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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  November 3, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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hope you will, too. don't forget "the o'reilly factor." it's coming up next. good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy. >> coming up on the big show, gam plers are placing their last-minute bets on donald trump for being president. plus, colleges are trying to eliminate toxic masculinity from their campuses. i assume that's code for canceling all tom shillue standup gigs. and a wisconsin school is under fire after telling their student body four classmates died in a car crash, then revealing later
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it was all part of a safe driving class. >> that is a good less. let's welcome our guest. mother knows best, criminal defense attorney remy spencer. his inner child doubles as his outer adult, comedian joe macke. and fbn new york stock exchange correspondent lori rothman. and he used to drive a cab and kept your umbrella, jimmy falah. let's start the show. all bets are off, except for the ones on trump. it looks like the donald has the luck of the irish. with island's largest bookmaker reporting that 91% of the bets placed on the american presidential election in the last few days have gone on the gop candidate to win.
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patty power still has hillary clinton favored to win, but a spokesman calls this election a serious betting anomaly. and says the shock of brexit is fresh in people's minds. trump was originally considered such a long shot at 100-1, that in mid october the company began paying out its customers who bet on clinton. but now he's down to 9-4, and the company says that if he wins it could cause the biggest political payout in history. i believe we have footage of what that would look like. >> where you going? idiots! get back in there and sell, sell. >> would you put money on this election? >> absolutely. there's a lot of value in betting trump, because he's a 1-2 to underdog. >> i thought i said 9-4.
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>> i think he's 1-2 -- excuse me, she's 1-2, he's 2-1. i think this rush of money is hillary supporters consoling themselves in case she loses. they're like, screw it, if trump is president, i'll make $10 grand on the side. >> people are already making up thes of money on the expectation that trump is going to win. since the fbi bombshell on friday, so wall street where i work, a lot of people would say that's a casino where you can place bets. >> but you say -- >> hold on, a casino has regulations. >> there's some ethics with the casino. >> a lot of people could say you are gambling by investing your money, because you don't know which way the market is going to do. you look at the dow, you look at the ten-year yield.
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it the american peso has been so depressed since this fbi bombshell. now people are making a ton of money in this foreign currency exchange. >> i feel like the polls were going to close any way. do you get that sense? >> no. i think it had everything to do with what the fbi director comey did with that letter. >> really? >> he did something that was so unprecedented and so beyond the norm or the scope of his role as the leader of the fbi. he just dropped a bombshell. >> he told the truth. >> well, no, he didn't actually say anything though. what he did was inflammatory and made it impossible for anyone to defend. i'm not suggesting there's a defense, if there's something in these e-mails. what i'm saying he made it so hillary clinton's campaign can't
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even respond. what he did was said look, we have these e-mails. don't know what's in there. there might be something illegal. we're not going to get to see what they are until after the election. they're probably maybe connected to the prior investigation. so just letting you know. that never, ever happens under any normal circumstance. >> but aren't these non-normal circumstances right now? the thing is, wasn't he required -- i understand that comey was required to notify congress when there was any kind of change -- >> no, he wasn't required. he promised that he would. >> okay, promise -- a promise is a promise. >> do you think that the fbi, on a regular basis, notifies lawmakers of an investigation? of course not. it's all done under lock and seal. it's confidential information. >> i get your point, but this is the same comey everybody loved july 5th when he let her go. and it is a little double standard. a week ago, we were like, trump
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is the worst guy in the world, questioning the integrity of the process. it's a little bit of a double standard. >> i don't think everyone was saying comey is this great guy and a savior for hillary clinton. i think the clinton campaign spun it that way very effectively. but if you read what he actually wrote and you took out the final sentence where he draws his conclusion not to file charges, you would have thought he did. he described criminal activity and then made some grand conclusion that wasn't something that you could reconcile. >> go back to july, should he have filed charges or gone further than he did in july? >> i don't know the answer to that. but if what he said in the first part of the letter accurate, the answer is yes. if his conclusion is there's no reasonable prosecutor who would file charges, which is what he wrote, then everything before that was in error. >> i like this stuff.
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macky, what do you think? you should be the arbiter of this. tell us which way to go. >> i'll tell you what, i don't know. i was enjoying the debate. you know, i don't know. i don't think there's such thing as an expert, so i don't take the word of the pollsters or the degenerate gamblers who show up for tv shows and don't shave. >> i see where you're heading with that. >> joe, i don't like the idea of people betting on our election. i don't think that's very good. if pete rose can't bet on baseball why can people bet on the elections? >> you have to bet on something. >> pete rose was playing the game. you know what i mean? that's an integrity issue. >> i don't like these irish people betting on our elections. >> what if this was a ploy by comey to make some money? i can't send this chick away, but i'm going to get together with patty power, drop this bombshell and collect some
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money. acting like a human is harder than it looks. just ask hillary clinton, who says she spent a lot of time honing her listening woman face. it's a very difficult task for someone who spent the last 69 years not listening to anyone. [ laughter ] she says it is something that i really was conscience was, because this is the first time a woman had ever been on a debate stage in a general election. and she credits her relentless staff for being totally in the head of what trump might do. lori, first of all -- [ laughter ] lori, i remember geraldine ferraro, she was on that stage, wasn't she? >> good memory. well, i was fascinated by the fact that she came forth and admitted that she did work on her facial expressions, because we all know the deadly phenomena
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of resting bitch face. so it's hypocritical, right? that she has to be pleasant and engaging, when trump's bombastic tendencies won him an entire nomination. >> i don't know if she has to be. >> for women in general, you cannot have a resting bitch face. >> the thing is, i felt it was kind of a programmed smile. did you get that sense? she had this, you know, it seemed a little robotic to me. obviously it was because he admitted she worked on it with experts. >> i feel like at some point during her husband's presidency, everything natural and normal and feminine just died inside her and she became robotic and you see nothing behind the ice, no real expression. i don't know if she's so afraid of being sincere now that she
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might say something to get yourself in trouble, that she doesn't recognize this -- what she said to "people" magazine is so disturbing. i have to practice my expression so people think it's -- i mean, what is that? >> there's something about her pride in working so hard on the debates. remember, on the debate same she said it's called preparation. so i think she likes this idea that she spent time with the experts, she talked about her team. >> i'm all for preparation, but let's take it substantive. there's a little bit of the physicality, of course. but how you look when you're comfortable and -- >> and scared. >> i'm not in favor of any candidate publicly, but with her lurking over her shoulder -- she needed to practice keeping her composure. >> i don't know about you, but don't you want to see authentic,
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emotional reactions to what people are saying? if she thinks donald trump's statements are outrageous, i want to see her respond that way. >> our viewers are talked about rmf, resting macky face. >> that is seductive. ice water in these veins. nothing can shake this guy. but the thing about having insincere facial expressions, you don't tell people. this is genuine. >> she was -- i think she must have done this last week, because she was acting as if the election was already won. they already booked fireworks on the hudson. did you see obama's mike drop on "kimmel" where he read a mean
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tweet where donald trump said, he'll go down as the dumbest president in his industry, and obama said, at least i'll go down as president and dropped the mike. but the whole hillary learning how to smile thing, she should be taught how to do it at the right point. that was the most unnerving part is she didn't know when to launch into that smile and laugh. it was always inopportune. >> i think she was just jacked up on steroids so she didn't faint, maybe she had no facial control. i don't know. >> you're a tough crowd. >> they said the medication she was on. so that's not a crazy theory. joe biden has a new psa to get out the vote. he says you've got to make a plan. apparently his plan is auditioning for a role in a wacky office sitcom. take a look. >> all right, you guys, step one is we have to find out where
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we're going to work. library or gym? >> gym. >> good. step two. how are you going to get me there? let's do the 9:17 so i can make it back to the white house. eddie, final step? >> sir? >> eddie, make sure everyone around you has -- >> plans to vote, too. >> i also have a plan. i plan to never watch that video again. in other biden news, watch as joe reminds everyone of how cool he is during a rally in tampa, florida. >> my dad was from scranton. her grand pop worked in a silk mill. [ applause ] oh, sorry. >> has he convinced you to get out there and vote? >> i'm going to miss joe biden in the news cycle. that's one of the things that
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i'm going to miss the most about this presidency. he's such an interesting, fun character. of all the politicians, he's the one i would want to meet and have a cup of coffee with and get to know a little bit. >> do you think it would work if he was a republican? if he was a republican, they would never stop picking on him. >> you tell me the republican starts giving women unsolicited back massages everywhere he goes -- >> i feel bad for biden. i mean this sincerely. he had to know that if he ran he probably would have won. he would have had to run against hillary and she would have got the machine out and crushed him. >> that's what his fear was, but her negatives and trump's negatives are so high, biden might have won. there's an argument to be made if bernie stayed in, in this type of mud slinging, low-scoring affair that we're
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watching, he might have been able to steal it. do you think bernie as an independent could have got it with 30%? >> obviously he had major support. election day, no school. i have to work and husband has to work. baby setter needs the day off. i need to carve out time. >> can't they just phone it in or something? >> can you? hello, tell me how to do it. >> i think they should make it easy for you. >> yeah, he is right. i need to figure out november 8th and make a plan. >> joe, how are you going to do it? you don't wake up until noontime. >> that's on a good day. itgod luck getting back there. why would he be screl husband? i don't understand the video.
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how are we going to do that? we will have a chak -- wacky comedy where you need a plan to mop a moore. >> but it is driving me crazy these politicians who think they are all like steve corell. isn't it bothering you? >> no b comedian and they are not taking business away from me. i thought it was funny they were mimicking "the office." it is cute and silly. that's why we are talking about it. they are not comedians. >> and not for nothing our children can watch that ad. the others are questionable to say the least. >> that's the whole thing. if the things trump says is so offensive that it is damaging our children, why is hillary buying air time to air this stuff? if this language is hurting us -- >> there is one particular ad.
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it is acceptable for all audiences. >> in the machado ad hillary is running there is a sound byte where he is arguing with rosie o'donnell and he is on "the view" and he says i would look her right in the fat face and that is not a machado clip. >> so trump never said that. he is great with women. >> if you say it about rosy, it is okay. >> i would like to see a campaign make an off 10ive is -- offensive get out the vote. coming up, colleges want to rid themselves of masculinity. my response is next.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. the fbi has launched a civil rights investigation into an arson fire that gutted an african-american church in mississippi. the hopewell missionary baptist church in greenville was 80% destroyed. in addition to setting the fire the arsonist or arsonists spray painted "vote trump" on the building. they are offering a reward for a conviction. there were cold blooded murders of two of the finest. they were gunned down in des moines and their accused killer behind bars. he has a history of racial confrontations and run ins with police. shy a fourth day of deliberations is set to get underway in the so-called bridgegate trial. they are accused of purposely creating a traffic jam to
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punish a mayor for not endorsing christie. he claims no role in the scheme. the leader of isis released a message urging followers to keep up the fight for the city of mosul. islamic extremists have held the city for two years now. the troops are now advancing on the city. the battle is expected to take weeks and perhaps months. and it took 108 years, but the chicago cubs are world champs. they won in a nail-biting rain delayed game. it went 10 innings will the epic series ends the longest title drought. the last time the cubs won the fall classic was in 1908. the indians have not claimed the crown since 1948. maybe next year. i'm jackie ibanez. for all of your headlines, log
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on to >> do you remember when real men played grand pianos on hillsides? i do. now universities around the country are trying to do their part to cure men of toxic masculine tee. according to the college this dangerous strain of maleness can be blamed for everything from sexual assault to mass murder. at a gettysburg college, they tell students the three most de de -- destructive words which is be a man. the orlando syllabus blames toxic masculinity for contributing to a gun masacre. and university of north carolina chapel hill had something called the men's project. there is a video that features students discussing what it means to be a man. >> there is is -- there is a
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fight for gender equality. >> it is pretty [bleep] for all parties involved. >> especially white, straight guys like me. >> healthy masculinity comes off to being a real man and wielding it as a weapon. >> i think those are important things to challenged when we talk about healthy masculinity. >> masculinity is a form of self-identification. >> to me healthy masculinity means to love yourself and love other people and building a world where it is possible for everyone. >> did you ever love yourself on a unicycle? they really rounded up all of the straight guys for this. can can you take all of the testosterone in this video? >> i thought we were hanging out with a-rod. this is why trump is winning. people don't want to live in this world where there is a whole war on white straight
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guys. it exists. >> that's the last class of people you can attack. >> you and your buddies from long island want to live in this world. these guys on campus think it will help them get laid, but you don't get laid being an i'm mass skew lated guy. they think they will score social currency. you guys are awesome. you don't want to date those guys. you don't want to date those guys. >> i had a rant about how angry i was about how our higher education was teaching people about masculinity and it was a terrible thing. i will say you know, i'm single and looking for toxic masculine tee. >> you damn right you are. you don't need a guy in a unicycle. >> we will n%t have a civilization if we can't procreate. >> they said there are college
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classes teaching 18, 19-year-olds that the more masculine you are the more likely you are to commit mass murder or acts of terrorism. that is an absolutely horrifying thought. >> you are in the criminal justice system. men do commit more crimes. is it a masculine trait? >> i am not going to say that there is any validity to the fact that being a man makes you more likely to commit a crime. no. i think that's absurd. and to teach kids the more muscles you have or the more testosterone you have, the more likely you are to be a criminal is absolutely outrageous. >> look who got into trouble this week. michael moore said it is time to have women leaders because they will cause less war and they are better people. and you know who came after him? feminists. >> that's interesting. that's a no go. my impression of this whole thing is it gets back to the argument that everybody has to be equal. being a stronger competitive
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guy. every kid who plays on the soccer league has to get a trophy that is the same size. we should encourage people to be who they are. and then encourage the bad behavior. body shaming is bad behavior and it is illegal. it is really cut and dry. >> it is not the man. it is the behavior. >> yes. >> would they say the same thing that they are trying to change what is -- they are trying to change the male behavior. >> masculiney too -- masculinity -- >> if masculinity is the -- would you even be alive? >> he was going with it. he was having fun with it. >> i would be alive and i think the colleges have pulled some clever moves.
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they stereo type you and you can't disagree with them. if you do, it is because of your background and you are note allowed to anyway because it is a safe space. it crass the first to spare people's feelings. >> do you play campuses? a lot of comedians have trouble that way. >> i do okay, but not my favorite. i think people are expecting offensive. >> they like you, but you don't like them. >> a new episode of the "red eye" pod cast is available. subscribe on i tunes and
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. hi, andy. >> hi, tom, how are you? >> for those watching at home the indians just tied the game 1-1. >> it is 3:00 in the morning so there is a delay. >> trump is doing well in the irish betting market. >> you said trump is now 2-1. >> is that what they have him at? >> that's a lot of good equity. >> he was 5-1 a week ago.
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>> their adjustments make more sense than the polls. the abc poll went from 12 to 1 before the e-mail. >> clinton went 2-9 and then was 4-11. that's where we stand now. >> are you looking at the mexican peso. isn't that why we need the wall? >> i am going to be in the weeds. his policy is right on immigration and trade would impact mexico. you get it. i think it is really fascinating that all of these years i spent toiling away. >> and then i made a cheap little joke on your career. >> fair enough. >> you said trump closing the polls has everything to do with comey's letter.
12:34 am
>> the polls that came out around the same time were like a day or two after. it showed trump narrowing the gap. >> i trust you are more familiar than i am. i tend to not believe them anymore. there are so many and they are all different. i don't buy all of those. >> i don't believe any of that is true. i made all of that up. >> did you take a cheap shot at those who go on tv shows. >> that is nott check. >> no, it is not. it is a fact that i did not appreciate it. >> i don't like these irish people who are interfering. >> i am irish. >> but still. i love the irish. by the way, trump's 9-4 odds
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are better than the cavaliers winning as champs and taylor swift winning at the 2017 grammys and this shocked me. better than the next pope. the guy from romania was a three seed. >> hillary practiced her listening face. you candle she practiced because it is better than her i have nothing to hide face and it is much better than her i had nothing to do with the sponsors face. jay she wears that all the time. >> that's a great one. >> you mentioned them saying it was the first time a woman was on the debate stage and then brought up geraldine ferraro. she was vp and it was clear
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they were talking about for president. >> the debate stage. she was mano-y-mano. >> i don't think you know what mano-y-mano means. >> can i call you joe? >> i said you are not presidential. >> she shouldn't have said it. we have seen women on the big stage. she should just stop with the woman thing. it is ridiculous. >> okay. >> laura, you said we all know the devastating phenomenon of resting b face. and you said it was unfair considering he won the nomination. totally agree. if you were paying attention you would have heard. >> i was distracted.
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>> remi and joe, i don't think it makes hillary look bad to say she worked on her listening face. it is fine considering she is debating trump. but you said the number one thing, i am not sure why she felt the need to talk about this. >> can i jump in on that? >> if either one will say a word. >> to tom's point, this was definitely taped last week and they were spiking the football. >> excellent point and i am glad you made it. >> to be fair to hillary i had to work on my face. this is my face. >> i did want to say one more thing. she is boasting about something she should to the bring up. and most people will acknowledge that it is her expressions and her tones that
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are off putting for people. even with her preparation she is not good at these faces. >> i am not sure she was boasting. >> joe biden had a plan. you know who else has a plan? you say you will miss him in the news cycle. he has that air of authenticity about him. >> and he doesn't come across as mean spirited. everything i have seen seems like a warm and kind person. >> he seems like a goodbye to have a nonalcoholic beer. i agree. i don't think bernie would have ran if he ran as an independent. >> do you think he could have kept it close? if johnson had 5 what could
12:39 am
bernie have? >> maybe, but trump would be way ahead. >> trump would have 40. >> you're telling me tom shillue wouldn't sign for that? >> toxic masculine tee. you said have you ever loved yourself on a unicycle? >> you said you are not going to say being masculine makes you more susceptible to committing a crime. >> i don't know if it is true. there may be more violent crime and women may be smarter of not getting caught. >> oh there you go. would you even be alive and you took it as an insult. maybe you thought you are so
12:40 am
masculine that the level of toxins in your body would have killed you. >> how did i miss that? >> maybe it is because it is not what i meant. >> why would you get my hopes up like that? >> there is masculine tee coursing through his veins. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming up, is it wrong to fake your own death? find out after the break. first, kennedy. >> hey there "red eye" kookies. is there a hidden factor poised to fill the election? i will ask greg gutfeld and talk to jill stein about gardening. get it.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. trump is taking his message to florida. they are lashing out at hillary clinton saying if she wins it, it will result in a contracted crisis. he says he has to win and win big. >> it is your vote and you can beat the system, the rigged system and deliver justice. show up early and vote. >> you know, the lines are incredible and the polls are saying we will win florida.
12:45 am
don't believe it. get out and vote. pretend we are slightly behind. you have to get out and we don't want to blow this. >> hillary clinton was trying to energize voters in nevada. she had a warning for voters about a trump presidency. >>ing as you think about this decision and as you talk with people to help convince them to come out and vote, remind them what is at stake in this choice. everything, everything. >> a suspect is behind bars in iowa this morning charged with killing two cops early yesterday. the two were shot in their patrol cars and the suspect, he has a history with police and incidents.
12:46 am
an all white jury is picked. he is charged with the shooting death of walter scott, a black man. the shooting was recorded on a police dash cam. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." have a great morning. >> not only weren't they really dead, but they weren't sincerely dead. a wisconsin high school is under fire after telling the entire student body that four of their classmates had died in a car crash and then saying the whole thing was made up. >> we have bad news. four students were t-boned as they ditched school by a drunk driver. >> further information on this accident will be coming soon. >> the four students who had the accident, the infortunate news is that they -- the
12:47 am
unfortunate news is that they did not make it. >> it wasn't just the teachers. some students were in on it too. >> there have been a series of wrecks and things happening. we currently lost a handful of pell low students. take a moment to think about your loved ones because those were sad moments. >> drive safe. >> the dead students were told not to answer phones or tell classmates they were okay. eventually kids were told their classmates were alive and well and that the whole thing was a drill by safe driving. some parents said it was gruesome. said one mom, it is almost insulting. i don't meed to feel you need to go to that extreme to teach a lesson. it minimizes the feelings of those who have gone through it. >> there are plenty of real life accidents to draw upon.
12:48 am
the school district superintendent said while we stand by the activity we recognize the flaws with how it was communicated. interesting. you think it was gruesome? >> absolutely. you don't have to go that far. there are plenty of real life tragic accidents as a result of kid stupidity that you can draw upon to give them tough love. i remember being at the county morgue. i was thenging back to my crazy youth. >> these things can scare you. i think it was a good trick. scare them. >> this is right. it could blow up in their face. say a real accident happens and the kids say fool me once,
12:49 am
shame on me. fool me twice -- >> that's the thing. could this be the administration who cried wolf? >> yes! there are so many other ways to effect lively convey the exact message without requiring the kids to be traumatized. for at least 10 minutes they believed they had lost their classmates. >> to be fair the quality of those two videos, i don't know if they did believe it. >> i'm sorry. that one teacher was pretending to be crying. >> you know what is funnier? there is a whole group of kids who found this out and were not upset. >> oh those guys? the kind of kids who do things like this they are not popular. some kids were like, i promise. >> kids are gruesome. i never heard that, t boned.
12:50 am
>> it is a weird -- listen it was so poorly executed. without a number -- we have had a number of bad tragedies. who sends it out in front of the logo? >> i thought it was effective. they would take the cars from the crash of. >> they would take the mangled cars and put them right on the front of the cool's yard with the big sign. >> and when they told them it was fake they came out from behind a curtain and there was sparkle. >> coming up, friends with or woit benefits next. friends with or without benefits, next.
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it's time again to recognize those actual studies that came to shockingly obvious conclusions. we bring you the obvi's. a new study published in the scour national "evolutionary psychological science" concluded that men are more attracted to their opposite sex friends than women are. it was conducted with male and female college-aged adults who were sitting and eating together. when asked to describe their opposite 6 friends they were described as friends and men were friend that i want to
12:55 am
have sex with. while it is true that most men would like to sleep with female friends, many are unsuccessful. it is leading to hobbies like this. >> those were firecrackers. i think that is illegal in new jersey. >> no firecrackers jay on the e- >> on the nipples. >> do you think this was an obvious conclusion to the study? >> i think more women think about having sex with their male friends, but they don't admit it. >> interesting. you say it was a truth issue. >> i think the study was probably right and more men think about it, but more women report than think about it. >> what do you think? women are liars.
12:56 am
>> i don't think i can go along with the results of the study as somebody who is perpetually in the friend zone. i like the friend zone. birthday cards and cake and activities. >> did you ever try it to break down the gate of the friend zone? >> that's a dangerous game, my friend. >> i can't believe this study was funded. why would men want to be friends with women? what will the next study be? why do people want to marry people? >> you think the guys are lusting after them. >> i think the only reason -- there a few reasons that a guy would befriend a woman. >> 20 seconds. >> i don't agree with that. >> this is such a -- it really is a joke.
12:57 am
i like the counter study that people like pizza. >> that's for another ep -- episode. good night, everyone. l deliver f protein with 100 calories. they're great for workouts. so great that if you don't get up to fifteen percent more reps, more laps, more distance, we'll give you your money back - period. protein shots from 5-hour energy. great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein.
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"special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. breaking news tonight, two sources with knowledge of the fbi investigation into the clinton e-mails and the foundation tell fox the following. the investigation into the clinton foundation looking into possible pay for play interaction between secretary of state hillary clinton and the foundation has been going on for more than a year. led by the white collar crime division, public corruption branch of the criminal investigative division of the fbi. the clinton foundation investigation is a quote very high priority. agents have interviewed people about the case and even before the wikileaks dumps, these sources said agents had


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