a. to talk about the election. >> who do we have coming around the corner in november? >> who knows, bro? >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hillary clinton and the law. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the october surprise is here. the fbi saying it is examining new evidence over allegations that hillary clinton may have violated national security by using a private email system as secretary of state. mrs. clinton thought she had put this to rest. when fbi director comey said the case was not strong enough to prosecute last summer. upon hearing that
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congressman elijah cummings was overjoyed with comey. >> i don't know whether your family is watching this. but i hope that they are as proud of you as i am. because you are the epitome of what a public servant is all about. >> but that was then. after friday's announcement, that comey was reopening the investigation, cummings had a different take. >> i think here director comey made a grave mistake. we all make mistakes. but this is a grave mistake. >> my question how would the congressman know it's a grave mistake? he has not seen wha what the fbi has seen. truth is elijah cummings and other democrats do not want to know the truth. do not want justice to take place. that holds true for the
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president of the united states, barack obama as well. based on reporting by fox news and other agencies, talking points has come to the conclusion that the president has made it quite clear to attorney general loretta lynch that he, he does not want any prosecution of hillary clinton or any investigation into the clinton foundation. mrs. lynch got the message. and according to the "wall street journal" is furious that fbi director comey has reopened the email investigation. for his part, comey had to inform congress about possible new information because, in september, he said this. >> would you reopen the clinton investigation if you discovered new information that was both relevant and substantial? >> it's hard for me to answer in the abstract we would certainly look at any new and substantial information. >> comey is not a fool. he knows that if email on huma abedin's computer,
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that's mrs. clinton's top assistant, contains classified national security information, he knows that he, comey, would eventually take the fall, if he did not pursue obvious leads and tell congress. so he had to go public, even though reports are loretta lynch did not want him to do so. the whole thing is a mess. with politics, perhaps, trumping justice. even former attorney general eric holder weighed in saying comey was wrong. this is the same holder who has held in contempt of congress because he failed to turn over documents related to the fast and furious gun scandal. holder ran his justice department under president obama in the most partisan political way possible. a deplorable situation. unfortunately, it looks like attorney general lynch is doing the same thing. there is no question the new exposure is hurting hillary clinton. a new abc news poll says 34% of americans are now less
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likely to vote for her. also, her poll numbers are falling. the real clear average is nows are than 3% in her favor, down substantially in a week. mrs. clinton is not happy. >> i'm sure a lot of you may be asking what this new email story is about and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump in to an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go. [crowd booing] that's a good question. >> it is a question that deserves an answer. we will not get that answer before election day. for his part, donald trump, who condemned comey for letting clinton off the hook last summer is now happy. >> and i have to give the fbi credit. that was so bad what happened originally and it took guts for director comey to make the move that he made in light of the kind of opposition he had where they are trying to protect her
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from criminal prosecution. you know that. it took a lot of guts. >> talking points is not sure whether it took a lot of guts because the would have been held accountable if the emails on ms. abedin's computer show national security violations. so while comey was covering his butt last summer, he may be also covering it now. finally, there is a civil war within the fbi, comey knows that, some career agents have offered their resignations because they don't believe the clinton email investigation was conducted in a rigorous way. comey, lynch, and president obama could have saved the nation all of this turmoil had they done what they should have done in the first place convened a federal grand jury to review the evidence presented by the fbi. that would have gotten politics out of it. but, in america at this point in history, justice takes a backseat to
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politics. not acceptable. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction, joining us from washington charles krauthammer and you say? >> comey did the right thing. and comey did the only thing he could do. he had absolutely no choice. there's no way when you have declared an investigation closed, and then you say i would open it if i got new information, and he is presented with new information how much of it he knows about the internals and we don't know. but he had no choice but to say that this is what's going on. now, whether or not he knows that there is something that will torture in those emails, nobody right now is in a position to know, which makes it an impossible situation. >> there are reports that the fbi agents who are looking at ms. abedin's computer, and this is anthony weiner's computer as well. poet of them used it, there are reports they sat on this
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for a number of weeks. this just didn't happen. all right. so the fbi has been looking at this computer for a while. it seems to me that comey never, knowing now that comey is a political player, never would have rhode royaleede election unless somebody gave them a heads up hey, this is serious. >> according to what i have read and you and are depending on what we read on in this was not brought to his attention for several weeks. if you want to accuse anybody for sitting on it, that would be the people in the case in new york who are looking to prosecute anthony weiner. that would not be that comey people here who are looking into hillary's emails. >> that's not what i'm getting at. what i'm getting at is if the fbi agencies have been looking at this computer for weeks, they know, they know, all right, what's on it, at least in part. and they wouldn't have flagged their boss because they know all hell would break loose, unless there
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was something that they feel is important. >> well, lock, that's what everybody is assuming. and that is why 34% of the electorate is less inclined to vote for hillary because of this. everybody assumes there is stuff on it that comey knows what's on it or at least in part. and that's why he felt he had to act or he would be, you know, he would be run out of town if she wins the election, this is discovered. he really had no choice. and, i think, you know, when it originally happened, when he originally issued his statement about her being careless, you know, sort of amazingly recklessly careless but not wanting to indict, i did not agree with his conclusion but did i not accuse him of bad faith. i was not one of those who thought he had betrayed anybody or anything. i think he wanted to do it because precisely because he did not want to be the guy who would change the course of an election. the great irony is that he
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now is the guy who changes the course. >> that's right. that means that there had to be more there that disturbed him talking i think it's all about comby. i didn't like the fbi releasing the stuff friday before labor day weekend. what is your assessment of attorney general lynch? >> she seems to be to be very weak. very much politically influenced. very much not somebody who stands on principle. i think she clearly has been one who wanted to make sure that there was no indictment of hillary, and no jeopardy to the democratic campaign. >> and you think that came from obama? >> that key with never know. because i will tell you what, if you're attorney general -- i don't think the president summons you to his office and says hey, i want you to fix the deal. >> holder -- >> -- you know and i know. >> holder told her. >> whether it was holder, i
5:11 pm
don't even think anybody is stupid enough to go ahead and say that. you know what your boss wants. this is such a common thing. >> that's right. >> in every walk of life. you know, you think, you impute what the boss wants. he doesn't have to say it appeared that's why all this stuff happens. >> she is putting politics above justice in your opinion? >> it's the will someone rid me of this troublesome priest? that's what happens. you don't say it, you don't have to say it it's known by your henchmen and they go out and kill the archbishop of canterbury. >> charles referring to thomentthomasbeckett. >> hillary is not sick nor is trump here. the president has to issue executive order to install showers in every voting booth in america because you're going to need it when you walk out. >> all right. charles, thank you. next on the rundown, as we reported polls are getting tighter. karl rove will take a look
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at that then watters going to the end of the u.s.a. to talk election politics up ahead. >> well, here we go again. >> bad judgement. >> issues, not insults. >> she should be ashamed of herself. >> fair and balanced, fox news channel has election night covered because we are america's election headquarters. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle.
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campaign 2016 tonight. polling last week at this time the real clear politics average had hillary clinton up by 5%. today the number is 2.8%. joining us from austin, texas, karl rove. i just can't make any -- i got a whole bunch of new polls here. they are all over the place. what's your sea. >> first of all, the real clear politics as of tonight is 3.1. it's vibrated around a little bit today as interjected new polls in it. look, i don't think we going to know until later in the
5:16 pm
week. i would be a little bit cautious thinking there are going to be big effects from this. there are going to be effects, no, ifs ands and butts about it all of those effects are going to be to the advantage of trump. first of all is it going to be sufficient you say 34% are less likely to vote for trump for clinton as a result of this. those appear to be mostly people, variety actually all of those are people who are already voting against trump or excuse me voting against clinton and voting for trump. if you lock inside that abc "the washington post" poll, 9 5% of clinton supporters have an unfavorable opinion of donald trump, 95% of them strongly unfavorable. 97% of trump supporters have an unfavorable opinion of clinton. 90% of them strong. those are huge numbers. what that means is there is not much pliability among those people. sure, there will be a few clinton people distressed about this and might not be inclined to vote. more importantly, more people trump supporters who
5:17 pm
are now inthiewsed to turn out thinking their guy has a chance. the convergence, people who are going to go to the trump column, they are to be found in that 7% or 8%. the two-way or the four-way. >> the suppression of hillary clinton's vote. i mean critical pass, you are on the fence, you don't really like her but you don't like trump at all. you might go out but now you are going you know what? enough is enough with this. going to be more in the next four or five days. i suspect the democrats will throw something at trump. it's going to be more garbage coming out on poet of them i expect a lower turnout than the romney obama race, do you? >> i have for a long time. we will see if that's born out. i do think as a percentage of the voting age population that there is likely to be a lower voter turfout. >> if it's down 3% or 4%, who does that favor?
5:18 pm
>> it all depends. if it's among college educated whites who supported romney had helps clinton and hurts trump. if it's younger voters, african-american voters and latino voters, that hurts clinton. my sense is we are going to see a little bit of both here. >> i have a couple of state polling, i don't know these polls nevada comes out today with remington research that's a republican firm, right? trump up by 4. >> yeah. i would be a little bit concerned about putting too much in to any one poll and particularly we had one good poll today, survey u.s.a., it's a reputable firm on georgia. the other four polls that came out today that were state specific remington, which uses sort of robo phone calls, not a huge fan of that i would take a look at the polls in what they do in the average. real clear politics poll all five states touched by the polls today. pennsylvania it's 5 pointed a van tang with clinton can
5:19 pm
w. that new poll. in north carolina 3.9 for clinton. georgia 3.4 for trump. 5. poor clinton in colorado and 1.5 in nevada. is he in striking distance here and this is really critical there. >> i have got to go. mr. rove, thanks. directly ahead, more evidence cnn was involved in dishonesty during the presidential debate. we will give you all the facts very embarrassing. up ahead. so fast. somehow it felt like everything was moving in slow motion. if i didn't react, things could have gotten messy in a hurry. i mean just got that sweet ride with a great rate from navy federal. i was not about to let anything happen to her. just looking out for my wingman. he's still in training. open to the armed forces, the dod and their families. navy federal credit union.
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because it helps our children thrive. impact segment tonight. as you may know donna brazile was a cnn analyst for 14 years before she took over as the acting democratic national committee chair woman. now, according to hackers at wikileaks, emails show that while working for cnn,
5:23 pm
ms. brazil head hillary clinton questions. one of them was actually used in a cnn debate with bernie sanders and mrs. clinton. after my family, the city of flint and the children in d.c. were poisoned by lead, will you make a personal promise to me right now that as president in your first 100 days in office you will make it a requirement that all public water systems must remove all lead service lynns throughout the entire united states? >> hacked emails from john podesta now show ms. brazile gave that exact question to hillary clinton in advance. bernie sanders had no idea. today ms. brazile issued this statement to the factor: joining us now from boston,
5:24 pm
mary anne marsh and here from new york city monica crowley. how could donna brazile know the woman was going to ask that question if someone at cnn didn't tell her? unless she interviewed every one of the questioners on the cnn thing. that's going to remain unsolved mystery at this point. there is no question it happened. it did. so how would, if you were hillary clinton, how would you have handled that? would you have exposed it? i mean, taken it? what would you have done? honest? >> yeah, for a year and a half, donald trump and bernie sanders on the right and the left have been arguing that the system is corrupt and rigged to benefit those with power, influence and money. allah hillary clinton. right? >> if you were hillary what would you have done? >> because hillary clinton has been on the national scene for 25 years and benefited from this kind of rigged system and corruption, you have got to be out of your mind to think that she would have exposed somehow? >> so if you were hillary
5:25 pm
clinton, you would not -- you would have taken it. >> i'm a different person than hillary clinton the integrity of our institution and truth are at risk here. you say you would have exposed it, right? >> if somebody brought it to my attention that i was tipped off. >> you would have thrown donna brazile under the bus if you were hillary clinton. >> i would have tried to do it under the radar a little bit. i wouldn't have made a big public thing or gone to the "new york times." i would have called it to somebody's attention and made sure that question was not in the town hall. >> i know you, mary anne, what would you have done if you had been hillary clinton? >> i think declined the information. there is no need for it she didn't need the information. she would have answered that question nay way. she had been in flint many many times it doesn't change the outcome of the debated, the primary or the nomination. it i. >> she knew she was getting pro-loined information from a cnn analyst who hillary
5:26 pm
clinton knew and said nothing, mary anne. nothing. >> i don't think hillary clinton personally knew. >> how could she not? brazil told podesta she gave it to her. >> no, no. bill, this is how this works. if that happened you would say look we think one of the questions is going to be, we hear one of the questions is going to be. we got this from somebody. >> the exact same question is asked, if i'm hillary clinton on the debate stage i would say i decline to answer that question because i had it in advance. that's what i say. you laughing at me for being honest guy? >> no. i'm saying if you knowingly received per lioned. >> as she did. as she did. >> hillary clinton did not. >> sure she did. >> bill, nobody walked in to hillary clinton's debate room hey, guess who gave us this question, here it is and here is what they are going to say. it doesn't work like that. >> it certainly works like that because donna brazile
5:27 pm
told john podesta in charge of the campaign that she did it. >> that doesn't mean they related to her. >> none of this happens in a vacuum. you asked me earlier if you were hillary clinton. hillary clinton has been doing this for 25 years. >> how do you know? she has been getting this stuff for 25 years. >> wait a minute, how do you know hillary clinton has been being fed questions for 25 years. >> not this specific thing. she has gotten away with massive corruption for 25 years. the reason why she is considered the most corrupt person to run in recent history, bill. >> let's just deal with, this can we just deal with this? >> this does not come in a vacuum. so when she was given the questions, of course she didn't call it to anybody's attention because she has been getting away with this stuff for 25 years. >> cnn, mary anne has cut ties because i gets donna brazile has taken a leave of absence but now she is not welcome back to cnn. i kind of feel sorry to donna by the way. i don't think she is a bad woman. >> she is not.
5:28 pm
>> this was absolutely wrong on her part. and absolutely wrong for hillary clinton not to say i'm not going to take that question because i knew about it in advance. right? >> two things though. >> right? >> donna brazile is a great person. i like her. i know her. and i'm sure when the election is over you may hear some more. >> you're not answering the question. >> i am, bill. nobody went to hillary clinton. you have no evidence that hillary clinton got this question directly and said we have gott this from donna brazile. you know that john podesta got it. >> all the evidence i have. mary anne, in a court of law you lose big time. >> we're not in one. we are in the court of public opinion of politics mercifully. >> thank you very much. we will talk with former attorney general michael mukasey very simple question, is the department of justice, as it stands now, corrupt? watters talking politics in key west, florida. >> what do you think about wikileaks? >> amazing.
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unresolved problem segment tonight. outrageous situation at depauw university in chicago. poster reading unborn lives matter was designed by the college republican club. they asked the nation's largest catholic university for permission to post the sign on campus. they were denied.
5:33 pm
joining us now from chicago john minister, vice president of the college republicans at depaul and joran who make the poster. i believe this was you were denied because they didn't like they, being the administration at depaul, you using the same phrase as black lives matter; is that correct? >> hi, bill, yeah, that's accurate. they have all but endorsed endorsed black lives matter signs up within university offices. as soon as the student group wants to, i would say, alter that slogan, to point to a different group of people that we recognize as being marginalized they use that term a lot. i don't usually like to use that term but i think it applies to unborn people. >> marginalize, they are in danger in some cases. mr. minister, the black
5:34 pm
lives matter movement are they endorsed outwardly bye by depaul's administration. >> the university doesn't necessarily endorse them straight up. they don't say we endorse everything that the black lives matter movement stands by, however, they do prevent certain things from happening that could potentially challenge them in any way, shape, or form. we have had speakers in the past where the university essentially allowed people under the guise of black lives matter to essentially ransack events and now in this case they are stopping the basic catholic value of pro-life ethics from being expressed because they are worried that it might provoke the black lives matter on campus. >> this is what the administration said. the guy, the president is dennis holts snyder, right? >> holts snyder, yeah. >> under this -- this is what -- and he is a priest. here is what he says, quote: some people will say depaul stands silences speech to appease a crowd. nothing can be further from
5:35 pm
the truth. student and others most certainly explore and seek the exact limits of stole ler rance from free expression when that expression is meant to cause distress. here we go. certainly everyone is allowed to have opinions on topics. you respect discussion and words primary purpose is to wound. basically, joran, they are saying that your sign was made to wound black lives matter. that's what they are saying is what this priest is saying. >> yeah. it's -- i mean, any person with common sense would see the poster that i designed and they wouldn't it wasn't meant to wound. >> i would think about black lives matter to be honest but i wouldn't say that you are denigrating them. you are just trying to stick up for the unborn. >> exactly. >> correct. >> i think i would add, too, bill, 2% of abortions in this country are african-american children. despite the fact that african-americans just make up 13% of the population.
5:36 pm
if you want to talk about black lives matter, talk about not hearing people, i think standing up for those black unborn children is an important way to start. this poster certainly expressed that to at least some extent but apparently depaul has no interest. >> it's almost shocking that the nation's largest cathol is would do this is shocking. no justification for it you should continue to speak out on campus, write articles about it bring it to the attention of the administration and maybe they will wise up because this is really, really out there. gentlemen, we appreciate you coming on tonight. when we come right back, former attorney general michael mukasey will comment on how the fbi and the justice department are handling the latest hillary clinton email situation. then watters talking politics in key west, florida. we're coming right back.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the personal story segment tonight. former u.s. attorney general michael mukasey who served in that office for two years under president bush the younger not happy with way the way the justice department is handling the hillary clinton email case. he joins us now in new york city. if you were attorney general at this moment, what would you have done not at this moment but say for the last
5:41 pm
year, year and a half? what would you have done to investigate the email situation? >> i like to think that i wouldn't have been in the pickle that the current attorney general is in. i would like to think that there would have been a real investigation, which is to say you interview her early. you get her "on the record" early. you use a grand jury to gather evidence which when people are not willing to turn it over. so when cheryl mills and heather samuelson have computers that you want to look at, you don't confine yourself to please, pretty please. >> grand jury issues a subpoena. >> issues a subpoena and they cough it up. >> why, in your experience, would loretta lynch not call for a grand jury? it wasn't comey's purview to do that. it was comey's boss the attorney general, she could have said we need a grand jury in this case to look at what the fbi has come up with, correct? >> sure. and you wouldn't need the attorney general to say we need grand jury in this case. agents working the case, the
5:42 pm
fbi director, the people in the department working the case would have been able to resort to a grand jury. >> >> they would have to get her permission because she is their boss. >> not in every investigation. >> this is huge. >> i understand this is huge, all right. yes. you would have to get her permission and would i have given mine? in a minute. >> all right. that's what i'm trying to do is establish a chain here as i said in the talking points memo i believe lor made it cleae didn't want any fbi investigation. is that your belief. >> that is my belief. it's based on a statement that he made at one point in an interview that he didn't think she would be charged because she didn't intend to cause any harm. >> how we know? >> forget how he would know, that's not an element of any crime that she could have been charged with. >> he shouldn't be commenting on an ongoing investigation; is that correct? >> correct.
5:43 pm
>> so we both agree here and we could be wrong but probably not. that president obama sent out signals, all right, not in writing but signals to loretta lynch and to comey, hey, don't do this. that's politics interfering with the u.s. justice department. is it not? >> it is. it is. and it's something that is as old as goes back to the 12th century. goes back to hen rit ii saying who will rid me of this purr buoy lent priest. thomas beckett gets from the cathedral. >> even closer richard nixon fired, the attorney general, assistant attorney general for doing things in the watergate investigation that he didn't want done. >> right. he directed them to fire the special prosecutor. >> right. >> they refused. >> fired them you can't continue unless do you this. >> and they resigned. >> right. that would have been the honorable thing to do. >> what you are saying, judge is, that the justice system and the justice department is corrupt right now. >> no. the justice department has
5:44 pm
thousands upon thousands of employees. >> leadership. >> yeah. the leadership is compromised in substantial ways in this case. but there are people who go to work every day at that department who don't -- >> -- we are not indicting the investigators. because i understand there is a split within the fbi about this. now, comey himself as i said, had to do this because he told congress if anything else comes up i'm going -- i'm going to let you know, right? >> yeah. but he painted himself into that corner. >> of course he did. because he was following orders from the president and the attorney general, find a way not to indict, right? >> if that was the reason, i don't know. but he certainly appears that he was following the principle of the king's wish. when comey came out and excorexcoriated secretary clintn but said there wasn't intent. as a judge you would say what. >> as a judge i would say
5:45 pm
there are a lot of factors that do not require intent or do not require the kind of intent he was talking about. he said there was no intent to expose national security. >> national security. all you need is gross negligence and the handling of national security information. and when he said that is constitutionally suspect, that is flat out wrong. we prosecute people every day for criminally negligent homicide. >> last question, when you saw that loretta lynch and comey, the head of the fbi did not call for a grand jury, did you know the fix was in? >> i forget the point at which it was clear there wasn't going to be a prosecution. but, when they stopped short of using a grand jury at any point, it was clear to me that nothing was going to happen. >> okay. they don't want to investigate the foundation either, the clinton foundation either. that's coming down. we're not going to do that tonight because we are assembling more information. but they don't want to do that either. they don't want to even look at it. so this is a mess. this is an embarrassment of
5:46 pm
the u.s. justice department, correct? >> it's an embarrassment. i'm hoping that the department can wash it off when somebody else is in charge. >> okay, judge. we appreciate you coming in. watters on deck. he goes to key west to talk presidential politics. that should be dubious. right back with it. (sigh) my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. yeah. well, we gotta hand it thto fedex. glasses. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know.
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5:49 pm
back of the book segment tonight, "watters world," on saturday key west, florida held its annual fantasy fest which is a 10 day festival designed to get people to go to key west. theme this year political voodoo and blot box barbarians. watters went down there. ♪ ♪
5:50 pm
>> what is fantasy fest all about? >> getting naked and having fun. and having fun. >> it's about a lot of fun, a lot of freaks. >> are you cold ma? >> a little bit. >> yeah. >> what's your fantasy? >> i don't think i can say that on air. >> what's your fantasy besides me? >> take it easy. relax. >> what do we have coming around the corner in november. >> who knows, bro. >> what do you think is going to happen? >> i think i might get hit in the head with a lot of bees. >> which event? the parade or it could be halloween. >> who cares. >> big event coming down the pipe line. what do you think? zbli would have to say christmas. >> ho ho ho.
5:51 pm
>> i am about to get rid of my obamacare myself. >> don't have enough coverage? >> we're going streaking. >> do you think we should bring in all of the syrian refugee to can west? >> we should bring in one. >> i'll take one. >> they can spend the night at your house? >> absolutely as long as they're cute. >> southern border, chaos, wall or no wall. >> there's already a wall there, idiot. >> are you talking to me? >> are you a trump girl or a hillary girl? >> neither. >> do you care who's going to win? >> vote hillary. >> trump train. >> make america great again. >> no. i'm with her. >> does hillary's e-mail situation concern you? >> no. >> does anything concern you? >> no. >> do you have second thoughts about hillary after the fbi reopened the e-mail
5:52 pm
investigation? >> they didn't reopen the investigation. they found other e-mails related to her not from her server. >> how do you know that? >> because i saw it on tv. >> you were born guilty. you're about adds innocent as hilla hillary. >> even though she [ bleep ] up and is responsible, i would rather have her than trump. >> i'd rather have a car wreck than someone that's never driven. >> what do you think about wikileaks? >> amazing. >> it seems like you and trump have a lot in common. >> absolutely. we're both jerks. >> look what you did, you little jerk. ♪ >> can i hold your staff? >> yeah. >> big staff. >> okey-doke ki. >> you're a big fan of the factor? >> yeah and you. >> you know who i am? >> absolutely. >> i'm watters, i'm watters, i'm watters. >> and this your world.
5:53 pm
>> this is my world. >> god, you're a sick man. >> no kids down there, right? >> i saw one 9-year-old walking around. trouble. i wish i was 9 when i was down there. >> did you see any cops or anything? >> the cops were leading the parade. >> the kopts were in the parade. >> they led the parade and ron jeremy was behind them. >> dressed like cops. one guy imitated the cop and no one knew the difference. >> it's not for the kids. >> i was not having a good time. i was pretending to enjoy myself. i don't like these assignments. >> the you go. if you believe that -- we would like to remind you that watters is joining the stop the spin tour, coming up we roll into tulsa on friday, january 15, reddings pennsylvania january 14th, omaha, nebraska, friday march 24th, tacoma dome in washington, saturday march 25th,
5:54 pm
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we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours. do you want to trust a bunch of black water marks? i mean the rush, i've never felt anything like it. if we stay here we're going to die. then we die. i love that my shop is part of the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that.
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5:57 pm
bud mullins, oklahoma, bill, your questions to donald trump were fair but i never heard you say you agree with him. on occasion i'll agree with something a politician says and will state that. my job is to get information not root for anybody. >> mark, florida, bill, please stop interrupting trump. not going to happen with any politician. you want a mon leg, go to his rally, mark. knock yourself out. ken riley, new jersey, bill when you interview trump you sound like you are superior. is it because you are jealous of him? absolutely, ken, you nailed it. robert anderson, connecticut, what does the 20 mean next to the o'reilly factor logo. that we've been on the air for 20 years, robert. dr. laurence tucker, california, i'm an african-american physician who believe that social well care programs.
5:58 pm
i am supporting trump for president. quite a story, doctor. congratulations on achieving success in the marketplace and helping others most of all. >> bel air want maryland. i'm 14 and i just finished "killing the rising sun." you do great work. we appreciate yit you reading the book. >> on september 25th, miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez, a big star, one of the best pitchers in the league was killed when his boat crashed into a jetty. on saturday toxicology reports were released showing fernandez has cocaine in his system, also intoxicated by alcohol. his two friends who also died were found with intoxicants in their system as well. once again young people die because of lack of self control. using cocaine or any other hard drug is dangerous. those who sell hard drugs are vicious criminals.
5:59 pm
our society is entirely too lax and justifies drug trafficking to the extent that it no longer carries a stigma. that is a disgrace. factor tip of the day, if you use hard drugs and abuse alcohol, expect bad things to happen. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from we'd like for you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. word of the day, do not be a farceur when writing to the factor. tomorrow we have mike pence, governor pence entering the no spin zone, and that should be very interesting. lots of questions for him. and then we're going to have -- you're going to see, beginning on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, this national polling in state by state polling start to shift. we're also expecting democrats to throw something at trump.
6:00 pm
so stay with us every night this week. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. please remember that the spin stops here because we have definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, from the friday night frying pan to the monday night fire, the clinton campaign dealing with not only a new investigation by the fbi, but also with new allegations that the campaign manager lied to the country and the candidate cheated at a key debate. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. for the second time in a single month now we're hearing new reports that former acting dnc chair and former cnner donna brazile was feeding questions to the clinton campaign ahead of democratic town hall debates. on top of that we're hearing that clinton campaign manager had a close relationship with a man who engineere