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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 2, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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any participating taco bell between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern today. you have one minute east coast time. set your dvr. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. breaking news tonight, two sources with knowledge of the fbi investigation into the clinton e-mails and the foundation tell fox the following. the investigation into the clinton foundation looking into possible pay for play interaction between secretary of state hillary clinton and the foundation has been going on for more than a year. led by the white collar crime division, public corruption branch of the criminal investigative division of the fbi. the clinton foundation investigation is a quote very high priority. agents have interviewed people about the case and even before the wikileaks dumps, these sources said agents had collected a great deal of
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evidence. pressed on that, one source said a lot of it. there's an avalanche of new information coming in every day. some of it from wikileaks, some from e-mails. the agents are actively and agrease recei addreggressively pursuing this . they will interview the same people again, some for the third time. as a result of the limited immunity deals to top aides, the justice department had tentatively agreed that the fbi would destroy the laptop after a narrow review. we are told that has not happened. those devices are currently in the fbi field office here in washington, d.c. and are being exploited. the source points out any immunity deal is null and void if any subject lied. the classified e-mail investigation is being run by the national security division of the fbi. they are currently combing through former democratic
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congressman anthony wwiener's laptop and have found e-mails that they believe came from hillary clinton's server that appear to be new, as in not duplicates. whether they contain classified material or not is not yet known. will likely be known soon. all of this just as we move inside one week until election day. in what has become a presidential election unlike any other. new state polls out tonight show movement. donald trump has flipped nevada from clinton's column to his own. he is expanding his lead in ohio, arizona, georgia and missouri. he is narrowing the gap in virginia and pennsylvania. tonight both candidates are operating on overdrive, coming up with various scenarios to a path to 270 electoral votes. we begin tonight with the president's first public comments on the e-mail scandal since the fbi's shocking decision last week to resurrect its investigation.
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>> i have made a very deliberate effort to make sure that i don't look like i'm meddling in what are supposed to be independent processes. >> reporter: in a new interview, president obama seemed to dismiss james comey's decision to reinitiate the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. >> people say crazy stuff about her. when she makes a mistake, an honest mistake, it ends up being blown up as if it's just some crazy thing. >> reporter: this is not the first time mr. obama has seemed to put his thumb on the scale. in an interview, the president downplayed the discovery of classified e-mail on clinton's personal server she used as secretary of state. >> i can tell you that this is not a situation in which america's national security was in danger. >> reporter: the president has a stake in the outcome as the state department revealed earlier this year, he corresponded with clinton using her personal e-mail address. >> i can confirm that 18 e-mails
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comprised of eight e-mail chains between former secretary clinton and president obama are being withheld in full. >> reporter: in her april fbi interview, huma abedin told agents that she notified the white house when clinton changed her e-mail address so the president's blackberry would not block the e-mails. the president used an alias for these communications. as fbi agents sift through 650,000 e-mails found on a computer used by anthony wiener and abedin, the white house dismissed questions the president's e-mails could be uncovered. >> if the reports are true, nobody knows what's on that computer. i'm not going to speculate what may or may not be there. >> reporter: the discovery could create real legal jeopardy for abedin who signed a separation agreement promising to return classified information or face criminal charges. five members of clinton's team received limited immunity agreements. the justice department swapped access to their computers and in
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return promised to destroy them. with new confirmation the fbi is pursuing the clinton foundation, experts said the deal showed bad judgment. >> they potentially lorst the ability to gauge what's on the new computer as opposed to what was on the old computer if they're going to try to show that somebody withheld information from them. it may be impossible to prove. >> reporter: while we have been on the air, we heard from the fbi who said they will have no comment about the intensification of the investigation into the clinton foundation. it's worth noting that when fox reported in january that the mishandling of classified information probe had expanded to include public corruption and the clinton foundation, hillary clinton dismissed it as a rumor with no basis. >> we will follow it. there's a lot there. now to anotherstory about bad optics and the clintons. it involves what many would consider a huge conflict of
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interest between the obama administration and its designated successor. ed henry takes a look. >> reporter: a top justice department official involved with overseeing the investigation of abedin is a bigger pen pal with john podesta than first known. a new e-mail raises conflict of interest questions because it shows he gave hillary clinton's campaign chairman a heads up about her e-mail problem in may 2015. quote, oversight hearing where the head of our civil division will testify. likely to get questions on state department e-mails. another filing went in last night or will go in this a.m. that indicates it will be a wild 2016 before the state department posts the e-mails. the tip about clinton's e-mail production to the public slowing down was sent from his g-mail. now out because of wikileaks, which earlier revealed podesta praising him, a college buddy, for representing him in kenneth
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starr's probe, writing, fantastic lawyer, kept me out of jail. also out today an e-mail with more evidence clinton's own aides had deep concerns about pay to play allegations at the clinton foundation when she released personal tax returns in 2015. a spokesman e-mailed colleagues that reporters would dig into overlap between paid speech hosts and campaign and foundation donors that could fuel pay to play story lines. he added that could be vulnerable over bill clinton's consulting. another e-mail offers a window into major donors to the foundation who may want to collect favors if hillary clinton is elected. even though the clinton camp has been slamming paul manafort for ties to ukraine that have gotten scrutiny. a ukrainian billionaire gave over $8 million to the clinton
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foundation and was demanding to meet with bill clinton one on one to show pitushback against putin. although i say wjc cares about ukraine, he feels like wjc hasn't taken enough action. i sense this is so important because he is under putin's heel. justice officials note he sent podesta public info. he is not a decision maker in the abedin probe. >> thank you. let's get more on this from andrew mccarthy, former justice department attorney whose commentary makes serious allegations. he joins us from new york. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> first, you listened to that breaking news at the top of the hour. your thoughts on all of this as it comes together?
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>> well the thing that stuck out to me most was it seems to me like the justice department may be in connection with this fellow setting up an argument that if you e-mail from your personal address, arguably after hours, that that's not a government record. if that's going to be the new position on this, that is quite a substantial change in what we thought were the facts of the clinton e-mail case. with respect to the other new disclosures, i think it shouldn't be surprising to us that the clinton foundation has been the subject of investigation. it's a little surprising that it kind of emerged so suddenly in that wall street journal report but i do think it's -- you are always potentially making a mistake when you take an investigation that ought to be looked at all as one and
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disaggregate it. the fbi has done that with white collar in one box and classified information in another box. that's often a way that things thing s that ought to be looked at fall through the cracks. i wish they were looking at it as one whole. >> you charge in this column that the justice department appears to be holding back, getting in the way. i talked to attorney general loretta lynch back at the end of february. here is what she said back then. who is the ultimate decider at the doj? >> it depends how the matter comes together. >> the decider of whether to go forward is you, right? >> well, we will see what evidence develops and what facts develop and we will follow those to their natural conclusion. >> does it concern you there is this perception that your justice department may in the end cut secretary clinton a break or do her a favor? >> i think that with every case we handle it in the same way.
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whether someone has an interest in a case because it's interesting in the headlines or because they are personally involved in it. >> bottom line, is there any double standard here? >> there's no double standard in this or any other matter being handled by the department of justice. >> because the attorney general met with former president bill clinton on that tarmac in arizona, you say that took her out of the equation. but didn't stop her, according to your column, from standing or trying to in the way of the clinton foundation investigation. >> i don't see how that is disputable. i mean, as far as her meeting with former president clinton is concerned, she herself said it was a mistake and kind of recused herself from it. actually deferred to the fbi director on the ultimate decision, which never happens in any other investigation. so for her to say there's no double standard in this case and it's being handled the same way, even if we didn't have kcrazy
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immunity deals where you give immunity in order to get evidence that you can usually compel, which also never happens in any other case, i would say that meeting was highly unusual. but we're also seeing now that these immunity deals that they gave were used, according to "the wall street journal" report, to deny the agents investigating the clinton foundation case access to what was on the laptops of mills and samuelson. i point out that somehow that case seems to have gotten before prosecutors in the eastern district of new york, which just happens to be the district office that loretta lynch was the u.s. attorney in for six years before she was elevated to attorney general by president obama. it also happens to be the office in which she came to national prominence because she was named u.s. attorney in 1999 by president bill clinton, the same guy she was meeting with on the
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tarmac. >> the immunity deal in part had a structure in it in which the laptops were said to be destroyed. part of the news at the top was that they are not. they have not been. they are here at the fbi office. we will see if that deals with the foundation or not. your thoughts on the president weighing in again today on the e-mail situation after in october of last year what he said about it not being a national security threat? >> well, you know, i must say, i think if i were the president and i had communicated with mrs. clinton some 18 times using an alias over a non-secure e-mail system and then looked the american people in the eye and said that i didn't even know that she had private e-mail or she used private e-mail, i would really stop talking about this case. >> andrew mccarthy, thank you. >> thank you. like any successful
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businessman, donald trump is trying to close the deal on his own terms. trump is hammering hillary clinton relentlessly over her multiple scandals. while clinton is hoping and praying to run out the clock and stop him from making inroads in blue states across the country. we have fox team coverage tonight. mike emanuel is with clinton team in arizona. a red state where some feel the nominee is making a strategic error today. we begin with carl cameron with the trump campaign in orlando. good evening. >> reporter: hi. for last several days, slow and steady trump has been rising in the polls. now he is locked in and trying to push clinton down in them. at a rally in miami, donald trump seized on new wikileaks e-mails to accuse the justice department of leaking information from the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail scandal to podesta. >> assistant attorney general is a close associate of john
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podesta. he was feeding information about the investigation into the clinton campaign. podesta forwarded the e-mails to clinton's top staff and said, additional chances for miss chief. >> reporter: on the day it broke, a separate wikileaks podesta e-mail warned they should be dumped as soon as possible. >> they say having a dump -- we're having a dump of all of those e-mails. >> reporter: the clinton camp argues he was shorthanding for a dump to the press. trump calls it a coverup attempt. >> it's been shown that a rigged system with more collusion possibly illegal between the department of justice, the clinton campaign and the state department. >> reporter: clinton is holding a 1.9 lead in an average of national polls. the gop standard bearer laid out his victory path choosing 13 battleground states for a final
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$25 million blitz of new ads. >> the clintons, from dead broke to worth hundreds of millions. how did hillary end up filthy rich? pay to play politics. >> reporter: trump knows he must win florida. with six days left, he is up in recent polls. in pennsylvania, where clinton had a ten-point lead in october, trump is now tied, down four points within the margin of error. now that it's close, he does not want supporters relaxing. >> the polls are all saying we're going to win florida. don't believe it. don't believe it. get out there and vote. pretend we're slightly behind. you gotta get out. we don't want to blow this. >> reporter: for the last couple of days, clinton has been escalating her attacks on donald trump's character. today he has a rally in pensacola. >> carl cameron live with the
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trump campaign. thanks. there are political experts who feel hillary clinton's trip out west with six days remaining before election day is a mistake. mike emanuel tells us why. >> reporter: with polls tightening in many battleground states, hillary clinton is gambling on turning traditionally red arizona blue. late today her surrogate in chief was protecting her flank in critical north carolina. >> if hillary wins north carolina, she wins. that means that when i said the fate of the republic rests on you, i wasn't joking. >> reporter: the trip west was announced when her campaign was riding high last week when aides were talking about trying to blow out donald trump and working on down ballot races. clinton is defiant. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. >> reporter: now the fbi re-examining whether she and her
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as handled classifies information and the daily drip of e-mails from wikileaks, clinton has paid a political price. the latest poll reveals 38% of likely voters see clinton as honest and trustworthy, down from 45%. 67% of independents disapprove of clinton's handling of questions on the e-mail issue. even 29% of democrats in that survey respond negatively to her handling of the e-mail matter. in tampa, vice-president biden defended her. >> some of the people listening are mad at hillary. let me tell you something about hillary. hillary has devoted her life to making sure women and children have an even shot. >> reporter: as for arizona, the average of recent polls reveals trump with a three point edge over clinton, when you factor in the third party candidates. when it was closer, clinton team as it as a place to put trump on defense in the final daze of the
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campaign. now clinton is running new ads timed with hthe visit to nevada and arizona to make an argument to latinos. >> $27 million to put up a fight and not be intimidated by hate and spite. >> reporter: the timing is awkward as open enrollment for obamacare is under way. consumers here in arizona are facing skyrocketing premiums and fewer choices. in some cases only one option to purchase insurance. >> mike, thank you. we begin a new series on the state of the u.s. military. almost eight years after the obama presidency came into office. first here is what some of our affiliates across the country are covering tonight. fox 17 in iowa, police arrest a suspect in connection with the ambush deaths of two area police officers overnight. they say 46-year-old scott michael greene has a history of confrontation with police and others. late this afternoon, the
3:20 pm
president released a statement calling at tack ining the attac acts. judges ask a judge to dismiss charges against bill cosby. he has been accused of sexual assault by a number of young women. a live look at progressive field in cleveland. the big story tonight, game seven of the world series. the cleveland indians, a team that has not won since 1946, host the chicago cubs, a team that has not won the world series since 1908. coverage on the fox broadcast network begins with pre-game show 7:00 p.m. eastern time. that should be a doozy. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. i am totally blind.
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over the next five nights, we will bring you a series of reports, how we fight. of all the duties our new president will have, none is higher than commander in chief. given that and with election day less than a week away, we decided to take stock of america's armed forces, how they're being deployed, how they have transformed in the past several years and what challenges they will face in the future. in tonight's report, we look at how the world is changing and how the american military is responding to that change or is it the other way around? as our military has changed in the last few years, has the world revised its attitude toward us? on january 12, ten american sailers were captured by iran's
3:25 pm
revolutionary guard after entering iranian waters. this video was later released showing them held at gun point, kneeling before their captors and apologizing. >> it was a mistake that was our fault. >> not so long ago, the world might have awaited a response from an outraged america. likely fast and furious. instead, the u.s. secretary of state was soon sounding grateful to iran. >> also want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. >> the entire episode seemed to point to a new world that's been emerging these past several years. and a new military. >> at other times in the past, i don't believe the iranians would have dared take our troops and treat them like that. i don't think they would have. >> this four star general retired and a 45-year career with the marine corps. >> for those people that determined that want to be our enemy, they should be afraid.
3:26 pm
i don't believe some of the countries are afraid of us. >> in this new world, along with america responding differently, certain countries seem to be prepared to be more aggressive. >> we're talking about great power war with one or two of four countries. you are talking about china, russia, iran and north korea. i have grave concerns in terms of the readiness of our forces to deal with that in a timely manner. >> weapons uncovered. >> what do you make of iran's challenges to our ships in the persian gulf, the russian buzzing of our vessels, the buildup in the south china sea? it seems like these are provocative actions. sg >> the iranian buzzing and the small boats, the russian low y flyover and things, unprofessional. two. unsafe. we hope we can deconflict.
3:27 pm
it's not going to keep us from doing everything we need to do to fulfill our mission. >> former democrat governor of mississippi has been secretary of the navy since 2009. >> the rise of russia, the rise of china and particularly in the south china sea, isis, things that you don't, can't know what's going to happen. >> he notes the navy has been ramping up ship building. another sign of increased military response, since 2014, the obama administration has been returning troops to iraq. officially in advisory and support roles. how many more troops can americans at home expect to be going to iraq? >> if more is required -- i'm sure there will be additional authorities and additional required -- i will let our
3:28 pm
commander see opportunities to do that. >> we have undertaken military operations. the difference between war and fiddling around is that if you are at war, you better plan to win. >> this man who served as bill clinton's cia director thinks what we're doing simply isn't enough. >> the obama administration, do a bit. that is the recipe for losing in war. if you want to be respected, every once in a while when the circumstances are such that you really need to use it, you use the stick and you use it decisively. in responding to these situations, american leadership is imperative. it's indispensable. there's no substitute for it. >> general david petraeus former cia director would like to see more decisive action taken in syria. >> i have long advocated a safe zone, a no-fly zone. we ground assad's air force and
3:29 pm
crater runways. tell the russians if you bomb our guys, the ones that we are supporting on the ground, the opposition, we will bomb your guys, assad's forces. >> what's your sense of what happened to the u.s. military in recent years? >> well, the u.s. mul teilitary the finest in the world. the question is, can we maintain that? >> if you look at the readiness issue right now, readiness to fight, i have heard the word crisis used. >> general kelly believes that not only is the military not properly prepared, but it has spent too much time enforcing social change in the ranks. >> we're robbing from peter to pay paul. secretaries of the services should be fighting tooth and nail until they get the adequate funds to have our military forces readied to fight. everything else would be put on hold. >> we shouldn't make changes to military policy unless they
3:30 pm
increakreecrease lethality. i think our political leadership has gotten quite far from that. we are incorporating greater and greater risk into the operations of our military at a time when our adversaries are getting better at combat lethality themselves. we are voluntarily making the job of our military much harder. >> tomorrow, the how we fight series continues as we look at whether considerations of social justice in the ranks are hampering or helping military readiness. president obama says the u.s. army corps of engineers is studying whether the dakota acce acce access pipeline can be rerouted. he will let the situation involving the 1200 mile $3.8 billion pipeline play out for several more weeks. protesters have demonstrated
3:31 pm
against the project for months. last week there were clashes with police and dozens of arrests. the federal reserve will not raise interest rates before the election. governors say the case for a rate hike continues to strength, but analysts say the fed wants to avoid perception of affecting next week's vote. many expect an increase in december. the dow lost 77 today. the s&p 500 dropped 14. the nasdaq was down 48. next up, why officials in cleveland are telling donald trump supporters to stay away on election day. ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love.
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election officials in cleveland are warning trump supporters who are volunteering as election monitors to stay out. they say no one in their presintpr precincts will vote for the republican anyway, no one.
3:35 pm
the world series isn't the only thing that has emotions coming to the surface tonight. >> reporter: democrats here in the critical swing county in ohio are not nearly as excited about hillary clinton as they were about barack obama because the number of democrats requesting early ballots has plummeted 35% compared to the last presidential election as the number of republicans requesting early balanlots has ris risen. in 2008, there were 16 precincts in this county which counted zero ballots for mccain and in 2012, there were 20 that counts zero for romney. now in 2016, even with more gop interest, the shutout may continue. >> in the past elections in 2012 and 2008, they can't cast any ballots for republican candidates. it wouldn't be surprising there would be somewhere donald trump doesn't get any votes.
3:36 pm
however, it does play into the narrative that his campaign has been using which is that the campaign is going to be rigged. look in cleveland, detroit, philadelphia, cities with heavy african-american populations. >> reporter: donald trump is trying to offset any funny business by recruiting people to monitor voting fraud. but here, these concerned trump backers are being warned by officials to stay away from the polls. >> i have been contacted by a few donald trump supporters that have asked or have told me that they have been appointed as observers by the trump campaign. but i have made very clear that they are not allowed in the polling location. they are not official observers. the state law only allows certain people to be observers. >> reporter: so would-be poll observers are going to have to take the county's world for it the election was fraud free if
3:37 pm
there are, again, a number of precincts where zero ballots are cast for the republican ticket, because if they get too close, authorities are ready to step in. >> not even one. okay. peter, thank you. tonight's issues that matter segment dovetails about this. it's about race relations, specifically how bad many people feel race relations are and what the presidential nominees say they intend to do about it. >> reporter: over the past two years, looted stores bu, burnin cars have been splashed across television screens of symbols of african-american frustration. >> they make promises. once they get in office, you can go to hell. >> reporter: the black vote has manifested as anti-trump. he polls in the single digits.
3:38 pm
that's an improvement. it has never been pro-clinton, particularly after a three word misstep in the primary. >> all lives matter. >> reporter: wikileaks showed, clinton's campaign mulled using the words yo mama in a speech. it was complicated by the tragedy in dallas. clinton could not official those horrified by the slaughter of police officers. >> we cannot, we must not vilify police officers. remember what those officers were doing when they died. they were protecting a peaceful march. >> reporter: in florida, with a prize of 29 electoral votes, the clinton campaign is said to be in a panic over black voter apr apathy. hillary sent bill on tour there, enlisted the help of the president. >> i will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy, if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate
3:39 pm
itself in this election. >> reporter: she gets help from black leaders at her rallies. she's not reaching the individuals. >> black people are tired of coming to the rescue, if you will, of the democratic party in election after election. and then not getting anything in return. >> reporter: donald trump has jumped on that, focusing on poverty and violence. chicago surpassing 600 murders this year. mostly in minority neighborhoods. >> our inner cities, african-americans, hispanics, are living in hell. >> reporter: he says blocks have support blacks have been exploited for their vote. >> look how much african-american communities have suffered under democratic control. to those i say, the following, what do you have to lose? by trying something new. like trump. what do you have to lose?
3:40 pm
>> we're seeing more of this or less of this? >> more of this. >> reporter: clinton supporter reverend jesse jackson says abandoned promised coupled with predatory lending have taken the neighborhoods that were hopeless when he was young and made them worse. >> talking about stop and frisk and law and office. we need investment and development. >> reporter: the young people out demonstrating no longer listen to the familiar black leaders. >> as far as the older leaders, they dropped the ball. they did. >> reporter: both campaigns have attempted to appeal to the young black voter. choosing different words, both candidates promise to get guns away from criminals. clinton says gun control. trump says stop and frisk. clinton says retrain cops. trump says law and order. young blacks say they want work. >> the top thing that will stop the killings in the city is jobs.
3:41 pm
give our young people jobs. give our young people some type of opportunity where they can do something productive and get off the streets. >> reporter: whatever the candidates are saying, the question is whether it will translate to votes. >> at the end of the day, they said we are the people and they depend on us, count for our votes. at the end of the day, i think our votes don't matter. >> reporter: are you watching polit politics? >> not at all. >> reporter: do you care? >> not really. >> reporter: you going to vote in is. >> no. >> reporter: why? >> it don't plamatter to me. >> reporter: trump announced the new deal for black america. we will learn if it motivated voters. tomorrow our issues that matter series continues. it takes on number three, education. we will have our report. we talk about the u.s. senate races on tuesday night.
3:42 pm
one of the big house races to watch next week is in one of the biggest geographical house districts in the country's second biggest state. on the battle for south texas and for control of the u.s. house. >> i'm congressman will -- >> reporter: flip on any television. >> degr and you will be hard pressed to mit t miss the ads. >> only one is competitive. that's the 23rd. >> reporter: in a state where they say everything is bigger, politics are no different. the 23rd district stretches from san antonio to el paso. it includes 29 counties, about 750,000 constituents. and encompasses two-thirds of the state's border with mexico. >> god delivered to this district in a level they haven't seen before. >> reporter: the republican is fighting to keep the seat he won two years ago when he narrowly
3:43 pm
beat his democratic opponent. next tuesday, gallego is hoping voters send him back to congress. >> i feel good. but we're not there yet. we have to keep going. >> reporter: the race is so tight, pollsters have deemed it a tossup, unusual once again for deep red texas. latinos make up nearly 70% of that district's total population. analysts say that could bode well for gallego this time around since that part of the electorate tends to lean left. immigration has been such a heated topic this election season. >> we can do a better job of securing the border. >> people are in favor of immigration reform. we need additional labor. >> reporter: he hopes to take advantage of donald trump's controversial remarks about immigrants. >> there are democrats all over the country running this strategy that gallego was against hur d to say even thoug
3:44 pm
hurd has not been with trump throughout, he is a republican voting in congress. >> reporter: acco17 seats consid tossup status around the country, races to watch as we wait and see how the balance of power now all shakes out. >> thank you. less than one week to go before election day and the madness continues. we will talk about it all with the panel when we return. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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hillary clinton having been in the arena for 30 years often times gets knocked around and people say crazy stuff about
3:48 pm
her. and when she makes a mistake, an honest mistake, it ends up being blown up as if it's just some crazy thing. i do think that there is a norm that when there are investigations -- we don't operate on innuendo. we don't operate on incomplete information. we don't operate on leaks. we operate based on concrete decisions that are made. >> president obama today talking about the e-mail review, the investigation into the clinton e-mail scandal. remember back in october of 2015, he said it was not -- he didn't think it posed a national security problem. this as the candidates take to the trail. donald trump, miami, florida, orlando, florida, pensacola, florida. mike peps wnce in arizona. eric trump in ohio.
3:49 pm
donald trump junior. tim kaine, iowa. president obama was in chapel hill, north carolina. biden, two stops in florida. bill clinton in iowa. chelsea clinton in colorado and wisconsin. bernie sanders in wisconsin. we have new state polls out. pennsylvania, a number of polls out today show this is the average the recent polls, hillary clinton up 4.9. let's go to florida. some polls out today. we will take the average on the four-way race. that's trump by .07. nevada, a new poll out by cnn has trump up six. next we have north carolina and that has clinton up three in the latest poll in north carolina. finally in ohio, in the four-way raise, the latest poll has donald trump up five. we have made it around the horn. let's go to our tanl.
3:50 pm
tucker carlson, nina easton and charles lane. well, a lot to cover today. first of the email investigation. what we're learning, how it's being handled on the trail and the impact. tucker? >> well, i mean it's a lot to unpack. in fact, there is so much to unpack i think for hillary clinton to get elected it would be a significant problem for her. so many emails and so much information. >> as far as like a case to be brought against her. >> going into the next six months or year. the number of reporter who are looking at this carefully is relatively small, relative information there is. every time you turn around the peter cass sick story unbelievable. government agencies and clinton agencies. clinton campaign and groups around it astounding. prima facie evidence of corruption. no time to go through it because there is another thing going on.
3:51 pm
it's really bad. the clinton people are starting -- the numbers are getting away from her, it locks like. it doesn't mean she is going to lose. it's not going according to plan. not going to the prediction of people watching us. people interested in seeing their own predictions play out. moving in very unexpected ways, their behavior, if you watched the president today on the trail invoking the kkk if that is some meaningful part of america, it's farther than i have ever seen a president go on behalf of a candidate ever and it's a measure of how very worried they are. really worried. >> speaking of the president, what about his comments today about that email investigation and considering what he said back in october of '15 about not being a national security threat? >> yeah, i think the president feels like he has to come like thread a very fine needle but come out in support of hillary. she has got all of these problems. >> without obstructing justice. >> yeah. she has got all of these email issues going on. it's important to note that there are two buckets of email issues. there is the comey investigation of her email private server and what he
3:52 pm
said last friday, which is one issue, which the president was addressing. there is a second issue which are these wikileak dumps that keep coming out which are causing a headache for her. >> there is actually a third with the clinton foundation and all of the -- >> -- there is that as well. i think it's important to note on the wikileaks issue that this is intelligence officials believe a russian directed hack into computers to dump that. and i think it's really important to keep reminding people and viewers of that. that russia is behind these wikileak dumps and that that we were sitting here talking, if wikileaks decided to go after donald trump's tax returns, we would be having a different conversation. that's important to put on the table. that said, i think tucker is absolutely right that if clinton becomes president clinton we are going to see a republican house conduct major investigations of her on all of these fronts keep
3:53 pm
in mind img impeachment proceedings begin in the house with filing charges. i think this time next year you are going to be looking at a republican house looking at ways to file charges against her. it then moves to the senate where you need a two-thirds vote to determine guilt. it's going to be close senate and that's not going to happen. >> homeland security chairman talked about that possibility today. we should point out that the intelligence community is of a consensus that russia is somehow linked to this but obviously different groups have pushed back against that chuck? >> yeah, it's -- she must be the first person in history to have to run under fire from both russian intelligence and the fbi at the same time. i don't know if that's ever happened before. >> the substance of what we're learning though about these investigations? >> well, i think it is -- the substance, to me, is still the same. we learn nothing out of comey's letter except that
3:54 pm
they found more emails on huma abedin's computer, okay? >> well, today we learned that two computers that we thought possibly were destroyed, cheryl mills and heather samuelson's were not destroyed and are currently in the fbi office here in washington, d.c. being exploited. we also learned that they're going through anthony weiner's emails on that laptop at a break neck pace and that they have found some emails tied to hillary clinton's server already that they believe are new. and we also learned that the clinton foundation investigation is far more extensive than anybody has characterized it. >> so what we know is that we are having more dribs and drabs of ongoing investigation coming out from the fbi in realtime which is the way things are not supposed to be conducted. i understand that hillary sort of demanded that in some way, but everything you're describing, if i'm not wrong is from leaks, right? none of this is being put out officially. >> not being put out in a
3:55 pm
press release. >> exactly and that's a troubling development. what this is doing is distracting -- totally distracting from all the things that are, you know, just two weeks ago we were learning about donald trump talking about sexually assaulting people on a bus. all of that has gone by the wayside, which is tremendously to his ad vantage and that to me is the main impact of that political not substantive. >> where they are traveling and what they're doing tells us a lot about the campaign. >> can i tell us something in the interest of factual we don't know that the russians are behind it. the clinton campaign is interested in alleging that that is a factual matter not known. >> does the american intelligence community have. >> that the russian government -- no, that is not a certainty and we are betraying our journalist i can charge presenting it as one when don't know. we don't know if governor putin is behind it is it some russian teenager in moldova doing this? we don't know. as journalist we are assessed with the accuracy, is it true or not? not one document produced by wikileaks over the past 8
3:56 pm
years has been proved untrue. why is our speculation about russia more important than that fact. >> we have got to leave it there. is vice president biden looking to life after january coming up?
3:57 pm
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of an accident. starting the day you sign up. so get accident forgiveness from allstate. and be better protected from mayhem, like me. finally tonight, vice president joe biden was in florida today. weighs supposed to be campaigning for hillary clinton but might have gotten a little carried away plugging himself as ray ban. >> her dad was from scranton. her grand pop worked in a silk mill, oh, sorry. i'm doing this because maybe when i need a job, ray ban may have me as a sponsor. i have been wearing these since i have been 15 years old. i don't know. but, look, guys, you know, and she also knows that globalization hasn't been -- hasn't been good for everybody. >> he might still be there. i'm not sure. thanks for inviting us into
4:00 pm
your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. no online show tonight. we have a special expanded edition next wednesday after the election. "on the record" with brit hume starts righ now. >> good evening and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." there is potentially dramatic new information tonight about the fbi investigations into hillary clinton. bret baier will be here momentarily to give us a briefing. this are also new battleground state polls that show the race is tightening in places where both candidates are competing hard. let's first look at the state of the race nationally the real clear politics average of polls show hillary clinton leading donald trump by 1.7 points in a two way race. 1.9 points in a four-way race. the betting odds meanwhile continue to favor her but less than 3 to 1. these numbers represent the closest the race has been since donald trump inched ahead by a point back in late july. we'll take a deeper look at those polls shortly. but, first, let's find out more about what my