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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 1, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: how many trick or treaters did you have? martha: not as many as usual but i made it with the last bit of candy. you don't want to be empty handed when the door opens. bill: i'm right here. [laughter] see you later. martha: see you later. jenna: fox news alert the fbi is using high-tech tools to review in evidence linked to hillary clinton controversy. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. john: and i'm john scott. 650,000 emails found on a laptop belong to go clinton top aide huma abedin using a special program to weed out copies of messages that have already seen from new emails. the program let's analysts check for any emails containing classified information. this as the bureau and its director facing tense pressure
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from both democrats and republicans to complete review by election day. that is, of course, one week from today. we have live team fox coverage, but we start with chief intelligence correspondent katherine in washington. what's the latest, katherine? >> fbi forensic computer experts have developed program with key search terms in swifting through thousands of records on anthony weiner's computer will begin. it will allow investigators to go over meta data which has clinton server records. a law enforcement source particular -- familiar with the process a second phase will kick on, eyes-on for physically reading and reviewing the records just as original classification review and the intelligence agencies that generated the information have final say on classification and
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attorney for huma abedin says she's surprise today learn that her emails were on the computer. a statement from that lawyer reads in part, quote, from the beginning miss abedin has fully complied and voluntarily with state department and law enforcement requests including sitting for hours long interviews and providing her work-welted and potential-related documents. the justice department september this letter to capitol hill late yesterday pledging to make every resource able to expedite the process. it does with the sheer number of records that it's unlikely to be completed before election day. >> the president doesn't believe that comey is trying to influence election. the president doesn't believe that she's secretly strike that guising to benefit one candidate or one political party. >> an intelligence source tells fox news that the multiagency
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has been reengaged over the weekend with direct i have to identify classified material analysts are working covering 16 hours each day and direct i have to get as much information as possible to the director of what they call more clarity or fidelity on the records by monday if he faced, pardon me b even more pressure from candidates and the white house, john. john: many political leaders are crying foul over, the top democrats, the president says he doesn't see any thumb on the scale from the director? >> well, it was schizophrenic news conference because josh earnest try today public i will say and did say that they're very neutral on the issue but on the other side when he had additional questions he said that it was highly unusual for the director to take the decision that he had and to make this information public so close
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to an election but certainly the white house did not ram the trector for a lack of a better term as democrats have in this case. john: schizophrenic. >> you're welcome. jenna: in the meantime huma abedin is missing from the campaign trail as hillary clinton holds three events today in key battleground state of florida where the race is very close as you know. the clinton campaign dealing with the fallout over revelations. >> the clinton campaign has launched its own campaign of sorts not to discredit fbi director james comey specially after the investigation announce meant. she has left that up to her campaign staff and democratic allies particularly congressional democrats, clinton herself is avoided any discussion on the campaign trail
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about her emails or any investigation into them. though, lately she is acknowledging the latest round and saying that she's dismissing all concerns about this latest investigation. >> now, they apparently want to look at emails, by one of my staffers and by all means they should look at them and i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my emails for the last year. there is no case here. >> by one of her staffers she's talking about her closest aide, huma abedin, the computer she shared with anthony weiner is the one fbi is scowerring. her attorney has made a statement, in it she says, quote, she only learned for the first time on friday of possibility that a laptop belonging to mr. winier could contain emails of hers, while the fbi has not contacted us
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about this, ms. abedin will continue to be as she always has been forthcoming and cooperative. meanwhile the clinton campaign continues attacking donald trump that he's erratic and unfit to control arsenal, particularly the nuclear arsenal. later today the campaign said that former miss universe will introduce hillary clinton. it was alicia who donald trump has spoken harshly to and the clinton campaign says that this event will serve as a way to demonstrate that donald trump is unfit to be president also when it per tapes to women and girls, back to you. jenna: thank you. john: new numbers out this morning in the race of the white house giving donald trump the edge. an abc washington postpoll finds donald trump ahead of hillary clinton 45 to 46, essentially it
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puts them in a tie. white house correspondenten at the wall street journal and chris deputy online editor at the weekly standard. when you look at the numbers, it's the first time that donald trump has led in this particularly poll since may. what does it say to you? >> as you delve into them probably the most interesting number is looking at supporters of each candidate that are enthusiastic and the bad news for hillary clinton the numbers are on decline and the numbers that are enthusiastic about voting for hillary clinton fall 1 points just over the weekend after this news broke and so that's treacherous territory for hillary clinton as she tries to get her supporters to go to the polls and if they are less enthused about that she needs more work to do. she needs this to motivate voters, energized her voters. i was with her in florida over
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the weekend and loyal supporters say this won't change their minds but it could change the minds of people who are a little less certain about hillary clinton. john: what do you make, chris, of this enthusiasm gap, does a bunch of hillary clinton supporters decide to sit this down or snow to get to polls? >> it could be one of those issues because it always turns out in the last few days in an election like this. we see it tightened up. you want to turn out your base and have core supporters and outgun the other guys if it's on the margins. one of the things that we see in elections like this when you have candidates for whom public had had a agreement amount of distaste, for it to go up clinton at this point, that will make it tighter down the stabling and we are seeing
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reflected in the polls here. john: both candidates come in with high negatives and a lot of people specially the undecided are going to walk into that voting booth and have to make a choice one way or the other. so the latest revelations of hillary clinton, that tajes her prospects among the truly undieded? >> that's right. this reinforces existing concerns of hillary clinton. this goes whether she's trust worthy or secretive or whether she is willing to play by the rules and so this has been the dominant story line over the last few days overshadowing any stories that we used about donald trump. were see the former miss
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universe introducing hillary clinton today. and so as this story line kind of reinforces consideration ant her, she's on the trail trying to turn voters attention back to what -- why donald trump doesn't have the temperament she believes to be president. john: chris, what about that? can hillary clinton use this to say, you know, look, they are attacking me, they're going after me, you to get out there and vote for me? >> that is almost flipping a derivative of this election is rigged script in her direction at this point. it's fascinating how those things can change quickly. it absolutely can happen. you turn out core supporters, look all of a sudden the narrative is running against me. they are trying to keep you at home, i need you to get out and vote for me and piggy back what coline said, donald trump is going in few days and beating the story as he has so far, iine
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going to have to keep an eye on is what katherine said a few minutes ago, the fact that we are not going to have any substantive information about what is contained in the emails by election day, what new information are we going to learn that might drive voters on the margins to support one candidate one way or the other. john: which a rake. thank you. >> thanks, john. >> thank you. john: keep it right here on fox news channel on election for live coverage and expert analysis all day as voters across the country head to the polls to pick the next president of the united states. jenna: we will talk to trump advisers and how that will impact strategy in the last week. do you think fbi investigation of clinton emails will impact,
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jenna: back to politics, a week away from election day and donald trump is going on the attack on hillary clinton days after the fbi announced is looking into merely discovered emails. new polls show that the race the tightening. >> hillary is the one who broke the law over and over and over again. we can be sure that what is in those emails is absolutely devastating. she's unfit and unqualified to be for president of the united states and her election in a constitutional crisis that we cannot afford. if hillary is elected, she would be under protracted criminal investigation and probably a criminal trial, i will say, so we would have a criminal trial
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for a sitting president. jenna: senior communications adviser for donald trump campaign. let's talk about the messaging. the messaging has changed and we hear from donald trump and speeches taken live at fox news, how has the news impacted your strategy overall? >> well, it's impacted in a big way in a sense that everybody is talking about obamacare. mr. trump has been talking about the need to repeal and replace obamacare for months on the campaign trail actually going when he get kicked off but last week after premium spike and mr. trump is in pennsylvania, upwards of 60%, now everybody is talking not just about -- jenna: you're not talking about the fbi investigation at all, do you see that resinating more with voters and undecided voters then that news of the fbi investigation? >> absolutely, whether or not you pay attention to politics and the mess in washington, a lot of voters are turned off by what they see in washington. everybody cares about their health insurance. everybody cares about how much
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money they have in the bank account and pocketbooks every single month and so when families are getting these letters in the mail, in fact, i had a friend from south carolina text me a copy of his letter that he received yesterday and family premium went from $915 a month to 1200 a month. that's a 12% increase. that's good off the table. that's a big difference. this is a big news and that's why mr. trump is talking about this in pennsylvania today. jenna: when you're add -- advising him to go too far on investigation news and why would that be? >> mr. trump is fundamentally trying to change washington. most people at home are watching are sick and tired of promises given every four years, things get worse specially over the past eight years, that's why mr. trump laid out ethics reform plan including term limits and
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people leaving administrations, being able to come back and lobby. when we see this news, the news of the clinton $66 million how to turn the secretary state's office to pay to play foundation, that got people really mad and we had the bombshell on friday. jenna: you mentioned south carolina, south carolina is a solidly red state, where are you seeing opportunity to take your message and what does that look like as an investment in advertising and where is that opportunity? >> so mr. trump is doing very well in the key battleground states, florida, north carolina, ohio and iowa which has been blue in the last cycles, we are leading and feel comfortable that we are going to lead. we increased advertising and going on offense in what is viewed traditionally blue states, michigan and new mexico we show as being dead heat and this is because of mr. trump's message, that's the difference.
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you see the clinton campaign is going up on tv in colorado where previously they said it was safe, they are going back on tv in a sign of weakness and back up on tv in wisconsin, another plus state where they are not doing as well. jenna: their attacks in previous weeks against donald trump seemed to have been effective. the race looked different a couple of years ago than it did today with the tightening of the polls. we saw some of the attack lines reemerging yet again. the former miss universe that claims that mr. trump mistreated her is going to be heading an event in florida and the campaign manager in good morning america had this to say about your candidate. let's go ahead and play that sound. >> this is unprecedented for 40 years people have gone to the polls having seen the candidates' tax returns, early voting has already started. this is the first time in decades and what's particularly astounding about the recent
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report is that donald trump is writing off of other people's losses so not only did he not pay taxes for 20 years, he was writing off other people's losses, some of the loopholes he was using are against the law. jenna: what's your are response to that? >> what we are seeing a sad and desperate effort to try to change the subject from a criminal investigation into the illegal secret server they had set up to try and get around the government structure to make sure confidential and classified information are kept that way. you have two very different campaigns. mr. trump and here is a specific consumer benefit and i'm going to bring to voters, not just someone to vote for but some thing to vote for presenting a positive vision, he just launched urban renewal plan where he was talk about i am going to improve african-american communities in michigan yesterday but on the other hand you have the clinton campaign which is trying to change the subject and attack mr. trump and a change election,
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upwards of three quarters of voters wanting to go in a dangers direction. jenna: we will be talking to the clinton campaign about that and what their strategy is as well. great to have you in the program. we know that you're busy. we are going to talk a representative from hillary clinton's campaign about fbi review of emails and her strategy as well in the final few days until voting, john. john: fbi director james comey under fire from both sides of the aisle as the clinton e-mail controversy and breaking news out of iraq, progress in the operation to retake mosul from isis, details ahead in the live report from mosul if you're taking prescription medications,
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john: fox news alert and some changes to the electoral map in our fox news electoral score card. generally they would seem to benefit the trump campaign. alaska with 3 electoral votes has always been solid republican, it is now considered
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a lean republican state but look at florida and nevada, florida is 29 electoral votes, they used to be classified under our map as leaning democrat, florida is now a toss-up state so the nevada and those six electoral votes in nevada could be critical in this election. some positive news for the clinton campaign comes out of north carolina. it's 15 electoral votes which had been classified under our system as toss-up are now considered to lean democrat. big changes on the 2016 score card one week to go, we will keep you updated. jenna: big news of the day fbi director james comey under attack over decision to inform congress that the bureau would examine new emails found on a laptop belonging to hillary clinton's top aides. this is just 11 days before the election. here we are now a week out. they argued his critics that comey's move has a potential to impact the outcome of the election because he fail today
8:27 am
provide any additional details. senator is a member of the senate homeland security committee and intelligence committee, he's calling for hillary clinton security clearance to be revoked. do you have any response of that request as of yet? >> i have not had a response but should be a basic request for huma abedin and staff around her that's standard of practice that if there's an investigation ongoing they set aside security clearance. i'm just asking for people to be treated the same as any other american. jenna: what's your greatest concern? >> the way this information has been handled. the fbi in is a situation where they happened to manage what happened in an election but director comey did not cause this. this was caused by a server that should have been secure, was actually put in hillary clinton's home and managed in a way that clearly made it open to our enemies. even the wikileaks things the democrats are currently fighting
8:28 am
nationwide and leeks out of the clinton administration show that people from outside the country can reach into servers and for her to be able to put that server in that spot, put director comey in a very bad place. all of that to say, it was clear that hillary clinton put her political security above national security and i'm just trying to confront the basic facts if documents are not handled correctly among staff or hillary clinton herself we need to make sure they are handled correctly. jenna: democrats like diane in her words she says she's appalled by james comey's actions. brett stevens who writes for the wall street journal who is voting for hillary clinton wants james comey to resign. we are hearing that from conservatives, from republicans, what's your response to these republicans? >> james comey is put in a horrible situation. he didn't create the situation. hillary clinton created the
8:29 am
situation. by creating the private server and be able to put everybody in the spot. the previous investigation that they had said was close was based around speed. now you have additional evidence that i'm curious about, huma abedin's personal computer that was relating business documents back and forth with the clinton server as well. my question is why wasn't that already part of the evidence, it seems that fence that the fbi put or department of justice was so narrow that they weren't getting all the evidence. it is a basic thing that if huma abedin is interacting on private server, her shared computer with her husband should have been part of the investigation and why wasn't a part of the investigation in the first place begs the question of why the department of justice put the boundary so clear or why the fbi was in such a hurry they didn't take this in but this should have been part of the
8:30 am
investigation from the beginning and makes me ask what else has been missed. jenna: as a senator, what's your next step? >> my next step to make sure they do thorough investigation. they spent almost 4 yours investigating cartwright for violations over classified information and confirming to a journalist who was already known by journalist, he's facing felony prosecution for having a conversation with someone about information that was classified. that was a four-year investigation to get it all out. the fbi did a very fast, close it as fast as possible, not thorough case with general cartwright and my question is if we are going to do this we should treat every person exactly the same in america regardless of who your last name is. jenna: only 30 seconds. broad question. are we all weaker because of this? you have the department of justice, fbi under fire, they
8:31 am
are there to protect all of us, i just wonder what that means for the country? >> a loss of trust is what it means. this gives the appearance of being partisan in the process. so that makes us weaker but also makes us weaker around the world. hillary clinton and her team left documents in a hotel room in russia that was classified, left documents in secured room in china, left documents in a car in india, all those things are critical mistakes of classified information. it only weakness trust here and weakness our ability to be able to handle information to individuals and around the world. jenna: of course, the clinton team and informations have pushed back on the leading of classified information at some of these sites. we don't have to get into that now, but your broader point taken and we look forward having you back on the program. thank you.
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about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ jenna: breaking now, major events to defeat isis as country special forces pushed through enemy lines are now within the mosul city limits. this two weeks after the operation began to recapture the islamic state last major stronghold there.
8:36 am
live with more. benjamín. >> as you say it's a big day, iraqi setting foot in mosul for the first time in two and a half years what lies ahead an environment, might take weeks if knot, special forces took the state television building. will soon be forced to engage in difficult house to house fighting as the streets get smaller and air strikes less effective. today u.s. military spokesperson commented. >> if daesh stand in fight they're going to be killed. there's no question about that. if they run, they'll either be captured or killed. they're not going to be allowed to escape. >> meanwhile iranian-backed shea militias are in the western in
8:37 am
an attempt to cut office is escape group. the shea forces are not supposed to enter and in response to shoes shiite militias turkey sent tanks to border, tanks from capitol and turkey would be closely monitoring in northern iraq. iraqi special forces move to the city but the underlying problems which many people are afraid of that we will be watching closely in the next coming of weeks and we will keep you up to date. jenna: benjamin thank you. john: brand new developments in america's election headquarters and they concern donald trump and his taxes with "the new york times" obtaining documents that it says show that in the early 1990's as he scrambled to stay off financial ruin avoided reporting millions of dollars of
8:38 am
taxable income by using tax avoidance maneuver his own lawyers advised him that the internal revenue service would declare it improper if he were audited. mr. trump potentially escaped paying tens of millions of dollars in federal personal income taxes. joining us now republican pollster. jessica is a democratic pollster and senior political strategist at consulting. i have read through the times article kristin, it's pretty dense, gets into some pretty vague areas of u.s. tax law but the implication is that donald trump evaded taxes. how much of an effect is this likely to have on the campaign? >> i think the most likely effect it would be to have -- giving another news cycle to the clinton campaign. things have been going badly
8:39 am
with the news last week with the fbi investigation, additional emails. things have been trending donald trump's way so certainly you would rather not have another bad news cycle but i don't think it's going change minds of many voters. the question now is does this change enthusiasm. donald trump has seen his supporters be much more enthusiastic than clinton supporters in poll that is have come out in the last few days which means if you're somebody who is a voter who knows you're going to vote for donald trump and you're trying to decide do i vote today or election day, if you have a story like this coming out, do you just decide, maybe i won't do it today, i will get to it later, that's why both candidates are adamant that they want supporters to early vote so they can bank those banks rather subject to any more swings in the news cycle. john: jessica, it goes back to a quarter century, before bill clinton was president when there were articles written about hillary clinton cattle futures.
8:40 am
>> i agree it was dense but had the good zinger that hillary clinton voted to close the loophole. i think donald trump cheated on his taxes. i think that that's largely baked in and to at least some degree hillary clinton was correct when she said that with the new fbi news that's already baked in here, 30% of americans, that's it think she's honest and trust worthy, you can't go much further below that because there are democrats who think quite highly of our candidate. it's a difficult position to be in. the polls are obviously tightening. it's a get out the vote to get in. we still have five times the number of staffers than republicans on the ground. there's some good news in terms of what is going on in north carolina and in nevada but then you have florida and i don't think we are going to get texas, i was pumped about that. but it doesn't look likely. alaska, cool, but i would have preferred texas. it's going to be close and
8:41 am
please vote and vote democrat. [laughter] john: kristin, donald trump has to tried to spin this to some of his advantages, look, the tax code is enormously complicated and i am the candidate who had dealt with it, had explored it, i can't help americans with this tax code run by the irs? administered by the irs? >> that's right, donald trump has uniquely taken things that would have been an unbelievable liability to almost any other candidate, take, for instance, when mitt romney came out that i believe his tax rate, effective tax rate was 14 or 17% and that was considered a really bad news story for him. mitt romney didn't break any laws, everything was legal. that was considered not a great story. for donald trump he would take that story and even though he's skirting much more to the line that's legal or not legal, you know this is proof that i
8:42 am
understand that the system is broken and i know that i know it better than anyone else and i can fix it. that's something odd that donald trump has been taken to be negative and spin them in positive. at this point if you're inclined to like donald trump, to view the stories that would be seen as bad but you can turn them into something good, you're already voting for him and frankly you may have already early voted for him. it's for any of the folks if you're republican less than crazy about trump, it's a bad headline day and it may make you less likely to stand in line after work. john: kristin, jessica, standby for just a bit. we are going take you now to a mike pence rally. he is trying to rally the faithful and we understand he's going to get into some meat of donald trump's proposals for eliminating obamacare. let's listen in.
8:43 am
>> in america like no other, dr. ben carson. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, ben. it's great to be here with all of you and with so many distinguished former colleagues from my years in congress and thank you all for coming together. it's wonderful to be back in pennsylvania, just a short way outside of valley forge. [applause] >> turning point in the revolutionary war where americans first showed the resilience and determination to launch this experiment in freedom that has been the marvel of the world. [cheers and applause] >> i appreciate -- i appreciate dr. carson's introduction but he knows me well to know that the introduction i prefer is shorter, i'm a christian, conservative and republican in
8:44 am
that order. [cheers and applause] >> it's humbling for me to think that it was a little more than 3 months ago with my wife karen at my side that i accepted my party's nomination to run and serve as the next vice president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> i have to tell you, i joined this campaign in a heart beat because you have nominated a man for president who never quits, who never backs down. he is a fighter and a winner and until too long ago seemed like he was fighting all alone but now the movement is coming together, pennsylvania is coming together and we are going to make donald trump the next president of the united states of america.
8:45 am
[cheers and applause] >> donald trump has a plan, the man who wrote the art of the deal has a deal for the american people. we call it the contract with the american voter. working with congress we are going to get this economy growing again. we are going to create 25 million new jobs in the next ten years with time honored conservative principles. we are going to lower taxes across the board, reform our tax system, we are going to have trade deals that work for the american worker and we are going to roll back the avalanche of red tape coming out of washington, d.c. we are going to end the war on american energy once and for all, we are going to invest in america's future and we are going to bring real choice to education so every child in america has a chance at a world-class education. we are going to secure our
8:46 am
borders and illegal immigration once and for all, we are going to rebuild our military, take care of our veterans and bring law and order back to every community in the land. but most importantly for today, but most importantly for today, we are going to ri -- repeal and replace obamacare. [cheers and applause] >> and i'm very humbled, humbled that donald trump asked me to serve in this role and humbled that he gave you the privilege of addressing this issue with you today and to play a role in our future administration in bringing about that goal that you just warmly received.
8:47 am
before becoming governor of the state of indiana, i spent years in the congress of the united states. if i only had 12 years to live i would want to live it as a member of congress because that was the longest 12 years of my life. [laughter] [applause] >> could be a frustrating place. specially back in 2009 and 2010. i was actually the leader of the house republican conference helping lead the fight with my fellow republicans against the so-called affordable care act. now i said then, we all said then what's proven to be true when you order every american to have government approved health insurance whether they want it or need it, when you create a government-run plan paid for with job-killing tax increases, that is plain and simple a government takeover of health care. [applause]
8:48 am
>> republicans knew -- knew it for what it was, we called it out and that's the reason why i'm proud to say not one single republican in the house or senate voted for obamacare. every single one opposed it. and i'm also proud. [applause] >> i'm also proud that since 2010 republicans in congress have been united and continue to work each and every day to replace obamacare with free market health care solutions that will work for the american people. you know good things happen, good things happen when americans stand together and when members of my party stand together on capitol hill. so i want to say to every american as you head to the voting booth in just one week, know this, we have an opportunity to bring real change to washington, d.c., the momentum is on our side, the
8:49 am
latest polls have donald trump leading nationwide in the race for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> trump, trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! >> democrats and independents are joining this movement, republicans across the country are coming home. across the spectrum of americans know that obamacare has to be repealed and replaced and that only by electing donald trump as the next president of the united states and reelecting strong republican majorities in the congress will we get it done and we will get it done. [cheers and applause] i stand before you today because today open enrollment begins on the obamacare exchanges, once again millions of americans are going to be disappointed by the lack of options and frankly
8:50 am
they're going to be shocked by the high premiums and the cost of health insurance. this government takeover of health care that we call obamacare is failing across states as in pennsylvania and the case hags never been stronger for repeal. it's important to remember as we talk about it as obamacare that hillary clinton actually said a little bit earlier this year and i'm quoting, quote, before it was called obamacare it was called hillarycare. you remember the promises that president obama and hillary clinton made just a few years back? remember they said -- they said that the cost of your health premiums would go down, not true. remember they said if you like your doctor, you can keep it. not true. they said if you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it. not true. the truth is premiums for employer plans have gone up by
8:51 am
almost $5,000 since president obama took office and last week the obama administration announced, and this is almost breath-taking to think about it, the obama administration announce that had the average premiums under obamacare exchanges are going to go up 25% on average across the country, but that average hides the specific state where is families are about to be sticker shock. for a 21-year-old arizona's premiums are going by 116%. tennessee is going to go up 63%, minnesota, 59%, alabama 58% and in north carolina they're going to go up by 40%. american wages haven't gone up in the last 15 years by any appreciable amount yet we are going see the cost of our health insurance rise dramatically in the next year. right here in pennsylvania, that
8:52 am
number is a whopping 53% increase for next year. in a total increase of 69% when you add in last year's rate hike. our paychecks haven't gotten up by that amount but the cost of your health care in pennsylvania is. most heart-breaking of all, 110,000 household will say rate spike drastically with absolutely no help from the government. you know, i remember back in the days in congress, the very day this bill passed, you remember, nancy pelosi went to the floor of the congress, quote, we have to pass the bill so we can find out what's in it. well, we found out and it's each worse than we thought. [applause] [laughter] >> i mean, what good is a health care plan if you can't afford to
8:53 am
use it with increasing cost and high deductibles people are paying for something they can't use. think about that. americans are putting their personal health second because obamacare is skyrocketing costs are high and too burdensome. obamacare is truly -- it's a crushing weight on the american but it's also a crushing weight on the american economy. i mean, even former president bill clinton, costs are going up, coverage is going down, it's the craziest thing in the world. [laughter] [applause] >> i guess even with the clintons sometimes truth happens. [laughter]
8:54 am
[cheers and applause] >> don't be deceived by bill clinton's skepticism. hillary clinton's plan is to introduce a plan called single payer into the system, more government-run health insurance. she actually went to canada and gave a speech that came out not too long ago. she told canadians and business groups that she wanted to get and i'm quoting universal healthcare coverage like you have here in canada. well, we don't want the socialized health care they have in canada, we want american solutions. [applause] >> i have to tell you, though, my favorite quote and my favorite quote came from president obama just about a week ago, down in florida, he was celebrating the third anniversary of the roll-out of obamacare and in -- did you hear about this? in his speech he actually
8:55 am
compared obamacare to the samsung galaxy 7 phones that spontaneously burst out into flames. i'm serious. [laughter] >> president obama said, here is the quote, quote, when one of these companies comes out with a new smartphone that has a few bugs, what do they do, they fix it, they upgrade it unless it catches fire, then they pull it off the market. [laughter] >> well, what a coincidence, mr. president, because that's exactly what we are going to do with obamacare, we are going to pull it off the market so it stops burning up our wallets. [cheers and applause]
8:56 am
>> you know, it's remarkable when you think about it. almost 20% eligible for obamacare will have one exchange insurer available this year. one plan is not a choice, it's a monopoly. at least 1.4 million americans are about to lose their plans in 2017 and that's after millions already lost their plans in the first years of obamacare. this means that too many people won't be able to continue to see their doctor, interrupt treatment and care. part of the reason costs wept up is because obamacare dictates that american buy a government-designed health insurance, we knew that when they passed this bill with expensive and very unnecessary benefits. i mean, no wonder that the young and the healthy don't want to buy these plans. i mean, the coverage is expensive, the plans have huge deductibles that people can't afford. i mean, the average deductible for the so-called cheapest category of family plans this year is almost $12,000. that's more than one fifth of
8:57 am
the median household income of the united states. what's worse is many best doctors have opted out of seeing patients with exchange coverage. it's true. but it's also true that obamacare is killing jobs and it's destroying small business growth all across the united states of america. [applause] >> not only impacting individuals, it's impacting our economy. obamacare employer mandate and new taxes have been destructive to the economy killing jobs and reducing wages and growthment on i'm care in and of itself impose a trillion dollars in new taxes on healthcare providers, taxpayers and businesses to pay for all of these failed policies. it's reduced pay for workers and small businesses and reduced employment by more than 350,000 jobs nationwide. it is an extraordinary record of economic failure, obamacare
8:58 am
employer mandate raised hiring full-time worker of 10.30 an hour without increasing take-home pay for anybody. state and local officials have conceded that obamacare forced municipal governments to cut hours for part time employees. it's time to end this government takeover of health care and start over with american solutions. [cheers and applause] for all these reasons and more, when donald trump becomes president of the united states of america and we reelect strong republican majorities in congress, we are going to repeal obamacare. lock, stock and bury. [cheers and applause]
8:59 am
>> donald trump has got a plan, we are going to replace obamacare with health care reform that lowers the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government. we are going to reform health insurance in america with the power of the free market. that's the american way that we need our healthcare needs and how we meet a boundless american future. [applause] >> the trump healthcare plan will make health care affordable and put people on the driver's seat, government shouldn't tell you how to spend your money and put priorities in your lives. [cheers and applause] >> donald trump will allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines just like you can your car insurance and your life insurance. we are going to create a transition period for those receiving subsidies to ensure that americans don't face disruption or hardship in their coverage while we pull this al
9:00 am
albatraz off the american economy. and we will make it so americans can have savings account to pay first dollars expenses for their health. [applause] >> i'm kind of proud to say that the idea of a tax free account has pioneered back in indiana. [cheers and applause] >> if you're not familiar with them, basically allow you to control your health care dollars, pick your doctors and treatment that work best for you intur interference from insurance and bureaucrats and instead of giving subsidies to insurance companies the way provide assistance directly to the american people through the american people through there


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