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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 2, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: cub or indians? martha: brian kilmeade is our friend and we'll go see him. "happening now" coming up. jon: we are look getting to where you can count them on one hand. six days to go as both campaigns hit the trail hard focusing on the battle grounds and putting blue and red states in play.
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jenna: i'm jenna lee. donald trump's son eric wrapping up a campaign swing in ohio. no republican has been elect the president without winning ohio. we are awaiting donald trump to hold a rally in florida less than an hour from now. reporter: you can safely say donald trump cannot take the oval office unless he wins ohio and florida. florida the big prize with its 29 electoral votes. orlando and pensacola. another in jacksonville. spending a day and a half in this state. when you take a look at the daily early voting tallies between the in-person early voting and the mail-in ballots,
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republicans hold a slight lead in the ballots returned. the tracking poll shows this to be a very tight race. when you take a look at an interesting number in the cross-to bees this gives you an -- the cross-tabs, donald trump holds an 8-point lead in honesty and trustworthiness. donald trump yesterday in eau claire, wisconsin suggested to people who have voted in states where it's allowed, to change their vote. listen to what he said. >> for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton, and who are having a bad case of of buyer's remorse, wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you made a mistake.
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a lot of stuff has cop out since your vote. reporter: wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, minnesota, new york, connecticut and mississippi are states where you can change your vote. the deadline passed yesterday in new york and mississippi. donald trump talking to people in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. donald trump will be talking about the latest on the email investigation and the wikileaks revelation that john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign manager sent an email to one of his assistants saying the they had to dump emails. john podesta insists he was talking about turning them or to investigators, but donald trump says it means throwing them in the trash. >> we have to dump the emails. can you believe that? wikileaks. and he also said -- john
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podesta -- if he worked for me i would fire him so fast. he's such a nasty guy. i would fire him. like the "apprentice." john, you are fired. reporter: but like he has in other rallies, donald trump plans to begin with policy, obamacare, open enrollment is under way. people facing double-digit increases in their ream yums. he will make a point today that he will convene a special session of congress, not the day he takes office. but soon after that to begin the process to repeal and replace obamacare. >> john, thank you very much. jon: with the race for the white house getting tighter, the current occupant had some remarks. the abc "washington post" poll
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shows clinton and trump in a dead heat, 4% each in the tracking poll. >> it's narrowing in the battlegrounds as well. the fair tied in north carolina. clinton 42, trump 41 in h in eln university poll. president obama suggesting sexism is at work here. a man is working hard. but when a woman does it, men are saying why is she doing that. i'm being honest. i want you to think about it because she is so many better qualified than the other guy. bill: let's talk about it with charlie hurt and amy stoddard. welcome both of you. a.b., take on that sexism charge by the president.
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are you surprised the that's what he comes out with? >> i don't think it's his best talking point. i think it's an evident to excite women voters. but there are plenty of things you can say to women voters about donald trump wrath i are than saying she's being treated differently than the other candidate. she is being treated different because she is a dumpster fire and habitual liar. at the same time i agree there is sexism among some trump voters which is why trump said listen, fellas, she doesn't look presidential. pence says when he talks about donald trump's broad shouldered leadership. it's a way to wink at the men who don't want her to be commander in chief because she is female.
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does that mean the electorate will reject her because of sexism? no. in these few hours remaining there are better things in the case to be made for hoik. jon: the president said she is better qualified to run for president than anybody, including me, now he says she is the victim of sexism. >> i didn't hear him making that argument in 2008 when she was running for the democratic nomination. he's saying this because he will say anything. he came in on these promises he would be this unifier and instead we get all this twiciveness. i think what the real thing that this reveals is there is some panic setting in with the clinton campaign and democrats in general. i think they are increasingly getting nervous. not only because the race is as close as it is.
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but with these things coming out from the bombshells. the race was already closing before that. and i think they are willing and what we are going to see in the next couple days. they are going to throw everything at donald trump. and, you know, even little things, tactics like this, blame it on sexism. jon: national polls don't mean all that much because it is the electoral college state by state that determines the winner. but in a national poll these two are tied 46% each. what is going to be the item that gives one side the edge over the other? >> that's a good question. the race is tied because at the last minute here, donald trump has managed to bring republicans home. so he's edging closer to that 90% he needs of that republican vote to win. hillary clinton has her base but
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she is looking to excite them. young people, african-american voters, this will be difficult for her. she is looking for the republican defectors who are never going to vote for trump. she needs to motivate them to vote against trump instead of just stay home and support her. in the traditional metrics in the way we have looked at the election mechanics? it's going to give you a couple of percentage points if you have the superior ground game. she has more get out the vote excitement with more surrogates in the next couple days in all the right places. donald trump has far fewer. but we don't now it's a traditional campaign and those things are going to work. jon: she has a get out the vote operation. but there are indications trump voters are more enthusiastic.
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her enthusiasm levels among her supporters has taken a 7 or 8-point drop. >> they weren't all that enthusiastic to begin with. so that loss is pretty significant. donald trump for all
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jenna: mike pence and hillary clinton in florida today. william? reporter: about half the vote is already in because of early
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voting sites like this one. a democrat has only won arizona tbhonts last 6 -- once in the last 24 years. the race is essentially tight because of a massive push by democrats to register latino voters. >> whether you are republican or democrat, it's up to you. reporter: 154,000 new latino voters were registered. a 25% increase. that's dramatically change the state electorate. >> now it's the phone calls, the emails, the text message. >> that's correct. reporter: half a million latinos could vote in this election. >> for us we are at a tipping point that came a lot earlier than we expected because of all of those people that were out
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there on the ground. >> this is not about being a red state or blue state. this is about standing up and fighting back for our families. 40% register as independent but vote democratic. latino voters turn out at a good pace. what you are asking is if they turn out as an even greater pace. it would make a difference? the question is absolutely. >> do you feel you might turn up on election day? >> i have to. reporter: clinton recently dumped $million into arizona. also there is marijuana on the ballot. but that voter you met, eugene, registered republican even though he said his family would disown him. jon: a controversial pipeline in
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one state and what president obama might do to ease a tense standoff with protesters there. donald trump making a play for pennsylvania. putting the clinton campaign on the defense with just six days left. lots of republicans tried it. but can donald trump flip the keystone state?
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jon: president obama says the army corps of engineers is looking at whether it can be rerouted. the plans have sparked months of protests. the 1,200-mile line is mostly complete running southeast to illinois. >> here in pennsylvania premiums will increase more than 60%.
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that's nothing to what will happen in the future. but if i'm president you won't have to worry. i'm not a politician. my only special interest is you the american people. jenna: donald trump making a big push in pennsylvania. he's spending big and forcing the super pacs to launch an ad buy. clinton with a 6-point advantage. national political reporter for the philadelphia inquirer. what is your sense of this race? >> great to be here, jenna. thank you. my sense is it's tightening a bit in the last week or so. whether that's because of the email, the f.b.i.'s revelation that they have more emails to hook at from possibly related to
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hillary clinton, or whether it's a natural tightening that happens when the republican base is starting to coalesce around donald trump. the trump campaign believes that they are closing the gap with women, especially in the philadelphia suburbs where most of these statewide races are decided there. they provide about a 0% of the vote, and along with philadelphia, about a third. so they are bringing melania trump in tomorrow to work that area. we are in that period of time when pennsylvania looks winnable. a lot of times in -- every four years it seems there is near the end of the cycle, we -- a week, two weeks, it looks like pennsylvania is winnable.
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jenna: we heard that on our air. pennsylvania might be winnable. but then you have campaign strategists who say it always seems winnable to republicans. let me play sound from an interview jon scott did yesterday. >> in your view, joe, is it fruitless for him to be campaigning in states like michigan and pennsylvania? >> i don't hold much hope for him in pennsylvania, i think that's been a trap for years for republicans. it looks like it's gettable but falls away at the end for them. >> that's been the pattern. but i suppose this has taught us that, you know, inferring things might not always work, what we think are the rules have been sort of thrown out the window. but it is going to be -- it was always going to be an uphill battle for any republican in
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pennsylvania. it's the most democrat leaning of all of the big swing states. and mr. trump has had a particular problem with women. if they are right and that's narrowing. that makes it more competitive. but what we have had is he's super strong in the rural areas, and southwestern pennsylvania, the center of the state, and the northeast, and the northwest. but the philadelphia suburbs have been -- he's been toxic, especially among women. jenna: looking at the trump and the hillary clinton campaign, turnout for specific voting groups that the democrats have often relied on in the state,ico millennials. what does it look like for the clinton campaign and those specific voting groups that helped them in the past? >> they are worried about
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diminished enthusiasm. democrats are worried about that. it's not quite the level it was when president obama was on the ballot. so they are very good at targeting and identifying their votes. everyone talked about how great the democrat analytics game is. so they are confident publicly. but, you know, we'll see. it's a cause for concern. jenna: it will be interesting to see all these groups. which party is relying on which group and what happens come election night. thank you very much. >> you are welcome. jon: donald trump has the nra endorsement. it used to be pennsylvania had more nra members per capita than any other state. jenna: it looks like reliable
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sources of support in the past may not be there, but that's anyone's guess at this point and that's what we are all doing. jon: in the final days of the campaign hillary clinton is buying ad time in unusual states. why her campaign is spending a lot of money in several blue states. is it a sign of trouble for clint on campaign? he's accused of gunning down two police officers in cold blood. police caught up with a suspected cop killer and what they are learning about his record. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your
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s. jon: democrats and some republicans have been critical
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of f.b.i. director james comey's decision to reopen the investigation into hillary clinton's email server. a clinton spokesman said he didn't think it fine director had done anything improper. yesterday the president spoke to a social media news site to give his view on what he thinks about all of this. let's listen. >> i made a very deliberate effort to make sure i don't look like i'm meddling where it's supposed to be independent processes. you don't operate on innuendo and incomplete information and leaks. jon: there you have it, a taste of what the president has to say about the f.b.i. reopening the investigation into the hillary clinton email server. jenna: a manhunt for a suspected cop killer in iowa.
8:35 am
this catching the man they say gunned down two officers in back-to-back ambush shootings as they sat in their patrol cars. mike tobin is following this story. reporter: police have apprehended the suspect in these two cold-blood ambushes of police officers in iowa. 46-year-old scott michael green was picked out without incident. he was picked up in dallas county iowa, west of des moines. early this morning police released his picture and it was a matter of hours before he was in custody. just after 1:00 a.m. local time police responded to a call of shots fired. they found an sister shot and killed in his car. hours later they found another officer shot while he sat in his police cruiser. the police commissioner says the
8:36 am
independentcation are the gunman surprised them and opened fire. >> there is a clear and present danger to our police officers. there is definitely danger out there right now. reporter: officers do wear body cameras, but they don't record all the time. we don't know if there is video of at least one of the ambushes. donald trump weighed in sendle out a tweet staying in part, an attack on those who keep us safe is an attack on us all. jon: the race for the white house enters its final days. both campaigns are spending time and money in unusual places, focusing on the key battleground states like florida and north carolina and working to flip the traditional electoral map. donald trump campaigning in blue states like wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan.
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hillary clinton is working to shore up democratic support while airing ads in virginia, colorado and michigan. simon rosenberg, president and founder of nbn and former clinton advisor. the hillary clinton campaign is spending money in my home state of colorado. it's a place that looked strong for hillary clinton. are they worried? >> i don't think they are worried. i think it would be malpractice if in the final week of the campaign hillary clinton didn't do everything to tight traditional battleground states. and lot of these states are battleground states. they have republican governors and have gone the other way. this is what you expect the campaign to be doing in the ends. there is no panic here.
8:38 am
>> how effective is television advertising going to be? >> that's one of the things we have seen throughout this campaign. trats digital means of communicating television ads has not done the job. hillary clinton has outspent donald trump by millions. we have a game of hot potato. whichever candidate ends up having the last bad dave dave -d days of media coverage. >> it many the final week. everyone is going to spends all their money and put their surrogates out to do everything they can. that's what campaigns where for. democrats feel good about where we are. it's not where we were a few weeks ago. we still have many polls where we are ahead by a 3-5-point lead. we are con if i defnlt victory
8:39 am
next week. jon: donald trump has not run a traditional campaign. he has not spent the kinds of money or bought the kinds of ads hillary clinton and democrats have. can he pull it out despite the fact he doesn't have the resources or money in the bank her campaign has. >> if you look at some of the states you mention, traditionally blue states, he's closing the gap in those states. even if he doesn't win pennsylvania and wisconsin. if he loses wisconsin by 3 points, ron johnson is coming back to the senate. if he loses by 3 points, pat toomey is coming back to the senate. there are implications beyond the presidential race for down will ballot races. jon: there is a suggestion hillary clinton, campaign is feeling the same kinds of heat to lift down-ballot candidates.
8:40 am
>> it's funny to hear wisconsin and pennsylvania be described as blue states. they are 2-1 republican. there is a republican senator fighting for reelection. ron johnson has a republican governor. these are battleground states. and what's interesting to me is the campaign that's expands the map has been the democrats. we now have arizona leaning towards hillary clinton. north carolina leaning towards hillary clinton. trump will probably ends up flipping iowa and ohio. so the democrats have successfully added more states somewhat is called their blue wall. i think we are coming out of this feeling good in the final days. we'll leave everything on the playing field. there is no doubt about it. jon: donald trump said there are a lot of people ready to vote for him but don't talk about it publicly. is that something he can count
8:41 am
not next six days? >> at this point he's got to throw everything out there. he's going to try to get states where he traditionally couldn't get. even if he gets florida, ohio and north carolina he still needs to add states to get to 270. the fact that he's still in this thing a week out from the election is amazing. jenna: a major lawsuit days before the election. the naacp filed the lawsuit saying what some citizens are doing is illegal under federal law. our legal panel weighs in next.
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voters are being illegally removed from the voting rolls. the chapter says a disproportionate number of those voters are black and calls north carolina as ground ground zero r voter suppression. timing matters. here we are a few days before the election. north carolina is a tight swing state. barack obama won by less than a percentage point in 2008, mitt romney won in 2012. every vote matters in north carolina. rich, tell us about this case and what you see. what stands out to you? >> the legal redress. and i have been the legal director for west virginia on help america vote under the bush-cheney campaign. here is what's happening. there is a federal law which requires if you are going to purge your list it has to be
8:46 am
done 90 days before the federal election. the naacp is claiming the state of north carolina is trying to purge their list within that 90 days. they are saying they are violating the national voter registration act. north carolina says we have a state law that allows us to purge people so our state laws take press debts. but the states take money from the federal government and say we the agree to follow that act. if there is a violation, these are all allegations at this point. jenna: eric, what do you think? >> north carolina has to understand federal law trumps any state law. by the is a voter suppression tactic. i'm from birmingham, alabama so i'm aware of waysy try voter
8:47 am
suppression. this is just the beginning there will be probably hundreds starting monday and tuesday after the election starts. these people will file lawsuits and protest elections though we think it election will be done next week, i think it will be the beginning of several legal battles. jenna: the naacp says the counties most affected are the majority black voters. so you have that as being a central part of the lawsuit. and you have north carolina being a state where there has been a huge flux of migration. you had a lot of people move towards the north. some say north carolina is less of a southern state and more of a mid-atlantic state. how do you think this works out? you want voting rolls to be accurate. on the same side you don't want certain groups to be targeted which is what the naacp is alleging.
8:48 am
>> the naacp is alleging there is an impact. that's the allegation. we don't know if that's true or not. if north carolina is not following the law, that's a problem. on the flip side when you look at it politically. that's an intent by the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign to turn out black votes. they are sagging behind in black votes. whether the allegation is true or not, it's more towards the political play that the clinton campaign needs help getting the black vote. >> richard, come on. the republican party is trying to suppress the vote. trump told people we are going to have poll watchers. jenna: i want to be clear on this case, the republican party isn't the one trying to remove people from the ballot. they are individuals it's an individual that says an advocate
8:49 am
in the area says we are trying to get this right. i want viewers to be clear about that. >> you are totally correct. in reference to this particular lawsuit you are correct. but the overall picture with what trump is saying saying they will have poll waivers and people will watch them go to the polls and possibly intimidate voters. those are the suppression tactics trying to utilize trying to stifle the african-american vote. that's why next week there will be a flood of lawsuits because of voter suppression. jenna: it's my understanding you will be doing some looking at some of the voting. if you are not on a list and you show up to vote in the state of north carolina. can you still vote? >> absolutely. i was the help america vote act signed by president bush in 2002. you are entitled to a provisional ballot. nobody will be denied the right
8:50 am
to vote. at the end of the day, these are allegations that need to be proven. so far they haven't been proven. i think i saw one person who was 1 oh 0 years old with a mailing address as a p.o. box. you cannot use a p.o. box as voter registration. you can use it to receive mail but you can't use it to vote. it has to be a physical address to vote. that allegation is a violation of law. post office boxes cannot be used as a physical address for your voting. jenna: i didn't know that. we continue to look for evidence in this case. it's interesting to end on the point that everyone can show up and vote and we should all do that. we look forward to talking to you you both again. thank you. jon: what's better than a game 7 of the world series? nothing. donald trump is pulling out all the stops in battleground ohio.
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what voters in the buckeye state are saying.
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jon: check out what's coming up on "outnumbered." harris: president obama spoke out on the hillary clinton email scandal and what he said and whether he's playing the victim card for her. it's holiday season. it must be the new starbucks cup. is the coffee giant sneaking liberal bias in?
8:55 am
we have much, much more. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. see ya. jon: while the race for battleground ohio getting tighter with just days to go. both campaigns pull out all the stops to win over those crucial undecided voters. reporter: we are at franklin county early voting center in central ohio where 50,000 people have already cast their vote according to officials. they are averaging 3,500 early voters a day. in ohio trump and clinton are deploying the biggest weapons in their arsenals. the president campaigned yesterday for clinton. he hammered trump but avoided mentioning the biggest threat to
8:56 am
clinton's presidency. today eric trump will be holding two events in ohio on behalf of his father. it comes down to ground game on the final days. trump not getting so much love in the state. governor kasich voted for john mccain. talk about the turnout. >> we have had 50,000 franklin county voters come to our early vote consider. another 150,000 have requested absentee ballots by mail. >> there is a lot of talk about rigged elections and voter fraud. >> these machines you see behind you have triple redundancy. they have hard drive, they have a flash drive and a paper tape trail. so we take -- jon: matt, thank you.
8:57 am
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john: we will be back with another one in one hour. jenna: that's right, outnumbered starts right now. sandra: donald trump said to speak in battleground state of florida with just six days until election day as president obama weighs in for the first time on hillary clinton renewed e-mail scandal. this is outnumbered. i'm sandra smith. here tosm -- today harris faulkner. cohost of the five, we welcome back greg and he is outnumbered. good to have you. harris: yay! >> i don't know what that means. [laughter]


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